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Introduction to Geometry Workbook

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Identifying 3D shapes: cubes, spheres, cones and cylinders

3D shapes have three dimensions: length, width and height. In these worksheets, students identify and draw 3D shapes such as cubes, spheres, cones and cylinders .

math worksheets for kindergarten 3d shapes

Recognizing 3D shapes:

Trace and draw:

math worksheets for kindergarten 3d shapes

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math worksheets for kindergarten 3d shapes

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math worksheets for kindergarten 3d shapes

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math worksheets for kindergarten 3d shapes

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3d Shapes worksheets

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Sparkling English

3D Shape Sort Color Draw


2D and 3D Shapes Worksheets Freebie

Miss Kindergarten Love

3D Shape Worksheets Kindergarten Math

Miss M's Reading Resources

All about 2D and 3D Shapes worksheets


3D Shape Activities (FREE)

Teaching With Heart by Gina Peluso

2D and 3D Shape Tracing and Drawing worksheets

Sortng 2D and 3D Shapes

Sortng 2D and 3D Shapes

Sally Nguyen

3D-Shapes | Freebie | Comparing & Identifying Shapes

The Teachers Corner Blog

2D and 3D Shapes Sort Freebie


FREE Geometry Worksheets and Math Centers - Pre-K First Grade

Keeping My Kinders Busy

3D Shape Attributes

Miss Cramer's Kinder Kiddos

3D Shapes for Early Math Literacy


Kindergarten 3d Shapes

Just SO - Sharon Oliver

3D Shapes Write the Room *Freebie*

A Loves K

Distance Learning - Matching 3D Shapes and Objects for Preschool

Preschool Learning Land

*FREE* Marshmallow Shapes! {Shape Building}

Rachelle Rosenblit

Graphing Colors and Shapes Winter Freebie

Kinder Blocks

Also included in:  Winter MEGA Bundle

Free 3D Shapes, 3D Shapes Sort Cut And Paste

Free 3D Shapes, 3D Shapes Sort Cut And Paste

Start A Room

2D and 3D Shapes Worksheets | FREEBIE!

2D and 3D Shapes Worksheets | FREEBIE!

Made by Essakhi

SEPTEMBER Morning Work | Digital Display Options | KG & 1st Grade

Teaching Happiness

3D SHAPES Writing Vocab (cone, cube, sphere, cylinder) {School Source}

School Source

2D Flat and 3D Solid Shapes Pack


Summer Kindergarten Math Review -sample-

Kingdom of Elementary

Also included in:  BUY EVERYTHING BUNDLE | Math & Literacy Worksheets for K-2

3D Shape Properties Sheet

3D Shape Properties Sheet

Miss Rando

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MATH Worksheets 4 Kids

3D Shapes Worksheets

This enormous collection of 3D shapes worksheets opens kids to the exciting world of shapes, sparks a hunger for experimentation, making it a great choice for kindergarten through high school students. Anchor charts, cheat sheets, flashcards, exercises to identify and label the solid shapes, compare and analyze 2D and 3D shapes, learn their distinct attributes, movements, combine them to construct new shapes, comprehend nets and cross sections of solid figures, and rotating 2D shapes to make 3D shapes - you name it and we have it. Try introducing your learners to the free worksheets and see which ones click.

List of Solid Shapes Worksheets

3D Shapes Charts

Identifying 3D Shapes

3D Shapes in Real-Life

Roll, Slide, and Stack

Composing 3D Shapes

Faces, Vertices, and Edges of Solids

Analyze and Compare 2D and 3D Shapes

Nets of 3D Shapes

Front, Top, and Side Views

Cross Sections of 3D Shapes

Volume of 3D Shapes

Surface Area of 3D Shapes

Explore 3D Shapes Worksheets in Detail

3D shapes charts create a fantastic opportunity and are an invitation to learn everything about solid shapes, their attributes, their real-life representations, and much more. They go hand-in-hand supplementing teaching and strengthening concepts.

Fuel the learning of kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 kids with these printable identifying and labeling 3D shapes worksheets. Kids recognize 3-dimensional shapes and enhance their descriptive shape vocabulary and spellings.

Lure your little observers with real-life examples and help them expand horizons. Task kids to explore and find 3D shapes in real-world, figure out the solid shape in objects around in a series of exercises.

