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How to Create a Stunning Presentation Cover Page [+ Examples]

Caroline Forsey

Published: January 06, 2021

When you're focused on creating a meaningful, persuasive presentation, it's easy to overlook the cover page. But giving that first page of your deck a little more love can actually go a long way towards grabbing your audience's attention early on and setting the tone for the rest of your presentation.

kindergarten homework cover page

A stunning presentation cover page can intrigue your audience into wanting to know more and increase engagement with the information you’re presenting. On the other hand, a lackluster slide, or even the lack of one, can dampen audience enthusiasm for your presentation, and maybe even your own.

You've put so much work into your presentation -- why waste that valuable real estate on the first slide of your deck?

In this post, we'll cover the basics of creating a presentation cover page that's informative and attention-grabbing. Let's dive in.

→ Free Download: 10 PowerPoint Presentation Templates [Access Now]

What's included in a presentation cover page?

A good presentation cover page accomplishes three simple things:

We probably don't need to tell you this one, but your presentation cover page should be centered around a title. And ideally, a title that's straightforward, descriptive, and simple. If you're finding it hard to keep your title short, add a subtitle (in smaller print) to clarify what you'll be speaking about.

kindergarten homework cover page

Next, identify the person (or group) who will be giving the presentation. In some cases, this will be as simple as including your own name, and in others, you'll want to include your company name, logo, department, or other identifying information. As a general guideline, you'll need less identifying information if you're giving an internal presentation.

If your audience is mainly folks outside of your company (or there are plans to distribute your deck externally) you'll typically want to include more information to identify your company clearly.

kindergarten homework cover page

A successful cover page sets the "tone" of your deck -- but what does that really mean? The colors, imagery, fonts, and placements of different elements on your cover page all create a specific visual style that the rest of your deck should follow.

A well-designed page conveys a sense of professionalism and preparedness that a simple monochrome text slide simply cannot. Even if you're not a design expert, you need to pay attention to the aesthetics of your cover page. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to find free, professional-looking presentation templates without needing a degree in graphic design. Whatever you choose, it's important to remain relevant to your presentation (and, if applicable, your company's branding).

We'll explore a few examples of cover pages below so you can see how different elements converge to set the tone for a variety of different presentations.

Presentation Cover Page Examples

Below, we've compiled a number of presentation cover pages that succeed in different areas. Remember: there's no single perfect format for a presentation cover page, but hopefully, you get some inspiration from this list.

Setting An Emotional Tone

The right presentation page can set an emotional tone as well as a visual one. This presentation cover page for a nonprofit conveys a mission-driven approach to protecting nature, with a well-selected, relevant image, and a call-to-action directly in the subtitle. (Photo by Andy Køgl on Unsplash )

kindergarten homework cover page

Focusing on a Photo

You don't need to overcomplicate the format of your cover page, especially if you have a great photo to use as a full background image. A simple stock photo here provides a clean backdrop for this presentation on remote work. Just make sure your title text is legible over any background photo you decide to use. (Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash )

kindergarten homework cover page

Leading With Your Brand

Even if you're the central speaker for a presentation, it might make more sense to highlight your team or brand on your cover page, instead of including your own personal information (you can always include your own contact info at the end of your deck for follow-up questions). Context (if you're speaking at a particular event or annual meeting) can be important to highlight as well on your cover page.

kindergarten homework cover page

There's a big difference between a cover slide you didn't put much thought into and a slide that makes good use of whitespace and leans on strong copy. Sometimes, the best way to lead an audience into your presentation is to create space for a little mystery.

If you're giving a more casual presentation or a pitch that doesn't need to follow a particular format, consider going the minimal route and opening with a simple cover page slide that asks your audience a question (one that you of course plan to answer).

kindergarten homework cover page

Set a Purpose

Many presentations include an agenda slide directly after your cover slide, but that doesn't mean you can use your cover slide to set a clear purpose upfront. Consider using your subtitle to explain a more robust (but still simple!) description of what you'll cover.

kindergarten homework cover page

Presentation Cover Page Templates

Instead of creating your presentation cover page from scratch, using a template can take much of the work out of the process. Check out these websites for templates that you can use for your presentation or for inspiration to create your own designs.

