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Second International Conference on Image Processing and Capsule Networks


Department of Electrical Engineering, Da-Yeh University, Changhua, Taiwan

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Departamento de Engenharia Mecanica, Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal

College of engineering, prince sattan bin abdulaziz university, al-kharj, saudi arabia, department of electrical and computer engineering, concordia university, montreal, canada.

Presents recent research on image processing and capsule networks

Includes proceedings of the International Conference on Image Processing and Capsule Networks (ICIPCN2021)

Shows how to discover more information from images and perform innovative image analysis procedures

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (LNNS, volume 300)

Conference series link(s): ICIPCN : International Conference on Image Processing and Capsule Networks

42k Accesses

40 Citations

7 Altmetric

Conference proceedings info: ICIPCN 2021.

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Table of contents (69 papers)

Front matter, a survey of machine learning techniques applied for automatic traffic light recognition.

Machine Learning Based Detection and Classification of Heart Abnormalities

An Evaluation of Multiclass Leaf Classification Using Transfer Learning Techniques

Scene Generated with Text Guidance (VAAB System)

Machine Learning Approaches for Image Quality Improvement

Natural Disaster Prediction by Using Image Based Deep Learning and Machine Learning

A Novel Multi-objective Differential Evolution Algorithm for Clustering Data Streams

An Algorithm for Pre-processing of Areca Nut for Quality Classification

An Effect of Binarization on Handwritten Digits Recognition by Hierarchical Neural Networks

Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to Detect Abnormality in Musculoskeletal Radiographs

Geospatial Object Detection for Scene Understanding Using Remote Sensing Images

Antıspoofing Detection System for Online Classes and Online Meeting

Pre-processing Block Hardware Architecture in Image Processing Using Reconfigurable Platform

Deep Learning Approach to Classify Road Traffic Sign Images

Performance Analysis of Medical Image Denoising Techniques

Optimal Sizing and Placement of Multiple DGs in Distribution Network to Reduce Total Loss Using Cuckoo Search Optimization

Integrating Virtual Reality with 3D Modeling for Interactive Architectural Visualization and Photorealistic Simulation: A Direction for Future Smart Construction Design Using a Game Engine

LBPX: A Novel Feature Extraction Method for Iris Recognition

Multi-features Based Multi-layer Perceptron for Facial Expression Recognition System

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This book includes the papers presented in 2nd International Conference on Image Processing and Capsule Networks [ICIPCN 2021]. In this digital era, image processing plays a significant role in wide range of real-time applications like sensing, automation, health care, industries etc. Today, with many technological advances, many state-of-the-art techniques are integrated with image processing domain to enhance its adaptiveness, reliability, accuracy and efficiency. With the advent of intelligent technologies like machine learning especially deep learning, the imaging system can make decisions more and more accurately. Moreover, the application of deep learning will also help to identify the hidden information in volumetric images. Nevertheless, capsule network, a type of deep neural network, is revolutionizing the image processing domain; it is still in a research and development phase. In this perspective, this book includes the state-of-the-art research works that integrate intelligent techniques with image processing models, and also, it reports the recent advancements in image processing techniques. Also, this book includes the novel tools and techniques for deploying real-time image processing applications.

The chapters will briefly discuss about the intelligent image processing technologies, which leverage an authoritative and detailed representation by delivering an enhanced image and video recognition and adaptive processing mechanisms, which may clearly define the image and the family of image processing techniques and applications that are closely related to the humanistic way of thinking.

Joy Iong-Zong Chen

João Manuel R. S. Tavares

Abdullah M. Iliyasu

Book Title : Second International Conference on Image Processing and Capsule Networks

Book Subtitle : ICIPCN 2021

Editors : Joy Iong-Zong Chen, João Manuel R. S. Tavares, Abdullah M. Iliyasu, Ke-Lin Du

Series Title : Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems


Publisher : Springer Cham

eBook Packages : Intelligent Technologies and Robotics , Intelligent Technologies and Robotics (R0)

Copyright Information : The Editor(s) (if applicable) and The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2022

Softcover ISBN : 978-3-030-84759-3 Published: 10 September 2021

eBook ISBN : 978-3-030-84760-9 Published: 09 September 2021

Series ISSN : 2367-3370

Series E-ISSN : 2367-3389

Edition Number : 1

Number of Pages : XVIII, 825

Number of Illustrations : 145 b/w illustrations, 360 illustrations in colour

Topics : Computational Intelligence , Computer Vision

image processing 2021

IMAGE PROCESSING PATTERN RECOGNITION free download Melanoma skin cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of skin cancer because it grows fast and causes most of the skin cancer deaths. Hence, early detection is a very important task to treat melanoma. In this article, we propose a skin lesion segmentation method for

3D Image Processing using Machine Learning based Input Processing for Man-Machine Interaction free download In various real time applications, several assisted services are provided by the human-robot interaction (HRI). The concept of convergence of a three-dimensional (3D) image into a plane-based projection is used for object identification via digital visualization in robotic

