Areas of research

Budget, taxes and public investment.

EPI’s work on federal fiscal policy analyzes revenues, spending and deficits, but always within the context of the overall economy. EPI believes that the federal budget is the embodiment of our nation’s priorities, but recognizes that the state of budget balance is simply a tool to meet larger economic goals, not an end-goal in itself.

Economic Growth

EPI’s research on economic growth assesses how policymaking and economic institutions either help or hinder efforts to insure that the U.S. economy is operating at full employment and to generate sustainable growth in average living standards as rapidly as possible.

EPI documents impacts of social and economic inequality on student achievement, and suggests policies, within school and out, to narrow outcome gaps between middle class and disadvantaged students. EPI research refutes false assumptions behind politically inspired attacks on public education, teachers, and their unions.

Green Economics

EPI’s research in this arena focuses on the role that public investment, regulation, and tax policy play in making the economy more sustainable and equitable.

EPI’s Health Policy Research team analyzes the U.S. health care system through the lens of low- and moderate income families’ living standards, with special attention to employer-sponsored health insurance, the burden of health costs, and disparities in access and outcomes.


EPI proposes reforms that would allow the immigration system to to respond and adjust to the shifting needs of the U.S. labor market while improving wages and safeguarding labor standards for American and immigrant workers.

Inequality and Poverty

As the United States recovers from the Great Recession, EPI’s research in this area examines the increasing levels of economic inequality in connection with decreasing levels of economic mobility and rising levels of poverty.

Jobs and Unemployment

EPI’s thorough research in this area is as critical as ever and focuses on understanding the intricacies and impact of the slow recovery in the U.S. labor market, including our persistent high unemployment, near-record long-term unemployment, mass underemployment, and weak labor force participation.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage is a critical labor standard meant to ensure a fair wage for this country’s lowest paid workers.  EPI researchers have examined how the minimum wage affects workers and the economy, who benefits from the minimum wage, and how the declining value of the federal minimum wage over time has contributed to the growth in U.S. income inequality.

Race and Ethnicity

EPI’s Program on Race, Ethnicity and the Economy works to advance policies that ensure racial and ethnic minorities participate fully and benefit equitably as workers in the American economy.

Raising America’s Pay

EPI’s efforts to raise the profile of wage issues and generate ideas for stimulating wage growth are overseen by an advisory board of eminent policymakers, academics, policy experts, and civic engagement leaders. See the list of board members .

The debate over the effect of regulatory changes on employment has intensified in the wake of the Great Recession and the still-high levels of unemployment that are its legacy. But assertions that government regulations are holding back the economy ignore the roots of our economy’s problems, namely the collapse of the housing and financial sectors and inadequate demand. EPI research debunks claims that regulations impede job creation, finding that they can create jobs and confer other critical benefits that outweigh costs. This work is critical to fighting attempts to roll back laws that protect the environment and guarantee worker protections.

EPI’s retirement program examines the inequities in the current system and promotes initiatives that protect Social Security and lead to universal, secure and adequate retirement policies.

Trade and Globalization

Trade and globalization policies have major effects on the wages and incomes of American workers and on the vitality of American industries such as manufacturing. EPI research identifies the economic benefits accruing to the nation, states, and congressional districts from negotiating better trade agreements and curbing currency manipulation and other unfair trade practices.

Unions and Labor Standards

Strong unions and employee organizing rights foster a vibrant middle class because the protections, rights, and wages that unions secure affect union and nonunion workers alike. Unfortunately, eroded labor standards, weakening unions, changing norms, guestworker policies that undercut wages, and monetary policies that prioritize controlling inflation over lowering unemployment have helped depress wages and erode living standards for all workers. EPI monitors factors that affect American work lives, including unpaid overtime, wage theft, the minimum wage, immigration laws, and collective bargaining rights.

Wages, Incomes and Wealth

Ensuring that economic growth benefits hard-working Americans in the form of higher wages and rising living standards is the central economic challenge of our time. Unfortunately, wages for most workers grew exceptionally slowly between 1979 and 2012, despite productivity—which essentially measures the economy’s potential for providing rising living standards for all—rising 64 percent. In other words, most Americans, even those with college degrees, are treading water—despite working more productively (and being better educated) than ever. EPI research demonstrates that wage stagnation, weak income growth, and wealth disparities can be traced to policy decisions that have eroded the bargaining power of low- and middle-wage workers.

