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fun history assignments

Young People Shake Up Elections (History Proves It) Educator Guide

fun history assignments

Becoming US

fun history assignments

Head to Head: History Makers

fun history assignments

What Will You Stand For? Video Discussion Guide

fun history assignments

What Will You Stand For? Video

fun history assignments

Educator Guide for World War I: Lesson and Legacies

fun history assignments

The Suffragist Educators' Guide for the Classroom Videos

fun history assignments

The Suffragist

fun history assignments

World War I: Lessons and Legacies

fun history assignments

Japanese American Incarceration: The Diary of Stanley Hayami

fun history assignments

...If You Traveled On The Underground Railroad

fun history assignments

A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor

fun history assignments

A Boy No More

fun history assignments

A Bus of Our Own

fun history assignments

A Carp for Kimiko

fun history assignments

A Christmas Tree in the White House

fun history assignments

A Different Mirror for Young People: A History of Multicultural America

fun history assignments

A Fence Away From Freedom: Japanese Americans and World War II

fun history assignments

A Multicultural Portrait of Immigration

fun history assignments

A Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt

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Broken School Bus Window from Boston School Desegregation

In 1974, Boston's court-ordered busing plan became one of the most visible and controversial examples of racial balan

National Museum of American History

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fun history assignments

Happy Homeschool Nest

Fun History Project Ideas & Hands-On Activities

History lessons can be dry and boring if you rely completely on a dry and boring textbook. But there is a better way!

It’s so easy to make history come alive with the right books and resources. One of the best ways to make your history lessons fun and interesting is with well-planned hands-on history projects.

No matter the time period you’re studying, there are some activity ideas you can easily include. Hands-on history projects are a wonderful way to make history lessons come alive for your kids. Now, you don’t need to do a hands-on project every day – but a few well-planned projects can make all the difference.

Hands-on history activities and projects can: 

It’s so easy to become passive learners – read this, fill out that worksheet… blah… blah… blah… However, when we find ways to engage our kids in their learning, it makes such a difference. You can do this will read aloud, interesting assignments, and of course, hands-on projects and activities.

fun history assignments

Engaging the minds (and hands) of our kids makes all the difference in their educational experience. Now that you’re convinced to add some hands-on fun to your homeschool day, how should you do it?

Don’t fill your days with meaningless activities. One well-planned and executed activity each week will go much further than a day filled with boring and mindless activities. Best of all, you don’t need a pile of activity books or resources. With just a handful of ideas that can be applied to any time period or culture will be just as useful.

I’ve put together my favourite ways in which we create hands-on learning experiences for History lessons, but as always I’d love to know yours too – so, if there’s one I’ve missed be sure to leave me a comment.

Learn About The Artists Of The Time

Create a lap book, immerse yourself in the time period & culture, play a game, create a map, build a 3d model, create a timeline, do some creative writing.

When you’re immersing yourself in the culture or time period, take a look at the art from that era or geographical area. Artists, their lives and artwork give us a glimpse of life during that time – how the people dressed and what was important to them.

Lapbooks and notebooks are a great way to create a capsule of all the things your kids are learning.

They can create little mini-books and interactive booklets filled with details about the time period, the people, the culture… really, anything that interests them. They are a great choice for research assignments.

Kids can research a specific topic and include the information they find in their lap book or notebook. Best of all, a completed notebook or lap book becomes a great addition to your year-end portfolio – displaying everything your kids have studied and learned that year.

Well-thought-out activities can really immerse you and your kids in the culture and time period of a certain people.

Confession: I know so much about ancient Egyptian history ( believe me, I knocked it out of the park watching a recent episode of Jeopardy and knew the answer to every question for that category! ).

fun history assignments

Why did that happen? Because of how we’ve immersed ourselves in our lessons during that subject – researching maps, making our own fruity mummy, reciting a list of important pharaohs, reading the myths and stories of the people.

No matter the time period or country you’re studying you can apply this in a few different ways:

I love to include games whenever I can – they are such a great learning resource – and who wouldn’t rather play a game than fill out a worksheet?

It can get expensive buying games for every time period you study. Instead, you can opt to find online games or purchase downloadable plans for games that you put together yourself (the bonus being it’s a great craft too!)

Tip: we love to listen to audiobooks while we color, cut out, and assemble our game boards.

Some of my favourite history games available include;

Of course, this is just the beginning, a quick Google will help you find hidden gems specifically related to the person or time period your studying. For example, we did some work on Rosa Parks recently and simply googled ‘Rosa Parks Games’ you can add on a specific age or grade if you’re looking for something specific.

We had thousands of results and the top ten were more than sufficient to keep us going for a couple of weeks! I also found a whole host of new websites to bookmark and use as resources for the future which was a huge bonus.

Understanding how one country fits into the geography of an area brings a whole new level of understanding about that place. Taking time to study that country – its hills, borders, mountains, and other details – can help you see their culture and life in a new way.

fun history assignments

You can look at historical atlases or maps. Alternatively, if you’re looking to incorporate crafts then download and print, then color in or even draw your own map of the area.

Consider taking it to the next level and making it even more hands-on by incorporating salt-dough, cookie dough or play dough. We recently covered the Olympics and how they are incorporated into our history both as a nation and worldwide, to make the learning experience more hands-on we followed this incredible salt dough DIY to make some super fun Olympic medals.

Does the country or historical era you’re currently studying have any interesting buildings or inventions? These could be perfect 3D construction models. Either from pre-made kits available online or as a craft.

fun history assignments

For example, the 1930s was the decade in which the Empire State Building was built in New York City. The 102-story Art Deco skyscraper is a fantastic demonstration of the architecture in the 1930s and leads onto a discussion surrounding building materials and skyscrapers / high rise building structures.

This free printable allows you to print off a model of the Empire State Building which can be made into a 3D model. Alternatively, consider using construction blocks such as Lego or Duplo .

A history timeline is a wonderful project that every middle school child should create. Seeing how historical events and people fit together gives them a better understanding of historical context and how all those events and people are interrelated.

fun history assignments

You can create one large timeline for the whole period you are studying or, if that feels a bit overwhelming, smaller topic-based timelines can be just as useful.

Consider displaying this timeline in your homeschooling room, in a bedroom or storing it safely so you can get it out and reference/add to it as your knowledge of historical events improves. These free history timelines are perfect for getting you started .

You can look to take this to the next level with a family tree or family timeline too. This is a great way to discuss important dates such as the years grandparents were born and what special events happened during that year. Get the children to interview the member of the family about what life was like back then – they could even write a report on what life was like which leads us nicely onto our final history project idea.

For those kids who love journaling and creative writing, history is a great place to let their creativity run wild. They can journal as if they lived during that time period, ‘interview’ a famous figure of the time, or create their own writing assignment ideas.

This is a great way for children to also improve on their spelling, grammar, research and more…

fun history assignments

For a more long-term creative writing project, consider a newspaper. Publish a report once a week as you move through the years week by week. With 52 weeks in a year, you could cover 52 years and of course, this doesn’t have to start when newspapers started. Instead, you could report as though you’re living in Aztec times if you wanted.

Alternatively, you could adapt the reports depending on the time of year. For example, New Year’s eve in the 1930s, Halloween in the 1970s or Christmas in the 1870s.

If your kids are fond of being in front of the camera, consider getting them to record the report on a video camera instead of writing it down. They could even dress the part too.

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fun history assignments

Timberdoodle Homeschool Review

fun history assignments

Leonardo da Vinci Art Projects For School Kids

Everything you wrote here is so inspiring! From my experience I know that using games is way more fun than flashcards or worksheets! And, as a bonus, most games require at least the skills of strategy and/or speed, too. Each parent should carefully watch their child and adjust the number of tasks to their abilities. It is better to do less practice than force your child to solve tasks which they no longer want to do and which can. We want our children to develop through play. Chess is the perfect example for this matter. Don’t try to play entire game from the very begining of your chess adventure. Use diagrams like those – net-bossorg/chess-puzzles-for-kids-by-maksim-aksanov. Perfect diagrams for the perfect start 🙂

Thank you for making this.

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Top 10 Fun Activities for ANY History Class!

Fun Ideas for History Class!

Turn YOUR Social Studies class into your students favorite class!

Are you looking for ways to make your social studies class more engaging and fun? If so, then I have some great news for you! There are SO many ways you can spice up your history class and make it a lot more engaging and fun for your students.

Unfortunately, a lot of teachers struggle coming up with various ways to incorporate fun and engaging activity ideas into their lesson plans (including me!).

BUT , as I have found out over the years, there are so many specific historical events and important historical figures throughout history (whether it's U.S. history or world history) to base a fun and interactive learning activity off of. History is just one of those subjects that students either love or hate. And if they don’t love it, they probably hate it, making it that much harder to get them engaged. Classroom activities are a great addition to any lesson plan and can greatly enhance a students' knowledge and comprehension of a topic with seemingly minimal effort on the part of the teacher. Activities can come in many forms from fun games and exit tickets, to interactive notebooks and class discussion. Activities can also be used in a collaborative or individual manner. Many of my favorite classroom activities afford me the ability to place students into small groups, break up half of the class into two larger groups, or even have the students participate individually. Luckily, it can be relatively easy to make any dry subject engaging and fun . This article provides some great ideas and effective ways on how to do just that with your history lessons.

In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite activities for teaching history no matter what time of the school year it is!

#1: research projects.

One of the best ways to make history engaging for your students is to have them research topics themselves (through the use of primary sources!) . This will help them to see just how interesting the past can be and why it is important to learn about it. If you have a research project in your history class, then it is likely that your students will love this subject even more. When students have a project of their own to work on, then it makes them feel like they are actually making progress in this class. There are so many topics that you can assign your students to research, from ancient civilizations to modern technologies. You can even assign them to research a historical event of their choice. When they are working on a research project, they will not only learn more about their own topic, but they will also learn about other topics too. This will help them to see how everything is connected and works together. If your students are given the choice over what they want to research, then it will make them more invested in this subject.

#2: Let Students Draw Historical Events as Comics

One of the most unique ways I've gotten my students more interested in history is by having them draw a comic strip based on an event or topic in history. This is a great way for your students to learn more about the event and to practice their creative skills. You could let your students choose any event in history that interests them and have them create a comic strip based on it. Or you could have them draw comic strips about different topics in your history lesson. This is a great way to have your students visualize what they have learned in their history class. This will help them to remember the information and make connections between different events. It is important to check that your students know how to draw a comic strip properly. This is something that you will want to make sure they know how to do before letting them draw one.

#3: Sum up the most important points at the end of each lesson

Another great way to make your history lessons more fun and engaging is to summarize the most important points from each lesson at the end of each class. You can do this by having your students create small groups and discussing what they learned during the period. Each group can then present one point that they think is the most important and why. Skipping the summary at the end of each lesson is one of the biggest mistakes that history teachers can make. By skipping this part of the lesson, you’re basically telling your students that what they learned is not important and should be forgotten. However, this is not the case at all! Every lesson in history is important. Every lesson has something important to teach us. Summarizing each lesson at the end and making sure that your students understand this is a great way to show them that you care about them and their education.

#4: Card Games

Card games are a great way to engage your students in lots of different subjects, including history. There are so many different card games based on historical events and topics. These are a great way to learn more about these events and people while having fun and being competitive. There are lots of different card games available online that are based on different historical events. There are also plenty of card game collections that include cards based around different historical topics. This way you can choose the cards that best fit your lesson and have your students play with them. Card games are a great way to practice skills such as critical thinking, teamwork and communication. Having your students play card games based on history is a great way to engage your class and make learning fun. Once you have finished your lesson, you can keep the cards and use them again on another day. This way you can create an ever-growing deck of cards that can be used in multiple ways.

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fun history assignments

#5: Group Discussions

If you want to make your history lessons more engaging, you can try having your students engage in group discussions. These discussions can focus on a specific period of history or a specific topic related to history. They can also focus on current events that are related to a certain period of history. Having your students engage in group discussions is a great way for them to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas about the subject they’re studying in a safe and open environment. It’s also a great way to get them to critically think about the topics they’re learning about and to come to their own conclusions. Having your students engage in group discussions is a great way to make your history lessons more engaging. It’s a great way to get your students thinking critically about the topics they’re studying in a safe and open environment. It’s a great way to encourage

#6: Understanding the Past: Teaching with Ghosts, Ruins, and Oral Histories

Historical events are something that you will always come across when teaching any type of history class. These events are a great topic to learn more about and can be used in many different ways to engage your students. After studying an event in history, you can have your students create a Ghost Story based around that. This can be done in a few different ways. You can either have your students write a story or create a comic strip. This is a great way for them to learn more about the event and for them to see how it might have played out. You can also have them create a video where they act out the event or have it narrated by an actor. This way your students will have fun while learning about the event and will remember it even more. This is a great activity for both younger and older students. You can also have your students create a Ruin that represents an event in history. This could be done in many different ways. Your students could draw a picture or create a model. They could even create a stop-motion video. You can have your students choose any event in history that interests them and create a Ruin that represents it. This will help them to learn more about the event and make it come to life.

