The Best Household Chore Apps of 2023

Top 10 household chore apps to try, choose the household chore app that’s right for you, take stock of your surroundings, ourhome — top pick, chore pad — best free app, homey — best allowance app, tody — best smart assistant, done — best habit-tracking app, handy — best for hiring a professional, home routines — most methodical, ireward chart — best chore chart, unfilth your habitat — best for adults, chore checklist — simplest app, household chore apps: features summary table.

Written by: App Testing Team - Updated: Nov 19, 2021

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When it comes to getting things done around the house, we love OurHome because it’s free, kid-friendly, and includes all of the key features you need in a chore app. But every home is different, so we’ve included nine other apps with their own tools and features that may be a better fit for your household.

How We Chose the Best Household Chore Apps

The best household chore apps share the same core features, such as a task list and scheduling tools. But there are also plenty of differences between them, so be sure to compare them side-by-side before choosing the one that’s right for you.

Whether you live alone, with kids, or with other housemates, household chore apps can hold you accountable to the people you live with and incentivize you to get things done. We made sure to include kid-friendly apps with built-in rewards and allowance features, as well as apps for adults that are perfect for college students or busy professionals. You may need to try out more than one app to find one that suits your lifestyle.

The apps on this list are meant for regular, everyday chores, not for deep cleaning or decluttering. If your living space needs a lot of work, consider hiring a professional to help you clean, declutter, or get over a hoarding habit .

Our Household Chore App Reviews

OurHome App feature

Download: Android ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ | iOS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

OurHome is our top household chore app because it checks all of the boxes: it has a task list, scheduling tools, and more. It’s perfect for families because you can assign tasks to a specific family member, set due dates, and incentivize good behavior with points and rewards. Parents can even include late penalties to ensure things get done. In addition to household chores, OurHome also has a grocery list and a calendar that you can sync to multiple devices. Each family member gets an animal avatar to make them easy to identify in the app, and you can customize the level of control each person gets for adding and editing tasks.

Notable features:

Chore Pad App feature

Download: iOS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Chore Pad is the best free app if you’re looking for a simple and straightforward interface. You won’t get the scheduling features that some apps offer, but you’ll get colorful chore charts that you can customize for your family and revise and reuse from week to week. In addition to 12 different themes, Chore Pad comes with sound effects and animations to keep younger kids engaged. They can earn in-app trophies for completing chores, or they can collect points to redeem for rewards or an allowance. The app’s controls are locked behind a passcode in “Parent Mode” so your kids can’t cheat and receive rewards early.

Homey App feature

Several of the apps on our list have a rewards or allowance feature, but Homey is the best app that’s specifically focused on teaching your kids about money. Not only can you link chores to rewards so that your kids learn about the relationship between work and money, but you can transfer their allowance directly into their bank account once they’ve earned it. Tasks can be grouped by room and assigned a due date, and you can use the in-app chat feature to make sure everyone knows what their responsibilities are. Homey’s core features are free, but you’ll have to pay $4.99 per month to use the linked bank account feature.

Tody App feature

Tody is the best smart assistant on our list because it does more than just track your chores for you. It also helps you coordinate them based on importance, frequency, and even fairness. Tody can designate an “optimal cleaning time” for each task, so you don’t waste time on things that aren’t urgent and can save your energy for the things that are. You can also designate tasks to other housemates or family members, although Tody is designed for adults and doesn’t have kid-friendly features like an allowance tracker. By relying on optimal cleaning times instead of strict deadlines, you’ll be able to clean less often but get more done.

Done App feature

Done is the best app for tracking habits – not just chores, but any habit that you want to stick to or eliminate. You can include household tasks like watering the plants, or wellness activities like exercise and meditation. You can set daily, weekly, or monthly goals, track your winning streaks, and see which days you missed. Or, use it to set limits on things that you want to cut down on, such as smoking or drinking, and see when you’ve reached your weekly limits. Done even lets you export your tasks into CSV format so you can see your progress over time. Although this app isn’t just for household chores, it’s a convenient way to track them.

Handy App feature

If you’re falling behind on chores or need something done that you can’t do yourself, sometimes it’s best to call in a professional. Handy offers weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning options, with everything from scheduling to tipping taken care of within the app. Handy’s professionals are all screened and vetted, and pricing is based on the number of areas that need cleaning. Handy can also help you complete tasks you’ve been putting off, such as hanging pictures on the wall, mounting a TV, or even assembling furniture. Other services include plumbing and electrical work with next-day bookings available in some cities.

Home Routines App feature

Home Routines calls itself an app for “Repeaty Stuff,” including household chores, work tasks, and anything else you need to do on a regular basis. You can select which tasks need to get done each week and even which time of day you prefer to do them. You’ll get a message every day telling you what’s on the agenda, and you can use the built-in timer to give you an extra push to get something done or to help you focus. Tasks will automatically move to the “Accomplishments” list once you complete them. You can also sync your to-do list across multiple devices, or share it with another friend or family member.

iReward Chart App feature

iReward Chart is a straightforward app that’s designed for parents and children. You can create custom tasks, with the option of in-app stickers or real-life rewards to motivate your kids to get things done. You can use this app on Android, iOS, and Amazon devices, and sync it across multiple devices to share with other family members. iReward Chart will even keep a record of previous tasks and rewards so you can see how your child’s engagement changes over time. iReward is free, but only supports one child and four tasks each week. You can upgrade to a Pro subscription to unlock unlimited tasks and users.

Unfilth Your Habitat App feature

If the traditional approach to housekeeping isn’t cutting it for you, then Unfilth Your Habitat may be the app for you. The UfYH brand is known for its edgy, irreverent humor that speaks directly to “lazy people with messy homes” who want to improve their habitat. You’ll have the option of time-based cleaning challenges, or random reminders that use “a little guilt” to motivate you to get things done. Other tools include a 20/10 timer that will alternate between 20-minute work sessions followed by 10-minute breaks. Unfilth Your Habitat is available for $0.99, but it isn’t suitable for kids or for adults who are uncomfortable with profanity.

Chore Checklist App feature

Chore Checklist is the simplest app on our list and is best for users who want basic functionality with minimal fuss. You can set up daily, weekly, or monthly routines, or let the app calculate how often a task needs to be done based on the previous completion date. Chore Checklist syncs to multiple devices, and backs your data up to the cloud so you never lose your to-do list. You can also create separate lists for work and home, and share lists with other household members. Chore Checklist is free, and available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Amazon devices.

101 Planners

Chore Chart

Free chore chart templates that will get your family to do their chores. Your life is about to get easier!

Free chore chart template selection

Chore Chart for Kids | Family Chore Chart | Roommate Chore Chart

Free printable chore charts that you can customize with your name and chore list. Make your own chore chart with a layout that will suit your needs. There are many options available. You can also change the background or border. There are 101 different designs available.

Select a chore chart template from the selection below and click on “customize” to open the chore chart maker. Replace the dummy text with your list of chores . If you prefer to print a blank chore calendar and add the list after you print then don’t forget to delete the dummy text before you download or print.

Free Chore Chart Template

Weekly chore chart, chore chart maker.

These customizable free printable chore charts are made with our online app. You can select the background and the chore list layout.

Family chore chart

This weekly chore chart has a weekly chore list as well as daily chores. You can choose any background or delete the background.

Family Chore Chart

This can also be used for a family or roommates. Type each family member’s name in each block. The remaining blocks can be used for chores that do not belong to specific people.

Excel Chore Chart

Excel chore chart

Word and PDF Versions

There are many charts in Word or PDF below. The PDF charts are editable. You can type your chore lists on them before you print.

Daily Chore Chart

free chore chart app

Blank Chore Chart

This blank chart template has no background or border. The editable chart is available in both Word and as an editable PDF. You can also make blank printable chore charts with the chore chart maker by simply deleting the border.

Week Starts on a Sunday ( Editable PDF / Word / Image )

Week Starts on a Monday ( Editable PDF / Word / Image )

Chore template for four daily chores

DIY Chart – Select the Chore List Template and the Border

Weekly and Daily Chart

The following free editable printable chore charts have a section for daily chores and one for weekly chores.

Chore charts

Customize & Print 101 Backgrounds Available

Daily and weekly chart in black and white

Chore Calendar

With our free online chart maker, you can use many different formats to track your printable chore list. To make a chore calendar simply select a calendar style template from the planner inserts. There are many options available there. Once you have chosen your background, choose planner inserts, and then chore chart.

Weekly Chore Calendar

Blank calendar.

Weekly chore calendar

Week Starts on a Sunday ( Editable PDF / Word )

Week Starts on a Monday ( Editable PDF / Word )

Bullet Journal Style

Weekly chore calendar

Add Any Border and Change the Chore Widgets

Free printable chore charts

Monthly Chore Calendar

Monthly chore calendar

Word | Editable PDF | Image

Monthly chore calendar

Yearly Chore Calendar

I love this setup for chores that you want to do once every few months like clean your car, or clean ceiling fans, etc.

Yearly Chore calendar

This layout is great for monthly challenges. For example, in January you might decide to tidy for 10 minutes a day. In February you can clean for 10 minutes a day. In March you might tackle one small area each day. The idea is to have monthly challenges and to get your entire home clean and organized within one year. Hopefully, some of the challenges will become habit and the upkeep will be a breeze.

Yearly Chore List

Add a color code for chores. Draw the key in the space on the left side.

You can also create a chore schedule with one of our editable blank calendar templates.

Family Chore Chart

A chore chart for family members lets you see everyone’s chores at a glance. Either select a blank family chore chart or make a pretty chart with our chore chart maker. See family chore chart .

free chore chart app

Editable PDF / Word / PNG / Excel Spreadsheet

free chore chart app

First, select the chore list layout then select the border.

Roommate Chore Chart

One of the reasons that roommates tend to argue is the division of the chores. We offer a large selection of roommate chore chart templates that will help divide the tasks up and ensure that everyone does their part.

Roommate Chore Chart

Printable Chore Charts

There are two methods to make free printable chore charts on this website: 1. Editable PDF or Microsoft Word Files. 2. DIY chore chart with our online chart maker.

Editable Chart with PDF or Word

This is a simple editable PDF document that you can edit to create a custom chart. You can also use the Word version. This is a perfect solution for those who want a simple chart in black and white.

Select the chore chart list template and any border or background. This is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a pretty chart that can be customized.

What changes can be made to the free customizable chore chart template?

You can create your own chore chart online without downloading any software.

