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What Are the Interesting Research Topics for High School Physics?

High School Invention Project Ideas

High School Invention Project Ideas

As a subject area, physics is rife with fascinating ideas and principles that offer interesting topics for research projects. Physics offers many opportunities for experimental design and visual representations, along with more traditional products to share what you've learned.

Projectile Motion Projects

Projectile motion is an interesting research topic because objects being thrust through space appear to have some sort of force acting upon them. However, whether an object is dropped, thrown or shot, a projectile is moving through space under the force of gravity. Forensic science uses Newton’s laws of motion to investigate crime scenes for bullet trajectory paths to determine angles from which firearms were discharged. Researching projectile motion as it relates to crime scene investigation offers many fascinating and options for creative high school projects with real-world applications.

Feeling Friction's Effects

Whether a famous actor slides across the floor wearing socks, an oversized button-down and a pair of briefs while lip-synching a rock 'n' roll song, or a twentysomething superstar races a hot rod down a dry, concrete riverbed under a bridge, friction is at play. The force that resists the motion is known as friction. Studying friction and its effects on everyday motion or famous scenes in movies can bring a research project to life. Determining the cause and effects of friction can result in a stimulating physics presentation.

Electronic Circuit Theory

Society as a whole relies on electricity in all its wonder. Learning the how and why of it all is a riveting research topic for high school students. Whether illustrating Ohm’s law and determining how to calculate an electric charge or determining which circuit conducts electricity using the superposition method, electronic circuit theory sparks an interest in the physics-minded student. Fantastic visual and auditory projects can be created using the principles of electronic circuit theory and this can create a fascinating presentation.

Optics and Reflection

Experimenting with the way rays of light are reflected in mirrors, glass or pools of water present interesting fodder for a high school research project. Laser beams, flashlights and sunshine can all be shined upon mirrored surfaces to determine the course of beams of light. The physics behind the motion of the beam and the way the human eye processes an image and a reflected image offer the opportunity for students to create a wide variety of experiments and diagrams to illustrate the theories about light and its properties.

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180 Interesting Physics Research Topics To Consider For Academic Projects

Table of Contents

Physics is a branch of science that deals with the nature and properties of energy and matter. If you are a student who is pursuing a degree in Physics, then as a part of your studies, you will often have to write a research paper. For writing a research paper, a good physics topic is necessary. In general, there are plenty of Physics research topics available on various branches of Physics. If you have no idea what topic to choose for your Physics research paper, then keep on reading this blog post. Below we have suggested some outstanding Physics research topic ideas to consider for your assignments and academic projects. Also, from here, get to know about the tips for writing a brilliant physics research paper.

Physics Research Topics

What is Physics?

Physics is an academic field that is related to the science of matter and energy. Also, it covers the interactions of matter and energy with one another. The subject mainly focuses on the physical properties, laws, and phenomena of a certain case. It can be standalone or work in association with other fields. Especially when it comes to measurements and calculations in any area, physics intertwines with mathematics. In our daily life, the applications of physics are many. Even the discipline helps everyone to understand how the Universe and everything present in it functions.

Branches of Physics

Basically, physics is classified into classical physics and modern physics. Classical physics involves all the research activities that are performed before the 20 th century while modern physics encompasses the advancement of physics after the 20 th century. Listed below are some common branches of Physics that are grouped under classical physics and modern physics.

The subcategories of classical physics include

The subcategories of modern physics include

When it comes to writing a physics research paper, you can choose a topic from any branches of physics that are listed above. But, while selecting the topic, give preference to your area of interest so that it would be comfortable for you to write about.

Physics Research Paper Writing

Would you have to prepare a physics research paper? Writing a physics research paper is not an easy task. It is extremely challenging, and you should invest a lot of time and effort to come up with a brilliant physics paper that will fetch you an A+ grade. If you are given the assignment to write a physics research paper, then this is what you should follow.

Topic Selection -First, search and identify a good physics research topic of your choice. The topic you choose should allow you to perform deep research. During topic selection, never go with a topic that is too wide or too specific. Give importance to the research paper topics that contain extensive information, credible sources of references, and supporting evidence.

Research and Analyze- Once you have identified the topic for your research paper, conduct in-depth research and gather more ideas for discussion. Also, analyze the various aspects of the topic and find the answers to your research question by executing a research method with the data you have collected.