#7: Writing Activities

Writing is a skill that many students take for granted. They are often so focused on grammar and spelling that they don’t realize how important their writing skills are. When teaching history, you can have your students write about different topics and events in history. This will help them to practice their writing skills and learn more about their history class. You could have your students write a narrative story about an event or write an article about a certain topic. You could also have them write a letter or journal entry from the perspective of someone from the past. There are so many different ways that you can have your students write in a history class. This is a great way for them to learn and practice their writing skills. It is also a great way to get them more engaged in the subject.

#8: Teach Vocabulary

In any history class, you are likely to come across lots of new and unfamiliar vocabulary words. It is important to teach your students these new terms and make them understand their meaning. This is a great way to make the lesson more engaging and help your students remember what they have learned. You could have your students come up with their own word definitions based on a topic in your history class. This is a great way for them to learn the new vocabulary words and teach other students what they mean. This can be done in a few different ways. You could have your students use word wheels or make their own word wall. You could also have them make their own flash cards to help them practice saying the new words correctly.

#9: Historical Role Play

If you want to teach your students some of the key figures in history, no matter what time period your students are learning about, you can try a historical role play! You can do this by having your students dress up in costume and act out certain periods or events in history. You can also try having them act out famous figures from history. This is a great way to get your students excited about their lessons and to engage them in an authentic and meaningful way. Role playing is one of the best ways to learn about history. It brings the past to life and immerses students in an experience that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to have. This is a great way to get your students excited about their lessons and engaged in the topics that you’re teaching them. It’s also a great way to show them that history is a lot more fun and interesting than they may think it is.

#10: Go on a Scavenger Hunt!

When you are teaching any subject, it is always a good idea to integrate lots of different skills. This way your students will be working on multiple things at once and won’t get bored. You can use a Scavenger Hunt to help your students learn more about a certain historical topic. You can either find some examples online or create your own. You can even create a Scavenger Hunt that is related to a certain skill that you are hoping to teach in your history class. For example, when teaching about the causes of the First World War, your students could be given items that need to be collected that help to explain this. You can use this hunt as a great way to engage your students and for them to practice critical thinking skills. A Scavenger Hunt can be played with a whole class of students or with smaller groups. This way you can make it easier for more students to get involved.

BONUS! Honorable Mentions:

As you can see, there's a whole slew of activities and this is by no means an all inclusive list. Hopefully this article has helped spark some ideas and provided you with a fun way or two to give a try in your own classroom! It really doesn't matter if your teaching students about historical artifacts, a specific unit of study such as the American Revolution or the Civil Rights Movement, or if its the first day of school, you're in the midst of Black History Month, or it's the last day of school, activities of any kind or sort are a GREAT opportunity to foster and promote individual students learning and comprehension of important subject matter!

I personally curated  ALL  of the curriculum that I'm so glad and proud to offer fellow educators here at Lesson Plan Guru, putting my years of experience in the classroom, my background as an administrator, and my  LOVE  of all things history to good use.     

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fun history assignments

ME d., former bilingual teacher and school administrator, history nerd, and "Lesson Plan Guru"

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fun history assignments


fun history assignments

Engaging Worksheets for Teaching the Civil Rights Movement

Mar 05, 2023

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Teaching the Principles of the Constitution Worksheet

Mar 04, 2023

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Importance of Hard History Questions to Test Your Students

Mar 03, 2023

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The TOP Civil War Trivia Questions for your History Class

Mar 02, 2023


fun history assignments

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FUN History Assignments

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Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphics (cartouche) Assignment

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fun history assignments

World History Activities

World history is so important.  It expands our perspective of other cultures and gives us a greater understanding of how other people live.

While non-fiction books are indispensable tools to have on hand, taking a break from the textbooks and discovering history with a more hands-on approach will enrich your study of world history and the people who have shaped it.

Looking for a world history curriculum?

Try 4 Free Lessons of Dave Raymond’s Modernity

fun history assignments

The Value of a Library Card

Our weekly trip to the library was the main source of supplemental material used for our homeschool.  We learned how to find just about everything about the historical events we were studying and the countries they were set in.

From oversized picture books to music CDs, movies, and maps, we immersed ourselves in the sounds, sights, and cultures of the places we were studying. Even with minimal prep and planning, you can expose your kids to the languages, food, dress, art, and practices of a culture.

For instance, music CDs playing during chore time, movies enjoyed on rainy days, and a stack of books available during quiet time can give your kids many little moments to gaze into this big world of people and places.

fun history assignments

Cultural Events

If you live near a cultural center or urban area that hosts cultural events, those are great opportunities to contextualize history lessons.

Moving eyes off of pages and screens onto real people will help your children connect what they are learning about history to people who have experienced it. If that isn’t an option, it may be time to create something yourself.

One of my favorite world history activities was an annual International Dinner we participated in with our local homeschool support group. Each family would select a country to represent and choose ways to demonstrate the culture. After we shared a wonderfully eclectic meal, each family would do a short presentation on their country.

If you have the space for it, a multi-tiered wall timeline can be an easy way to display historical events from around the world. There are many free, printable timeline figures available on the internet and lots of inexpensive ways to display them.

Your timeline can show that things were taking place in the world at the same time. One way to do this is to display timeline figures on the wall with string. You can use different colors of string for each continent or country you are studying. Hang the strings horizontally on the wall and stack them parallel to one another.

Organize your timeline events by the country they took place in, and hang them on the corresponding string in time order.

fun history assignments

Making Memories

History lessons tend to focus on major events, and it’s sometimes difficult to understand the people who shaped and experienced those events. Because of that, we often feel disconnected from the people and simply focus on memorizing dates and themes.

It is important to choose a history curriculum that tells the stories of the world in an engaging way. Dave Raymond’s history series made history come alive for me and my kids. It tied the stories of the past directly to the greater story that God is telling throughout history. We thoroughly enjoyed using the video curriculum and supplementing with fun, memorable history activities!

Modernity – World History Curriculum

History is best understood through the dual lenses of dramatic story and godly wisdom. Dave Raymond teaches history by applying a Christian worldview to characters, events, theology, literature, art, and religious beliefs of a culture. In Modernity, the follow-up course to American History, Dave Raymond explores world history from 1500 to the present.

Modernity PDFs

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Your Best Assignment Helper

High School History Assignments Don’t Have To Be Boring

One of the biggest problems that many high school students have with their history classes is that they find the subject matter boring. But that does not mean that a history class has to be boring. You can plan various fun assignments that might be more interesting to your students. Here are a few of the most popular options you can utilize when producing the most interesting history assignments:

Using these history assignment ideas is smart for helping to make your class more entertaining and memorable. Students will have an easier time enjoying their history studies when they participate in assignments that are more unique or entertaining in any form. Also, why not apply for the quality assignment help ?

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HISTORY at Home Lessons & Activities

HISTORY at Home is a free video series of brief history lessons designed to teach, inspire and motivate. Check here Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to see what new presenters can teach you about history, and be sure to download our “lesson plan” worksheets to test your knowledge after watching each video. Share your answers on our social media channels with #historyathome


Dan Abrams is the CEO and Founder of Abrams Media, Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News, and the host of top-rated cable series “Live PD “ and the new hit series, “Court Cam,” on A&E Network.

fun history assignments

Dan Abrams: How Teddy Roosevelt Inspired the Teddy Bear


Garry Adelman

Award-winning author, speaker, battlefield guide and vice president of the Center for Civil War Photography, Garry Adelman is Chief Historian at the American Battlefield Trust .

fun history assignments

Ulysses S. Grant, the Unlikely Hero

fun history assignments

Civil War Photography Was Ahead of Its Time


Using fictional metaphor (like zombie lore) and historical events to facilitate discourse around large-scale problem-solving, Brooks explores new ways to attack old problems as well as new concerns.

fun history assignments

The History of Hand Washing

fun history assignments

How Joseph Lister Cleaned Up the Infectious World of Surgery


Laurence Fishburne

Laurence J. Fishburne III has achieved an impressive body of work as an actor, producer and director. Fishburne’s versatile acting has won him awards in theatre, film and television.

fun history assignments

How Frederick Douglass Inspired the Civil Rights Movement


Kevin Frazier

As co-host of four-time Emmy Award-winning show Entertainment Tonight , Kevin Frazier continues to impact the entertainment industry as a multi-faceted journalist, producer and entrepreneur.

fun history assignments

Kevin Frazier: How the Buffalo Soldiers Helped 'Win the West'


"The History Guy" Lance Geiger

Lance has always loved history—a passion he got from his mother, who emphasized education, and his father, who liked John Wayne movies. He now follows his passion of telling stories from our forgotten history.

fun history assignments

The History of Toilet Paper

fun history assignments

Hospital Ships: A History of Service

fun history assignments

How An African Slave Helped Save Generations from Smallpox

fun history assignments

Barnstorming Aviator Bessie Coleman


Macey Hensley

Macey Hensley started learning about the U.S. Presidents at the age of 2. After appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first time at 5 years old, she was deemed Ellen’s “Presidential Expert”.

fun history assignments

President Zachary Taylor, AKA 'Rough and Ready'

fun history assignments

All About President Ulysses S. Grant

fun history assignments

All About President Martin Van Buren


Billie Jean King

One of Life Magazine's “100 Most Important Americans of the 20th Century” and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Billie Jean King is the founder of the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative.

fun history assignments

Althea Gibson, the 'Jackie Robinson of Tennis'


Padma Lakshmi

Emmy-nominated Padma Lakshmi is internationally known as a food expert, model, actress and best-selling author, as well as the recipient of Variety’s Karma Award and the NECO Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

fun history assignments

How Florence Nightingale Changed Medicine


Brad Meltzer

In addition to his fiction, Brad is one of the only authors to ever have books on the bestseller list for Non-Fiction, Children’s Books and even comic books, for which he won the prestigious Eisner Award.

fun history assignments

The Secret Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln

fun history assignments

The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington


Brian Unger

Brian Unger is the host of HISTORY's "How the States Got Their Shapes." He’s best known as a founding correspondent and producer at "The Daily Show" and his role on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

fun history assignments

How 'Distancing' was Used to Shape Our States

fun history assignments

How Transportation Innovations Helped Shape Our States


John Bukaty

John Bukaty was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo. The son of an NFL player and a stay-at-home mom, he grew up drawing, in mud at first, and then with paper and pencil.

fun history assignments

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Top World History Resources for the Classroom

Check out these top world history resources to keep your students at the edge of their seats!

By The TFA Editorial Team

January 11, 2017

Students looking at a globe.

Whether you’re looking to kick your lesson planning into high gear or just need a few extra fun factoids and anecdotes to cap off your world history curriculum this school year, TeacherPop has a few suggestions to make the history of the world even more interesting for your students. Check out these top world history resources to keep your students at the edge of their seats!

SHEG’s World History Lessons

From Stanford History Education Group, these  world history lessons  are a great resource for students and teachers to use to learn and create engaging curriculum surrounding the history of the world. From the pyramids of Egypt to China’s Cultural Revolution, teachers can access detailed lesson plans on any number of interesting historical topics from all over the world. The fine folks at SHEG already have nearly 40 world history lessons available, and even more are on the way.

Children & Youth in History

There’s no better way to teach the history of the world to your students than from the perspective of children their own age.  Children & Youth in History  provides teachers the opportunity to scour primary sources about youth in history and even offers a  handy guide  for students on how to get started accessing the vast array of resources that have been collected.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The  online exhibitions  housed on the website of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum are a valuable resource for teaching students about the Holocaust. Teachers can create lessons around important topics like  anti-Semitism  and what  Jewish life  was like in Europe prior to the Holocaust. There are also a number of  online activities  and research projects students can participate in by accessing the museum’s collection of resources.  offers students and teachers the opportunity to “take a blast through the past” with a number of interactive games and online activities that make learning about history fun and engaging. And whether you’re creating a history lesson on prehistoric humans or the French Revolution, you’ll find’s free online textbook to be an important tool.

History Channel

Looking to complement your history lessons with  video clips and audio  from celebrated speeches and interviews of the 20 th  and 21 st  centuries? The History Channel features a great collection of audio clips from some of the most famous recorded moments of recent history.

Teaching History  is perfect for students and teachers interested in learning how to think like historians. This site features plenty of lesson plan guides and other teaching materials to help teachers shape their world history curriculum into one that’s fun and engaging for both teacher and student. Be sure to check out their  website reviews  section for even more valuable resources for teaching your children about the history of the world.

PBS LearningMedia Crash Course

PBS offers the best in digital education with its  Crash Course  series on world history. Students can watch engaging and imaginative videos ranging in topics from the dawn of human civilization to the fall of the Roman Empire.

National Geographic

This famed magazine hosts a  wide array of articles on its website covering almost every imaginable facet of world history from the fall of the Soviet Union to the face of a 9,500-year-old-man. Take some time to browse its collection of engaging stories and features for great material to round out your world history lesson planning.

Do you have a favorite world history resource you utilize in your classroom? Share your suggestions on Facebook and Twitter and let us know. 

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In This Section

Sample Assignments

Sample assignment showcasing the importance of local/regional history in the early american survey course.

Brittany Adams focuses on incorporating more regional history into the early survey. She also emphasizes the importance of de-centering the British colonial narrative when teaching students who identify more with western US history, as do many of her students at UC Irvine.

Assignment: Social History of the Atlantic Slave Trade

Shannon Bontrager not only incorporated global contexts into his survey, but he also used non-traditional and digital pedagogical tools to engage his students.