Benefits of Chores

Chores teach kids responsibility. When kids do chores they feel responsible, independent, and contribute to the household. Chores teach kids what it takes to run a home. Our job is to give them the tools they will need later on in life and that includes basic household chores that they will have to do. When they learn how to do these things before they leave home they will be ready to live an independent life when the time comes.

Chores teach kids time management skills. They learn how to prioritize and get things done even when they have a lot on their plate. One of the tools I think we should give our children is the ability to prioritize their time and tasks when they have more than one thing to do. This is something they will experience later on in life and they need to know how to cope. Today, it is a matter of learning how to do homework, load the dishwasher, and then wash TV. In a few years’ time, they might have a few projects at work and other responsibilities all at once. This same basic skill will help them later on in life.

Chores help them appreciate their free time. Has it ever happened to you that you have had an entire free done and done less than you would have done when you went to work? This happens to me all the time. The less time I have the more I get done. And when I don’t have as much free time I appreciate and enjoy my free time more than when I have too much of it. If you make your child do her chores before she has free time, I guarantee you she will enjoy her free time more.

Should children be paid for chores?

In my opinion, children should have some chores that they have to complete before they can be paid for additional paid chores. They shouldn’t be paid for basic chores that should be required from all family members. However, when we offer additional chores, over and above the basic chores, it can be very beneficial to children. It teaches them the value of money and what is required to earn it. Chores teach them responsibility and work ethic. It should be a win-win solution. Paid chores should help you solve problems and get things done that you would have had to do or pay someone else to do.

Photo of Nicole

Here Are the Best Chore Charts to Keep Your Kids on Track

free chore chart app

Maya has more than 15 years of experience in digital media and communications and specializes in writing about family, food, and lifestyles. 

free chore chart app

Laura Anderson Kirby, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist at a private practice in Chapel Hill, N.C., with years of experience providing evaluations and therapy for children and adolescents. She has broad training in child clinical psychology.

free chore chart app

Marley Hall is a writer and fact-checker who is certified in clinical and translational research. Her work has been published in medical journals in the field of surgery, and she has received numerous awards for publication in education.

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products. Healthcare professionals review articles for medical accuracy. Learn more about our process . If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

Verywell Family / Amelia Manley

Chore charts are a helpful tool for families to introduce or track household chores . “We help children learn to do chores when we set clear routines and are consistent in our expectations. Chore charts help both parents and children to be clear about these expectations," says  Helen Egger, MD , a psychiatrist and the co-founder, chief medical officer, and chief scientific officer of Little Otter, an online therapy platform. Doing chores builds kids' time management and organizational skills, boosts self-esteem, and encourages independence.

When choosing a chore chart, it’s important to find an option that suits your child’s developmental stage and, ideally, can grow with them. Effective chore charts are visually engaging and provide ways to showcase rewards and positive feedback. Families with multiple children might also consider a single chore chart that all of their kids can use. To find the best chore charts, we spoke to a child psychiatrist and considered each chart for age appropriateness, longevity, family size, and clarity of expectations.

Based on our reviews, these are the best chore charts on the market today.

Why Trust Verywell Family

Best overall, chart to finish kids reward chart.

free chore chart app

Courtesy of Amazon

48 hand-illustrated chore magnets

Magnetic backing or hanging rope

Magnets may fall off easily

Designed for one child only

The Chart to Finish Kids Reward Chart is our top pick because of its versatility and longevity. We love how this chart can be used in a variety of ways with both younger and older kids. The chart comes with 48 hand-illustrated chore magnets that include both duties and behaviors. Illustrations are easier for younger kids and as they get older, your kids can use the dry erase marker to write in other age-appropriate chores . 

The bright star magnets provide positive motivation in a visual manner. If that’s too childish, the dry erase marker can be used for check marks to signify the completion of each task. Special spots for goals and rewards make it simple for kids to follow along.

The chore chart has a magnetic back, so it can cling to a refrigerator, but it also comes with a rope for easy wall hanging. Any materials you’re not using can be tucked away in the included storage bag.

Price at time of publish: $25

Best Magnetic

Learning resources custom magnetic chore chart for kids.

free chore chart app

91 pieces included

Storage for tiles


Designed for one child

Magnet storage lacks organization

This well thought out magnetic responsibility chart helps kids visually understand their tasks and goals. The 91-piece set has magnetic tiles for daily chores, accomplishments, and good behavior. Blank tiles allow parents to customize the chart to their family.

Parents will love the attached storage bin that holds all the tiles and kids will love the “you’ve earned it” reward box that’s big enough to hold small toys and treats for motivation. Reviewers appreciate that this chart is very sturdy and easy enough for kids to put on their own magnets after completing their chores.

Best for Two Kids

Learn & climb responsibility chart for two kids.

free chore chart app

108 magnetic task cards

Can be used for two children

May not easily stick to certain surfaces

Families with two kids will enjoy this two-in-one chart that allows parents to set separate goals and rewards for both kids, all in one place. With space for seven tasks per child, the set includes 108 magnetic task cards (with multiples) plus 12 blank task cards to customize for your family.

A dry-erase marker and two storage bags round out the set, making it easy to keep each kid’s chores and rewards separately. Parent reviewers love that this chart can be used for two kids with different abilities, so it’s perfect for siblings.

Price at time of publish: $35

Best for Three Kids

Circle and square decor 3 kid dry erase chore chart.

free chore chart app

Courtesy of Etsy

Dry erase board (but looks like a chalkboard)

Can fit multiple children

For larger families, this dry-erase option has distinct spots to add chores for up to three kids, making divvying up chores easier. While it looks like a chalkboard, this is actually a styled dry erase board, so parents can write dust-free. And it's customizable; simply add each kid’s name.

There is room for seven chores per child and a separate area for notes for each child. Sticking with the custom theme, this chart can be made from a magnetic material, has a choice of wood color frames, or can be purchased without the frame.

Price at time of publish: $54

Best Alternative

Creative qt chore sticks for kids.

free chore chart app

Set contains 50 sticks (8 are blank for customization)

Easy to use

No way to track daily chores

Some chores may not fit into family's lifestyle

If chore charts don’t work for your family or you’re looking for a fun alternative, these chore sticks may fit the bill. The set contains 50 sticks; 42 have pre-printed chores on them and eight are blank for each family to customize. Kids simply pull a chore stick out of the container and get to work.

Just like life, this tin of chores isn't all work and no play. There are some fun chores mixed in. like “dance to a song” or “10 minutes of free time.” While there’s no way to track daily chores, this innovative delivery system may be fun enough for kids to keep it up and complete some chores every day.

Price at time of publish: $20

Best Budget

Juvale 6-pack chore chart for kids.

free chore chart app


Designated spots for goals and rewards

Basic set does not include markers

May not adhere easily to certain surfaces

Try this economical six-pack of dry erase chore charts if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or just want to dip your toe into the world of chore charts. The reusable self-adhesive chart has a sticky backing, so it can be hung in a prominent spot in your house. If you have multiple kids, the six-pack provides a chart for every member of your household.

These can also be used in different rooms, so kids can easily see bedroom chores versus kitchen chores. The basic set doesn’t include markers, but will work with any dry erase marker, and has a spot on each chart for a goal and reward.

Price at time of publish: $11

Best Chalkboard

Circle and square decor personalized chore chart for kids.

free chore chart app

No chalk needed (design is dry erase)

Actual chalkboard chore charts, plumes of chalk dust, and screechy chalk sounds are a thing of the past. This framed option looks just like a chalkboard but with all the benefits of a whiteboard. Totally customizable, the chart can include your child’s first, last, or nickname.

Above the task list can be the word “chores,” “tasks,” or anything else that makes sense for your family. Buyers can also customize this choice to make the chart magnetic and choose from a wide variety of frame colors. Included are two white chalk pens, with the option to purchase more, to complete the chalkboard style.

Price at time of publish: $60

Best for Young Kids

Melissa & doug magnetic responsibility chart.

free chore chart app

89 magnets to choose from

Two charts included

Some charts may begin to warp quickly

Recommended for children ages 3 and up, this responsibility chart is more than just your average chore chart. With two fabric-hinged dry-erase boards, children will love the 89 magnets they can pick from for chores, like cleaning their room and putting toys away.

Parents and caregivers will appreciate the additional responsibilities for children to fulfill, such as showing respect. You can also track goals and store magnets in the empty spaces provided.

Price at time of publish: $28

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a chore chart that you can hold on to as your child grows up, the Chart to Finish Kids Reward Chart ( view on Amazon ) is perfect for little ones up through the big kid stage. For a more customizable option, the Etsy 3 Kid Dry Erase Chore Chart ( view on Etsy ) allows you to add notes and your kid's names.

What to Look for in Chore Charts for Kids


A chore chart designed for tiny tots might not be as appealing and encouraging for older kiddos. Choosing an option that looks and feels age-appropriate for your kids will encourage them to actually want to do their chores. Dr. Egger says doing chores is a skill that takes time to develop.

"Like any skill, it requires learning and practice. This is why it is important to choose chores that are appropriate for your child’s age and developmental stage. It is also why parents should help their children do chores if they are beginning to learn how to complete the tasks," Dr. Egger explains. "Parents can also teach children ways to have fun while doing chores that take more time with songs or games. Make sure you give positive feedback when children complete their tasks. Notice and give your child affirmation when they do chores without being asked!"

In addition to learning and practice, be sure that young children are given small tasks that are manageable, Dr. Egger recommends. "You can remind your child that a chore needs to be done and do the chore side-by-side with your child as they learn," she says. "Most young children love to help!"

Charts made of high-quality materials will last longer and won't need to be replaced each year. Whether you go for a wood-framed chore chart or a whiteboard, choose a chart that won't fall apart. This ensures you're able to reuse it for the years to come, saving you money in the long run.

Dr. Egger says starting chores as early as 2 and 3 years old can be beneficial, especially when you're aware of your child's developmental stage. "Young children might help to put toys away, 4- and 5-year-olds can help clear the table after meals, 6- and 7-year-olds can help to feed pets and set the table, 7- to 9-year-olds can load and unload the dishwasher, 10- to 11-year-olds can do laundry and change linens, and kids 12 and older can do additional cleaning in the house and outside with teens able to help with errands when they can drive or use public transportation," Dr. Egger says.

"Also remember we are our children’s role models!," she says. "We need to be consistent and cheerful in doing the tasks of daily life to model to our children how we want them to do their chores."

