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Show My Homework

Assign and monitor homework online with the market-leading homework solution that integrates with Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom , engages students, involves parents, facilitates distance learning and saves teachers time.

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What is Show My Homework?

Show My Homework is the market-leading homework software, used by 1 in 3 UK secondary schools, that integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams . Made up of easy-to-use features that involve all key stakeholders in the homework process, Show My Homework provides schools with the tools they need to support home-learning in the most simple and effective way.

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Here's what our customers have to say about us

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"It was a lifesaver in Lockdown. The company quickly adapted further tools. Now it's a comprehensive site."

"Saves time, allows me to send web links and the huge variety of types of homework. Amazing support during lockdown and..."

"It is very efficient; allows parental access; archives tasks; allows 2 way communication between pupils and teachers; keeps records..."

"Very professional, rapid answer to issues, constantly updating in response to feedback - new facilities added regularly"

"I have found it incredibly useful during this period of lockdown, however I was using it to enter homework as well and that has..."

"It makes setting Homework easy and you know everyone in the class is informed."

Facilitate blended learning

With Show My Homework your school has immediate access to powerful distance learning tools, making it easy to combine in-person teaching with online-centred learning. Teachers can set remote Classwork instantly, notifying learners of work to complete via Satchel One.

how my homework

Because Satchel One is such a flexible platform, we were able to offer a blended approach. We were still teaching physical lessons, but we also had students joining in via Google Meet.


While we did most of our communication with pupils via Microsoft Teams, we found that posting on Satchel One was key in keeping parents informed.

Used by 1 in 3 UK secondary schools

We’re partners to 1 in 3 secondary schools across the UK, join the Satchel One community today.

AET Academy logo

AET Academy

Borden Grammar School logo

Borden Grammar School

Castle Newnham School logo

Castle Newnham School

Harris Academy South Norwood logo

Harris Academy South Norwood

The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School

The Habs Boys' School

Lavington School logo

Lavington School

Sir John Lawes School logo

Sir John Lawes School

St Bonaventure School logo

St Bonaventure's School

Thorpe St Andrew School logo

Thorpe St Andrew School

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Wilson's School

Award winning software

Our innovation and development has garnered industry recognition and, since 2014, we’ve been award-winning every year.

2020 Winners School Business Category

Teach Secondary Awards Logo showcasing Satchel as 4* winners in the School Business Category in 2020

2019 Winners Edtech Innovator of the Year

The Techies Awards Logo showcasing Satchel as winners in the Edtech Innovator if the YEar cateogry in 2019

2018 Winners Whole School Aids for Learning, Teaching & Assessment

Bett logo showing Satchel as winnders of Whole School Aids for Teaching, Learning and Assessment in 2018

2017 Winners Secondary Resource or Equipment - Including ICT

ERA winners logo from 2017 showing Satchel as winners of Secondary Resource or Equipment including ICT

2017 Winners Education Company of the Year

The Assignment Report logo showcasing winners of Education Company of the Year, awarded in 2017

2017 Winners Digital Innovation in the Public Sector

Digital Entrepreneur Logo showcasing Satchel as winners of Digital Innovation in the Public Sector in 2017

2016 Winners Upscale

Tech City Logo showing Satchel as part of Upscale in 2016

2016 Winners EdtechXRise All Stars award

Edtech X Europe Award Logo showcasing Satchel as winners of EdtechXRise All Stars award in 2016

Case studies

Haydon School case study where the school discuss their use of Show My Homework, part of Satchel One

The Power of Paperless Homework

Haydon School logo

Whole-school Homework Progress

Salesian School logo

Engaging Students & Quality Assuring Homework

Denmark Road School logo

Speak to the team today!

Whether you’re looking for pricing, a quick demo and login details or more detailed information about getting your school set up, the team will be on hand to help. Fill in the form or give us a call on 020 7197 9550 option 1.


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myHomework helps adminstrators improve building performance on many levels. From homework responsibility to hallway management, our system can fill in the pieces missing in your digital ecosystem. With myHomework for schools , administrators get a great value from a education focused company with nearly a 15 year track record in the industry.

Flex Periods

Rewards points.

Satchel One 4+

The home of show my homework, teachercentric ltd.



