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Assignments are the side missions of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 . These have little to no bearing to the overarching narrative, but completing them may further understanding of the series' underlying workings.

There is a large variety of assignments to complete; this page is a list of them. Click on a specific assignment in the list to read its detailed walkthrough. For a list of missions broken up by cluster and system, see the Mass Effect System Guide .

Some assignments are listed more than once; this is intentional and is intended to make them simpler to find by listing them in all relevant contexts as they appear in the Journal .

For an alphabetical list of assignments, see Category:Assignments ; for locations, see Category:Assignment Locations .

Mass Effect [ ]

Please Note: The assignment names as given here are intended to match those in the game; sometimes the game itself is inconsistent, in which case all of the variations are listed here ( e.g. Asari Diplomacy , Missing Person ).

Character-Specific Assignments [ ]

Shepard's background [ ].

These assignments relate to Shepard's pre-service history.

Squad Member Assignments [ ]

These assignments relate to the histories of your fellow crewmates.

Citadel Assignments [ ]

General [ ].

These assignments are available during your first and all future visits to the Citadel.

Second Visit [ ]

These assignments are available after completing one of the major missions (Noveria, Feros or rescuing Liara).

Detainee Visit [ ]

These assignments are only available during your detention at the Citadel.

Charted Planet Assignments [ ]

These assignments are specific to their relative planet.

Noveria [ ]

Virmire [ ]

Galaxy-Wide Assignments [ ]

These assignments span the entirety of Citadel-controlled space. Assignments prefixed with the UNC indicator represent assignments that take place on uncharted planets.

Galaxy Collection Assignments [ ]

These assignments involve traveling across Citadel space and finding numerous hidden collectibles.

Uncharted Space Assignments [ ]

Morality-dependent assignments [ ].

Downloadable Content [ ]

Bring down the sky [ ].

Pinnacle Station [ ]

Note: Pinnacle Station content is not available in Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect 2 [ ]

Note: The assignment names as listed here are intended to match those in the game; sometimes the game itself is inconsistent, in which case all of the variations are listed here ( e.g. Citadel: Found Forged ID , Citadel: False Positives ).

Normandy [ ]

Citadel [ ]

Tuchanka [ ]

Downloadable content [ ]

Project Firewalker [ ]

Project Overlord [ ]

Arrival [ ]

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Mass Effect

Mass Effect Wiki Guide

Citadel: side quests.

The Citadel is one of the most interesting places in Mass Effect, and even with the main missions there, you'll only have scratched the surface. Here's all the side quests you can do there:

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Mass Effect

Mass Effect Assignments: how to start every side quest & assignment

While you’ll be doing a lot of running and gunning across the Galaxy, Mass Effect is still a traditional RPG in many ways. That naturally means a whole bunch of side quests - or Assignments,  as they’re known officially in the game.

As with the various character classes, abilities and class specializations in Mass Effect 1, the assignments featured are pretty typical RPG tropes - various quests that offer up rewards like XP, items, gear, paragon or renegade alignment points, and of course new and unique storylines. Completing the majority of the game nets you the ‘Completionist’ trophy/achievement - so if you’re going for that, you’ll need to tidy up the majority of the assignments.

One advantage of the branching, multi-game narrative of Mass Effect is that several of these side quests and assignments can also feature choices that have consequences in Mass Effect 2 and 3 - if you do the quest.

On this page, we’ll list every side quest assignment in Mass Effect, plus where to start them and any other key information completionists will need to know - broken up by each of Mass Effect’s core locations:

Normandy Squadmate Assignments

Uncharted World Assignments


Citadel Assignments Part 1

These assignments are available from your very first visit to the Citadel very early in the game, though some assignments unlock gradually as more of the Citadel becomes available to you. 

Once you’re back on the Normandy after your first Citadel Visit, you’ll have the chance to talk to your squadmates during down time aboard the ship. If you keep talking to them, three of your alien squad members will have requests for you.

What squadmates have to say changes each time you complete a main story mission; you may have to complete one or two story missions before they give you their request and the associated assignment .


Citadel Assignments Part 2

These assignments will be available the next time you visit the Citadel after completing any one of the three ‘core’ story planet missions of Therum, Noveria, or Feros .

Three of the quests that unlock this point are a branch based on your pre-service history character background - each background gets one exclusive side quest. The other three are available to all.

Story Planet Assignments: Feros, Noveria, & Virmire

Mass Effect’s handful of story-critical planets also have a few assignments of their own - though it’s only a few for each planet, and Therum actually has no side quests at all, being a much more straightforward affair. Here’s the quests you can expect on each planet:

Noveria Assignments:

Feros Assignments:

Virmire Assignments:

Citadel Assignments Part 3

While you can go back and forth to the Citadel as much as you like, these assignments will be made available when the story takes you back to the Citadel and for a brief period you can’t leave there. 

DLC Assignments: Bring Down the Sky & Pinnacle Station

The DLC for Mass Effect adds two new locations with associated story missions - Asteroid X57 and Pinnacle Station. Note that Pinnacle Station is only available in the original releases of the game, not the Legendary Edition remaster . Bring Down The Sky is available in both.

Bring Down the Sky / Asteroid X57 Assignments:

Pinnacle Station Assignments: 

Galactic Collectible Assignments

Each of these five assignments relate to various resources that can be found on the uncharted worlds you can land the Mako on through the galaxy as presented in Mass Effect. Each of these quests automatically begins the first time that you pick up one of these resources on any uncharted world.

Keep in mind that in most of these cases, there are more of these resources to be found than required to finish each quest. Aside from some cash and XP, there is no bonus to finding ‘extra’ resources.

These assignments make up the bulk of the side quests in the game - relatively random encounters you can have out in space while exploring the galaxy.

Most of these quests can be acquired in multiple ways - either through stumbling on the quest location while exploring a planet, through hacking computers and terminals, through overheard news reports and banter, or even through distress signals. Many of these quests have multiple names depending on how you first acquire them - so we bundle each quest together with its multiple monikers below.

Finally, there are two assignments that are exclusive to different moralities. They only trigger if you've amassed a certain amount of Paragon or Renegade points, and are themed around what each morality axis is good at:

Finished with ME1? We've got the same guide for the ME2 side quests if you enjoyed this - just click on through!

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Mass Effect Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

Citadel I: Assignments available after becoming a Spectre. - Asari Consort - Xeltan's Complaint - Doctor Michel - Homecoming - Jahleed's Fears - Presidium Prophet - Reporter's Request - Rita's Sister - Scan the Keepers - Schells the Gambler - Signal Tracking - The Fan - UNC: Distress Call/Unusual Readings - UNC: Hostage - UNC: Hostile Takeover - UNC: Major Kyle/Strange Transmission - UNC: Missing Marines - UNC: Missing Survey Team - UNC: Privateers

Citadel II: Assignments available after completing Therum, Feros, or Noveria. - Asari Diplomacy - Family Matter - Planting a Bug - The Fourth Estate

Citadel III: Assignments available after completing the first four storyline planets. - Negotiator's Request - Our Own Worst Enemy

Citadel IV: Assignments dependent on Shepard's Pre-service History. - Old, Unhappy, Far-off Things

Citadel Assignments I

Some of these assignments are only available once you've attained Spectre status. The ones that are available before that point are best completed once you're a Spectre so you can take advantage of the Charm and Intimidate bonuses the rank provides.

Citadel: Asari Consort

Locate and enter the Consort Chamber in the Presidium. Upon entering, an asari named Nelyna asks if you wish to make an appointment to see the consort. Just as it seems that you're in for a lengthy wait, the consort, Sha'ira, radios Nelyna and asks to meet with the Commander (that's you!). Make your way to the back of the chamber and head up the stairs. Speak to Sha'ira; she asks you to speak to General Septimus, a turian general who can be found in Chora's Den. Agree to help her to add this assignment to your Journal.

Objective: Speak with Gen. Septimus Use a Rapid Transit terminal to reach Chora's Den. The general is seated at one of the tables near the back of the club. Speak with him and tell him that Sha'ira sent you. If your Charm or Intimidate talents are well-developed, you can persuade Septimus to see things your way by selecting either the blue 'Straighten up' option on the left side of the conversation wheel or the red 'Get a grip' option. You do not need to persuade Septimus this way to complete the assignment, but you'll receive Paragon or Renegade points by using the persuasion options.