Chinese Immigrants in America in the 19th Century: A Study Module

These materials, produced by Vincent A. Clark as a result of his work in the Bridging Cultures program, consist of an illustrated introduction, excerpts from four contemporaneous articles, an online quiz (not included in these materials), and an assignment for an e-mail discussion. The introduction describes not only the life of the immigrants in the United States but their economic and cultural background in China. The goal is to expand the students’ knowledge to include the China from which these immigrants came. Two of the articles oppose Chinese immigrants; two praise them. They are designed to let students see the varying perceptions of the immigrants, the arguments for and against Chinese immigration, and the complex class and ethnic dimensions of this controversy.

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Extra Credit Assignment

As part of her work in the Bridging Cultures program, Cheryll Cody designed a course assignment using the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database. It requires students to answer a series of questions by looking at the database’s extensive collection of maps and charts.

The US Becomes an Empire, Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

As part of his work in the Bridging Cultures program, Carlos Contreras provided some classroom assignments and activities that challenge students to think "Atlantically" and "Pacifically" as they think broadly about American history. This set of discussion questions focuses on the expansion of the US as it becomes an imperial power and has students critically examine the US-Caribbean relationship, Hawaii and the Philippines in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Discussion Questions on the Film Manifest Destiny

History and policy education program.

Oct. 2, 2015 -  Modeled on the National History Center's Congressional Briefings by Historians program, the History and Policy Education Program aims to help students appreciate the importance of bringing historical perspectives to contemporary policy conversations.  Designed to be adaptable to many courses and teaching styles, the Mock Policy Briefing initiative provides a guide for history educators to develop and host briefings about the historical dimensions of current policy questions.  Read more about the background of the initiative in the October issue of  Perspectives on History. 

Paper Assignment: Encountering Commodities in the Atlantic and the Pacific Worlds

This sample assignment requires students to use primary and secondary sources to connect American history with the Atlantic and Pacific worlds and write a paper that focuses on the circulation of commodities, peoples, and ideas throughout those worlds. This paper assignment has three major parts: a list of sources for students to read and study along with guiding questions on each reading; a mapping exercise; and the five page paper.

Paper Assignment: Localizing Global Encounters, Case Study: New Netherland/New York (Suffolk County Community College)

This sample assignment requires students to use primary and secondary sources to connect American history with the Atlantic and Pacific worlds and write a paper that focuses on encounters between different groups of Europeans in New Netherland/New York. This paper assignment has three major parts: a list of sources for students to read and study along with guiding questions on each reading; a mapping exercise; and the five page paper.

Sample Assignments from Globalized US History Courses

As part of her work in the Bridging Cultures program, Amy Forss employed wide-ranging techniques such as PechaKucha presentations, oral history research, and greater study of maps to engage her students in their globalized US history courses. She even had her students find historical recipes and try them out.

Revolutions, Independence and New Nations: The Great Transformation

As part of his work in the Bridging Cultures program, Carlos Contreras provided some classroom assignments and activities that challenge students to think "Atlantically" and "Pacifically" as they think broadly about American history. This set of discussion questions helps students consider the implications of revolution in the Atlantic world.

Discussion Questions on the Film Black in Latin America

As part of his work in the Bridging Cultures program, Carlos Contreras provided some classroom assignments and activities that challenge students to think "Atlantically" and "Pacifically" as they think broadly about American history. This set of readings and discussion questions helps students consider the complexities of the Transatlantic slave trade and the broader Atlantic world during the colonial era, particularly considering the film "Black in Latin America."

Films and Readings on the African Slave Trade and the Atlantic World

As part of his work in the Bridging Cultures program, Carlos Contreras provided some classroom assignments and activities that challenge students to think "Atlantically" and "Pacifically" as they think broadly about American history. This set of discussion questions helps students consider the complexities of the Transatlantic slave trade and the broader Atlantic world during the colonial era.

Africans in the Americas: Discussion Questions from Lepore, Benjamin, Articles, and Film

Video assignment based on isabel allende's daughter of fortune.

Oscar Cañedo crafted this creative assignment about the California Gold Rush and the experiences of people traveling from South America to get to California. He used a story from prominent Latin American novelist Isabel Allende as a backdrop for the assignment. Students craft their own characters based on Isabelle Allende's novel Daughter of Fortune and produce videos to explain why they wished to make the arduous journey to California

Plagiarism: Curricular Materials for History Instructors

History instructors can use this guide to teach students how to avoid plagiarism. It includes a discussion of how the American Historical Association defines plagiarism, tips on preventing and detecting plagiarism in student work, exercises to sharpen students’ understanding of plagiarism, a list of suggested readings for graduate students, an annotated bibliography, and a list of useful web sites.

ChronoZoom Memory and History Project Rubric

Discovering american social history on the web.

Dan Kallgren developed several sample assignments for use in his undergraduate survey course "United States History Since the Civil War," in the spring of 2000. Assignments can be used inidividually or in series, as each is accompanied by suggested reading and primary sources.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

One of Dan Kallgren's assignments. Students read a section from "Out of Many; A History of the American People" by John Mack Faragher, et al., to contextualize primary source documents about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. After analyzing the sources, the students write a short report.

The Anti-Saloon League

One of Dan Kallgren's assignments. Students analyze digital primary sources in order to contextualize and understand the motivation of the Anti-Saloon League members.

Mapping Suburbanization

One of Dan Kallgren's assignments. Using topographical maps from the University of New Hampshire, students explore how the landscape surrounding a 1950s New Hampshire city changed over time. Students are asked to consider how sociopolitical factors such as the Cold War might have affected the development of the United States.

World Civilizations: The Ancient Period to 500 CE

In David Smith's project, students use world history methods (Big Picture, Diffusion, Syncretism, Comparison, and Common Phenomena) to interpret secondary and primary materials. Primary material is handled through directed reading questions that focus on three classics: the Odyssey, the Ramayana and the Analects.

JFK's Executive Orders and the New Frontier

One of Dan Kallgren's assignments. Students analyze executive orders from President Kennedy to draw out themes and place them in the context of Kennedy's agenda.

United States History from the Civil War to the Present Syllabus

Sue C. Patrick's syllabus for her United States History from the Civil War to the Present course, which includes assignments and links to digital primary sources.

United States History through the Civil War Syllabus

Sue C. Patrick's syllabus for a United States History through the Civil War course. The syllabus includes assignments and links to digital primary sources.

Sample Assignment: Charting Your Journey with ORBIS

Created by John Rosinbum as part of his Teaching with #DigHist series on AHA Today, This assignment asks students to craft a hypothetical journey using ORBIS, a digital humanities project at Stanford University that allows users to plot a route between sites in the Roman Empire and simulate the journey. After rationalizing the choices made when planning their trip, students use a comic strip or travel diary to recount the trials and tribulations of their journey. The assignment helps develop skills in writing narratives, real or imagined. In addition, it develops the historical skills of contextualization and causation by asking the students to ground their narratives in a place they have already learned about and then justify the steps in their journey. While designed for middle school students, the assignment and attached rubric could easily be adapted for students ranging from elementary school to entry-level undergraduate.

Sample Assignment: Comparing Spatial Depictions of the Roman World

Created by John Rosinbum as part of his Teaching with #DigHist series on AHA Today, this assignment requires students to analyze the depictions of the Roman world created in digital projects ORBIS and the Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations. Designed for high performing high school students and freshman/sophomore undergraduate students, the assignment pushes students to compare the two projects and gives them the opportunity to explore how purpose, argument and data shape a project.

Sample Assignment: Visualizing the Transatlantic Slave Trade with Voyages

Created by John Rosinbum as part of his Teaching with #DigHist series on AHA Today, this assignment offers students the opportunity to use their visual and/or technical skills to create a visualization of the transatlantic slave trade. Students will use the information provided by Voyages to create either a digital or an analog data visualization of the trade. In addition they will write a detailed guide explaining their process and defending their choices. This assignment asks them to think deeply about the process of visualizing history and personally involves them in the process of generating a better understanding of the past.

Sample Assignment: Tracking a Slave Ship with Voyages

Created by John Rosinbum as part of his Teaching with #DigHist series on AHA Today, asks students to investigate a specific slave vessel and contextualize its journeys within their broader knowledge of the trade and concurrent historical events/processes that might have affected it.

Teaching the Slave Trade with Voyages: The Transatlantic Slave Trade Database (AHA Today)

New perspectives on 19th-century america [assignment].

John Rosinbum uses American Panorama, a digital atlas created by the University of Richmond's Digital Scholarship Lab, to teach students about the economic, cultural, and territorial transformations that changed America during the 19th century. In this assignment, students must create their own visualization of changes in 19th-century America. Students must also develop a guide that defends their research choices in the creation of the visualization, explains how the visualization extends our current understanding of the period, and distinguishes their visualization from American Panorama.

Analyzing Visual Depictions of America's Expansion with American Panorama

John Rosinbum uses American Panorama, a digital atlas created by the University of Richmond's Digital Scholarship Lab, to teach students about the economic, cultural, and territorial transformations that changed America during the 19th century. In this sample assignment, he asks students to compare two maps from American Panorama dealing with the 19th century and explore how each map presents American expansion differently.

Creating Maps Using Carto [Assignment]

Lindsey Passenger Wieck (St. Mary's Univ.) explains how students in her history classroom use Carto to create maps. The exercise helps students become critical consumers of maps and media, while designing and implementing digital projects that communicate historical content. In this assignment, students explain the significance of maps they created using Carto.

Creating a Dataset [Assignment]

Lindsey Passenger Wieck (St. Mary's Univ.) explains how students in her history classroom use Carto to create maps. The exercise helps students become critical consumer of maps and media, while designing and implementing digital projects that communicate historical content. In this assignment, students develop and analyze a dataset and consider its potential for mapping.

Mapping the Early Modern World [Instructions)

Julia M Gossard (Utah State Univ.) uses the widely available Google Maps to assign a mapping project to her students. The assignment allows students to think carefully about the economic, political, religious, and ideological connections between Europe and the rest of the world in the early modern period.

The Historian's Toolbox: Source Evaluation [Worksheet]

Julia M Gossard (Utah State Univ.) uses the widely available Google Maps to assign a mapping project to her students. The assignment allows students to think carefully about the economic, political, religious, and ideological connections between Europe and the rest of the world in the early modern period. In this worksheet, Gossard asks her student to carefully evaluate the sources they use for their Google Map entries.

Visualizing the Past [Sample Assignment]

John Rosinbum looks at a spectrum of digital archives available on the web today and explores how teachers can use them in the classroom. In this sample assignment, students are asked to use data from a digital archive to visualize the past.

Operation War Diary Project [Sample Assignment]

In this assignment, Susan Corbesero (The Ellis School) discusses using the crowdsourcing project, Operation War Diary, to help students learn about the First World War. The project contains over one million digitized images of war diaries from British and Indian troops.

Teach Your Family

In this project, you will show your instructor—and your family or friends—what you’ve learned in class.

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Rocket Like Mae Jemison

Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers

We Are Teachers

34 Black History Month Activities for February and Beyond

Honor our shared history with activities for the entire classroom.

Tamara Moore

We know that Black history is American history and needs to be embedded into your classroom experiences year-round. At the same time, Black History Month provides the necessary opportunity to dig deeper with students. Every February, we can support students as they learn more, discover cultural impacts, and follow social movements from the past to the present day. These Black History Month lessons and activities cannot be isolated or one-off classroom experiences. Think of how you can connect these topics to what you’re already doing and make it authentic. And most important, do not just focus on oppression: Focus on the joy too!

Since 1928, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History has provided a theme for Black History Month. In 2023, the theme is Black Resistance . As you review some of our favorite Black History Month activities for the classroom, keep that very important theme in mind.

(Just a heads up ! WeAreTeachers may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. We only recommend items our team loves!)

1. Re-create civil rights freedom movement posters

Recreate Civil Rights Posters

SOURCE: Civil Rights Movement Veterans

The Civil Rights Movement Veterans site offers powerful examples of freedom movement posters, as does the Civil Rights Digital Library . Review them with your students, and then have them get into groups and create their own to share.

2. Explore Black history through primary sources from the National Archives

National Archives source

SOURCE: National Archives

Choose from thousands of resources , including this 1970s photo series of Chicago.

3. Learn about famous Black artists

5 African-American Artists Who Inspire My Students' Creativity

Future Jacob Lawrences and Elizabeth Catletts will appreciate learning more about artists and expanding their talents! Plus, check out these other Black artists .

4. Watch a Black History Month video

Collage of video stills from videos for Black History Month

Watching videos can be some of the most meaningful Black History Month classroom activities. Check out this list of Black history videos for students in every grade level.

5. Learn about the Black Lives Matter movement

Black Lives Matter group protesting

SOURCE: Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter site explains the group’s history while books like Dear Martin and  The Hate U Give explore the movement from a fictional perspective.

6. Create a newsletter or magazine with content from Black authors

Have your students generate their own newsletter or literacy magazine to distribute to parents. Include poems and short stories by Black authors, as well as student-generated writings and images that center on Black History Month.

7. Read a Black History Month poem

To enhance our conversations this month, we’ve put together this list of powerful Black History Month poems for kids of all ages.