Family Size

Some chore charts are designed to only accommodate a single child while others have enough space for three children. Choose a chore chart that can fit all of your family's little helpers.

Clarity of Expectations

No matter your family size, Dr. Egger says setting a clear routine and being consistent is important. "Chore charts are a great way to set expectations, establish routines, monitor progress, and give your children positive feedback for completing their chores. We help children learn to do chores when we set clear routines and are consistent in our expectations. Chore charts help both parents and children to be clear about these expectations," she explains.

"It is important to associate positive emotions and success with doing chores. Linking rewards to chore completion in a chore chart also reinforces the child’s completion of chores and links positive outcomes with doing these expected tasks. Children can get stars when they complete their chores and these stars can be linked to rewards to celebrate the child’s success," says Dr. Egger.

If you notice your child still having difficulties with doing chores, it's okay to reach out for help, Dr. Egger says. "Some kids are going to have difficulties with doing chores . If chores are leading to a lot of conflict between you and your child and within your family, seek guidance from a parenting specialist or consider a mental health evaluation to understand if there are emotional, behavioral, or developmental factors that are contributing to these challenges."

Frequently Asked Questions

While you may be inclined to let your kids "just be kids" instead of giving them tasks at home, having your children complete household chores can actually go far towards helping them develop valuable skills. According to psychiatrist Helen Egger, chores can build important life skills such as taking responsibility, seeing things through, time management , organization and the ability to complete tasks independently. What's more, one Harvard study found that adults who did chores as kids fared better later in life.

Giving your kiddo age-appropriate chores is critical—if they don't understand how to do something or feel like they can't do it on their own, they can get frustrated, overwhelmed or discouraged. To determine if chores are age-appropriate, they should correspond to the activities your child is already doing on their own on a daily basis. For example, your preschooler is taking out toys to play with, so an appropriate chore would be putting those same toys away. School-age children put their coats and backpacks on to go to school, so they could return those to the closet when they get home.

There are a few ways you can make a chore chart fun. An alternative to a traditional chart, such as the chore sticks above, can make things more interesting for kids. You could include a few "non-chore chores," such as " read a book with mom" or " play a game with dad" so that the chart doesn't feel purely like work and includes some play as well. Or if you're using a chore chart for older kiddos, one of whom is a budding artist, you could let them design a fun chart themselves.

Maya Polton is a former marketing manager and current freelance writer who covers food, home, and parenting. She’s also the mom of a 10-year-old son, a 7-year-old son, and a 3-year-old daughter. Although her family has never used chore charts, it may be time to change that!

Additional reporting by Katrina Cossey

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Chores and children .

Vaillant GE, McArthur CC, Bock A. Grant study of adult development, 1938-2000 .  Harvard Dataverse . 2010;V4. doi:10.7910/DVN/48WRX9

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Money Prodigy

7 Free Allowance and Chore Apps (Track Your System with Ease)

Tired of keeping track of your kid's allowance and chore system in your mind check out these free allowance and chore tracking apps..

Ready to upgrade from printable chore charts with money , excel sheets, and “mind-tracking” to a chore and allowance app (but not quite ready to pay for one)?

mother with children and chore chart, text overlay

There are plenty of paid chore and allowance tracking apps with robust features (check out my article on the best chore and allowance tracking apps ), but maybe you’re not ready for that.

That’s why I’m listing out my favorite free allowance and chore tracking apps. These are apps are limited because you can't connect a bank account to automatically pay family members, and there's no prepaid debit card attached.

However, they are a great way to test out how things work before settling on your own system.

Psst: don’t have your chore or allowance system down yet? Start with this.

Best Free Allowance Tracking App

Are you tired of having to remember the day of the week to pay your child, or how much you need to pay them?

While these free allowance tracking apps lack the functionality where you can physically pay your child through the app to their account or prepaid debit card (you’ll need a paid allowance/chore app for that), they will help you keep track of everything.

Not only that, but they have built-in functionality where you can easily assign chores (unpaid or paid – your choice), chore completion proof, and more. Which can be a big upgrade from a printable chore chart system .

Psst: here’s my article on should you pay allowance to kids , in case you’re still deciding whether to give an allowance or not.

1. Chores and Allowance Bot

You download the app, and set up your Parent Passcode (this is your ticket to doing admin tasks within the app).

Allowances can be set up to be daily, weekly, or monthly, and can accrue automatically or only upon parental approval.

blue robot on child's dashboard with lots of buttons on side panel for graph, ledger, chores, etc.

You can also set up chores for each child, with photos of the chore if you’d like, and kids can pick a photo or one of the 16 avatar options to represent them in the app.

The app sends reminders for forgotten allowance payouts, and forgotten chores (set up to 4 chore reminders/day) – for both parents AND kids.

You get a one-week free trial of their pro version (you have to sign up for their free trial, and you can then cancel it under Settings > Tap Your Name > Subscriptions > Chores and Allowance Bot before the one-week is up to avoid a fee and still be able to use the free version).

The free version allows you to:

And if your kids don’t have a smartphone? No problem – this app is actually available on the web/desktop! I love that.

Currency symbols can be configured in Account settings for almost all world currencies.

Available on iOS , Android , AND on desktop .

2. iAllowance

iAllowance is a free app that allows you to track money, stars, or time that each of your child has earned, plus how they use them.

black dashboard showing child's bank totals for charity, time, savings, etc.

Available on iOS only.

3. KidsHomeBank

This app came about from a mother who was frustrated by trying to track her kid’s earnings and money use through money jars, and then excel sheets.

Instead, she just created her own app. I love that!

light blue dashboard showing child's dashboard with checking, savings, and interest earned

It’s a way for you to add all of your kids, then you can credit kids in cash for an allowance, or credit them per chore completed, etc. And your kids can keep track of how much they have left in their various “accounts” or buckets that they create.

You can then “debit” for your kids, tracking how much they’ve spent say, when they go to the store with you or make an online purchase.

I also love how you can offer your kids an interest rate (the default is 2%, but you can change to whatever you’d like) to encourage them to save their money.

I also really like how you can allow negative balances (click on Settings on the account where you want to allow the negative balance).

Available on iOS and Android .

Best Free Chore Tracking Apps

Do you want to pay your children for doing certain chores? The following free apps are great for tracking your chore system – which chores you want your kids to do, the amount you want to pay them, chore oversight, crediting them for the chore payments, etc.

Wondering how much do you pay per chore? Checkout this freebie.

Psst: here’s my article on should you pay for chores , in case you’re still deciding whether to pay for chores or not.

1. KiddieKredit

Activities are suggested to you, based on the ages of your child(ren) that you input during setup.

Each time your child completes an activity, they earn Bamboo Bucks.

teal colored child dashboard showing activities and chores

Bucks are earned for tasks:

The app also suggests rewards for certain Bamboo Bucks thresholds, such as:

I like how your child can either use your device, or their own – meaning this is helpful for families that aren’t ready for kid smartphones yet (that’s us!), but want to set up a chore reward system .

Here’s a paid chores and allowance tracking app that you can use for free for up to 3 accounts.

On the free account, you can use it as a money tracking app for allowances and chore completion.

white chore screen where you set pay amount, chore task, photo proof, recurrence, etc.

And your child can manage their money in different savings jars, and for different savings goals they track through the app.

However, you should know that you cannot connect bank accounts for easy payments to your kids with the free plan – you can use it as a money tracking up on their free plan.

3. Privilege Points

purple and white dashboard of sample child showing tasks with points and description

There are three areas to this app:

You get to define how kids can earn points and how they can spend them. You can also create rewards for good behaviors, and/or choose to punish for bad behaviors. You also choose the points cost for privileges they “buy”, and points values for tasks you set up.

4. FamJam App

You can set up family rewards that everyone works towards, or rewards by individual. Chores are set up per child, and you can choose how many points kids receive for doing them, and how often they need to be done, as well as give them a priority category.

dragon avatar on child's dashboard screen with points, rewards, upcoming calendar, etc.

I love how you and your kids can set up goals for themselves (like points to earn, chores to complete, and daily/weekly/monthly streaks to hit).

You can also set up your family mission and family values for everyone to see.

How Do I Keep Track of My Kid’s Money?

These apps don’t have the banking functionality of the paid allowance and chore tracking apps , where you can pay your child within the app and the money physically goes to their account OR to their prepaid debit card for teens.

And that’s okay – you can still use these apps to track your money, chore, and allowance systems. Then, you’ll know how much to pay your child come the payday for your Kid Money System.

But, what if you don’t want to use an app to track your kid’s money?

I actually wrote a whole post on this, and you can check it out here: how can I keep track of my kid’s money .

Starting with a free allowance and chore app can help upgrade your system from one where you have to remember and keep track of everything on paper, to one where you can set up automations. When you're ready to upgrade from that to a much more convenient option, be sure to check out the following articles:

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Best Allowance And Chore App For Kids

Fact Checked

Updated: Nov 28, 2022, 1:52pm

Best Allowance And Chore App For Kids

Chores and allowances have long been a way of life for many families with children. For some, chores were something you did while growing up because they were part of everyday family life. For others, they were tasks you were rewarded for doing each week or month. The concepts of allowance and chores likely aren’t going away anytime soon and, like many other things, they’re getting a digital makeover.

Several mobile apps exist these days to help parents manage their household, including assigning and tracking chores and allowance payments. Instead of stuffing a few dollar bills or quarters into a piggy bank, kids have access to their own bank accounts and more. Now, along with the games and streaming services on their phones, kids can learn about personal finance through mobile apps.

Keep reading to learn more about the family apps available to help parents manage allowance and chores.

Kids Allowance Apps That Require a Bank Account

Some allowance and chore apps require setting up a bank account for your kids—and possibly you as well. Here’s a look at the mobile apps that need you to open a bank account.

1. FamZoo: Best for All Ages

App Store Rating: 4.6

Google Play Rating: 4.7

Cost: $5.99 monthly or a varied pay-in-advance fee

How It Works

FamZoo describes itself as a virtual family bank and is designed for preschoolers up to college age kids. The app helps parents manage finances for their kids as they earn or are given money. You have the option to receive prepaid cards that you can transfer real money to for each of your kids. As an alternative, there’s an option to set up IOU accounts for your kids, which keep track of their money virtually if you pay your kids outside of the app in cash or other methods. You pay a monthly subscription fee with both account options.

The app features a straightforward interface parents can use to view accounts, transfer money and create chores and other checklists. You can set amounts for each task, and FamZoo automatically moves the funds as tasks are completed and checked off the list.

