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25 profitable business ideas in Ghana in 2022 listed and explained

What do Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have in common? Aside from their wealth, which is billions of dollars, they established powerful business empires that make billions in revenue every year. And is all started with the conception of an idea, which they followed through. Look at where they are now? Isn't that impressive? Who wouldn't like to be at their level? But first, you must come up with an ingenious idea, win the hearts of the masses, and then make millions in revenue. So, what profitable business ideas in Ghana can you go for?

profitable business ideas in Ghana

What happens when you have not been absorbed into the job market like most people? Do you sulk at the unfortunate incident or make things happen? The latter is the direction to take, and if you put your best foot forward, you might be impressed at the small business ideas in Ghana.

Fortunately for you, you don't have to start from zero, as there are business ideas out there that you can mimic and tweak to suit your interests. So, where should you start?

best business ideas ghana

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25 profitable business ideas in Ghana

The best way of starting a business is learning from a mentor how they did it. They have been there and done the business, and the insights they give are probably going to be revolutionary. It is the best way of maximising your opportunities as you start creating your lucrative business in Ghana. What start-up ideas make sense in the 21st century?

1. Taxi business

businesses to start in ghana

A taxi business will always make you money as people never stop moving around. You are assured to ferry clients from point A to point B throughout the week and even at weekends. Thanks to technology, apps like Uber and Bolt have made it easy to register as a Taxi driver and run a good business.

You only need a little capital to buy yourself a car or even rent one, and you are good to go. The best thing about using these apps is that they can help build your rating as a driver. The higher you are rated, the more people want to use your vehicle.

best business ideas ghana

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2. Catering services

Do you trust your skills in the kitchen? Do you enjoy cooking for people? If your answer is yes, you need to be in catering. It is one of the profitable business ideas in Ghana as Ghanaians enjoy some excellent food, and a nicely prepared home meal by a skilled cook is the best thing.

This is one of the businesses that require low capital , as you can start with the cutlery you already own. Then, as you make your delicious food, remember to make the packaging appealing. Your food should taste as lovely as it looks.

3. Poultry farming

profitable business ideas in Ghana

Chicken rearing and any other type of poultry farming require little effort to run and is one of the best businesses to start in Ghana. With the way Ghanaians enjoy their meat, you are sure to make some good money from keeping poultry. There is always a party going on that will require the meat.

best business ideas ghana

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Eggs are also a favourite among Ghanaians. The best thing about this type of farming is that you do not need to have a lot of money or chicken to start. You can sell the meat, eggs, or even the chicks.

4. Home tutoring

Home tutoring may not be a famous, but home tutoring can make you serious cash if you love books and can teach well. In addition, subjects like mathematics and sciences are often tricky for many students. If you enjoy these subjects, talk to any parent with school-going children and pitch your idea.

You can even start your home tutoring services if you happen to get a good number of students. Some subjects are too technical, so you can make a rate card where you charge the complex subjects more than subjects seen to be easy.

5. Fish farming

Everyone loves eating fish. Many Ghanaians enjoy some quality fish in their meals. Fish farming may seem like it requires a lot of energy to run, but the opposite is true. With just a little space and a pond, you can start with the little money in your savings.

best business ideas ghana

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Things to consider are a good location for your farm and a good water source. Your fingerlings should also be healthy. Finally, decide on the type of fish to keep before making any purchase. Tilapia fish is a good choice for those starting.

6. Photography

Social media has made everyone crazy about taking pictures and has made photography one of the best business opportunities in Ghana. With a quality camera, you can make a killing just by taking photographs. So, be creative even when taking pictures and make everything exciting.

Ghanaians are not shy about spending money on things that excite them. So, build your catalogue online, and soon you will become a personal photographer to someone. Take great pictures of parties or other celebrations, and your work will get you dozens of clients in no time.

7. Frozen food shop

These types of shops are beginning to be popular in Ghana. For example, a frozen food shop has frozen foods and then sold later to people who want the easy way out when preparing meals. Learn your market and get the foods you think people will buy the most.

best business ideas ghana

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Beans and other cereals are common as it takes a while to boil and prepare. You can also sell meat and other things. Another great thing is that you can run your frozen food shop both online and offline.

8. Daycare services

business opportunities in ghana

Look around, and you will notice mothers always looking for babysitters as they go on with their businesses. Starting a daycare is a great idea as all you need is a lovely room where kids can comfortably stay. You also need to love children and know how to take care of them.

The main supplies you may need will be toys, cleaning items, and comfortable chairs. The place your daycare is in should also be neat all the time as children can easily get infections.

9. Micro-lending

This may require you to have a crazy amount of capital, but there is no harm in trying. Many Ghanaian businesses take loans time and again to help run their businesses and make investments. Some small and medium-scale enterprises cannot easily access bank loans , and that is where your micro-lending comes in.

best business ideas ghana

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This business may seem risky and needs one to have a background in finance and accounting before anything else. It would help if you also did due diligence on everyone before giving them money.

10. Event planning

Event planning is an exciting venture and amongst the top business ideas in Ghana that will never have you broke. Starting may be a bit of a challenge, but once you are on your feet, you are set to be one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in your area.

There is always a birthday somewhere, a baby shower, a graduation party, and all types of celebrations throughout the year.

Learn a few things about planning and making your events distinct. The better you make your events, the more client referrals you get.

11. Heliciculture (Snail farming)

profitable business ideas in Ghana

Many people may not love snails but keeping them for business is profitable . You will only need a small space to keep edible land snails, primarily for human consumption or cosmetic use. It takes 6 to 16 months for a snail to mature.

best business ideas ghana

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Like fish farming, you need to decide on the snail species to keep and choose the best food for them. For your snails to grow well, ensure that your soil has enough calcium for the snail shells.

12. Scrap metal recycling plant

Walk on any street, and you will see how many scarp metals just lay bare. A scrap metal recycling plant is profitable as some companies are always looking for these metals. You only need a small area to collect your metals before selecting and sorting them.

You can collect everything from aluminium cans, car rims, copper, and radiators from air conditioners. The raw materials you generate can be used in different industries. Scrap metal recycling plant can make you good money like any manufacturing business in Ghana.

13. Dry-cleaning

Doing laundry can be challenging for busy people, and therefore it is a lucrative business in Ghana. With an affordable dry-cleaning agent in the area, many people will choose to bring you their dirty laundry for cleaning every week. As a result, the dry-cleaning business is quickly picking up in Ghana and making entrepreneurs rich.

best business ideas ghana

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14. Driving school

Driving schools will never run out of clients as people always want to learn how to drive . Given the nature of this business, the registration process and logistics may be overwhelming for a young entrepreneur. You will have to register and acquire specific certificates from the relevant government bodies.

Once you are registered, you can introduce classes for different vehicles. Companies are always looking for drivers, and people are always looking to buy cars. You are assured of a steady client flow if your driving school gives the best lessons. It will be better if you are a skilled driver before starting.

15. Make-up

Make-up is one of the most rewarding small business ideas in Ghana. Women regularly want to look glam and cute when going out. So many women do their make-up though some are not professionals in this.

best business ideas ghana

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As a make-up artist, you can collaborate with salons and other beauty joints to offer your make-up services across the town. You can also do house calls for your clients. Learning how to be a good make-up artist is not complex, as there are resources like YouTube that can help you perfect your skills.

16. Gym/fitness centre

business ideas in ghana

Gym fitness is an excellent business in Ghana. However, it would be best to market your fitness centre in Ghana and creatively strategise to increase your investment's chances of getting a massive return.

Therefore, you must figure out the fitness niche you want to venture into. And you can choose between speciality fitness centre, traditional gym, medical fitness and wellness centre, family fitness and wellness centre and others.

17. Real estate

One of the most extraordinary things about real estate is its high probability of appreciating over time. Real estate property includes land, buildings, fixtures, structures, and utility systems. As a result, you can create a real estate management venture to sell and manage properties.

best business ideas ghana

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You can enter the real estate venture as a brokerage, property management, sales and marketing, lending, or a professional service provider. Figure out what works for you and progressively build it into a lucrative business in Ghana.

18. Auto mechanic garage

If you are a skilled mechanic and have what it takes to service automobiles, you can open an auto mechanic garage. Then, who knows; your garage might become the biggest in Ghana with branches all over the country?

After all, cars always need service, and your venture will facilitate this regular service. First, however, you must have in-depth knowledge of advertising marketing and be conscious of start-up costs.

19. Mobile phone accessories retail/wholesale

Imagine how many people need mobile phones in Ghana. Now, envision a retail or wholesale store that sells or distributes these phones and accessories . It is an excellent venture, hands down, but of course, you must be strategic on how you run it to make profit.

best business ideas ghana

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Also, you can source capital from any investment bank , or microfinance institution that you find meets your unique needs. If you do everything well, you will have a lucrative business making millions.

20. Building materials outlet

profitable business ideas in Ghana

Construction is one of the biggest businesses in Ghana because of the ever-growing demand for building materials . Every building or infrastructure coming up in any region requires material, which can be sourced from your outlet. Just imagine the profits you will enjoy once you focus on this profitable business in Ghana.

21. Courier/delivery service

With the increase in online shopping, people in Ghana require a reliable courier service that can safely deliver their packages at home. That is why a courier/delivery business is one of the best business ideas in Ghana.

22. Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising is an excellent way for small and large organisations to create awareness and stay in the entrepreneurship scene in the country. Therefore, it is a great idea as you will have many clients looking for your expertise .

best business ideas ghana

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Outdoor advertising mainly involves billboards advertisements placed strategically in high traffic areas to attract interest.

23. Beauty products retail centre

A beauty products retail centre is among Ghana's most profitable business ideas. Why? Everyone wants to look good and, in their quest to make their hair and apply make-up, buy beauty products. And guess from whose store they are going to source? Yours, if you capitalise on the idea early and expand to reach every corner of Ghana.

24. Light manufacturing industry

Light manufacturing involves processing, fabricating, assembly, or disassembly of items within an enclosed building. It is a great idea because it doesn't limit one to a particular product, and one can go for apparel, food, drapes, clothing, accessories and more.

25. Travel agency

If you love travelling and are a great planner , you can start a venture offering people planning services. This way, you can make money while helping people have great experiences. The good thing about this business idea is that it only requires human resources and no physical stock.

best business ideas ghana

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Also, it is an inexpensive business whereby you can get away with limited staff and low set-up costs.

Which business can make you rich faster?

Gaining wealth in business is a gradual process, which the investor or entrepreneur must master to make the most out of. However, if you are looking for a way to make money faster , you can go for certain business ideas like:

What do Ghanaians buy most?

Did you know that Ghanaians spend a lot of money buying certain products and services? Ghana residents are spending on food products, healthcare products, home and personal care products, apparel, electronics, building hardware, and more. Therefore, if you are planning on setting up a business, it is better to focus on such fast-moving products.

What business can I start with 1000 GH in Ghana?

best business ideas ghana

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While a lot of businesses require massive capital, some are quite easy to start if you have the right expertise and interest. So, what business can you start with 1000 GH? You can venture into fashion design, laundry services, photography, saloon business, blogging and more.

As a budding entrepreneur, you are advised to be solution-minded. Therefore, take any challenge as a learning opportunity and expand your knowledge in your area of specialisation. Several profitable business ideas in Ghana have seen young jobless youth grow their small business to empires.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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best business ideas ghana

33 Lucrative Business Ideas You Can Start in Ghana (2023)

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In this article, we will be looking at some lucrative business ideas that anyone can start in Ghana in the year 2023. These business ideas are quite lucrative on their own and anyone can venture into it.

Lucrative Business Ideas

With the high rate of unemployment in Ghana, a lot of people are left without jobs. Living without a means of income isn’t the best. Young entrepreneurs are grabbing opportunities to start a business. You too can also start your own business in Ghana.

It’s our delight to see you succeed, as such we will be highlighting the top 33 lucrative business ideas in Ghana for 2023.

Laundry Business

One of the most lucrative small business ideas out there is the laundry business. You can start a laundry business with low capital and make a living from it. One interesting thing about this business is that you don’t necessarily need all the equipment to get started. You can start small and grow big over time.

Mobile Money Agent

You’ll agree with me that mobile money is a very popular means of banking in Ghana. You can register to become a mobile money agent where you charge a commission for every transaction.

As a MoMo agent, you’ll need to be registered by a mobile money operator to offer mobile money services , mainly registration, cash-in, cash-out, airtime vending, and bill payments. 

Point of Sale (POS) Agent

The Point of Sale (POS) business is one of the businesses you should look forward to in the coming year. Basically, POS agents help reduce the number of individuals crowded in banking halls.

Most retail outlets now use POS machines to accept payment for goods and services. It allows you, as a cardholder, to have real-time online access to funds and information in your bank account through debit or cash cards.

Being a POS Agent in 2023 will be quite lucrative because it keeps society moving as we live in a fast pacing world. Only businesses that can keep up with the pace can flourish.

Mobile Restaurant

Food is an essential part of our daily lives. You can start a mobile restaurant business in 2023 and make a good amount of money from it. With a mobile restaurant, you simply deliver food to corporate clients and individual customers as the case may be.

You don’t need a physical space which is a plus in this business. All you will need is a way for your clients to make orders. Meeting clients’ orders at a swift speed will be your advantage over other traditional restaurants.

Catering Business

As earlier mentioned, food is a basic part of our lives. We eat to live as such the food business can never be over-saturated. If you have a good culinary skill, you can start a catering business and make good money from it.

Also, with the increasing demand for catering services in events such as weddings, dedications, graduations, etc, your services will always be in demand.

Event Planning

Event planning is one of the most lucrative business ideas in Ghana. It simply involves planning people’s event such as weddings, birthdays, dedications, convocations etc.

Basically, an event planner is meant to take the workload of planning an event off the shoulders of the celebrant. As an event planner, you need to have an office or at least have your phone number and contact publicly listed so that people can contact you. You may also be required to hire a hall, do the setup, and provident food caterers.


Dropshipping is one of the most profitable business ideas on the internet. Basically, it’s a type of eCommerce business where you get to sell goods that you don’t own. However, you’ll need to set up an online store and also advertise your products on different platforms.

One interesting thing about dropshipping is that you don’t need to stock the goods. You only buy from your supplier once your customer makes payment and the item gets shipped to your customer’s address.

To get started, I recommend you read our beginner’s guide on how to start a successful dropshipping business in Ghana . This beginners guide highlight all there is to know about the dropshipping business.

Unisex Hair Salon

Looking good is a good business and it requires money as well. With a society consisting of people who are very conscious of their outward appearance, you can make a lot of money while offering them your services.

You can actually start small and then with time expand your business premises. Once you’re good at it people will naturally flock your shop.

Cosmetics Business

If you’re a lover of beauty, then this business is for you. The cosmetic business is a billion-dollar business industry. To get started you need to do thorough research on what you actually want to deal with.

We’ve written a completed guide on how to start a profitable cosmetics business in Ghana . You should take a look at it for more insight.

The beauty industry is never saturated. Everyone has a role to play including a makeup artist. With people interested in beauty aesthetics, you can surely make a lot of money while offering your services.

However, to get started, you’ll need to get some training on how to become a professional maekup artist.

Lounge or Relaxation Center

This is one of the most hidden lucrative businesses out there. Owning a relaxation center in highbrow cities of Ghana can really be a good source of income.

A lot of people especially the working class are always on the lookout for lounges to relax either after the day’s work or during the weekend. It brings more income if it’s doubled as a viewing center.

Mini Importation

The conventional business of buying and selling is still a very lucrative one. To make money from mini-importation, you need to, first of all, learn what it is. I recommend you read our guide on how to start a mini-importation business in Ghana .

In addition to that, you can get free e-books on how to import cheap goods from countries like China, Vietnam, and Australia and sell them in the Ghanaian market. It is good to import products with high demand .

Network Marketing

Network marketing has come to stay and believe me, it’s very lucrative if you have the flair for it. This form of marketing has laid a foundation for you to earn via a referral bonus.

Interestingly, network marketing is also going digital. This ensures sustainable growth and progress of businesses. In 2023, anyone that can pull a number of referrals for a business will be a well-sought-after individual.

Courier Services

Another lucrative business idea is courier services. With this business, you aim to solve problems arising from goods deliveries. Starting and getting your courier service running requires little capital, however, if well managed, it can be very profitable.

The business simply involves you delivering products and goods from one point to another point within a particular city. Sometimes even from one city to another and with advancement, from one country to another. People will always have the need to transport goods from one location to another so this venture will definitely be profitable.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a business of the 21st century and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With no capital and little technical know-how, you can get started. However, you’ll be required to run organic and inorganic campaigns, sponsored social media advertisements, and Google Ads for clients in order to achieve maximum digital marketing results. Your clients will expect impressive ROIs so you have to give it your best shot. This is one other lucrative business idea for 2023.

Fashion Design

One of the business ideas that readily comes to mind is fashion design. Interestingly, this business has been around for years, however, the industry is ever booming. You can start a fashion design business today and make a lot of money from it.

You can choose which area of fashion to venture into. However, if you’re starting big, you can open a fashion house for every type of fashion. You could for fabric, cotton, casuals, and corporate wear.

Interior Decorator

Another lucrative business idea you can explore in 2023 is interior decoration. This business is all about aesthetics. You will be in charge of tasks such as selecting colour schemes, purchasing new design items, arranging furniture layouts, and hanging wall art. Think of yourself as an expert who can help people bring an entirely new look to an existing space.


A digital photography business is one of the most lucrative business ideas in Ghana. If you know how to handle a camera and make people look even more beautiful, then this business is for you.

However, if you have no prior idea about photography, I recommend you get some training. Also, there are so many online resources where you can learn more about photography.

Mobile Phone Accessories Sales

The typical sale of mobile phone accessories can never go stale. Mobile phone owners will continue to increase and will continue to be in need of accessories. You may need a little start-up fund to purchase some ground accessories but once fully invested, your profit is guaranteed.

Mobile Phone Repairs

This is a good business idea that can fetch you a good amount of money in 2023. However, you’ll need to learn how to repair and maintain mobile phone. Interestingly, with less capital, you can get trained and also set up your business.

All you need to start is a little training, a laptop, software tools, some regular home tools (screwdriver, soldering iron, brush, battery tester, etc.), and some marketing to let people know what you do.  Additionally, you also incorporate sales of mobile phone accessories t your business.

Health and Fitness

Another lucrative business idea in Ghana is by promoting health and fitness. Recently, fitness has become a trend in Ghana. All you need is experience and proper documentation to get started.

Once that is done, you can set up a gym or fitness studio. You might also consider the cost of buying gym equipment.

If you have zero capital but you have years of experience plus a compelling weight loss success story, you could offer personal training services. If you’re a regular gym member, you may invite your clients over, or you could also provide home service.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You first have to find a product you like. Then promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Graphic Designing

To become a top-notch graphics designer, you will need to have taken some online courses to polish your skills but after that, everything else comes with ease and so also the profits. Graphic designing is a well-sought-after business that will definitely go beyond years to come.

One of the most profitable online business opportunities in Ghana is blogging. Though it requires a bit of hard work and patience, it is a business that can generate you a consistent income for a long time if you do it right.

To be successful in this business, your aim must be to create value and help them solve their problems. Once you do all these things, the money will be coming in overtime.

We have written a comprehensive guide on how to start a blog in Ghana for beginners . I encourage you to take your time and go through it.

Start a Bookmaking Business

A lot of people might want to bring up the moral justification of bookmaking. However, it is one of the most successful ways of making money in Ghana.

The bookmaking and sports trading business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Ghana. It is also one of the businesses that require the highest capital to set up. If you have the cash, you should look into sports bookmaking.

Start a Travel/Tourism Agency

Starting a travel or tourism agency can be a little bit on the high side, but the profit is enormous. This business will need time to mature, however, in the long run, your business will become a household name.

To start up this business, it’s very important to create a website, rent an office and hire at least two travel agents.

Another lucrative business that actually pays well is the car wash business . The need for car wash will always be on the rise and anybody can do this business irrespective of age.

With a little more capital, you can start a car wash that appeals to upwardly mobile individuals by setting up a sitting area decorated with a TV set where your customers will sit while their cars are being washed.

Rental Services

The Rental service business is a very lucrative one. Some of the things you can start contracting out includes chairs, canopies, vacuum cleaners, cutleries, cooking utensils, music box, ladder, etc. Once you are known to be engaged in this business in your environment, you may not be able to meet demand.

