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How to Write a Freelance Makeup Artist Business Plan [Sample Template]

Are you about starting a freelance makeup artist company? If YES, here is a complete sample freelance makeup artist business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE . Okay, so we have considered all the requirements for starting a freelance makeup artist company. We also took it further by analyzing and drafting a sample freelance makeup artist marketing plan template backed up by actionable guerrilla marketing ideas for freelance makeup artists. So let’s proceed to the business planning section .

Why Start a Freelance Makeup Artist Business?

Makeup is everywhere. There is hardly any lady you see that may not be wearing makeup. A makeup artist specializes in helping to change the appearance of clients depending on what the request of the client is, either to boost confidence, go out for an occasion or to use professionally. The changes that are being created by the makeup artist come with a combination of artistic talent, specialized tools and the makeup itself.

Even though the business might look easy enough to start, but not carrying out thorough research before starting the business is likely to do your business a whole lot of harm because it means you will not be prepared for challenges that will occur during the process of starting or running the business. Most people will prefer to hire a business consultant at this point but if it isn’t something you can afford, you can gain insight about the business from someone who is already in the business.

Another thing which needs to get done is writing a comprehensive business plan. A business plan is very vital because it shows how your business is expected to run and as such it acts as a guide when it comes to making the right decisions for your business. If you do not know how to write a business plan , we have provided a sample make up artist business plan for you below.

A Sample Freelance Makeup Artist Business Plan Template

1. industry overview.

The use of lipstick first came into existence about 5,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia when the women of that age used ground precious gem dusts to decorate their lips. However this has changed as the use of makeup and cosmetics became popularised through Hollywood movies.

Globally, the beauty industry grows at an average rate of 7 percent every year which is twice the GDP growth of developed countries. The growth experienced in this industry is driven by baby boomers that are aging, an increase in discretionary income in western countries and the growth of the middle class in developing countries. This means that beauty firms have it good as only about 3 percent of their sales are put into research and development as compared to the 15 percent spent by pharmaceutical companies.

Beauty firms spend about 20 – 25 percent of their sales on promotion and advertising and the makeup sector in the beauty industry generates revenue of about $18 billion. The cosmetic industry generates $160 billion on a global level. According to research, Americans spend more on beauty than they do on education.

Lipstick during the Roman era was depicted as a status marker as even men used this to indicate their rank. According to statistics, an effect known as the lipstick effect enabled the sales of lipstick to increase during periods of economic downturn as well as on rainy days.

More makeup artists are beginning to manufacture their own brands in order to achieve the intended effect they need for their clients as most feel that having their own brands help boost their image. However, start-up capital is a huge factor delaying most from manufacturing their own brands especially in a market that is already deemed too competitive.

While makeup artists love to create trends with make-ups on their clients, more are opting to allow their clients have simpler looks except when the occasion demands for something else.

2. Executive Summary

Shimmery Beauty Studio is a leading freelance makeup business here in Florida – Miami helping to meet the needs of our clients whatever the occasion might be. Our vision is to become a well known brand in the make-up industry where we not only anticipate and meet the needs of our intended clients but also ensure that we exceed whatever expectations that they might have had. We are also hoping to be trend setters here in Florida as well.

Our sole intention of establishing the business is to ensure that we generate enough revenue that will enable us sustain and grow our business. We intend to offer as many services as possible in order to ensure that our bottom line is in a healthy condition. Our offering of other services will also enable us to compete favorably against other similar startups here in Miami – Florida.

The makeup artist industry is service based and as such, it is filled with intense competition which means most of the services being offered are uniform in nature and so it is pertinent that we offer value-added services in order for us to stand out from our competitors in the industry.

We are looking to ensure that we retain as much as customers to our business in the first year of business and so we will be looking to build a solid business structure where we hire the best makeup artists that understand industry trends and therefore help us achieve our desired goals and objectives of not only meeting but also exceeding the expectations of our clients.

We will also ensure that our other staff are competent and proficient enough to fill in the available positions that we would have in our company. Our employees will always receive training to update their skills in order to make them become better than their counterparts in similar start-ups here in Miami – Florida.

We will ensure that our customer service executives receive the right support always that will enable them attend promptly to our clients by ensuring that they remain updated as regards  company policies.

Shimmery Beauty Studio is owned and run by Shim Newton and Merry Crabs. Shim has more than 15 years experience as a cosmetologist and Merry has 10 years experience. They have both worked in several industries and are ready to help the business attain its goals and objectives.