Sketch a research paper outline- After performing research, draft an outline. The outline will stand as a guide to present all the major points in the research paper. When preparing the outline, organize and structure the ideas coherently in a standard format.

Write a research paper- With the help of the outline you have prepared, craft an excellent physics research paper on the topic you have selected. The research paper should contain essential elements such as title, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, acknowledgment, reference, and appendices.

The introduction, body, and conclusion are the major sections of the research paper. In the introduction section, you should specify the background information of the topic, the purpose of the research, and a strong thesis statement .

Next, in the body section, you should describe your findings or research results in a well-structured and logical manner by explaining the research methods you have used. Also, in specific, here, you should discuss the calculations, statistic rules, or facts that you have used to derive the results. The outcomes of your research should be convincing to your research problem.

Finally, you should conclude the research paper by adding a conclusion section. In the conclusion paragraph, you should give a summary of major results and mention the prospects for future extensions. At the end of the research paper, make sure to add the list of references and appendices.

Proofread and Edit- After you have completed writing the research paper, double-check the entire research paper and edit the errors in it. You can also receive feedback from your peers and revise it accordingly. The final draft of your research paper should be flawless. So, never skip revisions.

By following all the steps mentioned above, you can prepare an outstanding physics research paper. But when writing, remember to consider the research paper guidelines shared by your professor. If you wish to score an A+ grade, then the topic you choose and the research paper you write must satisfy your university’s research guidelines.

Physics Research Topics

Physics Research Topics Suggestions

Are you searching for the best physics research topics? Here, we have prepared a list of interesting physics research topic ideas on various branches of physics. If you are looking for a good topic for your physics research paper, then feel free to go through the below-mentioned list and pick a topic that suits you perfectly.

Classical Physics Research Topics

Classical Physics Research Topics for Exam

Modern Physics Research Topics

Astrophysics Research Paper Topics

Theoretical Physics Research Topics

Experimental Physics Research Topics

Research Ideas on Physical Geography

Quantum Physics Research Topics

Nuclear Physics Research Paper Topics

Medical Physics Research Topics

Mathematical Physics Research Topics

Great Physics Research Paper Topics

Best Physics Research Topics

Best Physics Research Topics for Assignments

Top-Rated Physics Topics for Research

The Bottom Line

Out of the different sets of physics research topics suggested above, select a good topic that is comfortable for you to prepare a top-quality physics research paper. If you are still confused about what topic to choose or how to write a physics research paper, then reach out to us for physics assignment help .

To offer the best research paper writing service, we have a team of professional writers with a Ph.D. degree in Physics. In case, you need research paper writing help, just submit the order form by filling your requirements in it. Based on your specifications, we will prepare and deliver you a plagiarism-free research paper on time at an affordable price. Additionally, we also provide round-the-clock customer support and unlimited paper revisions.

Are you looking for the best online writing help? Quickly call us and get the necessary benefits that will help you boost your academic scores.

high school physics research paper

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202 Excellent Physics Research Paper Topics To Use

Physics Research Paper Topics

Physics is one of those live wires that very few college or university students attempt to touch. They are typically for the ‘Einsteins of our day.’ However, Physics is a manageable subject, and students can still score top-tier grades painstakingly. Do you want to know how? Read this article keenly to the end and discover brilliant ideas from physics experts who will help you crack any paper.

Let’s get down to some real physics here!

What Is Physics?

It is an academic field concerned with the science of matter and energy and their interactions. Physics deals with the physical properties, phenomena, and laws of a particular case. It looks at the composition of physical elements about their properties and behavior.

The subject can be a stand-alone or intertwined with other fields in high school or college. In most cases, physics relates to mathematics, especially in the measurements and numerous calculations involved in the area. Many students fear physics because of these so-called ‘complex calculations that are difficult to handle per se.

Journey with us as we explore the procedure of writing physics papers.

How To Write Essays In Physics

Before embarking on this task, you should know that physics is a technical subject, unlike the social sciences and humanities. As such, its writing procedure will vary from the other types of papers. The structure of a physics paper should be able to communicate complex calculations and concepts.