If you have an interesting range of expensive gadgets or equipment, you might consider exploiting them for side income businesses hiring them out on hourly use basis. If the business gets going, you can add more items as you discover what people like renting.

Eggs Supply and Distribution

Eggs supply and distribution business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Ghana today. You can supply eggs to restaurants, eateries, schools, etc.

Supply of eggs is a business that can be started on a small scale and grow to become a big venture. If you want to go into this business, the first thing you must do is to identify poultry farms that produce quality eggs and/or large egg distributors.

Thereafter, look for your potential customers. Establish contact with them and then you’re good to go.

Liquid Soap Production

The market for liquid soap in Ghana is so large that well-established brands are not meeting demand. Every household in the country needs this product. So there will always be a demand for it. You just have to be the one supplying.

To get started, you may have to acquire some training that is available at vocational centres run by churches, government, and non-governmental organizations. Create a large market by branding and fine packaging.

Concrete Block Production

If you’re in the construction industry, you should actually be looking at the concrete block production business. This business is all about making concrete blocks for buildings. You can get a machine for block molding and save yourself some trouble.

With a fast-growing population, the need for shelter especially in the urban areas is fast rising, and you can provide concrete blocks and other services when needed.

T-Shirt Printing

This is one of the most lucrative business ideas out there. Interestingly, the market is not saturated. You too can venture into this business and make money for yourself. See our guide on how to start a lucrative t-shirt printing business in Ghana .

Yes, you heard it here. Farming is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. With food shortage in the country, you can make a lot of money by starting a farm in Ghana. You can choose one of the lucrative farming business ideas to get started.



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The 67 Best Business Ideas To Start In Ghana [2023]

Interested in starting a business in Ghana in 2023?

We put together 67 of the best businesses you can start in Ghana today.

In this list of ideas, you can find:

For each business idea, we’ll show you real-world examples, revenue expectations for each idea, + a step-by-step on how to start your small business in Ghana.

Here's the full list:

1. Start a framed prints ecommerce

Do you love art and looking for a low-capital business venture? You can start making framed prints and sell them online. Your customers will include interior designers, homeowners, and commercial clients looking to decorate their interior space.

Here is a video illustrating how to start a framed prints business

Framed prints are typically seen in smaller frames featuring various textures and finishes. The popular paper for fine art prints includes cotton-based matted paper and high gloss photo paper. The advantage of starting a framed prints business is that you can make the prints at home and sell them online.

How Much Can You Make? $200 — $500,000/month View all 5 case studies Average Initial Investment $525 Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Business model E-Commerce See More

I am Kofi, a young aspiring philanthropist interested in the art industry and fascinated

As a designer and an innovator, my image thrives on self-improvement and creating the best version of myself. I aspire to reach the heights that I set for myself because I believe that I compete with myself. I’ve also focused a lot on self-discovery in terms of finding ways to realize my full potential and what I could do with it. As such, this translates into the image of my business; always pushing to create and present the best versions of my work, and to relay who I am through my work.


2. Start a content writing company

Content writing involves writing, editing, and publishing content in a digital format. Examples of content include a blog post, product description, and podcast script—eBooks, press releases, or landing page content.

Becoming a content writer allows you to work as your boss. Therefore, you choose whatever working schedule suits you and take a manageable workload. Moreover, content writing helps you develop essential skills you may not obtain from regular writing.

Content writing is a highly-on-demand service, as companies compete for the online audience who often begin their shopping journey by searching for relevant and educative content online. Therefore, a content writing company is an excellent source of passive income.

To start a content writing company in Ghana, research the market and choose a suitable niche. Sketch a proper business plan and create a website. Hire a pool of talented writers and leverage modern technology to streamline operations.

How Much Can You Make? $1,600 — $250,000/month View all 29 case studies Average Initial Investment $5,948 Time To Revenue 300 days Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Writing & Research Skills Business model Subscriptions Advertising See More

My name is Amma Antwi. I am the owner and Managing Editor of a business content platform; Ghana Talks Business.

Before our introduction, there was no local platform publishing knowledge-based content in Business. With a steady increase in audience, Ghana Talks Business is gradually filling the vacuum in knowledge on business management and Personal finance in Ghana’s local settings and internationally.


3. Start a food truck

Food trucks are a highly profitable business that offers customers a variety of meal options out of a mobile truck. This basically operates inside a large vehicle equipped with kitchen and food products. Starting a food truck is a dream for many people, but it's more challenging than it looks. To make it work, you need the ideal location and menu.

To start a food truck business in a particular city, it is mandatory to check what kind of food trucks are already operating, identify a gap, and bring in some new experiences. Then, with the right plan and the right approach, you can be on your way to starting your own food truck empire.

How Much Can You Make? $29,166 — $61,650,000/month View all 9 case studies Average Initial Investment $44,033 Time Commitment Per Week Min. 5 hours/week Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Handy Marketing Work Ethic Organizational Interests Outdoors Work Sales Food Business Health See More

I started my career at the world-famous Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles Apprenticing under Certified Master Chef Raimund Hofmeister.

Food Fleet’s growth Year after year has been at an at over 30 %. From 2017-2018 we had an unprecedented 160% growth spurt. With a team of 6, including my partner and I, we managed over 20 million in sales for our clients. As an example. We took over a convention center 3 years ago managing their food truck business. For their largest event of the year, we were up 53% over the previous year. I honestly would have to equate some of that success to the under-reporting of sales by the previous operator. But the following year we were up 19% from that figure and again close to that this year. That is due in large part to our understanding of transaction times, menu mix, the equipment in each truck or pop up and other factors.

4. Become a mobile personal trainer

Do you love helping people through their fitness journey? If you want a great side hustle to earn extra income, consider becoming a personal trainer.

The fitness trainer side hustle can be an adamant industry to earn good money. However, once you develop a reputation as a good trainer, you can get more clients through referrals. You need to register for the certification course to start offering personal trainer services in Ghana.

To attract your first clients, consider online advertising, and seek referrals from every customer.

How Much Can You Make? $600 — $8,333,333/month View all 6 case studies Average Initial Investment $75,005 Time To Revenue 240 days Time Commitment Per Week Min. 4 hours/week Skills Coaching Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Teaching Interests Outdoors Work Sports Fitness Health Business model Consulting See More

Hey everyone! I am Chris and in March 2011 I started Live Fit. Live Fit is a personal training company that was created to change the standards in the personal training industry. Early on I focused on building a company that is not only based on results, as most fitness companies are, but that is also focused very heavily on relationships. Relationships create trust, trust creates buy-in, and buy-in leads to the accountability and dedication it takes to get results.


5. Start an online jewelry store

Starting an online jewelry store can be a lucrative and engaging business. The online jewelry store industry has been growing rapidly. More and more people are buying cheaper jewelry online because it is easier and has a much more extensive selection.

The United States jewelry market was valued at about $76B in 2020 . Diamond jewelry is the most valuable jewelry market in the United States. Starting an online jewelry store can be highly profitable. But to do this, you need a great e-commerce platform.

How Much Can You Make? $1,000 — $833,333/month View all 22 case studies Average Initial Investment $37,500 Time To Revenue 300 days Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Business model E-Commerce See More

I am Nikolay Piriankov, the Founder and CEO of Taylor & Hart. We are an award-winning, disruptive e-tailer of custom-designed, ethical engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewellery, that capture your story. Our online platform, processes, and brand democratises bespoke jewellery, allowing us to offer this service at scale. Taylor & Hart's vision is to reconnect customers with the original purpose of jewellery - a personalised product that tells a unique story.

Recently we closed a seed round of £1M. The London based Garage Soho, an early stage investor and brand builder also supported us in the last round.


6. Start a barber shop

Are you passionate about men’s grooming and looking to start a low-investment business with a high-profit margin? A barbershop can be a great business idea since it will never hit a low a season. Men and boys always look for grooming, no matter how bad the economy is.

Therefore, starting a barbershop can be a profitable business venture.

How Much Can You Make? $125,000/month View all 1 case studies Average Initial Investment $500,000 Time To Revenue 300 days Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Business model Brick & Mortar See More

My name is Antonio Camilleri, an old school barber from Malta (Europe), I have been working as a barber for over 18 years. Started as an apprentice for the first 2 years and moving to the UK to further my studies, opened Antonio’s Barber Shop in Leister, UK for 5 years, and during that period I have traveled to the Netherlands to further improve my barbering skills.

We have an annual turnover of 1.5 million euros from 3 different revenue streams. One revenue stream is coming directly from the servicing itself, the second is from sales of products, and thirdly from the barbering academy.


7. Start a laptop accessories brand

Laptop accessories are items that enhance the functionality of a laptop. These can include external hard drives, docking stations, and carrying cases.

To start a laptop accessories brand, you will need strong marketing and design skills. You should also have a good understanding of the laptop market and what accessories are more popular.

The recent trends in the laptop accessories industry are moving towards eco-friendly and sustainable products. Businesses are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact and offer their customers products that are made from sustainable materials.

Starting a laptop accessories brand is a great way to enter the world of product design. This type of business growing in popularity as people are looking for ways to personalize their laptops.

How Much Can You Make? $1,000 — $1,000,000/month View all 2 case studies Average Initial Investment $100,000 Time To Revenue 300 days Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Design Skills Self Motivation Skills Business model Brick & Mortar E-Commerce See More

My name is Jack Yao, our company is Mobile Pixels Inc. We started the company when I was a graduate student at MIT. During an internship at Amazon, I urgently felt the need of using a portable monitor as I was working in a co-working space. The idea came to when I was doing some programming work, I wished that I could have had a monitor that can be expanded from the back of the main laptop display.

Our product is the Duex monitor, we did 4.3MM in sales in 2019, and are on track to do $12MM for 2020.


8. Start a hair salon

Hair salons offer a wide range of beauty services including hair-cutting, waxing, nail treatment, massages, and complementary care such as aromatherapy.

With the increased demand for high fashion beauty services, starting a hair salon could be a profitable venture.

To start a hair salon in Ghana, you need a strong business plan and find a niche that attracts a local client base. To succeed, hire knowledgeable and experienced employees, and encourage them to maintain a good customer service culture,

How Much Can You Make? $550,000/month View all 1 case studies Average Initial Investment $69,939 Time To Revenue 240 days Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills Business model Brick & Mortar See More


9. Start a graphic design business

Graphic designers create logos, brochures, ads, and other marketing materials for companies and organizations. They also design websites and other digital content, including social media graphics.

Graphic designers may specialize in one type of design (such as print or web design), or they can be generalists who do everything from logo design to social media graphics.

Starting a graphic design business can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. It’s not easy, but if you’re passionate about design and want to make a living, starting your own graphic design business is a great way to go.

Consider a suitable pricing structure when starting a graphic design business in Ghana. You may charge the customers per hour or fixed pricing based on the project’s nature.

How Much Can You Make? $2,500 — $1,000,000/month View all 25 case studies Average Initial Investment $135,133 Time To Revenue 300 days Business model Consulting See More

There are so many project examples but an interesting one in the early years was a portable vacuum to clean up dog poop when you walk your day. It was called the “Vacapoo”


10. Start a blog

In recent years, blogging has become a highly sought-after & lucrative Business. This location-independent business is a creative outlet to reach a broader audience and even work at any time. According to Optinmonster’s list of blogging statistics and facts:

Originally blogging started as an online journal, but today it is a highly profitable career option. Many people are choosing blogging as their full-time career and are earning their bread and butter from this profession.

If you want to start blogging as a side hustle or as a full-time profession, choose a niche you will enjoy writing about and have a content strategy ready. Then, create a mailing list, and decide on a good blog posting routine to keep your audience engaged.

How Much Can You Make? $200 — $160,000/month View all 46 case studies Average Initial Investment $2,687 Time Commitment Per Week Min. 5 hours/week Skills Self Motivation Skills Business Savvy Skills Writing & Research Skills Creativity Interests Books Work See More

11. Start an ecommerce platform

Over the past decade, eCommerce has become an indispensable part of the global retail framework. According to statistics, over 2 billion people prefer shopping online.

While brick-and-mortar stores are still making more sales compared to online sales, the adoption of eCommerce is still rising, mainly because of the increased speed and convenience of online shopping.

Therefore, starting an eCommerce platform could set you on the right path to building a futuristic business.

How Much Can You Make? $100 — $83,333,333/month View all 21 case studies Average Initial Investment $438,707 Skills Writing & Research Skills Coding Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

I am Jean-Loup Karst, the co-founder of Secret. Secret is the first platform of exclusive deals on services and software for startups. Entrepreneurs can sign up and save up to $50,000 on 70+ SaaS deals (Airtable, Pipedrive, Mailjet, etc.). It’s 100% free! It's a no-brainer.

When we launched our beta in April, our 100+ first users paid an annual subscription of $50 per year (roughly 1% conversion rate on our website). We generated $5K+ in revenue and decided to switch to a free model to grow user acquisition faster through network effects and monetize the database later through premium deals and affiliation with our partners.


12. Start a career consulting business

How Much Can You Make? $1,100 — $500,000/month View all 6 case studies Skills Writing & Research Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

Hi, my name is Biron Clark and I’m the founder of Career Sidekick. We’re a job search advice website that’s read by millions of people per year, and we’re a multiple six-figure per year business.

The website earns approximately $25,000 per month and I’m the only full-time employee.


13. Start a waste management business

Waste management is a booming industry with a lot of potential for growth. Waste management companies are in charge of collecting and transporting waste from households, business areas, and other sources. They also collect recyclable materials and sell them to recycling centers.

The market for waste management is huge, but it may be difficult to enter due to the high capital requirements. However, if you have the resources and expertise, there's a lot of opportunity to make it big in this industry.

How Much Can You Make? $4,000 — $37,000,000/month View all 3 case studies Average Initial Investment $1,450,333 Skills Writing & Research Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

Hi! My name is Dustin Maze. I am the owner of SOCO Waste, a locally owned and operated residential waste removal business based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Originally the loan provided a trailer and 5 dumpsters. We now have 51 dumpsters, two roll off dumpster delivery trucks and two residential garbage trucks. We are projecting $700-800k in sales for 2020.


14. Start a travel agency

Are you a passionate traveler with entrepreneurial skills? Then starting a travel agency can be a great career choice for you.

As a travel agency, you'll be responsible for linking travelers to providers of all the travel and tourism-related services such as accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, tour guides, local adventure, etc.

Starting an online travel agency is a lot easier than you might think. You'll need to perform market research, get a few necessary certifications (such as your IATA number), study competition, build a website, and do proper marketing.

To maximize earnings, negotiate discounts from the industry service providers, and charge travelers within the market rate.

How Much Can You Make? $1,100 — $114,200,000/month View all 20 case studies Average Initial Investment $26,078 Business model Consulting See More

Hey! My name is Marissa Daniels, and I am a millennial travel agent! I began Spread Your Wings Travel in February of 2019. Prior to 2019, I wanted an extra source of income just to have an extra cushion. I did mystery shopping, took surveys online, drove for Postmates and DoorDash, worked at a grocery store, anything I could find for extra money. I also did, and still do Brand Ambassador events as well- but those things didn’t fulfill me. I was doing them to get extra money, but it didn’t have a purpose and it wasn’t paying me as much as I wanted, so I stopped it all and just gave it to God. I let Him handle it.

Spread Your Wings Travel offers all-inclusive vacations (most under $1000 per person), cruises, luxury villas, cabins, domestic travel and more! The main thing that people like about my business is that I have a payment plan option. I like to have that option for them because not everyone is able to pay for a vacation upfront.


15. Start a quilt business

If you're crafty and creative, then selling quilts might be a great business for you.

Approximately, the size of the quilting industry is 4.2 billion USD .

How Much Can You Make? $14,000 — $800,000/month View all 2 case studies Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Business model Brick & Mortar E-Commerce Work from home Work From Home See More

My name is Ross Lohr, and I’m a co-founder of Project Repat. We make it easy and affordable for customers to turn their memorable t-shirts into a one of a kind, custom t-shirt quilt backed with cozy fleece.

We currently make 2,000 custom t-shirt quilts per week at 2 production facilities in the United States. In 2018, we will make 90,000 t-shirt quilts and do $10MM in sales per year.


16. Start a staffing agency

A staffing agency acts as the intermediary between employees and employers. The staffing agencies help match qualified employees with the right employers. With many growing businesses still cautious about increasing in-house talent, starting a staffing agency could be a profitable business opportunity.

The employer contacts a staffing agency and provides a detailed job description for the role they plan to fill. The staffing agency then creates the job on their website, or they might reach the qualified staff in their database, asking them to apply for the role. Candidates apply for the position, and the staffing agency schedules interviews to vet the potential candidates. The employer will make the final hiring decision.

Staffing agencies make money by charging job candidates or employers a markup fee.

To start a staffing agency, choose the right niche, know your startup costs, and get legally covered. Ensure you have all licenses and the permits and take out insurance.

How Much Can You Make? $170,000 — $320,000/month View all 2 case studies Time To Revenue 270 days Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills Business model Consulting See More

I am Eddie Edwards Jr., Owner, Founder, and CEO of COCHHBHA ENTERPRISES INC also known as CEI Staffing of Sunrise Florida. CEI is a temporary Staffing Agency that provides employment solutions for local Government as well as the Private Sector.

CEI Staffing opened its doors in 2004. Initially opening as a home-based business with a revenue of approximately twenty thousand dollars its first year and developing into a small business with revenue upwards of 2 million in the last fiscal year.


17. Start a logistics business

Logistics businesses focus on transportation and storage/warehousing, which are critical components of the supply chain. Without elaborate logistics, businesses will deliver goods to their customers efficiently and reliably.

A logistics business connects manufacturers and consumers through transportation and safe storage of products. Logistics may be a good place to start if you are interested in a supply chain-related business but not sure which one. You can work as a driver, connect manufacturers to storage warehouses and transportation companies, etc.

How Much Can You Make? $83,333 — $2,000,000/month View all 4 case studies Average Initial Investment $6,250 Time To Revenue 300 days Skills Self Motivation Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Business model Consulting See More

My name is Ben Elizer, and I am the Founder and President of Velocity International Group, a full-scale logistics company, offering SameDay delivery, Expediting, Distribution, Fulfillment, andmany Warehousing Services. We offer to consult and some other services as well to help our customers succeed in an ultra-competitive environment. Velocity started with 2 vans and many faces to face conversations. We now have 10+ vehicles, including trucks, and have grown to 25k+ square feet of warehouse space as well to best serve our customers.

Over the past 2 years, our revenue has grown over 300%, which has completely contributed to the great people and culture we have at Velocity. After having to move out of my apartment (because I put everything financially I had into this company), and move back into my mom’s house in my mid 20’s, it was difficult, but just 6 months later we had our first small office and warehouse space. I’m fortunate I had a support system to move back into, or else Velocity might not be here today. The business has grown ever since because of hard work, trust, and relationships. We focus on what is important.


18. Start a construction company

Running a construction company can be very rewarding and require hard work, attention to detail, and a hustle mentality.

Construction companies are responsible for building/designing a variety of apartments, buildings, properties, housing, infrastructure, facilities & developments, motorways, roads, paths, pavement, and more.

How Much Can You Make? $10,000 — $10,000,000/month View all 6 case studies Average Initial Investment $16,687,333 Time To Revenue 360 days Skills Self Motivation Skills Crafty Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Design Skills Business model Consulting See More

With a little luck, and a lot of gaming the YouTube algorithm, I was able to experience the viral effects of the internet. It has now been seen by over 25m people through my channel and other media networks.


19. Start a soap business

Soap-making business is a growing industry that can be home-based or a small local business. Soap business is one of the most lucrative home-based businesses that perfect your decision to work in your free time while you earn good cash.

Starting a soap business sounds simple enough. You can buy supplies for probably less than $1,000. Popular skincare products are now being sold online, and this doesn’t seem like a challenging field to break into. Below are some success stories of the soap business that will inspire you.

How Much Can You Make? $1,000 — $600,000/month View all 10 case studies Average Initial Investment $3,900 Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

More important than the money, though, we’ve made so many friends from our customers and business contacts from the business. 46% of our website orders are from repeat customers. Once someone joins the Outlaw gang, we strive to be their sidekick for the long haul. We often hear from customers that our customer service is the best they’ve ever experienced. I think this is because we’re absolutely emphatic about ensuring the satisfaction of our genuinely incredible customers, no matter what.