3. Our Products and Services

At Shimmery Beauty Studio, our intention is to ensure that we are able to provide all our various clients regardless of the gender and age with the right makeup that will suit whatever occasion that they have in mind.

However, in our bid to ensure that we create multiple sources of income, we intend to add other services to our core service. This is because we understand that offering a variety of services will ensure that we generate more revenue and attain profitability for our business.

However, in our bid to generate profit, we will ensure that everything we are doing is within reasonable ambition and under the permissible laws of the united states of America. Below are some of the products and services that we intend to offer;

4. Our Mission and Vision Statement

Our Business Structure

Regardless of the fact that we intend to run a freelance business, we will not neglect to build a brand that will be a force in the industry, which therefore means that we are looking to build a solid business structure for our business. In order to achieve this, we have laid down plans and processes that will ensure that we start on the right path as we know how critical this is to our business.

We understand how important choosing the right employees to fill in available positions in our company is and so we will carefully choose those that we know are not only competent but ones that understand our core goals and objectives and will be willing to do all they can to ensure that we achieve our goals and objectives.

Even though this is a business that we can run by ourselves but due to the fact that we will be offering several other services in addition to our core service, the need to hire more employees than the conventional number needed by a freelance makeup team is vital as more roles and responsibilities will require more people.

Below therefore is the business structure that we intend to build at Shimmery Beauty Studio;

Chief Executive Officer

Human Resources & Administrative Manager

Marketing Executives

Makeup Artists

Customer Service Executives

5. Job Roles and Responsibilities

6. SWOT Analysis

Even though there are enough freelance makeup artists in existence plying the craft, the fact that we are taking our business seriously by writing out a business plan means that we want to do all we can to not only make the business a success but to make it stand out as well.

We have therefore decided to engage the services of a business consultant who understands the industry well and the location where we intend to operate in, Miami – Florida, to help us come up with professional simulating scenarios on how we are likely to fare in this business.

The business consultant who has had various experiences intends to use certain attributes such as our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in determining how likely we are to succeed when faced with several scenarios in the industry as well as in the location we are looking to run our business from.

Below is the SWOT analysis that was conducted on behalf of Shimmery Beauty Studio by the business consultant we hired;

We already have a positive image online especially as we have a YouTube channel where our audiences are given make-up tips and we get to reward loyal audience members in our location with a free makeup regardless of whatever occasion they are going for.

It is this positive image that we will be cultivating offline to help with our business which is why we are building such an excellent business structure where the employees we have hired know and identify with our goals and objectives.

We also have an excellent customer service as most of our customers are those who keep coming back not just for our artistic skills alone but also for how well our customer service works. Just as we do online, we intend to give our loyal customers discounts or a free makeup every now and then.

The fact that we have a bit of popularity online unfortunately does not translate to the same offline and so we have to aggressively promote our business in order to build the awareness we desire and the fact that we are running a tight budget means that this may take a long while before we are able to get the attention of a substantial part of our target market.

The makeup industry is one that offers up a lot of opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs as there are many niches available as well as training and we are looking to take advantage of as many as we can based on our workforce.

Just like any other business, we are faced with threats during the course of starting or running the business and some of these threats are ones that we may have no control over. The threats that we are likely to face are the arrival of competitors in the same area where we are looking to run our business as well as economic downturn which will see more people preferring to apply their make-ups themselves instead of paying a professional.


Most makeup artists in existence work in the motion picture and television broadcasting industries and only a quarter of these makeup artists are self-employed. Most jobs by these artists are usually short term with only a few going on for longer periods. Earlier on, most jobs were centered around Hollywood but now this is no longer so.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that the employment of makeup artists will grow slowly than the average occupations all through till the year 2022. One factor that has caused the decline of the employment of makeup artists is the fact that many movies take advantage of computer generated imagery to create special effects instead of using makeup artists.

8. Our Target Market

Even though it might look like the target market is limited to only females within certain ages, we might be doing our business a great disservice if we do not take the time to conduct a thorough market research that will enable us know our real target market based on the location we are.

Another reason why we are conducting a market research apart from knowing our target market is to ensure that we know what it is our target market wants in order that we might be able to draft the right strategies that will allow us not only penetrate but also get a huge share of the market for our business.

From the result of the market research that was conducted, we have found that we are in business to offer our services to the following group of people;

Our Competitive Advantage

There are several reasons why people apply make-up and understanding this fact, we at Shimmery Beauty Studio intend to ensure that we use our artistic skills to provide our clients with whatever makeup needs they might require.