8. Turn your classroom (or school!) into a living museum

Have your students choose a notable Black pioneer they’d like to know more about, such as voting rights and women’s rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, dancer Alvin Ailey, or Betty Reid Soskin, the oldest full-time national parks ranger . Then, host a living museum right in your classroom.

9. Learn about Madam C.J. Walker and other Black entrepreneurs

black and white photograph of Madam CJ Walker

Do you know about Madam C.J. Walker, the first self-made female millionaire in America? Click here to learn more about her!

10. Decorate your classroom door for Black History Month

Black History Month Classroom Doors

These teachers decorated their classroom doors in amazing ways to showcase Black History Month.

11. Honor some of the military’s most courageous veterans

From the 54th Massachusetts to the Buffalo Soldiers to the Tuskegee Airmen , Black men and women have long served in the United States military , even when their own rights weren’t secure.

12. Read books with Black characters in honor of the young hero Marley Dias

Marley Dias lying atop books with Black female characters

SOURCE: GrassROOTS Community Foundation

Dias is a young activist who started the #1000blackgirlbooks campaign as a sixth grader. She has compiled an excellent guide to books with Black girl characters . Check out WeAreTeacher’s list of books with Black protagonists as well.

13. Read Black History Month books

Example of Black History Month books, including Young, Gifted and Black and The Undefeated.

If you’re looking for more reading activities, these picture books help celebrate Black History Month and educate your students on how these people helped shape history.

14. Learn about the art of stepping

Black Women stepping

SOURCE: Step Afrika!

Stepping is a form of dancing in which the body itself is used to create unique rhythms and sounds. The website Step Afrika!  has videos and information about the history of stepping.

15. Take a virtual trip to the illustrious Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Black and white photo from the Emmett Till Project

SOURCE: Emmett Till Project

The digital collections of the Schomburg Center, located in Harlem in New York City, feature some amazing online exhibits, interviews, and podcasts.

16. Virtually visit the incredible Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture

Photo of Black women from the Smithsonian collection

SOURCE: Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture

You can browse the collection online by topic, date, or place.

17. Host a poetry reading featuring works by Black poets

Have students choose a poem by a Black poet to learn and recite for the class. Choose a student to serve as the emcee, write up a program, and set the tone with dimmed lights and jazz music played between performances. The Poetry Foundation has excellent resources that can help get you started.

18. Discuss the Supreme Court trial that gave rights to Black Americans

hurgood Marshall, the first Black Supreme Court justice -- 20 Fresh Ideas and Activities for Black History Month


Your future legal eagles will enjoy learning about the key  Supreme Court cases that helped Blacks secure rights, the events and efforts that sparked the cases, and the aftermath of those court decisions. Be sure to recognize Thurgood Marshall, the first Black Supreme Court justice and the lead lawyer in the Brown case, along the way. Also, follow up with students on how they feel these decisions impact our world today.

19. Listen to a podcast that celebrates Black history

Witness Black History Podcast -- 30 Fresh Ideas and Activities for Black History Month

Source: RadioPublic

RadioPublic has an excellent roundup of podcasts  about Black history to listen to and discuss with your students.

20. Check out online exhibits on Black history

Online classroom exhibits for Black History Month

Source: Smithsonian

Educating yourself and your students with these shows is one more way to understand Black history and the current moment.

21. Dive into Georgia Stories: Black History Collection on PBS

As a state, Georgia played a huge role in the 2020 presidential election, and its Black history dates back to the earliest days of slavery in the colony.

22. Discuss implicit bias, systemic racism, and social injustice

Classroom lessons on Race, Racism, and Police Violence

Source: Teaching Tolerance

Start a much-needed discussion around implicit bias and systemic racism with these resources that can empower students to fight for justice in our society.

23. Read the Freedom in Congo Square picture book to celebrate the dominance of spirit over suffering

Freedom in Congo Square book for Black History lessons

Source: Amazon

The award-winning picture boo, Freedom in Congo Square , is a nonfiction children’s book that describes the tyranny of slavery to help young readers understand how jubilant Sundays would be for slaves.

24. Watch Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History

Netflix website screenshot for Kevin Hart's Guide to Black History

Kevin Hart highlights the fascinating contributions of Black history’s unsung heroes in this entertaining—and educational—comedy special.

25. Recognize Black visionaries

African American Visionaries classroom poster


This great poster featuring activists, artists, authors, and revolutionaries will highlight Black change-makers in your classroom. Use companion activities to deepen understanding by researching several of the visionaries and asking students to write a story or create their own poster about what they’ve learned.

26. Create a Black History Month playlist

Screenshot of Spotify's Black History Month playlist

Many genres of music we listen to today were shaped by Black artists and their groundbreaking influences. Celebrate Black History Month with a playlist of pivotal artists, from Louis Armstrong and Jimi Hendrix to Beyoncé and Lauryn Hill. Spotify has ready-made lists to inspire you!

27. Review the time line of Black History Month

Black History month timeline


Why is Black History Month in February? How long ago was it founded, and who started it? Find the answers to these questions and learn more with this time line .

28. Explore the music of Black history

The history of African American music lesson plans for classroom


This lesson traces the long histor y of how Black artists have used music as a vehicle for communicating beliefs, aspirations, observations, joy, despair, resistance, and more across U.S. history.

29. Sample Black-founded snack brands

Examples of a variety of black-founded snack foods

Honor Black History Month with delicious snacks from Black-founded brands delivered to your classroom—5% of proceeds are donated to the Equal Justice Initiative and one meal is donated to Feeding America for every box delivered.

30. Understand the role of Black women in NASA’s history

Screenshot of Black History Month movie on Amazon

How much do your students know about Black contributions to space exploration? Rent the film Hidden Figures and watch with your students to remember, honor, and share the incredible accomplishments of three Black women working on NASA’s space flight program. Before watching the movie, research the liberties the film took in telling the story and discuss with your students the function of the choices. Did the filmmakers make the right choice?

31. Support local Black-owned businesses

Research your city’s Black-owned businesses and see if you can purchase a sample of their products, invite some of the entrepreneurs to speak to your class, or book a field trip!

32. Stream Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices on Netflix

illustrations of a diverse range of family structures and their kids with the title Bookmarks written across the front.

“ Bookmarks: Celebrating Black Voices is a live-action collection of twelve five-minute episodes featuring prominent Black celebrities and artists reading children’s books from Black authors that highlight the Black experience.”

33. Check out this planner from Rethinking Schools

Cover of this year's "Planning to Change the World" planner

If you are looking to find more ways to include Black history year-round, check out this planner.

34. Celebrate the “Black Lives Matter at School” movement

Screenshot of homepage of Black Lives Matter at School movement website

“Black Lives Matter at School” is a national coalition organized for racial justice in education. It encourages all educators, students, parents, unions, and community organizations to join an annual week of action during the first week of February each year.​ For a variety of Black History Month activities, visit their website to learn more about their campaign .

Plus, check out these inspirational Black History Month bulletin boards for your classroom .

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Celebrate art, poetry, music, inventions, and contributions of African Americans with these Black History Month activities.

There is no link for item #34, Explore the music of Black History. It says, “This lesson,” so I’m wondering if there was supposed to be a link. Thanks so much for sharing all of these ideas, and please let me know if there’s a link that can be shared for this lesson.

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fun history assignments

fun history assignments

fun history assignments

Celebrate Women’s History Month With Fun Activities & Classroom-Ready Resources

Mountain Lake PBS is proud to celebrate Women’s History this March and all year round!

March is  Women’s History Month ! Started in 1978 as a week-long celebration in California, Women’s History Month has developed into a nationwide, month-long recognition of women’s historic and contemporary contributions to society. Today, we continue this tradition with educational films and fun activities to expand our understanding of the key role women have played in shaping the culture of the United States and beyond.

Continue below to learn about diverse contributions by women to history, politics, science, art and more with resources for all ages, and a full lineup of programs in our weekday  Watch & Wonder  block.

Jump to article sections:

Women’s History & Contributions: Now and Then

Unc-tv’s girl power collection.

Grades K-5 UNC-TV Public Media North Carolina’s GIRL Power! is shining a light on girls of ALL ages who lead, mentor, inspire and impact those around them by tapping into their unique strengths. Check out this collection of their stories!

Unladylike2020 Collection

Grades 6-12 Unladylike2020  honors the centennial of women’s suffrage. This collection of digital resources presents the rich history of 26 little-known Progressive Era women, diverse in profession, race, ethnicity, geographical and class backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender expression, who broke barriers in then-male-dominated fields such as science, business, journalism, exploration, and the arts. Touching on topics such as the labor movement, immigration, politics, civil rights, and women’s suffrage, these resources develop students’ historical thinking skills and help them make connections between past and present.

Women in STEM | The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers

Grades 6-12 Learn about contemporary women scientists in the fields of aerospace, mechanical engineering, climate science, molecular biology, astronomy and more with this collection of video interviews from NOVA’s The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers .

Fierce Women of Art | The Art Assignment

Grades 9-12 In this episode of The Art Assignment , learn about a group of supremely awesome and unapologetic artists who take risks, question art-world practices, and also happen to be women. They are truly inspirational artists who make a wide range of work. We’re calling them “Fierce Women of Art” and this episode singles-out and celebrates five of them: the Guerrilla Girls , Corita Kent , Lynda Benglis , Xiao Lu , and Kara Walker .

Famous Feminists, Leaders & Visionaries

Anna pavlova reader | xavier riddle and the secret museum.

Grades K-2 Learn all about Anna Pavlova , a Russian prima ballerina in the late 19th and early 20th centuries whose graceful performances inspired fellow dancers, choreographers, artists and writers. Pavlova was a principal artist of the Imperial Russian Ballet and later formed her own company, traveling around the world and introducing ballet to millions of people who had never seen the dance form before.

Patsy Mink: Women Advancing Equality | Asian Americans

Grades 3-8 Throughout her life, Patsy Mink faced obstacles because she was Asian and female. But Mink did not give up her pursuit of a political career. In 1964, she was elected to Congress in her second attempt. In Congress, she co-authored Title IX, a law to ensure that no one will be discriminated against in education and federally-funded activities based on gender. In addition to working on Title IX, Mink also fought racial barriers by supporting civil rights legislation.

Fly Girls: Women in Aerospace | STEM in 30

Grades 3-8 From the time the airplane first took to the air, women have played an important role in shaping the aerospace industry. Join  STEM in 30  and  Anousheh Ansari , the first female private space explorer, as we take a look at the contributions of early women aviators, female astronauts and other pioneering women.

Pushing Boundaries: Science Fiction and Feminism | Ursula K. Le Guin

Grades 6-12 In this series of videos from the American Masters film Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin , learn how Ursula Le Guin and her contemporaries pushed science fiction from a male-dominated genre into a more inclusive form. By redefining the parameters of science fiction, Le Guin herself had to rethink the role of women in the genre. Best known for her science fiction and “Earthsea” fantasy series, the celebrated author wrote 21 novels, 11 volumes of short stories, four collections of essays, 12 children’s books, six volumes of poetry and four of translation during her life.

Becoming Helen Keller Collection

Grades 9-12 Rediscover the complex life and legacy of the author, advocate and human rights pioneer. Helen Keller , who was deaf and blind since childhood, used her celebrity and wit to advocate for social justice, particularly for women, workers, people with disabilities, and people living in poverty.

Activities, Books & More

Diverse children’s books about strong girls.

Grades PreK-4 Encourage your kids to read more stories about girls who share their interests or introduce them to new worlds! Here are a few books featuring strong girls to add to your bookshelves.

Positive Organizations Can Help Young Girls Find Their “Inner Girl Power”

Grades PreK-4 Getting young girls involved in positive organizations can build their self-confidence and help them discover what they love. PBS Kids for Parents shares eight organizations that help girls do just that.

Women with Character Who Inspire: Lesson Plan | PBS NewsHour

Grades 6-12 In this virtual learning-ready lesson, learn about women with great character, then identify and write a brief description about an inspiring woman of character in your own life. Students can submit a picture and a short description using the tag #PBSWomenWhoInspire on Instagram about a woman who has inspired them.

How Outstanding Women in STEM Overcame Obstacles: Lesson Plan | PBS NewsHour

Grades 9-12 March is National Women’s History Month and the right time to ask: why are women still underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)? This lesson explores the careers of 19 great female scientists, the obstacles they overcame and asks students to look at their own schools, teachers, friends and families to see whether those obstacles continue to operate in their lives.

Watch & Wonder Programming

In March, check out the Mountain Lake PBS  Watch & Wonder   block for special Women’s History Month programming! Join us as we celebrate and learn about the important contributions made by women throughout history and today.

Wednesday, March 1

1 pm: without a whisper – konnón:kwe.

Explore the untold story of how Indigenous women influenced the early suffragists in their fight for freedom and equality. Mohawk Clan Mother Louise Herne and Professor Sally Roesch Wagner shake the foundation of the established history of the women’s rights movement in the US joining forces to shed light on the hidden history of the influence of Haudenosaunee Women on the women’s rights movement.