As your children grow, you can add more complex features, like budgets and loans. Parents have control over access settings to give kids as much or as little access to accounts as desired.

2. Greenlight : Best for Debit Cards

App Store Rating: 4.8

Google Play Rating: 4.1

Cost: Greenlight: $4.99 per month; Greenlight Max: $9.98 per month; Greenlight Infinity: $14.98 per month

Greenlight is a debit card designed for kids that’s managed by parents. A basic subscription to Greenlight costs $4.99 per month and includes debit cards for up to five kids. Parents control settings on how kids can use the debit cards and how much access kids have to their funds.

With Greenlight, parents can manually or automatically transfer money to their kids’ cards instantly, receive notifications when cards are used, set interest and round-up rules for savings, create in-app chore lists and more. You can even restrict card use at specific stores.

Greenlight Max is an upgraded subscription level that includes an investing platform for kids and parents. It includes all of the features of the basic subscription but costs $9.98 per month.

Greenlight Infinity, the highest subscription level, includes all of the features of the first two subscription levels plus extras like family location sharing, SOS alerts and crash detection. It costs $14.98 per month.

3. gohenry : Best for Multi-Purpose

Google Play Rating: 3.6

Cost: $4.99 per month per child

gohenry is another allowance management app featuring the use of debit cards. Parents set up an online account that’s linked to accounts for each child. Kids receive a gohenry debit card that parents can control. Through the app, parents can create tasks, set up allowances or other transfers, set spending limits, decide where kids can use cards, receive notifications and more.

Children can use savings goals, track spending, check balances and transactions, receive notifications on payments from parents, manage chore tasks and even pay back money to a parent’s account if they borrow funds.

4. Homey: Best for Big Families

App Store Rating: 4.0

Google Play Rating: 2.6

Cost: Basic Homey: Free; Homey Unlimited: $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually

Homey is a chore management app that focuses on helping children and teens understand the difference between responsibilities and work. The app allows parents to sync bank accounts to transfer money.

Families can access Basic Homey functions like chores, allowance and rewards management for up to three family member accounts for free. Still, you’ll need to pay for a Homey Unlimited account to access all of the app’s features.

With Basic Homey, you can also set daily, weekly and monthly chores for family members, manage allowance and other funds, transfer funds, set up “jars” for savings goals and add or deduct funds from wallets.

Homey Unlimited allows for unlimited family members and multiple savings jars for each child. It also lets you connect to your bank account and transfer money into your child’s savings account.

Find The Best Savings Accounts For Kids And Teens Of 2023

Kids allowance apps that do not require a bank account.

If you don’t like the idea of needing a bank account to manage allowance and chores, here’s a look at some mobile family apps that don’t require opening a bank account.

5. OurHome: Best for Home Organization

App Store Rating: 4.1

Google Play Rating: 3.1

OurHome is a home organization app featuring chores and rewards functions for families. The app lets parents assign and schedule chores and other tasks. You can set goals and rewards for specific tasks. The app lets you view each family member’s progress.

The app also comes with features to help families stay connected. There is a shared family calendar and grocery list for everyone to use. You can also send messages to each other and set reminders with OurHome. The app syncs across unlimited devices so you can stay connected with your kids no matter where you go.

6. iAllowance: Best for Chore Rewards

App Store Rating: 4.4

Google Play Rating: N/A

Cost: $2.99 one-time purchase

iAllowance is an allowance management app. The app is only available for iOS and costs $2.99. Parents can use the app to create chores, set the frequency of chores and transfer funds into virtual banks for each child as they complete tasks or earn rewards. There’s also an option to use a star system to track chores. Parents can monitor their child’s screen time through the time tracking feature.

Kids use the app to keep track of the allowance they’ve earned for doing chores. They can also keep track of the stars they earn for completing their responsibilities. Whether it’s money or stars, children can then log any transactions that occur in their banks. They can deduct purchases made with real cash as a form of keeping tabs on their finances and cash in their stars for rewards.

7. S’moresUp: Best for All-in-One Family Management

App Store Rating: 4.3

Google Play Rating: 3.8

Cost: Standard plan: Free; Premium plan: $4.99 per month

S’moresUp refers to itself as the Swiss Army knife of parenting. The app takes several features you may expect to find using multiple apps and combines them into one simple, easy-to-use mobile app.

Parents can use S’moresUp to manage and assign all of their household chores and allowances and monitor progress. You can even assign chores to individuals or several family members if it’s a collaborative chore. Want photographic proof that a task was completed and done correctly? Parents can customize chores to fit their needs—you can require photographic proof of a completed chore or lock devices if chores aren’t completed within a specific time frame. You can also assign rewards and set up savings goals for earned allowance.

S’moresUp also comes with a family calendar, so everyone is on the same page with upcoming events. A community aspect within S’moresUp, called Home, lets you post messages and photos for everyone to see.

8. Cozi Family Organizer: Best for Free Home Organization Help

Google Play Rating: 4.4

Cost: Standard plan: Free; Cozi Gold plan: $29.99 annually

Cozi is a family organizer app that helps parents manage day-to-day family activities, track chores and more. There is both a free and paid version of Cozi, depending on your specific needs.

The free version of Cozi features a shared family and color-coded calendar, a shopping list, to-do lists for chores and other tasks and recipe storing for weekly meal planning. Cozi lets you create chore lists for everyone in your family and even offers an option to print them so you can post them where everyone can see them. Cozi allows up to 12 members per account, so everyone in your family can use the app and stay connected.

The Cozi Gold plan is the ad-free version of the app, which includes additional features such as a mobile calendar view, calendar search, shopping mode and a birthday tracker. You can also set multiple reminders and notifications.

9. RoosterMoney: Best for Money Tracking [UK Only]

App Store Rating: 4.7

Cost: Rooster Virtual Tracker: Free; Rooster Plus: £14.99 per year

RoosterMoney is an allowance and chore management app for parents and kids in the UK. Families can access the virtual money tracker and other helpful features for free, but you need a paid subscription to access the chore management system and other premium features.

With the free version and paid version of RoosterMoney, you can create and manage star and reward charts, set money goals, set allowance schedules and track money virtually. Both versions also allow you to split up finances into four pots—spend, save, give and goals.

And you can add a Rooster Card to your account to incorporate more banking features..

10. Chores & Allowance Bot: Best for Customization

App Store Rating: 4.5

Google Play Rating: 4.2

Cost: Basic: Free; Premium plan: $2.99 per month, $19.99 annually, $15.99 semiannually

Chores & Allowance Bot is an app to help manage family chores, allowances and savings goals. Through the app, parents can set daily, weekly or monthly allowances for their kids. Kids can watch their savings grow through an allowance graph. You can assign chores to specific children or leave them up for grabs. You can also make chores a requirement to receive an allowance or carry over chores to another day if they are not completed.

Chores & Allowance Bot gives parents a lot of flexibility and customization to use the app any way they choose. Parents can attach photos to chores to help children understand the task at hand. There are even options that can help if your child is a pre-reader and can’t read their chore chart.

Why Use an App for Managing Allowance and Chores?

Keeping track of allowance and chores, especially with multiple kids, can be a challenge and a chore in and of itself. Personal piggy banks and chore charts work well enough, but, if you’re looking for a more modern way, mobile apps can help solve the problem.

Here are three ways family allowance and chore apps can help parents today.

It Keeps You Organized

Allowance and chore apps give you a central spot to assign, track and manage tasks that used to be relegated to sticky notes and notebooks. Whether you’re at home or work, you can check in on your kids’ progress and often communicate with them, too, from within the app.

It Keeps You Connected to Your Kids

If it’s a family app that everyone has access to, it helps you stay connected with your kids. You can use your time together for teaching moments about money and life, work ethic, doing a job well and other things you may value. Also, it may help give your kids a sense of belonging and ownership.

Kids Live in a Digital World

The reality for many families is that there’s more time spent on electronic devices than not. Why not take advantage of that fact and use technology for good with your family?

Just think about how often you use technology to manage your everyday life. In addition to using your smartphone to communicate, you may also use it to bank, learn, stay informed, set reminders, keep track of appointments and other dates, keep tabs on family and friends and more.

Plus, cash may not always be the best way to dole out allowance. Many of us rely more on debit and credit cards than cash these days. Apps that allow you to issue debit or prepaid cards to your kids may be more convenient.

As our children continue to grow, the gap between old ways and new ones will widen even more. Why not teach kids about money and work in a way that they may learn best?

How To Choose the Best Chore App for Kids

With several chore and allowance apps available, choosing the best option for your family can be a difficult task. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a chore and allowance app to use in your household:

Find The Best Teen Checking Accounts Of 2023

Is an allowance app right for my family.

Using an allowance and chores app can help you manage your household better and teach your children valuable personal finance skills they’ll need. These apps can also help you keep your sanity and organize the ever-growing laundry list of things to do around the house.

Mobile apps provide a convenient way to track goals, keep tabs on household tasks and keep all family members on the same page. However, you may not be ready to give your kids access to a mobile device. Even if you are, chore apps can increase screen time for you and your kids.

That said, these apps are designed to improve household efficiency and save you time. Consider using one of the family apps above so you can spend less time worrying about your kids and more time enjoying time with your family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to make a chore wheel.

A chore wheel is a type of chore chart that assigns chores to kids using a spinning wheel, making it a game of chance. You can find chore wheel templates online to print or make one yourself using construction paper. Cut circles out of the paper — a smaller one with your children’s names on it and a larger one with chores listed around the edge. Fasten the circles together and allow kids to spin the wheel to determine their chores for the day or week.

How to make a family chore chart

Use spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets to create a family chore chart. Your chore chart should include each child’s name, chore assignments, rewards or allowance earned, goals and a blank area where they can mark if they’ve completed a task. Print out your chore chart and hang it in an easily accessible area of your home. You can also handwrite a chore chart using paper or poster board, letting your kids help decorate the chart.

How to set up your family allowance

Set clear guidelines for the level of work expected, what your kids can do to earn money and how much they’ll earn for each task. If your kids have bank accounts, you can transfer funds directly into their accounts. Otherwise, you can distribute cash directly.

How does family allowance benefit my kids?

An allowance gives children an opportunity to learn how to earn and manage money, make decisions and become more independent. It can also help teach the value of hard work, saving, giving and goal setting.

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Top 10 Best Household Chore Apps for Families & Kids

If you're at home more and either looking to motivate your kids to do chores, or to evenly split up tasks, household chore apps can be the answer..