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The Study Blog : Research topics

50+ Economics research Topics and Topic Ideas for dissertation

The ultimate goal of economic science is to improve the living conditions of people in everyday lives. Economists study how to utilize the available scarce resources to maximize value and thus profits. The concerns of economics today are largely focused on issues such as opportunity cost, consumption and production, borrowing, saving, investments, occupations and employment, trades markets, pricing and human behavior concerning making economic decisions.

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Given that economics covers a lot of issues in society today coupled with the multitude of research studies within the existing literature, many economics students find it difficult to find the most suitable economic research topic for their undergraduate project, master’s thesis, and dissertations. Technological advancement has also increased the pace of transformation and globalization creating new areas in economics that are worth research. Our economics experts have curated a list of research paper topics in economics that you can use to get the perfect research paper topic.

economic topics for research paper

Micro-Economics Research Topics

Microeconomics deals with the economic behavior of individual isolated units of the economy like an individual, a household, a company, and industry. Micro-economists study factors that influence economic choices, markets and their key elements such as demand and supply and analyze markets and determine the prices for goods and services that best allocate the available limited resources. Some of the best research topics in microeconomics that you can use for your thesis or dissertation include:

1. The effect of income changes on consumer choices

2. The effect of labor force participation on the economy and budget – A comparison

3. The impact of marital status on the labor force composition: A case of [your country] economy

4. The difference in the consumption attitude in [your country] over the last decade – Critical analysis of consumer behavior trends

5. The relationship between salary levels and ‘economic convergence’ in [your country]?

6. Analyzing salary inequalities in [your country] and the forces behind such inequalities.

7. The evolution of consumption in [your country] over the last 10 years: Trends and consumer behavior.

8. Dynamics of the Gini index as a reflection of the problem of inequality in income 

9. Cashless economy: The impact of demonetization on small and medium businesses

10 Privatization of Public Enterprises and its implications on economic policy and development

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economic topics for research paper

Macroeconomics Research Topics

1. The relationship between economic growth and unemployment in [your country]

2. Global recession and factors that contribute to it.

3. Impact of government expenditure on economic growth in [country]

4. The impact of company income tax revenue on the developing economies- A comparative analysis of Kenya, India, and Nigeria

5. The relationship between common stock prices and inflation in [your country]

6. The relationship between inflation and government spending in [your country] economy.

7. The effect of currency devaluation on small and medium firms- A case study of selected multinationals in [your country]

8. The relationship between internet connectivity and productivity in the workplace 

9. The evolution of the stock market in [your country]: Causes and consequences

10 Unemployment and regional mobility of labor in [your country]

11 A comparison of the United States unemployment to the rest of the world

Research Topics on International Trade

1. The relationship between economic growth and international trade

2. To what extent does a currency union affect trade: A case of the United States

3. What are the gains and losses of international trade for developing countries?

4. Foreign direct investment in the United States: Determinants and impact

5. The effects of the banana crisis on the Jamaican and British economies

6. The impact of Brexit on small and middle businesses in the UK

7. The relationship between foreign direct investment and wages- A comparative analysis of USA and China

8. The roles of exchange rate and exchange rate regime in the US export

9. The importance of international trade in developing countries

10 To what extent are the gains of less developed countries from tradeliberalization exaggerated?

Environmental economics research paper topics

Economic activities such as production have a significant impact on the environment such as pollution and depletion of natural resources. Environmental economics studies these impacts and other environmental issues. Below are some of the best research paper topics in environmental economics.