Also, while other similar startups look to ensure that they meet the needs of their clients, we strive to not just meet the needs but to exceed it as well. However in order for us to stand out from our competitors, we intend to have laid down strategies that will enable us achieve our true goals and objectives.

One of the advantages that we have over our competitors is the fact that we are located in an area where there are lots of people who want professional make-up to be done for them regardless of the occasion they might be attending.

The desire to build the best business structure means that we are determined to go all the way in ensuring that we hire the best hands to fill in all available positions in our organization. Due to this fact, we intend to source for and hire competent professionals that identify with our goals and are committed to ensuring that we are able to achieve our goals and objectives.

We intend to create a conducive work environment for our employees where we will allow them hone their creative skills in the hope that they will set industry trends that will project the image of our company. We will also ensure that the welfare packages for our employees are better than what their counterparts are receiving in similar startups here in Miami – Florida. We will also ensure that our employees receive adequate training as at when due so as to brush up their skills.

Finally because we believe so much in customer excellence, we are determined to do all we can to ensure that our customers receive the best care possible by not only promptly attending to their requests and feedbacks but also ensuring that from time to time we give out discounts or incentives to show how much we appreciate them.


Shimmery Beauty Studio is a business that has been established with the aim generating the profit that will ensure the growth and sustainability of our business here in the United States. However in order to achieve this, we intend to have various sources of income.

Below are some of the different sources of income we intend to create in order to be able to generate revenue for our business;

10. Sales Forecast

Even though there are lots of makeup studios and artists, shimmery beauty studio, we believe will have a huge impact in the industry as there are lots of clients which we will cater for.

We are strategically located in Miami – Florida because there are various sets of people here who require makeup for a variety of purposes. We are therefore confident that we will be able to not only meet our target but to also make profit within a year of starting this business.

For us to be able to come to this conclusion, we have conducted a thorough research regarding the business and the industry and therefore know what chances we have of making it in the industry. We have also engaged the services of a sales consultant who knows about our kind of business and the industry we are in to help us determine what our chances would be. It should be understood that the data and assumptions used were from similar startups like ours here in Miami – Florida.

Therefore below are the sales forecast that was made based on certain assumptions and facts and depending on our location;

N.B : It should be noted that our sales forecast is not only dependent on the services which we intend to offer but also on the other products and services that we are looking to offer as well. The sales projections are also based on the fact that several conditions will not vary during the period such as the downturn of the economy and the arrival of a major competitor. Should there however be any change to the above factors, the sales forecast will either increase or decrease.

The importance of marketing for a business cannot be overemphasized because not only does marketing ensure that a business is able to generate revenue and then make some profit but also that adequate awareness is created for the business as well.

For us to ensure that the revenue objective is achieved, it is important that we come up with an achievable marketing plan that will enable us to not only penetrate the market but also get a certain percentage of the market for ourselves, which will then enable us to be able to compete favorably against our competitors here in Miami – Florida.

Even though we might have laid down marketing plans for our business, crafting effective marketing strategies is something else entirely and for this we must ensure that we conduct a thorough market research that will enable us understand the type of market we are going into, what is expected from us by our target market, who our competitors are and what to expect from them as well.

We understand how inexperience might affect the effectiveness of our marketing strategies and because of this, we are prepared to engage the services of a marketing consultant who has the required experience in this industry to help come with marketing strategies that are effective enough to help us achieve our goals and objectives.

We will also ensure that our marketing team is empowered enough to review our marketing strategies both offline and online and ensure that they remain aligned to our overall goals and objectives. Below are some of the marketing strategies that we intend to adopt in order for us to deliver our services effectively at Shimmery Beauty Studio;

11. Publicity and Advertising Strategy

Having the right publicity is very vital to the growth and sustainability of a business and knowing this we intend to ensure that we take advantage of any activity that will positively promote the image of our company and ensure that there is increased awareness for our makeup business especially as the industry where we intend to operate from is very competitive and not engaging in publicity activities will mean us not achieving our goals and objectives.

This made us to engage the services of a publicity consultant to help us create the right strategies that will ensure that we are able to get the attention of our target market so as to have an edge in competing against similar start-up such as ours.

Some of the publicity and advertising strategies we therefore intend to use when looking to boost our brand – Shimmery Makeup Studio include;

12. Our Pricing Strategy

Because we are offering services majorly to our clients, fixing a price will vary from those that are selling products. Also what we will charge our customers will depend on what kind of make-up they are looking to get and because it is easy to undercharge when it comes to services, we intend to conduct a thorough research that will enable us to know what to rightly charge so that we are able to offer affordable rates to our customers while not also running our business at a loss.