Review on emerging trends in detection of plant diseases using image processing with machine learning free download In India, about 70% of the population is involved in agriculture and farming. Today plant diseases are significant concern as it reduces the production and quality of agriculture produce. Most plant diseases are caused by bacteria, fungi and virus. Manual detection and

Toward developing tangling noise removal and blind inpainting mechanism based on total variation in image processing free download In the field of image processing tangling noise and artefacts elimination of objects are two essential tasks. Tangling noise and lack of intensity in certain applications also occur at the same time. In this paper, a new variational model is proposed based on total variation and l0

Brain Tumor Detection and Classification Using Image Processing Techniques free download At present, processing of medical images is a developing and important field. It includes many different types of imaging methods. Some of them are Computed Tomography scans (CT scans), X-rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) etc. These technologies allowThe presented paper introduces a novel method for enabling appearance modifications for complex image objects. Qualitative visual object properties, quantified using appropriately derived visual attribute descriptors, are subject to alterations. We adopt a basicThis paper present a survey of method used for detection of vegetable plant and fruit diseases with the help of image processing technique. The Image processing steps are such as image acquisition, image filtering then segmentation and identify and classify vegetable

A Hybrid Radix-4 and Approximate Logarithmic Multiplier for Energy Efficient Image Processing . Electronics 202 1175 free download Multiplication is an essential image processing operation commonly implemented in hardware DSP cores. To improve DSP cores area, speed, or energy efficiency, we can approximate multiplication. We present an approximate multiplier that generates two partialDeep learning is undoubtedly a type of machine learning that uses a convolutional neural network structure which usually reveals significant assurance for image resolution requirements. It is progressively getting used by its unique trial in machine visionVisual applications have become widely known in many fields, including image processing personalization or object. Image processing is the process of performing certain functions in a duplicate, toward get an improved image or to abstract approximately useful information

REVIEW ON RUDIMENTS OF DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING free download The Fundamentals of digital image processing is an incredibly in-style topic within the field of analysis and development. The image processor be a giant analysis space to enhance the visibility of the associate input image and acquire some valuable info from it. In

Image Processing Based Detecting and Tracking for Security System free download Security systems are getting more attention and importance. Numeral security arrangements based on sensors and wireless communication are available in the form of mechanical and electronic applications. These systems are used widely in banks and government offices

A System Architecture in Multiple Views for an Image Processing Graphical User Interface free download Medical images are important components in modern health institutions, used mainly as a diagnostic support tool to improve the quality of patient care. Researchers and software developers have difficulty when building solutions for segmenting, filtering and visualizing

Categorizing and measurement satellite image processing of fire in the forest greece using remote sensing free download This paper has been utilized satellite Sentinel-2A imagery, this satellite is a polar-orbiting, multispectral high-resolution to cover Athens city, greece that located at latitude (37 58′ 46 ″) N,(23 42′ 58 ″) E., the work aims to measurement and study the wildfires natural

Ultrasonic Image Processing Based on DeepLab Network free download Because of its convenience and low price, ultrasound detection has been widely used in organ examination, especially in gynecological examination. Manual recognition and segmentation of the lesions in the image by the doctor is very heavy, and the doctors

Fire Detection using Image Processing free download Fire disasters have always been a threat to homes and businesses even with the various systems in place to prevent them. They cause property damage, injuries and even death. Preparedness is vital when dealing with fires. They spread uncontrollably and are difficult to

Resolution system based on Image processing Technology Applied to Logistics system free download The automatic identification technology of goods in intelligent three-dimensional warehouse has the problems of high cost of RFID electronic tag and low recognition rate of goods image recognition technology. This paper presents an automatic cargo image recognition method

A Review of Medical Image Segmentation Algorithms free download Since LBM has the benefits of speed and adaptability of modelling to guarantee excellent image processing quality with a reasonable amount of computer resources, we predict that this method will become a new research hotspot in image processingStudents attendance is vital in any academic institution as students are the primary stakeholders. There are different means of checking attendance, one of these is automated checking through scanning students id card using image processing . In Bohol Island State

Separation of Defected Products from Production Line with a Robotic Arm via Image Processing Methods free download This study detected the defected chocolate packages by image processing methods and separated them from the conveyor by a robotic arm. In the system, it was assumed that a conveyor belt system was set at the output of the packaging machine. The products

DETECTION OF BRAIN TUMOR USING IMAGE PROCESSING free download ABSTRACT The Brain Tumor is affecting many people worldwide. It is not only limited with the adulthood people but also detected within the early age. Brain Tumor is that the abnormal growth of cell inside the brain cranium which limits the functioning of the brain