1. An economic examination of waste disposal programs in the United States

2. Man-made environmental disasters: who bears the economic liability?

3. The economics of land- a comparative analysis of land sharing and land sparing in the United States

4. The impact of waste disposal programs to America’s Environmental Policy: An economic evaluation

5. Water management and conservation policies in the United States and the UK- a comparative analysis

6. The economic implications of climate policy changes because of different climate change assessment mechanisms

7. Investigating the cost of organizational environmental analysis in the United States

8. What are the determinants of climate policy formulation in the United States? An economic scrutiny

9. The economic perspectives of distribution of natural resources across boundaries

10 The impact of technological innovation for clean and green products on the environment

11 The impact of work-life balance on social eco-systems: perspectives from the United States

12 The relationship between financial subsidies and generation of eco-friendly products

Research Paper Topics on Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics examines the psychology behind economic activities and economic decision making. It examines the limitation of the assumption that individuals are perfectly normal. Good behavioral economics topics cover subjects such as bounded rationality, irrational exuberance, and choice architecture. 

1. Inducing choice paralysis: how retailers bury customers in an avalanche of options

2. The behavioral economics of discounting- A case study of amazon

3. Pricing and the decoy effect; how corporations ‘nudge’ consumers to spend more

4. Big data and implications for behavioral economics

5. A study of how the United States market benefitted from behavioral economics theory

6. How has behavioral economics influenced the real-world context? A case of online purchase behavior

7. Weight management through behavioral economics: use of incentives

8. What motivates consumers? A behavioral economics perspective

9. Using behavioral economics to help in reducing substance abuse

10 Addressing lifestyle management for diabetes through behavioral analysis- insights from the US healthcare sector

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Development Economics research paper topics

1. The impact of multinational commodity trading through the development economic perspective

2. The impact of globalization on income distribution in emerging economies

3. Investigating the relationship between migration and development economics

4. Budgeting and decision making by low-income earners in emerging economics

5. Investigating the relationship between family planning, labor force, and income fluctuations

6. The impact of natural disasters on development in emerging economies

7. The impact of population growth on development economics- review of India

8. The determinants of high performing institutions in emerging economies

9. Comparative economic patterns of villages across Virginia

10 Aid and economic growth of developing economies- a review

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economic topics for research paper

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Economic Research Paper Topics

Table of Contents

Best Economic Research Topics

Each scientific branch provides a wide field of research, allowing everyone to find something special by expanding the work created by other scientists. What is more, you can even make unique discoveries, significantly enriching both your store of knowledge and skills and at the same time the treasury of scientific research as a whole.

In this context, it is very significant to choose the idea to which the work will be devoted. The latter may seem like a complicated task in the context of a large amount of economic research paper topics . However, there is always that area of scientific knowledge in which you are most interested.

It is also quite common when a student is doing a large study that takes up several academic papers. Thanks to this, you can develop the ability to express your point of view and synthesize the received information. At the same time, this type of work gives an ability to correctly allocate time and tasks, breaking an enormous assignment into smaller fragments.

How to Select the Best Economic Research Paper Topic?

As highlighted in the previous paragraph, plenty of fascinating economic research paper topics can confuse the student and prevent him from focusing on conducting a comprehensive study of a narrow issue. Now that there are dozens of books on hundreds of articles on each topic and subtopic, it is not easy to achieve this sense of coverage.

On the other hand, a wide variety of ideas can change the perception of economics as a boring scientific industry into an exciting and vibrant one. There are many approaches to choosing a suitable topic. Sometimes the assignment is to select one idea from a long bright list, while in other situations, it is necessary to find the topic yourself.

75 Best Economic Research Paper Topics

A good topic is essentially a key to the success of all subsequent work. Before dwelling on one particular issue that you want to cover in the essay, it is possible to choose a broader area.

Below are magnificent topics for economic research papers, each of which has its special characteristics and gives an idea of one or another part of the global phenomenon. This is quite interesting and informative since many of these ideas are interdisciplinary, expanding the horizons and improving the student’s abilities.

At the same time, it is necessary to note that you can start by covering a broader topic and not change it for a while. After finishing a few stages of the writing, it will become more and more narrow, allowing you to stop at the best option and achieve the desired results.

25 current economic research paper topics

25 good economics research paper topics

25 interesting economic research paper topics

Economic Research Paper Ideas From

There are times when a student is too confused about the choice of one of the wide variety of economic research paper topics and, as a result, constantly postpones a tedious task in the study of which he is not interested. In addition, many other concerns prevent you from focusing on getting the work done.

Our company will be helpful in any situation. Economic research paper experts can quickly and easily cope with any task. You can also provide us with a choice of topics and work on all possible nuances.

