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Business Plans help to guide a business or individual by providing a comprehensive and organized plan. They usually take into consideration the goals of the business or individual, the actions needed to reach these goals, and the resources and timeline needed to achieve them. A Business Planner can assist in making sure that an idea or activity is achievable and that resources are used optimally. They can also create or tweak existing plans, so they include the most efficient steps which can be taken in the most efficient order possible.

Here's some projects that our expert Business Planner made real:

  • Developing comprehensive plans for software applications, businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Creating plans for marketing efforts for businesses as well as websites, social media and tabletop games
  • Writing reports about e-commerce site designs and implementations
  • Planning for efficiently liquidating companies
  • Generating strategies for investing, product design and more
  • Conducting market analyses on startups

At we specialize in facilitating a way to hire advanced freelancers that can add value with their skills, knowledge and resources. With us, you can find capable Business Planner who have the education and experience required to develop effective plans, backed by data. Invite us to help you reach your goals in an effective manner—simply post your project today and start working with our talented professionals who have what it takes to bring your hopes into reality.

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I need an opinion on a start up investment as it's my first and I don't know if terms and conditions are favourable and make sense.

The project plan in excel is the most critical part of project management. An effective project plan involves the definition of scope and a feasibility study. After a successful plan is laid out, only then can execution begin.

We are Imperial Garments International. We export fashion leather jackets, motorbike jacket and leather gloves to European countries and U.S. We are in the industry since last 14 years. We are an equal opportunity employer. We looking for young, energetic and passionate sales personnal to grow ow sales team from European and US, and Canadian market. We are looking for someone who is experienced, seasoned and educated, able meet dead lines and KPIs. We are looking for individuals on commission basis or partnership basis. Your proposals are highly encouraged.

1. App that will allow video upload and shared embedded video for a business pitch. 2. Audiences can micro-invest (crowdsourcing) in business ideas of interest for an ROI terms agreement with business owners. 3. Business intelligence to track the duration of business phases and cycles by sector and industries and investment and ROI 4. App accessible on all devices with a global reach. 5. App will use an external merchant service as part of its payment services. Merchant service will be configured within the application.

We are looking to appoint an insolvency practitioner with expertise in company liquidation. We need someone who can provide us with the necessary advice and guidance, and who can also provide ongoing support throughout the process. The successful applicant must be knowledgeable and experienced in the area of company liquidation, and must have the necessary qualifications to handle such a task. We are looking for someone who can provide us with the best possible advice and guidance, as well as being able to handle all other aspects of the company liquidation process. Furthermore, the applicant must be willing to offer us ongoing support as and when needed. It’s a small business with minimal debt and no employees

This company provides certification in quantitative risk management (CQRM). Typically a training provider, they need to keep looking for new clients in order to help them sustain the business because the training requires no annual membership fee nor any recertification. Design a simple 1-page strategy or diagram plan in order for them to earn a consistent recurring income from either referral or upselling to their existing client. A game-changer in your opinion. Criteria would be: - Creative - Preferably those who is having experience in Risk Management - No additional investment is needed Your submission should include: 1) The idea 2) How it works 3) and Why do you think it's a good idea 4) Supporting link/news Useful information about CQRM:

Looking for Virtual Assistants who are proficient in, 1. ChatGPT 2. NoCode websites 3. Basic knowledge on python 4. Other regular VA tasks Note - This is a full time position - remote.

I need a marketing plan for a kids center in Saudi Arabia The plan should be in Arabic the deadline within 12 hours from now the budget is 20$

We run an online food manufacturing business in Australia, and we are seeking an Executive Assistant that can support executive team members to ensure company goals and objectives are accomplished and operations run efficiently. Objectives of the role: • Support the CEO and management team • Ensure execution of high value activities • Manage communication with employees by liaising with internal and external executives on various projects and tasks • Plan and orchestrate work to ensure that senior executives’ priorities are met, organizational goals are achieved, and best practices are upheld We are looking for someone to join our growing team that is/has these qualities: • Executive assistant experience over 3 years • Result focused with full accoun...

We are a startup company looking for an experienced freelancer who can help us secure funding from investors in the Middle East. As an Investor Finder, you will be responsible for identifying and approaching potential investors who are a good fit for our company and presenting our business plan to them. The Job: - Conduct research to identify potential investors in the Middle East - Reach out to potential investors and pitch our business plan - Schedule and conduct meetings with interested investors Requirements: - Proven experience in fundraising and investor relations in the Middle East - Strong knowledge of the region's business landscape, culture, and investment opportunities - Excellent communication and negotiation skills - Ability to work independently and deliver results wit...

