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Helpful Hub

Tools for web collaboration.

By Amanda C. Kooser • Apr 1, 2007

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When it comes to collaboration, many entrepreneurs still go the clunky-but-familiar e-mail route. is a web-based task management service that helps bridge the gap between e-mail collaboration and Web 2.0 online collaboration. Wrike keeps track of e-mails and deadlines between group members working on a project. Tasks can be assigned and shared, and bringing in members is as easy as sending them an e-mail with a CC to [email protected] .

There aren't a lot of bells and whistles, making for a more user-friendly experience. Wrike keeps tasks organized and makes for a central online reference point for projects, participants and deadlines. At this price (free), it's worth checking into for help untangling the mass of e-mails, responses, CCs and BCCs that inevitably goes along with using e-mail to collaborate.

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But worse, what if the fish doesn't fit in the can, the foot's to big for the boot? Or to small? To short sentences, to many headings, images too large for the proposed design.

Chances are there wasn’t collaboration, communication, and checkpoints, there wasn’t a process agreed upon or specified with the granularity required. It’s content strategy gone awry that’s unhappy for a reason is a problem, a client though.

This is quite a problem to solve, but just doing without text won't fix it. Using test items of real content and data in designs will help, but there's no guarantee that every oddity.

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Cowork booking

Homework HUB


Homework HUB is the first coworking space for students, freelancers and all youth. Our bright and fun space in combination with our affordable prices and fast internet is perfect for every young professional.

Opening hours

March 2023, april 2023.

homework hub sarajevo

homework hub sarajevo


Staka Skenderova Hall

You can find us here

Book your desk here.

Book your next adventure with us!

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Sarajevo Times

Idea of the first HUB Homework in BiH

homework hub sarajevo

Homework HUB is a space intended for students for the undisturbed process of stud ying , where they have everything they need, such as computers and the Internet, and it was opened in Sarajevo, more precisely in the Pofali c i settlement , a few years ago. Mirza Rastoder, one of the founders of HUB Homework, said that students, in addition to studying and socializing, also have the opportunity for informal education.

No stiffness

As he says, the concept of this HUB follows European trends and offers students what they might not be able to find at colleges or in ordinary reading rooms.

” All HUB members have the opportunity to get to know the new concept of learning, without stiffness and excessive silence, as in standard reading rooms, all the necessary technical and other equipment they need during their studies, be it laptops, microscopes, 3D printers, interactive whiteboards, as well as adequate literature ,” explained Rastoder.

As he added, it is an indescribable experience as HUB members are students from different faculties and universities from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina ( BiH ) , so the exchange of experiences and knowledge is at a high level.

” Since last year, Homework HUB has become a 24/7 on-call place for studying where special cards are used, and also hourly options are available , so everyone can choose what suits them ,” told Rastoder.

No cooperation

As he added, HUB Homework does not have any cooperation with the University of Sarajevo, so those students do not enjoy any privileges, unlike those from the university who have signed contracts with them.

” We sincerely hope that things will change if we want to create a society of young people, those young people who are socially responsible, educationally and scientifically committed ,” Rastoder said.

As he said, almost 12 . 000 students have passed through the premises of Homework so far, and it can be said that the idea and concept of the work are well recognized.

Realization of the project

Homework HUB cooperates with the International University in Sarajevo, University “D z emal Bijedi c ” Mostar, Science and Technology Park and University in Novi Sad, KadirHas University from Istanbul and Trinity College Dublin.

” We are focused on all activities of gender equality in higher education, where we are currently implementing a project to create gender equality plans for the student population of Canton Sarajevo (CS) , which as such will be the first in Europe ,” said Rastoder, Avaz reports.

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homework hub sarajevo

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Latest news.

homework hub sarajevo

Shameful Attitude of the State towards Adel Sabanovic: How to survive with 109 BAM

homework hub sarajevo

Kavazovic: Bosniaks must not become a religious Group and be reduced to a Ghetto

homework hub sarajevo

A Case was established against Milorad Dodik for denying the Genocide

homework hub sarajevo

Significant Increase of Tourist Arrivals in BiH

homework hub sarajevo

Republika Srpska against the Law on Gas at the BiH Level

homework hub sarajevo

“Women and Security in BiH 2023” Conference held in Sarajevo

homework hub sarajevo

Cvijanovic requested that the Military Exercise of the AF of BiH and the Army of Serbia be included in the Agenda of the Presidency

homework hub sarajevo

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Homework Hub – Productivity and fun

Homework Hub Sarajevo

Image by Alan Dardagan

Alan Dardagan photo

Alan from Sarajevo

I love giving people tours! Sarajevo is both modern & traditional, fun & serious...