A tried-and-true favorite of many marketing teams, Canva offers up a wide selection of modern, drag-and-drop presentation templates with truly unique cover pages. If you're on the hunt for a cover page that looks like you hired a graphic designer to create it just for you, Canva is a good place to start your search. Canva offers both free and paid options.

kindergarten homework cover page


Beautiful.ai has an intuitive, highly-customizable presentation builder that allows you to import your own visual elements directly from your computer or a Dropbox folder. Like Canva, they offer a number of free and paid template options (with great cover pages). Their biggest differentiating feature is their (frankly, very cool) adaptive AI technology, which intuits how you're trying to design a slide and makes changes automatically to suit the direction of your project.

kindergarten homework cover page

For a completely free option with cover page starter template to suit a wide range of different projects across different formats, check out EDIT. Their online tool is specifically designed to create cover pages in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

kindergarten homework cover page

Another highly-customizable template source is Visme, which gives users the ability to select a starting template from their (expansive) library and customize elements in a simple web editor.

kindergarten homework cover page

VectorStock ®

VectorStock® has a massive selection of PowerPoint presentation cover page templates for purchase if you're looking for something that's ready to plug and go without the need for customization (beyond adding your own name and title, of course).

kindergarten homework cover page

First Impressions Matter

For better or worse, audiences will judge a presentation by its cover page. Because of this, it’s vital that you give your cover page the care and attention that it deserves. Ultimately, a cover page isn't simply a placeholder, it’s a vital component that can drum up interest for your presentation. The best part is that with the tools available online, you don’t have to be an artist to create a stunning presentation cover page.

The featured image on this post was created using a Canva template.

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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kindergarten homework cover page

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kindergarten homework cover page

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October 12, 2012

Kindergarten homework - the easy way.

Kindergarten Homework the Easy Way

Every so often, people ask me what I give for Kindergarten homework.  In this post, I will tell you how I create homework for kindergarten and manage it as quickly and easily as possible.  There are also a couple of free downloads, too!

The free download for the cover sheet of the homework is editable, too, so that you can change it each week to reflect what you are working on in your own class.  I also love that it doubles as a weekly newsletter for parents, and it forces me to be very concise.  If I need to send another note and elaborate on something, I will.  But quick, general reminders go on this paper.  I do like it, because if parents tell me that they never saw a note, and I know I put it on the homework, my general response is that if the child did the homework and a parent signed off on it, then they should have also seen the paper with the note on it about the change in dismissal times, etc.  To get your free download of the homework cover sheet, click here .   or   Click here for an editable version!

kindergarten homework cover page

First of all, let me establish that my district requires nightly homework at all grade levels, so I really don’t have a choice about whether or not I want to assign it.  The children are supposed to have about 15 minutes of homework nightly.  The children that are struggling do wind up with more, because they also need to drill on letters and sounds, etc., that in order to catch up to the rest of the class.  I regret that this is the case, but it is unavoidable, I’m afraid!  They have to catch up somehow. Second, you will notice that there is a lot more literacy homework than math.  This is because I find that in Kindergarten, it takes a LOT longer for children to learn to read than to do the required mathematics, since most of the math is manipulative based and not as hard to learn, in my opinion.  So, I would rather have parents spending their time on reading activities.  When I taught first grade, I gave math homework every night, as well as literacy homework.

kindergarten homework cover page

In addition to the nightly homework, children are supposed to read books with their parents as well, and mark them on their Read Aloud Chart for the month.  I have a prize box with old toys in it, such as Happy Meal toys, etc. that I get from parents of former students.  I let the children that bring back their Read Aloud Charts choose a prize from the prize box, too.  Sometimes, parents tell me, “We do read every night, but I just don’t write it down.  Can my child have a prize anyway?  He really wants one.”  I just tell them that I cannot give credit for incomplete work, and I suggest that they hand the child a pencil and have him or her write it down!  That almost never seems to happen, unfortunately.  Can’t think why. Later in the year, when we really start sounding out words, I add another chart that is similar to the Read Aloud Chart, but says “Sounding Out Words Practice Chart” at the top.  The parents are supposed to mark the date when they have practiced sounding out words with their children.  I give them Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) boards to have their children read, and change them out each month.  I think this really helps some children learn to sound out words more easily because of the continued practice, and it goes very quickly once they get good at it.  Here is a picture of a RAN board.   You can download some RAN boards here, including a blank one, at this blog post .