I am looking for a strategic planner who can help a commercial cleaning company create a comprehensive business plan. Our cleaning company provides janitorial services. We are focused on developing an effective strategy that will help the business gain more accounts. .

Edit , format, restructure , add to current business plan

I have write a business case but now i need someone who can put this in a nice layout. also adjust what you think should be written different. (if need it) the layout is very important i will provide some pictures as well. (it is for none profit organization) providing training to kids and teens.

I need a commercial feasibility study file. Ready to have been working out in the Middle East And you are prepared to sell it All commercial activities are required I want to buy them already. The price is often not more than $10 Thank you

Looking for someone to complete market research on Australian ferrets, ferret owners, major competitors for ferret goods and services, and related matters. Message for further information.

I have to write a scenario in which I have been engaged by an elite, for-profit sporting organisation (football club, a sports club, a sports gear manufacturer or a large sports agency) to produce a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM/IM). This document will pitch the business to consortia, investors, investment houses or the like, who may be interested in acquiring the organisation. I have to produce an IM which offers a discretionary acquisition mode. This means you will engage a management team to run the organisation for the owner(s).I will formulate a strategy based on the clear analysis of internal and external factors. The main document, the IM will be 1,500 words. The IM document offers the organisation for sale and details the proposed management team and the proposed strat...

We just completed an acquisiton of 6mm for 262 barrels of oil production. We are in need of a top tier CFO to book entries for montly operating statements. This will also include forecast modelling and presentations to be completed on a qaurterly basis. We are digitalizing our entire portfolio and introducing AI to our production. We are also interested in AI experts to assist us on this project

Jewelry Business for wholesale and retail on the internet. Wholesale of precious and semi-precious stones to stores and the internet. Wholesale of gold-plated jewelry with a special process that guarantees two years of warranty. Wholesale and retail of silver jewelry. Investment in the market and social media looking for potential clients with mode shows in the USA. Employment of two people one part-time and the other full-time until the end of the second year first. Setting up two web pages one for exclusive warranty and the second to promote the business.

The candidate will need be available today to finish the research by maximum tonight. Looking for a real professional i already have few documents about my market but I'm missing the key data to include those number on my financial documents data and my pitch deck. Looking for having my question responded straight forward in a document not all the parallels my research can have thanks you for considering the job i will have more research after thoses one. I will provide all info when i hire you. How much cryptocurrency as been converted into fiat money and how many transaction is that in 2020-2021 for the following area worldwide-Canada-Toronto-USA and what is the number expected for the next 5 years and which country have the most crypto withdrawal from atm I already have few docu...

I need a business plan written for my counselling and therapy services here in Adelaide Australia

Need an expert for a project of NZ Real Estate market

Financial advisor for pitch prepare for start up app

Output: you can present in memo format, leveraging flow-charts, spreadsheets, diagrams, and whatever else needed to convey your point. The end-goal is to present an operational scale-up plan that is detailed, rooted in numbers, and implementable within 30-days. You are a General Manager (GM) in charge of 100 Athelas Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) accounts representing $10mm ARR in aggregate to the company ($200mm in total claims collected for practices - 5% take rate). Most of these accounts are mid-sized healthcare practices, focusing on a certain specialty. Assume that the average dollar per-encounter for our customer is $200 (of which we collect 5%). Assume that the software automations of the product are not built out at all, and everything is to be done manually using our labor-forc...

I am subscribed with few experts to trade ES Futures. They provide great analysis. I am looking for expert writer or rewriter who can write excellent trading plan based on those experts. Please show me your work. You need to provide me one demo. I will provide you analysis of experts work to provide me demo.

bidding on project bid proposal well written well designed beat competition

I need a business researcher to help

I'm looking for a good, attractive, colorful, and simple business plan for an Arabic take-out or fast food restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal.

Conduct a comprehensive market research study to evaluate the potential demand for a new Canadian branded maple/butter flavoured hard candy (similar to werther’s original) that will be positioned as "Canada's Official Candy." The candy will be targeted towards all age-appropriate Canadians and sold at major retailers, tourist attractions, airports, kiosks, and sporting events, as well as promotional giveaways at tradeshows, festivals, conferences, and international events where Canada/Canadians have a presence.

