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Arizona’s J.O. Combs USD advances career and college readiness with 24/7 educational support

Arizona’s J.O. Combs USD advances career and college readiness with 24/7 educational support

To advance career & college readiness, Arizona’s J.O. Combs Unified School District adopts 24/7 educational support.

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Game-based learning in education: A quick history

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Homework Online vs Homework on Paper, Which is Better?


Hayat Brahmer and Anvika Annyapu , Opinions August 25, 2022

paper with homework

All together schools across the country consume as much as 32 Billion sheets of paper a year. That’s 768 billion trees that are cut down a year. The deforestation, along with the factory pollution, causes paper to be the third largest industrial air polluter. By making homework solely be online, a big part of paper production would be reduced. This reason along with many others is why homework online is the better option. Yes, homework online is better for the environment, but it also saves schools money. According to Science Education International, school districts spend around $25,000 a year on paper alone. By cutting paper out of the classroom, schools are able to put this money towards investing in their students, faculty, and facilities. Students, specifically at Memorial High School, also save money by submitting their assignments virtually because Memorial HighSchool provides their students with a free chrome book. Another reason having homework on a device is the better option is that kids today are a “technological generation.” Educators have noticed that when stopping the use of paper homework, and changing it to digital assignment, it has motivated their students. Many students feel more comfortable doing their assignment through the internet because technology has become a big part of their day to day lives. One study also showed that because when doing homework on a device, your research, spellcheck, and assignment are all in one, this has inclined students to further their research and give a more in depth assignment. As well as benefiting students, online homework also benefits teachers. Online assignments give teachers the opportunity to easily return feedback to their students. It offers them an easy organizational system. Students’ names are connected to their assignment making grading easier for teachers. Teachers are also able to see when students turn in their assignments and when they are working on it. Making it so students can’t use the excuse of ‘my dog ate my homework.’ Coming from a student’s point of view, online is better because it is easier to work with. Online assignments can be worked on by computer, phone, etc. Students are able to work on the assignment and research sufficiently from essentially anywhere. It is also easier to clean up mistakes online. With paper you either have to completely start over, erase, or cross words out. All of these solutions make things messy and hard work. However, with assignments being online all you have to do is press a delete button and/or rearrange your work. Overall, doing homework online is a more efficient and a more conscious way to complete assignments.

-Hayat Brahmer

Homework, while not the best thing to look forward to, is something that is incorporated into a student’s daily schedule. Though it may be more convenient to do your homework online, it might benefit you more in the long run to do your homework on paper. 

First, paper is a more equitable option. Not everyone has access to high-speed internet or even internet at all. Setting the expectation that a student has to complete their homework online can make students fall behind and make their school experience more difficult. Since paper is a more manageable option, it would level the playing field if homework was completed on paper. 

Completing your homework on paper can also help you retain information better. Studies show that even while taking notes, although more information is written down by taking notes online, taking them on paper proved to be more effective for students in studying. Similarly, having assignments remain on paper can help comprehension because you can’t just copy paste answers or Google translate work. 

Overall, even though doing homework on paper can be difficult, it yields more rewards than doing it online. 

-Anvika Annyapu

Your donation will support the student journalists of Vel Phillips Memorial. Your contribution will allow us to purchase equipment and cover our annual website hosting costs.

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Deadlines are Necessary, but Dont Need To Be Rigid

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Local Newspapers: A Foundation of Community

Local Newspapers: A Foundation of Community


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by Naomi Reiner

For students who struggle with paper organization, online platforms such as Google Classroom may provide a way to increase assignment turn-in rate. In this study, the homework completion rates of 170 9th grade students were measured over the course of two 6-week units in biology class: the first unit on paper, the second on Google Classroom. The overall homework turn-in rates for each unit were compared, and results indicated that a small group of students who struggled heavily with paper organization did turn in significantly more homework. However, there was a larger group of students who unexpectedly turned in significantly more homework on paper. When surveyed, these students reported that when they did not possess a physical paper to remind them, they forgot to do their homework. Overall, we found that an online system combined with a physical paper reminder could represent an effective two-prong approach to increasing students’ homework completion.

East Chapel Hill's source for student-run news

paper with homework

Why We Should Stick With Paper Assignments

paper with homework

     Over the past year, almost all of our school assignments have been online. Some may consider this the future of learning, but I see it as a step in the wrong direction. Next year, we are most likely going to be in person, so I have a revolutionary idea for when we come back to school again: use paper for assignments!

     Studies have shown that students comprehend material read on paper better than screens, according to the Hechinger Report , an education advocacy organization. And taking notes on paper helps you remember what you learned better, according to a study by UCLA and Princeton.