Objective: Speak with Sha'ira Once you have set Septimus straight, he presents you with an opportunity to earn some extra credits. Agree, if you're interested, to add the 'Citadel: Xeltan's Complaint' assignment to your Journal. Return to the Consort Chambers in the Presidium and let Sha'ira know that you have spoken with General Septimus. You receive XP, credits and words of wisdom from Sha'ira as reward. Selecting the 'That's it?' option yields some Renegade points as well, while accepting words alone gives Paragon points.

Citadel: Xeltan's Complaint

This assignment is added to your Journal if you accept General Septimus' offer while speaking to him during the 'Citadel: Asari Consort' assignment. The General wants you to see an elcor named Xeltan and show him evidence that the rumours about Sha'ira revealing his secret are false.

Objective: Speak to Xeltan Xeltan can be found at the elcor embassy, which is located in the Presidium. Search for the 'Volus and Elcor Office' text on the Presidium map and set a Destination flag there. Speak to Xeltan once you have reached the embassy and present the evidence to him. Xeltan thanks you for easing his fears. You receive credits and XP as reward.

Citadel: Doctor Michel

Objective: Talk to Doctor Michel This assignment becomes available after Tali has been rescued during the main storyline. After reaching that point, talk to Doctor Michel at the Med Clinic in the Upper Wards. Dr. Michel is being blackmailed; the people doing so demand supplies from her, threatening to go public with what they know if she fails to cooperate. Agree to help Michel and she asks you to talk to a merchant named Morlan in the Lower Wards market.

Objective: Talk to Morlan Travel to the Lower Wards market and locate a salarian merchant named Morlan. Select 'I'm here about Dr. Michel' from the left side of the conversation wheel. Before Morlan can say anything of use, a krogan named Banes—the one blackmailing Dr. Miche—appears. If your Charm or Intimidate talent is developed enough, you can persuade Banes to leave Michel alone by selecting the blue 'You should reconsider' option or the red 'Talk and you're dead!' option.

Charming Banes nets you some Paragon points for completing the assignment, while intimidating him yields Renegade points. If you can't persuade Banes, you must fight and kill him. Killing him completes the assignment too, but you won't receive any morality points this way.

Objective: Talk to Doctor Michel Return to Dr. Michel at the Med Clinic and inform her that Banes won't be bothering her any more. As thanks, Michel offers to give you discounts on supplies purchased from her. Ask her more about Banes; there isn't much she can tell you, but one of your squad members will suggest asking Captain Anderson about him.

Citadel: Homecoming

This assignment can be activated after Tali has been rescued during the main storyline. Locate and speak with a man named Samesh Bhatia; he can be found in the Presidium, near the asari Embassy Receptionist. You can reach Samesh's location quickly by traveling to 'Embassies' under 'Presidium Locations' on a Rapid Transit terminal's choice wheel.  By speaking with Samesh, you learn that the body of his wife—a marine who died on Eden Prime—is being held by the Alliance without explanation. Samesh asks that you speak with the diplomat handling the situation.

Objective: Talk with Diplomat Clerk Bosker can be found in the Embassy Lounge which can be reached by heading up the stairs across from Samesh's location. Speak to Bosker and ask him about Samesh's situation. He tells you that Serviceman Bhatia's body is being held due to the strange wounds left on her body because these wounds could help the Alliance further their research. If you have developed Shepard's Charm or Intimidate talent, a blue 'This isn't right' option and/or a red 'I'm releasing the body' option is selectable. Selecting either convinces Bosker to release the body. Once the diplomat has agreed to release the body, you'll receive Paragon or Renegade points depending on how you chose to convince him.

Alternatively you could choose not to select either of the persuasion options when speaking to Bosker and instead select one of the options on the right side of the wheel. This allows you to explain the situation to Samesh and instead convince him to let the Alliance keep his wife's body. Doing this doesn't change anything; you are still given XP, as well as Paragon or Renegade points depending on how you convince Samesh to drop the issue..

Objective: Inform Mr. Bhatia Return to Samesh with the status report to receive XP and complete the assignment.

Citadel: Jahleed's Fears

Objective: Speak with Jahleed Speak to the volus named Jahleed at the large C-Sec office in the Security section of the Citadel. Jahleed believes that a colleague of his is trying to kill him. Agree to help and Jahleed tells you of his previous plans to meet this colleague in the markets area of the Lower Wards. His colleague turns out to be Chorban, a salarian whom you are already familiar with if you accepted his keeper scanning assignment.

Objective: Speak to Chorban Travel to the Markets using a Rapid Transit terminal and head down the stairs nearby to reach the lower markets. You'll find Chorban there, surrounded by several armed salarians. Speak to Chorban and demand the truth. Chorban tells his friends to stand down, and then explains that Jahleed has deceived you. After the conversation, the assignment title changes to 'Citadel: Jahleed's Secret.'

Objective: Talk to Jahleed Head back to C-Sec and confront Jahleed. Tell Jahleed that you are actually helping Chorban scan the keepers (if you accepted Chorban's assignment prior to speaking with Jahleed); this will convince Jahleed to cooperate with Chorban once again. The assignment name then changes to 'Citadel: Jahleed and Chorban,' and you receive credits and XP for completing the assignment. If you have yet to complete Chorban's keeper scanning assignment, you can convince Jahleed to stop scanning the keepers illegally by using Charm or Intimidate. Convincing Jahleed to stop scanning the keepers yields Paragon or Renegade points and completes both Jahleed and Chorban's assignments. 

Citadel: Presidium Prophet

In the Presidium area of the Citadel, search for a hanar and a turian C-Sec officer outside of the Wards Access corridor entrance. By speaking to the C-Sec officer, you learn that the Preaching Hanar is breaking the law, as it doesn't have a permit to preach. The hanar refuses to purchase the evangelical permit required, and continues to preach in the Presidium without one.

Objective: Resolve the Dispute There are multiple ways to solve this issue. If you are a low level and have yet to develop your Charm or Intimidate talents, the best way to complete this assignment is to simply buy the hanar an evangelical permit. The permit only costs 150 credits, and credits aren't too hard to come by in Mass Effect. By buying the hanar the permit yourself, however, you will not earn any Paragon or Renegade morality points for completing the assignment.

If you are able to use the blue Charm option or the red Intimidate option on the left side of the conversation wheel, you can convince the officer or hanar to leave using Charm or Intimidate. Paragon points are given for charming the hanar or officer, and Renegade points are given for intimidating either one.

Objective: Inform the Hanar/C-Sec Officer After convincing either the hanar or C-Sec Officer to stand down, speak to the other to receive an XP reward and complete the assignment.

Citadel: Reporter's Request

This assignment is triggered when you speak to a human reporter named Emily Wong in the Upper Wards area (near the stairs that go up to the "Citadel: Flux and Wards Access' map). This assignment can be added to your Journal without speaking to Emily Wong by picking up the Optical Storage Device (OSD) in Fist's office after he has been bested during the 'Citadel: Expose Saren' mission.

Objective: Look for Information If you don't have the evidence already, return to Fist's office in the Chora's Den club  and pick up the OSD that has been left on the ground. If you have yet to defeat Fist, work on the 'Citadel: Expose Saren' mission instead, as you will come across the evidence needed to complete this assignment by doing so.

Objective: Deliver the OSD When you have Fist's OSD, speak to Emily Wong and share it with her. She hands over credits as thanks.

Citadel: Rita's Sister

Objective: Speak to Rita Travel to the Flux club in the Upper Wards and speak to Rita near the bar counter. Select 'Problems?' from the conversation wheel and work your way through the dialogue tree. You learn that Rita's sister, Jenna, is currently working undercover for C-Sec as a waitress at the Chora's Den club in the Lower Wards.  Rita is concerned that this job is too dangerous for Jenna but has been unable to convince her to give it up. Agree to help Rita to activate the assignment.

Objective: Talk to Jenna Use a Rapid Transit terminal to reach Chora's Den, head to the other end of the walkway and enter the club. Jenna can be found behind the counter in the middle of Chora's Den. By speaking to Jenna, it becomes evident that you won't be able to convince her to give up the job.