We feel like our Magnificent Seven Outlaw Values really define us as a company and give our customers a good reason to be loyal to us. (in addition to fantastic product, of course)


20. Start a cleaning business

Starting a cleaning business is an excellent opportunity to be your boss and make money doing what you love. This business is relatively easy to create and does not require much equipment or funds.

There are many cleaning services, so deciding what services (or combination of services) you will offer and what hours of the day or week those services will be available is essential.

To start cleaning service in Ghana, you’ll want to consider investing in professional cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, a quality mop, and a good cleaning bucket. You will also need to buy environment-friendly cleaning products such as detergent, bleach, paper towels, and trash bags.

How Much Can You Make? $2,000 — $708,333/month View all 13 case studies Average Initial Investment $115,831 Time To Revenue 180 days Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Business model Consulting See More

Hey! My name is Neel Parekh and I am the Founder and CEO of MaidThis® & MaidThis® Franchise, a cleaning franchise that helps residential homeowners and short-term rental hosts (Airbnb, VRBO, etc) with their cleanings.


21. Start a handmade paper goods business

The handmade paper goods market is growing globally due to the increase in environmental consciousness among people. The gift of handmade is a tradition with a long history. According to data collected by the US Census Bureau, each year the number of handmade goods made by individuals in the USA rises by 3% . Handmade paper goods are not an exception.

The handmade paper goods market size is expected to reach $7.3B by 2020 . The business of crafting paper goods was largely untouched until the start of Etsy, which has since grown into an international curated marketplace. Those who could craft unique and innovative pieces landed themselves a successful eCommerce store, living off of bare-bones websites and making their creations available to customers far and wide.

How Much Can You Make? $1,100/month View all 1 case studies Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Business model Brick & Mortar E-Commerce See More

Hi there! My name is Abigail Butler and I am the designer, maker and owner of Chirps & Cricket Design Studio. Chirps & Cricket is a small, Denver, Colorado-based design studio specializing in graphic design services, custom illustration, handcrafted paper goods and bespoke invitations.

Illustration, design and packaging for The Patient Zeros ‘Born Again’ EP. The band requested a hand-drawn illustration with a psychedelic feel.


22. Start a catering business

A catering business is responsible for providing food & beverage-related services for vast types of events.

Catering businesses are known to be more flexible than other businesses because they don't have to worry about location or pricing and can even work 24/7. They can cater anywhere and offer any price point that they want.

However, starting a catering business requires a lot of planning. To start a successful catering business in Ghana, you'll need to plan and prepare menus, manage budgets, handle clients, and more. In addition, catering allows you to meet more people and show off your cooking skills.

How Much Can You Make? $3,750 — $48,333/month View all 4 case studies Average Initial Investment $356 Time To Revenue 180 days Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Business model Brick & Mortar See More

Hi, my name is Nestor Nidome and I am the founder and owner of Elegante Catering. Serving the Inland Empire (San Bernardino and Riverside county) and now have expanded to serve all of Southern California. Our customers, mostly higher middle class, have enjoyed our delicious menu ranging from full service plated meals, made to order pasta bars to buffet-style menus such as Mexican fajitas bar and tacos.

Weddings because there is no higher compliment than to have the bride and groom come up to us complimenting us and letting us know how all their guests are raving about the food. As for corporate caterings we like to make it as simple as possible for them. We have 12 different menus they can choose from so that every month their employees enjoy a different menu. Plus once we have their information all they have to do is text us the Date, Menu, and Time they want. We understand that they have better, more important things to do than order food. This has allowed us to grow our monthly sales to $20,000.


23. Start an event planning business

Event planners handle different tasks related to making the business a success. Some of the event planner’s responsibilities include:

The events industry has grown enormously in the past year. According to research, consumers’ appetite for outdoor events is rising and will not slow anytime soon. Therefore, setting up an outdoor event planning and management company can be lucrative.

How Much Can You Make? $35,000 — $400,000/month View all 4 case studies Average Initial Investment $19,725 Time To Revenue 240 days Skills Negotiation Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Writing & Research Skills Business model Consulting See More

Hello, I am Akshay Patel from Albuquerque, NM the land of enchantment. I started an event rental and decor company that led me to an event venue. The View Event Center is a lavish space that is an indoor and outdoor event venue with panoramic city views. Our high-end venue with experienced staff will assist from venue decor to the smallest details entailed in making memories of a lifetime. Simply Decor, Tents, and Events ensures exclusive decor and thrives to bring your event to life through customized, elegant decor for all of their clients.

The full-service company will individually work with every client to design their event that will intrigue every eye in the room. Our company is broad that we get many different types of customers and we make many great connections with them as well. The company was making upwards of $380,000 a year.


24. Start a mobile photography

Want to start your own photography business? You're not alone. With the rise of social media and photo-sharing, blogging, and online retailing, it's never been easier to start making money behind your camera.

There are photographers shooting weddings, creating images for ad campaigns, freelancing for magazines, touring the world, taking photographs of destinations — the list is endless!

To start mobile photography in Ghana, research the target audience and determine which specialization area is more lucrative. Invest in high-quality, professional cameras, lenses, and a computer with professional software photo-editing software.

How Much Can You Make? $2,000 — $500,000/month View all 7 case studies Average Initial Investment $24,583 Skills Writing & Research Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

Hi! My name is Tsour Lee Adato and I am the founder of Pro Photo Studio. I started my product photography business over 5 years ago while living in New York. Pro Photo Studio specializes in high-end commercial photography and also caters to the average eCommerce online seller who sells on platforms like Amazon and Etsy.

The company began realizing a profit very quickly, in the first quarter after opening and year over year profits have increased while the cost of customer acquisition has decreased. Currently, the company makes approximately $350k per year and is on its way to becoming a 7 figure business.


25. Start a fitness SaaS

Have you ever wondered what software gyms use to keep track of everything? Over 32,000 health clubs in the U.S. need software and tools to run their business!

How Much Can You Make? $7,000 — $50,000/month View all 3 case studies Average Initial Investment $35,333 Time To Revenue 360 days Skills Coding Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills See More

Hello! My name is Jacob Montoya and I am the founder of FitSW and its sister site FindTrainGain. With FitSW, we provide software to personal trainers to help them grow their businesses and enable them to use our technology to effectively manage their clients’ fitness. With FindTrainGain, we enable people searching for fitness help from all over the world to join a wide variety of Live Online Fitness Classes led by fun, energetic Fitness Instructors.

We enable people to stay fit and stay connected with fun fitness classes in this time of social distancing. At the same time, we also provided a way for fitness professionals to continue to work. We have instructors leading classes on everything from Yoga to Cardio Boxing to our most popular Dance Cardio class. Classes are accessible to anyone and many are priced as low as $5 a class.


26. Start a book store

Starting a bookstore is a great way to start a small business.

Bookstores are found anywhere, from the smallest towns to the largest cities. Perhaps you have thought of running your bookstore in Ghana. People need to read and buy books, and that’s been true for thousands of years. A bookstore is also a great central location where people can browse and purchase books.

Listed are the steps to start a bookstore business.

27. Become a software developer

A software developer is a person who creates computer programs. They design, test, and oversee the creation of software for a variety of purposes including businesses, personal use, or social networking.

If you have strong technical skills and experience in programming, you can start a software development business. You should also have a good understanding of how the software works.

The average salary for software developers is $110,140 . The best-paid 25 percent earn an annual income of up to 140K dollars while the lowest-paid workers make just under 84K dollars.

The recent trends in software development are moving towards mobile apps and cloud-based solutions. Businesses are providing a variety of programming languages and tools to create software that meets the client's needs.

Starting a software development company is the perfect way to explore in this exciting industry. This type of business is growing in popularity as businesses are looking for ways to offer their customers a convenient way to access their data and applications.

How Much Can You Make? $4,000 — $465,583,333/month View all 30 case studies Average Initial Investment $327,675 Skills Writing & Research Skills Coding Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Negotiation Skills Customer Service Skills See More

Hi all, my name is Max Rice, and I’m the co-founder and CEO of SkyVerge, where we build software tools that help over 100,000 eCommerce brands manage and grow their online stores. Our customers are mostly small to medium-sized businesses in all kinds of verticals.

My co-founder Justin Stern and I started SkyVerge in 2013 and we’re a globally distributed team of over 30 people, with revenue of $350,000 per month.


28. Start an online community

Online communities bring people who share common values together. For anyone looking to start a side hustle and earn money, you need to figure out the best online communities to participate. More important, you need to figure out on how to translate your online community membership into dollars. Ideas of how to earn through online communities include:

How Much Can You Make? $1,000 — $1,816,666/month View all 16 case studies Average Initial Investment $4,156 Time Commitment Per Week Min. 4 hours/week Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Design Skills Writing & Research Skills Planning Marketing People Skills Leadership Creativity Organizational Work Ethic Interests Work Sales Business Finance See More

My name is Phil Strazzulla and I run SelectSoftware. We are an expert online review site for HR software - basically the NerdWallet/WireCutter for all of the different HR software categories out there.

Over the past 3 months, the organic search traffic to SelectSoftware has been growing at around 30% per month, and in August 2019 we had our first month of revenues with a little over $1k/mo.


29. Become a computer refurbisher

Computer refurbishing is the process of restoring used computers to working conditions. Refurbishers typically purchase used computers from individuals or businesses, and then they clean them up, install new parts, and test them to make sure they are in good working condition.

To start this business, you'll need skills in data recovery, hardware repair, and software troubleshooting. It is a perfect idea for those who have an interest in technology and a knack for repairing electronics.

The average Computer Repair Technician in the US makes $51,129. The salaries of Computer Repair Technicians range from $19,892 to $74,573, with a median salary of $55,440.

With the ever-growing popularity of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, there is a great demand for refurbished computers. And with data science and data analytics, you can easily identify which computers are in high demand and how to best refurbish them.

Starting this type of business is a great idea for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for technology. If you can navigate the regulations, this can be a lucrative business with a lot of growth potential.

How Much Can You Make? $13,500,000/month View all 1 case studies Average Initial Investment $15,000 Skills Negotiation Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Business model Brick & Mortar See More

My name is Lawrence O'Connor, aka 'OWC Larry.' I am the founder and CEO of OWC (Other World Computing, Inc.).

Our CAGR over the past 33yrs is 43.78% (average growth rate since inception). It was 18.4% in the most recently completed year 2019 vs 2020 with just over 148 million revenue in 2020.


30. Start a daycare

Daycares provide educational, medical, and social services for the children of working parents either during school hours or when the parents are out of the home for an extended period of time. This can be a lucrative enterprise if you start a daycare in an area where it is needed.

As the growth of families has become dependent on two incomes, the need for quality daycare has skyrocketed. Starting a daycare business in Ghana is challenging but rewarding. You will face many challenges but can overcome them as long as you are ready to make the sacrifices required.

31. Start a home tutoring business

A home tutoring company is an educational company that offers private tutoring from a tutor who visits the students at the student’s home.

Home tutoring is a growing business opportunity for motivated people and comes with the flexibility of working anytime, anywhere, and creates a passive income.

If you love teaching and helping others, one way to make money is to start a home tutoring business in Ghana. Whether you want to tutor kids or adults, there’s a niche for you.

Once you have started your home tutoring business, promote it by putting fliers at other stores and on bulletin boards at colleges and libraries. Also, engage parents and guardians for home tutoring opportunities.

32. Start a home staging service

A home staging service can quickly turn into a full-time business if you have a knack for making homes look beautiful and inviting. Home staging is all about using furniture, art, and other decor to enhance the appeal of a property.

If you're interested in starting a home staging business, you'll need to be creative, organized, and have a good eye for design. You'll also need to be comfortable working with clients and be able to manage your time effectively.

A home stager visits clients' homes, assesses the space, and then makes recommendations on how to improve the look of the property. Once they made their recommendations, it's up to the client to decide whether or not to follow through with them.

Lead staging assistants and home stagers alike work hard to make sure the property looks its best. While the average salary for a lead stager is $49,616 per year with some earning as much at 80k or more annually.

The current trend of selling houses online is making the home staging business more popular than ever. In order to make a property stand out online, it needs to look its best. This is where home stagers come in! By preparing properties for sale and making them look their best, home stagers are able to help sellers get the most money for their property.

Starting a home staging service is a great idea because it's a low-cost business to get into and has the potential to be very profitable. Additionally, it's a business that you can easily scale according to your own time and resources.

How Much Can You Make? $1,700,000/month View all 1 case studies Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills Negotiation Skills Business model Consulting See More

33. Start a furniture business

The furniture industry involves designing, manufacturing, and selling various types of furniture for household and commercial purposes. With the increase in flexible workspaces and the real estate industry’s growth, the furniture business’s demand is boosted.

The furniture business is easy to start and does not require high investments. However, it is first essential to know your niche, for example, office, domestic, home furniture, and luxury items.

The furniture business needs a lot of preparation and prior knowledge. Taking business classes, learning about your local market, and making a solid business plan is advisable. In general, if your products are unique and one of a kind, consumers will be willing to pay a higher, including the shipping cost.

How Much Can You Make? $1,700 — $999,999/month View all 13 case studies Average Initial Investment $163,333 Time To Revenue 390 days See More

My name is Sasha Weekes and I’m the 25 years old owner of Timber Grove Studios. Our home-based woodshop is nestled in the hills of PEI’s countryside, and we specialize in decorative shelving and home decor with a focus on minimalist design and simplicity. Each piece is made to order with 20+ color options, meaning it will be the perfect fit for each customer's space. We ship Canada and U.S. wide.

Moving twice in two years has definitely caused organizational, financial and opportunity hiccups, but the business has grown steadily regardless so we’re very excited about where 2020 will take us. We’ve learned what to focus on during which months, as revenue can range anywhere from $2000 during slow months to $10,000 during high months. Net profit has run anywhere between 20-50% throughout the life of the business and varies month to month. It’s closer to 20% right now as we’ve been spending all we can on new tools and materials for our new larger products and our Christmas stock.


34. Start a business incubator

The popularity of incubators is on the rise. Today, start-ups and small businesses have unique needs because they have limited resources and often need professional help to get started. You can design your business incubator by leveraging your experiences as an entrepreneur.

Listed are the steps to start an incubator business.

How Much Can You Make? $6,800/month View all 1 case studies Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

Hutch, founded by Fearless in 2019, is an intensive 24‑month program located in Baltimore, MD that provides minority and women entrepreneurs with a blueprint for building successful and impactful government digital services firms. The program equips businesses with the tools, mentorship, and peer-to-peer support they need to thrive in the world of government contracting.

To date, Hutch has 9 graduates, 11 company founders in our current 2 cohorts, and 20 companies total within our portfolio. Hutch is the only company of its kind led by industry experts with years of experience in digital transformation and government services.


35. Start a dry cleaners business

Dry cleaning is a business that takes clothing, linens, and other fabrics and cleans them with no water. The dry cleaning process uses chemicals to clean the fabric and make it look new again. This process can remove stains, soil, and odors from your clothes.

People will always need their clothes washed so that this business model can succeed. Starting a dry cleaning business is a great way to enter the industry.

To maximize profitability, offer multiple services beyond the typical dry cleaning like wash and fold service.

How Much Can You Make? $26,500/month View all 1 case studies Average Initial Investment $80,000 Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills Negotiation Skills See More

Hello! My name is Nishant Tripathi, and I founded Dhobilite, a premium online dry cleaning, and laundry service. I started this company in 2011 with a vision to pioneer laundry service in India.

We started operations in the year 2011. Over the years, we experimented with and developed our business model and software. In 2015, we disrupted the laundry market and became India's first app-based, on-demand laundry service provider. We have expanded into more than 15 cities in the last two years and have around 20+ stores today. In addition, we have 30 plus franchises. We also have factories in Gurgaon, Noida, Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Faridabad.


36. Start a taxi cab business

If you are an experienced driver and know your city well, starting a taxi cab business can be a very lucrative side hustle.

Here are the steps on how to start a taxi cab business.

How Much Can You Make? $250,000/month View all 1 case studies Skills Negotiation Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

My name is Albert Williams. I am the President and CEO of The Best Deal Group of Companies. located in the Boogie Down Bronx. Best Deal is a transportation company, who specializes in local community transportation, Corporate Transportation as well as Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT).

Below is a picture of our cars gathered to pick up 30+ passengers for one of corporate accounts


37. Start a fertility business

Starting a fertility business from home can be quite profitable, but you need to do a lot of legwork before trying to sell yourself and your services to potential clients for the first time.

Being a highly specialist industry, with high turnover and profit margins, as well as an increased public awareness of the need for accessible fertility treatments, starting your own fertility business is something you ought to consider. Starting a fertility business gives you plenty of flexibility, but it's important to do your homework before making a huge decision.

How Much Can You Make? $150,000/month View all 1 case studies Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business model Brick & Mortar See More

Hi everyone! My name is Alastair Kennett and I’m one of the two founders of OptiMale. My brother David and I founded OptiMale just over 2 years ago. OptiMale is a testosterone replacement and men’s health clinic which provides effective treatment to men across the UK who suffer from low testosterone and fertility issues.

We have seen a growth of over 850% since our first year with both a massive increase in our number of monthly subscriptions and blood test sales.


38. Become an online fitness coach

Online fitness coaching is using live or recorded video to offer fitness classes to an online audience at a fee. To become successful in business, online fitness coaches should possess the following personal qualities:

Increase in number of internet users and more hours spent online , online businesses will keep thriving.

Therefore, fitness coaches looking to expand their businesses or venture into new markets can consider starting an online fitness coach business.

How Much Can You Make? $250 — $39,875,000/month View all 12 case studies Average Initial Investment $1,375 Time To Revenue 180 days Skills Self Motivation Skills Coaching Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Business model Consulting See More

I was once just an out of shape, overweight guy with a goal to make a change. I started my health and fitness journey by losing 90lbs. The discipline and drive it took to go from never exercising at all to achieving such significant weight loss taught me a lot about goals and how to attain them.

TeamFFLEX is my online personal training platform that coaches athletes, Hollywood actors, professional musicians and everyday people all around the world. Starting with literally 0 dollars and a hell of a lot of drive I successfully built my business into the 6 figures in less than a year. Today, TeamFFLEX LLC does $48,000 a month and is growing continually month after month.


39. Become a NFT broker

A None-Fungible Token (NFT) is a digital asset representing real-world objects, people identities, property rights, e.t.c.

Ideally, NFTs exist on a Blockchain and traders cannot replicate them, since they feature unique identity codes and metadata as the key identifiers. Therefore, it is impossible for one NFT to be equal to another, which is critical, especially when it comes to digital ownership.

Digital ownership is still a new concept, but one that is becoming increasingly popular especially with NFT trading taking shape. According to a 2021 report on NFT trading, NFT Sales Amounted to Over $2.4 Billion in the First 6 Months of 2021.

Are you fascinated by NFT trading? In this post, we highlight the top NFT broker businesses in 2021.

40. Become a graphic designer

Graphic designing involves creating sketch designs and materials for corporate clients, advertising agencies, public relations firms, and publishers. Besides, graphic designers provide visual solutions to specific company images, log design, and branding problems.

Graphic design is an excellent career for creative thinkers who enjoy using their talent and artistic skills combined with technology and communication abilities to come up with unique solutions for their clients.

How Much Can You Make? $15,000 — $81,000/month View all 6 case studies Average Initial Investment $333 Skills Writing & Research Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

Hi, I’m Mike Moloney, the founder of FilterGrade. FilterGrade is a marketplace for creators where you can find digital assets such as presets, LUTs, video templates, and much more.

Today thousands of creators from all around the world buy and sell digital products on FilterGrade and more than 450,000 users visit the site every month.


41. Become a ghost blogger

A ghost blogger is simply a writer who specializes in producing blogs for other people. As a ghost blogger, you can earn between $300 and $1,500 per week, depending on word count and topic. Ideally, the ideas and knowledge contained in the article originate from the publicly named author. Therefore, as a ghostwriter, your role is to put the ideas into words.

How Much Can You Make? $450 — $24,000/month View all 2 case studies Average Initial Investment $125 Time Commitment Per Week Min. 5 hours/week Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Writing & Research Skills Time Management Creativity Interests Books Work See More

Hey, I’m Lacy and I’m a content strategist, author of the bestselling Kindle ebook Make a Killing With Content, and the Director of The Content Direction Agency. We specialize in done-for-you content strategy and writing retainers for the content between launches or promotions that helps businesses grow, nurture, and prime their audience to say “hell yes!” before they ever see the offer.