Home Routines




Unfilth Your Habitat

Laundry Day

Chore Checklist

Chore Pad


The Best Apps for Getting Your Kids, Spouses, (and Yourself) to Tackle Those Pesky Chores 

Every household has its own personality, its own dynamic, and members who make their own contributions--or not. And hey, let’s be honest--we’re not always as on-task as we’d like to be, either. 

Whether your house is full of unruly children, an absentminded spouse, or lazy roommates, there’s a chance you’ve passed a sink full of dirty dishes one too many times and muttered to yourself, “I’m DONE doing this alone.”

While your smartphone can’t roll up its sleeves and do the dishes for you (at least not yet), it is equipped with tools that can encourage responsibility, participation--and even fun--amongst the other members of the household.

From game-like chore apps for kids, to sleek task visualizers, to funny, expletive-filled reminders that are guaranteed to catch the attention of your roommates, here are 10 household chore apps that can help turn your messy abode into a clean, organized home.   

1. OurHome 

OurHome keeps the whole family on the same page by offering a single, syncable app for all lists, chores, tasks, and responsibilities. It has a cool feature where you can view your days on a calendar view and really gets your family playing like a team. If one person can’t complete their chore, another family member can take it over and complete it for them. And best of all, OurHome includes a fun point system that gamifies chores and rewards your kids for chipping in. 

2. Home Routines 

Home Routines turns your overwhelming mental checklist of chores into a simple and approachable routine. By dividing up tasks into “focus zones,” you can categorize each chore by room or area of the house and tackle your chores one at a time. The app provides customized to-do lists, calendars, reminders, and built-in timers that together make your home feel less like a single chaotic mess that needs immediate attention but rather individual projects that are cleanly delineated and fully manageable. 

Tody is a smart chore assistant that creates hierarchies of chores based on their frequency and estimated investment of time. By compartmentalizing the tasks needed to be done in the home, the app keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and is key to breaking down each chore into an achievable unit. Tody makes it easy to designate roles to family members, with each child knowing exactly what they need to do and how long it will take. Lastly, the clean, eye-catching interface will help declutter your mind before you begin and provide even more inspiration for straightening up. 

4. Chorma 

If we’re being honest, earning the respect of parents may not be enough of a reward for most chore-averse kids. Enter Chorma , which lets you designate chores to your kids and reward them points based on how many tasks they complete. They can then redeem their points to unlock custom rewards. Chorma is a popular, incentivized chore app that can make your life easier-and maybe even teach your kids a thing or two about responsibility. 

5. Handy 

Like Uber for home improvement tasks, Handy features professional cleaners, handymen, and other home improvement experts in your area ready to show up with the tools and know-how necessary to tackle whatever chores you need. Great for emergencies, last-minute cleaning needs, and those times when your schedule refuses to cooperate with your goals, Handy is an app worth having on hand for when your hands are busy with other things. 

6. Unfilth Your Habitat

Sometimes a polite letter to your roommate won’t cut it. In those cases, Unfilth Your Habitat serves as the bossy, snarky, expletive-filled taskmaster you wish you could be. This app is decidedly not for kids--it uses profanity and crude jokes, combined with timed challenges, to inspire the lazier amongst us to get off our rear-ends and show some responsibility. Edgy, R-rated, and wickedly funny, this could be what gets those empty pizza boxes tossed out after every other attempt has failed. 

7. Laundry Day 

To bleach or not to bleach? Hot water or cold? Machine-dry or hang? Laundry Day offers the answers to all of these questions with a simple solution: just scan your laundry tags right into your phone and the app will provide you all you need to know about how to launder your garments. Quick, easy, and affordable, this app can prevent any future shrinkage incidents or color-running disasters and perhaps turn laundry day into laundry hour.  

8. Chore Checklist 

A good way to track your kid’s chores is with an app like Chore Checklist . This app, available on iOS and Android, is a no frills, to-the-point, chores list. You can set chores and assign recurring reminders depending on how often they should get done. Tasks like “Make your bed” or “Clean your room” may be daily, while “Clean the car” may only be weekly. The app comes with a pre-loaded checklist that makes it easy to add tasks, though you can also customize specific chore lists for different family members. With Chore Checklist, no chore will get forgotten, as you get daily reminders, and all chores can be marked as completed when done.

9. Chore Pad 

Designed by teachers and parents, Chore Pad is a colorful, game-like app that turns chores into fun activities with prizes and incentives. Well-organized charts with customizable tasks are loaded with enough colorful animations, fun sound bites, stars, trophies, and fun fonts to engage your child and show them that doing their chores can pay off.  

10. Done 

Done is a sleek, eye-catching clinic in self-discipline. Designed to help you break your bad habits, this app incorporates an array of color-coded charts, graphs, and progress-reports that together help you refine your cleaning habits and build on your strengths to be more productive. A sort of hybrid between personality test and task manager, Done can help you discover insights into your own habits and teach you how to refine them so that you can accomplish more without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.  

Clean House, Happy Life

Having a tidy house can have a large impact on your overall happiness and success. But that’s easier said than done--it’s a Sisyphean task to keep the sink empty, the laundry clean, and the floors mopped day after day after day.  

The above apps focus on all the obstacles that interfere with that ideal state of domestic bliss, from messy kids to lazy spouses and roommates to your own tendencies to procrastinate. So when chores get to be too much, check out the above apps and then revel in the cleaner, saner environment that you so richly deserve.

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For Modern Kids

5 Best Chore Apps for Kids (When You Want to Ditch the Paper Chore Charts)

If you want to ditch the paper, try these chore apps for kids .

They’re a fun, electronic way to keep kids on task when they need to take care of their household responsibilities.

Whether your kids have outgrown the chore chart on the fridge or you’re just looking for an easier way to incorporate chores for kids into your routine, using a chore app is a great idea.

But with so many different apps on the market today, it can be hard to figure out which ones will work best for your kids.

Here’s my list of the best chore apps for kids. I’m sure you’ll find an app or two that is perfect for your family on this list.

What is a Chore App?

Before I start breaking down some of the best chore apps for kids, you might be wondering what a chore app is.

Basically, a chore app takes the place of a chore chart, allowing your kids to see the tasks they need to complete in a digital format.

But what’s great about these apps is they make doing chores a little bit more fun for your kids . 

The apps geared toward younger children allow them to earn rewards in the form of points or money, helping them see the fruits of their labor in an instant.

And the apps that are more family-focused help you keep your household running smoothly by giving your entire family access to an ongoing household to-do list.

free chore chart app

The Best Chore Apps for Kids

When looking for the best chore app for your kids, consider the things that motivate them to get the job done.

While many of these fun apps let your kids earn points toward digital prizes, others allow them to earn their allowance right in the app.

In addition to picking an app with your kids in mind, it’s also a good idea to consider your own needs.

Whether you’re looking for a chore app that simply helps keep your kids on track or you want a more all-inclusive app to assist in running your household, there’s an app for you on this list.

1. OurHome App

This simple app for iOS and Android devices is great for giving your kids an incentive to finish their chores.

Simply list all the tasks you expect your child to finish each day, including not only household chores but also other responsibilities, like homework or music practice, and assign a points value to each chore.

As your child finishes a task, she can mark it complete and earn those points as a reward.

In addition to working as a chore app, OurHome can also help keep your family a little more organized.

The shared calendar allows everyone to see the family’s activities for the day. And the shared grocery list gives all your family members a chance to add the things they need to your shopping list before you head out to the store.

Handy Features:

If you tie your children’s chores to their allowance, Homey is a great app option for your family.

This simple app helps you teach your kids about the value of money by assigning them chores and setting goals for them to complete.

In this chore app for kids, each chore is given a value. After your child completes a task, that dollar amount is added to their account. You can either transfer money to your children’s checking account directly through the app, if they have one, or you can simply track the money you owe them in the app and pay in cash at the end of the week.

Homey is available on Android , iOS , and Amazon devices.

3. Chore Pad

Transitioning from a traditional paper chore chart to a digital chart is simple with this chore app.

Chore Pad for iOS devices is set up like a traditional chore chart, making it easy for kids to navigate from the get-go.

To set up your kid’s account, snap a picture of them and list the chores they need to complete. When your child finishes a chore on the list, they earn a star.

But what makes this simple app unique is the customization options. In the app, your kids will have a chance to customize the style of their chart.

And you’ll be able to choose from more than 100 chore icons or add your own images to help your younger kids stay on track. 

4. Allowance and Chores Bot

Keep track of your family’s chores and allowances all in one place with this kid-friendly chore app.

Allowance and Chores Bot allows you to set up a daily, weekly, or monthly allowance for each of your kids. And you can create a variety of chores for each of your children, including one-time chores or chores that repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

In addition to making chore tracking easier for your kids, it also allows them to view their earnings over a period of time – helping them visualize the fruits of their labor in a digital format.

Allowance and Chores Bot is available on Android and iOS devices.

5. Bear in Mind

Kids often need a little motivation to finish their to-do list. And this app provides the perfect amount of digital motivation for them to get the job done.

This simple to-do list and reminder app is perfect for families whose kids need an extra push to finish their chores each day.

Bear in Mind for iOS devices allows you to create a digital to-do list for your kids. Just outline the chores your kids need to do, when they need to be completed, and the order in which they should be done, and the app will take care of the rest.

Bear in Mind sends push notifications to your kid’s device when the chore needs to be completed. After they finish their job, your child can swipe the task away and another will appear on their screen, making it simple for your kids to know exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it.

While I can’t guarantee that these handy chore apps for kids will ensure your kids get their chores done each day, hopefully they’ll make keeping track of your family’s to-do list a little easier for you.

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The Best Chore Apps For Families Who Need To Organize Their Lives

No more yelling at your kids to take out the trash.

phone mock up of chores app

While smartphones allow parents innumerable ways to waste time ( gaming , Instagramming, and shopping come to mind), there are plenty of ways to turn devices into time maximizers. Enter chore apps. The best chore apps for iPhone and Android allow you to input tasks, assign responsibility, set deadlines, and communicate better when schedules get busy. Whether you’re looking to clean the bathroom, fill the coffee maker , or finally de-clutter the garage after a long summer of running around, family chore apps make achieving results easier while removing the responsibility of nagging from you. That’s a win-win.