George Lynch


130 Excellent Economics Research Topics for you to Consider

Table of Contents

What are Economics Research Topics?

Despite your expertise in economics, yet you might struggle to find suitable economics research topics for your dissertations. Besides, exploring topics on the internet might also not serve as a feasible option, instead, it will consume your time. Also, you might spend several hours and land up getting absolutely nothing.

Of course, the final objective of economics is to improve the living conditions of people in their daily lives. Accordingly, economists, study how to use scarce resources to optimize their value and thereby increase profit. Currently, the economics subject focuses on opportunity costs, production, consumption, trade markets, employment, investment, and pricing, and consumer behaviour.

How to use Economics Research Topics?

Selecting economics research topics is not a simple task for most of the students working on their dissertations. Besides, you might have to choose a narrow topic for exploring and analyzing it to the core. However, don’t make it too narrow as then you will have an access to limited information only. Nevertheless, if your topic is too broad, it might create difficulties for the students to complete it extensively.

Simultaneously, you might read the guidelines given below to choose the best economics research topics for your assignments.

How to write Economics Research Topics?

Besides, writing an economic paper is not the same as writing any other type of research paper . Instead, it is technical and the fundamental goal is to attain clarity. Also, focus on making your presentation clear as this might add power to your underpinning analysis and improve your research quality. Alternatively, writing a good economics research paper requires a deep understanding of the literature.

List Of Economics Research Topics

Easy economics research topics.

Simple and Basic Economics Research Topics

Economics Research Topics for Exam

High-Quality Economics Research Topics

Good Economics Research Topics

Unique Economics Research Topics

Read more topic: Top 150 Microeconomics research paper topics: Pick a fantastic topic

Economics Research Topics for the Experts

Top most Economics Research Topics for college students

Trending Economics Research Topics for college students

Final Notes- Economics Research Topics 

Thus, you might have understood that writing economics research papers, might appear a cumbersome task. However, if you have the subject knowledge and adequate writing skills, most likely you will fare well in your assignments. Also, if the idea is still not convincing, call our Economics assignment help experts and enjoy good scoring assignments.

economic topics for research paper

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Big Data Research Topics

150 Outstanding Big Data Research Topics for Every Student to Explore

Social Issues Topics

198 Captivating Social Issues Topics for Essay or Research Paper

Geology Research Topic

146 Best Geology Research Topics for Academic Writing

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View the  Entrepreneurship Working Group  page.


Microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, financial economics, public economics, health, education, and welfare, labor economics, industrial organization, development and growth, environmental and resource economics, regional and urban economics, more from nber.

In addition to working papers , the NBER disseminates affiliates’ latest findings through a range of free periodicals — the NBER Reporter , the NBER Digest , the Bulletin on Retirement and Disability , the Bulletin on Health , and the Bulletin on Entrepreneurship  — as well as online conference reports , video lectures , and interviews .

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economic topics for research paper

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110 Economics Essay Topics You Can Explore in Your Research

Updated 14 Dec 2022

Economics Essay Topics

Economics is one of the most important social sciences. As it discusses and studies the flow of value in our society, it impacts almost every aspect of our lives. It can also be effectively used to improve our modern society.

The list of economic essay topics is endless – the field focuses on multiple areas of human interactions on different scales. Choosing one of the economics topics for an essay relevant to your task and interesting to research can be hard. That’s why we’re here to help you.

💡 Tips for Choosing Interesting Economics Topics

Let’s review the main steps you can take to make the selection of topic ideas easier for you:

Among the main topics you can discuss in economics research are:

📈 List of Economics Essay Topics

These general topics explore the specifics of the field, its difference from other studies, and relevant questions in the modern state of this science.

Essay Examples Relevant to Economics

🌎 World Economics Essay Questions

Essay Examples Relevant to World Economics

📊 Macroeconomics Essay Topics

Macroeconomics deals with economic systems as a whole. It is extremely important to discuss, as it can help to learn more about how well the system is performing and what can be done to improve it.