Over the past 9 years, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners create bespoke content strategies to consistently drive quality traffic to websites, increase monthly email leads by 300% or more, improve search engine rankings, enroll dozens of clients per month into membership programs, support multi-six figure launches, and drive millions of views of our articles.


42. Sell car accessories

A car accessories business is a retail store or online shop selling various automobile products and services. These include car stereos, GPS systems, seat covers, dashboard covers, floor mats, and more. Running a successful car accessories business requires a good understanding of the automotive industry and a keen eye for the latest trends and technologies. It is also essential to have a wide selection of products available for customers to choose from and to be able to offer installation services if necessary.

One essential tip for running a successful car accessories business is establishing relationships with local auto repair shops and dealerships. This can help to increase customer traffic and provide a steady stream of business. It is also essential to focus on customer service and to be able to offer advice and recommendations to customers based on their specific needs and preferences.

Another tip is to stay updated on the latest products and technologies in the automotive industry. This can help attract and retain customers looking for the most current and advanced products. Overall, a car accessories business can be a lucrative and fulfilling venture for entrepreneurs who are passionate about automobiles and want to help customers enhance and personalize their vehicles.

How Much Can You Make? $5,000 — $202,000/month View all 4 case studies Average Initial Investment $69,666 Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

Hello readers! I’m Crystal, the one-woman show running TCB Designs, Florida. I’m a 43-year-old mom that has been blessed to wake up every day and do what I love.

Over the years I have added smaller items that are perfect for unique gift ideas and stocking stuffers like our ceramic car coasters, personalized tape measures, and memorial ornaments. Adding these smaller items boosted sales greatly, especially around the holidays. This last Christmas season (November through December 2021) sales totaled just over $20k.


43. Start a cosmetic store

The cosmetic industry is growing rapidly. Starting a cosmetic shop can be highly profitable, but only if you stock trendy, skin-friendly products.

If you are passionate about the beauty industry, consider starting a cosmetics brick-and-mortar shop.

Cosmetic shops sell products ranging from anti-aging, aromatherapy, lotions, beauty spa, cosmetic store, and even make-up.

To start a cosmetic store, research the market and source products from well-known brands in the beauty industry.

How Much Can You Make? $8,500 — $490,000/month View all 2 case studies Average Initial Investment $800 Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills See More

My name is Alexis Evans aka Da Mademoiselle. I am a native of South Florida who has started a cosmetic and skincare company named FBI Cosmetics d/b/a Flawlessly Beautiful Individual in the middle of a pandemic.

I am also the owner of Boss Talk Expo an annual expo and conference company. I branched out into the beauty industry, I started FBI Cosmetics off with just lipsticks and have progressed into the skincare business in December. I have grossed over $62,000 in sales. People ask where the name comes from and I tell people “it’s a crime to be so damn beautiful.”


44. Start a dedicated server hosting company

How Much Can You Make? $1,000 — $5,040/month View all 2 case studies Skills Writing & Research Skills Coding Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Negotiation Skills Customer Service Skills See More

My name is Jake Gaba, and I run Indifferent Broccoli. We are a game server hosting and rental company.

I bought this business for $25,000 in February, and have since grown it from about $1600 MRR to $5000 MRR. MRR refers to monthly recurring revenue or the amount of revenue generated from paid recurring subscriptions each month.


45. Become a retirement & personal finance consultant

The retirement and financial advisors use their knowledge and expertise to construct personalized financial planning to achieve the client's goals. To become a retirement and financial advisor, take relevant finance, investments, estate planning, and risk management courses.

To become a certified financial planner, you must complete the CFP Board of standards-approved, college-level personal financial planning and risk management program. Upon acquiring proper certifications and licensing, seek an internship under a seasoned professional. The internship lets you gain the necessary skills to serve clients appropriately.

How Much Can You Make? $100,000/month View all 1 case studies Average Initial Investment $100,000 Skills Writing & Research Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills See More

Hello, my name is David Martínez de Lecea. I’m a keen tech entrepreneur and investor with Computer Science and Economics degrees as well as an MBA. I have spent many years working in the technology and finance sectors: as a management consultant for banks and other financial institutions, and as an entrepreneur in fintech and AI ventures.

Exirio is a wealth tracking and insight app, designed to make life easier for anyone wishing to monitor their wealth and investment portfolio. The app aggregates all a user’s wealth in one place and gives valuable information on how their investments are performing. The way we see it is simple: Exirio is the first step to better investment decisions in the path towards financial freedom. It gives everyday people the ability to understand their wealth better, not just those who have huge portfolios.


46. Start a NFT marketplace

An NFT marketplace is an online site for crypto-collectibles and non-fungible tokens where traders can buy-sell and discover exclusive digital items.

Launching an NFT marketplace requires setting up a blockchain network, integrating a chosen digital wallet, and creating smart contracts. Finally, you need to build a customer-facing web application.

Experts estimate that NFT marketplaces will continue experiencing a YoY growth of 30.72% .

Therefore, NFTs are becoming some of the most profitable blockchain-based experiments.

How Much Can You Make? $30,000/month View all 1 case studies Average Initial Investment $350,000 Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

I’m Bruno, and I used to be a web developer in a past life. In 2015 I join the blockchain movement as Ethereum entered the scene and have been building Web3 products and teaching people about Web3 ever since - from having worked on Ethereum 2.0 for a while to being engaged with Web3 Foundation presently, and developing an NFT standard on top of Polkadot and Kusama.

Last year I formed RMRK, a standard to build NFTs on Polkadot and Kusama and my team developed as the minting and trading UI for the ecosystem. Throughout our development journey, we accidentally built the most advanced NFT system in the world. Right now, the volumes are around $1 million per month, which is a lot given that the Singular UI project itself is only a month old :) Our revenue is $30k per month right now, projected to be around $500k annually by the end of 2021.


47. Start an in-home senior care service

In-home senior care services allow senior clients to live their everyday life in the comfort of their own homes.

Experienced caregivers typically customize their services based on their client’s needs - which is why seniors and families prefer this type of service, even if it costs more than a typical nursing home.

There are several different types of home care you can offer, a few being:

The price you can charge depends on where you live and your experience, but this ranges anywhere from $18/hour-$40/hour.

The significant part about starting an in-home senior care business is that you do not need formal education or medical training. You can build a successful home senior care business if you have the necessary skills to do this job.

How Much Can You Make? $250,000/month View all 1 case studies Average Initial Investment $200,000 Skills Customer Service Skills Crafty Skills See More

My name is Gareth Mahon. I’m the co-founder and CEO of The CareSide, a home care and nursing service provider for elderly individuals in Australia. We are based in Perth, Australia.

We launched our company in 2017. Over the past 3 years, we have scaled to $5 million in revenue.


48. Start a fashion business

In 2022, the fashion industry was valued at $473.42B, with a growth rate of 8.3% over last year . To become successful in this highly competitive & ever-growing industry, you must have passion, perseverance, and the ability to take risks.

With platforms like TikTok and Instagram, the way that fashion products are marketed online has completely changed, so it’s essential to keep up with these trends.

How Much Can You Make? $100 — $40,480,000/month View all 27 case studies Average Initial Investment $96,510 Time To Revenue 300 days Business model Brick & Mortar E-Commerce See More

Hello! My name is Lisa Miller-Mecham. I’m a creative mom of 4 who runs a craft/sewing website called I started out as an accessory designer, turned award-winning fashion designer, turned DIY blogger… and now a profitable sewing pattern maker.

My best month so far in 2020 has generated slightly over $15,000 while working part-time. I’m actually launching a course next month to show other creative women how to do the same!


49. Start a phone repair business

The unprecedented growth of the mobile phone industry has given rise to many businesses that depend on the industry.

The mobile phone repair business is one example of a profitable opportunity in the telecommunication industry. People cannot live without a mobile phone, so visiting a repair shop is often the first option when their current set is damaged.

Thus, you could consider opening a mobile phone repair business if you are a cell phone engineer. The phone repair business is low-capital and allows owners to define their work routines.

50. Start a cartoonist business

How Much Can You Make? $100 — $4,700/month View all 2 case studies Skills Writing & Research Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

I’m Zoltán, together with my two colleagues Arnold and Gergő, we founded We are selling custom hand-drawn avatars, drawn by professional illustrators through our website.


51. Become a college counselor

A college counselor is a professional who assists students with their educational and professional goals. The role helps students navigate careers they hope to pursue after college. Therefore, in this business, you support students undergoing personal or familiar challenges in choosing their career paths. To become a successful college counselor, you must possess the following qualities:

The demand for school and college counselors is growing tremendously. Therefore, it is a great time to start offering the services.

How Much Can You Make? $50,000/month View all 1 case studies Skills Writing & Research Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

My name is Pradeep. I am the Cofounder and CTO at ConnecPath. We are an EdTech company democratizing college counseling. Our flagship product is called WeAdmit. In the frontend, WeAdmit is an end to end data science-backed college counseling for parents and students. Whereas in the backend it is a platform for all underserved college counselors and college students who are also excellent mentors.


52. Start a toiletries making business

How Much Can You Make? $500,000/month View all 1 case studies Skills Customer Service Skills Negotiation Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

Greetings, I am Frank Ouyang, the sales director of Panda Paper Roll Company. I run Panda Paper Roll, a company that aims to provide paper roll products and solutions to businesses worldwide.

The flagship product of our company is the thermal paper roll product, but our label rolls have become increasingly popular as well. Our annual sales range between $10M/year. We are extremely proud of how far we have come.


53. Start a website building agency

Starting a website building agency is a smart career move. Why not own your time and leverage your skills? Building websites is where the money is at. You can earn 5-figures a week with just one client.

The global website building market size to grow from $7 billion in 2021 to $14.3 billion by 2026. A site-building business allows you to start your own business at home. Building websites for yourself and others is a great way to create a passive income stream that can be very rewarding to own.

How Much Can You Make? $7,846 — $250,000/month View all 10 case studies Skills Writing & Research Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

I’m Ty Fujimura, Founder, and CEO of Cantilever Web Design and Development. We work with clients from the International Monetary Fund and IBM to local small businesses and startups. They come to us because they are looking for superior results from their websites, and we deliver that by providing their visitors with an outstanding experience and giving them a reason to come back.


54. Start a child care business

Starting a childcare business is a great way to build a steady income. You will have the opportunity to be your boss and set your hours even from home. You will have the satisfaction of building one-on-one relationships with children and watching them grow over the years.

A childcare business is an excellent idea. It is both a personal and economical investment for its owners. This is especially true if you are considering starting your non-profit organization or becoming licensed to provide child care. Running a childcare business allows you to help children develop while also making money. As with any business endeavor, running a childcare business has its ups and downs, but it can be very rewarding.

Average Initial Investment $100,000 Time To Revenue 180 days Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Business model Brick & Mortar See More

Hello! My name is Kristy Bickmeyer and I founded Twinkle Toes Nanny Agency in 2011. We provide quality, affordable, and hassle-free in-home childcare for families. Since starting in Gainesville, FL in 2011, we’ve grown to over 20 locations in 5 states, with more on deck to open this year!

Our franchise model offers a low buy-in, and operating costs are extremely low with almost no overhead. Because of this, franchisees can see a strong ROI and achieve financial independence, all while working mostly from home and making their schedule.


55. Start a gym

Over the last decade, more people across the globe have become self-aware of the importance associated with living a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, the gym has become a trend for millions of people, leading to a rapid increase in the size and popularity of the global fitness industry. According to statistics , the global fitness club industry is worth over $96 billion.

Therefore, starting a gym could be a great business opportunity.

How Much Can You Make? $20,000 — $1,200,000/month View all 4 case studies Average Initial Investment $75,875 Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills See More

56. Become a pastry chef

A pastry chef is a culinary artist who specializes in creating cakes, candy, pies, and other baked products.

As a pastry chef, you may establish your home-based bakery, seek some freelancing opportunities such as starting baking lessons, recording videos, or even write recipes for chefs.

How Much Can You Make? $4,000/month View all 1 case studies Average Initial Investment $500 Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills Negotiation Skills See More

My name is Amanda Bradford and I own Bradford Bakery. I started in the culinary industry 15 years ago and have done everything from restaurants to the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday cake and celebrity catering events.

Our customers reach out to us because they know they are getting quality products that will meet the needs of their event and their dietary restrictions if they have any! We are a favorite of our local community and love that people are spreading the word about our business to their friends which we are seeing in our growing client list! Even in the past few months we have seen a 550% increase in our SEO on google and filled more orders for the community just by them recommending us and searching us on the web!


57. Start a cleaning & maintenance business

A Cleaning & Maintenance business is a service-based business in which you are the owner, operator, and lone employee. In a cleaning and maintenance business, you provide a specific service such as carpet servicing or pest control. It's important to note that although it seems straightforward, this business type can grow very quickly if done properly.

Cleaning and maintenance can be a real hassle, especially if you have a lot of employees or just your own staff. The cleaning and maintenance industry generates over $40B a year in the US alone. This makes it one of the largest, most competitive industries in the USA.

Starting a cleaning and maintenance business in Ghana is pretty easy. You can start small with residential clients or businesses. Just make sure you check with your local government to ensure licensing (or certification) requirements.

How Much Can You Make? $60,000 — $250,000/month View all 4 case studies Average Initial Investment $2,900 Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills Negotiation Skills See More

58. Start a protein bar company

The protein bar market is one of the fastest-growing industries around, and is growing in size every day.

The global protein bar market is projected to reach $7.03 Bn by 2027, with a CAGR of 5.6% .

There are various protein bar companies, and we've detailed the key players in the industry below.

How Much Can You Make? $15,000 — $3,000,000/month View all 4 case studies Average Initial Investment $13,566 Time To Revenue 300 days Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Business model E-Commerce Brick & Mortar See More

Whilst there aren't any entrepreneurs in my family or close friends group, I grew up watching business TV shows like the BBC's Dragons Den and The Apprentice, always getting mesmerized by the unique ideas and hard work people put into their businesses and brands to turn them into something they could make a living from.

Other than the school 'pretend' businesses you set up as part of your coursework, this was the first viable idea I had meaning I had little to no knowledge of running a business before starting Protein Package. Our current bestselling range of products sold are protein bars, they're super convenient to take on the go, taste amazing, and offer a brilliant macronutrient profile by keeping carbs, fat, and sugars low. Customers love to be able to mix and match all the best protein bar brands from around the world in one place.


59. Start a women's clothing line

Starting a women’s clothing brand is a great way to enter entrepreneurship. You don’t need to have millions of dollars or vast experience to start your clothing line—just the drive and determination to be your own boss.

Women’s fashion has come a long way over the last decade, and there are many growth opportunities! New trends are constantly emerging, and old ones are returning, too, so there will always be an audience for your new designs if you keep up with the times (and stay on top of them).

How Much Can You Make? $500 — $11,750,000/month View all 37 case studies Average Initial Investment $12,363 Time To Revenue 300 days Business model E-Commerce Brick & Mortar See More

Hi everyone, my name is Gia, and I am the owner of Boutique Rye. We are a women’s clothing and accessories boutique that is all online!

We have anywhere from clothes that are appropriate for work or clothes that will make you turn heads on a night out on the town. I try and buy clothes with many different styles in mind. I'd like to think that we are a one-stop shop for a diverse group of women!


60. Start a swimming pool rental business

Starting a swimming pool rental business can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Pool owners are looking to rent their pools out during the off-season to recoup some of their costs.

Landlords or condo owners may want to earn an additional revenue stream from the swimming pool property they own. The swimming Pool Market size was valued at $3B in 2019 and is projected to reach $3.6B by 2027. The presence of developed infrastructure and the thriving wellness tourism industry will facilitate the swimming pool market growth.

How Much Can You Make? $8,333/month View all 1 case studies Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills See More

61. Start a home equipment business

There are some cool things about the home equipment industry that make it an appealing business. Starting a home equipment business isn't easy. To do it properly, you need the right tools and equipment. Starting a home equipment business will definitely improve your financial outlook but you need lots of capital to start one.

Having a successful home equipment business is largely dependent upon the training and experience of the owner. Starting a home equipment business can be ideal for people who want to start a business but don't want the hassle of managing a physical location.

How Much Can You Make? $10,000 — $65,000/month View all 2 case studies Time To Revenue 300 days Skills Self Motivation Skills Crafty Skills Customer Service Skills Business Savvy Skills Business model E-Commerce Brick & Mortar Work from home Work From Home See More

Hi, My Name is Zach Brown and I am a full-time firefighter paramedic. But the real reason I'm being interviewed is because I am the founder and CEO of Moki Doorstep. I’m sure you're asking yourself what in the world is that? It’s a common question for us. Well, to put it simply its a vehicle rooftop assistance step. Our product, the Moki Doorstep helps its users easily access the roof of their vehicle.

Today we no longer manufacture the product. After taking a look at the bigger picture we realized that licensing was the way to go. Today we are partnered with the outdoor and rooftop accessory brand Rightline Gear out of North Carolina to bring you the Moki Doorstep.


62. Create a social media scheduling tool

A social media scheduling tool is an online app that allows you to schedule your social media posts in advance, before publishing them on your social media channels.

Virtually all businesses use social media - this is a great market to build a startup in.

How Much Can You Make? $2,000 — $333,333/month View all 8 case studies Average Initial Investment $28,025 Time To Revenue 390 days Skills Coding Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills See More

Hi, I’m Laura Roeder, the CEO and founder of MeetEdgar, a social media automation tool.

Here’s a recent team photo at one of our biannual company retreats. This was taken in Phoenix, Arizona.


63. Start an eye masks store

The eye mask is a simple accessory that blocks out light and improves sleep. The global mask market is expected to reach USD 18.6 Million in the next few years.

If you love to help people sleep better, then starting an eye masks business might be the perfect business opportunity for you.

An eye masks business is a relatively low barrier to entry business that doesn't require much of an up-front investment. You can start by making your own eye masks or buying them from wholesalers in bulk, then sell them to customers through social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

How Much Can You Make? $800,000/month View all 1 case studies Average Initial Investment $50,000 Skills Business Savvy Skills Customer Service Skills Self Motivation Skills See More

I am the CEO & co-founder of Manta Sleep mask, the only mask designed, constructed, and optimized for deepest-possible sleep in any environment. Manta Sleep masks provide 100% blackout for maximized sleep quality — so users feel 100%, all the time. Just a pinprick of light can disrupt REM and deep sleep, leading to post-sleep tiredness. That’s why Manta perfectly covers and conforms to the eyes to block 100% of light, even in broad daylight — so users always get deep, uninterrupted sleep.

We are anti-hustle culture. Working long hours and “hustling” is absolutely idiotic because nobody can make great decisions working 12 hours a day. At that point, you're just a walking zombie working on low-value tasks and pretending like you are actually doing something important. You are pretending like you are actually making it work and “succeeding”, when in fact, you're just using mindless work as an excuse to make yourself feel better. In order to live a good life, a happy life, there are several pillars in our lives that we need to make sure to take care of: Health, Wealth, Family, and Friends. When these go out of sync, life sucks. You basically have to keep it balanced to live a good life.


64. Start a water purifying business

It is a very lucrative industry, especially if you select the right location for your business, and will be the center of attention in the coming years.

Water is a necessity. Daily, around the world, billions of people require clean drinking water and sanitation services. However, millions don’t have access to safe and affordable water. They either have to purchase it or otherwise search for systems that can purify water for consumption. This is where the water purifying business comes in handy.

Listed are the steps to start a water purifying business.

How Much Can You Make? $1,500/month View all 1 case studies Skills Design Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Negotiation Skills See More

Hello! My name is Naveen Kumar and I am the CEO of Pyotam. I am an alumnus of IIT (BHU), Varanasi, and have various patents in the field of water conservation techniques and solutions.

Today we have recurring customers who not only love our product but also recommend it to their friends and family. Currently our monthly revenue averages around Rs. 1,00,000/- ($13K) from a customer base of around 250 customers having sold 1,400 bottles so far.


65. Start a bed and breakfast business

Bed and breakfasts have been around for a long time. Owners interact with customers while they benefit from affordable lodging.

