powerpoint presentations not opening

PowerPoint isn't responding, hangs or freezes

Problems with PowerPoint 2013 or a newer version hanging, freezing or not responding may occur for one or more of the several reasons. Try these solutions in the order listed below:

Install the latest Office updates

Send a frown to the Office product team

Check whether powerpoint is in use by another process, investigate possible issues with add-ins, repair office, check to see if your antivirus software is up-to-date, check whether antivirus software is conflicting with powerpoint, change printer defaults.

Try some advanced troubleshooting solutions

Install the latest updates

Installing any important, recommended, and optional updates can often correct problems by replacing out-of-date files and fixing vulnerabilities. To install the latest Office updates, see Install Office updates .

You can also attempt to get updates manually at any time. If installing the latest Office updates doesn't resolve your issue, continue to the next step.

If you're using Office 2016, on the File tab in PowerPoint, select Feedback . Click Send a Frown . (The Feedback pane opens on the right side of the PowerPoint window.)

Describe the problem, and then please select the Include diagnostic and usage data box. (Sending diagnostic data to the Office product team allows it to analyze the context in which your problem has occurred. This helps the team determine what needs to be fixed in the software.)

Click Submit to transmit the feedback to the Office team.

If PowerPoint is in use by another process, this information will be displayed in the horizontal status bar at the bottom of the screen. If you try to perform other actions while PowerPoint is in use, PowerPoint may not respond. Let the task in process finish its job before attempting other actions.

If PowerPoint is not in use by another process, continue to the next step.

While add-ins can enhance your experience, they can occasionally interfere or conflict with PowerPoint. Try starting PowerPoint without add-ins to see if the problem goes away. Here’s how:

Do one of the following:

If you're running Windows 10, click the Start button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

If you are running Windows 8, move your mouse to the upper right corner of your screen and select Search .

If you are running Windows 7, click Start .

Type PowerPnt /safe , and then click OK .

If the issue is resolved, on the File menu, click Options , and then click Add-Ins .

Select COM Add-ins , and then click Go .

Click to clear all the check boxes (Disable the Add-ins) in the list, and then click OK .

Restart PowerPoint.

If the issue does not occur, start enabling the add-ins one at a time until the issue occurs. This will allow you to figure out which add-in is causing the problem. Be sure to restart PowerPoint each time you enable an add-in.

If disabling add-ins did not resolve your issue, continue to the next step.

Repairing your Office programs can resolve issues with PowerPoint not responding, hanging, or freezing by automatically repairing errors in the file.

Close any Microsoft Office applications that are running.

Open Control Panel , and then open Programs and Features .

In the list of installed applications, right-click your version of Microsoft Office , and then click Change and select Repair .

If repairing your Office programs did not resolve your issue, continue to the next step

If your antivirus software is not up-to-date, PowerPoint may not function properly. Download the latest updates by visiting your antivirus software vendor’s website.

For a list of antivirus software vendors, see Consumer security software providers

If your antivirus software includes integration with PowerPoint, you may experience performance issues. In this case, you can disable all PowerPoint integration within the antivirus software. Or, you can disable any antivirus software add-ins that are installed in PowerPoint.

Warning:  Changing your antivirus settings may make your PC vulnerable to viral, fraudulent, or malicious attacks. Microsoft does not recommend that you attempt to change your antivirus settings. Use this workaround at your own risk.

You may have to contact your antivirus software vendor to determine how to configure software to exclude any integration with PowerPoint or to exclude scanning in PowerPoint.

If updating you antivirus software, and excluding it from integrating with PowerPoint did not resolve your issue, continue to Advanced Troubleshooting.

PowerPoint loads a default printer, and changing this setting may resolve the issue:

Open the Control Panel , and then open Hardware and Sound .

In the list of printers, right click on either the Microsoft XPS Document Writer or Send to OneNote.

Select Set as default printer from the menu.

Advanced troubleshooting

This section is intended for more advanced computer users.

Perform a Selective Startup to determine if another program is conflicting with PowerPoint

When you start Windows normally, several applications and services start automatically and then run in the background. These applications and services can interfere with other software on your PC. Changing your startup settings can sometimes help you resolve issues.

