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The Experimental Research Design of Animation-Based Learning Research

Profile image of Proud Arunrangsiwed

2014, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University

"As animation has been applied to many types of media to gain the attention from the target audiences such as in movie intro, music video and advertising, animation was also adapted to be the teaching media in various classes (Biography, Chemistry, Histology, Veterinary, Meteorology, etc.). Many researchers studied how effective animation-based learning was, and they created the different methods to study. Most of the researches in this area are quantitative, so this research headed to study the methods of the quantitative research in this area. The results of this research would help the people to know the way to study the benefits of animation-based learning, and to know the advantage and disadvantage of experimental research design. These results could be the direction to develop the way to work on the experimental research in this area in the future."

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Prachyanun Nilsook

General Education Department is using Moodle LMS program (Learning Management System) in order to support Fundamental Psychology course activities. In this course, the lecturer designs for students to learn by watching video clips from the Moodle program. Students can learn more from video clips after class in order to enhancethe students’ understanding of the content. The objective of this research is to study the effectiveness of learning from video clips by using Moodle LMS program of undergrads and the satification of students toward learning from video clips by using Moodle LMS program. There were 286 students registered in Fundamental Psychology in the first semester of the year 2011. The instrument was a questionnaire. The research found that learning from video clips allow students to understand Fundamental Psychology course more, and video clips with audio and animation allow students to remember the content easier. In addition the students have the satisfication of learning from video clips by using Moodle LMS program at a very good level.

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