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LabVIEW Projects for Engineering Students

Currently, the LabVIEW based hardware units are commonly used in various industries due to their features like rugged design and exact control. The communication of these can be done using different protocols namely RS232, TCP/IP, RS485, etc. The abbreviation of term LabVIEW is “Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench”. It is a software expansion environment used to make custom applications to check & control the real-time information in the application fields like science and engineering. As the name specifies, it is a virtual instrument and it has the characteristics to execute data analyzing, measurements to the user. So this is the main reason to use this in various industries as well as an extensive range of applications. This article provides a list of LabVIEW projects based on different categories.

What is LabVIEW?

The LabVIEW is one kind of platform from National Instruments used to design the system & also an expansion environment for a visual programming language. This is mainly used for controlling the instruments, automation of industries, and DAQ (data acquisition), etc. The programming representation used in LabVIEW is named as G, which depends on the accessibility of data.

LabVIEW provides a huge elasticity to make an application with the help of G-language. This is an influential graphical language when contrasted with normal computer programming languages . It mainly includes two essential elements like the front panel & block diagram.


LabVIEW provides a huge elasticity to make an application with the help of G-language. This is an influential graphical language when contrasted with normal computer programming languages. It mainly includes two essential elements like the front panel & block diagram. The front panel assists a user interface wherever we can situate indicators and controls. The coding part is located in a block diagram wherever we can write the code using functions as well as structures for applications.

LabView Projects for Engineering Students

LabVIEW programming is used in all the branches of engineering projects like electrical, electronics, IEEE, robotics, Arduino, etc. LabVIEW based electrical projects mainly include real-time projects, industrial automation, controlling, drive, LabVIEW industrial projects etc. These LabVIEW based final year projects are very helpful for engineering students. The list of LabView projects for engineering students are also discussed below.

Motor Speed Controlling through Voice & LabVIEW

This project uses voice commands to control the operation of the DC motor to reduce the manual operation. This project is mainly used by the disability people like blinds, etc. The main feature of this motor is, it can be controlled through voice or voice. The process of voice recognition can be done with the help of LabVIEW programming language.


This project mainly uses Microsoft SDK as well as voice recognition to control the motor. So the implementation of DC motor control can be done with the help of the PWM technique. This project is used for a DC motor with 0.5HP 220V 3A.

Speech Recognition Project using LabVIEW

The main intension of this project is to design a system to control the objects by using human speech as well as LabVIEW. Human communication is the natural speech and this process is used in computers to follow the voice commands of the human to understand the human languages. In this project, a system is designed to control objects like Toggle switch, LED, etc using human speech & LabVIEW. This project uses a microphone to get the voice signals from Human and it is interfaced through LabVIEW code. So this LabVIEW programming generates a suitable signal for controlling the objects.

Measurement & Controlling of Temperature through LabVIEW

The main intention of this project is to design a system using a LabVIEW program to control the hardware by measuring temperature with temperature sensor

Speech Synthesis based on the Recognition of Optical Character using LabVIEW

This project is used to synthesis the speech depending on the optical character recognition using LabVIEW programming.

Arduino & LabVIEW based Controlling of Water Level

This project is mainly designed with an ultrasonic sensor, Arduino & LabVIEW programming to estimate the water level without contact. Once the water level is reduced then the water pump will automatically turn ON. Similarly, the pump will turn OFF once the water level reaches the fixed level.

LabVIEW & DAQ based Data Monitoring in Real-Time for PV Solar Cell

The main concept of this project is to design a system to monitor the data of PV solar cells using LabVIEW programming as well as the DAQ board.

Monitoring & Controlling of Soil Humidity with LabVIEW

This project is used to check the humidity of the soil so that it can be monitored and controlled through LabVIEW programming.

Automatic Biometric using Brain Waves to Recognize the User

This is project is designed with Brainwave sensor, Data Processing, Bluetooth & LabVIEW programming. The BCI (Brain-computer interfaces) is used to convert brain signals to control signals without using peripheral nerves or muscles. By using these signals, authentication can be done. This project is applicable in the navy, army, safety system of industries, and high-security applications.

