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13+ Hotel Business Plan Templates – PDF, Google Docs, MS Word, Apple Pages

If you are planning to run a hotel, either a small or big hotel business, then you will need a well-written hotel business plan, so that you have a plan ready for running your hotel plan perfectly. A restaurant business plan is like a road map that combines strategies, operations, and financial needs. It will help you save costs and prevent disastrous mistakes in the future.

hotel business plan templates

Hotel Business Plan Template

hotel business plan

Small Hotel Business Plan Template

small hotel business plan

Hotel Sales Plan Template

hotel sales plan

Printable Hotel Business Plan Template

hotel business plan template

Restaurant Business Plan Template

restaurant business plan template

Catering Business Plan Template

catering business plan template

Creating a Hotel Business Plan

creating a hotel business plan

1. Executive Summary

2. objectives, 3. resources needed, 4. strategic plan, coffee shop business plan template.

simple coffee shop business plan

Example of Hotel Business Plan Template

example of hotel business plan template

Hotel Business Plan Example

hotel business plan example

Hotel Business Plan Sample

hotel business plan sample

Hotel Business Plan Template Free Download

hotel business plan template free download

Hotel Business Plan Template Pdf

hotel business plan template pdf

Motel Business Plan Template

motel business plan template

Sample Hotel Business Plan Example

sample hotel business plan example

General FAQs

1. what is a hotel business plan, 2. what does a hotel business plan include.

3. What is the Purpose of a Hotel Business Plan?

4. what is the role of a hotel operations manager, 5. how can you plan the launch of a new hotel.

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FREE 17+ Sample Hotel Business Plan Templates in Google Docs | MS Word | Pages | PDF

The hotel industry is continously booming each year. With that, expectation levels are alwasy set high. And because of that, hotels do whatever they can to incorporate all the necessary improvements to impress their valued guests. Ranging from 5-star hotels to budget category guest houses, hotel management executives do their best to provide their guests with the best facilities and hospitality service. So, if you have plans to launch a hotel business, you have to do the same thing right from the beginning. That starts by formulating a new hotel business plan. Because you’re here, you’re in luck. These hotel business plan templates we’re about to show you will make things a lot easier!

Hotel Business Plan Template

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hotel business plan

Size: A4, US

small hotel business plan1

Size: A4 & US

hotel marketing plan template

Size: A4, Us

business plan word template

Size: A4,US

simple business plan

Size: 410 KB

hotel marketing plan template1

Size: 625 KB

hotel business plan example1

Size: 278 KB

sample hotel business plan template1

Size: 240 KB

hotel business plan template1

Size: 439 KB

Running a hotel business can be very daunting. If you feel slightly intimidated in starting a business in the hotel industry, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. A hotel business is indeed quite challenging to operate. For one, there are many aspects of it you need to oversee and facilitate.

But despite those, a hotel business can rake in decent amounts of profits regularly. We all know that many people do a lot of traveling to other places, such as your locality. Where do these travelers spend the night? In local hotels, most likely. According to a stat from Condor Ferries , the total industry revenue of hotels and motels reached $206 billion in 2019. That’s a big number, and it shows that the hotel industry is booming.

However, people will only visit your hotel if it has standard quality hospitality services and facilities. Today’s hotel guests have high expectations of the experience they’ll receive from hospitality establishments.

Just like in other industries, profits aren’t automatic in the hotel industry. But they can be in sight in no time by having the right hotel business ideas. To establish the best possible startup hotel business, you need to do a lot of  market planning , SWOT analysis , budget planning , and, most important of all, business planning.

Regardless of whether your hotel will be a small business or a big business, you can’t conceptualize it completely without a business plan or business proposal . With a hotel or motel business plan, you can put all of your hotel ideas on record and use it as a guide to jump start things on a positive note. For that reason, we’ll be teaching you the basic tips on how to make a business plan for your envisioned hotel establishment.