Whether it’s designed like a chore wheel, chore calendars, or chore list, these apps assign tasks to specific family members, let parents see when they’ve been completed, and even incentivize kids through cash or perks for work well done. When a kid takes out the garbage, he or she makes a few bucks or an extra half-hour of screen time. Some apps allow kids to donate money to good causes; others let them invest it and use debit cards to spend it. The best chore apps have added features like shared calendars, family goals, and even chat. So if you’ve been trying (and failing) to get stuff done using old models, it’s time to step into the 21st century with the best chore apps for families.

Cozi Chore App for Kids and Families

Along with its shared family calendar feature, Cozi also enables parents to come up with shared to-do lists and chore lists. You can create as many lists as you want, for specific days, tasks, or getaways. You can use it to store recipes, grocery lists, and planned meals for the entire week. It has a sweet journal feature, so you can capture and save precious moments like the first time your kid empties the dishwasher without being asked. There's no financial remuneration feature, so kids don't get paid for doing stuff around the house. The app itself is free, but if you want to skip the ads, it will cost you an annual fee.

Greenlight Chore and Allowance App for Kids

You can call it bribery. Or rewarding work well done. Regardless, this chore app lets parents create in-app chore lists and tie the work directly to perks. They get paid when they finish something. Parents can automatically transfer money to kids’ accounts and help them divide up their earnings between their spend, save, and give accounts. This specific product is unique in that lets parents limit where kids can spend their money. Kids, in turn, can track their own work chore lists and money.

BusyKid Chore App for Kids

If you have kids of different ages, but want them all to take part in household chores that are age-appropriate, this chore app is for you. The chores and allowance are preset by a kids' age; parents can change the settings, however, if they so wish. Also, this app lets your kid become a day trader by allowing them to invest in companies like Disney or Apple. Plus, parents can pay kids a bonus for a job that's particularly well done. The chore app itself is free, but the debit card associated with it costs money.

Homey Chore App for Kids

Parents get real-time notifications when kids clean the toilet (good luck with that) or empty the dishwasher. Families get a visual overview of what needs to happen and when and allows people to divide, track, and complete tasks. We especially dig the family chat feature, which lets parents nag their kids to finish their chores on time. Kids can send parents photographic proof that yes, in fact, they did take out the trash. And parents can transfer money to pay their kids' allowances.

S'moresUp Chore App for Kids

This app is basically a complete chore management for your entire household. It's easy and streamlined enough for kids to use, and gives each family member separate access. There's a shared calendar, and if you buy the premium plan for $5/month, you can add unlimited family members to your account. There's also a late penalty if you, or the kids, don't complete what you're supposed to do. Plus, parents can set rewards and goals, and dole out kids' allowances.

OurHome Chore App for Kids and Parents

If you're the parent who chronically forgets to order paper towels, or can't recall the last time you actually cleaned the tub, this is the app for you. It keeps adults honest and helps them keep track of what needs to get done and when. Additionally, the shared grocery feature lets you add items you need and take them off when you have them. The chore app also has a shared family calendar, which is handy. And it lets parents link chores to things kids appreciate, like filthy lucre or extra screen time. Up to 6 family members can share the app with Family Sharing enabled

Kachinga Chore and Allowance App for Kids

This chore app promises to teach kids the value of money by tying it to hard work. Parents schedule an automatic weekly allowance and reward kids for chores. The app has a chore manager that sends out automated reminders for parents and kids. Kids get paid instantly, so they see the payoff. Kids get a physical card, but parents set limits for each kid and get instant notifications when your child buys Chipotle for lunch.

Every product on Fatherly is independently selected by our editors, writers, and experts. If you click a link on our site and buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission.

This article was originally published on Oct. 7, 2016

free chore chart app

Right Routine: Chore Chart 4+

Screen time and chore tracker, right routine llc.



If your kids have an iPad or iPhone, Right Routine is the parenting app for helping your kids learn healthy habits on and off the screen by limiting screen time access until your kids' chore chart is complete. The app provides your kids an easy to use to do list to guide them through their daily routines while also applying screen time limits to keep them focused and motivated. As parents you can setup your family schedule including chores to complete before screen time, when screen time is available, and for how long. More parental control features include the ability to customize which apps and web browsing domains are allowed before and after chores are complete. You can upload your own pictures for the chores on the visual schedule or use the built in simple artwork. If your children share an iPad or iPhone, you can block or allow specific apps depending on which child is currently using the device. Unlike other screen time blocker and parental control solutions, Right Routine provides parents more flexibility for setting screen time limits while also providing kids a tool to manage their own time. For example, you can setup an evening routine that prompts kids to complete any chores they might have like helping with the dishes, doing homework, or taking a bath. Once they have completed the chores, screen time can be automatically allowed for the remaining time in the routine. As parents, we designed this to help establish our own kids' routine with a balanced amount screen time. We use it every day and we hope that you will find it useful for your family as well! We find it to be especially helpful for kids with ADHD or ASD. Please contact us with any feedback you have, we would love to hear from you. We are continuing to build out Right Routine with many more features to help families maintain a healthy routine on and off the screen so let us know if you have any feature requests. Privacy Policy: Terms:

Version 1.0.4

- New Feature: Parents can disable showing the rewards section for a routine. - User interface improvements

App Privacy

The developer, Right Routine LLC , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary based on, for example, the features you use or your age. Learn More


free chore chart app

Family Sharing

Some in‑app purchases, including subscriptions, may be shareable with your family group when family sharing is enabled., you might also like.

Wings to Soar

StellKey: Good Habits for Kids

The Well Women

SwiftCard: Flashcard Maker

Stan Lee’s Kids Universe AR


free chore chart app

Family chore chart

Divide the household tasks evenly with this family chore list; it provides space for the assignment, the responsible party, and the days of the week. This is an accessible template.

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Retirement readiness checklist

Find inspiration for your next project with thousands of ideas to choose from

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3 Downloadable Chore Charts for Kids—And How to Use Them Effectively

Organize your kids' household responsibilities with our free printable chore charts, and learn helpful tips for using them properly. .

Even children as young as 2 can help out around the house. The secret? "Parents should present chores in a way that makes little ones feel they're contributing to the family," says Robert Billingham, Ph.D., a human development specialist at Indiana University in Bloomington. By setting the dinner table, for example, kids see that they are important and needed— both of which build their self-esteem . "Chores also help children develop a sense of responsibility," says Dr. Billingham, and they teach important skills like time management.

So how do you keep your family on track with household duties? Many experts recommend a daily or weekly chore chart. These charts help children remember what responsibilities need to be done, and they give an incentive to finish tasks—especially if you have a reward system in place. Keep reading for tips on implementing a successful chore chart for kids, with three free options to print at home.

Setting Up a Chore Chart

There are oodles of chore charts online, and many of them can be overwhelmingly complicated or too specific and not flexible enough to fit your home, family, and lifestyle. A chore chart should be a simple, easy-to-understand chart that your kids can refer to when it is time for them to complete their tastes. That said, there are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing a chore chart to help keep your whole family on track.

Consider your child's age

Chores should increase in difficulty as your child ages. A preschooler's chart, for example, might include simple tasks like "brush teeth" and "clean up toys." A tween's chart could list "fold laundry," "rake leaves," "set the table," or "vacuum living room" as potential tasks. Make sure to adjust the charts regularly based on your child's abilities and schedule.

Give instructions

Whether your child is in preschool or high school, you should explain each task on their chore chart, making sure they can complete it independently. Also, realize that mistakes are inevitable, says Dr. Billingham, and patience is key. In the beginning, you may find yourself wanting to hover or micromanage, especially if you've been in charge of that particular chore for a long time, but try to resist that urge. Instead, let your kids make mistakes and learn from them.

Decide on rewards

Many experts suggest holding off on rewards until elementary school or later; younger children are often motivated by praise alone . When you do implement incentives, it's usually best to link payday to their overall weekly or monthly contribution, so your children won't expect bonus points every time they chip in. Some fun reward ideas could be:

Print the chore chart for kids

After printing the chore chart, hang it somewhere accessible, like the fridge or bulletin board. Kids can use the chart for reference throughout the day and mark tasks as completed with check marks, stickers, or whatever method you desire. Make sure you have fun stickers or bright marker colors for your kids to mark off the chores they complete.

Switch up the chores

To help curb boredom, try switching up the chores each week or month. To make it fun, have the family sit down and do chore swaps or think about adding a seasonal chore that is worth more points. By adding a little bit of novelty, you can make chore charts an interesting and even fun experience for your kids.

Turn chores into a game

If your kids are resisting their chores, try adding a sense of play to their responsibilities. For example, have your kids dust while dancing to music. Or slip on some old, thick socks and let your kids "mop" the floor. You can set a timer and see who can fold the fastest or sort the recycling. By turning chores into a fun game, kids are less likely to complain and may even like getting their tasks done!

Consider apps for older children

Downloadable chore charts work great for toddlers and school-age children, but tweens and teens might not respond to these "old-school" organization methods. Instead, parents can easily make digital chore charts with Cozi , a free app that syncs across your family's devices. Children can "check off" the tasks they complete on Cozi, and parents can track their progress virtually. Cozi has several other functions as well; for example, parents can create to-do lists and shopping lists, a shared family calendar, a database of recipes, and a family journal. The app helps your family stay organized despite everyone's busy schedule. Click here to learn more about Cozi . (Free; iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Android).

Printable Chore Charts for Kids

Teach kids how to handle responsibility with these three printable chore charts. Download the best option for your family, hang it somewhere accessible, and let the household duties begin!

Family Chore Chart

free chore chart app

Fill in chores that are unique to your family in the available blank spaces. Mark them as completed with stickers, stars, or checkmarks. This chore chart helps families plan what should be done each day of the week, and it simplifies the process of tracking completion.

Age-by-Age Chore Chart

Need help designating tasks? This chore chart breaks down age-appropriate responsibilities, with blank spaces to fill in tasks of your choice. Print one for each child and personalize it by adding their name, fun stickers, and fun reward at the end of the week.

Easy Chore Chart Template

This chore chart template contains instructions on how to organize a colorful system for different kids, which is especially handy if you don't want to print out multiple charts each week. You'll need supplies like a dry erase board, markers, sticky notes, and a ruler. This chart is easy to customize based on your family's preferences.

