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How to Create a New Email ID

Your email ID is a visible representation of you in this age of electronic correspondence. Putting some thought into your email ID can help you make sure that the one you choose fits your needs and projects the image you desire.

What Is an Email ID?

Email accounts are available from a number of different service providers, and many of these accounts are free if you choose just the basic tier of services. Your email ID is the username for your account, and that’s typically the portion of your email address that comes before the “@” sign in the email address. When you log in to your email account with one of these free services, generally, you will use your email ID as your username before entering your password.

Examples of Free Email Services

You have several options for free email services that you can use to set up an email account. Google, Yahoo and Outlook are some of the widely used and universal free services. Accounts with these servers are free as long as you don’t need extra features such as a bigger storage capacity. With these services, you choose your email ID when you set up your account. As long as the email ID isn’t already in use for someone else, you can have it assigned to your account.

Paid Email Accounts

Paid email accounts appear more professional, and they often have additional features that may be beneficial as you maintain your account. These email archiving and more email storage.

Generally, a paid email account is a part of a domain package when you set up a website. You choose your domain name, and the package includes a custom email address that matches it. A more professional email ID in this case may be your first name only or your first and last names attached to your domain name.

ISP Email Addresses

Your internet service provider (ISP) may give you an optional email address. In this case, your email ID appears to the left of the “@” and the ISP name appears to the right. When you set up your account, part of the process involves choosing your email ID, which becomes part of your new email address. Your email address in this case is tied to your service with the ISP. If you change ISPs, you’ll lose the email address.

Choose and Create a New Email ID

Whatever email service you’re using, you’ll navigate through a process of choosing and designating your new email ID. Your email ID must be unique in the email service’s system. If you try to choose an email ID that’s not unique, you’ll get an error message and a prompt to choose a different one. Some service providers offer suggestions for email IDs based on your initial query, possibly adding numbers or punctuation to your last name and first initial. Choose the email ID you wish to use, set your password and proceed through the prompts to finalize setting up your email account. You’ll then see a screen with email ID login fields.


xyz homework course id

Who can I contact if I have questions or need help?

Instructors and students can email [email protected] anytime for immediate assistance.

How does the student create an account and enroll in the course?

Student Enrollment & Activation

How much does XYZ Homework cost to the student?

Every student gets a 15 day free trial.

XYZ Homework with XYZ Textbooks is $45 for 1 year of unlimited access to the students.  This is Option 3 on the activation page.

XYZ Homework with OpenStax is $30 for 3 years of unlimited access to the students (this requires a discount code students would get from their Instructors).  This is Option 2 on the activation page.

Do I set up the class roster or is it created as they log in?

The class roster is created automatically as students set up their account.

Will I be able to look at the assignments as the student will see them?

Yes. In the upper right of the course page, just to the right of course name are three views: “Instructor,” “Student,” and “Quick Rearrange.” Click on “Student,” and you’ll see things as a student would. Click, "Instructor," to get back to the Instructor view.

Do students get more than one chance to answer the homework questions?

Our default settings in our template courses are set up where every student gets unlimited attempts, 3 at a time.  This means a student would get 3 attempts at a version of a question, then they would be shown the answer, and the can click the, "Try Another Similar Version," button to try another version.  You can adjust the number of attempts in the assessment settings.  This is up to you and you can change it on a per-assessment basis if you want (you can give them multiple—or even unlimited—chances on homework, but only 1 chance on a quiz or test, for example).

How do I classify something as a “Test” or a “Quiz”?

Follow the steps below to put your tests or quizzes in a different category:

How sensitive is XYZ Homework’s system to parsing students’ answers? Will it count a problem as wrong if there are extra spaces?

As far as sensitivity to the answers goes, it’s pretty forgiving. It won’t read extraneous spaces as wrong. We believe most of these problems are worded rather well, so it’s key that the students read the instructions. If it asks for an equation, then the system will show that and expect y =2 x +1. If it’s just asking for what y equals, then the blank for the answer will typically read y =[ ] so that they would only input the 2 x +1.

I can’t see any entries in the gradebook for my class.

Our template courses have premade assignments for every section of the book you are using, and they will all automatically appear in the gradebook.

Items won’t show up in the gradebook if you change them to be hidden.  If you’ve got a section “Hidden” (This is in the “Settings” option for each assessment), then the students can’t see it so there’s no reason for it to show up in the gradebook if there are no student scores. What this does is negate the necessity (you can still do it if you choose) of deleting certain assessments that you’re not going to use. If you just leave them as “hidden” then they won't show up for the students and they won’t clutter up your gradebook.

My school uses a different gradebook program. Can I use it instead of XYZ Homework’s built-in program?