kindergarten homework cover page

Here is my weekly homework routine:

Mondays: I do guided reading with my class, and we check out books for them to take home.  Most of these books came from the Scholastic Book club, having acquired them in sets of seven or eight so that I could send them home for this purpose!  I send home a note at the beginning of the year, asking parents to take responsibility for any lost books.  If a book doesn’t come back, then I call or ask parents at dismissal time immediately for the book.  The child cannot get any new ones until the previous one is paid for. I use library book pockets and index cards for my check out system.  Each book has a library pocket on the inside with an index card inside it.  The card tells the name of the book and the copy number of the book.  The book pocket also says what copy it is, too.  When the children check out their books, they are asked to write their names on the index card.  Then I keep the index cards in a little file box and clip them together by color group.  They take their books home in library bags with their names taped on them that I purchase from Demco library supplies .  They are very sturdy and usually last four or five years, provided that they do not get lost.  (We usually lose about two per year out of 25-28 kids due to damage or loss.)  If a child loses one, he or she then gets a zip lock bag for the rest of the year instead of a nice bag with a handle. When the books come back, I cross out the name and put it back into the correct book, making sure that the child’s index card number matches the copy number on the book, because every now and then the kids get their books switched.  (This is only a problem if a child loses a book, because parents don’t like to pay for books that someone else’s child lost.)

kindergarten homework cover page

I know that checking out books to parents is a LOT of extra time and work, but I do think that it is well worth it, because many of the parents take the responsibility of helping their child learn to read quite seriously.  The child gets tons of extra help at home, and then becomes a fluent reader by the end of kindergarten.  So it’s one of the best time investments that I could possibly make, in my opinion.  My aide does help me manage this as well.

kindergarten homework cover page

Later in the year, I also assign a CVC worksheet as well for them to do.  The worksheets come from my CVC books , either Volume One or Volume Two.  There are five worksheets for each word family unit, and flash cards that go with each one.  There are large flash cards to use in class, and small ones that fit on a single sheet that I can send home with just one click on my xerox machine.  I send home these small flash cards for the kids to cut apart and practice matching up at the beginning of each word family unit.   To download a few sample sheets from one of our CVC books, click here.

kindergarten homework cover page

Tuesdays: On Tuesdays, I usually assign a sentence or two for the children to write.  Ideally, it should be very close to what we are going to write about in class on Wednesday during guided writing, because this will make my job just that much easier the next day.  So when I make my homework, I think about my lesson plans, or visa versa.  I ask the parents to help their child write a sentence, such as I did in the Tuesday box above.  Then I give them the blank sentence writing sheet here.

Wednesdays: On Wednesdays, I usually assign a sight word worksheet.  I usually pick one from one of my Sight Word Workbooks .   There are three different types of worksheets for each word, plus a Mini-Sing Along Songbook for each one. I just choose one of these worksheets to include into my homework.  You can download some sample pages from one of these books here.

kindergarten homework cover page

Thursdays: On Thursdays, I assign math homework.  I plan my math homework based on what the children seem to need to practice the most.  This week, my students needed to work on number formation and writing the numbers from memory, so I gave them a worksheet that would give them an opportunity to practice that.  You can download it here.  As you can see, each night also has a few instructions for the parents on how to help their child do the assignment.  I do realize that there are probably some parents that do not really read it carefully, and just sign off on the activity any way.  But I know that there are many that do!  So I think that it is worth the trouble.

kindergarten homework cover page

A few weeks ago, I sent home some xeroxed shapes in different sizes and colors and asked parents to help their children practice sorting.  Before that, I gave them instructions to find household objects and have their child make patterns, and then included a patterning worksheet.  I also use a LOT of the Counting Creatures worksheets.  There is a book of worksheets for the numbers zero through ten, and another workbook for the numbers 11-20 .  I have also included some of the Matching Sets Worksheets , the Counting Creatures Addition and Counting Creatures Subtraction Worksheets , depending on our units of study.  One thing I have to say is this:  since we usually just use the worksheets as a learning center by putting a bunch of them in dry erase pockets, I don’t have to worry about the children doing one of them again with a pencil at home.  The children have never complained about that!  So far, given that I have access to all of these workbook sets, I have never run out of anything to give the children for homework!  And if I lack something, I just make up an activity and tell the parents to practice it home, such as I just described with the shape sorting above.  You can download some samples of the Counting Creatures Books here.