Travelers nowadays have a high interest in experiencing local culture, ready to take on the adventure of meeting and interacting with others from different backgrounds and perspectives in order to get a unique taste of how a small town or even neighborhood might live.

The great thing about starting at home B&B in Ghana is that you don’t need a degree in business. You only need enough capital to purchase essential items needed to open your very first one.

Listed are the steps to start a bed and breakfast business.

66. Start a socks business

Socks are a low-cost, high-profit business. One of the more affordable businesses you can start.

The market itself has a size of 47 billion USD in 2020 with an annual growth rate of 6%. .

If you want to be successful in this industry, it is important that your socks are comfy to wear and stylish to look at. People would want to wear socks that will make them look great without sacrificing comfort.

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Hi, Dane Jensen here, my business partner Noah and I run Sock Club. Our flagship product is socks of course. We started Sock Club as a monthly subscription where we would deliver a pair of unique socks to our customers every month. As we’ve grown we’ve developed a manufacturing supply chain here in the United States. Having the ability to make our own socks made it possible to enter the new market of custom socks. Now making custom socks is 90% of our business and the subscription 10%. Last year we did $12M+ in revenue and we plan to do more than that this year.


67. Start a restaurant

If you love cooking and are passionate about entrepreneurship, starting a restaurant can be a fun and lucrative business.

To get started, choose a great location, and hire an excellent support team. You will need a chef to inspect the food and line cooks, waiters, and waitresses to serve the customers. No matter the restaurant type, you need great culinary and business skills to make your dream come true.

If you plan to open a restaurant in Ghana, gain insight from consumer preferences and focus on serving modern consumers what they need.

How Much Can You Make? $5,000 — $61,650,000/month View all 6 case studies Average Initial Investment $57,500 Skills Business Savvy Skills Self Motivation Skills Customer Service Skills See More

Hi, I’m Andrei Calinescu and I am the Founder and CEO of One Life Meals.


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Wanna see 52 business ideas you can start in Ghana with less than $1,000?

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30 Profitable Small Business Ideas in Ghana

profitable small business ideas in Ghana

Table of Contents

Are you a Ghanaian considering to take the bull of entrepreneurship by the horn? Or perhaps you are looking at investing in Ghana. We have curated a list of 30 profitable small business ideas that would help you narrow your focus. Ghana is a great place to start businesses. It has an excellent infrastructure and an educated workforce, making it an ideal destination for foreign investors. This article will discuss the main factors making Ghana a perfect place to establish a business.

How easy is it to start a business in Ghana?

The country is an excellent place to start a business because of its low cost of living and friendly people. It has a lot of growth potential and will continue to attract many investors because it’s easy to do business in Ghana. The government offers incentives for small businesses like tax holidays, grants, and loans from banks or credit unions. You can even apply for grants from NGOs that provide capital funding for new startups or small businesses in your area (like Grassroots Fund).

Is Ghana a good business place?

Ghana also has a good business environment, making it an ideal climate for businesses to thrive. This can be seen from the fact that many industries have been established or developed here, such as textiles, construction materials, and food processing plants. The country is rich in natural resources such as gold ore which makes it attractive to investors looking for high returns on their investments due to the high prices of precious metals globally today (Gold Standard Institute). Furthermore, there are plenty of opportunities available if you want something different from what’s already happening on the market; this means that you’ll be able to find something suitable even if you don’t know where exactly your niche lies yet.

How can a foreigner start a business in Ghana?

You need to meet several requirements to start your business in Ghana. Most importantly, you will need a valid Ghana visa. If you do not have one, it may be easier for you to start your business. There are many other legalities involved with starting a business in any country. You should also be aware that specific permits and licenses may be required before starting up your small business in Ghana, such as:

Franchise Opportunities in Ghana

Align yourself with a great franchise and cut through the stress of starting from scratch. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a franchise opportunity in Ghana. Here are our top 5 franchise opportunities:

#1. Vino Mobile

Vino Mobile is a mobile bar serving wine and cocktails on the go. The company has a fleet of mobile bars in Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. Kevin Abayomi is the founder of Vino Mobile and founded KFC in Ghana.

KFC is a fast food restaurant chain specializing in fried chicken and headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. The company operates under several names, including KFC and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), but these are just different ways of saying the same thing. KFC has over 20,000 restaurants as of December 2018, with more than 10 million employees worldwide. The first outlet was opened by Harland Sanders at his Corbin, Kentucky restaurant in 1952. The only difference between his recipe for fried chicken and other recipes was that it used cheaper ingredients like flour instead of white bread crumbs or cornmeal.

#3. Manna Inc.

Manna Inc. is a Ghanaian company that provides a wide range of services, including real estate, healthcare, security, and education. The company has over 15 years of experience in the sector and currently maintains its position as one of Ghana’s largest real estate firms. Mr. Joseph Agyapong founded the firm in 1997 with just three employees; today, it employs over 200 people across all its divisions: Residential Properties (RPP), Commercial Properties (COP), Lending & Leasing (LL), and Construction Management Services (CMSS). Manna Inc.’s RPP division offers residents an array of homes, from affordable villas to luxury apartments; these include new constructions within areas such as Tema West or Takoradi and refurbished properties from other parts of Ghana like Accra or Kumasi.

#4. Fruity Ice Cream Shop

The Fruity Ice Cream Shop franchise is an excellent opportunity for those who love making and selling ice cream or want to start their businesses. The franchise is located in Ghana and offers customers a wide range of flavors, which means you’ll be able to cater to all tastes. Fruity Ice Cream Shop also has a fantastic location: there are three different branches in Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi, with more planned for the future.

#5. Teensy Pies and Bakes Franchise

Teensy Pies and Bakes is a franchise opportunity that sells pies, cakes, s, and other baked goods in Ghana. The company is based in Accra and has over 100 stores nationwide. The company has a solid social media presence with more than 2 million followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. They also have a website where you can buy their products online or visit the store location nearest to you. Their reputation for quality products has helped them gain popularity among customers who want something tasty but affordable.

Websites to Find Businesses for Sale in Ghana

This is the place to start whether you’re looking to purchase a business or invest in one. We’ve compiled a list of websites that will help you find companies for sale in Ghana.

#1. Sergers

Smergers is a website that allows you to find businesses for sale in Ghana, and it’s one of the best places to start your search. This is what you want if you’re looking for an opportunity with no strings attached and minimal fees. Smergers is based in Accra, Ghana—where many people are moving away from traditional methods of doing business because they don’t see any value in them anymore (or at least not enough). As such, Smergers can be counted on as being among those who understand what works when it comes down to marketing your products or services online: namely getting others involved so they can share their own experiences with others like them who might also be interested in buying something similar themselves.

#2. is a great place to start your search for franchises in Ghana. The website has a comprehensive database of franchise opportunities and is easy to navigate. It also has an impressive layout that makes it easy to find precisely what you’re looking for.


If you are looking for a business for sale in Ghana, then is the website to visit. It has an extensive database of businesses for sale globally and provides valuable information about each company you can use as an investor or entrepreneur.

The main features of this website include the following:


If you’re looking for businesses for sale in Ghana, is an excellent place to start. It lists all the relevant information about each company and its owner, including contact details, location, and price range. The site also provides an overview of each business type (e.g., retail or hospitality). Finally, it briefly describes what makes up this type of company—what products do they sell? How many employees does it have? Are there any special perks associated with working there?

#5.  Globalbx

Globalbx is a business-for-sale marketplace and online business-for-sale website. Globalbx offers you the opportunity to sell your business in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, or any other African country. You can also give it away for free if you want to do so.

Online and Technology Business Opportunities in Ghana

There are many ways you can set up a business in Ghana. From digital marketing to cryptocurrency trading, there are numerous opportunities you can use to start your own online technology company. The internet is a great way to make money online, and there are many opportunities for you to use the internet as your business platform. You first need to understand what makes people want to buy products or services from other people who have already established themselves in this market. For example, if you’re selling information on how to become successful at something like sports or music, people will be interested because they want access too. The second thing that will help you develop an effective marketing strategy is by using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where everyone can see what’s being posted by others every day throughout Africa (not just Ghana). This helps create awareness about what’s happening right now, so when someone decides they want something similar later down the line. It would be easier since plenty will be written about them beforehand.”

#1. Digital Marketing

With the knowledge of Digital Marketing, you can start a digital agency. It would create a monthly stream of income by taking a fee from businesses to help them sell their products or services. Having 10 business who pay you $100 every month would easily generate $1000 for you.

#2. Social Media Management

Most businesses are looking for people who can help them manage their Social media pages. Reach out to small businesses in your area and offer to manage their social media pages. You can start by doing it for free to build a portfolio and gain the relevant experience. You can use social media for business in many different ways, including:

There are two types of social media channels: owned – like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – and sponsored – like LinkedIn ads or Google AdWords ads. Both types have their pros & cons, so it’s important that when deciding which way works best for your brand/business model, try out both options before choosing one.

#3. Content Writing, blogging, and affiliate marketing

Writing for the web is different from writing for print. You have to be concise and to the point, not wasting time or space on unnecessary details. There are many ways to make money from writing for the web, including affiliate marketing and blogging. The web is a different medium; you can’t just copy and paste your print writing onto it. If you want to make money from writing for the web, you must learn how to write differently.

#4. Graphic Design

Graphic design is another profitable business opportunity in Ghana. You can start by offering your services to friends and family, or you can offer them to local businesses. This is an easy way to start with graphic design because many people need this work done. Designing logos, banners and websites is one of the best ways to make money online in Ghana and other African countries like South Africa and Nigeria. Many entrepreneurs have created their businesses thanks purely to their ability to design graphics for them.

#5. Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is a form of online trading involving buying and selling digital money. This is a highly lucrative business opportunity in Ghana, where you can earn huge profits from cryptocurrencies and other digital investments such as Forex trading. Cryptocurrency trading is one of the best ways to make money online today because it offers high returns and low risks compared to other financial products such as stocks or bonds. The best part about cryptocurrency trading is that you can do it from home using your computer or smartphone at any time, anywhere in the world.

The Ghanaian economy is booming, and many people are starting their nesses. But it would be best if you had the capital to start a profitable small business in Ghana, and there are many ways to get it. You can use your savings, borrow money from friends and family or even take a loan from a bank or credit union. However, some people need more money to invest in their businesses, so they need ideas on generating more profit before proceeding with any investment. Here are 30 profitable small business ideas in Ghana:

#1. Agriculture and Agro-processed Products

Agriculture and agro-processed products are the most profitable small business ideas in Ghana. The importance of agriculture cannot be overstated, as it has been a driving force behind our economy for centuries. It is also an industry that can employ many people at once and provide them with a decent income. However, this is not always easy to do because there are so many different crops to choose from, each with its market niche (such as cocoa beans).

#2. Blogging

Blogging is the act of publishing online content on your website. It’s a great way to share your knowledge with the world and can be an excellent way to make money from home. Depending on your niche you can make anywhere between $3000 to millions of dollars. Although this would take a while. You need to have a consistent audience of monthly clicks on your website connected with Google AdSense to make money.

#3. Sell an EBook

One of the best ways to make money from your small business is by selling an E-Book. An E-Book is a digital book that you write and sell online. You can use this method to market specific products or services or make yourself some extra cash. Imagine selling an e-book of GHs 100 to 10,000 people, that would make you over GHs 100,000. The benefits of digital products is that once created it would continue to earn you a consistent passive income.

If you’re looking for a way to make money in Ghana, consider starting a bakery. This is an easy business idea that can be started with little capital and require minimal overhead costs. The location of your bakery should be near people whose products and other businesses are on the same block or within walking distance of each other.

#5. Carwash Services

Carwash services are a great business, as they require little startup capital and can be expanded into a more extensive operation. You can do it yourself or find someone to do it for you. The business is profitable, scalable, and always in demand by people who need their cars cleaned. From here you can add other complimentary services likes selling car accessories or fun gadgets.

#6. Fish Farming

Fish farming is a profitable business idea, it’s a low-risk investment, and you can earn money from day one. The first step to starting fish farming is finding the right equipment for your farm. You need to know how much money you want to invest in getting started with this project and what type of fish will work best for your environment and climate conditions. Then buy some cages or tanks and fill them with water, so they’re ready when it’s time to plant seeds or eggs on them. Once these supplies have been purchased, all that remains is waiting until they sprout into adult fish! Now that those little guys are big enough (or at least look big enough) let’s get cracking–we’ll need more rooms so that we don’t run out before spring arrives again next year. You should also think of exporting to other countries and make thousands of dollars from your fish export business.

#7. Laundry Services with Wash and Dry Machines

Laundry services are always in demand, but they can be done at home or in a commercial space. You must find a place to store your laundry and hire staff. It would help if you started with a washing machine and dryer, as these items are purchased for less than $500 each. Your business will need to find customers who want their clothes washed by someone else instead of doing it themselves (you). These customers might also take advantage of the fact that you’ll be offering free pickup/delivery service with each wash cycle; this could lead them down an unexpected path toward becoming repeat customers.

#8. Photography Services

Photography is a trendy business idea in Ghana. This service is helpful during weddings, birthdays, graduations, family portraits, etc. You can also do it for commercial purposes like photography studios or photo galleries.

#9. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is a business that can be started with little capital but requires a lot of hard work. It’s an occupation that requires you to raise chickens and other poultry, such as ducks and geese, on your land. If you have land, this is one of the best businesses to start if you want to live off the ground.

#10. Food Processing (Bottling) Business

Bottling is a great way to make money from your food products. You can bottle juices, water, beer, and soft drinks at home or in a factory. If you want to bottle your e, start by collecting all the necessary ingredients from the store, like sugar cane, oranges, lemon trees,s, etc. Then wash them properly before use, so their taste stays the same over time. Also, when selecting bottles for storing your juice, always go for glass instead of plastic because this type of container prevents chemicals from leaching into its contents and prevents carbonation from building up inside its body (which could cause damage).

#11. Day Care Centre/Basic School

Daycare centers are a popular business in Ghana. Many people have seen the success of daycare centers in America and other countries, so they think it’s an easy way to make money. There are only two things you need to know about starting up a daycare center:

Uber is a ride-sharing app that lets you make money on the side while you’re out and about. It’s available in Ghana, so it’s easy to get started. Uber drivers use their cars to pick up passengers without having to worry about finding parking or paying for gas (which is often included in their rates). You’ll earn cash by providing transportation services to others who need them, meaning there’s no need for any training or licensing requirements. Plus, Uber offers flexible hours; if you want more time off than what’s provided during regular work hours, then all you have to do is put in your request.

#13. Vegetable Farming

Vegetable farming is a good business to start. Many people do not know, but vegetables are an excellent source of nutrients. They can be grown in pots or on the ground, requiring little maintenance. You must have enough space for your vegetable farm to grow enough vegetables to sell at market price.

#14. Gym/Fitness Centre

A gym is a place where people can exercise, and a fitness center is where people can work out with machines, weights, and other equipment.

This business aims to provide an environment that embraces fitness and athleticism to help people maintain healthy lifestyles. You would have your gym or fitness center on the premises where you would teach classes on how to use the equipment within it and offer personal training sessions for those who wish to get fit physically but don’t know where or what type of workouts they should do first.

#15. Barbering Salon

Barbering salons are a great business idea for anyone looking to make money from their home. Barbering salons can be started with as little as $1,000 and require no more than an average-sized garage or small shop. The barbering industry is highly lucrative, with the average income per location being around $2,000 per month.

#16. E-commerce

E-commerce is the online sales of products and services, and it’s also known as e-business, e-marketing, and e-commerce commerce. Most businesses have been run successfully over the internet since at least 1999 when Amazon launched its first website in Seattle (the same year eBay was founded). The number of people using sites to shop has grown exponentially over time, with mobile devices becoming more powerful and less expensive every year – meaning that you can now do business from anywhere in the world.

#17. Light Manufacturing Industry

Light manufacturing is converting raw materials into finished goods, and it involves the creation of a product by combining various components or with some other substance. Light manufacturing industries include food and beverage processing, garment manufacturing, printing, and packaging (a type of light industry).

#18. Computer Training

You can teach people the basics of using computers. This is a great way to make money, especially if you have experience with computers and centers showing they work. You could also offer computer training in your local area where there’s a demand, such as at universities or community centers.

#19. Courier/Delivery Services

You can start a courier service by delivering and receiving goods from customers. The benefit of this business is that you can earn extra income while your employees are interested in their destination.

#20. Online Education Courses

Online education courses are delivered to students anywhere in the world. They are a flexible way of teaching, as they are used to teach a wide range of subjects at levels from primary school to university. Online education courses are also taught to the students, which makes them ideal for those who want to learn or improve their ability in foreign languages such as French, Italian or Spanish.

#21. Microfinance

Microfinance is a small loan that microfinance institutions give to help low-income households. This loan is used for any purpose, including buying food and paying utility bills. The main advantage of microfinance is that it allows individuals to get loans at affordable rates, which means they don’t need to go through long-term loans or high-interest rates.

The disadvantage is that some people may use the money on things other than their original purpose—for example, if someone borrows $10 from their bank but uses it only to buy snacks instead of food for their children or pay off some debt from before they even got any money from the bank (which may have caused them stress).

#22. Building Materials Retail Outlet

Building materials are in high demand in Ghana. With the growing population, there is a need for more construction companies to be established to meet this demand. However, as an owner of a building materials retail outlet, you must ensure that your business is highly profitable and reliable before entering this market.

#23. Beauty Products Retail/Wholesale

Beauty products retail/wholesale is a business that can be profitable in Ghana. Having a good brand, website, and customer service is essential to ensure you are always getting your customers back for more.

The product should be of high quality and sold at a fair price because this will increase the likelihood of repeat purchases by your customers, which will drive up sales revenue over time.

#24. Mobile Phone Accessories Retail/Wholesale

Mobile phone accessories are in high demand, and selling them is the best way to make money from them. Mobile phone accessories are one of the most profitable businesses you can start on your own. They are in high demand because everyone has a mobile phone, whether they want it or not. Your business will surely flourish if you have access to good quality products and services. Customers will pay more for quality products than they do for low-quality ones because they know that their investment will last longer than cheaper ones would have done so.

#25. Outdoor Advertising

You can advertise your business in the following ways:

#26. Drug Store

A drug store is a perfect business idea for Ghana because of the following factors: You will need to be licensed by the government, and this is done quickly with a simple application form and an interview at your local branch office. You will need well-trained pharmacy and medicine staff and those who can handle cash transactions (pharmacy technicians). These professionals usually come from university programs or companies that offer training courses on conducting themselves while working in these areas.

#27. Auto Mechanic Garage

It would help if you were qualified to work in a garage and needed the right tools and equipment, such as car ramps, jack stands, tire changers, and tire repair kits. For example, if you have experience working with cars, it will be easier to fix them when they malfunction or break down.

#28. Mobile Money Agent

Know your customer.

Do you know who your customers are? Do they have any special needs that you can fulfill? If so, then it’s time for some research. You need to determine what products people want and how much they are willing to pay. Then, once again, ask yourself: “What’s the best way for me to reach out and serve these people?”

#29. Real Estate

Real estate is an excellent business to start and a good investment, and it’s one of the most popular small businesses in Ghana. You can get into real estate if you have the capital or connections with other people who do (like your friends).This is because real estate has many benefits:

#30. Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are a good business idea because you can sell food in different forms, and you can sell it from your home or a store. You can also sell drinks in various states: hot drinks such as tea, coffee, and milk; cold drinks like soda, water, or juice; ice-creams (or frozen yogurt), etc., which are famous worldwide.

Ghana is a great place to start a business because of its low cost of living, strong government, and growing economy. The country is also known for having one of the highest levels of internet usage in Africa, so you can find plenty of opportunities without leaving home.

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best business ideas ghana

50 Profitable Businesses in Ghana You Should Start

Are you considering launching a company in Ghana ? One may think of a lot of profitable Businesses in Ghana, everything from import and export to mobile phone sales to online enterprises and even providing expert service. All of these company concepts can generate money, and you don’t even need to worry about the current economic situation because they will still be profitable even if the cedi falls against the dollar.

 With the high rate of unemployment in the country, the best decision you can ever take is a step toward starting a business. By doing so, you’d need business ideas by learning from either a mentor or online. Or simple your skills right now can get you into a good business in this modern world.

Without a doubt, Ghana is a nation to watch in the future. However, you must first figure out what works for you before making any preparations to launch a firm. But if you don’t try, how will you know what works for you? You can choose what form of business best suits you by reading this article.