The Gradebook in XYZ Homework works automatically as students complete assessments. If you need to have grades entered in another system, then the easiest way may be to use the “export” settings in the gradebook. It will create a .csv file (comma-separated values) that you can open in any spreadsheet program and you may be able to import it directly into your other system as well.

Does XYZ Homework have tools to help students with accessibility needs?

Yes, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Can XYZ Homework be integrated into another Learning Management System?

Yes, XYZ Homework can be integrated into any major Learning Management System, such as Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, or D2L.

For reference, here are links to those instructions.  If you need assistance, please contact [email protected] :

*  Canvas Integration:   Video - v=-YNAFk_6m6w  

*  Blackboard Integration:

*  Moodle Integration:

*  D2L / Brightspace Integration:

*  Other LMS Integration:

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xyz homework course id

What is MyOpenMath?

MyOpenMath is an online course management and assessment system for mathematics and other quantitative fields. MyOpenMath’s focus is providing rich algorithmically generated assessment to support the use of free, open textbooks like the ones listed on .

MyOpenMath is a collaborative community of users. provides managed hosting of the open source IMathAS online assessment software. Questions and pre-built courses are all created by faculty in the user community and shared with others in the spirit of openness. Experienced users provide peer-to-peer support through discussion forums. is operated by the non-profit organization MyOpenMath. is supported in part by financial and in-kind contributions from corporate sponsors.

Lumen Learning provides supported tools using OER, including Waymaker, an adaptive learning platform, and OHM, an online math homework site.

XYZ Homework is an IMathAS compatible online homework system. They are an OpenStax Ally providing custom templates and coding for their math titles. XYZ Homework specializes in customization including printable eBooks and additional ancillaries based on OpenStax and other OER materials. They are also the online homework partner for XYZ Textbooks.

Contributing to MyOpenMath

MyOpenMath's operations are supported through our sponsors above, and through donations from users. There are ways to contribute directly, and indirectly through affiliate programs, where MyOpenMath gets a cut when you shop through a partner website.

MyOpenMath operates as a non-profit. We have many wonderful volunteers who help run and maintain the site. For now, our operating expenses are covered through sponsorship and donations.

Our core mission is to support the use of free or low cost online homework to save students money. Students will never be directly charged for access. Teachers and schools will never be required to pay for standard use of MyOpenMath. In particular, we encourage teachers and schools to use MyOpenMath for free, at any scale, to see whether it will meet their needs.

In the future, we may encourage schools for whom MyOpenMath has become a standardized and scaled part of the curriculum to contribute to ensuring the sustainability of our operations. But this program has not rolled out yet, and the option to use MyOpenMath for free will always remain.

MyOpenMath follows the data protection policies set out in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use , regardless of whether a school is a contributing or not. We will never sell your personal data.

Community-based support is available through active, open support forums and training videos. MyOpenMath does not provide direct support for instructors or students.

If you are in need of more comprehensive support services beyond what is available on MyOpenMath, then you should consider using a commercial homework system. There are a number of homework sites that provide homework for open textbooks with support services. Some of these sites are MyOpenMath compatible, meaning most courses on MyOpenMath can be moved to that platform. This listing is not an endorsement of any of these systems.

Our History

MyOpenMath was born out of free, open source software developed by David Lippman, a community college math professor in Washington State, starting in 2005. With a little grant support and a lot of his free time, David ran a state-wide installation of that software at Faculty from around the state got involved, and collaboratively contributed much of the question content now found on MyOpenMath. Out of the Open Course Library project in Washington, several complete courses based on open textbooks were created. Other folks got involved, including James Sousa from Phoenix College who contributed a huge collection of questions tied to his video examples.

In 2011 David started MyOpenMath as a way to share with the world this software system and all the great content that had been built around open textbooks. He self-funded the site for the first year, then joined forces with Lumen Learning, which had been using MyOpenMath with the Kaleidoscope Project. In 2017, Lumen split off their own version of MyOpenMath, called Lumen OHM, to help differentiate their supported service from the free, community MyOpenMath site.

In 2018, the non-profit organization MyOpenMath was formed to be the official entity operating MyOpenMath. MyOpenMath continues to lead the development of IMathAS.

The question and course content on MyOpenMath has been created and contributed by faculty from around the country. They include courses created for the the Washington State Open Course Library project and the California ZTC Degree grant.

The development of the IMathAS platform that powers MyOpenMath has been supported by several grant projects, sponsors, and community contributors, including:

The MyOpenMath non-profit board of directors:


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    When purchasing textbooks, please bring your course schedule and picture ID (school ID or driver's license) to the Bookstore. Course information will be

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