We are looking for a business promoter / Sales partner to promote our server support services in US market , he/she will be paid by commission for each brought customer. We are looking for professionals so please dont waste your and out time if you dont have relevant skills and experience.

Need a written COFO business plan for eyewear business (online and brick and mortar) COFO == Company Owned Franchise Operated. We have the idea in our head and we are looking for a person to write the business plan in a professional way, so we can refer to it during the implementation phase. NDA required. Professional in the area of expertise preferred

We will supply you a name of factory in turkey We will supply you with the product we need You will see where this product is sold You will buy it and send to us We will pay all costs You must reside in turkey

As a Sales Representative Specialist for our company's Field Technician services, your primary role will be to develop and implement a sales strategy to generate new business and increase revenue. You will be responsible for identifying potential customers, building relationships with decision-makers, and closing deals. Key Responsibilities: 1. Identify and pursue new business opportunities for our Field Technician services. 2. Build and maintain strong relationships with potential and existing customers. 3. Conduct market research to understand customer needs and identify potential areas for growth. 4. Create and implement a sales strategy to achieve sales targets and increase revenue. 5. Develop and deliver sales presentations to potential customers. 6. Collaborate with manager an...

A business plan, this should detail such matters as costs of setting up alcohol wholesale business, detail of the alcohol products you intend to sell, alcohol suppliers information, customer base, all set up and operating costs such as, cost of alcohol, bottling, labelling, warehousing, transportation and distribution cost, proposed selling price per bottle/case, how you will fund the business venture of wholesale of alcohol, SWOT analysis and cash-flow projections for the next three years of trading.

I m lost al this is confusing and I m looking for a mentor to help me make money on the website. you must have experience and can prove that you can help me.

I need a business plan / social enterprise written up, I have some resources already but i need it collating and completing in a professional manner

America’s Trains (“ATs”) provides incomparable Journey by Rail vacations on its luxurious rail cars on a growing number of routes throughout the U.S. and into Canada, with en-route layovers where passengers live on board while enjoying nearby things to do; collaborating with Amtrak. More funding is needed to acquire more rail cars to meet demand from surplus markets. ATs offers a compelling equity investment opportunity: • Growing to dominate an essential U.S. vacation segment. • Collaborating with Amtrak. • Partnering with key travel sellers. • Assisted by RCI, the largest vacation exchange company. • Surplus markets, sales and traction. • No meaningful competition. • Already full occupancy for a couple of years. • Proven busine...

Ive set a company that does homes renovations work from as little as bathroom works to complete home renovations with more then years experience Im looking to professionally expand my business By hiring a smart and successful business manager

Criar a estratégia de MkT de uma empresa com 1 reunião semanal e relatórios dos resultados .

business plan freelance job

Writing Jobz

Skip the Hunting. Find Jobs.

Join in and gain instant access to hundreds of writing gigs daily, waiting to be handled.

Why Business Plan Writing Jobs Are on The Rise

Wonder if business plan writing jobs are more or less available today? With the way the economy is going, it’s no surprise that more entrepreneurs are asking for help. But what is it about the economy that is making jobs for business plan writers more abundant?

There’s an undeniable trend that we must be aware of today… particularly in the United States. With the world becoming a smaller place (and our economies intertwining), the need for small business continues to grow.

Small Business Owners Are Taking Over the Economy

More people are going into business for themselves. Corporations are finding themselves with less of an employment pool to choose from. A greater number of people are stepping away from the corporate rat race – and moving on to being their own bosses. For those seeking a business plan writer job… this is a good thing. 

Entrepreneurs Can’t Do it All

That’s where freelance business plan writer jobs come in. They are “freelance” which allows you them to delegate on a budget. At the same time it gives writers the freedom and flexibility to work for themselves. This is all while being confident that there is plenty of employment out there for them. What’s more – the job of being a solopreneur will only get more complex (especially as the internet and the economy become more advanced.)

Business Plan Writing Jobs Will Always Matter

Although the economy is strong right now – sooner or later there will be a recession. In fact it will be worse than the one in 2008. What does that mean for entrepreneurs? Those who have a solid business plan are (and who care enough to have one) are much more likely to survive. Those that don’t will either go bust or regroup and refocus. This means that they will be offering jobs to write up business plans. That’s who WritingJobz puts their freelancers in touch with. We are a reputable company with the desire to create win-win situations with both businesses and freelancer writers.

Writing Work is Recession-Proof

Unlike many careers – writing for business is recession-proof. Although there might be less demand for employees there will always be a need for freelancers seeking a business plan writer job. 