In this article, has put together a list of profitable businesses in Ghana you should consider starting. From top online niches to traditional business and professional skills businesses. Read to the end of this article as you may find some important tips or skills you would love to start.

I have worked hard putting together this article. If you find it useful, please share it with others to help them start one of these profitable businesses in Ghana. Thank You

Table of Contents

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Washing Bay Enterprise

Every entrepreneur in Ghana will find success starting a washing bay. All you require is a great site for your car wash business, the appropriate tools, and a successful marketing plan. How you plan to finance the company is another item to think about. Try to keep the cost of operation as low as possible while yet providing excellent service. As a general rule, treat every car as if it were your own!

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Child Care Business Or School

You are fortunate if you have a strong commitment to raising kids of all ages. By starting a daycare business in Ghana , you can grow this into a significant enterprise. You must acquire some parenting skills if you want to provide daycare successfully. Again, treat the child as if it were your own newborn. The development of the child’s creativity, encouragement of constructive behaviour, and improvement of their overall health should be your priorities. You must establish a positive relationship with both the child and the family members because parents want someone they can trust.

But you must be confident about the scope of your childcare enterprise. This business plan is frequently implemented in two (2) ways in Ghana. The first step is contacting parents and providing for their children while they are at work in their own houses. Establishing a daycare centre where various kids from various homes are looked after under a well-designed establishment is the second, slightly more demanding option. The latter can be chaotic at first, but when done correctly, you will experience true success.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Graphic Design Business

One of the lucrative business opportunities in Ghana that you may use is graphic design. Do you enjoy creating graphics for posters, brochures, infographics, and the like? Why not make your hobby a legitimate business? Graphic designers have some of the best salaries in Ghana. In that case, it would be prudent to launch your own graphic design company and earn at least enough money to support yourself.

There are various platforms accessible to you to make money with your talent, even if you lack the financial clout to open a physical firm in your area. According to the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Ghana is the best place in Africa to launch an ICT-related business. You can work on the tens of thousands of design jobs offered by people who need your assistance by visiting any of the freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Restaurant Business

Starting a restaurant was regarded as a very “risky” enterprise in the early 1990s and even in the early 2000s. While failure was significantly more likely, success was still a possibility. Things have changed today, and they have improved. Due to the nature of our current jobs, we no longer spend a lot of time in our kitchen.

For those of us in Ghana who are interested in opening a restaurant, this provides a business opportunity. Despite this, you still need to thoroughly research the market and choose where you want to conduct the firm. In situations like this, you should always decide who your target customers are. Are you aiming for a specific demographic or the general populace? Once you are confident in this, the likelihood of failure dramatically decreases.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Event Organising

Perhaps you have been employed in the events planning sector for a while and have made the decision to launch your own firm to profit from this business concept.

Or perhaps you’ve assisted with event planning in the past and wish you could use this skill in your career. Continue with this profitable business opportunity in Ghana for a variety of reasons. Most people lack the capacity to properly organize and carry out every aspect of an event. As a businessperson, you have a chance to profit from this.

However, before you start such businesses in Ghana, you need to consider the following:

Focus on business development and marketing for your events company.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Pastry Business

Pastry company is a niche that has remained lucrative over time and has even been growing. For chefs, dessert connoisseurs, and even housewives, starting a pastry business in Ghana is a great passion. Keep in mind that you must already have some experience and the ability to produce desserts that people enjoy in order to launch this type of business. This type of business has high standards for both quality and flavor. Additionally, the chosen venue will need some amount of reform to comply with food safety and hygiene regulations, unless it is already established.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Beauty Salon

Did you pursue beauty as a subject of study or a hobby and feel the need to establish your independence? Are you having trouble opening a beauty parlor in Ghana? Not to worry. Simply start small and grow it into the successful enterprise of which you have long dreamed. Unquestionably, one of the best low-investment business ideas in Ghana right now is the salon industry. The salon industry in Ghana is today varied; you can operate it nearly everywhere your target customers live, even at home and on the street.

Today, a beauty shop is a very lucrative business, as I previously stated; of course, your effort and dedication will determine how successful it is. There are a few procedures to take when starting this business. First, be clear about the services your beauty shop provides, from those that are simple to those that call for more specialized training.

Let us take a critical look at some of the common ones:

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Electrical And Plumbing Service

It is really challenging to cease this kind of service. This is mostly due to the fact that experts will always be needed to handle this kind of situation, both in homes and businesses. Location, competitive pricing, and the kind of electrical device to deal with are things to think about when opening an electrical shop in Ghana. It is also best to hire electicians and plumber to work for you. It can pay off if you marking skill it great. By the time you realise you have an electrical and plumbing businesses with workers working for you.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Sachet Or Pure Water Production

Any serious businessperson who is interested in succeeding must make an investment in the water production industry given Ghana’s huge demand for sachet water.

In Ghana, selling “pure water,” as it is commonly known, is a tremendously profitable industry. Many people are investing in the sachet water industry since it is less demanding than other businesses in Ghana. Get a place, register your pure water business, and install the distillation system are all you need to do. Start a sachet water company in Ghana to get a reliable income. Pure water businees is arguably one of the long term profitable busineesses in Ghana.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Toiletries Shop Or Depot

Another profitable business prospect for the majority of young entrepreneurs in Ghana is selling toiletries. Toiletries are in high demand not just in Ghana but all throughout the world because we require them every day. You must plan and advertise your products very carefully if you’re an entrepreneur looking to make a profit. Toilet paper, wipes, toothpaste, shampoo, diapers, shaving cream, deodorant, and sanitary towels are just a few examples of the things you can choose from. These are a few of the items that Ghanaians have a great need for, thus as a startup, I would advise you to research the industry before beginning any toiletry enterprises there.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Poultry Farming

It’s one of the most profitable careers to think about pursuing. You can purchase land, avian housing structures, agro-inputs like food and various medications, day-old chicks, and farm workers with very little money. The chicks benefit from enough security, a tidy environment, and a good lighting system.

Within no time you can make decent revenue with the animals’ products such as meat, eggs and fertilizer.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Vegetables Farming

The cultivation of vegetable crops for human use is referred to as vegetable farming. Despite daily price increases, the nation is consuming more vegetables. Ghana’s vegetable agricultural industry is flourishing. Simply cultivating veggies for sale can bring in a respectable income. The majority of vegetable crops, such as onions, garden eggs, tomatoes, and peppers, don’t require any prior experience; however, having some background in agriculture can be advantageous.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Uber/Tricycle driver

Working as a taxi or tricycle driver in Ghana is another way to make a respectable living (also called Mahama cambu or Aboboya). With a small amount of money, you could even rent a taxi. Tricycle is a thriving industry that can pay you well. I personally know a tricycle driver who makes more than 100 each day. Apps like Uber and Bolt have made it simple to register as a taxi driver in Ghana, thanks to technology.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Mobile Money Agent

It is no secret that the Ghanaian mobile money industry offers some of the most lucrative employment opportunities. One of the best business concepts in the nation is to think about working as a mobile money agent.

Mobile money brokers earn $500 to $3,000 every month. As a mobile money agent, your ability to earn a living depends on your geographical location, your clientele, and your initial capital. All you need to run a mobile money business is a business certificate, after which you may apply for a mobile money SIM. Getting the Sim takes less than three months.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Snail Farming

Consider keeping snails for your business even if you don’t like them. A small space will do for snail farming. Snail farming is profitable given the demand for their flesh and cosmetics. In Ghana, snail farming is becoming more and more popular because of the profits. It doesn’t cost much to get started. A snail takes only 16 months to achieve adulthood. Sanil farming is underrated in Ghana. But these in it is make good living out of it. It is one of the best farming profitable businesses in Ghana.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Barbering Shop

Barbering is another option for making money in Ghana. You only need a well equipped shop and a handful of trained staff to get started. Most barbers in Ghana charge between $5 and $20 for each client. According to your area, you could make more than 150 per day.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Drug/Pharmacy Shop

You must have the proper licensing from the Pharmacy Council of Ghana in order to run an over-the-counter drug store or a legally permitted chemical store in Ghana.

The Pharmacy Council of Ghana may additionally ask you for a non-refundable charge of GH 500.00. To run the pharmacy, you’ll also need a skilled pharmacist.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Phone Accessories

For individuals interested in retail or wholesale distribution, selling phone accessories is the greatest option. You can start selling phone extras like chargers, earbuds, batteries, and phone cases. You’ll need a store and a shop employee to accomplish this.

To attract enough consumers, the shop should be situated near to a busy area like a market or car station.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Make-up artist

It’s no secret that one of the most successful business ventures in Ghana is the sale of cosmetics. Since so many women desire to look beautiful in public, there is a big market for cosmetics. Working as a makeup artist is a viable career option.

Even while the majority of women apply their own makeup, some are not professionals at it. There are two choices available here: either you invest in a makeup artist, or you start selling the goods. You would continue to make money from the business regardless of the outcome. Because of social media make-up artist make money with even opening a shop. I think it is one of the best profitable businesses in Ghana you can start small and make it big.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana


The fact is that starting a microfinance business costs a lot of money. However, you will earn a respectable profit once you are able to construct one. You can launch a “susu collection” microfinance company.

One drawback of beginning this business is the expensive start-up costs. You also need a skilled finance team to handle your loan portfolios, as well as a method for efficient debt collection.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Liquid Soap Production

The liquid soap industry is an additional topic to think about. We all require liquid soap in our various houses, particularly in the kitchen. In Ghana, liquid soap is a necessity for practically all households.

The Ghanaian market is one that has a demand for liquid soap. Consequently, the business will always be profitable. You simply need to enroll in some basic training, which is offered in vocational centers. Some non-governmental organizations even provide free training for women.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Fish Farming

One of the most often prepared proteins in Ghana is fish. Fish is a favorite food of most Ghanaians. Some people even favor fish over beef.

In Ghana, one of the profitable industries is fish farming. The cost of operating a fish farm may not be as high as most people believe. You only need a small amount of land and a pond in the backyard of your garden to get started.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Laundry Business

Laundry service is one of the most successful small business ventures. You may launch a successful washing business with little start-up money. You don’t necessary need all the equipment to start your firm, which is an intriguing feature. You can begin small and eventually become large.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Point Of Sale (POS) Agent

One industry you should anticipate in the coming year is the point of sale (POS) industry . In essence, POS agents aid in reducing the crowding of people in banking halls.

Nowadays, the majority of retail establishments take payments for goods and services using POS machines. It enables you, the cardholder, to use debit or cash cards to access money and information in your bank account in real time online. We live in a fast-paced world, thus being a POS Agent in the new world will be highly lucrative because it keeps society going. Businesses can only grow if they can keep up with the pace.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Catering Business

As was already established, food is a need in our daily existence. The food industry can never be too crowded since we need to eat to survive. You can establish a catering business and earn decent money from it if you have good culinary skills.

Additionally, your services will constantly be in demand due to the growing demand for catering services at occasions like weddings, dedications, graduations, etc.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana


One of the most lucrative online business concepts is dropshipping. In essence, it’s a kind of eCommerce business where you may sell items that you don’t actually own. However, you will also need to market your products on other channels and set up an online store. The fact that you don’t have to keep inventory of the products is an intriguing aspect of dropshipping. Only after your consumer has paid and the item has been delivered to their address do you purchase from your supplier.

I advise you to start by reading our beginners’ guide on how to launch a prosperous dropshipping business in Ghana. This beginners’ tutorial summarizes everything you need to know about the dropshipping industry.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Cosmetics Business

If you like beauty, this line of work is for you. A billion-dollar industry is the cosmetics industry. You must conduct in-depth research on the subject you genuinely wish to tackle before you can begin. It is one of the best profitable businesses in Ghana if level up your marketinf skill.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Lounge or Relaxation Center

One of the most lucrative covert businesses exists. In Ghana’s affluent cities, running a spa can be a reliable source of revenue. Many people, especially those in the working class, are always looking for places to unwind after a long day at work or on the weekends. If it serves as a watching center as well, it generates extra revenue.

Profitable Businesses In Ghana

Network Marketing

Network marketing is here to stay, and if you have the knack for it, it can be very rewarding. This marketing strategy has set you up to profit from referral bonuses. Surprisingly, network marketing is also embracing digital technology. As a result, businesses can expand and advance sustainably. Anyone who can generate a lot of referrals for a company will be highly sought-after in 2021.

Courier Services

Courier Services

Courier services are a further profitable business venture. You want to address issues brought on by delayed product deliveries with this firm. It doesn’t take much money to start and run a courier service, but with proper management, it can be quite successful.

Simply moving commodities and things from one location in a city to another constitutes the business. Even from one city to another at times, and as technology advances, from one nation to another Transporting items from one place to another will always be necessary, so this business will undoubtedly be successful.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

The 21st century’s dominant industry is digital marketing , which is here to stay. You can get going with very little technological expertise and no money. To attain the best possible outcomes in digital marketing, you will need to manage organic and inorganic campaigns, sponsored social media posts, and Google Ads for clients. You must try your hardest because your clients will be looking for impressive ROIs. Another profitable businesss concept for 2021 is this.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design

Fashion design is one of the business concepts that immediately springs to mind. Interestingly, despite the fact that this company has been operating for a while, the sector is constantly expanding. Today, you can launch a fashion design company and earn a lot of money.

You can decide which fashion industry to enter. The fashion house for every style of clothing can be opened, though, if you’re starting off huge. You might shop for cotton fabric, street clothes, and business attire.

Interior Decorator

Interior Decorator

Interior design is a potential business venture you might investigate in 2021. The look is everything in our industry. Your responsibilities will include choosing color schemes, getting new decor pieces, setting up furniture arrangements, and hanging wall art. Consider yourself a professional who can assist others in giving an existing area a completely new appearance.


Photography Business

One of the most lucrative business opportunities in Ghana is a digital photography business. This kind of work is for you if you know how to work a camera and enhance the beauty of others.

However, I advise getting some instruction if you have no prior experience with photography. Additionally, there are a ton of sites available online where you may learn more about photography.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the technique of generating income by advertising the goods of other people (or businesses). Find a product that appeals to you first. Then, spread the word about it so that others can purchase it, and you can profit from each sale. Affiliate marking is one of the best online profitable businesses in Ghana you can start with small amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing

Travel/Tourism Agency

Starting a travel or tourist business might be expensive, but the rewards are immense. Although it will take some time for this business to develop, in the long run it will become well-known.

It’s crucial to build a website, lease space, and recruit at least two travel agents when starting this firm.

Rental Services

The rental service industry is tremendously profitable. You can begin contracting out a variety of items, such as chairs, canopies, vacuum cleaners, cutlery, cooking utensils, music boxes, ladders, etc. You might not be able to meet demand once your involvement in this firm becomes known in your community.

If you have an unusual selection of expensive tools or equipment, you can think about using them to start a side business that charges users by the hour. You can add more goods if the business succeeds as you learn what customers prefer renting.

Affiliate Marketing

Concrete Block Production

You ought to focus your attention on the concrete block manufacturing industry if you work in the construction industry. Making concrete blocks for construction is the focus of this firm. You can spare yourself some difficulty by purchasing a machine for block molding.

With a rapidly expanding population, there is an increasing need for housing, particularly in urban areas. If you can offer concrete blocks and other services as needed, that would be helpful.

Affiliate Marketing

Car Dealership Business

A successful enterprise that an aspirant businessperson or investor can launch in Ghana is a vehicle dealership. Operators in the car dealership sector sell and purchase both new and used cars, and they may operate in any of the following niche markets: brick and mortar car dealerships, online used car dealerships, dealerships for locally produced cars, dealerships for imported cars, businesses for luxury cars, and multi-brand and multi-maker car dealerships.

Because more and more consumers are realizing the need to reduce excessive expenditure when it comes to car purchases, the used car dealership sector of the automotive business in Ghana is truly booming.

Affiliate Marketing

Bar and Grill Business

Opening a bar and grill can be exciting and worthwhile, especially if you locate your bar and grill establishment in prime areas where you can readily draw socialites and nightlife enthusiasts. Starting a bar in Ghana is arguably the best among all the profitable businesses in Ghana on this list. I;m pretty sure you will understand me if you are a local staying in Ghana.

Bars are one of those companies that are quite popular and successful in Ghana since people always hang out there. One of the companies an entrepreneur can start in a busy street corner without breaking the bank is a bar and grill operation.

Affiliate Marketing

Bureau De Change Shop

If you are a Ghanaian or a resident of Ghana and want to conduct international trade or business, you must acquire the necessary currency. This proves that operating a bureau de change in Ghana is a feasible business that a budding entrepreneur wishing to launch a company may do so effectively.

The fact is, if you decide to start a foreign exchange or bureau de change business in a commercial center in Ghana, you will undoubtedly make a sizable profit because the industry is thriving and viable.

best business ideas ghana

Commercial Cleaning Company

There are many business chances in Ghana, and any entrepreneur who wants to open a company there can effectively launch a commercial cleaning company and make good profits in a short amount of time.

This is so because Ghana has a booming commercial cleaning industry. Anyone can start this kind of business as long as they have an eye for cleanliness and precision. Starting and successfully operating a cleaning service will be simpler for you if you have experience in this area.

best business ideas ghana

Construction Company

Another successful business that can be founded in Ghana is a construction firm. Simply put, the kind of heavy-duty equipment needed to complete a construction job and the expense of maintaining a large staff make starting a construction business capital intensive.

Even though the construction sector demands a substantial amount of initial capital, it may be quite successful if you have the skills and ability to complete high-quality work. Governments and the private sector make up the majority of a construction company’s clients.

best business ideas ghana

Cyber Security Company

IT security services including firewalls, intrusion prevention, security threat analysis, proactive security vulnerability and penetration testing, incident preparedness and response, which includes IT forensics, are managed by cyber security corporations or IT security consulting firms. Due to the rise in cybercrime in Ghana, launching a cyber security company is a lucrative venture since everyone needs their data to be protected—individuals, companies, and the government. This one of the best profitable busineeses to start in Ghana in this modern world.

But in order to launch this kind of business, you’ll need the technological know-how required to protect client data or halt an ongoing attack. It would be prudent to speak with a business consultant in the region where you plan to launch the business, though, due to the technical nature of this industry and the necessity to understand what you would be getting into from a commercial perspective.

best business ideas ghana

Fabric Store

One of the many businesses that may be founded in any region of Ghana is a fabric store, and the proprietor can continue to make a nice profit year after year. In fact, company owners who want to open a fabric store can do it from their garage or car.

The fact remains that there is consistently a ready market for fabrics. A fabric retail store only needs to make sure that they have high-quality fabrics, both locally and from other countries, and that their fabric store is strategically located.

best business ideas ghana

Feed Mill Business

The poultry farming sector in Ghana offers a ton of business prospects, and a poultry feed mill is one of them. Different poultry mashes, such as layers mash, pre-layers mash, growers mash, starter and finisher mashes for broilers, etc., are manufactured in poultry mills.

This is a business that is accessible to aspirant business owners, particularly those who reside close to farming communities. A strategically located and government-approved facility, a consistent supply of grains, and, of course, knowledge of the ins and outs of business operations are all you need to get started. It is significant to note that the poultry feed mill industry is one of the industries that will never go out of style due to its significance to the poultry industry.

best business ideas ghana

Frozen Food Shop

Any place in Ghana can open a frozen food store, which is a retail establishment where various frozen foods are offered. A frozen food store is a relatively simple and low-capital business to launch. The keys to running a frozen food store are getting the correct products that customers want to purchase and maintaining accurate records. A frozen food retailer may operate offline, in a traditional retail setting, or online, through an e-commerce retail website.

best business ideas ghana

Amusement Park

Another successful enterprise that might be founded in Ghana is an entertainment park. The truth is that any business owner may create a venture that is modeled after Disney Land and still achieve great success.

Therefore, if you are passionate about providing entertainment for kids, you should consider opening an amusement park in Ghana. Without a sure, opening an amusement park involves significant startup funds and careful preparation, but it is also a successful business, particularly if your amusement park is well-equipped.

best business ideas ghana

Driving school

There will always be people who want to learn how to drive, thus driving schools will never run out of customers. Given the nature of the firm, a novice entrepreneur may find the registration procedure and logistics burdensome. You will need to register with the appropriate government agencies and obtain particular certificates. Following registration, you can introduce classes for various automobiles. Both businesses and individuals are constantly looking for drivers and automobiles, respectively. If your driving school offers the greatest instruction, you can count on a consistent stream of students. It will be helpful if you have some driving experience before you start. Driving school is one of the best profitable businesses to start in Ghana because there are people who want to learn driving each and every day.