Windows 10 Startup Settings (including safe mode)

Windows 8.1 Startup Settings (including safe mode)

Windows 7 Advanced startup options (including safe mode)

If performing a Selective Startup does not resolve your issue, please contact Microsoft Support .

If you’re having the issue on Office 2010, please see: PowerPoint 2010 not responding, hangs or freezes


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Easy Ways to Fix "PowerPoint Not Opening"

Eleanor Reed

Eleanor Reed

Repair a corrupt file on the computer.

Are you getting the error of powerpoint cannot insert video , network issue or seeking the best Ms. PowerPoint File Repair Tool ? Don't be upset, here will provide some solutions for you, or just feel free to download the software to fix them!

While using MS PowerPoint, you may have experienced certain issues as is with any other program on your PC. This is normal and can happen to anyone, so you need not, break a sweat over the matter. Such issues could be an error message stating PowerPoint, not opening or files corrupted , or many other versions of error messages that deny you access to your file.

So, if you wish to take hold of such ppt not opening issues, this article will provide you with sufficient information to get back to using PowerPoint.

In this article

Part 1: what does "powerpoint not opening" mean.

When you try to open PowerPoint Presentation and come across an error message stating PowerPoint does not open, it means the file is corrupt or some have some issue with the ppt and prompts for a repair.

To start, we have detailed errors that can come up when you try to open a corrupt MS PowerPoint. All these errors relate to the error message stating cannot open the PowerPoint file . Though each is different and will even appear differently on the MS PowerPoint version in use, the error message will simply point out that you can't open the PowerPoint file.

Now, each error is associated with a distinct cause which is essential in figuring out the root cause as well as fixing it.

Examples of some error codes include:

Error-File Corruption Due To Plug-Ins or Add-Ins

When you encounter a PPT not opening an error alert, it may be due to plug-ins. For instance, if your PPT is using the Flash Player plug-in, and it gets updated, the visible symptom of this issue will be an error alert as below.

ppt error alert

If you try to perform a repair, it may still have no significant effect.

ppt error alert 2

PPT may even completely freeze when you try any manual repair or editing of the file to do away with the corruption.

ppt error alert 3

Error-Conversion Issue

Another error message is one that appears when you try to preview or publish a corrupted file or even one with issues with a plug-in such as the one listed above.

ppt error alert 4

Error-Damaged PPT File Due To Missing Contents

Certain elements of the file may be damaged, leading to the file being corrupt.

ppt error alert 6

Error-PPT May Crush

This is a pretty common issue where a PPT may also crash due to issues relating to the system, and when it does, it can also point out the reason with details why PowerPoint will not open.

ppt error alert 7

Part 2: Why Does PowerPoint Not Open?

The main cause is usually due to file corruption. On file corruption, the file may be missing vital elements that are required to open the document for viewing. Such information includes drawing objects, hyperlinks, graphs, or even text. This will render the file unreadable, thus an error message when you want to open a PowerPoint file.

Other reasons are as detailed below.

PowerPoint, not opening can also be due to malware or virus attacks to the system. This may cause the PPT file corrupted and make it unreadable too. Malware can manipulate data or replace real data on the PPT file making it look like icons with .exe files.

It is also good to safely eject and transfer data from external storage devices to avoid corruption.

Plug-ins or add-ins as detailed above could also be a reason for PowerPoint not opening.

PowerPoint does not open can be caused due to damaged applications.

Part 3: How To Fix PowerPoint Not Opening? (5 Proven Ways)

There are many ways to resolve PowerPoint does not open. Below are a few "Manual" or Do-It-Yourself steps to help you resolve the issue in a straightforward way to get your PowerPoint working.

1. Unblock the Corrupt PowerPoint File

This step is not the same as unlocking an uncorrupt file that can be open on PowerPoint. Since you might not have access to PowerPoint due to the error, you should try unblocking the file causing the issue.

So, how will this solve the issue as there are many other reasons why you cannot open PowerPoint files?