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KidsGuard Pro - Phone Monitoring HOT

Remote & invisible mobile device manager

MoniVisor - Computer Monitoring

Undetectable Windows computer monitoring

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Specialized WhatsApp monitoring

KidsGuard for LINE

Best LINE monitoring tool

Best Location Changer

Best Parental Control

Essential antispy & privacy protection

Best 10 Chores App for Kids

Updated: May 17, 2021 12:26 pm

A chores app is basically a platform that includes many tasks to be performed throughout the day. As soon as the tasks are completed your kids can be rewarded with points or money. It makes finishing up the tasks and chores a fun-filled activity for kids. Children would love some motivation to involve in some daily tasks and the chores apps available online can go a long way in helping you achieve this. Here is a list of the 10 best chores app that you can go for.

OurHome App: 9.5

Homey App: 9.3

Chore Pad HD App: 9.0

Allowance & Chores Bot: 8.8

iRewardChart: 8.8

iAllowance (Chores Allowances) : 8.5

S'moresUp App: 8.3

HomeRoutines App: 8.3

ChoreMonster App: 8.0

Chore Check App: 7.5

1. OurHome App

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Ease of Use:

Feature Richness:

This is one of the best chores app this year which makes managing your home easier. Kids are generally motivated by rewards and this app offers exactly that. Whenever your kids efficiently finish up tasks like their homework or household work, it rewards them. This basically instills a sense of responsibility in your child which goes a long way in helping them in the future.

ourhome app

Features of OurHome App:

Provide incentives to motivate kids.

Set goals and let kids know what they're working towards.

Stay in sync with the apps calendar.

Sync with unlimited devices.

Simplifies shopping by allowing you to create an easy shopping list.

Set reminders and also send messages.

Colorful and vibrant user interface.

2. Homey App

Price: Free for 3 accounts and $4.99 per month for more accounts

Through Homey App, your kids can learn about the importance of money. This app features a set of functions through which you can set up the daily chores for your kid. Upon completing these tasks and chores, your kid can get rewarded with money. By working towards a goal and finishing it, it gives a sense of accomplishment to your kid which drives them to finish more tasks and involve themselves more in taking up the responsibility at home.

homey app

Features of Homey App:

Effective way to show kids how money is earned in real life.

Set daily, weekly, monthly or one time chores as family affair.

The main functions are kept hidden from your kids.

Take pictures of tasks to keep track of the work.

Parents can customize the settings of the app.

Set optional rewards for family members to choose from.

3. Chore Pad HD App

Price: $4.99

Compatibility: iOS

This housework app gives one of the best chore chart experiences to you and your kids. The developers of this app have taken many suggestions from teachers as well as parents to devise an effective application to help you in making your kids complete their chores. This app makes finishing up of the chores fun and engaging for your kids.

chore pad hd

Features of Chore Pad HD App:

Has a Parent Mode which keeps the essential management features hidden to the kids.

Earn stars after completing the chores and uses those stars to get rewards.

Your kid's star totals and progress for the week will be shown on the start screen.

Different themes for the chore chart.

Trophies for achieving the completion of tasks.

Star modifier when the chore is completed well in advance.

4. Allowance & Chores Bot

Price: $2.99

With this chores app for teenagers you can set up tasks, chores and goals for your kids and once they reach their goals, you can reward them with real money or by virtual rewards like simoleons, stars and smileys. The kids can check their total money in the app which they earned. This acts a motivation for the kids to learn more about the importance of money. It gives a virtual idea about how the real world functions.

allowance and chore bot app

Features of Allowance & Chores Bot:

Automatic sync of data with devices.

Multiple chores and allowances can be managed.

You can set up daily, monthly or weekly allowances.

Keep a track of how your child is spending their allowance.

Regular reminders feature is provided.

5. iRewardChart

Price: Free for basic version and $3.99 for Pro version

Kids tend to procrastinate work as they are at an age where they are not much aware about the importance of time and responsibility. So iRewardChart will help you to track kids' chores and teach them how to take up responsibility and finish up tasks and chores on time. They ultimately would gain a lot in the long run.


Features of iRewardChart:

Parents can customize the tasks for their kids.

Parents can also customize rewards, like money, ice cream, etc.

The free version supports four tasks per week for one child.

The user interface is colorful and vibrant with interactive sounds.

Keep a local backup of all the tasks and rewards for you.

6. iAllowance (Chores Allowances)

Price:  $2.99

This app makes the empowerment of your kids possible. This is a fun application which makes your child aware about the things to do on a daily and weekly basis. This application constantly reminds your kids to finish their day to day work on time which ultimately leads to your kids becoming more responsible towards their tasks.

iallowance chores allowances

Features of iAllowance (Chores Allowances):

Automatic and instant sync of the process of each task.

Parents can choose "cash in" when kids finish up the tasks.

Parents can manage their own finances with the help of the built-in parental controls.

Automatically create local backups of the data from the app.

7. S'moresUp App

You no more need to write down the tasks for your kids and put it up on the fridge. All you need is this excellent application which can effectively help you in making your kids take up the responsibility of finishing up some of the chores in the household. This family chore app is very easy to use and makes the household chores management very simple.

smores app

Features of S'moresUp App:

Allow parents to set up chores, tasks and allowance for their kids.

Get an individual calendar including all the assigned tasks for everyone when using this app.

Schedule family events and even playdates easily.

Parent community feature is available for communicating with other parents.

8. HomeRoutines App

This is an application which helps you in setting up a routine for your child. You can create a list of jobs for them which have to be done on a daily basis so that it ultimately becomes a routine. This application would remind your kid at the time when the chore or task has to be done and then gives a star on completing the task.

home routine app

Features of HomeRoutines App:

Golden star on completion of task which get reset the next day.

A built-in timer to encourage your kids to finish up the tasks as soon as possible.

A to-do list for recording all the tasks that can be done once.

The checklist will reset itself each day.

9. ChoreMonster App

Several satisfied users find this household chores app to be very effective as it makes the task of finishing up chores fun and interesting for the kids. As and when your child finishes up the assigned chore or task, they get rewarded. This is what makes the kids get hooked on to contributing their bit in the house.

choremonster app

Features of ChoreMonster App:

Earn points after finishing up a task.

The rewards are not in the form of money but in the form of exciting activities like ice cream, an hour of playing video games etc.

Parents get the full control on managing the tasks and the rewards.

10. Chore Check App

Price: Free for basic services and $9 per month for upgraded services

Compatibility: iOS phones and tablets

Chore check offers an ideal platform to encourage your kids to do more and involve themselves more in the household activities. Through this app your kids can finish up chores and earn incentives along the way. This app is great to teach your kids the value of sharing responsibilities in a family.

chore check app

Features of Chore Check App:

The whole family can be included to use this chores app.

Chores can be created and scheduled for each kids.

Once the chores are completed, kids and parents can decide how the allowances are allocated to the categories: Spend, Save, and Give.

Want to Monitor Kids' Chores App Use? Just Install A Parental Control App!

With your kids accessing the chores app constantly on their phones, it is inevitable that they might spend too much time on their phones. The virtual world is filled with many exciting and interesting apps. Your kids might even get distracted by the other applications in their phones which can ultimately delay their chore completion. This would deter them from finishing up their jobs and that would ultimately make the chores app useless. Actually,you can monitor your kid's phone activities to check if they are using these chroes apps and finishing up their tasks. To do this, you will definitely need a parental control app.

In case, you are wondering which one to go for, KidsGuard Pro is an efficient parental control app which works very well in supporting optimum usage of cell phones and apps. It has an extensive list of features which help in efficiently controlling the activity of your child on their cell phone to ensure that they are spending their time in the right direction. You can check out more details of its powerful parental control features below.

Monitor Now View Demo

How Do KidsGuard Pro Function on Monitoring Your Kid's Phone:

Check all the app activities, including chores apps, on your kid's phone.

Monitor popular social media apps from kid's phone to check if they get distracted by the these apps.

Track every site that your kids browsed on the web.

Get access to contacts, text messages, photos, videos and other phone files.

Take an instant screenshot on the target phone remotely to view its current screen activity.

Track the real time location of your kid through the GPS feature.

kidsguard pro app

Why KidsGuard Pro Is A Perfect Parental Control App:

No rooting:  No need to root the target device for using this app.

Easy to install and setup:  It takes around 5 mins to finish the installation and setup.

Works in stealth mode:  The app icon will disappear on your kids' device, making them hard to find and delete it.

Real-time data syncing:  Real-time and steady data syncing can help you keep track of your kid's online activities.

Online dashboard monitoring:  All the phone activities can be monitored remotely via KidsGuard Pro's online dashboard.

You can easily install this on your kid's phone and keep an eye on their activity on their cell phones. We would recommend you to try this product's free demo no cost after which you can decide to purchase the full version of this application based on your experience.

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Julian Sanchez

What about chore champion, I've been using it and my kids love it, surprised it wasn't on this list.

2 years ago

ClevGuard Support Reply to Julian Sanchez

Thanks for your advice. Will add it in the article.

Robert Parker

My 2 younger kids don't have a phone to use these apps. My family and I have been using . It is an online solution. We use it to keep track not only of chores but rewards and penalties as well. I really like their feature of being able to upload a picture and link it to a penaly (good for when I need evidence of a kid leaving something out!).

Thank you for your feedback!

pricing crown

Chore Chart Word Templates

Teach Your Children to Complete Kids Chores and Family Chores in an Enjoyable Manner. From Daily Chores to Monthly Chores, It is Best to Start Organizing These Activities. Use’s Printable Weekly Chore Charts in Excel to Kick Start the Road of Accomplishing Chores With the Family, Stress-Free for Kids. See more

Doing chores might be burdensome, but do you know another burdensome thing to do? That is assigning chores to people. To make things easier for you, we highly recommend using chore chart templates ! Chore charts will surely help you divide duties at home for the kids or in the workplace for the employees. Use's chore chart templates for a more convenient life! All templates comprise of high-quality and beautifully designed layouts that are 100% customizable and easily editable for your very own liking. It is printable too! It undoubtedly saves time and energy! So what are you waiting for? Download our chore chart templates now!

How to Create a Chore Chart in MS Word

According to research done at Harvard, people who are given tasks and chores to make at a young age are more expected to be independent adults. By doing so, the children develop positive behaviors. It promotes competence, whether just by sweeping floors and making their bed. It gives children a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. To help, chore charts enable kids or any person to follow a specific order and schedule for their tasked chores. It provides not just the children but the family an easier time to be organized. A chore chart is, more especially, beneficial to big family households. Commonly, it consists of tables, charts, or boards that are fillable with the assigned tasks of the children. The duties can be assigned daily, weekly, or monthly. So here are the steps in creating a chore chart in MS Word.