In August 2019, Sarajevo got its first mini university hub. Homework hub is the favorite gathering point for students, freelancers and all others who want to work, study or simply hang out.

Homework hub is a place made for students and freelancers. Here you can study, read, surf the web, freelance and much more for the very affordable price of 1KM per hour. Monthly arrangements are also possible. In Homework Hub, many seminars, workshops, conferences and many other events take place. It is a great spot for people who want to start their own business. The place looks modern, hip, and is very cozy, clean and comfortable.

The first time I visited this place, I watched an Italian movie called “Welcome to the south“. These two lovely girls who give Italian lessons organized it as a way of promoting their business, so they invited me. The movie was free, with free popcorn. I also took part in a public humanitarian quiz. All money collected went towards poor families in need.

Homework Hub is in an awesome district, it is surrounded with cafes, restaurants, shops, malls… So if you want to have a quick snack while you are studying or you want to go shopping afterwards, it won’t be too difficult to find something.

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Zlatna Ribica – A cafe for old souls

Details about this spot.

Art & culture

Opening Times

Check on facebook.

homework hub sarajevo

HomeWork HUB

033 861-722,, people also search for.



    homework hub sarajevo

  2. Homework Hub Sarajevo

    homework hub sarajevo

  3. Our favorite local art galleries, museums, artists & culture in Sarajevo

    homework hub sarajevo

  4. Homework HUB Sarajevo : Udruženje studenata medicine u BiH pobijedilo na HUB takmičenju

    homework hub sarajevo

  5. Homework Hub Sarajevo

    homework hub sarajevo

  6. Homework Hub NJ Heartland

    homework hub sarajevo


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  3. Helpful Hub

    Tools for web collaboration. Signing out of account, Standby... Tools for web collaboration. When it comes to collaboration, many entrepreneurs still go the clunky-but-familiar e-mail route. is a web-based task management service ...

  4. Homework Hub: Pocetna

    Sva prava zadržava Homework HUB. Kolodvorska 12, Sarajevo, BIH Fax: 033 861 722. Copyright - Developed by RAJA-SA-FITA.

  5. Home Alternative-energy

    Početna; Usluge; Edukacije; Vijesti. Sva prava zadržava Homework HUB. Kolodvorska 12, Sarajevo, BIH Fax: 033 861 722. Copyright - Developed by RAJA-SA-FITA.

  6. Hub Homework

    Hub Homework, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 5458 likes · 177 talking about this · 565 were here. Prvi HUB u BiH za srednjoskolce/ke, studente/ice,...

  7. Coworking Space at Homework HUB, Sarajevo

    Homework HUB is the first student and freelancer coworking space in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Located in Sarajevo urban area we take pride in making

  8. Homework HUB (@hubhomework) • Instagram photos and videos

    12 mjeseci Homework HUB-a Prvi univerzitetski HUB u BiH 2022. godinu završava sa. JAVNO PRIZNANJE HOMEWORK HUB-U Skupština Kantona Sarajevo donijela je

  9. Coworking Homework HUB in Sarajevo

    Homework HUB is the first coworking space for students, freelancers and all youth. Our bright and fun space in combination with our affordable prices and

  10. Idea of the first HUB Homework in BiH

    Homework HUB is a space intended for students for the undisturbed process of studying, where they have everything they need

  11. Homework Hub

    "Homework Hub" in Sarajevo is a place made for students and freelancers. Here you can study, read, surf the web freelance and more for an

  12. Homework Hub Sarajevo on LinkedIn: #flowers

    Obilježavanje će se održati u subotu, 11. februara, u 19.30h u HUB Event Space-u sestara Bergman.

  13. Driving directions to HomeWork HUB, 12 Kolodvorska, Sarajevo

    Realtime driving directions to HomeWork HUB, 12 Kolodvorska, Sarajevo, based on live traffic updates and road conditions – from Waze fellow drivers.

  14. Homework HUB (@homeworkhub2019)

    No bio yet. · #arduino #methods #science #plants #homework #hub #sarajevo #fy #fyi #stem · #hub #challenge #kopitaneskita #sarajevo #student #university #homework.