Well, if you have downloaded a file from the Internet or any network or have received an email and saved it on your computer, then the error comes up since Windows may have blocked the file. Thus you cannot open the PowerPoint file.

To unblock the file, proceed as follows:

Step 1. Open the "Properties" folder of the file by right-clicking on it.

Step 2. On the dialogue box that appears click on the "General" tab.

unblock file - general settings

Step 3. Click on the "Unblock" button, if there is one present on the dialogue box.

Step 4. Finalize by clicking "Ok" and then open the PowerPoint presentation.

2. Disable Protected View in PPT

Once again, this depends on whether the program is damaged and accessible. If not damaged and accessible, then you can disable the Protected View in PPT. You will need to proceed as follows.

Step 1. Launch the PPT program and go to "Files"

Step 2. Under "Files" select "Options"

Step 3. An options dialogue box opens. Here you will have to select the option "Trust Center", which is on the left-side panel. Then click on the right-side pane, click on "Trust Center Settings".

unblock file - trust center settings

Step 4. Another dialogue box comes up. Here is where you disable the Protected View function. You will have to select the "Protected View" option which is on the left-side panel. Then under this option and on the right-side pane uncheck the boxes that enable the function. Once through, click on "Ok" to close the program.

unblock file - protected view settings

3. Start PowerPoint in Safe Mode

This method will help you edit the corrupted file, though some format may be missing, it opens the file in working mode after which you can finally edit the file as per your requirements.

Here is how it is done.

Step 1. Hold down the CTRL key on your computer.

start ppt in safe mode

Step 2. While still holding down the CTRL key, launch the software. As it launches, a prompt comes on the screen asking whether you wish to launch in safe mode.

launch ppt in safe mode-2

Step 3. Click yes to proceed and you will have launched the program in safe mode. Check at the open program if it launched in Safe Mode, for confirmation.

start ppt in safe mode-3

4. Check the Status of PowerPoint-check if the PowerPoint has been in use

This is to help figure out when the issue started. It is also helpful in knowing which files have been corrupted, the period before or after corruption, and if there is an auto-saved copy or backup of the file.

To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Launch the Program and click on "File"

Step 2. Scroll down to the "History" option and here you will get a breakdown of how you have been using the program as well as the tasks you have worked on.

start ppt in safe mode

5. Open PowerPoint with Wondershare Repairit - File Repair for PPT Repair

Features of Wondershare Repairit - File Repair for PowerPoint repair

powerpoint presentations not opening

Wondershare Repairit - File Repair

5,481,435 people have downloaded it.

Repair corrupted powerpoint files with all levels of corruption, including files not opening, unreadable content, garbled files, files layout changed, etc.

Repair all PowerPoint objects, including tables, header and footer, charts, and more.

Repair damaged Powerpoint files caused by any reason, such as system crash, file format change, virus attack, etc.

Perfectly repair corrupted files with a very high success rate, without modifying the original file.

Compatible with PowerPoint files of 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.

When it comes to issues relating to PowerPoint and the error alerts such as can't open PowerPoint files, this is the best method to make use of. The method is through the use of a repair tool or software known as Wondershare Repairit - File Repair . It will resolve issues such as the error alerts described above. It will even help repair a damaged PPT program.

How to use Wondershare Repairit - File Repair for PowerPoint

Step 1: Add file to the software

Firstly, download and install Wondershare Repairit and go to File Repair section.

Click on the “Add” button to find the corrupt ppt file. You're allowed to select multiple ppt files and upload them.

add file in wondershare repairit

The application will filter out incompatible format to save your time. After you have chosen the files, Repairit will start to upload them.

Step 2: Start to repair corrupt ppt file

Once the ppt files are uploaded, choose “Repair” option at the bottom.

Repairit will start scanning the ppt file and troubleshooting possible issues resulting in the error.

start repair in wondershare repairit

On the software interface, there will be a prompt displaying the number of files that have been repaired.

However, if the ppt file is corrupted severely and unable to be recovered, Repairit will notify you about the same.

Step 3: Preview and save repaired ppt files

Choose the “Preview” option and check the repaired ppt file before exporting.