Essay Examples Relevant to Macroeconomics

📉 Microeconomics Essay Topics

Microeconomics, on the other hand, deals with the economy on an individual scale. Discussing the importance of personal decision making and how it impacts the system is actually just as important as paying attention to the large scale, so let’s take a look at the topics you can explore:

Essay Examples Relevant to Microeconomics

🏥 Healthcare Economics Essay Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Healthcare Economics

Consumerism Essay Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Consumerism

💰 Finance Paper Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Finance

✏️ Socio-Economic Essay Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Socio-Economic

📖 Economic History Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Economic History

💲 Tax Topics for an Essay

Essay Examples Relevant to Tax

Human Development Essay Topics

Essay Examples Relevant to Human Development

Was this helpful?

Thanks for your feedback, related blog posts, the most impressive social issues topics for essay or paper.

If you want to write an effective and engaging controversial essay, you definitely need to take into consideration the best social issue topics or ...

Beginners Guide on International Relations Essay Topics

Students who decide to study International Relations can help significantly in managing politics when they finish their studies. Choosing the right...

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economic topics for research paper

134 Economics Thesis Topics: Ideas for Outstanding Writing

economic topics for research paper

Writing a thesis is not an easy task. For most of the students, it can be even intimidating, especially when you do not know where to start your research.

Here, we have provided an economics thesis topics list. After all, everyone knows that choosing the right idea is crucial when writing an academic paper. In economics, it can combine history, math, social studies, politics, and numerous other subjects. You should also have solid foundations and a sound factual basis for a thesis. Without these elements, you won’t be able to master your research paper.

The issue is:

It is not always clear what could be seen as an excellent economics thesis topic. Our experts can assist you with this challenge. This list contains some outstanding examples to get you started.

📊 Microeconomics

📈 macroeconomics.

⭐ What Does a Thesis in Economics Look Like?

A good thesis in economics is a blend between an empirical paper and a theoretical one. One of the essential steps in choosing a topic in economics is to decide which one you will write.

You may write, research, analyze statistical data and other information. Or build and study a specific economic model.

Or why not both!

Here are some questions you can ask when deciding what topic to choose:

The best way to understand what type of research you have to do is to write a thesis proposal. You will most probably be required to submit it anyway. Your thesis supervisor will examine your ideas, methods, list of secondary and primary sources. At some universities, the proposal will be graded.

Master’s thesis and Bachelor’s thesis have three main differences.

After you get the initial feedback, you will have a clear idea of what to adjust before writing your thesis. Only then, you’ll be able to start.

🔥 Supreme Economics Thesis Topics List

👍 Economics Bachelor’s Thesis Topics

At the U.S. Universities, an undergraduate thesis is very uncommon. However, it depends on the Department Policy.

The biggest challenge with the Bachelor’s Thesis in economics concerns its originality. Even though you are not required to conduct entirely unique research, you have to lack redundant ideas.

You can easily avoid making this mistake by simply choosing one of these topics. Also, consider visiting IvyPanda essays database. It’s a perfect palce to conduct a brainstorming session and come up with fresh ideas for a paper, as well as get tons of inspiration.

😲 Economics Master’s Thesis Topics

Student life can be fascinating, but it comes with its challenges. One of which is selecting your Master’s thesis topic.

Here is a list of topics for a Master’s thesis in economics. Are you pursuing MPhil in Economics and writing a thesis? Use the following ideas as an inspiration for that. They can also be helpful if you are working on a Master’s thesis in financial economics.

Renewable energy is beneficial for various economic reasons.

📑 More Economics Thesis Topics: Theme

For some students, it makes more sense to center their search around a certain subject. Sometimes you have an econ area that interests you. You may have an idea about what you want to write, but you did not decide what it will be.

If that’s the case with you, then these economics thesis topics ideas are for you.

Immigration has a little long-run effect on Americans’ wages.

There are four main problems in macroeconomics.

🤔 Development Economics

👨‍💼 Behavioral Economics

The richest population holds a huge portion of the national income.

💼 Financial Economics

🌱 Agricultural Economics

The region of greatest pesticide use was San Joaquin Valley.

🤝‍Economic Sociology

📚 The List of Ph.D. Topics in Economics

If you decide to go to grad school to do your Masters, you will likely end up getting a Ph.D. as well. So, with this plan in mind, think about a field that interests you enough during your Masters. Working with the same topic for both graduate degrees is easier and more effective.