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20 Best Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Ghana | Business Ideas

20 Best Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Ghana | Business Ideas

Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Ghana [Business Ideas]

The profitability of an enterprise is measured by its ability to turn a profit. In financial terms, a profitable investment is one that returns more to the investor than what was initially invested. In this post, we list some of the best lucrative business Ideas to start in Ghana.

1. Food Business

Food business in Ghana is lucrative as everyone needs to eat, and there is always a high demand for food.

2. Bar Business

A typical bar will have a gross profit margin of 70–80%. That’s massive when compared to pretty much any other business sector.

3. Real Estate Business

Investing in real estate in Ghana can yield good returns. The majority of real estate profits are made through appreciation, or the rise in value of an asset.

4. Car Rental Business

Car rental is one of the most lucrative transportation service businesses to start in Ghana.

5. Transportation Business

In Ghana, the transportation industry is highly lucrative.

6. School/Day care Business

Ghana has a high birthrate and mandates that all of its children participate in formal education. As a result, it’s necessary to enroll a kid in school. If you are fortunate enough to own one, your financial standing will improve. Putting up a school building is a lucrative business.

7. Importation Business

Importation business is one of the most profitable businesses in Ghana today.

8. Poultry Farming

Many people in Ghana get into poultry farming for the sole purpose of making money. Poultry Farming in Ghana is a lucrative business.

9. Agriculture

Ghana, like the rest of the world, counts agriculture as one of the most lucrative business sectors.

10. Sewing Business

There is money to be made in either tailoring or fashion design in Ghana. Whether it’s creating your own fashion brand or making something completely from scratch (taking design orders as they come).

11. Gold Business

In terms of financial gain, the gold trade is among the most lucrative there is in Ghana.

12. Building construction business

The construction industry is a lucrative and diverse marketplace worldwide.

13. Hotel Business

Starting a hotel business in Ghana is very lucrative.

14. Oil and Gas Business

One of the most profitable industries in Ghana and Africa as a whole is the oil and gas industry.

15. Pure Water Production

Since clean water is something that everyone needs daily, the business of producing and selling sachets of it is a lucrative one.

16. Bakery Business

Having a bakery business in Ghana can be very lucrative. Ghanaians consume pastries on a daily basis.

17. Grocery store business

(Supermarket) – Profit margins in the grocery store industry typically range from 1% to 3%, but volume makes up for this. Even though the profit margins are low, the high volumes of sales at large supermarkets play a part in enabling them to generate profitable earnings.

18. Open a Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical drugs are in high demand, which means a healthy profit margin for your business.

19. Furniture business

Starting a furniture business in Ghana is very lucrative. Whether it’s manufacturing your own furniture or importing furniture from abroad.

20. Event Planning Business

Event planning is another lucrative business in Ghana to start.

Lucrative Business Ideas

A company is considered lucrative when it produces profits, which is the sum of revenue minus expenses. You might have the opportunity to partake in some lucrative business opportunities. You might even get the opportunity to showcase your wares on a large scale by signing up a large number of partners.

In this context, you may need to be wary of the unforeseen consequences of a bad case of mismanagement. On the other hand, you can be a happy participant in your chosen endeavors if you are able to make the right decisions.

20 Best Lucrative Businesses You Can Start In Ghana | Business Ideas 1

How To Start A Web Design Business – 8 Tips for freelancers

35+ Best Online Business Ideas for beginners

Tax rates in ghana: business tax in ghana, corporate tax, vat, how to promote your business or service using snapchat and tiktok influencers, how to start a shea butter business, how to apply for a business loan in ghana, how to get a business loan in 8 easy steps, how to start a food business, how to start a fast food business, how to start a dropshipping business.


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Top 20 Business Opportunities in Ghana in 2022/2023 (Start Earning Today)

What Business Makes The Most Money In 2022?

Do you reside in Ghana or you are planning to move there, and you don’t know what to do? Here are 20 business opportunities in Ghana with which you can make a good living.

Ghana has been rated both peaceful and thriving economy for growing businesses. One of the famous exports of this West African country is pure cocoa.

Ghana is the second-largest producer and exporter of cocoa in the world. The country has beautiful beaches, tourist attractions, and natural resources.

Ghana is a comfortable place to settle and build a business because the economy is open for investors to make a good earning.

However, one of the significant challenges faced in starting up a business is raising needed capital. We, therefore, bring to you businesses that require very minimal investment capital to kick off.  

So, if you want to start up something with a little capital, then you should pay adequate attention to every detail in this post.

Table of Contents

Business Opportunities in Ghana

There is a wide range of business to do in Ghana. The one to go into depends solely on your interest, passion and funds. Below are the business opportunities in Ghana that you can explore.

Art Gallery or Services

The beauty of art calms the mind and makes the world an exciting place. There are different aspects of art such as calligraphy, painting, sculpture, drawing, brass works, street art etc.

Whichever point you find a passion for and have the ability to handle efficiently will be an excellent means of income if you channel your investment correctly.

With adequate publicity, especially the use of social media art galleries, you can work with other brands and grab endorsement opportunities.

This is one of the lucrative business opportunities in Ghana, so if you are good with art, then go into it.

Car Dealership Business

Another excellent business opportunity in Ghana is the car dealership. People in the car dealership industry sell and buy both new as well as fairly used cars.

Some aspects you can venture into are online used cars dealership, locally produced car dealership, imported car dealership, luxury car dealership business and multi-branded as well as multi – maker car dealership.

There are high demand for automobiles in Ghana, primarily used cars because they are mostly affordable.  

Online baking store

This is an internet-based business. With the knowledge and skills of baking or the help of a baker, you can easily pull this off. This business is suitable for people who cannot afford to run a physical shop or busy with home duties.

Discover your niche and then create various social media handles or set up a small website using a significant name.

Then display your baked goods and place a price tag on them, advertise and start selling. So, if you are an excellent baker, why not pick this business opportunity and start making money.

Auto repair workshop

This business requires you to have extended knowledge about parts of the machine and being able to examine as well as fix them when they are faulty.

Technical skill in this area will serve as a boost. You can get a workspace and the necessary tools. Once you have those, start publicising your business through every means possible. 

Football Academy

Football is arguably the most-watched sport in the world. Africans are known to have unrivalled love for football, especially Ghanaians.

Ghanaians love football wholeheartedly, and so you can tell that financing football will be quite lucrative.

Training young and talented players is an avenue for gains. You will get a lot of support, even from the Ghanaian government as the business is advantageous to the development of Ghanaian football.

You should analyse this if you have a talent for football and the necessary skills.

Plant Nurseries

If you have previous farmyard experience and love nurturing seeds to grow, this business is suitable for you. First, find out what plants sell the most and invest in them.

Gradually, add other highly demanded staple plants and consider expansion after profit.

Invest in solar power

The recent shift from non-renewable energy to renewable power is no news. This is because renewable electricity is cheaper in the long run, and it has little or no disadvantageous effects on the environment.

One of these renewable power sources is solar power. Businesses and family quarters require this as paying continually for electricity from the grid are expensive.

You can make this your enterprise by either selling, installing, or repairing solar panels and inverter batteries.

Fitness Trainer

One of the most lucrative business opportunities in Ghana today is fitness training. If you are knowledgeable in the fitness sector, you can make this a root profit instead of just a hobby.

Begin an Instagram page and post pictures as well as videos of yourself working out then advertise your services. Take some fitness lessons for certification.

You will attract a lot of traffic in a short while, especially if your prices are not high.

Clothing Boutique

Clothing is a basic need of every human being. With the right approach, selling clothes will forever be fruitful. You can either buy clothes in bulk and resell or make it different from customising clothes for your clients.

Ghanaian men and women will pursue after you for their clothing needs. You can, however, sell online for wider reach. 

Open a Fast Food Restaurant .

 First, conduct detailed market survey and feasibility studies before the start of business. Your ability to re – strategised and always up your service delivery will help you stay competitive.

Use the hygienic environment and clean utensils to avoid contamination. If you are good with cooking, you can do it yourself. However, if you can’t, you might need to employ a good cook.

Tours Advisor

Ghana has matured one of the best tourist destinations in Africa. You can get a safari jeep and become a tour guide. You can also hire out your vehicles to tourists at a reasonable charge. 

Construction and building materials

Starting a construction business is capital concentrated simply because of the type of heavy-duty equipment that is required to carry out a construction project and also the cost of managing a large workforce.

The construction industry needs vast startup capital but is highly profitable. If you have the expertise and capacity to produce good quality jobs- it is a plus. The primary clients for construction companies are governments and the private sector.

Chocolate Processing

Ghana is a dominant producer of cocoa, meaning producing chocolate is quite affordable. People will pay good money for a quality product, especially one that is from a legitimate source.

So, you can venture into chocolate production in Ghana.

Fish farming

Fish is one of the most eaten animal protein sources in Africa. A lot of pupils have gone ahead to gain experience in this trade and are making good money.

You need to learn the essential tips of fish farming and then set up your farm. You don’t have to start big because beginning on a small scale isn’t a bad idea and you can, however, expand from there.

Selling fruit juice

This business is one of the most comfortable to run. All you need is a minimal capital, your mixer, and your raw materials. The most suitable place to set up your kiosk is close to a school.

Students will flood your stall at break time or after school hours. You can also make a tourist centre your market. You will sell more and make good money.

Beauty salon

You can set up a small shop where people can braid their hair. Adding home services is a little expansion and allows for mobility.

Most stylists prefer home services because it pays more. Pedicure, manicure, exfoliation, bridal decorations and wedding décor can be learnt and added later on. 

Makeup classes and cosmetics

Makeup has shifted one of the most profitable businesses today. It is not only for women but several other aspects of life like in movies and stage play.

If you have this experience, you can turn it to a money maker. Set up training classes for students who are ready to learn and your lessons could be physical or online.

You do not need a thousand cows to start selling your milk. You can start with five cows, find out your target market, and start selling your milk daily.

This is a complete small scale business you can start with minimal costs. 

Courier service

People are continually looking for ways to deliver items from one point to another without any damage in transit. You will get a lot of patronages if your services are efficient. You can send items within the region or outside it. 

Cell phones and Technological accomplices

People can hardly go a day without their phones anymore, so investing in a phone shop is going to fetch you huge profits. You need to know what phones are in high demand in the market.

You can also sell accessories like cords, phone chargers, earpieces, and Bluetooth devices, amongst others.

Please don’t hold back. Take your time to check out which of these little capital businesses can benefit you with little to no stress. Also, consider starting a small business as a side hustle. Invest now and start counting your profits.

I hope you find this post useful, feel free to recommend this post to your friends as well as family. Thanks for readi

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Pro Business Ideas


Top 67 Small Business Ideas In Ghana

Kingsley Umeh

Small Business Ideas in Ghana

Are you looking to start a business as a Ghanaian or as a foreigner who just moved to Ghana and you are short of ideas? Want to have ideas for businesses you can start with low capital in Ghana? If yes, then this post is for you.

Ghana, being one of the fastest-developing countries in West Africa, is a very ideal place where almost any business will thrive.

First, is peace of mind, as Ghana is classified as one of the most peaceful countries in Africa. 

In addition, the fast-growing economy in Ghana can accommodate any business as long as it has a solid foundation and quality ideas.

For most African countries, including Ghana, getting a job is no easy task; you either become your boss or get employed to earn peanuts.

So, most people are more interested in controlling their businesses without minding the size.

That aside, let’s move on to the main bone of contention: what businesses can you start up with low capital?  

To answer this question, which has been on the lips of many awaiting genuine answers, we put up this post to address it. 

Here in this post, we did be looking at 50 small business ideas that you can take up in 2023. Most of these businesses require only a little capital to start.

Plus, you can earn a passive income or profit or even expand to become a known brand. All you need is concentration, finance, devotion, and most importantly, the best strategies.  

10 Good Reasons why you should consider doing your business in Ghana

1. Peaceful and Business-Friendly Environment:  Ghana was ranked among the Top 10 most peaceful African countries by the Global Peace Index as of 2020.

This is a good indicator that Ghana is a good place for future investments. Also, a business-friendly environment because Ghanaians also appreciate foreigners who want to start a business in their country and welcome them with a friendly gesture.

2. Good Road Networks: Most road networks that lead from one city to another in Ghana are well-structured and allow the easy movement of vehicles and people running their various day-to-day businesses with ease.

3. The presence of skilled workers:  Ghanaian Government has now understood the need to have a proper educational background. They have also planned an annual budget to build more educational institutions to help increase skilled workers in various economic sectors, which will boost their country’s country economy.

4. Adequate/Stable Electricity : This is also one of the main reasons why foreign investors prefer to set up their businesses compared to other neighboring West African countries like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and The Gambia. Ghana can boast of a steady power supply.

5. High production of Cocoa: Ghana is also known as of the African countries that produce high-quality cocoa. It is the 2nd largest producer of cocoa in the World.

6. Expanding Stock Market:  The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) is the 5th largest on the continent of Africa and the 3rd largest in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a market capitalization of GHC 57.2 billion in 2012.

7. Rural-Urban immigration rate:  As they are an annual and fast increase in Ghana’s population, the tendency of people to move from rural to the urban environment will be very high because Ghanaians want to look for better job, launch their startup, and live a better life so this is why you need to start your business in Ghana without hesitation.

8. Ease of doing business: Ghana is one of the easiest African countries to do business.

Ease of doing business report 2019 awarded Ghana as the best place for doing business in West Africa.

9. International Trade Bodies:  Ghana is among the member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the African Union, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the Group of 24(G24), and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Challenges Associated With Doing Business In Ghana

Ghana is one of the fastest-growing economies in west Africa. The numbers have increased, and the Ghanaian currency remains weighty. 

However, despite all this, many Ghanaians still find it very difficult to run their businesses successfully.

Many who started not too long ago have either closed down or are operating on low capital with very low returns.

These problems listed below are challenges facing Ghana’s economy and have plunged many citizens into penury. 

1. High Standard of Living:  In most developing countries like Ghana, the high cost of living tends to be increased because of the excellent and stable amenities it offers, such as power supply and good infrastructure to meet national demands.

2. Unfair competition in markets:  Due to the cheap imported products from China to the Ghanaian market, which has reduced the production of local industries that have already been existing.

3. High cost of credits:  Most financial institutions in Ghana find it more accommodating and risk-free to lend money to the government rather than to normal Small and Medium Enterprises.

Ghana is noted to have one of the highest interest rates in the world, with commercial banks charging almost 30% per year and micro-finance institutions charging more than 70% per year.

There are no or few credit facilities to help entrepreneurs establish their businesses properly.

4. Low Capital Investment

Many Ghanaians don’t have enough capital to run their businesses the way they ought to, and as such, their new businesses sometimes find it very difficult to stand the test of time.

5. Poor Government policies

In every society, government policy may either hinder or aid the progress of the economy.

In the case of Ghanaians, there are both positive and negative aspects.

Some government policies are not always favorable to businesses.  

6. High inflation rate

The cost of things in Ghana has in the last 3 years risen by a minimum of 20%. This has negative effects on new and existing businesses.

Top 67 Small Business Ideas in Ghana

1. Real Estate Agents

Real estate is no doubt the most sought-after business in our world today. Hence, the profits that can be gotten are huge.

For you to tap into the wealth of real estate with little income, you become an agent, where you help people source for available properties, play the middleman role, and also manage or caretake properties for different landlords.

If you are living in big cities like Accra, Kumasi, or Tema, this is a business for you to do, as real estate is massively growing in those areas.  

However, before you start the business, you need a certain level of knowledge.

You can acquire this knowledge by learning from experienced agents or attending real estate seminars or conferences. 

2. Poultry farming

Poultry farming is a lucrative venture anywhere in the world, and Ghana isn’t exclusive.

It’s one of the few businesses that can easily earn massive proceeds in just a matter of months.

  Firstly, chicken and turkey are important meats, especially during festive periods like Christmas and the New Year, when they are always in high demand and expensive as well.

You did make huge profits from sales and supplies.

Additionally, eggs are another product gotten from poultry.

Eggs are widely consumed by all and sundry.

Rearing an egg-laying breed of chicken (layers) is an additional source of proceeds, as is selling them when they are mature enough.

An average layer may lay up to 2 eggs per day, times the number of ones you rear. That’s huge profits!

Considering the cost of starting and running a poultry farm, it’s still twice as profitable.

Just get the knowledge and invest the money!

3. Driving 

Do you own or can you drive a car? If yes, then you have a fortune before you. 

Driving is a very lucrative venture, even though some people doubt it.

Doubt it or believe it, drivers are making lots of money in Ghana, especially in big cities where population and transport costs are high.   

Additionally, the advancement in technology has also brought about the existence of companies like Uber and Bolt, where people order rides with their mobile phones.

The opportunities are just too many. On these platforms, you can work at your convenience, as you get to choose your working schedule.

4. Driving School

If you have a car of your own, can you teach other people how to drive? You can start this business, and it can earn you plenty of money.

All you have to do is approach the appropriate government agency to get your business registered.

After you have successfully registered as a certified driving school, You can now proceed to advertise your driving school.

How you can promote the business include billboards, posters, sharing business cards, and also owning social media platforms. You can even own

5. Dry cleaning

Starting this business can be very profitable, especially in Accra, Kumasi, and other major Ghanaian cities.

Nowadays, work consumes so much of people’s time that they seldom have time to do their laundry or clean their surroundings.

That’s exactly where you, the dry cleaner, come in.

Most importantly, you don’t need much money to start this business.  

6. Fish farming

This a business for all, because of how simple it is to run.

Additionally, setting it up won’t cost you much.

The raising and production of fish of various sorts are the focus of the lucrative agricultural field known as “fish farming.”

A fish farm can quickly expand from 500 fish to 50,000 fish with consistency over a few months.

This is because fish farms quickly expand since fishes give birth in large numbers at once.

You can sell them to several neighboring African countries where fish output is rather poor, in addition to supplying retailers and consumers.

Fish is as well used as a raw ingredient in a variety of food sectors.

7. Event Planning

  Many people today lack the time necessary to organize their events.

To assist them in arranging their weddings, marriages, birthdays, matriculations, convocations, naming ceremonies, and other events, they pay event planners.

They did ask you to help them arrange everything, including the menu, the setting, the venue, and the flow of the events.

As a result, you’ll handle everything yourself and receive reasonable compensation for your labor.  

8. Fashion Design

Due to the many diverse types of fashion being introduced around the world, the fashion design sector is expanding dramatically in Ghana.

You have to create new styles and fashions as a fashion designer by tailoring various outfits.

There is more to fashion design than just getting started. 

Before starting your career, it’s advisable to first learn from someone who is already established in that sector.

9. Food Canteen

If you have nice cooking skills, setting up your food restaurant can be another lucrative source of earnings.

You don’t need to start big; you can start as a roadside food canteen.

As we all know, food is a necessity for everybody, so the demand for cooked food is very high, in as much as your cooking skill os good.

People will make your canteen their go-to spot when they are hungry.  

10. Photography

Photography is a skillset business that’s very profitable today.

Though not everyone can do this unless they possess photographic skills, Nonetheless, it’s learnable within a short time.

Today, photography has extended beyond just taking people’s pictures and passport photographs.

Photographers have now become videographers too, taking videos of different events.

Skilled photographers are scarce, and as such, demand is very high. 

Hence, it is a very lucrative venture for people looking for means to earn an honest living.

The cost of setting up is minimal too.

11. Travel Agency

With way people, Ghanaians are migrating to Europe and America for education, greener pastures, and vacations.

A travel agency is an ideal business for you to milk from the money circulation in the travel industry.  

Before you can set up a travel agency of your own and start helping people obtain travel documents and disseminate travel information.

You need a certain level of training to get started.

You can get trained by attending seminars, learning from a pro in the industry, or becoming a middleman at first.  

12. Rental Services

Things you can rent out may include graduation and matriculation gowns for school matriculation and graduation; canopies, chairs, and tables for outdoor open space ceremonies; water tanks for events; and building construction. and many more.