Satchel One for iOS allows you to access our learning platform on the go. Since launching Show My Homework in 2011, we’ve been proud to call 1 in 3 UK secondary schools our partners, and we still are. Since our inception, we’ve expanded our award-winning software into a number of additional apps to create Satchel One, our learning platform. Today, Satchel One is home to Show My Homework, Content, Timetables, Behaviour, Seating, Attendance and Detentions apps. Benefits for teachers: - Set, grade and comment on homework - Assign Behaviour points and award Badges - Easily access your timetables - Receive notifications for student submissions and comments Benefits for students: - Keep track of homework using your To-do List - Easily access your timetables - Receive feedback and leave comments for your teachers - Submit your work online, take spelling tests and quizzes - View school events and announcements - View your Behaviour points, attendance, and detentions Benefits for parents: - Keep track of all your children's To-do Lists in one place - View quiz and spelling test results - View student and teacher comments - View school events and announcements - Monitor Behaviour points, attendance, and detentions Be sure to read our Terms of Use and Privacy Notice: Terms of Use: Privacy Notice:

Version 9.4.1

Bug fixing and performance improvement

Ratings and Reviews

94.4K Ratings

Used to be better

I like most people use my phone for most things and that includes looking at assignments. On the old app this was perfectly fine and you could look back on all the assignments you had in the past which is really helpful if you missed something from ages ago that wasn’t super important so you don’t catch up on it right away. However now in a recent ish update the only way you can view tasks from a long time ago or not immediately due within the next two weeks is by going onto a computer and logging into satchel through there. This is incredibly irritating if you have a huge project with a due date months away because you then can’t quickly remind yourself about the details of the task the teacher has set you have to log onto a computer and look through there. This wouldn’t be so irritating if they didn’t change it from being perfectly good to now this system of only seeing tasks a few weeks ahead or behind on the app, i simply cannot understand why they would make this change. Why would you remove features from your app. Furthermore because of this two week period if you have overdue tasks for more than this timeframe they also disappear so then you don’t know what you’re behind on because it checks itself off after a certain period of time. Very irritating for long time users who know how good it used to be.

Needs more options and more controls

I have a number of frustrations with Satchel One including that you have no comments or ideas page on your website Below are options/improvements I would like to see in the software: - Options with type and frequency of notifications, eg when something is due and hasn’t been completed - but not getting notifications for when an item is set, or notifications when it is classwork as opposed to homework. - A better completed button for students to mark items -rather than just hiding items. - Option for students to have a separate feed for classwork items - More options to set personal reminders or task/project milestones - Ability to colourise or set notifications on items - Alternate ways to sort and filter items - Option to load work against a task - even if the teacher doesn’t want it submitted online - Option for student to give permission to a parent to mark an item as completed and assist with the upkeep and maintenance of their Satchel One account - Filters for subject and searching them, both completed and outstanding tasks

Satchel one

I’m afraid to say that my wife and I really do not like this. We are unable to see what work our child has done and what content they have put in. Our child spilt water over there laptop so now attends the school hub to do there online homework. All we know is that they say it’s completed. What it was and how they achieved this we don’t know. The feedback from teachers is very hit n miss. We think that there is nothing that can compete with a homework diary that has to be signed each week by the parents to say the child has completed there homework , further more the home work is set , the child completed each subject showing the parents there effort and allowing the parents to help where possibly needed. This whole pandemic has really effected children with there effort but also the teachers as well.... the children apply less effort and the teachers don’t have to mark papers, thus meaning if the child hasn’t done the homework online then hey ho they haven’t done it....our child is probably like a lot of children if there’s a loop hole they will exploit it...and the loop hole is parents we gave no way of knowing what they have done what content and effort they put in and what mark or comments from the teacher they received. Sorry just do not agree with it.... exercise book pen and paper is always better .

App Privacy

The developer, TeacherCentric Ltd , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy .

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

Privacy practices may vary based on, for example, the features you use or your age. Learn More


how my homework

Get things done within this app using just your voice.

More by this developer.

Neeto: Flashcard & Quiz Maker

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Show My Homework App

Manage homework on the go.

Show My Homework

About Show My Homework App

Show My Homework app is part of a school-wide service that can make the setting, administering and monitoring of homework much easier.  Schools subscribe to the service that can then be accessed on mobile devices and computers by staff, students, and parents. Show My Homework is available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. Show My Homework is a free organization and time management app available for download from the App Store and Play Store with in-app purchases. 

Teacher Review

The Show my Homework app is a sleek and streamline digital homework journal that replaces the traditional agenda or homework diary.

Why we love Show my Homework app

Schools using the SMHW app overcome the problems with homework journals. It is no longer possible for a child to lose the record of all of their set homework. It is the teacher's words that describe the task, not the child's distracted and rushed scribble. For the conscientious student, they can't let themselves down. For the unconscientious student, there are far fewer ways to justify a homework no show.  

Supporting resources are also managed by the SMHW app. Supporting notes and worksheets are appended as downloadable documents.  Multiple-choice activities and spelling tests can be created by teachers using the app's website. This gives teachers the tools to create quick, self-marking homework.

How can teachers benefit from the SMHW app?

Teachers benefit from an administrative point of view too. They don't have to allow as much lesson time to set it. References and helpful comments can be made throughout the lesson knowing that the task itself will automatically be pushed to children's accounts. Recording and tracking the homework is also easy in the teacher's part of the account.  