Many understand that this is a potential recession protected career path. Creating business plans is one of those industries that will always be needed. The role of a business plan is so vital that companies without one might not even survive. One could argue that only a flexible and comprehensive plan (with action steps for contingencies) could keep a small business afloat. What does it mean for writers?

Take Advantage of The Profitable Business Writing Job Industry

WritingJobz take on people who wish to start a business plan writer career. We understand the big demand for writers who can do the job. As the web and the economy continue to expand – so will the rise of solopreneurs. If helping small businesses (and yourself) reach the goals of financial success, then perhaps this is a career path for you.

Step off the office treadmill and work on your own time. With more than 100 projects posted daily, you can take on as much work as you want and be in the comfort of your home.

Diversity Is Good

No matter the subject, we’ll offer you projects to match your areas of interest – it can practically be anything, from hard sciences to humanities to creative arts.

Enjoy Safe Payments

Unleash your creativity safely – with us, you won’t have to worry about anything. Payments arrive on time, and your online security is guaranteed.

Let the Job Find You

Increase your earning power.

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Business Plan Example for Freelance

SEPT.12, 2014

Business Plan Example for Freelance

When it is time to write the business pla n for freelance writers, the first questions that comes up is this: What type of writing is planned? Many freelancers wander a bit aimlessly around the writing market, taking on various projects as they become available but never thinking about where the business will be five years from now. When the wandering gets old and the bottom line is inadequate, it is time to become an entrepreneurial freelance writer and write a business plan.

The entrepreneur has a mission and goals and a marketing plan. Before a marketing plan is developed, it is necessary to define the type of freelance writing that will make up the bulk of the revenue. There are a hundred different paths a freelance writer can take which is precisely why it is critical to develop a business plan . It helps the entrepreneur focus on where energies will be spent.

• Will the writer concentrate on ghost writing, web content writing, copy writing, business writing, special interest writing, technical writing, editorial writing, or some combination? • Will the writer focus on fiction or nonfiction print books, ebooks, news stories, magazine articles, social media content, press releases, technical manuals, or something else? • Will the writer choose a writing niche like health, fitness, self-improvement, home repairs, technology, finance, education, and so on? During the planning stage, the freelance writer will also need to address the many aspects of developing a successful business. Most freelance writers have already been writing and selling work for some period of time. The business plan solidifies the author’s business goals, giving him or her direction over the next five years. • Identify the business expenses that include website development and maintenance fees, membership fees, health insurance, paper and print cartridges, marketing expenses, equipment, and so on • Identify how much money must be made each week or month to cover expenses and generate a profit based on financial goals, and convert that to writing goals in terms of the number of articles, blogs, projects, etc. that are needed • Describe the in-depth market research conducted to identify the market niche and competition within it • Develop a marketing plan that targets writing sites or companies in the desired niche market; describe use of social media to broadcast availability and create an expert online presence • Prepare a five-year proforma income statement

Importance of Business Plan For Freelance Writers

The business plan for freelance writers is an important document for staying on track. The availability of numerous writing sites has created a low barrier to entry, and it is tempting to jump into the writing market without a plan. However, without a business plan, there is a good chance the writer will remain fairly aimless in the approach and that means financial goals will be difficult to meet.

OGS Capital can simplify the process of writing a business plan for freelance writers. Complete the online contact form and a business consultant with expertise in business planning for entrepreneurs will be in contact shortly to get the process started.

Download Business Plan for Freelance Sample in pdf

OGScapital also specializes in writing business plans such as business plan for magazine publishing , business plan for printing services , online data entry business plan , blog business plan , strategic business plan and many others.

OGSCapital’s team has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs with top-rate business plan development, consultancy and analysis. They’ve helped thousands of SME owners secure more than $1.5 billion in funding, and they can do the same for you.

business plan freelance job

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Steal My Freelance Writing Business Plan (FREE Template) – No Need to Write One!

' src=

Are you interested in becoming a freelance writer?

Have you been writing for money but want to make your business legit?

Grabbing up writing jobs here and there is a great way to make a side income but, without a solid business plan, it’s difficult to grow that pocket money into a full-time income.

Steal My Freelance Writing Business Plan (FREE Template) – No Need to Write One!

Which is totally possible, by the way. I’m living proof!

I kind of stumbled into freelance writing when I decided that I didn’t want to go “back to work” after my twins were born.

I dabbled in paid writing and realized that this is really what I want to do for a living.