1. Planning the Content

The first task to do in making a chore chart is to plan what to include in the chart. The content is what makes and gives the purpose of the chore chart. So plan the content. Plan if you want to schedule it daily, weekly, or monthly. Most people use a weekly schedule because it is more convenient for everyone.

2. Planning the Design

After the content, what needs to be planned is the design that needs to be incorporated in the chore chart. Decide the format of the table, chart, or board that is easier for you to fill in. It is all up to your taste and comfort. Then, if designs are needed in the chore chart, you decide which designs are appropriate and which suits more to the chart. If it is intended for the kids to follow, playful designs can be expected in the chore chart. It is appropriate for their age to find playful designs motivating. However, if the chore chart is intended for formal purposes, the designs have to be minimal and professional too. 

Afterward, put the plans into action. Open MS Word and resize the paper to your desired size. Then, decide the format orientation, whether portrait or landscape. After, insert the table, chart, or board. Put the appropriate designs that can be included in the chart. Use designs that reflect the purpose of the chore chart. If you are using it for a Christmas chore chart, you can incorporate Christmas-y decors to make it more playful and in accord to the theme. Then insert the texts, which include the title, the days of the week, and the task. Place the title at the top and make it prominent. Then, in the first row or column of the table, write the days of the week. The remaining tables are meant for the tasks assigned. Write the assigned tasks to its assigned day. You can also put the name of the appointed person for the task.

4. Finalize the Chore Chart

After making the chore chart, recheck for any errors, especially the tasks. Make sure that the right task is assigned to the right person on the right day. Afterward, you can, finally, save the chore chart and print ! You can now start using the chart!

Get access to ALL Templates, Designs & Documents

Get Access to ALL Templates & Editors for Just $2 a month

Your Modern Family

Chore Chart – The best I’ve ever used!

By Becky Mansfield · Published: January 7, 2018 · Last Updated: February 7, 2019 · 26 Comments

alternative to chore charts

Chore Chart – Why or Why Not (and the best chore chart we’ve ever used!)

There came a day when I stopped using a normal  chore chart  and started using my Swap Chores for ScreenTime chore chart for their  daily chores .   Chores for kids are very important and I want our kids to do them, but I didn’t want the stress of keeping up with a chore chart.   With four kids, it was becoming just that- an extra cause of stress (that I did not need).

When we begin to use a chore chart as a way to help our children to become more responsible or to help out more, it will either work like a charm or fail miserably.   Having a chore chart for kids is definitely a good idea, as long as it does not become MORE work for the parent.   That’s where chore charts usually go downhill.

Alternative to Chore Charts

Let me tell you why I had STARTED using chore charts: 

Now let me tell you why I STOPPED using chore charts: 

Swap screentime for chores cards

I wrote a post a few months back called STOP doing that for your kids and it is one of the best reminders about why kids need to help out (I re-read it myself… often.)  When I read it, I am reminded of what I want our kids to become and how I am going to achieve it.   I want them to be responsible adults one day. I  want them to be hard workers and I want them to respect their things and themselves.

chores for screentime cards

These were things that did not need to be done daily, but I need the kids to pitch in with those things because we are a family and we are a team.   So, I had to come up with a plan that worked.

Yes, I could do it all, but I want them to understand the value of helping their family.   I also do not want to raise entitled kids or lazy adults.   I want to raise responsible adults.

Age Appropriate Chores

chore chart

What about the extras?

Swap screentime for chores cards

The chore basket is probably the easiest chore system that you are ever going to find.  It makes it so easy!   I just have them pick chores out of the basket and they do whatever is on the card.    There are no special rules or regulations.

If I need their help, I have them pick out 2-3 chores and they do whatever is on the card.

Also, because I’ve explained why I need their help (part of the family, more time to play if we finish our chores, etc…) they usually don’t complain.

That’s it.  It is simple and easy.

If they resist, be sure to stick with what you know is right and teach your children that talking back will get you nowhere. 

The best part of the chore-basket & swapping chores for screentime is that they earn their screentime, so it completely eliminates the guilt that goes along with letting them have downtime to watch TV, YouTube kids, play online games, etc…

A colorful chore chart sitting on a table

Life skills through Chores

Chores build character in children.  It is good for them, helpful for you, and a win-win all around when kids do age appropriate chores .



About Becky Mansfield

Hi! I'm Becky Mansfield ~ founder of Your Modern Family. I am the wife to Mickey & the mom to four little blessings! I am a teacher turned play therapist and stay at home Mom. I love to share my organization tips, kid ideas, money-saving tips and recipes with you. Read more...

An image of an icon of a camera.

January 22, 2015 at

Thanks for sharing this awesome idea! My husband and I have been trying to figure out what chores are age appropriate for our kids and this is a great way to have them help out around the house. My kids will actually enjoy picking a card out and being surprised to see what is on it. They actually love having a ‘job’ to do that helps me {at least they like it now, I am sure as they get older they wont! lol}.

Becky (Your Modern Family) says

You are so welcome! I hope that it helps. 🙂

Esther says

January 23, 2015 at

I LOVE this idea! Our 5 year old daughter has a chore chart and I am constantly forgetting to check off what she’s done. I have a bin just like the one pictured in your post and plenty of note cards so I can get started on this right away.

Me, too. It was more of a time-consuming thing for me than a helpful thing. 🙂

Great idea! So much easier than keeping up with chore charts for 4 kids!


April 14, 2015 at

Since the chores are not daily chores when they complete the chore do they put them back in the bucket or do you keep them somewhere until they are completed and restart the process?

Thank you so much for your website. I’m having so much fun going over it today!

Blessings, Paige

April 15, 2015 at

We put them back in the bucket. I usually just say “Pick another one” if they get the same one as yesterday. (but I have enough in there that it doesn’t happen too much).

Tiffany says

May 6, 2015 at

So you do this daily? At any specific time of day? Going to implement this with my almost 4 and 2 year old. I work full time so would we do it before bed, when we get home, etc? Thoughts?

I do it more on the weekend. So during the school year, we give the one a day, but on the weekends and throughout the summer, we do several a day. (At least 1-2 for our 4 year old)

May 26, 2015 at

Can you give some ideas of the chores you put in the basket? thank you!

Here you go 🙂

Chantal says

June 9, 2015 at

I totally agree with you, well written post!

I always resisted the chore cards / charts and rewarding systems. Mainly because it means I have to police it which is something I don’t want to do. And I believe that the jobs one has to do in and around the house just belong to a normal daily life and that everyone can help to do them. Not only because they will receive a sticker or a gift after fulfilling the chores. I’m no fan at all of any extrinsic motivation because it doesn’t work in the long run (not only for children, it doesn’t work with people in general).

We are fortunate enough to be able to send our boys to a Montessori school. There and at home they are part of a community and a family and are included in what has to be done. Of course always age-appropriate things. I believe these so called chores are valuable life skills and I can’t see any harm in teaching our children how to do housework. I recently read a thread on Facebook where someone had published one of these charts that show age appropriate chores for children. I was shocked when I realised that the majority of comments was negative and along the lines that children shouldn’t be doing housework etc.

Oh man- I think housework is another way to build great character. I want our kids to be hard workers and strive for greatness in everything that they do (and we are their first teachers). Thanks so much for leaving this note!!

Nicole says

June 15, 2015 at

I love this idea, but do you incorporate any kind of allowance (we call it commissions). I believe there are certain things they need to do as “habits” like you said, but I also think it’s important to teach kids about working to earn money, save, spend, and give. Just wondering how you do it, if at all. My kids are only 4 and 6 right now.

I just teach them to save most & then they give (from their money jar) on Sunday for church. They also have to donate their toys, etc… They really don’t spend too much because they both have “big goals” that they are saving for right now. 🙂

February 27, 2016 at

Thank you for sharing these tips, a must read for parents, specially the ones with first child. A lot of great tips that help my life get easier, Thank you!

Amy Croker says

March 31, 2016 at

Love this idea as I have tried every chore chart on Pinterest and I cannot keep it up. Thank you for this! I can’t wait to try it out. Just real quick question, what kind of chores are you putting in your chore basket? I have a 5 and 8 year old. Both girls. Thanks again!

🙂 It is so much easier! Check out my post called “age-appropriate chores” for my whole list 🙂

April 28, 2016 at

Thank you so much for your posts. I am a mom of 3 little ones and I home school. I have 2 book end children that are very strong willed and I feel I have lost my joy as a parent. I feel I am driving them to do what they need to all day. They are all very physical. They love to wrestle and play fast and rough which usually ends in someone getting hurt. I HATE to here them yell but I yell for them to stop do I understand where they get it. I hate it with all my being and I want a care free joy filled life with my kids. I am so exhausted and that makes me frustrated at them. I have to have a quiet time mid day at some point or I am at a breaking point. But I have received encouragement from your posts, so thank you

April 29, 2016 at

I’m so glad. The day to day is so hard, so try very hard to focus on your end goal – raising children that are kind & responsible. You can do it. If you are reading this, it means that you are looking for answers, so you are already doing great!! 🙂

Nicola says

July 4, 2019 at

Where can I buy or print a template for these cards?

Also Curious to know how the chores convert to ipad time?

Is one chore worth 15 min for example?

July 12, 2019 at

The chore cards have minutes written on them, based on the chore. You can buy them at

Cricket Sanchez says

March 10, 2020 at

Hi! Love the idea! How can I do it with an age range though? My kids (4 of them) are 12, 13, 13, & 14 – three boys and the youngest is our girl. I guess there would not be a big difference since they are so close? And do you pick an specific amount of time for each task or is it a set amount for all like 30 minutes of screen for each chore? Thanks!!

Amy Shepley says

March 11, 2020 at

I think you could do whatever works for your family 🙂 That seems pretty close in age so they could all be the same, but you might also want to adjust the times if you want your younger ones to have less time.

Brooke says

July 23, 2020 at

So the consequence if they don’t do the cards is no screen time, which is awesome!

What happens if they don’t do the things that are considered daily responsibilities?

We have made it clear to the kids that putting away backpacks, lunch bags, coats etc. each day after school is their responsibility but I still find myself having to remind at least one of them daily. 🙁

Becky Mansfield says

August 2, 2020 at

Keep reminding them, but make them do it. Ex: if they are playing, they have to come back inside to put it away. Our kids will not get any privileges (snacks, shows, toys) until they have done the things that they are responsible for, just as I would not do anything until my bed was made, etc.

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