How can parents benefit from Show my Homework app?

Parents are also brought into the process. Children can't suggest they have no homework if their parent can see exactly what they have been set. This involvement doesn't have to be purely as an overseer either.  Seeing the homework tasks might prompt an idea for parents to make children's learning more enjoyable. A piece of history homework might prompt a visit to a local museum. A maths task might remind a parent of a tip that their own teachers gave them.

The differences between how the different types of users experience the app are mostly to do with what they can update. Parents have the ability only to read what students and teachers have added. Students can check off their tasks as they complete them. Teachers set homework, upload resources and record the relevant dates. Students and teachers can also easily pass on messages about the homework to each other.

Access to the actual homework is flexible.  A free to download Show my Homework app is available on both Android and iOS devices. A web-based version is also available and can be logged into from any internet connected computer. Inputting and accessing the information follows commonly used conventions so there is not much of a learning curve for any moderate user of apps.

Show My Homework app has been built around a clear vision of how technology can help everybody in the process of setting and completing homework. It is fully featured for its specific purpose but not bloated with superfluous features. This keeps it simple to use for everybody. Schools that adopt it will need to put a little work in at the start to ensure that it is universally supported and used by staff, parents and students.  The reward will be a much more effective use of homework.

App Details

Teacher ratings.



In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No

Published Date - 10/07/2014

Reviewed Date - 01/23/2017

Last Modified Date - 09/13/2021

Get unlimited access to the teacher certified apps, lesson plans and user guides

Download Show My Homework

Screenshots for show my homework app.

Show My Homework


Show My Homework app makes it easy for teachers to set homework, and for students and parents to track deadlines and announcements. This app is for users at schools already using Show My Homework.

How does Show my Homework benefit teachers?

How does Show my Homework​ benefit students?

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how my homework

Satchel One

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Data safety.

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Ratings and reviews

how my homework

how my homework

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myHomework Student Planner

how my homework

how my homework

Satchel One

how my homework

What is Satchel One ?

Satchel One is the market-leading learning platform, that's launching with full cloud-based MIS functionality next academic year. Already used by ~1 in 3 UK secondary schools, it's firmly the teachers' choice for ease of use and classroom management. From the team behind award-winning software, Show My Homework , schools can use the suite of classroom management apps to support learning, save teachers time and involve parents in the learning process.

With the ability to choose your own apps, schools can create a bespoke learning platform to suit their needs, choose from: Show My Homework, Seating, Behaviour Attendance, Detentions, Timetables, Welfare Notes and Documents.

Achieve a consistent approach to online learning that involves teachers, students and parents in the process, whilst providing powerful evidence to Ofsted of your school’s behaviour and attendance policies. All from one simple login. 

Satchel One, is now also an official Google for Education Partner and a Microsoft partner , offering powerful integrations to help schools take a holistic approach to education. Integrated use of these platforms results in an online learning experience like no other.

Learning Platform Features:

- Show My Homework

- Behaviour

- Attendance

- Timetables

- Welfare Notes

- Detentions

- Documents

MIS Functionality:

Apps Everything you need for classroom management including Behaviour, Detentions, Homework, Seating and Timetables.

Students Manage your student profiles, applicants and their parent or carer records easily.

Staff Access everything for staff HR, personnel, contracts and directory from one place.

School From subjects and departments, to teaching groups and academic structure, organise your school details effectively.

System Setup roles and permissions, or personalise with public pages and custom themes securely.

Working with MATs

Satchel One provides multi-academy trusts with consistent reporting across all schools in the MAT and makes it simple for trusts to adhere to centralised attendance, behaviour and homework policies, and in the future a cloud-based MIS . By providing each school in your trust with access to Satchel One , trust leads can enjoy the benefits of dealing with a single supplier, preferential rates and tools for use in both primary and secondary schools.

Stay in touch

Stay in the loop about our MIS developments Visit to learn more about our MIS, including our 'One Licence Offer' where we will provide you with up to 18 months free of charge if you're using another MIS provider, plus 25% off your first paid year.

Get a demo of Satchel One Visit to book in a demo of multi-award winning Satchel One. We can run you through any combination of our apps and provide you with pricing and next steps for you to consider in your school.

Call us today

Give our friendly team a call on 020 7197 9550. Whether you're looking to discuss our product suite, find out about our MIS launch or anything else, we're happy to talk to you.

Recommended Usage

20 minutes per week

Video & Screenshots

how my homework

Educational Impact

how my homework

Case Studies

Returning to Satchel One (Melksham Oak Community School)

Monitoring Behaviour (Icknield Community College)

Increased Student Engagement (Ashton on Mersey School)

Enhancing Parental Engagement (Lesmahagow High School)

Compare Satchel One with...