When your hotel opens, your competition will be other hotels in your city or town. And not just hotels. Motels and resort businesses can be your competitors, as well. That said, you need to study the local hotel market before you write your business plan. Doing so will give you a glimpse of how dynamic your local hotel industry is. That can give you ideas on how to make your hotel business can fit in and stand out. Mainly, you should conduct a competitor analysis of other hospitality businesses.

Of course, the entirety of your business plan outline should be all about your envisioned hotel business. However, that’s not enough to make it compelling to your potential business partners and investors. You need people like them to help you raise capital. So to make your business plan attractive, focus on what makes your hotel unique from existing ones. It’s up to your genius what distinct components you want in your hotel. It could be through your rooms or your unorthodox manner of service. Try to come up with something new that your hotel can offer to its future guests.

One of your checklist of goals is to make your hotel business sustainable for many years. Well, in that case, you should include a business continuity plan within your business plan. It’s a structured system to help your business recover from threats and struggles that damaged its operations and financial power. With that said, you can consider it as your risk management procedure and recovery plan .

The executive summary your business plan’s first section. However, that doesn’t mean you must write it first. It’ll be easier to write your executive summary after you’ve completed the other sections of your business plan. That’s because it’ll just be like recapping. But take note that an executive summary isn’t a recap. It’s a preview of what to expect of your business plan, or shall we say its introduction. Make sure that your executive summary captures the interest of the readers right from the get-go.

There are many things you have to do to make a hotel business successful. But the following below are the most crucial. They should be a part of every hotel owner’s must-do list.

The most likely culprits why some hotels fail are mismanagement and not taking immediate actions. Every hotel faces challenges that can bring down their reputation, including 5-star hotels. They were able to overcome them by taking action and managing things promptly. Whereas hotels that don’t take action end up making the same mistakes—leaving their guest unsatisfied and receiving bad reviews until they lose their marketability.

According to EHL Insights , the largest hotel chain in the world is Marriot, with 5,700 properties across 110 countries.

Launching a hotel business could become the biggest thing you’ll do in your life. At first, it won’t be as booming as you want it to be. But, in time, your hotel business can reach its full potential. Who knows? It might even become as big as Marriot years or decades from now. So, start your hotel business dreams now by devising a winning business plan using one of our templates!

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14+ Hotel Business Plan Examples in PDF | MS Word | Google Docs | Pages

Hotel business plan, 14+ hotel business plan examples, hotel business plan example, small hotel business plan example template, hotel sales plan example template, hotel business plan example, hotel sales business plan example, family hotel business plan example, hotel business plan guidelines example, hotel business plan sample, hotel business plan template, hotel restaurant bar business plan example, luxury hotel business plan example, simple hotel business plan example, three-star hotel business plan example, free hotel business plan example, what is a hotel business plan, how to create a hotel business plan, faq’s, do i pay for my hotel stay before or after i check-in, is a hotel a good investment, who creates the hotel business plan.

hotel business plan template

small hotel business plan1

1. Add Executive Summary

2. write down company analysis, 3. present market analysis, 4. discuss operations plan, more design, how to create a startup business plan in 8 easy steps, importance of business plan, how to write an executive summary for a business plan, common business plan mistakes you need to avoid, how to make a business plan, what to include in a home business plan, how to do market analysis of a business plan, how to create a business plan, 45+ examples of implementation plans, related articles.

hotel business plan sample pdf

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Hotel Business Plan

Are you thinking of starting a hotel business We have prepared a solid hotel business plan sample that guides you on every stage of your business plan writing

hotel business plan sample pdf

Owning a hotel is a dream for many people, who like to organize and engage in multiple different activities. From having unique themes to beautiful decor, a hotel business gives you an ample amount of chances to showcase your creativity.

But the pandemic might have naturally left many of you doubting the viability of hotels.

With a vast variety of reasons a hotel serves, the hotel business is very less likely to become irrelevant.

Most leading hotel businesses today, rely on software to manage their operations. Kiosk Mode for automated check-ins, on-the-spot reservations, and feedback, hotel management software for customer management, and revenue control are just some of the many solutions that streamline hotel management.