Click the "Save" or “Save All” button and export all repaired files.

preview file in wondershare repairit

You can also select a preferred destination to store the repaired ppt files.

save file in wondershare repairit

Part 4: PowerPoint Tips on "PPT Not Opening"

Recent Videos from repairit: How to Fix PowerPoint Not Opening Problem?

First of all, the best and the most suggested thing to do in case you came across a ppt not opening an error message is to create a backup of your documents, especially the corrupted file. This is because in the event you try so many different repair methods without the proper results, you may end up critically damaging the file.

Next is to eject or remove external storage devices safely not to corrupt documents saved on them.

Remember to regularly scan your computer with a recommended anti-malware or anti-virus software. This will help remove any malicious files that may cause the program not to open.

Finally, remember to be careful with the use of the program, even when updating or installing new plug-ins or add-ins to avoid damaging the software or corrupting data on files.

On the errors listed above, some measures to counter can't open PowerPoint files issues have been discussed. You should carefully execute them or better do it in the surveillance of a professional.

Further Reading: Here are the useful articles to help you. 1. What to Do When PowerPoint Cannot Play Video/Audio Media . 2. Fix PowerPoint Found a Problem with the Content . 3. The Best MS PowerPoint File Repair Tool .

While your ppt presentation may stop working suddenly, you are urged to keep calm and carefully try each one of the steps or recovery techniques given above.

Overall, the most and the highly recommended software, which is the best for such issues relating to PPT not opening is the Wondershare Repairit - File Repair for PowerPoint. Also, it is better to make sure to adhere to the preventive measures mentioned above not to encounter any can't open PowerPoint file issues anymore.

What do you do When PowerPoint Won't Open?

How do I Fix PowerPoint Not Responding?

If PowerPoint is not responding and you get such an error message, try any of these:

Why is PPTX File Not Opening?

PPTX file is not opening because there is corruption in your Microsoft PowerPoint, which translates in turn to corruption in the contents of the PPTX file. This can affect the presentation of a user.

How do I Open and Repair a PowerPoint File?

Follow these steps to use the inbuilt "Open" and "Repair":

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We all love MS Powerpoint. More than just ‘love’, we use it for many important-sounding tasks - webinars, pitching your startup to investors, class presentations, and such others.

Online & Free| Repair Corrupt Powerpoint File

Guide: the best ms powerpoint file repair tool.

Pew Pew madafakas!

Here you will find out:

Are you ready? Let's read!

PowerPoint not opening or can't open file

Sorry, PowerPoint can't read this file — this error message can appear at the most unfortunate times.

For example, during a product presentation or some kind of scientific work.

Unfortunately, this happens quite often and is often associated with predefined program security rules. Sometimes this error can be solved by using a backup on another device.

In other cases, changing the format may help solve the problem of when PowerPoint will not open.

Why PowerPoint is not opening the file

The first thing to consider is the human factor; namely, correct behavior when working with presentations themselves. So, transferring files incorrectly, downloading them from suspicious sites on the Internet, turning off the computer incorrectly while working with a presentation — these all may cause the file to be locked the next time it is opened.

Never forget either about viruses that encrypt files indiscriminately.

PowerPoint itself may not be updated or installed incorrectly.

There are flaws in the header file that prevent you from finding and opening the desired presentation.

The problem can be more complicated if there are problems with the registry. Fear and panic in all these cases will not help; you need to act decisively and reasonably. This is how this article can help.

Method 1. If the PPT file was blocked

Example of ppt file

Explorer has a feature to unlock such files.

You just have to find your presentation there and right-click on it. Click on the line Unlock and confirm with the OK button.

The error PowerPoint file not opening will not appear again.

Method 2. Use a repair function

Like all previous versions of PowerPoint, 2010 has such a function.

Open the program and select File in the Taskbar. Then click on the line Open. You will see all the presentations that are on the computer (even those that do not open). Click on the problem file and select Open and Repair.

If nothing happened and PowerPoint is still not opening in Windows 10, another method will definitely help.