When writing a physics paper, consider the following: Do not overload your article with numerous calculations Ensure that you give explanations for jargon and other technical terms Where formulas are required, ensure that you explain the different variables used. Avoid stuffing your paper with long paragraphs that are difficult to follow

A physics paper should communicate complex concepts in a language that everyone can follow. Whether your research paper is on ‘what is physics,’ or discussing the application of Einstein’s formulae, the reader should be able to follow to the end effortlessly. An excellent physics paper is one that a reader can read through and critique without much effort.

Great physic research topics are also an ingredient for impressive physics papers. The topic will determine whether a reader will read your physics paper in the first place or not. Therefore, it should be captivating and inviting to all readers.

You can draw brilliant physics paper topics from the following sources:

Physics textbooks, articles, and journals from your library TED talks Documentaries related to physics Industrial reports Online sites that deal with physics

We also have professional writers who can help you identify and write on quality physics topics. Below is a snippet of what our experts can provide you with when you use our world-class services.

Physics Research Topics For High School

Top-Rated Physics Topics List

Interesting Physics Topics

Hot Physics Research Project Ideas

Interesting Physics Research Topics For College

First-Class Physics Topics To Write About

A+ Physics Research Project Ideas

Easy Physics Topics

Top-Grade Topics Related To Physics

Latest Physics Topics For Paper

Physics Topics For Research Paper

Physics Research Paper Topics High School

Applied Physics Research Topics

Current Research Topics In Physics

We offer quality research paper help to students at all levels of study. Do you want professional and cheap help with physics assignments? Try us now!

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100 Interesting Physics Topics For Research Paper In 2022

physics topics

Searching for a topic in physics can be one of the more difficult challenges for students at any level. Teachers and professors want their students to research and write something original. They also want students to challenge themselves by pushing the envelope and studying new areas in the field. This can be overwhelming for students and trying to come up with even a handful of physics topics might seem an impossible task.

Choosing Physics Topics For a Project

A good physics research topic should be broad enough to let you find plenty of material to answer all of the important questions. It should, however, also be narrow enough to fit within the parameters of your assignment. We can help you with that. Check out our list of physics topics that cover a wide range of areas within the field:

Physics Research Paper Topics for High School

More Topics in Physics High School

Five Cool Physics Topics to Do Quickly

Physics Research Topics for College

Physics Topics for Paper Graduate School

Special Topics in Calamity Physics

Physics IA Topics Ideas for Studying

Interesting Physics Topics for All

AP Physics Topics for High School

SAT Physics Topics Ideas for Studying

Physics GRE Topics for Studying

MCAT Physics Topics Ideas for Studying

Five Fun Physics Topics to Do Quickly

Theoretical Physics Topics for Undergraduates

Interesting Modern Physics Topics

Great Physics Topics for Presentation

Physics Regents Topics for Preparation

Great Physics Paper Topics for a Short Project

Good Physics Projects Topics for a Long Project

Physics Essay Topics Related to Everyday Situations

Physics is really hard. We understand this and have committed ourselves to assist students at all levels and dealing with all situations. Our experts have put together these physics topics to help students save some time. We can also help develop custom physics science topics to fit any assignment requirements.

Just give us a call, email us, or send us a message by chat. Our customer service team representatives are available to help with any physics project topics you need. An excellent custom thesis is not a problem for us. We’ll connect you with the most qualified experts and will lighten the burden of the most difficult assignments.

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As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

Ukraine Live Updates

Topics Base

Everything begins with an idea!

Physics Research Paper Topics

Physics is a branch of science that studies energy, physical properties of matter, and the relationship between various physical quantities. Just like the other branches of science, physics involves a series of research and experiment. Students who study physics don’t develop the ability to do research by merely reading books. Instead, they pick any topic in physics and do research on their own. While students enjoy researching on physics topics, a lot of them say it’s hard to get interesting physics topics for their research. We want to help students get interesting physics research paper topics without stress, so we will mention some interesting physics research topics. As you keep on reading, you’ll come across the best physics research paper ideas. We deliberately selected only the easy ideas for students because we want them to easily know the things to research and what to write about any topic they choose here. By choosing a topic here, students will enjoy and learn from their physics research paper.

Best Physics Research Paper Topics

Have top experts do your papers.

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Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.

Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researchers, academics and students of physics. It only takes a minute to sign up.