Because we are however a new business and will be looking to increase awareness for our business in order to attract more customers; we will offer promo rates to our customers in our first three months of operation. The decision to offer a discount was one that was thoroughly considered and we have found that this will not in any way affect our bottom line during the period.

Technology has made running a business more complex as different customers have different means by which they intend to pay for services and so understanding this, we at Shimmery Beauty Studio have come up with different payment options that will be suitable for our various customers.

Below are the different payment options that we intend to offer to all our customers;

The above payment options were chosen after a deliberate consideration of the paying trends and we have thoroughly gone through each option and as such are confident that there will be no hitches whatsoever for our clients should they wish to go for any of the options.

13. Startup Expenditure (Budget)

Even though the makeup business does not require a whole lot of capital to start up and run successfully, there are still various things – overhead and running costs – that have to be handled for the business to be able to run smoothly till it starts generating its own revenue.

Below are the areas where we intend to use our capital on;

From the above breakdown, we would require the sum of $120,000 in order to successfully set up our freelance makeup artist business here in Miami – Florida. It should be noted that the above amount will cover the salaries of those we are looking to employ for at least the first three months of operation.

Generating Funding/Startup Capital for Shimmery Beauty Studio Business

Shimmery Beauty Studio is a business that is owned by Shim Newton and Merry Crabs, two make-up artists who have teamed up to ensure that customers are able to not only meet but have their expectations exceeded. The two owners have no plan to get an external business partner and so have decided to limit the sourcing of their capital to just few sources.

Below are some of the areas where we intend to generate our start-up capital from;

N.B: Because we are a new business that is majorly into freelancing, we do not intend to approach the bank for any loan and will therefore use funds from our personal savings and from close family members and friends. We were able to generate the sum of $70,000 from our personal savings and we got the sum of $50,000 from family members as a soft loan to be repaid in 5 years or as soon as we start running a profit.  

14. Sustainability and Expansion Strategy

The aim of establishing a business for most is to be able to generate revenue in order to maximize profit that will ensure the sustainability and expansion of your business. In order to be able to achieve this however, it is important that you have a solid re-investment strategy, excellent business structure and good customer relationship.

Even though a business is established for profit, the profit has to be substantial enough so that a percentage of it can be ploughed back into the business to ensure that it continues to remain in existence. We have therefore decided to offer a variety of services in order to be able to have a substantial profit to reinvest into the business.

Building an excellent business structure is very vital for the growth and sustainability of the business and so we are ready to go the extra mile in ensuring that we hire only competent employees that have the right artistic skills and that identify with our core goals and objectives. We will ensure that our employees are duly trained in order to be able to meet up with the trends of the industry.

Creating a good customer relationship service is very important as this will ensure that we achieve a high retention rate that will ensure that our customers keep coming back to patronize our services. We know that if we engage in these three measures, we would be able to achieve our sustainability and expansion strategies.

Check List/Milestone

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Makeup Artist Business Plan Sample & Writing Guidelines

Experts always suggest putting your goals on paper before you actually start a business so you can keep track of your efforts and returns.

In the case of setting up a small scale makeup artist business , writing your goals simply with an estimated deadline for each will suffice. If you want to attract strategic partnerships, generate funding, and garner public exposure through marketing and media coverage, you must have a proper business plan for your makeup artist business.

how to start a makeup business

Business Plan Template for Makeup Artist

This article will identify the business plan’s sample contents and guidelines for developing those contents under proper sections. So here it goes:

1. Business Description:

The business description is going to be the first element of your makeup artist business plan. It makes sense to be first because no one is going to read further if they don’t immediately get a concept of your idea. Make sure that in your business description, you include the following:

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Find a way to incorporate every aspect that we described, but also to do so in a way that flows well. You want to emphasize that you are a competent, reliable business owner in your plan. So, instead of saying that outright, make sure that every element of your plan is easy to read and professional.

2. Highlight Your Services

The second element of the business plan will be a summary of your services. Readers will need to know exactly what you are offering and at what price points!

Create a list of services that you will offer, and it better is to identify the pricing at the same time. Make sure that whatever you are offering is creating value for your customers. If you offer services that have many competitors, go for competitive pricing through packages and promotional offers. If you are selling a unique service, make sure you are delivering the price’s value. Think of a competitive advantage that you have and highlight it!