LabView based Soft Switching Technique for Regulation of Smart Fan

The conservation of energy in homes is a major consideration. Similarly in industries, energy usage inefficient way is also the main consideration. The proposed system is used to decrease the power utilization of the fans by changing the speed in a smart way so that the overall power usage can be reduced. This regulation method can be connected in series/parallel based on the levels of humidity in homes. This project uses humidity as well as temperature sensors for detecting the temperature in rooms.

Home Automation with Energy Gentrification

This system is designed to give highly reliable automation in industries, homes so that the energy shortage problem can be solved. This project is used to control the home appliances with the help of an automation system.

This system uses LabVIEW software & data acquisition board along with various sensors. Home appliances can be connected through a relay over a DAQ board. The different sources of energy generations are associated with the control mechanism to different loads.

LabVIEW based Security System of Railway Track & Gate

At present, railway safety is the main aspect of railways because many accidents have occurred while crossing the railway gate. So, this project is used to design a controller for railway-crossing-gate to avoid accidents at the railway gate with the help of sensors.

This system uses the LabVIEW software, DAQ system as well as different sensors IR & proximity. The arrangement of these sensors can be done at both sides of the railway crossing in a fixed distance. An infrared sensor is arranged in front of the railway gate for detecting the obstacles over the track. This project provides security for both the track & railway gate.

Traffic Light System using WSN with Override for Emergency

The project is designed to provide a traffic light control system using an override capacity used for emergency automobiles.

This project uses the DAQ module at each junction where IR sensors are allied. The programming of LabVIEW can be done in such a way that the traffic light system operates in dissimilar modes such as automatic time period for each junction; a system based on density & manual operation for controlling.

The list of LabView projects for engineering students is listed below.

The list of some LabView projects for beginners is listed below. All these are associated with real-time applications that are previously executed by others.

LabVIEW based IEEE Projects

The list of LabVIEW based IEEE projects includes the following.

Smart Home Controlling using BCI

This project is used to design a virtual reality system with the help of EEG (electroencephalogram) & BCI (brain-computer interface) for controlling a smart home. This project uses Bluetooth, Brainwave Sensor, Zigbee & LabVIEW programming. The applications of this project mainly include controlling home appliances, BMS control, etc.

Attention Tracking while Distracted Driving

While driving a vehicle, the driver requires full attention to control the vehicle. So this project is designed to maintain the attention of the driver while driving on the road. This project can be designed with Brainwave sensor, GSM, LabVIEW, and Bluetooth. This project is mainly used in automotive applications, Safety of the Driver & Alerting system.

Health Monitoring System of Animals using Zigbee

This project is used to monitor the physiological parameters of the animal-like temperature of the body, rumination, pulse rate, etc. The designing of this system can be done using WSN, Zigbee & LabVIEW. This system also analyzes the level of stress equivalent to THI (thermal humidity index). This project is used in Farms, Zoological parks, Animals care, etc.

Intelligent Management System through Motion Sensing for Surveillance

This project can be designed with PIR, Microcontrollers, Image Processing, Zigbee & LabVIEW. The parameters of the machine system provide huge information regarding the condition of the machine, maintenance, output, etc. So the parameters of the machine can be estimated with motion technology. This project is applicable to security applications.

Animals Food Feeding System based on Time Scheduling

This project is used to design a system for feeding the food for animals based on the scheduling of time. This project is designed with RTC, LabVIEW, Zigbee, and microcontrollers. This project is used in Zoo parks, safe feeding systems.

GSM & Labview based Tracking of Eyeball

This project is used to design a system for tracking the eyeball, position of the eye, movement of the eye. This project uses a smart camera, vision software tool & LabVIEW programming to generate tracking and detection of eye algorithms. This project is used in the biomedical field for Coma Patients.