Q&A for work

Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search.

What physics paper would a high school student be able to read?

I'm looking for a physics paper which a typical high school student who is new to physics would be able to read and grasp the general idea of the purpose, setup and results, if not the details. To be clear, I don't expect that high school students will understand much of the math or technical details, but with guidance, the general idea. Ideally it would be something simple and elegant, without a lot of calculation or complicated data analysis. The purpose is to give them a sense of the style, tone, and organization of a real physics paper.

It is not necessary, but desirable, that this paper

What physics paper meets these specifications?

I realize this is kind of on the edge of the domain of acceptable questions here - if the consensus is that it's over the edge, I'll delete the question.

6 Answers 6

If you want research-level physics papers about topics high school students can understand, your best bet might be to look to the past. Older papers are great fun to read, but with their archaic language and notation they're not always the most efficient way to learn.

One famous exception is Einstein's 1905 classic On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies . This is where special relativity was first introduced to the world. A high school student might struggle with the second half, once electrodynamics comes into play, but the first 12 pages or so are mathematically simple, and a rewarding read. If they can get through the whole thing, however, they'll be rewarded with a little bonus addendum , which derives a certain famous $E=mc^2$.

In thermodynamics, Sadi Carnot's Reflections on the Motive Power of Heat is quite readable, and Joule's On the Motive Power of Heat is fascinating. That said, neither of these authors write like Einstein, and there are better places to learn thermodynamics today.

It seems to me Fermi's 1949 paper On the origin of the cosmic radiation ( pdf copy link ) is fairly accessible, requiring basic E&M and conservation of energy & momentum.

The paper was written as a proposal for a mechanism to accelerate cosmic rays from thermal velocities to relativistic ones. The mechanism he proposes (based on Alfven waves ) involves "magnetized clouds of gas" in space that reflect particles upon collision of the two (particle & cloud). He finds that the average gain in energy is quadratic in velocity, $\Delta E\propto v^2$, and is often called second-order Fermi for this reason 1 , though this calculation is more for protons than other energetic particles (e.g., $\alpha$-particles).

I would like to point out that Fermi's style in this paper is rather unlike more modern papers (and even papers at the time). He hand waves a lot of math & rationale and makes statements that are obvious (to him) that are not necessarily straight-forward to derive on one's own. I still think it'd be mostly accessible to high school students, but some of the finer points of the physics hidden in the paper might be missed.

1. Turns out this mechanism is too slow to account for the energetics seen in cosmic rays. Fortunately, a first-order mechanism, usually called diffusive shock acceleration (arXiv link), was discovered that is the major line of research in cosmic ray acceleration

I'll give it a try: Jesse L. Silverberg, Matthew Bierbaum, James P. Sethna, and Itai Cohen, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110 , 228701 (2013): "Collective Motion of Humans in Mosh and Circle Pits at Heavy Metal Concerts". (I got the idea from a Sixty Symbols video.)

It's not written by someone famous but it is quite readable, has a very practical real-world application and still is used to combine their results with fundamentals from thermodynamics (in that the mass of people basically behaves like an ideal gas). The paper has some math in it, but only mildly, so, combined with the very modern methods that the students can relate to (they use YouTube videos as data sources), it should keep the students interested. It is also not very long :-)

enter image description here

As noted in P. Weinberger's revisit of Louis de Broglie's 1924 doctoral thesis :

De Broglie's contribution in the Philosophical Magazine from 1924 is fascinating from many standpoints: for its moderate use of mathematics, the close connection to Einstein's special theory of relativity, and of course for the proposal of matter waves. We revisit this mostly speculative publication, which contributed crucially to the birth of quantum mechanics.

Although probably not publishable in today's environment, due to being purely speculative, the paper did win de Broglie the Nobel Prize in physics only 5 years later, for his ground breaking hypothesis of wave-particle duality, after experimental verification of his hypothesis was obtained.

The paper could be contrasted to the Michelson Morley experiment for the complementary way in which both experiment and theory are complementary essentials to the development of new physics. Sometimes an experiment thought to be routine provides a result totally unexpected; and sometimes a novel idea must be conceived so that one can look for the unexpected.