Objective: Return to Rita Attempt to leave Chora's Den and you will bump into a mysterious turian named Chellick. He tells you to meet him at C-Sec Academy if you wish to help Jenna.

Objective: Talk to Chellick Travel to C-Sec Academy. Chellick can be found in the bottom-left C-Sec Office (as it appears on the map). Speak with 'Detective' Chellick; work your way through the dialogue tree and he will eventually ask you to help him. If you wish to earn Paragon or Renegade points, you can convince Chellick to let Jenna go by selecting the blue 'You don't need her' option or the red 'Pathetic' option. These options will only appear if your Charm or Intimidate talents are developed enough. If the two persuasion options are not available, then you'll just have to select one of the options on the right side of the conversation wheel.

With Jenna safe, the name of this assignment changes to 'Citadel: Rita's Sister is Safe.' If you persuaded Chellick, you can choose to help him or pass and end this assignment here and now. Choosing to help him adds a new objective to the assignment. Chellick wants you to pick up a weapon shipment from an arms dealer named Jax. The meeting will take place in the Lower Wards market.

Objective: Make the Pickup Get to the Lower Wards market to meet Jax the krogan arms dealer. Chellick has asked that you do not cause any trouble, so it would be best to simply give the credits to Jax once he has handed over the weapons shipment. Choosing to arrest Jax or refusing to pay sets him off, forcing you to fight the krogan and turian that accompany him. Killing Jax nets you some Renegade points, so if you are following the Paragon path simply carry out the pickup as instructed.

Objective: Return the Shipment to Chellick Talk to Chellick again back in his office at the C-Sec Academy and give him the Weapons Shipment. As a reward you're given XP, credits, some Omni-gel, and Paragon points or Renegade points depending on how you dealt with Jax.

Citadel: Scan the Keepers

Speak to Chorban, a salarian scientist who can be found in the Citadel Tower area standing next to a keeper just below the Council Chamber. Ask him about his interest in the keepers and then agree to help study them. You are given a Scanner that can be used to scan any keeper that you come across. Chorban will send you a small amount of credits each time one is scanned.

Objective: Scan the Keepers There are 21 keepers to be found in the Citadel:

Citadel Tower - The keeper that Chorban was busy scanning. - Near some benches in the circular, eastern-most area of the tower. - At the top of the walkway that runs along the western side of the tower. - In the southwestern-most corner of the map.

Citadel Presidium - Next to the window in the Volus and Elcor Office. - Through the door in the top-left corner of the Embassy Lounge. - From the receptionist desk in the Embassy Lounge, turn right and head up the stairs there. Go through the doorway and then through the second, northeastern doorway. The keeper is at the back of this room, just beyond the elcor. - Just outside of the Consort Chambers in the Financial District. - Head up the stairs at the back of the Emporium and turn left. - In the small eastern area next to the Emporium. - Outside of the Wards Access elevator. - Across from the Citadel Tower elevator and next to the Avina terminal.

Upper Wards - Near the eastern end of the Alleyway. - At the dead-end east of the Med Clinic, near the Rapid Transit terminal. - In the Upper Markets, near the merchant Expat's store.

Lower Wards - Outside of the Wards C-Sec Academy entrance. Go down the stairs marked 'To C-Sec Academy' on the Upper Wards map to reach this location.

Citadel Security (C-Sec) - In the bottom-left corner of the Requisition Office. - At the northern end of the Traffic Control area.

Docking Bay - On the platform to the right of the barrier at the south end of the Docking Bay.

Flux and Wards Access - At the back of the Flux Casino. - Take the elevator marked 'To the Presidium' from the Upper Wards. When the elevator reaches its destination, turn left, move down the hallway and turn right as soon as you can. A keeper can be found in this small area.

Use the in-game map to reach the locations described above. Once you have scanned every keeper in the Citadel, you receive a large amount of XP and credits.

Citadel: Schells the Gambler

Objective: Speak to Schells This assignment becomes available once after completing the 'Citadel: Rita's Sister' optional assignment. With the aforementioned assignment complete, travel to the Flux to trigger a small cutscene in which a salarian named Schells is forcefully ejected from the club. Speak with Schells and ask him about the incident. He explains that he is currently developing a cheating system, and was only using the quasar gambling machines in the Flux Casino to gather data. Doran, the owner of the Flux, believed that Schells was actually cheating and had him thrown out. When you agree to help Schells, he hands over the scanner and sets you to task scanning the gambling machines.

Objective: Scan the Machines You can end this assignment quickly by first speaking to Doran—who can be found in the northwest corner of the Flux Casino—and then selecting the 'Give him Schells' tool' option from the wheel. Doran thanks you for handing it over and rewards you with some credits. Afterwards, return to Schells and inform him that you have given away his scanner.

If you want to gather the data for Schells, however, start by playing the High Stakes orLow Stakes Quasar machines in the Flux Casion. It is easier to come away with positive winnings by using the Low Stakes Quasar machines, so start with those. Once you have won at least five times ('winning' meaning you won more money than you bet), return to Schells. Hand over the scanner to complete the assignment.

Citadel: Signal Tracking

Examine the 'Suspicious Gambling Machine' at the back of the Flux Casino (then machine next to the keeper). It turns out that a signal is being used to transfer money from the gambling machines to a private account. By tracing the system, you can discover where the money is going and why.

Objective: Track the Signal The signal is coming from the Wards Access corridor. Use a Rapid Transit terminal to travel to the signal's location, located under 'Presidium Locations' on the option wheel. Go down the stairs and follow this corridor until you reach an elevator. Ride this elevator down to the Flux and Wards Access map. Look to your radar and follow the exclamation mark to find the Signal Source in the northwestern corner of a large room. The signal bounces off of a relay when investigated

Objective: Follow Signal to the Presidium The new signal points to a terminal in the Financial District of the Presidium. Take the elevator from Wards Access back to the Presidium. The signal is coming from within the Bank, which is right next to the Emporium. Investigate the Source Signal on the terminal behind Barla Von the volus. The second signal also bounces off of a relay.

Objective: Continue Tracking The final signal is located in one of the back rooms of the Emporium, which is conveniently located right next to the Bank. Head up the stairs at the back of the Emporium and turn right. Before you investigate the final Signal Source, it would be a good idea to save your game. An AI is discovered to have been transferring the money from the casino and promptly threatens to blow up Shepard and crew.

Work your way through the dialogue tree and eventually a meter will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen. This meter displays the machine's progress in saving the remaining credits, while the meter that comes after it displays its self-destruct progress. You must enter the override code before the machine self-destructs and wipes out Shepard and allies. Attempting to leave the room is an automatic game over, so stay put. You are provided with quite a bit of time to figure out the code, as the machine needs to transfer the remaining funds first and only then will it start the self-destruct process. It is possible that the override code is random, but if it is fixed, this sequence will work: Y, X, Y, A, X, A, A.

If you fail to enter the correct sequence in time, simply reload your save game and try again. Successfully overriding the self-destruct sequences completes the assignment and earns you XP. Citadel: The Fan

Speak to a male human named Conrad Verner to activate this assignment. He can be found at the top of the stairs in the Upper Wards market that lead down to the markets in the Lower Wards. Conrad is a fan of the Commander and asks for an autograph. If you agree to sign an autograph, the 'Citadel: The Fan' assignment is added to your Journal. You can't  proceed any further until you complete one of the storyline missions.

Objective: Conrad Verner Return to the Conrad's location and speak with him again once you have completed at least one of the main storyline missions (Therum, Feros or Noveria). This time Conrad wants to take a picture of you. Agree to let him take your picture or don't, either way you'll still have a fan in Conrad Verner.

After completing at least two of the main storyline missions (Therum, Feros or Noveria), return to the Citadel and speak to Conrad Verner at the same location. This time around, Conrad has an idea that he wants to run by you. Conrad wants to become a Spectre, and asks you to sign him on as humanity's second. You can let Conrad down easy using the blue Charm option, reminding him of his family back home, or you can scare him away using the red Intimidate option. Convincing Conrad to leave you alone using Charm earns you Paragon points, while convincing him with Intimidate yields Renegade points.