This list of Ph.D. Topics in Economics can help you identify the areas you can work on.

The Philippine economy is projected to continue on its expansionary path.

📝 How to Select an Economics Thesis Topic

As your academic journey is coming to an end, it’s time to pick the right topic for your thesis. The whole academic life you were preparing to undertake this challenge.

Here is the list of six points that will help you to select an economics thesis topic:

Some universities ask their students to focus on topics from one discipline.

Thank you for reading the article to the end! We hope this list of economics thesis topics ideas could help you to gather your thoughts and get inspired. Share it with those who may find it useful. Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

🔗 References

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A very well written, clear and easy-to-read article. It was highly helpful. Thank you!

Thanks for your kind words! We look forward to seeing you again!

For research

Excellent research

These are very helpful and concise research topics which I have spent days surfing the internet to get all this while. Thanks for making research life experience easier for me. Keep this good work up.

Glad to hear that! Thank you for your feedback, Idris!

Thank you, Idris!

I wants it for msc thesis

100 Best Economics Research Topics

economics research topics

Are you having a hard time coming up with economics research topics for a short or long project? It can certainly be difficult to find a research idea that interests both you and your reading audience. This article provides you with 100 fresh research topics for economics to fit any assignment. They cover a wide variety of discipline areas, so you are sure to find something that works for you. After picking a topic, start writing the paper and don’t forget about a strong research statement based on the topic.

Good Economics Research Topics for All Students

Health Economics Research Topics

Environmental Economics Research Topics

Economics Topics for Research for a Short Project

Behavioral Economics Research Topics

Simple Research Topics in Economics

General Research Paper Topics in Economics

Economics Research Topics for Undergraduates

Economics Research Paper for College Students

Interesting Research Topic in Economics

Modern Economics Topics for Research Paper

Current Topics for Economics Research Paper

Economics Research Topics List for Grad Students

Economics Research Paper Topics for a Short Project

Best Research Topics in Economics

In addition to this economics research topics list, we can provide you with several resources instructing you on how to choose a great topic and write an excellent paper. Our support staff is available 24/7 and can be reached by chat, email, or phone. Don’t start your economics research without first contacting us for assignment assistance . We look forward to hearing from you and are always glad to help you with all of your academic needs.

Statistics Project Ideas

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economic topics for research paper

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Department of Economics

Phd research topics.

Photo of Economics PhD Student

Applications are welcomed in all Economics topics. We particularly welcome applications from candidates with research interests in the following speciality areas of our research-active staff:

Behavioural Economics

Financial Economics and Household Finance

Gender, Race and Inequality

Health Economics

Industrial Organization 

International Economics and Development

Labour and Education Economics


Political Economy

Time Series Econometrics

Urban and Environmental Economics

Related information

How to apply for a PhD

Search for PhD opportunities at Sheffield and be part of our world-leading research.

economic topics for research paper

Home — Blog — Topic Ideas — 100 Economic Research Topics

100 Economic Research Topics

economic research topics

Studying economics can be quite challenging and even confusing at first, yet once you brainstorm various helpful research topics, you instantly understand the range of ideas that can be explored. You may not be majoring in economics per se and studying Sociology or Education since economics is always involved in every discipline. It makes it extremely difficult to find good economic research topics for your Master’s thesis, dissertation writing, or a simple essay that you plan to use for debates. Keeping all of these challenges in mind, we have collected 100 competitive economic research topic ideas to assist you in making your scientific work perfect! 

Defining Economics Research Areas 

Economics studies can be defined as a branch of science that deals with the production, analysis, distribution, and behavioral consumption of goods and services. You can study economics that relates to individuals, corporations, businesses, governmental aspects, and the countries as the resources are being shared. Science can take different shapes and talk about social factors, technology, banking, finances, and international relations. 

There are two main research areas which are micro- and macroeconomics. Microeconomics deal with small-scale issues, while macroeconomics is mostly dealing with global challenges. You can also deal with calculations, accounting, social development, and analytical writing. You can also deal with econometrics, which is a complex economic theory that implements statistical interference to explain and quantify the economic state. 