Fridays: On Fridays, the children just need to turn in their homework, so the instructions are very minimal.  I ask the families to keep the entire packet stapled together if they possibly can, and that helps me keep track of it. One thing that I have encountered is that often children will do the homework, but forget to turn it in, even though the entire class is turning in their homework sheets in a great commotion!  To encourage the children to get their homework out of their binders and put it in the homework box, I sometimes get out my Staples “Easy” button and let them push it after they put their homework in the box.  That REALLY works!  

kindergarten homework cover page

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Preschool Teacher 101

Preschool lesson plans for busy teachers who believe in playful hands-on learning

Printable Preschool Homework Folder Covers

Do you include some sort of homework in your preschool program? Although we don’t believe preschoolers should be getting lengthy assignments or nightly worksheets to take home, we do think having some sort of homework can be a great parental involvement tool that both the kids and parents can enjoy.

Parents like to know how they can support their child’s learning at home, and they like to know what kinds of things kids are learning in the classroom. Plus kids love showing what they can do and sharing all they are learning with their families. This is one tool for helping them do that.

Printable Preschool Homework Calendars

In our printable preschool homework calendar set (available in our shop and on TpT ) we share a full year’s worth of activity ideas for homework that require little preparation and are fun for kids. Each week includes a math activity, a language/literacy activity, a movement activity, a “helpful” activity, and a drawing activity.

You can see an example and learn a little more about the use of the homework calendars in this homework calendar post  on Fun-A-Day.

Free editable homework folder covers for preschool and kindergarten

But we know teachers are also organizers, and we like to have things nicely labeled and in order. So we knew you’d like to have a cover for these homework folders. Well you’re in luck. We’ve got some…and they’re free!

In this free printable set there are:

The covers are black and white so kids can personalize them and add their own unique touch.

Preschool Homework Folder Cover Template

Tips for Using Your Homework Folders

Decide whether you will have a separate homework folder or whether you will  include homework calendars in one main take home folder. The are pros and cons to both. If you have a separate homework folder kids can add any drawings and notes to the folder and return it when it is due instead of having things in the main folder daily. However, sometimes having two folders means one might get misplaced or not get returned on the due day. Whatever you decide clearly explain the expectations to your parents and keep an extra folder or two on hand just in case.

Choose whether you will ask for the homework to be returned or not. Some teachers prefer to send homework calendars home as an option and do not ask for them to come back to school. (If you choose this option, you may not want to have separate homework folders.) Others like to have kids bring their homework back as a way to see what families have done and recognize the work the kids did at home.

If you will be requesting that the homework calendars get returned, decide whether you’ll be collecting it weekly or monthly and be sure to notify (and remind!) parents.

Make turning it in an event if you can by allowing kids to share one of their favorite homework activities. If you’re using separate homework folders, they can choose a drawing that they did. They can also describe an activity they did at home. This can lead to a lot of wonderful sharing opportunities and class discussion.

Share Your Thoughts

Do you use homework folders? What type of system do you use for classroom management? What tips would you add here?

kindergarten homework cover page


Make changes to the header and footer on the "Edit Header and Footer" tab on the left.

Kindergarten Homework

*Your child will bring home their homework folders on Monday.  The homework will include a review packet and math pages that should be returned to school.  The Treasures language arts packet reviews letter sounds and sight words.  I would like children to work in this packet.  The Treasures packet may be returned to school or kept at home to work on.  Also, practice reading the decodable books daily.

* Parent Communication Folders will go home Thursday.

* Empty the folder and go over the papers in the folder with your child.

(He/she will have a lot to tell you about them!)

* When your child is done with his/her  homework, have him/her put

it in the Homework Folder.  Brier Folders and Homework Folders should be returned to school on Friday.

* It is expected that ALL students will turn in their completed homework every Friday.  

Thank you. 

Other things to do ...

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Time 4 Kindergarten

Kindergarten Homework Folders and Binders

Here are my thoughts, no matter what grade....

My homework...

My Homework Binders

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