LabVIEW based Fire Rescue System in Railways

The most comfortable as well as feasible modes of transport for passengers is railways. This project is the best solution for developing a fire rescue system to reduce the no. of victims in case of fire accidents in train. This system can be developed with the help of microcontroller technology as well as smart sensors. This project uses GPS, GSM, LabVIEW & Zigbee.

Power Management System for Institutions using Labview

This project is used to design a system for a smart classroom for reducing energy consumption as well as wastage with the help of LabVIEW. There is one kind of automation process where the environment of the institution can be monitored through ambient intelligence for providing context-aware services & make it possible for remote power control. This project uses Xbee protocols & LabVIEW Data Processing. The applications of this project include Automatic Power controls & Energy management systems.

The list of LabVIEW Projects for biomedical engineering students are discussed below.

Monitoring of Human Body using Web Server & LabVIEW

This project is used to monitor the parameters of the human body such as temperature, pulse rate, etc using LabVIEW programming. The procurement of this data can be performed using the Arduino controller, LabVIEW & web server.

Temperature Monitoring of Premature Newborn Baby

This project is designed with GSM, Webpage HTML, and Zigbee. Patient safety is very important but for premature newborn infants, there is no proper way to monitor the temperature. With the development of technology in the medical industry, the death rates of newborn babies have been controlled. This project is used in Neonatal nursing stations & Biomedicals.

Automated Blood Bank Design using LabVIEW & Embedded System

This project is used to design an automated blood bank system using LabVIEW & embedded systems. This project is designed with GSM, microcontroller, web page, and LabVIEW. This system updates the information about the voluntary blood donors as well as those in require of blood on this platform. This system fulfills each and every blood request in the country through an android application. This project is applicable to Bio-medicals, etc.

Robotics Projects

The list of LabVIEW robotics projects includes the following.

Robot Controlling through Neuro Waves using LabVIEW

This project is designed with Bluetooth, Robotics, Brainwave sensor & LabVIEW. A BCI or brain-computer interface can be defined as a control system or communication system which works on ECG signals or brain waves to control a device. The communication between the human brain and a computer can be done by using this system. This project is mainly used to control robots, wheelchairs, etc.

LabVIEW based Book Picking Robot in Libraries

This project is used to design a robot for picking up library books using LabVIEW programming. This project is designed with RFID, ZigBee & Webpage based on HTML. This project is used in Document Saftey, Large Libraries & Institutional book management.

Omni-Directional Robot Controlling with Android Phone & Accelerometer Sensor

This project is used to design a robot that travels in omnidirectional. This project is used to control this robot using android mobile as well as an accelerometer sensor. This project is designed with Microcontrollers, Android mobile, Zigbee, and LabVIEW. This project is used in controlling robotic applications.

LabVIEW & Smart Surveillance based Mobile Robot

This project is used to design a mobile robot including a camera that is placed on the robot for investigation purposes. The outline of this robot can be controlled using GUI based LabVIEW programming.

The list of some more robot projects includes the following.

The list of LabView projects using Arduino are listed below.

LabView Projects using myRIO

The LabView projects using myRIO are listed below.

Thus, this is all about LabView Projects which includes LabVIEW based mini projects,  present, hardware units based on LabVIEW are commonly used in various industries because of their controlling capability & rugged design. The communication of this can be done using some protocols such as RS232, TCP/IP, RS485, etc. Here is a question for you, please list out some LabView projects using DAQ.

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Artificial Intelligence Projects

labview projects with sensors

45+ LabVIEW Projects for Engineering Students

LabVIEW stands for Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench, which is a software development environment for creating custom applications that are able to monitor and control the real-time data in engineering and science field applications.

As the name indicates Virtual Instrument, LabVIEW has the characteristics of an instrument which can perform measurements, analyzing data and presenting results to the user. That is the reason why LabVIEW is extensively used in various industries and a wide variety of applications.

Labview logo

LabVIEW offers a great flexibility to create an application or control strategy using powerful graphical language (which also called as G-language) as compared with traditional text-based programming languages like C, C++ and Java. It consists of two main elements, namely, front panel and block diagram.

