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National 5 Computing Science - assignment

Coltness High School – Computing Science

Higher exam papers.

Specimen Paper

These papers are for the old (pre 2018) arrangements and will contain questions no longer covered in the current course.

Exam Papers

Other Papers

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SQA Higher Computing Past Papers

2020 sqa higher computing past papers, sqa higher computing paper 1.

SQA Higher Computing Question Paper 1.

2019 SQA Higher Computing Past Papers

2018 sqa higher computing past papers.

SQA Higher Computing Question Paper 1. Reference X716/76/01.

2017 SQA Higher Computing Past Papers

2016 sqa higher computing past papers.

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Higher Computing Science Assignment

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Higher Computing Science

Course information.

The purpose of this course is to build on the skills, knowledge and understanding of Computing Science developed at National 5. At this level, learners will be introduced to an advanced range of computational processes and thinking, and learn to apply a rigorous approach to the design and development process across a variety of contemporary contexts.

The course consists of two units

Coursework assignment 60 marks

Question paper 90 marks Total marks 150 marks

The coursework assignment (Added value unit) will be completed in class time.

The Question Paper will be set by SQA. The paper will consist of 90 marks (60% of total mark)

Entry Requirements 

 National 5 Computing Science pass

Progression Routes

Advanced Higher Computing Science

HNC/HND courses

Past papers

Higher Computing Science past papers can be found on the SQA website here (opens new window)

[SQA Higher Computing Science: Assignment] I am unable to complete my computing assignment and desperately need help.

higher computing science assignment 2018

Looking for some help with my coding assignment

I'm looking for some help for my computing science assignment as part of the curriculum as cut off due to Covid and my teacher is legally not allowed to help me or he'll get reprimanded. I've never coded before this year and I'm having a very difficult time translating my notes into the program so any help at all is very appreciated.

For the assignment I basically have to read a CSV file containing entryIDs, locations, forenames, surnames and jumps for some competition. I also have to write to a new file with a 'bibvalue' which consists of the first letter of the forename, the entire surname, and the first letter of the location (this one is then converted to ascii).

I've done as much as I can and I feel like I'm so close to getting it to work but I can't get past this final hurdle and I have to finish it tomorrow.

here is my code so far:

#creating a class

class athlete():

def __init__(self, entryID, location, forename, surname, jumps):

self.entryID = entryID

self.location = location

self.forename = forename

self.surname = surname,

self.jumps = jumps

#Reading from CSV

def readFile():

readAthletes = []

input_file = open('atheltes.csv','r')

reader_object = csv.reader(input_file)

for line in reader_object:

currentAthlete = athlete(line[0], line[1], line[2], line[3], line[4])



return readAthletes

def displayAthletes(readAthletes):

for index in range(len(readAthletes)):

print(readAthletes[index].entryID, readAthletes[index].location, readAthletes[index].forename, readAthletes[index].surname, readAthletes[index].jumps)

#Writing to new CSV

def bibValues():

output_file = open("bibValues.csv","w",newline="")

bib_data = csv.writer(output_file)

for index in range (len(entryID)):



return bib_data

for i in range (len(forename)):

CreateBibValue1 = forename[0]

return forename[0]

for i in range (len(location)):

CreateBibValue3 = ord(location[0])

return location[0]

finalCreateBibValue = (CreateBibValue1+surname+CreateBibValue3)

write_BibValue=(finalCreateBibValue, entryID)

#Highest number of jumps

def maxJumps():

maximum = jumps[0]

position = 0

for x in range (1, len(jumps)):

if jumps[x] > maximum:

maximum = jumps[x]

position = x

print ("The top number of jumps is", position)

#Finding the top jumper

def topJumper():

if jumps == maxJumps:

print(forename, surname)

return topJumper

#main program

athlete() =

topAthlete = readFile()




I have no clue how to

loop the class (which is apparently something I've got to do but had no further info

2)Figure out the correct calculation for the class (athletes) in the main program.

I seriously appreciate any help. I'd prefer on a moral basis if I could have the solution explained to me so I can learn but at this point I'm desperate and will take any help I can.

' src=

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damn, I studied at the faculty of programming for 5 years ...

I sincerely wanted to help you, but I don’t understand anything here. I know what cycles are, and function (theoretically), but in practice this is unrealistic. I sympathize with you greatly!

Perhaps contact eduowl.pro for help! I'm sure they have programmers.)

You code is hard to follow because the indents have been lost, but it seems to be missing two function definitions (or you have two extra returns):

There is a comma after surname in the class definition which should not be there, also in main you have:

which doesn't make sense (athlete is a class, you cant make it hte left hand side of an = statement).

You're already creating a list of athlete objects called readAthletes in the readFile function, and this loops through creating a new object of class athlete() for each line in the file. This is the loop. It looks like it should work except that close() needs brackets.

In your main you have:

so now the topAthlete will contain the list readAthletes which is created by readFile(). In the next line you should display topAthlete, not readAthletes. This hould all work. The rest is a bit of a mess and I'm not sure what the calculations are as you didn't describe them in the post.

But as far as writing the new file bibvalue, all you have to do is pass the list topAthlete to the function, then loop through it just like you did in displayAthletes, but this time get the first letter of the name, the surname, and the first letter of the location and print them to a file.

Also an additional piece of advice. When you read the file and create each athlete object:

it's a good idea to remove any spaces from the ends of each string, like this:

otherwise if you have

in your CSV file you will get " Alice " as the name, not "Alice".

That way if forename = "Alice" forename[0] will always be "A".

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higher computing science assignment 2018

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