3. Present Market Analysis

The market analysis starts with identifying your customers’ demographics, economics overview, industry outlook, and interests and demands. For any budding business, you never want to jump right in without knowing who you’re selling to. It helps to know your demographics and demonstrate a plan of attack based on who your audience is. So, it’s natural that any potential investors reading your plan will want to know this information and analyze whether it makes sense. Here’s how to go about it:

makeup artist business plan template

To keep it simple, focus on the following:

If you find a way to conduct the appropriate research and detail the former in your plan, you’ll show a high-level understanding of your market and how you can make money within it. That’s what the readers will want to see!

4. Sales & Marketing Strategies and Planning

You can’t have a successful business without some form of marketing. You’ll need to dream up a great plan of action before you can detail it in your report.

This section will include details on how you plan to market your business and the resources you will need to do so. Check out our detailed guide on how to market your makeup artistry business , and develop this section of your business plan accordingly.

Along with the marketing strategy, you also need to mention all the monetary and non-monetary resources required to run the sales and marketing operations. For instance, whether you will be needing a website or not, who will develop the website, who will develop the materials and contents for brochures and business cards (Do not forget to check out our guidelines and sample business cards for the makeup artist business ).

5. Include People Who Will Be Working with You

The 5th section of the makeup artist business plan is to detail your staff in the report. Your plan’s readers will need to know if there are other people on your payroll, partners, etc. So, you’ll have to organize your staff information beforehand and write it down in the report. Here’s an idea of how to do this:

Make a list of people who will likely be a part of your business in one way or another.  List people with their responsibilities and mention whether their role will be full time or part-time, if you will pay them, or if they will be volunteers.

6. Include the Financial Plan and Projections

The final element in the makeup artist business plan is the money section. Sure, this may seem daunting at first, but if you have a good foundation you should have no problem detailing how you plan to make money! So, in this section you’ll need to consider and document a few things:

As you have already done the costing in previous stages, this is the time to put all the financial elements in one place in proper order. Here in this section, you will list all the costs that you will incur on your makeup artistry business along with projections based on when and how you are going to spend the amounts.

You can also include a sub-section for projected earnings. This will help you identify how much you will spend initially and how much time it will return.

This part of the business plan can be lengthy, depending upon your goals. However, make sure to focus on:

With the above guidelines, you can develop an effective and presentable business plan for your makeup artistry business. If you are to present the business plan to investors , make sure to add rich media like images of your best work, letters of the association from your strategic partners, testimonials from people/groups where you have delivered promotional services, etc. to make your business plan more appealing and attention-grabbing.

Thanks for reading and good luck, aspiring MUAs!

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#1 Introduction

There are so many services related to beauty. We have already talked about starting a beauty salon , barbershop , nail salon , or SPA , and even about opening a lash&brow business . Now, let's see how to create a makeup artist business.

Professional makeup is a life-changing service for many. This procedure not only highlights your beauty but also hides even the tiniest details you don't like. In addition, makeup is the art you can make money on.

Makeup changes the appearance but not the individuality. The main goal of this service is to show clients a better side. So, makeup artists use various beauty techniques, valuable products, and accessories.

A skillful makeup artist is a person who understands the fundamental principles of human anatomy, has artistic talent, the feeling of style, and trends.

The makeup business is a mix of art and hard work. A professional makeup artist has to be:

Eager to learn.

makeup artist business plan template

#4 How to run a makeup artist business legally

There are two choices of the business legal organization. You can either be an LCC or a sole proprietor. Sure, no one likes taxes, but there are several benefits of working legally.

Advantages of working officially:

Legal income, so you can get a credit if needed.

An ability to give receipts and use a bank card for receiving payments.

An ability to work with big corporations like the TV and film business.

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Makeup Artist Business Plan

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Able to serve one client at one time in a given location due to the competitive nature of the industry.

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There are (3) reasons why I have chosen energy drinks as my NAB. First off, there is a growing market for energy drinks. Red Bull and Monster Beverage Corporation, together, form over 80% of domestic energy drinks volumes by estimates. Dollar sales for energy drinks grew almost 6% to $6.67 Billion in measured channels in 2013, which propelled sales growth for convenience stores (Team, 2014). A growing thirst for caffeinated “energy” drinks, which include the likes of Red Bull, Monster, and Rock star, has spurred a heart-thumping surge in sales. Globally, the energy drink industry has gone from a $3.8-billion business in 1999, to a $27.5-billion

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OnSite Marketing, Inc. (OMI) aims to provide advertising, marketing, and public relations services to targeted business environments in the Automotive Aftermarket industry. OMI intends to leverage the thirty plus years that co-owner Steve Crain has in the automotive arena, especially as it related to his position as the Director of Marketing for SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) where he helped SEMA, the non-profit organization that is the core of the Automotive Aftermarket, market and grow their trade show into the industry’s largest trade only show. SEMA afforded Steve Crain the networking goldmine that continues to follow and serve him today. OMI’s plan seeks to generate company sales and

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Download beauty make up artiste business plan with financials.