Though the cost of setting up is a bit high, it’s still a small business that can fetch you some cool cash.

Events are being held almost every day across the country.

Plus, it’s an untapped business that is yet to be saturated.

If you can get a small delivery vehicle to deliver the rented items to the needed destination, that would be awesome, but if you don’t have enough capital for that, you can still start small.  

13. Makeup Artist

Makeup is among the most lucrative small business concepts in Ghana.

When they go out, women frequently desire to seem stylish and adorable.

Despite some of them not being experts, a lot of ladies apply their makeup.

You can partner with salons and other beauty establishments as a makeup artist to provide your services all over the city.

For your clientele, you can also make house calls.

It’s not difficult to learn how to do makeup well because you can hone your abilities using tools like YouTube.  

14. Building Materials Business

In Ghana, there is a considerable need for building supplies.

To meet the demand created by the expanding population, additional construction firms must be developed.

But before you enter this market as a retailer of building supplies, you must make sure that your company is very dependable and profitable.  

15. Drug Store

Due to the following reasons, a drugstore is the ideal type of business to start in Ghana: You will need to apply for a government license, which can be done quickly with a short application and an interview at your neighborhood branch office.

You’ll need employees who can handle monetary transactions as well as individuals who are skilled in pharmacies and medicine (pharmacy technicians).

Most of these experts have graduated from university programs or businesses that provide seminars on how to act professionally while working in these fields.

16. Catering Services

Because of the huge demand, catering is a tremendously profitable industry.

Many people are constantly looking for caterers to assist them in preparing delectables for their birthdays, wedding, or holiday.

Lots of Ghanaian communities frequently hold various festivities as well.

You will succeed in catering if you are a skilled cook who can prepare a variety of delicacies.  

However, as catering calls for specialized cooking abilities for various foods, it is not for everyone.

Therefore, before starting your own catering company, you should enroll in a catering school or become an apprentice to a skilled chef.  

17. Grocery shop

A grocery store is a shop that sells household provisions, including foodstuffs.

This is a type of business that can stand anywhere, either in your neighborhood or in the market.

It is a relatively small business that requires medium capital to set up and demands a level of consistency for it to stand and  expand.

Nonetheless, it’s a very profitable venture. 

18. Car Wash Business

Due to the low start-up costs and financial requirements, starting a car wash is one of the most lucrative small businesses you can start in Ghana. 

Furthermore, there’s no extra special ability required to begin this.

Without training, anyone can wash a car.

A pumping machine and a water tank, both of which you will be using, are the only significant expenses in this situation.   

Additionally, you must open it in a strategic location, preferably one that is closer to a big road so that motorists and drivers of commercial vehicles may readily locate you.

For everyone willing to labor, it is a sweet venture.

Furthermore, keep in mind that happy customers return.

19. Sell e-books

Selling an e-book is one of the best ways to generate income for your small business.

A digital book that you create and sell online is known as an “e-book.” 

This technique can be used to sell particular goods or services or to generate extra income for yourself.

Imagine making over GH100,000 by selling an electronic book to 10,000 customers for GH100. 

One advantage of digital items is that once generated, they will continue to generate a steady stream of passive income for you.

There are also digital platforms like Amazon KDP and Selar where you can put your e-books up for sale and earn massively.

20. Micro-lending

Small loans are provided by microfinance institutions to low-income households as part of their microfinance program.

Any use of this loan is permitted, including the payment of utility bills and food purchases.   

The fundamental benefit of microfinance is that it enables people to obtain loans at affordable rates, so they are spared from having to deal with lengthy loans or ones with high-interest rates.

The drawback is that some people might spend the money in ways other than what it was intended for.

For instance, if someone borrows $10 from their bank but only uses it to pay off debt from before they even received any money from the bank or to buy snacks for their kids instead of food (which may have caused them stress).

21. Vegetable Farming 

Vegetables of all kinds are always in demand. In reality, it is well known that the cost of vegetables in our local markets is always rising.

What is lacking is always brought in from nearby nations.  

Do you have a sizable farming area and ready access to an irrigation source? In that case, you should think about starting a vegetable farm.

Onions, tomatoes, garden eggs, carrots, and other products always have a ready market.

22. Frozen Food Store

You can also start selling frozen foods in the market.

The business is somewhat profitable. A frozen food business won’t cost you much capital to start.

You need just a fridge, rent a shop, and also capital to purchase the goods. Frozen foods you can sell include chicken, turkey, fish, etc.  

23. Gym/Fitness Center

Health, they say, is wealth. And to maintain good health, you need good nutrition coupled with regular exercise.

As such, starting a gym in town can be considered a very profitable venture. 

It is one of the lowest-capital businesses you can start.

Though gym instruments are very costly, their maintenance costs are very low, so they’re still cheap to operate.

All you need to do is choose the right spot, start advertising, and see them come.

24. Cosmetic Business

All around the world, the cosmetics sector is currently booming as everyone, both men and women, just want to look good.

Consider selling cosmetics if you want to make money in this large sector. 

There are many things you can sell. Among them are perfumes, body creams, lotions, eyelashes, roll-ons, human hair, artificial nails, and creams for the hair and nails.

Learning makeup artistry can also be beneficial for your company.

Almost all women have developed a makeup obsession.  

25. Home Tutoring

If you are good at tutoring schoolchildren in a variety of subjects, I advise choosing this.

If you already work as a school teacher, you could do this on the side.

You must first inform people that you can assist with their children’s at-home tutoring.

Just let others know what you do, whether it’s online or offline.

If you are good, you will almost certainly get paid by various people to instruct their children in extracurricular activities. 

According to the contract, they pay you. The frequency can be daily, weekly, or monthly.

Whatever the case, you will undoubtedly be compensated.

26. Hairdressing Salon

People can spend their dime solely for aesthetic purposes.

As a hair stylist, you can profit from people’s need to look nice.

You must learn how to create many styles, though.

Not how little you start with, but how wonderful your service is, is what counts; over time, you will develop.  

27. Affiliate Marketing

With this business strategy, you can promote goods or services and get paid a commission for each sale that goes through you.

You can sign up for many different online affiliate programs. 

Since there are no financial or storage concerns, affiliate marketing is risk-free.

You only need to advertise other companies’ goods to start earning commission on each sale that comes from your referral.

The goods or services you advertise may be in the form of physical items, digital items, real estate, or memberships.

28. Sale of fairly used items

Wouldn’t you prefer to purchase items at a lower cost? Many Ghanaians will spend their last penny on used items that are still in good shape.

And in fact, this industry experiences annual growth.

Since the middle class and the poor lack the resources to purchase new and expensive items, they frequently settle for reasonably used items.

As a fairly-used established merchant, you can sell anything: appliances, clothing, kitchenware, phones, electronics, computers, and so forth.

29. Blogging

A digital profession of online problem-solving is what blogging is. It’s a common belief that bloggers are problem solvers because, if you lack information about a thing, you quickly grab your device and search Google for solutions.

All of the Google answers were published by bloggers. 

Consequently, it becomes a career in online problem-solving.

You can start a blog on a niche area that you are very knowledgeable about.

By displaying AdSense and other advertisements on their websites, bloggers can make money.

30. Website design

You can pursue a profession in web design as a young person.

Many organizations, businesses, and authorities require websites.

It is therefore a good business to start.

Once you’ve mastered website design, you may launch a career in it with little to no money.

All you need to do is to get people to contact you by letting them know what you do, both offline and online.

31. Day Care Center

If you’re a stay-at-home mom or are unemployed right now, you might think about opening a daycare in your apartment. 

Career people frequently find it difficult to care for their infants during working hours, so they enroll them in a daycare facility and then pick them up after work in the evening.

Since you take care of them in addition to teaching them some basic things, this is more of a hospitality-cum-education business.

32. Food and Drinks

Because you may offer food in a variety of ways and from your house or a store, selling food and drinks is an excellent business idea.

Additionally, you can sell a variety of drinks, including ice cream (or frozen yogurt), soda, water, and other globally popular cold and hot beverages, including soda, milk, and juice.

33. Car Rentals

You can start earning lots of money by renting out your cars if you have one or more.

not rent out your automobile to individuals for hire and get paid instead of having your car become a liability due to the amount of money you spend on gasoline, oil, and maintenance?

Everywhere in the world, including Ghana, this concept is widely accepted.

So starting it is not a novel idea, but I bet you it’s a great one as long as your car is in good shape.

34. Graphics Design

One of the most sought-after digital skill sets to acquire is graphic design, given the present need for digitally skilled workers around the world.

The upside of this is that you and your device are the only two things involved in this extremely gentle task.

You create logos, 3D graphics, ad banners, cards, letterheads, posters, banners, and thumbnails for individuals and companies.

The fact that graphic designers don’t experience stress and can work from home makes them superior to other occupations.

35. Vlogging

Simply put, “vlogging” is video blogging. Vloggers upload the majority of the content you can find on YouTube.

There are many well-known video blogs on YouTube and other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Vlogging is a very common profession. In Ghana, becoming a YouTuber may bring in a lot of money.

36. Liquid Soap Making

Liquid soaps have become very rampant commodities in many markets.

It’s very costly and at the same time economical for most people. 

You can simply learn how to make your liquid soap and sell it in the market or supply various provision stores.

It only takes less than a month to learn how it’s done.

You can check out tutorial videos on YouTube, attend skill acquisition seminars, or learn from people already in the business.  

37. Bread Bakery

One of the most well-liked industries in the nation today is bread baking.

Due to the widespread use of bread by both the wealthy and the poor, there are several bakeries and bakers. 

It has been made mandatory to eat it with a variety of Ghanaian dishes.

Despite the industry’s saturation, you shouldn’t fear.

You will benefit from the fact that supply is even below demand if your baking abilities are excellent.   

38. Bar Joint

Opening a bar joint is another lucrative business in Ghana.

This business can be established depending on how much money you have to start with. 

You can choose to start small by renting a small shop at a strategic point and equipping it with chairs, tables, fridges, and different beers.

It won’t cost much to set up, yet the profit is huge as bar joints are usually full in most cities, especially during the night.

All you need to do is offer good customer service to keep them coming.  

39. Crypto/Forex Trading

Cryptocurrency and forex trading are businesses that you can start from anywhere, be it within or outside Ghana.

Though both businesses are very risky, if you can master them well, you have absolutely nothing to fear.

This particular business is suitable for young people, students, or people who want to make money off their mobile phones or laptop.

All you need is to master the skill well enough before getting started. As for the investment, you can start with brokers like FBS, OctaFX, or exness with as little as $10.

Note that you shouldn’t invest what you can’t afford to lose and shouldn’t be in a hurry to start earning millions if you truly want to succeed in the forex market.  

40. Supply and Retail of Palm Oil

Palm oil is a common commodity used in both commercial and domestic cooking.

With a product like a palm oil, it’s extremely simple to make enormous profits from retail sales.

You can purchase a large number of oil jerrycans at a discount and hold onto them until the price soars because you can sell them for a substantial profit. 

  The most crucial information to understand in this industry is where to purchase them, how much they cost, and how to store them securely.

41. Printing of Recharge Cards

Recharge printing is one business that most people are not aware of; meanwhile, people doing the business are earning lots of cash.

Additionally, it requires very little capital investment to start; all you have to do is get enough information about it and get started.

42. Sports Viewing Center

Because there are so many sports lovers in Ghana, especially football fans.

There are many brand-new football viewing venues opening up.   

Additionally, you can earn money by opening your watching facility.

All you need to do is find areas with a few centers and rent a space to launch your business.

Show various football games and impose a fee on spectators who come to watch these games for each game they want to see.  

43. Crop farming

The largest export from Africa is agricultural goods.

This is so because everyone needs food, which is why most Africans were farmers by nature before colonialism.

Frequently, white-collar jobs damage agriculture because they are so prevalent.

However, in most countries, farmers are among the wealthiest people.  

Additionally, starting a firm in crop production is the world’s simplest and least expensive venture.

You don’t have to handle everything roughly.

You can cultivate more rapidly and extensively by using a farm machine.

Coffee, rubber trees, iroko trees, and other cash crops are among the things you can grow to increase your income.  

44. Boutique Business

Selling pre-made apparel, clothing accessories, and even jewelry is the business of a boutique.

Youth in particular are becoming more fashion-conscious, and everyone needs clothes.

One of the best small business concepts you can pursue is opening a boutique.

All you have to do is keep an eye on what your customers want and stock up on a selection of different trending attire. 

There will undoubtedly be significant sales around holidays like Sallah, Christmas, and other occasions when clothing is in high demand.

Every day, individuals purchase and don new clothing, even when there is no holiday.

45. Barber salon

This is another business that can provide you with a reliable source of passive income in Ghana.

Most men desire to get their hair barbered at least once every two weeks.

The winners in this situation are barbers.

Especially if you have good barbering skills, starting your barbershop is a fantastic business idea. 

You can open a barbershop and hire skilled barbers to work for you if you don’t have the necessary abilities but think it’s a pleasant and lucrative business.

You pay them from the shop’s earnings at the end of each month.  

46. Cyber Cafe

Everything is going digital, and the Internet is expanding quickly. Everyone desires to use a functioning computer system.

By starting a cybercafé nearby, you, as an entrepreneur, may turn that into a business.

For a set period, they pay you to use these electronic devices.  

Additionally, you can assist others with various computer-related tasks like typesetting, photocopying, laminating, publishing books, etc.

A spa offers massages, skincare, make-up, hair removal, body care, and other opulent body treatments.

If you are exceptionally skilled at assisting others in relaxing and receiving body massages, opening your spa might be a very profitable endeavor.

In actuality, many people worldwide schedule at least one day throughout the workweek to visit a spa.

What you must do is locate a suitable and strategic location.  

48. Waste Management

In Ghana, the garbage disposal is a critical issue, and the government is taking steps to ensure that it is disposed of properly throughout the nation.

You can establish a trash management agency and start making money while assisting the government in controlling some of this waste disposal.

It will be your agency’s responsibility to gather the household waste from various neighborhoods and assist residents in dumping it in garbage landfills that have received official approval.

Given that there is little price involved, this is more than merely a community development project.  

49. E-commerce

The global economy is growing every day as more people start making purchases online, especially in light of COVID-19’s arrival, which prompted many people to stay indoors.

Almost anything may now be ordered online, including food, footwear, clothing, literature, and even a house or car.

Yes, this is where we are at this moment. You can now have your fair share of the “internet money” by simply launching your own e-commerce business.  

To start, you must decide what to sell and research internet sales methods.

After that, you establish your online presence on social media and develop your e-commerce website so that customers may buy your things there.  

50. Phone Accessories Business

You can take advantage of this sizable market by selling phone accessories since almost 62% of the population of the nation owns a mobile phone.

You can sell products in the telecom niche such as phone cases, pouches, earpieces, earbuds, headphones, chargers, sim cards, recharge cards, mobile phones, and I.T. gadgets.

Because profits are high on each item, this business has the advantage of maximizing profits.

Additionally, there is no set pricing; you are free to sell at whatever price makes you money.  

51. Cake Making

Another lucrative small business is baking cakes.

There is a significant demand for cake makers that makes quality cakes.

Cakes are frequently served at weddings, birthday celebrations, and other events. Because of this, baking cakes can be very profitable.

You can also sell other delicacies such as meat pies, egg rolls, sausage rolls, doughnuts, hot dogs, chin chins, cupcakes, toast bread, and more. An expert can teach you how to make all of these things in a matter of weeks.

52. Small-Scale Manufacturing

As an entrepreneur or investor, you can start a small-scale manufacturing company in Ghana where fast-moving products are being manufactured and supplied to the local market.

You need to identify or develop innovative products that you think will dominate the Ghanaian market and satisfy their needs.

53. Production of Herbal Medicine

Ghanaians are best known for herbal medicine production due to the access they have to different herb roots that help cure all kinds of sickness.

Most of the herbal medicines being consumed in various African countries are primarily made in Ghana.

You can join the moving train and create self-wealth by producing all sorts of herbal medicine and supplying them to other neighboring countries like Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, and the rest.

54. Digital Marketing Agency

One of the futures of technology in Ghana and Africa as a whole has to be digital marketing.

Digital marketing is already making waves in most technology-driven countries and Ghana is no exception.

If you are an experienced digital marketer, you can build a team of like-minded individuals and startup a digital marketing agency in Ghana where you offer various kinds of digital marketing services to interested brands such as social media marketing, online advertising, Lead Generation, search engine optimization, etc.

55. Haulage/Logistics Business

Ghana’s port Tema Port was ranked among the largest ports in West Africa.

With these statistics, imagine the number of products and containment that will be shipped into Ghana and will still need to be delivered to their various through the service of a haulage/logistics company.

If you have enough capital, you might want to choose this business opportunity as a means of getting decent returns upon investment.

You can start with one truck and expand your business when it starts generating a good amount of income.

56. Mobile Phone Sales

In a fast-developing country like Ghana, the need for tech products such as mobile phones will be essential because Ghanaians need to have access to information being passed across within and outside the country, and communicating with their loved ones also be their top priority.

You being a techpreneur, can import and sell affordable mobile phones of different brands such as iphone, Infinix, Tecno, Samsung, Gionee, and a few to mention to your ideal customers.

Mobile phone sale is a money-spinner if you situate your business in a bustling location or commercial city and have a good business model.

You will be a making massive amount of Ghana Cedi if you play your cards right.

57. Cocoa Production

Cocoa production in Ghana is regarded as a significant Agricultural export and also the main cash crop.

Ghana is also the second-largest cocoa exporter in the World.

This is a considerable gap for any visionary entrepreneur to fill in.

As a peasant farmer, you can start a cocoa production business in Ghana with access to some plots of land.

Most ingredients gotten from cocoa can be used mainly for beverages and chocolate processing.

58. Car Dealership Business

As there is a fast and sudden increase in the urbanization rate in Ghana, they will be a need for people to have a car of their own, either for private or commercial use.

An entrepreneur or investor wanting to start a business in Ghana might want to fill this gap by importing and selling affordable used cars if you have a huge amount of capital.

59. Mini Importation

This is another smart small business opportunity in Ghana that an entrepreneur can easily start from their zone.

Mini importation requires you to have access to affordable and quality products to purchase online and sell to your target market.

60. Become a sports betting agent

With the population of Ghanaians and the high rate of unemployment amongst youths, you can secure a good business location where you will become a sports betting agent.

Some of the big sports betting companies you can walk up to and register as certified agents are Betway, Melbet, 1Xbet, 22Bet, etc.

61. Fintech

As a tech entrepreneur, you can initiate a good fintech small business idea in Ghana that can help people manage their finances effectively without much stress then; you are some miles away from becoming a successful and celebrated fintech entrepreneur provided you have a good business plan.

62. Jewelry Business

Since Ghana has gold in abundance, why not go into the business that deals with gold jewelry sales?

63. Hotel/Guest-House Service

Since Ghana welcomes a good amount of tourists from different parts of the world, starting a hotel/guest house business where you will cater to their accommodation needs, will be considered a feasible small business idea to set up in Ghana.

Your success in this business is having a strategic business plan and the required business funds.

64. Fruit Juice

If you have access to fresh fruits, starting a fruit juice business in Ghana is a good small business idea that requires low startup capital.

Having a well-packaged and quality fruit juice product is another way to attract customers to your business.

65. Production of bottled water

Setting up a bottled water plant in Ghana is another thriving business that can guarantee financial freedom in years to come because bottled water is consumed daily in Ghana.

The demand for it is never diminishing anytime soon.

66. Point of Sale Business (POS)

POS business doesn’t require huge business capital to kickstart but it is highly lucrative and profitable, with GHC 3,000, you can set up your POS business in a commercial location or a place with high-traffic footage.

67. Cleaning Service

Starting a cleaning service in Ghana is a good business idea you might want to consider because it requires a low start-up cost.

You will need to be marketing your service to residential homes and various offices across different cities in Ghana.

Despite all being said about profitable small business ideas to take up as a Ghanaian or foreigner living in Ghana.

What’s more important is not the type of business you take up or its level of profitability but rather the way you nurture such businesses. What’s worth doing at all, is worth doing well.

If you want to start a successful business, you also need the right business strategies as well as the right ideas.

Plan your business like a pro, learn if you have to before getting started, and more importantly, you need the right amount of capital.

Take loans if you have to, but you should only take how much you can pay. Good luck with your new business choice.

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