Choosing Interesting Economic Topics For Your Economics Paper 

Although we are not dealing with creative writing and disciplines like Philosophy and English Literature, it’s still necessary to choose something interesting and inspiring. The subject should motivate you to research and make a statement. First of all, you have to determine whether your problem is closer to microeconomics or takes a larger range of economic factors, thus requiring macroeconomics. This way, you should follow these 7 tips on how to choose an interesting subject: 

What a Research Paper in Economics Should Look Like? 

Your econommics paper structure should contain introduction with a thesis, three to five body paragraphs, a statistical paragraph, and the conclusion. Getting into details, your paper should represent: 

– Introduction must start with a statistical fact, an assumption or an interesting idea that acts as a hook sentence. The final sentence should be your thesis. 

– Body Paragraphs must include at least three arguments with quotes and examples. Once you provide an example, it’s vital to offer analysis. 

– Analytical Bits . Since you are dealing with economics, make sure that you add statistical information or an explanation of your methodology before you come to the final part. 

– Conclusion part should either make a call to action or sum things up in simpler terms. You can also make recommendations and explain what your research paper was able to achieve. 

The Main Economics Topics for Research Paper Studies 

Since there are so many topics that can be explored in economics, our experts decided to narrow things down and outline ten important subjects that are most popular among college and university students: 

These are only the basics that are constantly encountered among college tasks. If you want to explore more, follow 100 research topics for economics as you plan to write your assignment! 

100 Economic Research Topics Divided By Subject 

– Bachelor’s Topics in Economics.  

When you are writing an economics paper for your Bachelor’s degree, the most important is to conduct due research and include examples. It creates a challenge because you have to provide high originality as you balance your sources and analytical information. Regardless if you are dealing with the business managerial side of economics or researching global investments with the elements of accounting, these research topics will provide you with helpful information. 

– Master’s Topics in Economics. 

When you are asked to write an assignment that matches the Master’s level in economics, you should start with a deeper type of research or consider subjects that are not so common. At the same time, you can choose a topic that is widely discussed, yet narrow things down a little bit. You can choose both local and international events or focus on a case study as you provide analytical information. Here are some research paper topics in economics that you may start with as you brainstorm these topics: 

– Microeconomics. 

If you require something more small-sized and related to a specific branch of economics, you should think about considering this list of topics that deal with microeconomics. When you are dealing with single methods, factors, and the effects of the individuals, you will be able to find relevant sources and examples. Here are some outstanding ideas to start with:

– Macroeconomics . 

In simple terms, when you are asked to compose an assignment based on macroeconomic research studies, you will have to deal with the large-scale analysis of the global or basic economic ideas that take place. It can be the national interest or the economic output of an entire country. The subjects related to this field may include the gross domestic product or the employment rates in a particular country. You may check these essay topics for economics : 

– Financial Economics. 

It deals with the resources that are related to markets and financial calculations. It means that you are dealing with various economic theories as you address the risks, costs, opportunities, and temporal challenges. The most challenging is that you have to deal with a correct distribution of available resources . Since it is a very complex branch of economics, you should consider brainstorming various ideas: 

– Economic Discussions. 

The majority of college and university students majoring in Economics have to go through various debates where they must provide arguments or argue regarding the best methods to approach a particular problem. This can easily get challenging, which is why you should either come up with a general idea or make a statement that will be hard enough to challenge as there will be several opinions. See these economic essay topics for your ECON degree to get a better idea: 

– Development Economics . 

Development economics is one of how branches where you study the ways how emerging nations achieve certain financial stability via strategic management and cooperation. Economists study this field of science when dealing with poor countries, yet it’s also encountered when one has to create both domestic and international policies. As you develop economic policies for your research, you should define whether you are dealing with the micro or macro environment. Here are some ideas to consider: 

– Social Economics. 

In simple terms, when you are dealing with social economics, you are researching the social aspect of economics where the main focus is a set of social methods, behavior strategies, and calculations. The practical examples are stability in employment, strong business networks among small to medium companies, social security, good schools, and the aspects like medical care and the daily sides of life. As you research the social aspect of economics, consider these economics topics for essays : 

– Technology and Economics Ideas. 