Looking for a beauty make up artiste Business plan in Nigeria for your new or existing enterprise?

Download this beauty make up artiste business plan sample, which you can download to present to NIRSAL, BOI, BOA, and other investors. 


1.0. Executive Summary

Dassy Beauty Studios is a Nigeria based and international makeup studio that will be located in Mokola, Ibadan. We intend to offer makeup services, products and pieces of training to our clients, as well as other services in our line of business.

Dassy Beauty Studios is in business to maximize profit and also compete with other business competitors in and around Nigeria. our vision is to exceed the expectations of our clients and also become a nationwide and international brand in the next 3 years.

We intend to build a stable business structure because we plan to start with as few glitches as possible. We have the intention to employ creative and qualified hands who understand the business thoroughly and are goal-oriented.

Dassy Beauty studios is a business owned and managed by Ayomide Rhoda, a renowned makeup artist who has made up several famous artists in Nigeria. She has a Degree: B.S. in Fine Art from the University of Benin and an MBA from the University of Ibadan, and other certifications with over 5 years experience in the industry, working with some of the leading brands in Nigeria.

2.0. Our Products and Services

Dassy beauty Studios intends to deliver the following product and services to its various customers;

3.0. Mission and Vision

4.0. Business Structure

We plan to run a standard makeup studio that exceeds the expectations of our clients, that is why we intend to employ the most qualified people to work with us in our make-up studio.

Below is the business structure that we intend to build;


5.1. Strengths

The fact that we will be offering several makeup services to our various customers, allowing us to meet the various needs of our customers. All our makeup artists will not only be well trained, dedicated and understanding but have professional certifications as well, which means that we are more than competent to meet and also exceed the expectations of our customers.

5.2. Weaknesses

The fact that we are a new business and yet to gain much depth into the market as we intend to is our major weakness. Also, we do not have all the staff or the finances necessary to deliver all the services we hope to achieve.

5.3. Opportunities

There are several opportunities in this industry available to us with the various target market that will be rendering our services to. Also, the living economy means more people will be willing to patronize our services or buy products from us.

5.4. Threats

Our major threat is the arrival of a major competitor to the same location we are operating from leading to a reduction in the number of customers we are likely to have. Also, an economic downturn is likely to be a threat to our businesses.

5.5. Our Target Market

Almost everyone uses makeup especially for special occasions, events and other purposes and therefore require the services of a make-up artist to be able to get the look they want.

Given this, we have conducted surveys and market research to fully understand the market we intend to enter and what we should expect from our target market, while also having an idea of what they would be expecting from us. Therefore, we are in business to services the interest of the following group of customers;

5.6. Sources of Income

Dassy Beauty Studio is established to generate profit that will be used in growing and sustaining the business here in Ibadan and also all over the country and beyond our country’s borders.

We intend to generate income by rendering the following services and selling the following products;

How To Download Make Up Artiste Business plan Template PDF and Doc (With financial analysis)

Pay the sum of  N5000  ( Five thousand naira only)  to the account detail below: Bank: GTBank Name: Oyewole Abidemi (I am putting my name and not our company account so you know I am real and you can trust me, and trace me) Ac/No: 0238933625 Type: Saving

P.S: We can also tailor the beauty make up artiste  Business plan to your name,  business size, capital requirements, and more to fit your direct needs. Call or message +234 701 754 2853 for inquiries.

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Demi is a professional writer, published author, and digital marketing aficionado for Liveandwingit Digital marketing agency. Het has explored several opportunities across the internet ecosystem. When Demi is not crafting mind-boggling content, he is binge-watching Game of Thrones, Money Heist and Suits.


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Makeup Artist Business Plan Sample PDF Example | Free Download Presented by BizMove

Free business plan PDF download

Watch This Video Before Starting Your Makeup Artist Business Plan PDF!