The front panel facilitates a user interface where we can place controls and indicators. The block diagram is coding part area where we can write the code for an application using structures and functions.

In addition to LabVIEW software, a dedicated and reconfigurable data acquisition (DAQ) hardware can perform many complex real-time tests, measurement and control tasks.

Nowadays, this LabVIEW based dedicated hardware units are popularly used in different industries due to their precise control and rugged design. These are also capable of communicating through protocols like RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, etc.

Here we have listed some of the popular projects based on LabVIEW . All these projects are related to real-time applications which are already implemented by others.

List of LabVIEW Projects I deas

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is it possible to attach a sensor with a key that delivers a beep sound when searched from a mobile phone through labview

Hello, Please can u attach labview code for Vibration Monitoring Using MEMS Digital Accelerometer with ATmega and LabVIEW Interface for Space Application.

lab view is very poor

Hello I need the connection of the circuit of the voltage and current sensors with labview throught the arduino as interface. I searched much and much,but nothing.i hope anyone can help me. Thank you .

Hi Ahmed, Interfacing between Lab view and Arduino is very much simple, you can use any communication Protocole, 1. VISA 2. Makerhub Linx 3. LIFA

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Complete list of Labview tutorials and projects

LABVIEW tutorials and projects

Labview tutorials

Labview projects

Here is a list of labview projects. I will add more projects to these labview projects.

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LabVIEW Projects

Check out what other makers are building with LabVIEW or share your project to be featured on the LabVIEW MakerHub website!

labview projects with sensors

labview projects with sensors

labview projects with sensors

Raspberry Pi

Labview projects.

PCBWay fabrication house

labview projects , Labview tutorials, labview student projects, labview final year projects, labview semester projects

Moreover, LabView is really a difficult software and it really took us a lot of time in designing these projects so other blogger are more than welcome to share our projects on their blog but do mention the respective link from where you copied as a favor. I am gonna share the complete list here. The benefit of doing this is that it will also organize the projects and you guys can get all of them in one place. So, anyways, let's get started with LabView Projects.

Getting Started with LabView

Basic LabView Projects

Temperature sensing using NI LabVIEW, Temperature level indication in LabVIEW, Temperature level detector in LabVIEW, Sensing different levels of temperature in LabVIEW, How to differentiate between different levels of temperature

Embedded LabView Projects

DC motor control tutorials, DC motor control articles, Control DC motor articles, control DC motor articles, How to control DC motor, DC motor controls tutorials