I knew I needed a game plan to grow my side hustle into a full-blown business .

It was through trial and error that I learned how to write a business plan step-by-step.

And now I want to share it with you!

With my business plan PDF, I’ve done most of the work for you!

All you need to do to fill it out is flex your brain muscle and come up with some amazing business ideas.

Not sure how to start? Here’s a rundown of how to write a business plan.

(Go ahead and sign up to grab the form before going through this process!)

How to Write a Business Plan: Step-By-Step

Business overview and your business goal.

business plan freelance job

Think about things such as the scope of your business (are you going to focus on a local market or a digital one?) as well as your main business goal.

Your main business goal should focus on what you want the clients to get out of your product/service and what you want to achieve.

Of course, you probably want to make money, so it’s a good idea to set a goal for what you would like to earn each month and for the year.

However, it’s important to focus on non-money goals as well. Do you want to write sponsored content? Have your work featured in a major publication? These are all worthy goals too!

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a description of why your freelance writing business exists, why you are offering your service, and how it helps to solve your clients’ problems.

Writing one doesn’t have to be super complicated!

A mission statement typically contains 2 elements: Value and Inspiration.

To figure these things out, write down what your business does, how it does it, and why it does it. This will help you verbalize your purpose and outline the value you offer through your business.

Mission statements are helpful in letting your potential clients know what you are all about but they also work as a sort of compass should you ever need a reminder of where you want your freelance writing business to go!

Business Name

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of business plan writing is figuring out your business name!

Many freelance writers go with their actual name while others come up with something clever or descriptive of what they do.

For example, my actual freelance writing service is called Innovative Ink which implies that I write plus bring new ideas to the table.

When brainstorming business names, try to be as unique as possible! Not only do you want a name that is memorable to clients but you’ll also want to make sure that the domain name (URL) is available as well.

Having your own domain will make your business look more professional than a subdomain with a free host (such as You can check domain availability here .

The Services You Are Offering

business plan freelance job

This isn’t true at all! Freelance writers can offer a variety of services that will benefit businesses and their online presence.

Here are some examples of the services you can offer as a freelance writer:

That’s a lot! But it’s important not to offer too many services in the beginning.

You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket when starting your freelance writing business.

Instead, take your niche into consideration.

For instance, if you are going to be a medical writer, you likely won’t need to offer resume writing services.

But if you are focusing on employment and education, resume writing and online course content writing are both valuable to that niche.

When figuring out what services to offer, it’s also important to think about who your ideal client is. What are they offering? How do they market their business? What are they looking for?

For example, if they hang out on social media platforms to market their business, they can benefit from a social media content writer.

Once you have figured out the services you want to offer, list them out and determine the cost of each.

Check out my post here about how to price your freelance writing services .

Value Proposition

business plan freelance job

This is why it’s important to recognize your value and translate that into an advantage when it comes to hiring you over other writers.

Think about what you can bring to the table when it comes to why businesses will hire you:

Pinning down your value has everything to do with what will give you a competitive edge.

You also need to determine your client’s pain points and how you intend to solve them. Are you going to help clients save time? Make money? Market their business?

All of this information is going to help you not only structure your website to market your services but also round out an effective pitch when reaching out to potential clients.

Plus, it will help you determine how much to charge for your services – and feel confident doing so!

Competitor Analysis

When you are working on your freelance writing business plan, it’s important to take a look at the competition. This will give you some insight into what other freelance writers are doing and how they are succeeding.

But first, you need to find out who your competitors are!

Start by Googling “Freelance writer + (your niche)” and see who shows up in the top results. You can also do the same search through LinkedIn.

Be sure you focus on writers in your niche, not just freelance writers in general.

Next, take a look at their websites where they target their clients (not just a blog). Check out the services they offer, the prices they charge, and who they have worked with.

Also, pay attention to how they market their freelance writing business and reach clients. Do they have a strong social media presence? Are they offering freebies? Discounts/

Lastly, take a look at their strengths and weaknesses. Do they offer SEO optimization? Do they actively market their business? This is a great way to best develop your overall business strategy.

Marketing Plan

When you start a freelance writing business, there are really two ways you can find clients – peruse job boards and apply for jobs and market yourself so clients come to you.

Developing a marketing plan involves taking these two methods into consideration and organizing how you intend to get the word out about your writing services!

I wouldn’t recommend focusing on too many marketing channels at once – you don’t want to get overwhelmed. Instead, start with a couple of social media platforms and a couple of job boards to get started.