Satchel One Reviews

from 33 Verified Reviews

User rating

Satchel One



Used Satchel One daily for 3-4 years


RICHARD ABBEY found Satchel One :


Teacher of Design and Technology

Used Satchel One weekly for 5 years+

Show my Homework has been an invaluable tool for us, particularly throughout the challenging times of COVID: it's also very easy to use, and the Team have responded really well to feedback, creating new features which extend the effectiveness of SMH as a teaching and learning tool.

Mr Flynn found Satchel One :

Simon oldfield.

Head of RE and Citizenship

Used Satchel One weekly for 3-4 years

No other piece of software has so positively and widely impacted by teaching.

Simon Oldfield found Satchel One :

Excellent service!

James found Satchel One :

Andy braithwaite.

Used Satchel One for 5 years+

Saves lots of teachers time - easy for students to use on multiple platforms

Andy Braithwaite found Satchel One :

Teacher of MFL

Only good experiences administering and using it

Liz found Satchel One :

Damian woolf.

Used Satchel One for 1-2 years

I think it costs the school a lot

Damian Woolf found Satchel One :

English Teacher

Used Satchel One for 7–12 months

It was a lifesaver in Lockdown. The company quickly adapted further tools. Now it's a comprehensive site.

steve found Satchel One :

Sam obeng-asare.

Head of Economics and Business studies

Used Satchel One for 2years

it is informative and useful to set work as a teacher and check work as a parent

Sam Obeng-Asare found Satchel One :

Science teacher

Used Satchel One for At least 10 years I think

Saves time, allows me to send web links and the huge variety of types of homework. Amazing support during lockdown and you are helpful when I cannot get hold of our own IT!

Kim Vale found Satchel One :

KS3 RS Coordinator

Used Satchel One for 2 months

Really good. A couple of things that could make it easier to use.

Rosie found Satchel One :

Leader of Learning MFL

Used Satchel One for 6 years

It is very efficient; allows parental access; archives tasks; allows 2 way communication between pupils and teachers; keeps records and much more. We don't use seating plans, timetabling or behavior in Satchel One but I wish we did.

Emma found Satchel One :

Emma callan.

Head of Chemistry

Used Satchel One for 18 months

Very professional, rapid answer to issues, constantly updating in response to feedback - new facilities added regularly

Emma Callan found Satchel One :

Used Satchel One for 3 years

not sure it does ease my workload as it is currently

Stella found Satchel One :

Good to share workload across a department and to track students' knowledge; parents like being able to see that too.

Clare found Satchel One :

Teacher of Science

Used Satchel One for 2.5 years

I would like to see the recurring feature added for regular HW (see Q9). I also think that expanding the quiz feature where questions can be posed that ask pupils to type a short, one word answer would be helpful. The multiple choice option is great, but they only make up a small portion of an exam paper so pupils need to be able to recall names etc. and not always chose it from a set of options. It is difficult to create a platform whereby pupils can write extended answers (Google Forms works to an extent here) but answers for 'state the name of...' questions could be loaded by the teacher when creating the quiz. Teachers would still need to be able to overwrite the mark given to allow them to give marks for misspellings etc.

Siobhan found Satchel One :

Used Satchel One for 4 years

It isn't perfect but the functions they have work really well, and there is lots in development too. The customer service is excellent, and they are very responsive to suggestions. The apps are easy to use and really enhance the system, for example it is super easy to tick off homework on the app if it is completed on a different website. Not 10 yet as the detentions module needs more development and the parent app should mirror what the teacher ticks off as completed not what the student ticks off.

Tina found Satchel One :

Michelle venn.

Mathematics Teacher

Used Satchel One for 10 months

Ease in which you set work, collate progress and monitor attainment.

Michelle Venn found Satchel One :

Used Satchel One for 5 years

it almost meets all of my needs

Lisa found Satchel One :

Sylvia hawken.

Teacher of Religious Education

I have found it incredibly useful during this period of lockdown, however I was using it to enter homework as well and that has been excellent

Sylvia Hawken found Satchel One :

James hutchings.

Easy to use! Very useful!

James Hutchings found Satchel One :

Used Satchel One for 2 years

Easy to track homework and chase outstanding homework. Reports are easy to download and print.

Michaela found Satchel One :

Limited question types, inability to set tasks to just some of a class or individuals. Needs a better messaging system/notifications

Rick found Satchel One :

It is helpful but the assessment grid is to clunky

Mandy found Satchel One :

Assistant Head of Year

Sally found Satchel One :

Satchel one categories.

Satchel One

Contact Satchel One

how my homework

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  10. Download Show My Homework App

    Show My Homework app is part of a school-wide service that can make the setting, administering and monitoring of homework much easier.

  11. Satchel One

    Satchel One for Android allows you to access our learning platform on the go. Since launching Show My Homework in 2011, we've been proud to

  12. How to get started with Satchel:One (Show My Homework) at

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  14. Satchel One

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