NI myRIO Labview Projects

introduction to myrio, getting started with myrio, ni myrio, myrio ni, myrio

Syed Zain Nasir

Author Image

Robotics controls, Wheel chair control

High security applications, Industries safety systems, Navy and Army

BMS smart control, Home appliances control

Bio medicals, EEG processing

Automotive applications, Driver safety and alerting system

Bio-medicals, Real time application, Ease of communications

Wireless Monitoring, Technolgy based caring of elder peoples

Bio medicals, Neonatal nursing station

Animals care, Zoological parks, Farms

Smart care, Mobility of monitoring, Health Service Centers

"Hospital , Research laboratories

Large Libraries, Institutional books management, Document Saftey

Defense applications, Rescue operations

Security applications

Safe and Secure feeding system, Zoological parks

Ease of robotic controls

Robotic control applications, Motion Control

Rechargable devices, High Security applications


Controlling devices, Media Player

Devices controls, Security systems

Coma Patients, Bio medicals

Quality Checking, Industries applications

Railway Safety systems

Vehicle safe parking system, Wireless Communications

Smart grid vehicle charging, Wireless monitoring

Railway safety, Vehicle safety

Higway accident rescue system, Boat Rescue systems

Power Management system for domestic applications, EMS in industries

Energy management sysems, Automatic Power controls

Signal processing

Efficient power managemnt for industries and home applications

Motion controlling

Low cost Power generations

Smart home, Industries control

Eco friendly

High Voltage distributions, Subastion management

Remote panel monitoring, i-NET based configurations

Power management system

Motor control and monitoring, Industries equipments controls

Eco friendly application, Hygenic environment creations

Multi sensor data processing, Industries applications, RF communications

Farm maintenance, Safety management

Motor safety control and monitoring

Real time sensor acqusition, Authendications,

Solar power generations, Wind power generations, Fault idendifications

Safety maintanace system

Domestic energy meters, Wireless monitoring and billing

Industries control, SCADA design in LabVIEW

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Teach Online Lab

This is an online, interactive lab that contains instructions, multimedia, and assessments where students can learn at their own pace. As an instructor, you can create and edit instances of this lab, assign them to students, and view student progress.

Learn more about NI’s platform for online, interactive courses

Teach online course.

This is an online, interactive course that contains instructions, multimedia, and assessments where students can learn at their own pace. As an instructor, you can create and edit instances of this course, assign them to students, and view student progress.

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myDAQ Projects for Engineering Students

labview projects with sensors

Instructor Resources available. Get Access



Included course labs, intro to data acquisition, intro to sampling theory, intro to digital i/o and state machines, filtering and temperature, automatic headlight controller, sensing position or distance, strongman game, motor control, morse code project, advanced project ideas, requirements.

Combines a comprehensive set of plug-and-play computer-based lab instruments with portability for hands-on student learning in or outside the lab. Learn more

Save time with quick, clear access to DAQ measurements, get instant access to data without the need to program, then apply analysis or program for advanced acquisition, using built-in interactive tools to rapidly make data-driven decisions. Learn more


Required software.

Required Hardware*


Instructor resources are available. Get access


LabVIEW Templates and Sample Projects

LabVIEW has in-product templates and sample projects, which provide recommended starting points designed to ensure the quality and scalability of a system. All of the templates and sample projects are open-source and include extensive documentation designed to clearly indicate how the code works and the best practices for adding or modifying functionality. In addition to demonstrating recommended architectures, these projects also illustrate best practices for documenting and organizing code.

Create a Project from a LabVIEW Template or Sample Project

Desktop sample projects, labview real-time and labview fpga sample projects, adding custom templates and sample projects, getting started with a template or sample project.

You can create a new project from an existing template or sample project from within LabVIEW.

labview projects with sensors

Templates demonstrate the fundamental building blocks of most LabVIEW applications. One or more templates are often used in combination to build real-world systems. These templates provide common architectures using well-adopted design patterns that you can modify to build a system.

Desktop sample projects illustrate the use of one or more templates in an actual application. These projects fulfill the most common requirements of desktop-based measurement applications, including responsive user interfaces, asynchronous analysis, data-logging, user dialogs, error handling, and multiple independent tasks.

Embedded systems typically require an architecture that is designed for reliability and deterministic performance. As a result, many embedded applications require processes dedicated to system status monitoring, error handling and watchdog timers. The LabVIEW sample projects for CompactRIO and PXI RT DAQ illustrate best practices for addressing these needs by providing recommended software architectures that can be used for a variety of embedded control and monitoring systems. These sample projects also illustrate best practices for data communication, network connectivity, control routines, data logging, and more.

In order to view these templates within LabVIEW, you must have the LabVIEW Real-Time and/or the LabVIEW FPGA Module(s) installed.

CompactRIO Sample Projects

Real-time sample projects (with daqmx).

The LabVIEW Real-Time (NI-DAQmx) sample projects are designed for applications involving real-time control and/or waveform acquisition and logging.

Advanced users can complement the included list of templates and sample projects with their own, making the "Create Project" dialog an excellent mechanism to share and distribute recommended templates across a team of developers.

The Create Project dialog for a custom template or sample project  can be updated to include additional items, like customer templates,  that can script the creation of custom code.

Templates and sample projects require the use of a wide variety of LabVIEW skills and programming concepts. The documentation provided in each project enumerates the concepts that users need to be familiar with. In addition, the documentation on the block diagram clearly indicates where to add or modify code in blue colored comments.