1:30 PM: Ohero:kon – Under the Husk

Ohero:kon – Under the Husk follows the challenging journey of two Mohawk girls as they take part in their traditional passage rites to becoming Mohawk Women. Kaienkwinehtha and Kasennakohe are childhood friends from traditional families living in the Mohawk Community of Akwesasne that straddles the U.S. / Canada border. They both take part in a four-year adolescent passage rites ceremony called Ohero:kon “Under the Husk” that has been revived in their community. This ceremony challenges them spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. It shapes the women they become.

Thursday, March 2

1 pm: american experience | sandra day o’connor: the first.

In  Sandra Day O’Connor: The First , discover the story of the Supreme Court’s first female justice. A pioneer who both reflected and shaped an era, Sandra Day O’Connor was the deciding vote in cases on some of the 20th century’s most controversial issues—including race, gender and reproductive rights.

Tuesday, March 7

1 pm: hearts above clouds.

Hearts Above Clouds takes viewers on an exciting and dynamic journey through 100 years of aviation history featuring pioneering women pilots. Beginning with the earliest air meets in Southern California, women aviators made an impact with their determination and perseverance. Amelia Earhart’s first flights and initial training are revealed and detailed, along with subsequent national women’s air derby races going into the Great Depression. Women’s substantial contributions to aviation service during WWII are presented, along with some of the noteworthy female fliers in the postwar era. This enthralling documentary is informative as well as very poignant and powerful.

2 PM: Beyond the Powder: The Legacy of the First Women’s Cross Country Air Race

Beyond the Powder  is a documentary film that follows the female pilots of the 2014 Air Race Classic racers as they make their way across the country, while telling the story of the first women’s cross-country air race of 1929, also known as the Powder Puff Derby. The first Women’s Air Derby in 1929—which was comprised of 20 women, including Amelia Earhart—was flown from Santa Monica to the finish line in Cleveland, kicking off the National Air Races. The country watched as these brave women made history flying cross-country, breaking into a competition that was thought to be for men only. Today the Powder Puff Derby continues as the Air Race Classic, with modern day racers carrying out the legacy and the adventurous spirit of the original racers.

Wednesday, March 8

1 pm: nova: picture a scientist.

Women make up less than a quarter of STEM professionals in the United States, and numbers are even lower for women of color. But there is a growing group of researchers who are writing a new chapter for women scientists, exposing longstanding discrimination, and leading the way in making science more inclusive. In  Picture a Scientist , a biologist, a chemist, and a geologist lead viewers on a journey through their own experiences in the sciences, ranging from outright harassment to years of subtle slights. Along the way, from cramped laboratories to spectacular field stations, scientific visionaries, including social scientists, neuroscientists, and psychologists, provide new perspectives on how to make science itself more diverse, equitable, and open to all.

Thursday, March 9

1 pm: secrets of the surface: the mathematical vision of maryam mirzakhani.

Filmed in Canada, Iran, and the United States,  Secrets of the Surface: The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani  examines the life and mathematical work of Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian immigrant to the United States who became a superstar in her field. In 2014, she was both the first woman and the first Iranian to be honored by mathematics’ highest prize, the Fields Medal.

Wednesday, March 15

1 pm: american masters | toni morrison: the pieces i am.

Toni Morrison leads an assembly of her peers and critics on an exploration of the powerful themes she confronted throughout her literary career in this artful and intimate meditation that examines the life and work of the legendary storyteller.

Tuesday, March 21

1 pm: ida b. wells: american stories.

There are few historical figures whose life and work speak to the current moment more than Ida B. Wells, the 19th century crusading investigative journalist, civil rights leader, and passionate suffragist.

2 PM: Ruth Stone’s Vast Library of the Female Mind

Ruth Stone was a promising young poet when her husband suddenly committed suicide. Destitute, with three daughters to support, she traveled the country teaching, but always returned to her farmhouse in Vermont. Using animation by granddaughter Bianca Stone, archival footage, and candid interviews with Ruth, her family, and other poets, the film is an intimate portrait of a great American poet.

Thursday, March 23

1 pm: american masters | laura ingalls wilder: prairie to page.

Laura Ingalls Wilder: Prairie to Page  presents an unvarnished look at the unlikely author whose autobiographical fiction helped shape American ideas of the frontier and self-reliance. A Midwestern farm woman who published her first novel at age 65, Laura Ingalls Wilder transformed her frontier childhood into the best-selling “Little House” series.

2:30 PM: A Harpist’s Legacy: Ann Hobson Pilot and The Sound of Change

A Harpist’s Legacy: Ann Hobson Pilot and the Sound of Change  profiles the inspirational life and distinguished career of the revered harpist. This compelling documentary follows Pilot’s trailblazing journey as the first black female principal player in a major symphony orchestra and also as an international soloist, teacher, mentor and driving force behind music-education programs for underserved minorities.  A Harpist’s Legacy  uses her professional journey to explore the increasing racial diversity and shift in attitudes toward musicians of color in the classical music world.

Friday, March 24

2:30 pm: georgia o’keeffe: a woman on paper.

Georgia O’Keeffe: A Woman on Paper , highlights the artist’s career while focusing on the little-known story of O’Keeffe’s time spent in Columbia, S.C., as an art instructor at Columbia College. The program follows O’Keeffe’s career through various artistic stages, ending permanently in New Mexico, where she created more realistic paintings with vivid color.

Thursday, March 30

1 pm: kasturba gandhi: accidental activist.

Kasturba Gandhi lived her life in the shadows of her iconic husband, Mahatma Gandhi. Now she emerges. Kasturba Gandhi: Accidental Activist tells that untold story of how she became one of the first women activists in modern history, impacting the growing number of women activists today.

2 PM: Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story

Follow Dorothy Day’s journey from a young communist journalist, to a Catholic convert, to the co-founder of The Catholic Worker newspaper and the first “houses of hospitality,” which sheltered New York City’s homeless during the Great Depression. The documentary uses extensive archival footage from Day’s own collection and interviews with actor Martin Sheen, public theologian Cornel West, Day’s granddaughters and more.

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American History Activities

Collage of 4 images of history crafts for middle schoolers. A teapot, quilt, weaving, and magnet painting.

American history activities bring the past to life for middle school students. Tweens love getting out of the textbook and spending time completing projects, reading living books, cooking authentic meals, playing historical games.

If your older kids feel that history is boring, it’s easier to keep them engaged when you use hands-on activities like these to make the subject more interactive.

This huge list is full of fun things you can add to your lesson plans when you’re studying United States history to make it more exciting for tweens.

It includes activities and projects for a range of time periods and events, including the 13 Colonies, the American Revolution, the westward expansion, and more.

Choose a few and add them to your tween’s next history lesson and see how more exciting the subject becomes.

Collage of 4 images of history crafts for middle schoolers. A teapot, quilt, weaving, and magnet painting.

Any links in this post may be affiliate links. See my disclosure statement .

Table of Contents

Why Should You Use American History Activities?

As you know, there is so much to study and learn about American history. While it’s easier to give teens a textbook and have them just read about history, that will most likely make them hate the subject.

Without hands-on activities like these, kids won’t fully understand that the history of the United States is rich and interesting. They’ll assume it’s dry and boring and dread the subject.

But when you bring it alive with fun projects, games, living books, and more, they are engaged and open to learning. This is how kids learn best.

So now’s the time to make history enjoyable by using awesome tools like these in your homeschool.

Colonial America Games and Activities

In the late 1600s, men and women came to a new land looking for freedom and adventure, wanting to build a new union. The American Indians were well established on this land with a successful society of their own. They both make up the story of Colonial America.

As part of your study on the 13 Colonies, take some time to complete a few of these fun activities with your tweens to help them understand what life was like for those early settlers.

When you’re studying early American history, play these fun, Colonial games for children popular in those days with your tweens as part of your lessons.

When you’re making your history lesson plans, take the time to go exploring the 13 Colonies with books and videos .

Discover more about Colonial America with this 13 Colonies notebooking unit . It includes interesting study questions and fun activities for tweens.

Spend some time combining geography and history with these Colonial map activities .

Teach tweens how much help the American Indians gave the settlers by cooking some Native American corn recipes as part of your Colonial history lessons.

Your tween can use these myths and facts about the first Thanksgiving as part of a presentation as part of a history lesson.

American Revolution Hands-on Activities

Are you a loyalist or a patriot? That was the question of the time during the events leading up to and during the American Revolution. It eventually led to the birth of our country, but it wasn’t easy getting to an autonomous union.

Help teens understand the issues facing the colonists with these hands-on projects.

My tween had a lot of fun with these two American Revolution hands-on activities . She loved using her American Girl dolls as part of school, so she especially enjoyed creating the historical silhouette.

One of our absolute favorite activity was this American Revolution artifact project . Abigail made a teapot that was representative of those used in the 1700s.

Pioneer Activities

Head west was the rallying cry of many after we became a nation. The colonies were getting crowded and people were looking for something more. They wanted to explore. So they packed up their wagons and headed west.

It’s easy to for teens to get a glimpse of what life was like for the American pioneers when you use these fun hands-on activities as part of your pioneer lesson plans.

When you’re learning about the American pioneers, spend some time in the kitchen making these pioneer recipes . Teens love food, so they’ll appreciate this unique way to study history.

These pioneer crafts were once functional tools used by the pioneers. Tweens can make them as part of their history studies to get a better understanding of the life of the pioneers.

In your homeschool, when you learn about the pioneers, this American Pioneer notebooking unit should be a part of your middle school lesson plan. It will make planning easy because kids can use it to direct their learning. Plus, there’s some fun activities included.

Use these pioneer life activities with your middle schoolers to give them an idea what daily life was like for the early settlers. Things like drawing a life-sized log cabin, making a quilt, and cooking some recipes will make tweens feel like they went back in time.

Show tweens how difficult the journey was for the American pioneers by studying their mode of transportation – the covered wagon. There are 6 covered wagon activities to choose from.

Here are some American pioneer books and resources you can use in your homeschool when you’re studying this part of United States history.

As you study the American Pioneers, use these Pioneer hands-on activities to engage your tweens. They can cook an authentic pioneer meal, make a covered wagon, play some games, and more.

California Gold Rush Activities

The discovery of gold is what led so many individuals to California. They heard about people striking it rich and wanted it for themselves. But it wasn’t as easy to find and mine gold as they thought, so many left just as poor as when they arrived.

These books and activities will help tweens understand what drove so many to pick up and leave their families just for a chance at fortune.

When your tweens begin studying about the discovery of gold in the United States, this California Gold Rush activity should be a part of your lesson plan. The notebooking and unit study will help you plan your lessons and is a great way for tweens to keep track of everything they’re learning.

Use these gold rush books as a part of your study on the California Gold Rush and wild west. Living books like these make it easy to engage older kids in history.

Civil War Activities

The Civil War pitted friends against friends and brother against brother. It divided our nation. It was a costly war that both sides were willing to die for.

These activities will help your tweens gain a deeper understanding of this dark period of our nation’s history.

These Civil War hands-on activities are a wonderful addition to your lesson plans.

The activities below all cover a variety of time periods, so you can easily add them to your history lesson plans whenever you need something interactive for your teen.

These American history board games make the subject fun for tweens. They’re a wonderful way to help them memorize all the dates and facts that are a part of history class. I try to add them to my lesson plans as often as possible.

When you’re studying history in your homeschool, let your tween make an early American quilt . It’s actually quite easy to do and will give her a chance to work on some life skills. You can see the doll-sized ones that my girls made during our history lessons.

Teach your older kids about the contributions American women have made over the years with fun, interactive resources.

A fun way to add science to your history lessons is to study Ben Franklin’s inventions . There are a bunch that kids can easily create to learn more about his important contributions to our world.

Make sure to add some lessons about the American Presidents to your middle school history plans. These resources and activities will make it a breeze for you to teach your tweens about the highest office in our country and the men who have held it over the years.

If you’re struggling to get your tweens to remember their Liberty Bell facts , use this helpful Liberty Bell scavenger hunt. It’s a great addition to your early United States history lessons.

Spend some time during your history lessons teaching flag etiquette to your kids. It’s important that they know all they can about this vital symbol of our country.

Collage of 3 images of American history activities. Board game, game of graces, Mayflower drawing

The Battle of the Alamo was an important event in our history and one that tweens should study in United States history. These resources and activities will help make it interesting for older kids.

Add some early American history videos to your lesson plans. Instead of just reading about history, tweens can watch it unfold.

Wondering how to make American history interesting for kids ? Here are some activities that are sure to engage your tweens and make history enjoyable for them.

If your tween loves American Girl and Minecraft, she’ll definitely want to take this American Girl Minecraft class . It’s a wonderful addition to your homeschool history lessons.

When you use Dave Raymond’s American history curriculum , there are some activities included that will help teens learn and discover how interesting history is.

Don’t struggle to find ideas for American history lessons and activities . This massive list is full of things you can do to make history interactive and fun for your tween.

As you can see, it’s quite simple to make history fun and interactive for middle schoolers. Tweens can do many of these projects and activities independently, so you won’t get overwhelmed adding them to your lesson plans.

Engaging older kids and giving them a glimpse various time periods and the people who lived during them is truly the best way to make history exciting for them. There’s no way your teens will claim that history is boring when their lessons are full of fun hands-on activities.

What American history activity is your tween going to try first?

Megan Zechman

Megan Zechman

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From our blog

10 Inspiring Black History Month Activities for Students

Smiling teacher leading an engaging class of students on black history.