Occupy kids with amazing hands-on experiments and stimulate them to investigate the movements of each 3D shape. Kids of kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade test if each shape in these pdf worksheets can roll, slide or/and stack and record their findings.

Watch how young engineers begin identifying the 3D figures that are combined to construct the composite shape and decompose the composite shape to figure out the common 3D shapes as they work their way through these printable worksheets.

With fun and learning in equal measure, we came up trumps with these faces, vertices, and edges exercises help young learners of 1st grade through 5th grade differentiate one 3D shape from the other by familiarizing them with the distinct properties.

Serving as an excellent bridge between solid and plane shapes these analyze and compare 2D and 3D shapes pdfs are sure to help kids visualize 2D faces on 3D shapes, compare their properties, sort them and do much more.

Students of grade 4 through grade 8 batten down the hatches and prepare for a raging storm of exercise in these nets of 3D shapes worksheets. Identifying the 2D nets of flattened 3D shapes and figuring out the 3-dimensional shape resulting from a folded net are the two essential skills emphasized in these handouts.

What better way to comprehend different perspectives of solid shapes- front, top, and side views. Visualizing 3D shapes and identifying the 2D orthographic projection of each by drawing, matching, etc., are what students of grade 5 and above are expected to do.

Whatever you’re looking for in this pack – whether it is slicing solid shapes to make 2D shapes or rotating 2D shapes to make 3D shapes these printable cross sections of 3D shapes for grade 6, grade 7 and grade 8 students fit the bill.

Get students geared up to calculate the volume of solids such as cubes, cones, prisms, pyramids, cylinders, spheres, hemispheres, L-blocks, mixed and composite shapes encompassed in these pdfs.

Channelize your middle and high school students' practice with this well-organized collection of surface area worksheets involving counting unit squares, computing the SA of 3D figures with varied levels of difficulty.

Sample Worksheets

Solid Shapes - Chart

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math worksheets for kindergarten 3d shapes

Free Math Worksheets – Math Fun Worksheets

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We have learnt everything about flat shapes , which are also called as 2- D shapes.


Here, we will concentrate on 3-D shapes or solids . They are solid objects that can be measured in three directions.  

In these 3-D shapes worksheets, we will learn all the 3- dimensional shapes and their properties. Consider representing these shapes on three axis-  x, y and z axis. Thus the measurable attributes on three axis are length, width and height (depth or thickness). A few three dimensional shapes are shown below.

math worksheets for kindergarten 3d shapes

All 3- D shapes have faces, edges and vertices.

math worksheets for kindergarten 3d shapes

The flat surfaces of the cube are called faces . A cube has 6 faces.

The line segment where two faces meet are edges . A cube has 12 edges.

Vertex is where three edges meet. A cube has 8 vertices.

We have a number of 3- D objects around us. Almost all the things we handle are solids. Your tea cup, mobile, laptop are all 3- D objects.

math worksheets for kindergarten 3d shapes

Now that your familiar with 3- D shapes, download worksheets for practice. All are free to use and are easily accessible.


Find 2D / 3D shapes

Identify 3d shapes, sort the shapes, name the shapes.

Cut Glue activity

3D shapes worksheet

Properties of 3D shapes

3D shapes Worksheet

Coloring 3D shapes

3D shapes Worksheet

Coloring 2D & 3D shapes

3D shapes Worksheet

Match 3D shapes

3D shapes Worksheet

Matching Related shapes

3D shapes Worksheet

Drawing shapes

3D shapes Worksheet

Faces, Vertices & Edges

3D shapes Worksheet

Related Geometry Worksheets

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3d shapes


Adobe reader is required to download all the pdf files. if adobe reader is not installed in your computer, you may download it here for free: adobe reader download., copyright © 2019. mathfunworksheets. all reserved.

Welcome to the Math Salamanders 3d Shapes Worksheets. Here you will find our range of free Shape worksheets which involve naming and identifying 3d shapes and their properties. There are a range of worksheets at different levels, suitable for children from Kindergarten up to 3rd grade.

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There are a range of geometry worksheets set out in different sections as follows:

Kindergarten Section

1st Grade Section

2nd Grade Section

3rd Grade Section

Identify 3D Shapes Online Quiz

Kindergarten 3d Shapes Indentification

1st Grade 3d Shape Worksheets

Identifying spheres and cubes.