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Our Top 5 Favorite LabVIEW Projects for Makers

With the release of LabVIEW at the Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis, we wanted to take this time to celebrate the makers in our industry who continually inspire us with their creations. These creations can range in the amounts of effort required, but using the proper tools can expedite the process without sacrificing your desired result. This is one of the many reasons why we often choose LabVIEW to aid our design process when developing a new project. LabVIEW is extremely useful for visual creators, presenting a set of icons and wires that allow the project mastermind to connect hardware in a single environment. The beauty of this software is that creative minds can view their projects as virtual instruments (VIs), which enables a huge variety of possibilities! As a maker, we understand that it can be difficult deciding what to make with the expansive amount of ideas in this world (or in your very own head, for that matter). Thus we took the time to scour the Internet for our favorite creative projects and came up with a list of our Top 5 LabVIEW Inspired Projects for Makers .

900 LED Display

This project was featured a few years back at the ECEDHA conference and required the use of 900 individually addressable LEDs . Not only could the project be programmed for a functioning game of Snake, after the fun and games were over it was re-purposed as a visual Seahawks logo display. Using LabVIEW for this game made it easy to keep track of player scores, which were displayed on a computer using the VISA read function. The players could then compete for the top three scores and therefore lay claim to the ultimate bragging rights that accompanied a win. Learn how to make your own here  and challenge your friends to a game night this summer.

Behind You! Anti Creeper Alert System

If you have ever felt wary of people sneaking up behind you while wearing noise-cancelling headphones, this project is the perfect solution. This alert system notifies you with a gentle tap against your arm or shoulder when someone walks closer than 2 feet behind you. It uses LabVIEW to interface with the microcontroller and VIs to establish device communication. Find the Instructable here  and never worry about wearing headphones again!

The alarming number of daily activities that require attention often lead us to procrastinate and focus on alternative, less stressful activities. This project helps promote a more focused attention span using LabVIEW and an LED strip . The LED strip is setup to communicate with the pressure sensitive pen, that the maker constructs, prompting the user to focus on their writing activity. LabVIEW helps interface with the WF32 in this project, connecting the circuit and improving timing on the microcontroller. It also presented an additional ability to track and monitor metrics of the user with graphical output that could be analyzed at the end of each study session. Since microcontrollers can experience problems with delay timing, the use of LabVIEW for this project, with its convenient timer feature, presents a method for overcoming these potential issues. To find out more about improving your study habits, check out the project here .

Racing Robots

Racing robots has never looked as fun as this project, which uses LabVIEW and a Leap Motion Controller to measure and communicate the peaks and valleys of hand movement. In this project the maker can challenge a partner to race robots  (decorated with terrifying Lego characters in this Instructable ) by moving one’s hand quickly above the Leap Motion Controller loaded with a LabVIEW MakerHub library. The LabVIEW library programs the WF32 for WiFi communication, enabling each car to drive as quickly as one can wave their hand above the motion controller.

Protect your electronics with this thermistor project that regulates the temperature within your entertainment center using two fans and a servo . This system is adaptable with manual and automatic settings to control fan function and preserve electricity. The LabVIEW code provided in the Instructable establishes communication between the WF32 and the temperature sensors that direct the two attached fans, keeping your electronics cool throughout the summer months.

Hopefully these projects give you a sense of what can be accomplished with LabVIEW and some new project ideas for your future endeavors. If you are a maker, let us know what projects you look forward to making this summer. Also, don’t forget to stop by and say hello at the Eyeo Festival if you happen to be in attendance!

' src=

About Quinn Sullivan

I am an apparel merchandiser who found comfort in the world of electronics after discovering a passion for making projects with copious amounts of glitter. Every day I work on learning and uncovering novel solutions that guide me towards solving life’s little problems. My optimism and two rescue puppies have kept me sane throughout this endeavor as I figure out how to blend two diverse backgrounds in fashioning something amazing that will eventually lead to world domination.

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