Technology is a part of modern economics that always comes along and becomes an integral factor for the successful integration of digital strategies, online banking, and, most importantly, cryptocurrencies and data mining. If you are dealing with the Data Sciences discipline or require assistance with the SMM or digital economics in the modern era, you must take your time to explore the topic ideas below as you seek an innovation : 

Ph.D. Economic Topics to Write About

When you are planning to compose a dissertation and need excellent Ph.D. topics in economics, it is possible to approach the subjects that are widely discussed in the media or narrow your studies down to something specific. Generally, it’s not recommended to use a single case study to research the Ph.D.-level topics. You may include a challenging problem and provide a synthesis with several solutions based on literature reviews. You can check these ideas and identify the scientific areas that you can work on as you become enrolled in a Master’s program. Use them as the starting points as you explore these ideas for a presentation or research writing: 

When You Require Assistance

When you are feeling lost and need assistance with a subject that relates to economics in this way or another, you should not seek elsewhere as we have good subject ideas for college and university students. Even when you need competitive ideas for your undergraduates debate class or would like to focus on the social side of economics, you can easily find an essay on the topic on our website . Brainstorm the topics, play with the wording, and never hesitate to ask for help if something is unclear. Remember that your main thesis statement should be connected to your title, so make your choice wisely and take your time!

economic topics for research paper

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economic topics for research paper


Top 110 Excellent Economics Research Topics

Table of Contents

Economics Research Paper Topics

Economics is a social science subject that deals with the issues that impact financial situations and decisions. Starting from production to consumption, economics focuses on the usage and distribution of the world’s resources among organizations and individuals. In simple terms, economics is a study of scarcity and choice.

If you are pursuing a degree in economics, then as a part of your course, you will have to write an academic paper on any interesting economics topics to score top grades in the final exam. Remember, identifying the research topic is the initial step in the academic writing process.

When writing an economics research paper, first, make sure to choose a unique economics research topic that you are interested in. The topic you choose should be understandable for you and your readers, and it should also have a wide research scope with the necessary information for crafting a comprehensive research paper or essay.

After you have selected a research topic for your economics assignment, sketch an outline with the research ideas that you have gathered. Then, with the help of the essay outline you have prepared, draft the research paper in a well-structured manner by including the essential elements such as introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction paragraph of your research paper should have a catchy opening sentence, brief background information on the topic and a strong thesis statement addressing the purpose of your research paper. After the introduction, in the body paragraphs, you should include innovative topic sentences and explain your arguments with supporting evidence in a way to persuade your reader. Then, you should finally close your research paper with an engaging conclusion that contains a brief summary of the main points.

Economics Research Paper Topic Ideas

You may think that it is easy to choose a research topic for your economics research paper. But actually, it is not. As economics is a complex and broad subject, choosing a perfect research topic from it is a daunting task.

If you are asked to write an economics research paper or essay, then you can prefer to choose a topic from economics research areas such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, behavioral economics, agricultural economics, development economics, financial economics, and so on.

Here, we have sorted different categories of economics topics and have recommended a list of excellent economics research topic ideas for you to consider. Go through the entire list and pick a topic that is ideal for writing academic papers as per your instructor’s requirements.

Economics Research Topics

Agricultural Economics Research Paper Topics

Behavioral Economics Research Paper Topics

Development Economics Research Paper Topics

Environmental Economics Research Topics

Read more: Outstanding Environmental Science Topics for you to Consider

Financial Economics Research Topics

Health Economics Research Topics

Research Paper Topics on International Trade

Macroeconomics Research Topics

Read more: Best Macroeconomics Research Topics and Ideas for Students

Microeconomics Research Topics

Some Microeconomics Research Topics

Final Words

By choosing any topic of your choice from the economics research topics listed in this blog post, you can write a top-quality research paper or essay that will fetch you an A+ grade. It is not necessary that you need to use the topic as it is, you can also modify the research topic and write your economics essay.

In case you are not aware of selecting the right research topic and writing a persuasive economics research paper, immediately reach out to us and get instant Economics assignment help . We have a team of professional writers who are experts in economics to assist you in completing a plagiarism-free, top-scoring research paper on the best economics research paper topics as per your requirements on time.

Without any second thought, avail of our research paper writing service at an affordable rate and get reliable academic assistance.

economic topics for research paper

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