Method 3. Use the previous version of PPT file

To do this, you first need to make a copy of the file.

Then, right-click the file and use the tab of the previous version. If you have a previous version, you can try to restore it.

Method 4. Recover PowerPoint file with Office Recovery

If you have a different version of the file (lost or deleted), use recovery software.

In this case, DiskInternals Office Recovery will be the best assistant. This program recovers any MS Office files, including presentations. How the presentation was lost or damaged is not so important, as the program usually works in any case. The recovery wizard will help and will not leave a single unresolved issue.

DiskInternals Office Recovery can be used by you in a trial version at no cost.

But, if you still want to purchase a license, the entire recovery phase will not need to be duplicated; you can continue from where you left off. In addition, even in the free version, there is a Preview function for presentations. After that, you will want the paid version, as you begin to understand how effective the application is. In addition, you immediately receive technical support for 1 year; this is a nice bonus.

Saving runs smoothly with the Recovery Wizard. You can choose any device to export presentations to, with the exception of the original one (this is for your own good since overwriting is very harmful to data).

Therefore, have no doubt about this method.

FREE DOWNLOAD Ver 5.11, Win BUY NOW From $149.95

How to Fix "PowerPoint Not Opening" in Windows 10?

Updated on 28 June, 2021

When you encounter a PPT not opening error alert, it is majorly because of PPT file corruption. The best possible solution to fix the “cannot open PowerPoint” error is by using the most and the highly recommended software Remo Repair PowerPoint tool. Its advanced scanning technique & user-friendly interface makes the PPT repair process smooth and simple. The entire repair process will be done in just 3 steps: Select > Repair > Save...

powerpoint presentations not opening

If you are trying to open PowerPoint Presentation and encounter an error message saying PowerPoint does not open, it means the file is corrupt or might have some issue with the ppt and as te ppt file prompts for a repair.

Why PowerPoint Fails To Open?

The main reason behind PowerPoint File not opening is PPT file corruption. The presentation may be missing important elements that are required to open the document for viewing. Such as drawing objects, hyperlinks, graphs, or even text. This will render the file unreadable, thus an error message when you want to open a PowerPoint file.

You can come across a lot of errors when you try to open a corrupt MS PowerPoint. All these errors relate to the error message stating cannot open the PowerPoint file. Though each one is different and the error message will simply point out that you can't open the PowerPoint file.

The PowerPoint application may not start due to several other reasons as well.

Repair PowerPoint Files that are not Opening

While using PowerPoint or while opening any PPT file in a PowerPoint application you might encounter few errors. Errors that will not allow you to access or open the PPT File and it is totally normal. Nevertheless, if you are in a serious time crunch, such errors can put you in trouble. So, what can be the quickest and easiest way to fix the “PPT file not opening” error, just scroll down to know.

There is no need to feel alarmed, as in this article you are definitely going to resolve the issue in a few minutes.

How do I Repair a PPT file Not Opening?

Finding out that your PPT is not opening can be seriously painful. Additionally, if you have a presentation coming up, which is more troublesome, because you don't have enough time to prepare another. In such a situation, Remo is the best-suited option. Engineered with advanced repair engines, Remo Repair PowerPoint is hardwired to fix the most complicated PPT errors in a couple of minutes. Additionally, it's completely free to try.

How do I know my PPT file is corrupted?

When you try to open the PPT file you will see the following errors:

In the follwoing section you will find the methods to fix a corrupted PPT file

How do I fix PowerPoint not opening Files?

To repair not opening PPTX files , download & Install the Remo Repair PowerPoint tool on your PC. This is a hassle-free application that is developed by skilled professionals using sophisticated repair technology, that makes the PPT repair process completely effortless. The file repair process is done in just one shot using a few mouse clicks.

Tutorial to Fix not opening PowerPoint File:

How does a PowerPoint File get corrupted?

Few Reasons for PPT File Corruption:

Features of Remo Repair PowerPoint Utility:

Learn more about how to fix damaged files with the help of Remo Repair tool in simple way. Read more..

Why Choose Remo?

powerpoint presentations not opening

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