Unusual Readings/UNC: Distress Call

Successfully decrypt the Computer Console in Udina's Presidium office to add this assignment to your Journal.

Objective: Investigate System Use the Galaxy Map to investigate Metgos, which is located in the Hydra System of the Argos Rho cluster. The Normandy receives a garbled transmission which is then interpreted as a distress call. If this assignment was triggered at the Citadel, the assignment name changes to 'UNC: Distress Call.'

Objective: Investigate Distress Call Select two squad members and land on Metgos. Open up your map and locate the 'Transponder Signal' (marked by an Anomaly symbol) and place a Destination flag near its location.  Metgos' environment is a Level 2 Hazard, meaning you can only remain outside of the Mako's protective interior for a short period of time. Shepard will start to take damage and eventually die from exposure if the bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen fills up. If you must exit the Mako, be sure to park the vehicle right next to your reason for exiting so you hop back in quickly once you're finished.

When you reach the Transponder Signal, get ready, because the distress call was actually a geth trap! The Mako is immediately surrounded by rocket-equipped geth, so quickly drive away from the mass of geth to avoid getting hit from multiple directions. Use the Mako's weaponry to eliminate each geth; use its machine gun to eliminate the rocket drones and troops and the cannon to destroy the armatures. Make sure that there's a fair bit of distance between yourself and an armature before you try to take one on, as this will make it easier to avoid the armature's projectiles, which  are severely damaging to the Mako. This assignment is complete once the last geth has been destroyed.

UNC: Hostage

This assignment is added to your Journal once you hear a news report about fanatical biotics while riding one of the elevators in the Citadel. The report occurs randomly, so ride an elevator until the news report plays.

Objective: Board Freighter Travel to the Farinata system of the Hades Gamma cluster and board the MSV Ontario.  The main area of the freighter is packed with biotic terrorists. You are given three minutes to rescue the hostage once one of the terrorists spots you. There are many hazards in the area, and the terrorists' biotic powers can set them off and make short work of your team if you aren't careful. For this reason, it is best to fallback to the hallway you used to enter this area and allow the biotics to come to you. Tap down on the D-Pad to prevent your squadmates from charging to their deaths, then hang back and pick off the biotics as they approach.

When all of the terrorists have fallen, make your way to the back of the freighter, enter the hallway and go through the first door on the left. Inside you'll find Chairman Burns being held by the leader of the terrorist group. If Shepard's Charm or Intimidate talents are developed enough, the blue 'You need Burns!' and/or the red 'Don't be stupid' persuasion options will appear on the conversation wheel. Without Charm or Intimidate, you'll have to kill the terrorists to save the chairman. Either fight and kill the leader to save Burns and complete the mission, or persuade him to release Burns using Charm or Intimidate to complete the mission and earn Paragon or Renegade points.

UNC: Hostile Takeover

Locate and speak to Helena Blake in the Presidium to activate this assignment. Helena wants you to take out two crimelords for her. You can accept her proposal outright, or you can follow the Paragon path and refuse to get involved in the gang war. Turning her down nets you Paragon points, while accepting the assignment right away earns you Renegade points. Even if you reject the offer, Helena gives you the coordinates to the criminals' bases, as she knows putting a stop to criminal operations is too much for your righteous self to resist.

One of the two crimelords is located in the Han system of the Gemini Sigma cluster and the other in the Dis system of the Hades Gamma cluster. The two targets can be eliminated in any order.

Objective: Eliminate Crimelords (Gemini Sigma, Han, Mavigon) Travel to the Han system in the Gemini Sigma cluster and land on Mavigon. The environment of this planet is a Level 2 Hazard, so stay close to the Mako if you must step out of the vehicle. Open up your map and locate the Syndicate Hideout in the southeastern quarter and place a Destination flag nearby. The hideout sits atop a small hill and is surrounded by heavy turrets. While the Mako can move across most terrain, this particular hill is quite steep. It is easiest to scale from its south side; maneuver the Mako over the rockier terrain for traction and slowly climb up to the hideout.

Use the Mako's cannon and machine gun to destroy the three turrets that surround the base. Once the turrets have been destroyed, park the Mako next to the visible Entrance Console, exit the vehicle and enter the hideout. Move through the hallway and stand before the door to the hideout's main room. There are explosive containment cells scattered throughout the room, so don't just charge in.

Get your enemy's attention and then quickly return to the entrance way and pick the mercenaries off as they approach.  Retreat to the preceding hallway if you're being overwhelmed. Use all damaging abilities (ex., Overload, Sabotage, Throw, Warp, Assassination, etc.) available to you when you encounter the crime boss to take him out as quickly as possible.

Sweep the two rooms at the back of the hideout once the crime boss and mercenaries have been defeated and then return to the Normandy.

Objective: Finish Crimelords (Hades Gamma , Dis, Klensal) The second crime boss (if you've been following along) can be found on Klensal in the Dis system of the Hades Gamma cluster. The Syndicate Hideout is southwest of the Mako's drop point, so travel in that direction until a POI appears on the radar. Wipe out the mercenaries surrounding the area, exit the Mako and enter the hideout. The hideout's main area is, of course, packed with mercenaries and snipers. Again, it would be best to hang back at the entrance and let the mercenaries come to you rather than you charging in, guns blazing. Get one of the mercenary's attention—by shooting him, using an offensive ability, or shooting an explosive cell—and the rest of them (save for the snipers and crime boss) should follow.

The crime boss will likely remain at the back of the hideout, meaning you'll have to move up to get him. Use all of your squad's abilities  (ex., Overload, Sabotage, Warp, Lift, Assassination, etc.) when you spot him. Duck behind one of the crates in the area if you're taking too much damage from him and use Shield Boost or a Medi-gel to restore your shields and/or health. Once the crime boss has been dealt with, enter the eastern room of the hideout and Decrypt all of the lockers within. Leave the hideout and return to the Normandy when you're ready to go.

Objective: Meet Helena Blake Travel to the Fortuna system in the Horse Head Nebula once the two crime bosses have been defeated. Land on Amaranthine. Helena can be found at the Engineering Outpost, which is south of the Mako's drop point, so travel in that direction until you reach the outpost. Enter the outpost to find none other than Helena Blake waiting for you inside.

You can arrest Helena or leave her alone by selecting one of the options on the right side of the conversation wheel. If Shepard's Charm or Intimidate talent is developed enough, the blue 'Walk away' option and/or the red 'Disband the group' option will appear on the left side of the wheel. Charming or intimidating Helena into disbanding the gang yields Paragon or Renegade points respectively. You're in for a fight if you try to make an arrest; you'll be forced to fight Helena and the mercenaries in the facility, and you won't receive any morality points afterwards.

Strange Transmission/UNC: Major Kyle

Successfully decrypt the Computer Console in the C-Sec HQ area of the Presidium. The Computer Console is on a table near Executor Pallin's desk.

Objective: Find the Commune The biotic commune is located on Presrop, a moon that orbits the planet of Klendagon. Travel to the Century system in the Hawking Eta cluster to get started. Upon reaching the Century system, the Normandy receives a transmission from Admiral Hackett. He explains that the commune is led by former Alliance officer Major Kyle. Two Alliance officers were sent to the commune to meet with Kyle, but have yet to return. The Alliance has reason to believe that Major Kyle has gone mad and that his biotic commune is a cult, as he is now known as 'Father' Kyle. The name of this assignment changes to 'UNC: Major Kyle' if it was first triggered at the Citadel.

Objective: Investigate Major Kyle's Compound Land on Presrop and open up your map. Look to the southwestern quarter of the map for a POI marked as 'Biotic Compound' and set a Destination flag next to this location. Drive to the compound and exit the Mako once you've arrived. Approach the doorway and activate the Entrance Console.

There are two ways to get into the compound: Select the 'You can't keep me out!' option to forcefully enter, or select 'I have to see Major Kyle' to handle things peacefully. The peaceful approach can only be taken if Shepard's Charm or Intimidate talents are developed enough. If Shepard's persuasion skills are high enough, a blue 'He needs my help' and/or a red 'He'll get you all killed!' option will appear on the left side of the conversation wheel. If not, you'll just have to force your way in. Selecting a persuasion option allows you to enter the building peacefully and earns you Paragon or Renegade points, while the 'You can't keep me out!' option forces you to fight the biotics inside.