Checklist for Starting a Makeup Artist Business: Essential Ingredients for Success

If you are thinking about going into business, it is imperative that you watch this video first! it will take you by the hand and walk you through each and every phase of starting a business. It features all the essential aspects you must consider BEFORE you start a Makeup Artist business. This will allow you to predict problems before they happen and keep you from losing your shirt on dog business ideas. Ignore it at your own peril!

For more insightful videos visit our Small Business and Management Skills YouTube Chanel .

Here’s Your Free Makeup Artist Business Plan DOC

Free book for you: how to start a business from scratch (pdf).

Copy the following link to your browser and save the file to your PC:


Hitch your wagon to a star

Ralph Waldo Emerson

God Made The Night ...

But He could not have known about those of us who waited for the dark To feel the first moments of privacy we had known all day, Or to use that black secrecy to mutter curses at the day's faults.

He Also Fashioned The Sun ..

And choreographed the ballet called sunset; But He didn't anticipate the agony that spectacle would create Among those of us who counted the day past a loss For it brought them not one step nearer the goals sought.

When He Breathed Out The Worlds Music ..

He planned joy, But again we fail Him when we wince, And fight tears, and denounce the beauty of it Only because there is no beauty in the music of our souls.

God Planted Love Here ..

And it grows Where hate had flourished Or where it is scarcely recognized. He planned on using it like a band-aid on the hurts of the heart. But it won't stick on some of us, Or it washes with salt tears, Or we claim not to need it's protection.

Isn't it a marvel He doesn't despair of us?

I Listen to the trees, and they say: "Stand tall and yield. Be tolerant and flexible. Be true to yourself. Stand alone, and stand together. Be brave. Be patient. With time, you will grow."

I Listen to the wind, and it says: "Breathe. Take care of yourself -- body, mind, and spirit. Take time. Be quiet. Listen from your heart. Forgive."

I Listen to the sun, and it says: "Nurture others. Let your warmth radiate for others to feel. Give yourself without expectations."

I Listen to the creek, and it says: "Relax; go with the flow. Tend to what's really important, and let the rest go by. Keep moving -- don't be hesitant or afraid. Lighten up -- laugh, giggle."

I Listen to the mountains, and they say: "Be there. Be honest. Be trustworthy. Do what you say you're going to do. Be true, genuine, and real. Speak from the heart. Don't cheat."

I Listen to the birds, and they say: "Set yourself free. Sing."

I Listen to the clouds, and they say: "Be creative. Be expressive. Let your spirit run free. Let yourself be light and gay, but let yourself be heavy and sad. Cry when you feel like it."

I Listen to the sky, and it says: "Open up. Let go of the boundaries and barriers which you have created to protect yourself. Experience change. Fly."

I Listen to the flowers and small plants, and they say: "Be humble. Be simple. Respect the beauty of small things. Respect the beauty of humility and truth. Let go of perfectionism. Love yourself as you are; it opens the door to change. Practice acceptance."

I Listen to the bugs and flying insects, and they say: "Work. Be productive. Use your hands. Focus on what's in front of you. Ignore the past; there is only the present."

I Listen to the moon, and it says: "Love. Share love. Make love. Be romantic -- touch and caress. Allow yourself to be loved. Be gentle, kind, and understanding. Use candles."

I Listen to the stars, and they wink and say: "Play. Dance, be silly, have fun."

I Listen to the earth, and it says: "I am your mother. I give you life. Respect all that is around you. Find beauty in all things -- living and not -- including yourself; for we are all one -- not separate. Be especially respectful to the very young and the very old, for they are both very near God. Give up the belief that you are a higher form of life; there is no higher form of life. We are equal because we are the same. When you return to me, I will welcome you, and I will set your spirit free. Love and nurture your children; cook good food for them, and hold them very close to you often. Hold me close to you often as well, and I will hold you in return; I will support you. Have faith.

Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance

Samuel Johnson

Company Financial management in the business is characterized, in many different cases, by the need to face a somewhat different set of problems and opportunities than those faced by a large corporation. 1 immediate and obvious distinction is that a majority of smaller businesses do not normally have the chance to openly sell issues of stocks or bonds in order to raise funds. The owner-manager of a smaller company must rely mostly on trade credit, bank financing, lease financing, and personal equity to fund the company. One, hence faces a much more severely restricted pair of funding choices than those faced with the financial vice president or treasurer of a large corporation. On the other Hand, if small business financial management is concern, many fiscal problems facing the small firm are very similar to those of larger businesses. By way of example, the investigation required for a long-term investment decision such as the purchase of heavy machinery or the test of lease-buy options, is essentially the same whatever the size of their firm. Once the choice is made, the financing alternatives available to the business might be radically different, however, the decision procedure will be generally comparable. 1 area of Special concern for the smaller business owner is in the effective management of working capital. Net working capital is defined as the gap between current assets and current liabilities and is frequently considered as the"circulating capital" of the business. Lack of management in this crucial area is a primary cause of business failure in both small and large businesses. The Business Enterprise Manager must always be alert to changes in working capital accounts, the reason behind those changes and the implications of those changes for the financial health of the corporation. 1 convenient and efficient method to highlight the crucial managerial requirements in this area is to see working capital concerning its important components: Cash and Equivalents. This most liquid form of current assets, cash and cash equivalents (usually marketable securities or short-term certification of deposit) requires constant supervision. A well planned and maintained cash budgeting process is imperative to answer crucial questions such as: Is your cash level adequate to satisfy current expenses as they come due? What are the timing relationships between cash inflows and outflows? When will peak cash needs occur? What will be the magnitude of bank borrowing required to fulfill any cash shortfalls? When will this borrowing be necessary and if will repayment be expected? Accounts Receivable. Virtually all businesses must extend credit to their customers. Key issues in this area include: Is the amount of accounts receivable reasonable in relation to sales? On the average, how rapidly are accounts receivable being collected? Which customers are"slow payers?" What action ought to be taken to speed collections where needed?Inventories.Inventories frequently constitute 50 percent or more of a firm's current assets and so, are worthy of close scrutiny. Key questions that must be considered in this area include: Is your degree of inventory reasonable concerning sales and the working characteristics of the business? How rapidly is inventory turned over in relation to other businesses in precisely the exact same industry? Is any capital invested in dead or slow moving stock? Are sales being dropped due to inadequate inventory levels? When appropriate, what actions ought to be taken to increase or reduce stock? Accounts Payable and Trade Notes Payable. In a business, trade credit often provides a significant source of funding for the firm. Key issues to investigate in this class include: Why is the sum of money owed to providers reasonable in relation to purchases? Is the company's payment plan such that it will enhance or detract from the firm's credit score? If available, are discounts being taken? What are the timing relationships between payments on accounts payable and set on accounts receivable?Notes Payable. Notes payable to banks or other creditors are a second significant source of financing for the business. Significant questions in this course include: what's the amount of bank borrowing employed? Can this debt amount reasonable in regard to the equity financing of the company? When will principal and interest payments fall due? Will funds be available to meet those obligations in time? Accrued Expenses and Taxes Payable. Accrued expenses and taxes payable represent responsibilities of the firm as of the date of balance sheet preparation. Accrued expenses represent these things as salaries payable, interest payable on bank notes, insurance premiums payable, and similar products. Of primary concern in this region, especially with regard to taxes payable, is the magnitude, timing, and availability of funds for payment. Careful planning must insure that these duties are met on time. As a final Notice, it's important to recognize that even though the operating capital accounts above are recorded separately, they need to also be viewed in total and from the perspective of their connection to one another: What is the overall trend in net working capital? Is this a healthy trend? Which individual balances are liable for the trend? How does the firm's working capital position relate to similar sized firms in the business? What could be done to correct the trend, if needed? Of course, the Questions posed are a lot easier to ask than to answer and you will find several"general" replies to the issues raised. The manuals that follow provide suggestions, techniques, and guidelines for successful management which, when tempered with the experience of the individual owner-manager along with the unique demands of the particular sector, may be expected to improve one's capacity to handle efficiently the financial resources of a company enterprise. There is one Simple reason to comprehend and detect company financial planning in your business - to avoid failure. Eight of ten new businesses fail primarily because of the dearth of good fiscal planning. Business Financial planning impacts how and on what terms you will be able to attract the funding required to establish, maintain, and expand your business. Financial Planning decides the raw materials you can afford to purchase, the products you will be able to produce, and whether or not you will have the ability to market them efficiently. It impacts the human and physical resources you will be able to get to operate your business. It'll be a significant determinant of whether you will be able to produce your hard work rewarding. This segment Provides an overview of the vital elements of financial management and planning. Used wisely, it is going to produce the reader - the small business owner/manager - familiar enough with the fundamentals to have a fighting chance of success in today's highly competitive business environment. A clearly Conceived, well recorded financial plan, establishing objectives and such as the The use of Pro Forma Statements and Budgets to ensure financial management, will Demonstrate not only that you know what you wish to do, but you understand how To accomplish it. This demonstration is essential to attract the capital Required by your company from lenders and investors.

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