7 Black History Month topic ideas

Guidelines for teaching during black history month, 10 black history month activities for your students.

February is Black History Month : the celebration of African American history, contributions, and achievements that’s recognized annually across the United States and Canada. 

For teachers, it’s a great opportunity to teach with intention, honoring the tradition and showing students its importance, along with the importance of Black history and culture. 

And this year, it's more important than ever to uphold this tradition and celebrate Black history — no matter where your students are learning.

Use these 10 activity ideas to teach Black history all month and keep your students engaged, whether they're in-class or online!

Typically, teachers tend to stick with the same few topics during Black History Month: civil rights, historical Black leaders or celebrities, and important milestones.

While these are still great topics to explore, there are also plenty of other important concepts you should consider introducing to your students this year, such as: 

For Black History Month 2022, this year's theme is Black Health and Wellness. People are encouraged to explore how North American healthcare has underserved the black community and recognize the contributions to medicine and healthcare by black people.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Firsties♥️Ms. Salamak (@fur_babies_and_firsties)

When teaching Black history, remember to: 

P.S. If you want to help parents talk about Black history and racial issues with their kids at home, use these 8 tips for parents as a helpful resource to start with — including additional resources for anyone who wants to learn more.

Use these activities throughout the month (and the rest of the year) to keep Black history at the forefront of your lessons and encourage your students to keep learning more.

1. Quote or fact of the day

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou

Every morning, greet your students with a new quote or fact that’s relevant to Black history. 

Say them aloud during your lesson, add them to your bulletin board or send them in an online message (or all of the above, if you’re feeling ambitious). After this, you can open a discussion with your class about the relevance of each quote or fact.

Your students will love looking forward to what each day brings!

Try these: 

2. Person of the day or week 

Take time to talk about Black influencers and their accomplishments. Highlight a different person every day or week and center your lessons around them!

Explore categories like:

Tip: Try to look beyond typical historical figures and popular celebrities. There are plenty of Black contributors students may not have even heard of yet — use this chance to introduce them! 

3. Black history trivia & games

Bring some fun (and maybe a little competition) into your lessons this month! Find trivia and games that focus on Black history, or repurpose other classroom games to incorporate Black History Month questions and answers.

Example of an online quiz that reads: Who was the only Black woman to serve as a U.S. senator?

4. Worksheet activities

Teach students about Black history while they work on fun activities at their own pace. Send worksheets to students online or print them out for independent classroom learning.

A coloring page that says "Black History Month" in block letters.

5. Virtual events

Classroom learning is great, but there’s so much students can learn from their own experiences! 

This year especially, there are plenty of online activities and events celebrating Black History Month. So why not choose a youth-appropriate one your class can participate in?

6. Timeline activity

Provide more context on important events in Black history with a bit of chronology.

Have students put together their own timelines, whether individually or in groups, that focus on specific historical events or people. They’ll have fun putting all the events together and learn lots along the way!

7. Study (and create) art

Art in the Black community carries so much historical and cultural significance that can inspire some great, illuminative lessons.

Examples of Black History Month art projects for kids.

Assign one of these activities from Creative Child , or get students to:

8. Use relevant media

There’s so much good media out there to help you teach Black history — use it to your advantage!

Read books or watch videos with your class, then discuss the themes and lessons of each piece of media. After this, you can assign work based on them.

Try these books:

9. Host thought activities

Strengthen collaboration skills with various thought activities during February. These will get students thinking and help them learn new ideas and perspectives from each other. 

Start by posing a relevant question to your class, like: 

Encourage plenty of participation, then discuss everyone’s answers together! 

10. Assign a  class project

Give your class a larger assignment they can work on for the entire month, like a collaborative media project or group presentation — like this one from The Core Coaches on Teachers Pay Teachers .

Example of a class project including assignments for

These bigger projects let students build on what they’re learning and work together towards something they can be proud of!

Additional resources

Get inspired by these extra resources to help you even more:

P.S. Want to make your math classes more engaging? Research shows Prodigy make math more fun and can even contribute to better test performance! Discover more about Prodigy's adaptive math platform today!

Celebrate Pi Day 2023 with These Fun Facts

Celebrate Pi Day 2023 with These Fun Facts

March 6, 2023 by Anthony Persico

Happy Pi Day 2023!

Pi Day 2023 is on March 14th and it’s time to celebrate the most mathematical holiday of the calendar year.

If you're looking for some awesome National Pi Day 2023 activities, check out our infographic that shares interesting National Pi Day fun facts that will blow your mind!

Below, you will find a Happy Pi Day 2023 infographic that shares interesting facts about the history of National Pi Day and some fun facts about pi itself, including…

When is Pi Day?

What is Pi Day?

Why is pi day celebrated on march 14th, what year was pi day first celebrated.

Where, when, and why was Pi Day first celebrated?

What famous people are born on Pi Day?


Pi Day Activities : Learn about the history of Pi and more fun facts with our free National Pi Day Infographic

You can click on the image of the National Pi Day Infographic or you can click here to download a printable pdf version .

Below, you can also find an animated Pi Day Fun Facts Video that accompanies the free infographic.

Looking for some Pi Day humor ? Click here to access 11 Super Funny Pi Day jokes for all ages.

fun history assignments

Happy Pi Day! When is pi day, what is pi day, and how can you celebrate?

When is Pi Day 2023?

National Pi Day 2023 will be celebrated on Tuesday March 14th.

Pi Day is celebrated on the 14th of March each and every year. Pi Day is a national holiday that is celebrated in the United States and sometimes also around the world

fun history assignments

When is pi day? National Pi Day is held on March 14th every year

National Pi Day is a mathematical national holiday that celebrates the mathematical symbol 𝝅, which represents the ratio of the circumference of any circle to its diameter. Since this ratio, no matter the size of the circle, always approximates to 3.14, pi is of the most important and interesting mathematical facts, which is why it has its own national holiday.

fun history assignments

What is Pi Day? National Pi Day is a mathematical celebration of pi—the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter.

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th every year because the date 3/14 resembles to approximate value of pi, which is 3.14.

Again, pi represents the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter, which always approximately equals 3.14, no matter how large or small a circle may be.

fun history assignments

Why is Pi Day celebrated on March 14th?

National Pi Day is a relatively new holiday. It was first celebrated in San Francisco, California, in the United States in 1988.

fun history assignments

Pi Day was first celebrated in San Francisco in 1988.

There are many famous people born on March 14th—National Pi Day—including world famous astrophysicist Albert Einstein, NBA superstar Steph Curry, and USA Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles.

fun history assignments

National Pi Day Fun Facts Video

More math resources you will love:.

fun history assignments

11 Supper Funny Pi Jokes

The 37 Greatest Math Quotes of All Time

Tags: pi day, when is pi day, happy pi day, what is pi day, national pi day, pi day activities, when is pi day 2023, happy pi day 2023, national pi day 2023, why is pi day celebrated on march 14, what year was pi day first celebrated, 3.13 pi day, is today pi day

fun history assignments

How Far Have We Come Assignment

Nor would we be able to connect with friends and family around the world in seconds, students would not have the ability to complete educational tasks, or the media be able to publish articles online for people to see immediately…

Teaching Strategies Affects Students Learning Assignment

Your teaching strategies should aim to include all types of learner. Institutions of higher learning across the nation are responding to political, economic, social and technological pressures to be more responsive to students’ needs and more concerned about how well…

Traditional Learning vs. Online Learning Assignment

Students are not the only ones dealing with this dilemma; schools are also presented with the same issue. Not only do schools have to be concerned with which type of learning is best for their students but also which type…

Pros and Cons of Online Versus Traditional Learning Assignment

Pros and Cons of Online Versus Traditional Learning Higher education is a big step in a person’s life. There are many decisions that need to be thought out and made. Education is something which is very important in a person’s…

How Did John F. Kennedy Act Through the Cuban Missile Crisis Assignment

The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. What was at stake in the crisis, and how do you assess President Kennedy’s response to Khrushchev’s provocation? Was Kennedy prudent or rash, suitably tough…

Realist Perpective on the Cuban Missile Crisis Assignment

The Realist Perspective on the Cuban Missile Crisis In October of 1962, the United States and the Soviet Union reached a near-nuclear experience when in a short fourteen days; Russia was caught building nuclear missile bases in Cuba. With the…

Analysis of Thirteen Days Cuban Missile Crisis Assignment

JEFF Saved the Day President John F. Kennedy was faced with tough decisions during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Many of his advisors advocated a military assault on Cuba. With the power of hindsight, we now know that any type of…

Thirteen Days vs. the real Cuban Missile Crisis Assignment

The year is 1962 and American surveillance planes discover that the USSR is in the process of placing nuclear ballistic missiles in Cuba. The missiles have a said capability to reach 80 million Americans striking every major city but Seattle.…

Thirteen Days: the Cuban Missile Crisis Assignment

The direct stimulant for the Cuban missile crisis, however, was due to the emergence of the Communist led regime of Cuba, by Fidel Castro. Wanting to prevent Castro from gaining too much power, President Kennedy, aided by the CIA attempted…

Cuban Missile Crisis Assignment

The Cuban Missile Crisis took place in the 1960’s not long after President John F. Kennedy’s failure in the Bay of Pigs. In October of 62′ photographs of Soviet missiles were taken from planes flying over Cuban soil. This put…

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Topics in History

2. Cultural history: Cultural history sounds similar to social history but both are quite different. Social history provides information about the people whereas cultural history enrich our knowledge on music, arts, tradition, festivals followed in the past and draws their link with the present scenario of country and society.

3. Economic history: Though the economic condition around the world developed lately, but this area rolls to explain the history of popular business enterprises and the economic condition of people and country decades ago. If you are finding it tough to arrange information for your history assignment, take the help of our proficient history writers . We provide history Assignment Help to students of every level.

4. Environment history: It might sound surprising to you, but yes we can also do specialization in environmental history. Though this subject is lately introduced but the present condition of environment in comparison to thousands years before has been completely changed. So this subject draws our attention for the need of studying environmental history, seeking our attention to understand present environmental conditions with the past.

5. World History: The world we see around us today wasn’t same years ago. Whether the change triggered development or it resulted in deteriorating condition of particular country, it is always important to know about the process that triggered these changes. In world history, students get to know about world wars, condition of different countries before and after the wars, changes that took place, people involved and many more.

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It you are pursuing history, your subject teachers must have given assignments. Your teacher might ask you to write a research paper on a specific topic of history or construct a histographical essay. Writing a history assignment is not merely about including the information. You need to perform some task before beginning your assignment and after its completion. Quite a long procedure right, but stay relaxed. Our history Assignment Help team is here to help you get best of what you demand. At myassignmenthelp, we understand that your department may have specific requirement for composing a history assignment, so our online professors make sure that they write your history assignment according to the proposed guidelines.

Beside history Assignment Help, we also provide History essay writing help , History Book reviews , history research paper writing help , History thesis writing help and many more. We offer fast and quality services to student on or before the prescribed time. So, if you are failing to complete your history assignment on time, connect to our online Assignment Help Service and get your work done.

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History assignment topics.

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History Assignment Writing Assistance From Top-Rated Specialists

Don’t be fooled by the lack of lab work and assume history is an easy major. It’s a demanding course that gets difficult each academic year. It also involves a lot of assignment writing which can easily overwhelm a student who has not mastered the art of crafting quality college essays.

If you are not extremely academic, you might also find it challenging with the workload. However, it’s not all bad news. Our history assignment writing essay service has been helping students for many years to submit quality content that improves overall performance in the subject.

Our subject experts are chosen carefully, and each one has a reputation for delivering history assignments that makes the client a better writer and student. Each history task will have in-depth information about the topic under discussion and showcase that indeed you have understood the concepts taught in class.

Since history tasks composed by our professionals meet the current standards and make you more knowledgeable, our service gives value for money. Request history assignment writing help knowing that you stand to gain numerous advantages. Besides, if you find the topic boring or lack interest in that particular assignment, you might submit shoddy work that translates to a bad grade. Avoid poor scores in your projects by turning to a subject expert for writing help.

Are you finding it difficult to finish all your history assignments writing and hand them in time? Is it becoming hard for you to juggle between your school work, study time and your extracurricular activities? Then do not get so much worked up because you are not alone. A lot of students nowadays are facing the same dilemma.

Nowadays, professors are giving students numerous amounts of assignments such that it becomes very hectic for them to finish all these assignments and hand them in before the deadline is due. Furthermore, some students have to get side jobs to meet all the financial needs that usually go hand in hand with school life.

Get Definitive History Assignment Help at Affordable Rates

It becomes very difficult for the students to manage their limited time to perform all these activities that they are required to do. Hence, it is only natural for them to seek help with their assignments. It is important to note that not only the students who do not have the skills requires, for instance, to write their assignments seek history assignments help. Even the so-called smart students require help sometimes. Students are given a lot of assignment such that they are left with barely enough time to study leave alone finish all the assignments.

Apart from the lack of time, sometimes the professor might give out an assignment that is too difficult for you to finish on your own therefore it becomes very paramount for you to seek help. That is why we decide to create our history writing assignments help service to help out those students that are in a fix finish their history assignments despite whatever reasons or issues they may face when it comes to completing the said assignments on time.