In time, add in a plan to pitch clients directly as well as offer guest posts to other publications.

Your marketing plan should also include posting blog articles to your website, cultivating an email list, and making sure your content is SEO optimized to draw in organic traffic.

As you plug along with your marketing plan, make sure to keep note of what works and what doesn’t. You don’t want to waste your time and energy on something that is not panning out for you.

Startup Costs

business plan freelance job

Here are some costs you should write down so that you can create a budget for your business:

Again, you don’t really have to fork out a lot to get started.

Focus on getting your website up and running, courses to help with your writing and business skills , and a laptop to work on (if you don’t already have one).

Business Goals – Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly

At the beginning of business plan writing, I asked you to think about your main business goal. However, once you get started, it’s important to break down the big picture into more manageable steps.

Start by thinking about what you want to accomplish by the end of the year. From here, work your goals down into quarters.

A quarter is a grouping of three months and typically starts at the beginning of the year. For example:

Knowing what you want to accomplish during a three-month period will help you determine what you should be working on each month!

You can then write down your monthly goes in your freelance writing business plan.

How to Create and Implement Your Freelance Writing Business Plan

business plan freelance job

Here are some ideas of how to create your plan and make sure you implement it:

What Kind of Format Works Best For You?

I am offering this free freelance writing business plan as a fillable PDF to help you keep track of how you intend to start and operate your business.

However, some people work best with pen to paper so you can print it out as well!

It may help to have a printed copy pinned to the wall of your office or workspace to help you keep track of your plan.

Although, I do know some freelance writers that like to write out their current goals on a whiteboard. It’s completely up to you!

How Will You Update Your Business Plan?

Nothing is set in stone, especially when it comes to business writing and coming up with a plan. You should be prepared to make changes as necessary to help you reach your goals.

For instance, you may start out planning to make money as a freelance writer in one niche only to find yourself gravitating toward another that is more lucrative. You may also begin by focusing on Facebook for marketing but realize that Twitter works best for you.

That’s why I like the fact that my free business plan allows you to fill out the PDF form so you can make changes along the way!

This is also why a whiteboard does wonders for following your plan because you can quickly and easily make changes as necessary.

I would recommend reevaluating your plan at least once a month to see if you’re staying on track as well as what is working for you versus what isn’t.

That’s It! Business Plan Complete!

I’m so excited that you are getting your business plan underway! This really is the first step in creating a lucrative freelance writing business.

Imagine spending every day doing what you love – it’s amazing!

Now it’s your turn: Do you have any other tips for writing a business plan?

Share them in the comments – I’d love to hear them!

Share this post with your friends!

business plan freelance job

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How Entrepreneurs Can Build Their Business With Today’s Freelance Platforms

business plan freelance job

If you’re a business owner, chances are you have too much on your plate. One of the biggest challenges of starting a company from scratch is having too much to do in too little time — not to mention a lack of specific skill sets and expertise. In fact, 45% of entrepreneurs report being really stressed out. Those factors used to make it extra hard to begin a business, but times are changing. 

The past year and a half has taught us a lot, and the modern workplace has changed.  Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this new landscape to get more of their initiatives over the goal line. Savvy business leaders are well acquainted with freelancers and the ways that they can help them to accomplish quick-turn projects. Freelance platforms provide a one-stop-shop for finding the necessary talent to fill gaps in skill sets or experience — without going through the effort and expense of hiring full-time resources. 

What is a freelance platform?

Freelance platforms are online marketplaces where skilled professionals from anywhere in the world can find work and get paid. They have grown tremendously over the past few years, which makes sense since it’s been predicted that freelancers will make up 80% of the workforce by 2030. Freelancing used to be considered “gig work” or side jobs but now offers major employment opportunities. 

In a highly connected and globalized world, typical 9-to-5 jobs are less desirable to people that want to feel consistently engaged and challenged. Instead, many individuals would rather operate as independent contractors and offer their particular skill set on a project or temporary basis. Companies of all sizes have found advantages through working with freelancers and consultants of all types. In the old days, larger businesses would hire pricey consulting firms to help them achieve strategic initiatives. Now, even brand new organizations can use freelance or consulting platforms to achieve cost savings, faster project timelines, and standardized processes. 

Simply put, there’s a lot to accomplish when you start a business —and freelance platforms can help you get those things done faster. 