Objective: Talk to the Major If you have been permitted entrance, you can immediately proceed to the Biotic Compound; its entrance is east of the large building. However it would be a good idea to enter the large building either way, since equipment and upgrades can be found within. The biotic cultists inside won't attack you if you persuaded the doorman to let you in.  If you had to force your way into the building, you'll have to fight your way through the biotic cultists to reach the Control Room at the back of the building. A switch in the Control Room unlocks the entrance to the Biotic Compound outside, allowing you to enter and confront the Major.

Major Kyle is in the southwestern room of the compound. There are biotic cultists inside the compound, so you'll have to fight them too if you had to gun your way to the Control Room in the first building. Speak to the Major and ask about the investigators. Major Kyle explains that they tried to take him away from the compound, so they had to be killed. Inquire further until the blue 'You can't help them now' and/or the red 'Surrender or they all die!' persuasion option appears. If any of the biotic cultists had to be killed to reach Kyle, he won't talk to you and therefore must be killed. Persuading Kyle to surrender using Charm or Intimidate earns you Paragon or Renegade points.

Objective: Return to the Normandy When Kyle has surrendered or has been killed, leave the compound, enter the Mako and return to the Normandy. Back aboard the Normandy, access the Galaxy Map to receive a transmission from Admiral Hackett. Mission complete!

UNC: Missing Marines

After attaining Spectre status, travel to the Citadel Tower and locate Rear Admiral Kahoku. Kahoku can be found in the southeastern corner of the large area just outside of the Council Chamber. Speak with Kahoku and select 'Problems' from the conversation wheel. Kahoku tells you about his missing recon team and asks you to help find them. Agree to help Kahoku to add this assignment to your Journal.

Objective: Find Recon Team Travel to the Sparta System in the Artemis Tau cluster and land on Edolus.

Objective: Distress Call The Distress Signal is due north of the Mako's drop point. When you are near the signal, a horrifying thresher maw emerges from the earth. The thresher maw is deadly, but luckily you have the Mako's weaponry at your disposal. Use the Mako's cannon to damage the worm while it is stationary and the machine gun while the cannon charges for another use. The beast will launches projectiles while stationary; the Mako can become severely damaged if enough of these projectiles hit it, so try your best to dodge them.

The thresher maw may also burrow into the ground and attempt to come back up under your vehicle. The Mako can only take a couple of hits from this attack, so drive far away when the worm burrows, and head back as soon as you see it emerge. When the thresher maw falls, exit the Mako and examine one of the corpses around the signal site.

Objective: Speak to Kahoku Return to the Citadel Tower and speak with Rear Admiral Kahoku. Tell Kahoku of his team's fate to complete the assignment.

UNC: Missing Survey Team

This assignment is added to your Journal once you hear a news report about a missing survey team in the Hades Gamma cluster while riding one of the elevators in the Citadel. The report occurs randomly, so ride an elevator until the news report plays.

Objective: Find Missing Researchers Travel to the Antaeus System in the Hades Gamma Cluster to get started. Land on Trebin and take a look at your map. Your destination is the Research Base POI. The base is north of the Mako's drop point, so travel north until a POI icon appears on the radar. Quickly scan the Research Base for signs of life. Finding nothing, step out of the Mako and open all of the containers within the shelters to gain some items. By examining the Computer Console that is in the trailer on the right, you learn that the research team unearthed something in the dig site. The Excavation Site is just a short ways north of this camp.

Objective: Explore Excavation Site Head north from the Research Camp, exit the Mako and take the ramp up to the Excavation Site's entrance. Enter the dig site and step into its main area. Inside you'll find plenty of husks that will immediately charge towards you. Remain at the start of the area and wait until the group of husks reaches the Containment Cell that is just beyond the first two crates. When the husks reach the explosive, use a gun, biotic, or tech ability to set the explosive off. If you don't detonate the cell, the husks' electricity likely will, so keep your distance. Stand back and finish off those remaining, retreating if necessary. Don't let them get too close to you, as their electric attacks can cause some serious damage to you and your allies.

Once the first batch of husks has been dealt with, move towards the back of the mining tunnel and prepare to face the next group. The husks come charging through one of the two doorways there; take note of the conveniently placed explosive next to the door. As the husks enter the main area, hit the cell to weaken them, then stand back and use a gun to finish them off. It's mission complete when the last husk falls. Explore the two rooms at the back of the dig site before returning to the Mako.

UNC: Privateers

Travel to the Citadel Tower and look for a man named Garoth. He is at the top of the steps just beyond the elevator that travels to the Presidium. Ask him about his problem and he tells you that his brother has gone missing. Garoth has reason to worry, as his brother's ship was last seen in the Strenuus System and may have been attacked by privateers.

Objective: Go to the Strenuus System Travel to the Strennus System in the Horse Head Nebula. Place the cursor on planet Xawin and then move the cursor to the left until you discover 'Unknown.' Scan Unknown to reveal the MSV Majesty. Scan the MSV Majesty; you can now land on Xawin.

Objective: Go to Xawin Xawin's environment is a Level 1 Hazard, so avoid moving far from the Mako if possible. Open your map and place a Destination flag next to the Mercenary Camp located northwest of the Mako's drop point. The Mercenary Camp is heavily guarded; four heavy turrets surround it, and a few mercenary snipers are positioned at the frontlines.

Fire from the four turrets is the greatest threat here, however the Mako's cannon can make short work of one while its shields are down. Circle around the base and blast the turrets with cannon fire, using the machine gun while the cannon recharges. Kill the snipers once all four cannons have been destroyed. With the mercenaries dead and the turrets destroyed, park in front of the building, exit the vehicle, and enter the mercenary stronghold.

The base is absolutely packed with mercenaries. You'll want to be especially careful since there's a couple of krogan among them. The area is littered with explosive cells, so running in with guns blazing probably isn't the best way to go. If Shepard is trained with a Sniper Rifle, use it pick off enemies that are visible through the door, otherwise enter the main area of the base to lure the close-combat mercenaries back through the doorway. The krogan are the biggest threat, so use all of the squad's tech and biotic abilities to lower their shields (Overload) or weaken them (ex., Throw, Warp, Sabotage, Assassination, etc.). Afterwards enter the main area and remove the snipers that remain.

When the base is clear, proceed through the doorway in the northeastern corner of the base and head up the stairs. Enter the room at the end of the walkway to find Captain Willem's corpse. Search the body and remove the Datapad it holds. Open the Weapon Locker, scan the Computer Console and use the Aid Station to replenish your Medi-gel supply before leaving the room.

Objective: Talk to Garoth Return to the Citadel Tower and deliver the bad news to Garoth. He thanks you for providing him with closure and departs to make funeral arrangements.

Citadel Assignments II

These assignments are available once you have completed the mission on Therum (the 'Find Liara T'Soni' mission), Feros, or Noveria.

UNC: Asari Diplomacy

Sometime after completing the mission on Therum, Feros, or Noveria, the Normandy will receive a transmission from an asari named Nassana Dantius. Nassana is an asari ambassador working at the Citadel. It isn't clear what she wants, but she does ask to meet with you in person.

Objective: Meet with Nassana Locate and speak with Nassana in the Embassy Lounge on the Presidium level of the Citadel. She tells you that her sister, Dahlia, has been captured by a mercenary group that operates in the Artemis Tau cluster. The kidnappers asked for a ransom, and Nassana did comply, but Dahlia was never released. Agree to rescue Dahlia to move on to the next objective.

Objective: Find Dahlia Travel to the Macedon system of the Artemis Tau cluster and land on Sharjila.  The Stronghold where Dahlia is presumably being held is due north of the Mako's drop point. Drive north until you find yourself atop a hill overlooking the mercenary stronghold. As you'll notice by taking a look at your radar, the Stronghold is heavily guarded. Luckily the Mako's weapons can make short work of pirates posted outside. Use the Mako's cannons to knock out the snipers in the towers and its machine guns to kill the ground troops. Once the outer area of the Stronghold is devoid of pirates, park in front of the Stronghold, exit the Mako and enter the base.

