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Exceptional Family Member Program-Medical Support

Exceptional Family Member Program enrollment is mandatory for active duty sponsors and can be initiated in several ways:

As soon as a condition is identified, active duty sponsors must contact the nearest Air Force military treatment facility to talk with the EFMP-Medical staff, who will provide the necessary forms with instructions on having them completed by a medical practitioner or educational authority.

Special Needs Coordinators are the points of contact for initiating enrollment in the EFMP. SNCs are clinical officers or civilian equivalents, and may be reached through the EFMP-M office in the MTF. SNCs evaluate medical and/or educational information but do not release the family member’s health or educational information to AFPC when initiating EFMP enrollment. Additionally, they assist in linking families with medical care after they arrive at the new duty location.

If the family member’s condition(s) meet enrollment criteria, an assignment limitation code (“Q”) is entered in the active duty sponsor’s electronic personnel record. The sponsor is then known as “Q-coded,” and medical and educational authorities can now consider special needs when sponsors are projected for assignments.

Airmen enrolled in EFMP are responsible for keeping their EFMP-M medical and/or special education documentation current, and for notifying the EFMP-M office of any changes in their family member’s needs or their contact information. A review is required as the EFM’s condition changes or within six months of family travel or a PCS move.

Enrollment in EFMP remains in effect until the medical or special education needs no longer meet criteria, until the Airman is separated from active duty, or until the family member is no longer a military dependent. Disenrollment, or removal of the Q-code, is accomplished by presenting the SNC at the MTF with documentation that indicates one or more of these provisions have been met.

Sponsors who are enrolled are still subject to worldwide assignment, temporary duty, deployment, and like any other Airman, may be called upon to serve an unaccompanied tour.

Assignment Limitation Code

assignment limitation code 8808

Found out the other day that I will have a assignment limitation code of c applied to to my medical stuff. What does this mean in relation to a PCS? Will I have any issues PCSing to a stateside base ?

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See AFI 36-2110

Also, go to your AF Form 422 on your IMR page for more details.

It looks like you mentioned an AFI, form or other publication without linking to it, so I have posted a link to it. Additionally, there may be other MAJCOM, NAF or Wing sups to the linked AFI, so I will also post a link to the search URL used below so that you can look for additional supplements or guidance memos that may apply. Please let me know if this is incorrect or if you have a suggestion to make me better by posting in my subreddit r/AFILinkerBot | GitHub .

I am a bot, this was an automatic reply.

AFI36-2110 search link

I also have a C code. For me it just means I can only be stationed/deploy to a base with a fixed medical facility. Was this for an MEB?

Edit: you shouldn’t have any issues, as most stateside bases have hospitals

Yes they have started the MEB but will be doing an IRILO instead it was for cancer and the treatment plan has been completed. They told me today I will get a code c once my IRILO is done in a few weeks.

do you have the c code idenifintely? or will it drop eventually?

Can you get an exception to policy for a code c if you are trying to palace chase?

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