We know that most students do not have a lot of cash to spend therefore we chose to make our service very affordable because we do not wish to lock out any student in the globe. However, as a potential customer you should note that when we say our services are cheap, it does not mean that we produce inferior articles. The success of our client is one of the core values of our organization, therefore, we are bound to provide you with the highest quality research papers possible.

History Assignment Writing Service With Unmatched Benefits

We continue to rank amongst the top three writing service providers because we never fail to provide customer satisfaction. Because of the excellent work, many students from around the globe are return and loyal clients who have only positive things to say about our whole team.

Besides, why risk getting history assignment help online from a company that might turn to be fraudulent when you can hire our trustworthy specialists. When you request our history writing help, you get a personalized approach, and the whole team works to make sure you have only the best experience. Here are the top benefits that keep clients coming back.

Plagiarism Free Assignments

If you fail to cite a history assignment properly, it will get a poor score. When you also submit plagiarized content, the task presented receives low marks. If you haven’t mastered all the guidelines for a specific citation style, you might end up submitting a paper with unintentional plagiarism.

With our history homework writing services as your first choice, you never have to worry about plagiarism. Each composition is started from scratch, and scholarly evidence is used to back up the main argument. Even after the expert has completed the writing, we further scan it with the same modern plagiarism checkers used by college professors. Only after ensuring that the text is 100% original do we submit it to the client.

Easy Order Process

No one should use their free time to fill long order forms. That is why we have a simple order process that takes a few minutes to complete. While filling the order form is one of our standard methods of requesting writing help, you can also use the live chat and tell our representatives, “write my history assignment.” Through the form, the writer gets all your specifications which helps to customize the paper.

Style Imitation

Want the writer to mimic your writing style? No worries. Upload writing samples, and our subject expert will use it to imitate your style. That way, the professor or anyone reading the well-written assignment can suspect that you had help composing it.

Flexible Pricing

Students might hesitate to buy history essays online because the cost of hiring a subject expert is not within their budget. We know that most young scholars live on a tight budget, and when they decide to ask for writing help, they go to a company with a fair pricing policy. That is why we have flexible prices. We do the assignment at a low price without compromising on the quality. The discounts given also work to cut the total cost considerably.

Acquire World History Assignments Assistance from Professionals

If you are looking to get the topmost quality help with your world history assignments then you have come to the right place. We consider ourselves to be the most qualified writers when it comes to this particular topic. All our writers are well vetted to ensure that only the best and most experienced candidates work for us.

So if you are having trouble finishing your AP world history summer assignment or your AP is history summer assignment, you can be sure that we have got just the right candidate to assist you in drafting the perfect article you could come up with.

Whatever your assignment topic maybe, provided it is about history, then we are the best assignment service you could ever want to get to do your article. We have experts that specialize in every field in history, and so we guarantee to give you dependable and well-founded help with your black history assignments and even when it comes to your atom history timeline assignment, be sure we can deliver. And if that is not enough, other reasons that you may consider us to do your assignments include:

The Most Qualified Writers On Historical Essay Topics

We also do offer a 24/7 customer service that is always online to assist you. So whenever you are in a fix and feel that you need help with your assignment, do not hesitate to call us because we will not only ensure that your article is delivered on time but also make sure that it is of the highest quality possible.

Get a Prolific History of Computer Assignment Help For Cheap

As mentioned earlier, we have got a barrage of writers that are experts in the field of a computer history assignment. Our experts are rigorously vetted to ensure that only the best and most experienced candidates work with us. You might be asking yourself why we focus so much on the experience of our writers, right. This is because experience writers have been in the field long enough to gain the knowledge on how to tackle every task that students may throw at them. And that is why we are very confident that if you ever need help with your history of computer assignment, we will be able to sort you out.

Buy History Essays Online Only From Our Subject Experts

While most history assignments require the learner to analyze texts from past centuries. This might also include exploring topics on politics, art, and architecture. However, in some cases, a professor might require you to pick a good and interesting topic. While exploring different time periods is a great angle to focus on, here are history assignment topics that our writers have used to craft fascinating essays.

There are many more history topics that you can write about. By purchasing any of our flawless compositions, you gain a better understating of how to write history assignment on a specific subject matter.

If you ever need help selecting a fascinating history for your academic paper , get in touch with our subject experts. Note that having a good topic does not guarantee that the writing process will be easier. The skills required to compose a high-scoring text take years to master.

A busy schedule might make it tough to focus on writing and manage other important engagements. During summer vacation, it can be hard to concentrate on completing an assignment when others are having fun. In such a case, request our summer assignment help and save more time, allowing you to have a stress-free vacation.

History is a vast subject that also requires the student to have access to numerous scholarly study materials. Using unauthentic sources in your assignment might result in a low score. We want you to excel in your academics. Order from us now and receive quality compositions that improve your overall score.

History Assignment Help

Do you want to improve the grade in history talk with us live right now .

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Professional History Assignment Help To Score Best Exam Marks

history assignmnt help

Get the best history coursework help service by the team of expert writers. Online history assignment help from Dream Assignment assures you to get the top grades in exams and projects. Dream assignment's expert history writers always provide high-quality solutions on time. Our team of professional history homework help writers can tackle any difficult history homework assignments with ease.

If you are a student of the Arts and need help with history assignments, you may turn to the Dream Assignment's professional team of writers. They have a lot of expertise in solving critical history assignments and have known that for a long time.

What Is a History Assignment?

History is one of the most well-known subjects of the humanities. It's the study of how things evolve through time, and it encompasses every facet of human culture. It can be described as documentary evidence of what happened over the years. An assignment related to history is called a history assignment. Students must have a thorough understanding of history as well as significant research skills in order to complete history homework projects.

Why Do We Need to Study History?

History as a subject covers all past events, i.e., ancient to modern society. We may have a better knowledge of the world we live in by learning history. Knowledge and comprehension of historical events and patterns, particularly during the early century, allows us to have a far better understanding of contemporary events. You begin to comprehend the commonalities and contrasts between the past and the present when you think about past occurrences and link them to the present. History allows you to explore the roots of the things you're studying while also allowing you to improve critical thinking as well. For those reasons, study of history is extremely important for students. They should have clear concept of history subject so that they can effortlessly complete assignments whenever their history professor assigns them.

What will you study in history-

History is not just about the past,it is the study of change over time, and it covers all aspects of human society which is concerned with kingdoms, rules, ruling period, effects,etc. So let's see the different segments of History :-

● Political History

● Social History

● Military History

● Economic History

● Cultural History

● Ancient History

● Medieval History

● Modern History

● Historical Personalities

● Historical Events

Students Struggle in Answering History Assignments - Do You Know Why?

● Many students are uninterested in learning about the subject. As a result, they are unable to comprehend it effectively. If they don't have a strong interest in the subject, it's likely that they will find it difficult and fearful.

● It is necessary to be able to write flawlessly in order to complete history assignments. Students with poor writing abilities find it difficult to complete faultless history coursework.

● After their college sessions, many students in the United States work part-time employment. It is also difficult for them to find time to study the tedious history assignment topic and complete an assignment.

Struggling with History Assignment Help? Appoint Our History Tutors Now!

Dream Assignment is a prominent history assignment help provider in the United States. We have expert writers, who serve history homework help not only in the USA, but also in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Asia, and other countries.

We've been in this field for many years and have helped many university students with our professional history writing service. We are delighted to announce that in maximum cases, clients have complimented us on our incredible job. As our professional writers are so successful in this field, history scholars from all over the world have connected with us, which is an achievement for us.

Our history assignment writing service comes with a variety of options including history essays help ,history coursework help, short history questions, long core question, case studies, thesis, quiz and many more. So, you can get all answers to history questions as you want. Besides homework help on history, our academic writers also use to serve philosophy assignment help as well. You must try it whenever you need it.

We serve history assignment answers on more or less all branches of history. Let’s take a look into the different types of history assignments on which qualified history assignment writers frequently serve history homework help.

Political History

Political history project entails a narrative and analysis of political events, philosophies, parties, voters, and leaders.

Military History

This sort of history assignment relates to the extent and influence on communities, cultures, and economy of armed conflicts in human history and to the changes which occur in local and international interactions.

Economic History

Homework related to economic history is focused on the scholarly study of historical businesses or financial activities.

Cultural History

Cultural history assignment is concerned with combining anthropological and historical methodology to explore popular religious traditions and cultural perceptions of historical events.

Social History

Rather than state concerns, social history explores social structures and interactions among different population groups. It is essential to study because it analyses normal people's experiences throughout history.

Diplomatic History

Diplomatic History is the authorized publication of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations. It reaches out to a wider variety of readers, including those interested in American studies, economics & finance, and so on.

Besides these, our history assignment experts also write assignments on the following types of history homework as well.

● Modern history

● Ancient history

● Medieval history

● American history

● Art history

● Religious history

● International history

● Intellectual history

Why Should You Hire Our Qualified Writers for History Homework Help?

history homework help

When you google "I need help with history homework," you will come across a plethora of history assignment help writers online. Dream Assignment, on the other hand, will be the best provider for history assignment solutions if you require impeccable and high-quality history homework assignment answers at a reasonable price. With the professional history writing service provider, you can take advantage of a variety of benefits. Let’s take a look into that:

● Experienced and professional history homework helper

● Flawless, relevant, and quality history homework answers from trusted resources

● 100% plagiarism-free content and grammatically correct high-quality work

● Excellent papers for history assignment solutions as per the instruction

● Accurate in-text citations and references

● Proofreading and editing

● 24/7 customer support team assistance

● On-time and fast delivery

● Multiple revisions and Rework Policies

● Affordable prices

● 100% secure transaction facility

● Attractive Discounts available

Geography Assignment Help is another popular humanities service of Dream Assignment that we provide besides history homework help. Not only that particular subject, but you will also get assignment solutions on more or less all kinds of humanities subjects. Want to know more about that? You must check out the list on our site.

In general, history is not an easy subject that you will learn overnight. You must have subject interest and most importantly excellent memorizing power. To make a perfect history assignment students must have the following skills:

● Subject knowledge

● Understanding of assignment context

● Research skill

● Identification of relevant and trusted resources to pick up information

● Writing according to the instruction

● In-text citation and references in all formats

● Excellent writing skills

● Plagiarism free writing

● Grammatically correct writing

● Proofreading ability

● Time punctuality, i.e., students require to complete their history papers within a stipulated time period.

As you can see, you'll need to put in a lot of effort to accomplish great and perfect history homework assignment answers that get you good grades. Isn't that so? If you don't have the expertise, you must need to hire qualified history assignment writers. Otherwise, you will not get good score in history homework. In reality, many history scholars find it difficult to answers to history questions and achieving excellent grades on them.

But, you don't need to be worried. If you are struggling to answer critical history assignment questions, Dream Assignment is here for you. Their history assignment experts will complete your history tasks on all history topics. So, can you guess how much of a score you'll earn without putting up any effort? Their experience and expertise will assist you to reach your destiny. Get in touch with our expert history writers right now to place an order for the best history assignment help. Hurry!

Frequently Asked Question About History Assignment Help

What is the importance of history homework help.

History is a subject that represents ancient incidents, environments, and tales as well. In reality, many students can’t find anything interesting in knowing about the past. They find it difficult.

Generally, as they don’t have an interest in the subject, they can’t understand the subject properly to handle a history essay help or assignment help. They hire history assignment help service providers because students know that obtaining an academic score is important for their future careers.

Students also know that those who provide help with history assignments have proficient history assignment help writers who will handle their assignments. Therefore, there has a high chance to score high in the examination.

Thus history students can obtain high marks in the history assignments by hiring a history assignment help expert. Are you also struggling to make your history assignments? Do you need flawless answers to history questions at cheap prices? Hire the history experts of Dream Assignment now! Our proficient history writers are always ready to help you.

We have the best history assignment help and history coursework help writers who can give the best solution in history. To get remarkable grades and to write an extraordinary plagiarized free assignment, students must take the help of an expert history essay help service.

We have helped aspirants of the United states as well as different countries with our best online history assignment service. Our expert writers give the best answer to aspirants' different history assignment questions and inquiries in regards to do my history homework.

The dream assignment helps aspirants to send any questions and queries to us. Our expert history homework helps writers experience them with no delay and furnish them with excellent history assignment help ways .

Is It Beneficial to Obtain US History Homework Help Services Online?

Yes, it will be much easier to get higher marks when the answers of your history assignment questions are made by experts. Experience is important when it comes to making critical history homework. You also lack the skills and knowledge, which you should need to complete critical tasks in history. US history homework help experts at Dream Assignment have a ton of experience in serving history help services and are frequently asked to assist students with their history homework problems. Our history help experts carefully follow every guideline on homework to make sure that the homework is done properly. So, E-mail us and use our quality service immediately, without wasting even another time. Hurry, hurry! Hurry!

Have you stuck with your history homework? Get our faultless history assignment help and finish your work without any stress!

So, E-mail us and use our quality service immediately at a discounted price, without wasting more time. Hurry Up!

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History is a fascinating subject that is vast with numerous branches that explore, unearth and interpret events that shaped the world. History touches upon everything from archaeology to arts, pre-history to recorded history, arts, culture, wars, technology, and even human evolution.