Move to the end of the initial area and enter the stronghold's main room. The stronghold's interior is heavily guarded, so it would not be wise to simply charge in. Scan the area for explosive containment cells and set them off using abilities or weaponry to avoid taking damage from them during the firefight. You might even be able to take out a couple of pirates who have unwittingly chosen to take cover near one such explosive.

Be sure to keep an eye on your radar, as some of the pirates, especially the krogans, may rush you. Among the pirates is an Asari Slaver who is especially deadly due to her biotic abilities. When all of the pirates have been dealt with, proceed through the doorway in the northeastern corner of the main room and head up the stairs. Examine the Desk to learn the truth about Dahlia and Nassana.

Objective: Inform Nassana Be sure to decrypt the storage locker, wall safe, and collect the items from the crates in the backroom on the first floor before leaving the Stronghold. Enter the Mako and return to the Normandy once you are ready to leave Sharjila. Speak with Nassana at the Embassy Lounge and tell her of your discovery on Sharjila. Nassana offers to give you credits as a reward, but if Shepard's Charm or Intimidate talents are developed enough, a blue 'I've got a better deal' or a red 'Credits won't cut it' option will appear on the left side of the conversation wheel. By selecting the Charm or Intimidate dialogue option, you'll  be able to purchase asari mods (Omni-tools and Bio-amps manufactured by Armali Council) from various merchants.

Citadel: Family Matter

This assignment becomes available once at least one of the main storyline missions (Therum, Feros or Noveria) has been completed. Find Michael and Rebekah Petrovsky by the Bank entrance in the Presidium to get started. They are arguing about something, so approach them and see if you can help.

Rebekah lost her husband, Jacob, to a rare heart disease. She is currently carrying Jacob's baby, and Michael, her brother-in-law, believes that the baby should undergo gene therapy to ensure the child a life free from heart disease, as there is a small chance that Jacob's child could inherit the very disease that he suffered from. Listen to Rebekah's side of the story; she explains that there is evidence that gene therapy could harm the baby. Shepard must have enough talent points in either the Charm or Intimidate talents to complete this assignment using the persuasion options on the left side of the conversation wheel.

It does not matter whose side you take on the issue, just that you convince one of them to see the other's side. Use the blue Charm option or the red Intimidate option to convince Michael or Rebekah to back down from their stance. You'll receive Paragon points for using Charm and Renegade points for using Intimidate, as well as XP and credits once the issue has been settled.

Citadel: Planting a Bug

If you've completed the 'Citadel: Reporter's Request' assignment and at least one of the storyline missions on Therum, Feros or Noveria, Emily Wong will be waiting for you at the Citadel Tower. She can be found at the bottom of the steps that lead up to the Council Chamber. Emily asks you to plant a bug in the Citadel Traffic Control station to aid her in an investigation. Agree to help her and she'll hand over a Listening Device.

Objective: Plant the Bugs Travel to the Security (C-Sec) section of the Citadel using the Rapid Transit terminal across from Emily Wong. Traffic Control is on the far west end of C-Sec. Upon entering the Traffic Control station, turn right and walk towards the keeper at the far end of the room. Plant the bug on the aptly named 'Inconspicuous Location' to the keeper's right to complete the objective.

Objective: Inform Emily Return to Emily Wong at the Citadel Tower and inform her that the listening device has been planted. You are given XP, credits and Paragon points for completing the assignment.

Citadel: The Fourth Estate

This assignment is only available once you have completed a storyline mission on Therum, Feros, or Noveria. Khalisah Al-Jilani, a reporter, wishes to conduct an interview with Shepard, the first human Spectre. She can be found in C-Sec Academy at the bottom of the steps that lead up to the Presidium elevator. Make sure that you have invested a good amount of talent points in Shepard's Charm or Intimidate talents beforehand, as they are needed to get the most out of this interview.

The amount of XP and credits you receive for completing this assignment is dependent on how many of the reporter's questions are answered. Choose the blue (Charm) or red (Intimidate) options on the left side of the conversation wheel to further the conversation, or the options on the right side to end the interview. Choosing the 'Time to shut you up!' option causes Shepard to punch the reporter out, effectively ending the interview and earning you Renegade points in the process. If you make the interview last, be sure to answer Khalisah's question about Saren using one of the choices on the left side of the wheel as you'll gain much more XP and credits that way.

Citadel Assignments III

These assignments are only available while the Normandy is grounded at the Citadel. This event occurs once you've completed the storyline missions on Therum, Feros, Noveria, and Virmire and have returned to the Citadel.

Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy

This assignment is available while the Normandy is grounded at the Citadel. Talk to Charles Saracino in the Upper Flux section of the Citadel (near the stairs that lead down to a C-Sec Academy entrance). Charles is a member of the Terra Firma Party, a political party that believes Earth should stand against alien influence.

His first question is whether or not he has your support in the next election. You can learn more about the Terra Firma party by selecting the 'Investigate' option on the left side of the conversation wheel. Otherwise select 'The ‘appeasers' are right' or 'Earth must walk alone' from the right side of the wheel to continue. Charles then asks if you would issue a statement supporting his candidacy. Select 'I won't support you' to complete the assignment and earn a couple of Paragon points, or 'You have my support' to complete the assignment and earn Renegade points.

Citadel: Negotiator's Request

This assignment is available while the Normandy is grounded at the Citadel. Speak with Elias Keeler, an Alliance negotiator , at the bottom of the stairs that lead up to the Flux Nightclub. Elias claims that he needs a mental stimulant to be at his best during an upcoming negotiation. The stimulant is legal, but regulated, and Elias has reached the legal limit. Thus, he wants you to get them for him. There are two ways to complete this assignment: convince Elias that he is an addict and has a problem using the Charm or Intimidate persuasion options, or purchase the stimulant he asked for and bring it back to him.

Select 'You're an addict' to bring up the persuasion options on the left side of the conversation wheel (if Shepard has an adequate amount of talent points in Charm or Intimidate). Select the blue 'Then the game is wrong' option or the 'Don't be an idiot' option to proceed. Elias still doesn't get it; he still wants the stimulant, but promises to get treatment for his addiction after the negotiation. If Shepard's Charm or Intimidate talent is higher still, an additional persuasion option is selectable. Select the blue 'You need help' or the red 'No. You'll go now' option to cut the assignment short and earn Paragon or Renegade points respectively.

Objective: Get The Drug If you want to get the drug for Elias, first select one of the affirmation options ('No promises,' 'If you say so,' 'I'll see what I can do,' etc.) to end the conversation. Next, make your way to the Med Clinic in the Upper Wards,  speak to Dr. Michel and view her supplies. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to find two unique items; a Depressant and the Mental Stimulant that Elias asked for. Giving Elias the Depressant completes the assignment and yields XP, credits and Renegade points. Given Elias the Mental Stimulant yields XP and credits but no morality points.

For the largest Renegade bonus, give Elias the Depressant. For a Paragon bonus, convince Elias that he has a problem using the Charm options.

Citadel Assignments IV

These assignments are dependent on Shepard's Pre-service History.

Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-off Things

This assignment is only available if Shepard was given the Spacer pre-service history during character creation. After completing Therum, Feros, or Noveria, speak to Zabaleta in the Flux and Wards Access corridor. He is a retired soldier and claims to have known your mother. Zabaleta definitely does not look like a soldier, and evidently in a bad place financially as he asks if you can spare 20 credits. Hand over the credits to gain a couple of Paragon points.

Objective: Call Home Return to the Docking Bay via the elevator in C-Sec Academy and board the Normandy. Enter the Comm Room and use the Comm. Terminal to contact your mother who is on duty aboard the dreadnaught 'Kilimanjaro.' She confirms Zabaleta's claim and reveals that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder due to a batarian raid on Mindoir. She suggests speaking to Zabaleta and convincing him to seek help at the Veteran's Affairs Office.

Objective: Speak to Zabaleta Return to Zabaleta in the Wards and Flux Access corridor. If Shepard's Charm or Intimidate options are high enough, the blue Charm option or the red Intimidate option will appear on the left side of the conversation wheel. Convince Zabaleta to get help using Charm to complete the assignment and earn Paragon points, or convince him using Intimidate to earn Renegade points instead.