Best ROI for image processing free download Using the dataset REFUGE, which included the ground truth optic disc segmentation for 1200 images, we explored what region of the image was the more indicated for glaucoma detection. We tested 3 regions, shown in Supp Figure 1: a) the full fundus image, b) the optic

DETECTION OF SKIN CANCER USING DEEP LEARNING AND IMAGE PROCESSING TECHNIQUE free download Disease comparable to dermatologists and could empower lifesaving and quick judgments, even external the clinic by means of establishment of applications on cell phones. As far as anyone is concerned, at present, there is no audit of the ebb and flow work in this

Twelfth International Conference on Graphics and Image Processing (ICGIP 2020) free download The papers in this volume were part of the technical conference cited on the cover and title page. Papers were selected and subject to review by the editors and conference program committee. Some conference presentations not be available for publication. Additional

DETECTION OF NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY IN PLANT LEAF IMAGE USING DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING free download Plants need 13 mineral nutrients to grow and survive. Toxicity or deficiency of one or more of these nutrients affects plant growth and can even lead to plant death. As a result, in order to increase production efficiency and yield, a continuous monitoring system is required to knowMathematical model providing the optimized result is always in the wish list of the researchers. Optimization algorithms minimize the objective function dependent on some internal parameters to get the target output. Thus, optimization algorithms came into picture

Euclidean Distance Filter for Image Processing free download General framework of image filters is mathematical calculations, especially probabilistic methods, on pixel values. Geometrical filters are missing components of image processing and as today, these is no analysis and contribution in this area. The key concept of geometrical filters

Social Distancing Detector using YOLO v3 Image Processing Algorithm free download The lack of public awareness and negligence, the pandemic due to coronavirus (covid19) has brought a global crisis with its deadly spread to more than 180 countries, and about 147 million confirmed cases along with 3.11 million deaths globally as of 26th April 2021. Due to

Video Classification using Image Processing Deep Learning Techniques free download Todays rapidly growing internet era has also increased the data in a very large amount for which the classification of the data has become more important than ever before. As daily millions of video are been uploaded on the internet usually it is been classified based on the

Automated System for Effective Control of Electrical Supply of Houses Using Image Processing free download With the introduction of smart homes and the integration of automation systems to control a given spaces functioning, we see an evolving need to optimize the integrated automation systems to meet the intelligence and controllability level of the client. The most appealingField of view (FOV) is a primary performance parameter of an electro optical system and describe the angular field in the object space is acquiring by the Electro Optical (EO) systems. Generally the FOV of EO system is measured using two axis rotating stage

Image Processing and Chaotic Functions for Secure Communications free download Lately, information security has become a great issue. Moreover, multimedia applications have widely spread and researchers are interested in searching for new ways of securing data. Two of the most important ways that are used for producing network security are

An Accurate Breast Cancer Detection and Classification using Image Processing free download In this research article, accurate breast cancer detection and classification are analyzed using image processing . An image processing includes pre-processing of the image which is used to remove the redundancy present in captured images without affecting the input

DESIGN OF ENERGY EFFICIENT APPROXIMATE MULTIPLIERS FOR IMAGE PROCESSING APPLICATIONS free download This research paper presents the design of two 8 8 approximate multipliers based on novel approximate 3: 2 and 2: 2 compressors. The proposed multipliers are derived based on Wallace multiplier architecture and herein referred to as the proposed approximate WallaceEstimating the age of human by analyzing the facial image using image processing and fuzzy logic techniques have lots of potential real-world application, such as human-computer interaction and multimedia communication. Several face detection methods are developed

Quantification of spatial metal accumulation patterns in Noccaea caerulescens by X-ray fluorescence image processing for genetic studies free download Results Image processing resulted in automated segmentation of µXRF plant images into petiole, leaf margin, leaf interveinal and leaf vasculature substructures. The harmonic means of recall and precision (F1 score) were 0.7 0.80, 0.6 and 0.6 respectively. Spatial metal

Measurement of Micro Burr and Slot Widths through Image Processing : Comparison of Manual and Automated Measurements free download In this study, the burr and slot widths formed after micro-milling process are investigated using a rapid and accurate image processing method. The measurements are obtained by processing the images and results were compared with a manual measurement method. In

Fault Detection of Mechanical Components Using Image Processing free download Fault Detection is very important in mechanical industry to detect objects with manufacturing defects and to isolate them. At present, fault detection is done manually when the mechanical components are transported for assembly and packing in an assembly line. This

Tomato leaf disease detection using image processing technique free download Agriculture is the backbone of India. It contributes nearly 17% of the total GDP and it employs more than 60% population. Now a days plants are severely affected by a different type of diseases. The agriculture industry in all over the world are affected by severe

Modeling Grape Leaf Quality Using Image Processing Technique free download Grapes are familiar fruits in the Mediterranean, Central Europe and Southwest Asia. Various components of this plant have many uses, including leaves used in the preparation of foods. The quality of the grape leaves is especially important for the preparation of food and this


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