This vast and multifaceted nature (along with a general disinterest) lies behind the challenges & struggles students face with the subject. Struggles with history and history assignments are a perpetual problem for students. And that is where comes into the picture. Offering quintessential history assignment help from certified experts, we are a leading academic writing service with an impressive service record spanning more than ten years.

Get impeccable assignment solutions delivered right in your inbox as per your requirements. We offer expert writing assistance for all subject branches and academic levels at historically low rates!

What Will You Study in History?

History is not just about the past. There are different net elements to it. It is concerned with kingdoms, rules, ruling period, effects, and so much more. So let's break down different segments of History for your clarity:-

Political History - political History is concerned with different nations, movements, effects, and ruling of political leaders and organizations. It talks about how different eras of politics started, the impact of various political leaders, and its public History.

Social History- social History emphasizes the relation and interaction of different communities in society rather than other states and regions.  It talks about ordinary people in a community. It focuses on caste, gender, religion, labor, disability, privileges, crime, etc.

Military History- As the name suggests, Military History is concerned with military power and armed conflicts over the years. It is not limited to a  region or place and can talk about global disputes throughout the world. Military History helps to know about the past, present, and future reasons for conflicts and the stories associated with them.

Economic History - Economic History is the study of economics and the events related to it. It talks about the impact of the economy on a nation and lifestyle. It also focuses on its effects on people, trading, and other aspects of a country.

Cultural History- cultural history talks about the culture of people since ancient days. It compares the changes in culture, its effect, and how people absorbed it in different regions of society. It showcases the traditions involved in cultural History and its interpretation which lead to peace or revolt.

Ancient History- Ancient History is the mixture of all the things from the ancient past. It can be about traditions, places, ways of living, culture, and habits. In addition, it talks about pre-historic things and past events.

Medieval History - medieval History talks about history from the 13 th , 14 th , and 15 th centuries.  It talks about the different lifestyles and ways of living and other regions during that period.

Modern History- the early modern History focuses on the period after the 15 th century. It talks about the changes, impacts, and events at that time. That is the time when evolution was at its peak and how it all gradually started.

Historical Personalities- historical personalities talk about some of the famous historical figures which are still known now. Some of them are Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. These personalities are known because of their specific work or things which has led down their History  through time.

Historical Events- historical events talk about different occasions and the History associated with them. It talks about the significant events in History in-depth and all the formation regarding it from other parts of the world.

Top US Universities Whose Students Prefer Us For History Assignment Help

Who can do my history assignment: benefits of our help.

We at MyAssignemntHelp have the best history experts to assist you in every matter. No matter how challenging a topic is for students, our experts are acquainted with all the topics and have relevant experience in writing, which makes them the best. Apart from this some of our other features include:-

These were some of our features to get your problems answered for every question.

Mistakes to Avoid During History Assignment Writing

Some of the common mistakes which students make in their history writing are:-

Sample Question & Answer Of History Assignment Help

List of some more history assignment samples for students, avail our history assignment help to score best grades.

More than 300000 students have availed of our services for various subjects over the years and tasted phenomenal success. You can expect the same level of excellence from our writers and attain similar success when you ask us for history assignment help.

Please take a look at the features that make our native writing teams some of the most capable ones in the industry.

All our native writers possess commendable qualifications and work in cohesion to deliver perfect assignment solutions . In addition, we have several writing units of multiple subject matter experts dedicated to providing quality solutions well within deadlines. Writers bounce ideas off each other and work together to solve any questions and problems that come their way.

We have libraries stocked with a wide array of books, articles, white papers, journal, and different kinds of study & reading materials across all our branches. They act as giant repositories of knowledge for our writers, allowing them to craft accurate and informative solutions for all your assignments.

Every solution goes through the strictest quality checks. In addition, a dedicated quality control department conducts multiple editing and proofreading sessions to ensure that only the very best reaches our students. has a singular focus on delivering the best history assignment help to students across schools, colleges and universities.  Our vision: to make history enjoyable again.

Why Aspirants Need Help with History Homework Help?

The most common complaints about history as an academic subject from the vast scope and large amount of information that students have to deal with. Another major complaint is that " History is boring!” In most cases, however, it is the failure of the teachers and instructors to make the subject interesting rather than a learner’s ability to understand the value of learning history.

Flaws in our education system prevent pupils from realizing the importance of studying historical events and their underlying significance. Learning by rote and an excessive emphasis on scoring good grades shifts focus from learning and damages student motivation for a content-heavy subject like history.

Failure to connect with what's being taught and its significance in their lives are the most significant reasons so many require history assignments & homework help.

At, we craft our solutions in a way to make them appealing and informative. While adhering to student guidelines & requirements, our writers do their best to write answers that will garner excellent grades and enlighten the reader's knowledge. does not just aim to deliver a ready-made solution in exchange for money but deliver solutions, answers and information to help students score excellent grades & learn more in the process.

Let us help you fall in love with history! Send us your “Do my history assignment” requests today and avail the finest history assignment help in the USA.

Get Online History Assignment Help in Your Hand on Time

More than 5000 subject matter experts deliver comprehensive history assignment help online at some of the most student prices in the industry. Excellent grades are guaranteed when you get your essays done from our crack history assignment helpers . Moreover, our prices are light on the pocket and, coupled with our exceptional service features, makes USA's leading history assignment help provider online.

300k+ students tasted success through our stellar assignment writing services . Our writing teams work round the clock with a singular intent to delivering excellent & informative solutions at a go. No matter what kind of history assignment help you need, we will provide you with the fastest way possible.

Here's a look at some fantastic perks that will make your experience with us worth its while.

Do not let not your history with history bog you down. Avail world-class history assignment help from the leaders in the online academic writing industry, today.

Give us a call or drop a message at our chat portal to place your queries, share your requirements and get answers to any questions that you may have. So, talk with us, work with us and score aces like never before, with history assignment help from USA's number one academic writing service,

Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students:

Question: How to write an assignment in History

Ans: Just like any other assignment forming a structure, having relevancy in answers to the questions, providing accurate information, and proofreading your solutions is a vital part of history assignments.

Question: How To Find History Assignment Topics?

Ans: You can find solutions to any history topic online., you can also search them in different history books. Thus, a proper history solution is a blend of information from online sources and insightful books.

Question: What Are The Different Types Of History?

Ans: History consists of medieval History, Ancient History, Economic History, and so much more. In addition, there are separate sections of History that talk about various topics in depth.

Question: History Assignment Writing Tips.

Ans: Some of the tips for writing the best history assignments are:-

Question: Is there any additional cost if I want a plagiarism report along with my assignment?

Ans: We do not charge any additional cost for plagiarism reports. Plagiarism report is the authenticity of our work. We provide the best affordable papers and do not believe that students have to break a bank to complete their assignments.


Firstly i would like to thank the whole ... Firstly i would like to thank the whole team of myassignmenthelp who take care of all my assignments and delivered timely. I found here what I want exactly, I scored very good marks in my assignments only due to your highly qualified writers who wrote my assignments without plagiarism and gave me best quality content. Thumbs Up for you guys. Emi Sasai Los Angeles, US
Brilliant team work. I Love your work. ... Brilliant team work. I Love your work. Thank you guys for saving us from flunking every semester! Keep doing the assignments for us and we will keep scoring high!! Lily Sadana Texas, US
I am so glad to get distinction in my as... I am so glad to get distinction in my assignment. Thank you so much myassignmenthelp. You are one of the best services I came across and your writers are extremely good. I am very happy to get such a good quality of service; effective response from support team; keep going! Patrick Dowd San Francisco, US
Thanks guys for fulfill all requirements... Thanks guys for fulfill all requirements regarding my assignment help. Frankly I didn’t have too much expectation earlier but it blew my mind when i saw my assignment. Too much professionalism and exactly how i wanted. I think 5 stars are less for your work. Hats off to you guys. Looking forward to order again. Daiki Soma New York, US
I was not assuming that this many marks ... I was not assuming that this many marks I will score for that assignment. You guys have done wonderful job really. I am feeling very proud to say you are the best assignment service provider. Cheers guys…. Peter Owen Phoenix, US

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    In no particular order, here are my top 10 favorite activities for teaching history no matter what time of the school year it is! #1: Research Projects One of the best ways to make history engaging for your students is to have them research topics themselves (through the use of primary sources!).

  6. Fun History Activities Teaching Resources

    Students often complain that they do not see the point of studying history. This resource includes three fun activities that will generate discussion and perhaps help them see history in a different light.The activities can be used to begin a unit or semester on the study of history.

  7. FUN History Assignments Teaching Resources

    Browse educational resources created by FUN History Assignments in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

  8. World History Activities

    History is best understood through the dual lenses of dramatic story and godly wisdom. Dave Raymond teaches history by applying a Christian worldview to characters, events, theology, literature, art, and religious beliefs of a culture. In Modernity, the follow-up course to American History, Dave Raymond explores world history from 1500 to the ...

  9. 100+ American History Lessons and Activities for Homeschoolers

    10 American History Books Kids Will Love 10 American History Read Alouds 10 Hands-On History and Geography Activities for Kids 4 Shortcuts to Teach Hands-on History 5 American History Resources for Middle School American Girl Meets Minecraft American History Timeline Resource Board Games Make History Fun Hands-on Ideas for Studying Democratic Rule

  10. Ideas For Making Fun High School History Assignments

    Here are a few of the most popular options you can utilize when producing the most interesting history assignments: Have students analyze editorial cartoons from the past or present. Have students see how certain ideas being illustrated relate to what is happening today.

  11. HISTORY at Home: Lessons and Activities

    HISTORY at Home. HISTORY at Home is a free video series of brief history lessons designed to teach, inspire and motivate. Check here Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to see what new ...

  12. Top World History Resources for the Classroom offers students and teachers the opportunity to "take a blast through the past" with a number of interactive games and online activities that make learning about history fun and engaging. And whether you're creating a history lesson on prehistoric humans or the French Revolution, you'll find's free online ...

  13. Sample Assignments

    Assignment: Social History of the Atlantic Slave Trade Shannon Bontrager not only incorporated global contexts into his survey, but he also used non-traditional and digital pedagogical tools to engage his students. Chinese Immigrants in America in the 19th Century: A Study Module

  14. Browse U.S. History Hands-on Activities

    Presidents Day Game. Activity. Trace the "Steps" to the American Revolution. Activity. Bake Colonial Pumpkin Pie. Activity. History in the Kitchen: Civil War Cornbread. Activity. Craft a Colonial Water Cooler.

  15. 34 Black History Month Activities for February and Beyond

    34 Black History Month Activities for February and Beyond Honor our shared history with activities for the entire classroom. Tamara Moore on February 1, 2022 We know that Black history is American history and needs to be embedded into your classroom experiences year-round.

  16. Celebrate Women's History Month With Fun Activities & Classroom-Ready

    Unladylike2020 Collection. Grades 6-12 Unladylike2020 honors the centennial of women's suffrage.This collection of digital resources presents the rich history of 26 little-known Progressive Era women, diverse in profession, race, ethnicity, geographical and class backgrounds, sexual orientation and gender expression, who broke barriers in then-male-dominated fields such as science, business ...

  17. American History Activities

    A fun way to add science to your history lessons is to study Ben Franklin's inventions. There are a bunch that kids can easily create to learn more about his important contributions to our world. Make sure to add some lessons about the American Presidents to your middle school history plans.

  18. 10 Inspiring Black History Month Activities for Students

    10 Black History Month activities for your students Use these activities throughout the month (and the rest of the year) to keep Black history at the forefront of your lessons and encourage your students to keep learning more. 1. Quote or fact of the day Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. Maya Angelou

  19. 36 Activities To Celebrate Women's History Month (2023)

    Women's History Month is a month-long celebration that kicks off on March 1st. ... Some of the most fun and empowering assignments in school can be presentations and research projects about ...

  20. Celebrate Pi Day 2023 with These Fun Facts

    Pi Day 2023 is on March 14th and it's time to celebrate the most mathematical holiday of the calendar year.. If you're looking for some awesome National Pi Day 2023 activities, check out our infographic that shares interesting National Pi Day fun facts that will blow your mind!. Below, you will find a Happy Pi Day 2023 infographic that shares interesting facts about the history of National ...

  21. History assignment samples

    Thirteen Days vs. the real Cuban Missile Crisis Assignment. The year is 1962 and American surveillance planes discover that the USSR is in the process of placing nuclear ballistic missiles in Cuba. The missiles have a said capability to reach 80 million Americans striking every major city but Seattle.…. Continue reading .

  22. History Assignment Help Online Tutoring Sessions

    Our history Assignment Helper provides you online Assignment Help on topics covered in rural history, urban history, Women's history, family history and many more. 2. Cultural history: Cultural history sounds similar to social history but both are quite different. Social history provides information about the people whereas cultural history ...

  23. History Assignment Writing Service Online for Students

    Our history assignment writing essay service has been helping students for many years to submit quality content that improves overall performance in the subject. ... During summer vacation, it can be hard to concentrate on completing an assignment when others are having fun. In such a case, request our summer assignment help and save more time ...

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    Avail history assignment helper at pocket-friendly prices. Get expert history assignment writing service from PhD writers for History Homework Help. ... In most cases, however, it is the failure of the teachers and instructors to make the subject interesting rather than a learner's ability to understand the value of learning history.