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citadel assignments mass effect 1

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: 15 Assignments In The First Game You Need To Play

As an RPG, Mass Effect contains plenty of side objectives for players. With the release of the Legendary Edition, which are most worth your time?

The first Mass Effect game revolves around Commander Shepard and their quest to hunt down Saren and Sovereign to save the galaxy from destruction. However, the protagonist doesn't spend all of their time on a single quest. Alongside the game's main missions is an abundance of assignments for players to complete, all of which are included in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition .

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The side quests focus on other happenings in the galaxy, which Shepard needs to sort out. They offer a nice reprieve from the main quest and add some life to the galaxy, making it feel lived in. Some assignments can be a little repetitive, but plenty of others are worth playing.

Updated on January 16th, 2022 by Talha Bin Rizwan: The first game from the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition trilogy has players take control of Commander Shepard to save the galaxy from the Saren, Sovereign, and the Geth. In addition to the main quest, players can undertake many side quests that are found all over the galaxy. These side missions, or assignments, as the game calls them, add some variety to the gameplay allowing Shepard to help people in a more one-on-one way. While some side-quests can be tedious for players, other side missions can be just as engaging as the main quest, if not more.

15 Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon

Loyalty missions don't exist in the original game, but some assignments relate to specific companions. For instance, the search for Dr. Saleon concerns perhaps the best squadmate , Garrus. Dr. Saleon, aka Dr. Heart, is a cruel Salarian who used to clone organs inside his patients' bodies to sell, often causing complications for the victims. When he was a part of C-Sec, Garrus tried to stop the evil physician, but Saleon slipped away.

If Shepard talks to the Turian enough throughout the game, he'll tell the tale of Dr. Saleon and give the Commander coordinates to find the villain. The action in the assignment is limited, yet the compelling backstory makes up for it. Plus, it's always nice to see great characters like Garrus get some spotlight.

14 Asari Consort

Shepard can find the consort’s chambers in the southeastern part of the Citadel. Inside, they will meet Sha’ira the consort, who’ll task them with getting a Turian General to leave her alone. The general is spreading lies about Sha’ira and all Shepard will need to do is talk to him.

Once done, they can return to Sha’ira where they can get one of two rewards, either a romance scene or a Prothean trinket that leads to an easter egg on the planet Eletania.

13 UNC: Missing Marines

Relatively early in the game, Shepard can speak with Admiral Kahoku, who sends him on an assignment to find his missing marines. At the last known coordinates of Kahoku's team, the player finds only dead bodies and a huge Thresher Maw.

In the original game, fighting the giant monster wasn't too interesting. Yet, the Legendary Edition has made several exciting alterations to Thresher Maw battles. Maws now have sensory tentacles that players must shoot to get it out of hiding, which adds more variety to fights. Furthermore, their aim is incredible as they predict the Mako's movements, making their acid spit much harder to dodge.

12 Noveria: Espionage

Not every assignment in Mass Effect is about violence. In 'Noveria: Espionage,' Shepard has to keep Rafael Vargas talking while a device hacks into his personal network.

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To please the Asari who gave Shepard the job, the player has to convince Vargas that they're genuinely interested in buying something from Binary Helix. Since this is Mass Effect , there are multiple ways for the quest to play out, partially based on whether Shepard is Paragon or Renegade. It all makes for a unique and compelling assignment that players can find near the Hotel bar on Noveria.

11 Homecoming

The quest is a short one but may have an emotional impact on players. The quest can be acquired after Tali joins Shepard’s party. They will find an NPC in front of the embassy front desk at the Presidium who is trying to get the Alliance to recover his wife’s body from Eden Prime.

Shepard can intervene on his behalf and talk to the clerk responsible who will release the body. It’s a small quest that takes only a few minutes to complete, but it is one of the few which can touch the players emotionally.

10 Citadel: The Fan

Despite featuring sparingly in the trilogy, Conrad Verner is a memorable character. He's a fanatic of Shepard's, desperate to follow in his hero's footsteps. At different points during the first game, he'll be waiting down in the Citadel markets.

As part of 'Citadel: The Fan,' the Commander has several conversations with Verner. During each talk, Verner's enthusiasm and delusion is funny to watch. Shepard's reaction to their number one fan is always entertaining, regardless of the protagonist's moral alignment.

9 UNC: Geth Incursions (aka Geth Activities)

The Geth are among the most powerful races in the Mass Effect universe , so Admiral Hackett is understandably concerned that they have multiple outposts in the Armstrong Nebula. As usual, it's up to Shepard to put an end to the Synthetics' activities. The Commander must go around to each outpost and destroy the Geth forces waiting there.

The enjoyment of this assignment depends on players' feelings about the new Mako, as it features heavily in the mission. However, the main reason to do this quest is the important terminal at the final base. Shepard can give the data retrieved from this terminal to Tali, which will strengthen their relationship.

8 Rita's Sister

This side mission can be acquired at Flux where players will overhear a waitress, Rita, talking to her Volus manager about her sister. Upon exploring, Shepard learns that Rita’s sister is working on a dangerous assignment for C-Sec, and she is worried about her sister’s safety.

Shepard is then contacted by a C-Sec officer and can assist him in dealing with the matter themselves. In doing so, Shepard will complete the assignment he gave to Jenna, Rita’s sister, after which she will be free to go.

7 UNC: Rogue VI

'UNC: Rogue VI' is an assignment given to the player by Hackett. The Alliance Admiral asks Shepard to go to Earth's moon and destroy the out-of-control VI that's taken over Luna Base. During the mission, the Commander and their team shoot through an abundance of flying drones.

As players spend most of the story facing Geth or Krogan, the drones are a nice change of pace. The real reason to complete this quest, though, is because it rewards the player with a Class Specialization. If players choose the right Specialization, it can make them significantly stronger.

6 Hostile Takeover:

The mission is available after Shepard completes the main missions on the planets Therum, Noveria, and Feros. They’ll need to hack one of the terminals at the C-Sec Academy to pick this side mission up. C-Sec will be investigating a suspected criminal named Helena Blake who can be found in the Financial District.

She’ll ask Shepard to take out two of her business partners. The quest is short but fun and depending on how players complete the quest, Helena Blake will appear in the second game of the trilogy.

5 UNC: Cerberus

Players might not remember that Cerberus is barely involved in the first game's adventures. However, in the rest of the Legendary Edition , the morally questionable organization plays a significant part in the story. In fact, Mass Effect 2 feels a little weird without knowing why people hate the Illusive Man's crew.

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Admiral Kahoku gives players the chance to learn about the group, tasking them with investigating a few of their research facilities as part of the 'UNC: Cerberus' assignment. During the lengthy mission, Shepard finds out some horrifying information, helping flesh out the story.

4 Wrex: Family Armor

If players want to hear Wrex deliver great lines throughout the entire trilogy , they should do his family armor quest. Completing this assignment isn't the only way to keep this Krogan alive, but it is the easiest.

To acquire the mission, Shepard has to regularly talk with Wrex on the Normandy until he reveals that his family armor is in the hands of a Turian pirate. During the assignment, players will storm the base of the trophy hunter and attempt to kill plenty of his people in an entertaining battle.

3 Shepard’s Backstory Missions

During character creation, players select a background for Shepard out of three choices; Earthborn, Colonist, and Spacer. These allow players to determine Shepard’s origins and how they started their journey to become a galactic legend. During the game, Shepard will be prompted to pursue certain missions based on the background selection.

With Earthborn, Shepard helps a former friend help his companion escape. With Colonist, a person from Shepard’s colony needs their help in stopping a suicide. And with Spacer, Shepard will help a man who claims to be their mother’s friend. These missions are small but allow players to flesh out their Shepard as a character.

2 Virmire: Assisting Kirrahe's Team

Shortly after arriving on Virmire, Shepard will meet a Salarian captain named Kirrahe. It doesn't take the leader long to become popular with players, as he's a very likable character.

During the assault on Saren's base, the Commander can help the charismatic Captain stay alive. To do so, players have to complete 'Virmire: Assisting Kirrahe's Team'. The objective to destroy the Geth flyers is the one that really matters, but it's worth completing the entire assignment, as it's enjoyable to help out allies.