How to effectively leverage a freelance platform

Hiring freelancers on a platform offers convenience and profitability. That being said, freelance platforms are certainly not all created equal — nor are the professionals that you’ll find on them. Make sure to follow these steps if you’re using a freelance platform to supplement your team. 

1. Research your options

There are many freelance platforms out there — in fact, over 170 . However, most freelance platforms specialize in a certain geographic area, specialty, or price range. Your best bet is to narrow down your search based on the most reputable companies.  

2. Understand your real needs 

Before you begin a search on a freelance platform, you should have a comprehensive list of tasks prepared. Even more important, you should be able to tie those tasks to the larger goal of generating revenue (or other key drivers like reducing costs). Many people waste time and money on hiring consultants because of scope creep and moving the goalposts on projects after they’ve begun. 

For example, you may understand that you need to advertise your new business, so you begin looking for paid advertising specialists. But is that really where you should begin? Or do you need someone to put together a more robust and well-researched promotional strategy, that happens to include online advertising? As you know, there’s a big difference between strategy development and tactical execution.

This is where freelancers differ from consultants. Do you need a freelancer for project-related jobs, or a consultant to help you drive business outcomes? If you need the latter, you should be looking at a consulting marketplace instead of a freelance platform. 

Freelance jobs most commonly hired by entrepreneurs

There are certain areas that are actually ideal for hiring project-based workers rather than full-time employees. Some of them include:

There’s a benefit to knowing what common areas of business freelancers occupy. For one, it tells you what other businesses are currently outsourcing. It also means that your pool of potential options is much larger and more competitive. While there’s likely someone out there to serve any type of business need it’s wisest to identify common areas that are easiest to outsource.

Remember, as your business grows and expands you can always look for opportunities to bring this type of work in-house. You may even develop such a good relationship with those you’re outsourcing with that you can even extend an offer for permanent placement down the line.

New call-to-action

3. Seek experience — even at a premium 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “You get what you pay for”, and this is especially true when it comes to human capital. In today’s war for talent , workers can be selective about who they work for and what they work on. It’s essential to be willing to go the extra mile for specific expertise. In many cases, the advice and counsel that entrepreneurs rely on is critical to their future success. 

This type of c-level expertise is not likely to be found at an hourly rate. Instead, for best-in-class professionals or executive expertise, entrepreneurs need to be nimble and willing to invest in longer-term contracts, flexible arrangements, and significant rewards for performance. 

Even if you’re looking for non-strategic tasks like copywriting, database management, or design, seek the top-rated professionals on the platform and exclude the lowest-priced people from your shortlist. They tend to have less experience and are keeping prices low to gain new clients. That’s ok — everyone has to start somewhere — but new businesses have less leeway in that regard. 

Pay the rate that will ensure that your work gets done correctly the first time. 

4. Be transparent and supportive

Once you hire a freelancer, you need to do your part . Give them access to whatever they require from you. Be speedy and reliable in your communications. They can be a lot more successful if you don’t become a bottleneck for them. 

Outsource work without sacrificing quality

Beginning a new business is complex, and your work is never done. Leveraging a freelance platform can allow entrepreneurs to outsource some of the task-based items on their list, without worrying that their standards won’t be met. 

However, if the scope of expertise you’re looking for goes beyond simply executing, then you may need to turn to a consultant marketplace. Either way, outsourcing is a convenient and profitable way to have others help you with the day-to-day aspects of running a business, while you focus on what you do best—growing your company.

AvatarLauren Dunmore

Lauren Dunmore

Lauren is the Content Marketing Manager at COMATCH . She has experience working with diverse communication mediums and is passionate about collecting insight from the world's top industry and business experts and turning it into engaging, easy-to-digest educational content.

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Published on 28 Feb 2023

Freelance Job: Business Plan for EB-2 NIW

Published on 06 Mar 2023

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Court hearing set to begin in bid to save 250 Black Country jobs

GFG Alliance has finalised its business plan for Aartee Bright Bar as it heads to court this morning for a hearing in its fight to save 250 jobs.

Aartee Bright Bar

The High Court in Manchester will hear a challenge by GFG Alliance against ABB’s entry into administration.

ABB was bought by GFG on February 23 after it went into administration following a creditor dispute. GFG has since provided funding to cover wages to prevent a reduction in jobs expected under the administration.

GFG, the parent company of Liberty Steel, says its rescue plan would save 250 steel jobs at Planetary Road, the hot rolled bars division at Peartree Lane, Dudley and the distribution arm.