And all you need to have a thriving hotel business is a hotel business plan that’ll help you get the maximum out of the profitable times and stay prepared for unexpected circumstances.

Industry Overview

The hotel industry stood at a whopping market value of 0.95 trillion dollars in 2021 and is recovering at a rapid rate after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hotel industry is ruled by several major players, hence it is a good practice to go through their case studies and business strategies. There’s a high chance that you might find something very useful for yourself.

Work vacations and leisure trips are the major factors that contribute to the growth of the hotel industry.

Things to Consider Before Writing a Hotel Business Plan

Select a good location.

An accessible and well-located hotel is much more likely to work than a one that is situated otherwise. Also, the neighborhood you set up your hotel in matters a lot too. Hence, it is important to choose the right size of land and locality to set your hotel in.

Find good suppliers

From laundry, housekeeping to the right ingredients for the restaurant,  there are several supplies a hotel needs. And to satisfy your customers it is essential to get the best of everything. After all, the reputation and image of your hotel matter a lot when it comes to running a hotel business.

Know your financial requirements

A hotel has several financial requirements from location to installation of appliances, furniture, decor, and salaries of employees. This also makes for a complex financial structure. Hence, it is good to figure out and keep an account of all your financial needs before getting started.

Find your USP

In the mass of industry giants and small businesses that exist in the business, it is important to have something that helps you stand apart from everyone else. From theme-based decor to additional services and ventures your USP can be anything. But make sure that you find one before you get up and running.

Chalking Out your Business Plan

If you are planning to start a new hotel business, the first thing you will need is a business plan. Use our sample  Eleven Palms – Hotel Business Plan  created using upmetrics business plan software to start writing your business plan in no time.

Before you start writing a business plan for your new hotel business, spend as much time as you can reading through some samples of the hotel and lodging-related business plans .

Reading some sample business plans will give you a good idea of what you’re aiming for and also it will show you the different sections that different entrepreneurs include and the language they use to write about themselves and their business plans.

We have created this sample Eleven Palms – Hotel Business Plan for you to get a good idea about how a perfect hotel business plan should look like and what details you will need to include in your stunning business plan.

Hotel Business Plan Outline

This is the standard hotel business plan outline which will cover all important sections that you should include in your business plan.

After getting started with Upmetrics , you can copy this sample hotel business plan template into your business plan and modify the required information and download your hotel business plan pdf or doc file.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to start writing your business plan.

hotel business plan sample pdf

Business Planning Resources

We have plenty of  free business planning resources  available to help you with your planning. You can download our resources to learn all about business planning.


Not found what you are looking for? Explore our 200+ sample business plans to find match for your business.

hotel business plan sample pdf

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hotel business plan sample pdf

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6+ SAMPLE Small Hotel Business Plan in PDF

small hotel business plan image

Small Hotel Business Plan

6+ sample small hotel business plan, what is a small hotel business plan, elements of a small hotel business plan, tips on small hotel business plan, how to start a small hotel business, how large is the market for hotels, how do hotels get their revenues.

Small Startup Hotel Business Plan

Small Startup Hotel Business Plan

Sample Small Hotel Business Plan

Sample Small Hotel Business Plan

Small Hotel Business Development Plan

Small Hotel Business Development Plan

Small Hotel and Hospitality Business Plan

Small Hotel and Hospitality Business Plan

Small 3 Star Hotel Business Plan

Small 3-Star Hotel Business Plan

Small Hotel Business Plan Example

Small Hotel Business Plan Example

Printable Small Hotel Business Plan

Printable Small Hotel Business Plan

Executive summary, business summary, business overview, market analysis.

Competitive Analysis

Advertising and operational strategy, financial plan, step 1: start with a plan, step 2: make a proposition, step 3: make a marketing plan, step 4: get capital, step 5: build the small hotel, step 6: hire key workers, step 7: launch the hotel, share this post on your network, you may also like these articles, 14+ sample project assessment plan in pdf.

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