Identifying Cones and Pyramids

Identifying Simple 3D Shapes

2nd Grade 3d Shapes Worksheets

Identify 3d shapes.

3rd Grade 3d Shapes Worksheets

Properties of 3d shapes.

Looking for more Geometry Worksheets

If you are looking for some different geometry worksheets, such as symmetry or 2d shape sheets, try one of the links below!

We hope you manage to find what you are looking for...rememeber if all else fails, try the search box at the top of the page!

Geometry Riddles

Here you will find our free printable geometry riddles from 1st to 5th grade.

These riddles are all about problem solving with 2d shapes.

Using these riddles will help your child to:

All the geometry riddles in this section support elementary math benchmarks.

3D Shape Clipart

Here you will find a selection of 3D shape sheets designed to help your child learn their names and properties of 3d shapes.

Using these sheets will help your child to:

All the free printable shape sheets in this section support Elementary Math benchmarks.

Our quizzes have been created using Google Forms.

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This quick quiz tests your knowledge and skill at indentifying 3D shapes and their properties such as faces, edges and vertices.

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3D shapes worksheets for kindergarten

Free printable 3d shapes facts review for your kindergarten students.

Let your kindergarteners practice their 3D shapes with these fun free printable worksheets.

Check out all of my  shapes worksheets and printables here.

3d shapes worksheets kindergarten

3D shapes kindergarten practice

These 3d shapes worksheets feature a mix of 2D and 3D shapes as well as 3D shapes properties such as edges, faces, and vertices.

First, kids will need to name the basic 3D shapes and analyze their characteristics.

Then they will sort 2D and 3D shapes in a coloring activity. Plus they’ll count and write, too.

This printable pdf includes two pages perfect for a quick shapes review in kindergarten.

To download, simply go to the bottom of this article and get your pdf there.

Also see: Free printable shapes worksheets

3d shapes worksheets kindergarten

Don’t miss: Summer letters, numbers, and shapes

3d shapes worksheets kindergarten

Please keep in mind that these free 3D worksheets are for personal or classroom use only. Altering, re-sale or re-distribution are not allowed in any way. Thank you!

3D shapes kindergarten review

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math worksheets for kindergarten 3d shapes

Kindergarten Math 3D Shapes Worksheets and Activities

This kindergarten math worksheets set includes 19 worksheets and activities on three-dimensional or solid shapes. The 3D shapes covered in this set are sphere, cone, cylinder, cube, rectangular prism or cuboid and pyramid. This worksheets set is also suitable for first graders. You can download free sample pages at the end of this post.

Kindergarten Math 3D or Solid Shapes Worksheets Bundle Set

The activities in this 3D shapes worksheets set can be used to achieve the objectives:

Recognise and name 3D or solid shapes (sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, cuboid / rectangular prism, pyramid)

Match and sort 3D shapes

When you download this 3D shapes set you will receive:

Identify the 3D shapes worksheet.

When you first introduce 3D or solid shapes to your children, it is good to talk about the difference between 2D and 3D shapes. You can use this worksheet at the end of your lesson for children to identify and color the solid shapes.

Kindergarten 3D shapes worksheet

A matching worksheet

Matching solid shapes worksheet for kindergarten

7 individual 3D or solid shapes worksheets on sphere, cone, cylinder, cube, cuboid, rectangular prism and the pyramid. These worksheets have great quality illustrations to let your children try to find different items or objects that take form of each solid shape. Check out the sample pages below.

Sphere worksheet for kindergarten

7 individual 3D or solid shapes worksheets for children to try to describe each shape in their own words and draw items that take form of each shape.

Sphere drawing activity

3 solid shapes sorting worksheets / activities. Another set of activities to help your children visually discriminate each shape and sort them accordingly.

3D shapes sorting activity

Click the link below to download this 3D Shapes Worksheets set.

Kindergarten math 3d shapes worksheets.

or download some free sample pages to get started.

Free sphere worksheet for kindergarten

Please note that these worksheets are meant for revision and I do not recommend using them as your main activity. Please ensure that you have done plenty of hands-on exploration with your kids before doing the worksheets with them.

#Kindergarten #3DShapes #Worksheets


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