1 X57: Bring Down the Sky

Originally, Bring Down the Sky was an expansion for the first game, but now it's included as part of the Legendary Edition . The main quest is a lot longer than a typical assignment, and it sees Shepard attempt to stop a group of Batarians from destroying a colony named Terra Nova.

New enemies, fun action, and a solid story make the Bring Down The Sky assignment one of the best. In fact, if it had more connection to Saren or Sovereign, it would feel more like a main mission as opposed to side content.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Assignments | mass effect 1 wiki.

Assignments are the name given to side missions in Mass Effect . Assignments  do not advance the story but completing them can help the player understand the inner workings of the Mass Effect's universe, the interactions between Races , etc

Assignments in Mass Effect

Shepard's background .

These assignments depend on the pre-service history the player chooses while creating the character

Squad Member 

These assignments are related to your Normandy Crewmates.

Citadel First Visit

These assignments are first available since your first visit to the Citadel, and remain so for the rest of the game.

Citadel Second Visit

These assignments become available after completing one of the three major Missions (Feros, Noveria o rescuing Lara T'Soni)

Citadel Detainee Visit

These assignments are only available during the time you are detained at the Citadel.

These assignments are specific to Feros

These assignments are specific to Noveria

These assignments are specific to Virmire

Galaxy Collection

These assignments require you to travel Citadel space and finding hidden collectibles.

Uncharted Space

Assignments from Uncharted Space in the galaxy


Assignments that depend on Commander Shepard's alignment.

Bring Down the Sky

Assignments for the first  DLC  for  Mass Effect

Pinnacle Station

Assignments for the second  DLC  for  Mass Effect

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citadel assignments mass effect 1

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Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition

Walkthrough missions - therum, citadel after therum.

citadel assignments mass effect 1

After completing a mission, the Citadel will often have new characters to talk to and assignments to complete. This page discusses what should new content you can expect to find upon returning to the Citadel after your first mission (in the case of this walkthrough, after Therum .

When you exit the Normandy, Rear Admiral Mikhailovich will look for excuses to complain about your ship.

(1 of 3) When you exit the Normandy, Rear Admiral Mikhailovich will look for excuses to complain about your ship.

UNC: Asari Diplomacy ¶

Your first new assignment may well begin before you even step foot on the Citadel, as an asari named Nassana Dantius will get in contact with you and request a meeting, starting the assignment UNC: Asari Diplomacy .

Rear Admiral Mikhailovich ¶

As soon as you disembark the Normandy you’ll be met by one Rear Admiral Mikhailovich, who wants to conduct an inspection of the Normandy. Check out the dedicated page for this - it’s not technically an assignment, but it looks like an assignment, plays like an assignment, so we’re going to treat it like an assignment.

Citadel: The Fourth Estate ¶

In the C-Sec Academy Atrium you’ll find a woman named Khalisah Al-Jilani waiting for you. You can skip this encounter should you not want to deal with it (unlike Mikhailovich), just don’t talk to her. The encounter is covered in detail on the page Citadel: The Fourth Estate .

Citadel: Family Matter ¶

On the Presidium, west of the Bank, you’ll find Michael and Rebekah arguing. Talk to them to start the assignment Citadel: Family Matter .

Citadel: Planting a Bug ¶

Head to the Citadel Tower and you’ll find Emily Wong, who has another assignment for you. Talk to her to start Citadel: Planting a Bug .

Citadel: The Fan, Part II ¶

In the Upper Markets in the Wards you’ll find Conrad Verner, everybody’s favorite creepy fan… provided you didn’t run him off earlier. If he’s there, you can advance the assignment [Citadel: The Fan] by talking to him again.

Shepard Origin Assignment ¶

Finally, you should be able to start an assignment related to your Shepard’s origins (Spacer, Colonist or Earthborn). It’s a different assignment for each origin:

Spacer: Head to the Wards Access area (take the elevator in the Presidium Plaza to reach the Wards - not the elevator that leads to C-Sec Academy) wherein you’ll find Lieutenant Zabaleta. Talk to him to start the assignment [Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things] .

Colonist: As you go to leave the Citadel (ride the elevator from C-Sec Academy to the Docking Bay) you’ll get a transmission from Lieutenant Girard regarding a fellow survivor from your colony. This starts the assignment Citadel: I Remember Me .

Earthborn: Near the rapid transit terminal outside of Chora’s Den you’ll find a man named Finch. Talk to him to start the assignment Citadel: Old Friends .

That’ll do it for your second visit to the Citadel. Pick up and complete whatever assignments you care to do, then get back to exploring the galaxy or working on the next core mission. We recommend completing Therum first, after which we’ll check out Feros , but you skip ahead to Noveria , if you wish.

citadel assignments mass effect 1

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citadel assignments mass effect 1

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citadel assignments mass effect 1

Mass Effect Assignments

This is a list of all the Assignments found within Mass Effect .

Shepard's Background [ edit ]

Citadel Assignments [ edit ]

First visit [ edit ].

Second Visit [ edit ]

Detainee Visit [ edit ]

Story Planet Assignments [ edit ]

Feros [ edit ].

Noveria [ edit ]

Virmire [ edit ]

Galaxy Spanning Assignments [ edit ]

Galaxy collection assignments [ edit ].

Uncharted Planet Assignments [ edit ]

Paragon/Renegade Assignments [ edit ]

Downloadable Content [ edit ]

Bring down the sky [ edit ].

Pinnacle Station [ edit ]

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citadel assignments mass effect 1

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15. Mass Effect Story Walkthrough - Citadel Final Visit

Citadel final visit.

After you have completed all of the main plot missions M3 (Feros), M4 (Liara), M5 (Noveria) and M6 (Virmire) you will automatically travel back to the Citadel when you next interact with the Galaxy Map.

M7.0: Race Against Time

A cutscene occurs with you speaking to the Council, then waiting on the Normandy where you will talk to your romantic interest (otherwise Shepard will be alone); be nice to them (at least at the end of the conversation) to continue the relationship. You will then be informed by Joker to meet Captain Anderson in Flux to discuss a way to release the Normandy from lockdown. Before we do so there are two remaining Citadel assignments we can do.

C17: Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy

Fast travel to the Med Clinic in the Wards. Move forwards and enter the main area beyond the stairs and approach the crowd. Speak to Charles Saracino then choose your responses, completing the assignment.

C18: Citadel: Negotiators Request

Continue towards Flux and speak to Elias Keeler at the foot of the stairs leading into the nightclub, where he will ask you to retrieve some stimulants from Dr. Michel. If you agree, fast travel to the Med Clinic and buy either the depressant or stimulant at the bottom of Dr. Michel's supply list. Return to Keeler and either give him one of the medicines or persuade him to change his course of action, completing the quest.

If you recruited Liara as quickly as possible ( M1.0 Prologue, M2.0 Expose Saren, M2.1 Garrus, M2.2 Wrex, completing M2.0 then going straight to rescue Liara in mission M4.0 ) and completed all of the remaining main plot missions and assignments outlined in this walkthrough thus far with her you will unlock

Complete the majority of the game with the asari squad member

Asari Ally

Note that Liara requires much more assignments to be completed compared to the other squad members, since more weight is given to main missions and you don't recruit her until several plot quests have been completed. This achievement is easier to obtain if you complete the DLC missions before reaching this point.

Enter Flux and before meeting Captain Anderson you can go to the dance floor on the immediate right of the entrance and watch Shepard's Shuffle by dancing with Doran. If you also bring your romantic interest, select them once, listen to their quip, then select them again to make them join in.

Approach the bar and speak with Anderson sitting down at the table to the left of the bartender Rita. Choose what you want Anderson to do then select "Ready".

Now is the time to complete any Citadel assignments still remaining in your journal, since they become unavailable once you leave in the Normandy.

Return to the docking bay and enter the Normandy to begin a cutscene. Before proceeding with the endgame we will now go through the DLC missions, since they (and all other assignments) become unavailable when you start M8.0: Ilos; the game does not allow free roaming around the Galaxy Map when you finish the story.


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    These assignments are first available since your first visit to the Citadel, and remain so for the rest of the game. Citadel: Asari Consort

  11. Citadel After Therum

    After completing a mission, the Citadel will often have new characters to talk to and assignments to complete. This page discusses what should new content

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