I'm going to be perverse and suggest Blas Cabrera's "First Results from a Superconductive Detector for Moving Magnetic Monopoles" (Phys. Rev. Lett. 48 , 1378 (1982).) Cabrera isn't a household name, of course, but this does have some advantages as a teaching paper: First, the experiment is dead simple to explain to students who know about EMFs and induction. (If they know about Ampere's Law, so much the better; you could make some good arguments by analogy to electric currents creating circulating magnetic fields.) Second, it could lead to a nice debate about the scientific method, and specifically whether results that have never been reproduced should be thought of as "wrong". And third, it has a tantalizing aura about it. As a young scientist, I was always curious about the fringes of science and what there was out there to still discover, and learning about an event like this would really have fascinated me.

From the details I assume it needs to concern a specific experiment, rather than just some musings.

In recent news, in Nature Chemestry, "Coulomb explosion during the early stages of the reaction of alkali metals with water" ( online version ) has the Mythbusters appeal. When combined with the you-tube lead-up to the formal experiments, it is quite approachable, and the equipment etc. is explained in the informal videos.

Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged soft-question resource-recommendations education or ask your own question .

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A List of 240 Physics Topics & Questions to Research

Plates break when you drop them. Glasses help you see better. Have you ever wondered why?

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for $13.00 $10.40/page

Physics has the answer. It studies the observable as well as invisible aspects of nature. An essential part of this is examining the structure and interactions of matter.

Are you a high-schooler studying for your exams? Or maybe you need to write an interesting physics paper for your Ph.D. research or college seminar? This article presents a list of the most popular topics in physics for you to choose from.

Best of all, you don’t have to push yourself too hard to finish your essay. is happy to help students with all kinds of written assignments.

🔝 Top 10 Physics Research Topics

✅ branches of physics.

🔍 References

Now: before writing about physics you should know about its main branches. These are classical and modern . Let’s take a closer look:


You can talk about any of these branches in your essay. Keep in mind that this division is a basic outline. Strictly speaking, everything that happens around you is physics! Now, we’re all set to move on to our physics paper topics.

⭐ Top 10 Physics Topics 2023

🧲 Classical Physics Topics to Write About

Classical physics deals with energy, force, and motion. You encounter this kind of physics in everyday life. Below, we’ve compiled a list with compelling prompts you’ll recognize from your physics class:

⚙️ Mechanics Essay Topics

🌡️ Thermodynamics Paper Topics


⚡ Electromagnetism Topics to Research

🔊 Essay Topics on Sounds & Waves

👓 Optics Topics to Write About

☢️ Modern Physics Topics for a Paper

The world of modern physics shifts away from its more tangible origins. It deals with atoms and even smaller particles. Nuclear, atomic, and quantum physics belong to this category. One of the central problems of modern physics is redefining the concept of gravity.

Werner Heisenberg quote.

🔋 Physics Project Topics for a Science Fair

What’s the most fun part of every natural science? If you said “experiments,” you guessed it! Everybody can enjoy creating rainbows or exploring the effects of magnets. Your next physics project will be as fascinating as you want it to be with these exciting ideas!

🔭 Astrophysics Topics for a Research Paper

Astrophysicists, astronomers, and cosmologists observe what happens in space. Astronomy examines celestial bodies, while astrophysics describes their mechanics. At the same time, cosmology attempts to comprehend the universe as a whole.

Spectral types of stars.

🌎 Physical Geography Topics to Write About

Physical geographers explore the beauty of our Earth. Their physical knowledge helps them explain how nature works. What causes climate change? Where do our seasons come from? What happens in the ocean? These are the questions physical geographers seek to answer.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

🤔 Theoretical Physics Topics to Research

Math fans, this section is for you. Theoretical physics is all about equations. Research in this area goes into the development of mathematical and computer models. Plus, theoretical physicists try to construct theories for phenomena that currently can’t be explained experimentally.

The six types of quarks.

⚛️ Quantum Physics Topics for Essays & Papers

First and foremost, quantum physics is very confusing. In quantum physics, an object is not just in a specific place. It merely has the probability to be in one place or another. Light travels in particles, and matter can be a wave. Throw physics as you know it overboard. In this world, you can never be sure what and where things really are.

We hope you’ve found a great topic for your best physics paper. Good luck with your assignment!

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high school physics research paper

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