     Also, using paper would make learning more equitable. Although everyone has a school-issued Chromebook, those who have enough money to afford another computer or to have high-speed internet have technological advantages (like being able to access blocked websites during class) that kids who don’t have a personal computer don’t have. But paper ensures equity because everyone is using the same paper and the same pencil. There are no unblocked or blocked websites, or inaccessible software when everyone uses paper for assignments.

     Although we are in a COVID world right now, the school district hopes that next year will be relatively normal. This means that people will be coming back to school, and we won’t have to deal with half the students being online and half the students being in-person. Because of that, we should use paper assignments then. Students will be in school and teachers will have access to printers. Therefore, all students will have access to them, unlike this year where just the few who are in school had that access. These conditions would make it much easier to use paper assignments. Even moreso, besides being able to serve everyone fairly, the paper assignments have an even greater benefit: they discourage cheating.

      Think about it – you cannot copy and paste the answer into an assignment if it is on paper. You cannot use Google Translate on a language assignment without having to copy it down. Although it is still possible, it makes it much harder to cheat, and the idea of having to copy everything down would discourage cheating. With a test, the same applies. Even if you Google something, you still have to copy it down – you can’t just copy and paste it.

     Paper also provides something that being online can’t: the ability to annotate and markup assignments. This allows teachers to provide specific feedback on assignments, and it also makes it easier for students to work on assignments that require reading, writing or arithmetic. For practicing for end-of-year tests, it is helpful to be able to annotate the question and the answers, something that is much harder to do on a computer. Although most of the end of year tests are online, many standardized tests besides the EOCs/NCFEs are not, and the AP exams are usually done on paper. And even if the tests are online, knowing how to read a problem and make sense of it is not a skill that should be lost. 

     Also, there is the big problem with computers: Distractions. Paper assignments make it much harder to get distracted. According to Inside Higher Ed , nearly half of 478 undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo in Canada said they were distracted by a computer or a phone. With a computer, you have many tabs and programs that are easy to lose focus with. With paper, you have none of that, and although there are distractions that are all around you all the time, I get distracted less from a bird outside or a text message than a video in another tab.

     Paper assignments would therefore have immense benefits. They would discourage cheating and be more equitable, as well as having advantages for annotating and practicing for exams. After having all of this online learning this year using computers, we should buck the trend and go back and use good ol’ paper for assignments.

Photo courtesy of Kara Babcock/Flickr


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Yes, we can. Make sure to add a respective Extra service ("Table of Contents/Outline" or "Charts") when ordering homework help online. Each option costs $9.99.

How can I reach a homework helper assigned to my order?

To get in touch with the assigned expert, use a secure messaging system in the Control Panel. With its help, you can exchange ideas, send files, and track order progress.

Is it okay to buy homework from someone online?

There are no legal regulations that prohibit students from getting help with college homework from various sources, including online writing services. What might cause problems is plagiarizing content and submitting someone else’s work unchanged as your own. On the one hand, PaperHelp guarantees the originality of all papers we deliver. On the other hand, we also guarantee users’ full confidentiality. Also, we urge you to use online college homework help you get at PaperHelp for research and reference purposes, as well as template models to follow.

How do I hire the previous homework writer to fulfill a new order?

If you are satisfied by the way your order was fulfilled by a particular college homework helper, you can easily hire this expert again. To this end, you need to copy their unique number ID next to the completed order title and then paste it into the “Specific writer” field in the order form. We will check the writer’s availability and assign your order in case it can be accomplished within the pre-set deadline.

What if my college homework help order is late?

Timely delivery is one of our pillar guarantees. However, contingencies and force majeure circumstances do happen. In case one of our homework writers delays order delivery, you should contact the PaperHelp Support Service right away. We will do whatever it takes to figure out what the issue was and resolve it as fast as possible. At the same time, you may get a partial or full refund due to this unfortunate situation.

What benefits does the Loyalty Program of your homework service offer?

The PaperHelp Loyalty Program lets you receive and accumulate reward credits for the money you spend every time you buy homework help or other writing services from us. The more you spend, the more credits (up to 15%) you get in return. Then, you can use the accumulated credits to pay for the new orders partially or – if you have enough – even in full. Just keep an eye on credits’ expiration dates in order not to miss out on this saving opportunity.

Can I pay for the homework writing service in installments or after I get the paper?

PaperHelp provides custom writing and homework services on a pre-paid basis, meaning you must pay the full order cost before we start processing your order and selecting an expert to fulfill it. Respectively, paying for an essay or a homework assignment after they have been written and delivered is impossible. At the same time, paying in installments might be possible for large orders; each case is reviewed individually. If your order is at least over $500-600 and you want to pay in installments, we suggest you reach out to our customer managers and discuss this opportunity with them.

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