At the hearing, GFG will seek to immediately end the administration of ABB.

GFG’s legal representatives will argue that its business case for ABB will provide a far superior outcome for creditors, employees and all other stakeholders compared with a damaging insolvency process.

Specifically, GFG will state that ABB was wrongly put into administration.

It will argue, GFG has a business plan for ABB that is supported by a majority of its creditors and will ensure the business remains a solvent going concern.

It will also say ABB will benefit from financial support from GFG to cover working capital needs. GFG has provided over £200m of financial support to its UK businesses in the past 18 months and ABB is a solvent company with enough cash and facilities to satisfy existing creditors.

GFG’s industrial plan for ABB will ensure no redundancies and integrate the business with Liberty Steel’s Engineering Bar division while the administration process will inevitably lead to plant closure and redundancies.

GFG will also argue it has demonstrated its commitment to the employees of ABB by providing £620,000 to fund wages and avoid instant redundancies which were intended by the administrator.

Jeffrey Kabel, Chief Transformation Officer, said: “Our plan for ABB would see jobs protected and provide superior outcomes for its creditors immediately.

"The administration process at ABB is unjustified, unnecessary and unsupported by a majority of its creditors and employees whose jobs are on the line. We urge creditors, employees and stakeholders to get behind our application to save ABB.”

Matthew Panter

By Matthew Panter

Business Editor @ MattPanterMedia

Business Editor covering Shropshire and Mid Wales. Got a story? Get in touch at [email protected]

Former Walsall children’s home up for sale with £295,000 guide price

Opening date revealed for new tamworth b&m – and store will include garden centre, 'pivotal moment' in fight for 250 black country steel jobs as firm set for day of destiny, manufacturer says business is 'super strong' after putting subsidiary into administration, top stories.

Lauren Parkes had to show her stoma bag to a security guard to prove that she was disabled

Willenhall woman 'forced to show nightclub security her stoma bag to prove she was disabled'

Residents can help save The Bell

Residents in fight to save historic pub once voted West Midlands Pub of the Decade

Ryan Passey was stabbed to death in a Stourbridge nightclub in 2017

Demands for change after 'wrongful acquittal' of man who stabbed clubber Ryan Passey

The two car collision that saw the Cleobury Mortimer Road in Bridgnorth closed on Wednesday

Crash 'caused by ice' leaves one car on its roof and another in a hedge

38 Park Road East

Ten-bedroom Victorian home overlooking a Wolverhampton park is put for auction

Jeremy Hunt

Household energy bill cap frozen for further three months, Hunt announces

Kerry Fair. Photo: West Midlands Police

Birmingham woman locked up for 14 years over manslaughter of motorcyclist

Aartee Bright Bar

How will the latest rail strikes affect each train operator?

A report has outlined the challenges facing the West Midlands Ambulance Service

Inspection finds 'compassionate and kind' ambulance staff but long delays still put patients at risk

West Midlands Mayor Andy Street has hailed plans for an investment zone in the region

£80m low-tax investment zone will 'supercharge' economy, says Mayor

The former children's home

More from the Express & Star

The vivid blue sapphires which will go under the hammer on March 27

Stunning hoard of sapphires found hidden in widow's house to go under the hammer

'gentleman and scholar' veteran of ill-fated operation market garden dies aged 97, peter rhodes on lineker, luther and the madagascar plan, farmer fined after midlands holidaymaker suffers broken ribs in cow attack, new £1bn devolution deal to give region new powers, ofsted inspectors hail wolverhampton school judged outstanding, uk & international news.

PCS members on strike

‘This can’t go on’, says civil service union as staff walk out

Teenager charged and two men arrested over funeral drive-by shooting, zara parent firm inditex posts jump in profit as shoppers return to stores.

95th Academy Awards – Show

Harrison Ford shares moving moment with Ke Huy Quan 39 years since Indiana Jones

James martin hailed by director as ‘the beating heart’ of an irish goodbye, hugh grant presents award with andie macdowell after ‘awkward’ oscars interview.

Samsung logo

Samsung to invest £189bn in chip-making ‘mega cluster’

Cyclone freddy to ease after bringing chaos and death to mozambique and malawi, political tensions amid new protests over french pension bill.


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  18. Court hearing set to begin in bid to save 250 Black Country jobs

    GFG, the parent company of Liberty Steel, says its rescue plan would save 250 steel jobs at Planetary Road, the hot rolled bars division at Peartree Lane, Dudley and the distribution arm.