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Financial Analysis of Business Feasibility and Maggot Black Souldier Fly Cultivation Development Strategy

This study aims to analyze financial feasibility and develop strategies for developing Black Souldier Fly (BSF) maggot cultivation business. The research location in Omah Maggot Warna Warni, which is located in the village of Puntir Martopuro, Purwosari Pasuruan, was chosen with the consideration of having good prospects for BSF maggot cultivation. Respondents include 4 resource persons who are directly involved in maggot cultivation. The analysis used is a quantitative financial analysis by calculating the value (Net B/C, NPV, IRR, and Payback Period and BEP) with a discount factor (DF) of 11 percent. Sensitivity analysis was used to determine the sensitivity of BSF maggot cultivation to a decrease in production which was conditioned by a 10% to 40% decrease in production. Descriptive analysis with SWOT analysis is used to find strategies for developing Maggot Cultivation Business. The results showed that maggot cultivation was profitable to cultivate. This business is feasible because the NPV and Net B/C values are greater than 1, and the IRR value is higher than the interest rate. Based on the SWOT analysis, it shows that the position of the internal-external matrix of the Omah Maggot Warna Warni maggot cultivation business is in quadrant II or the growth and development strategy with the IFAS factor value of 2.39 and EFAS 3.03. This phase shows that the colorful Omah Maggot maggot cultivation business is undergoing a growth stage and must be developed because it has great potential to develop. The priority of the BSF maggot cultivation development strategy is to improve the quality of maggots, expand network marketing, and increase the use of cultivation technology and collaborate with the local government for the development of the Colorful Omah Maggot maggot cultivation business.


Research on the teaching practice of “hui xue xi” platform in the course of network marketing fundamentals in secondary vocational schools, development of network marketing in uzbekistan., investigating the impact of social network marketing on the bank customers’, research on the innovative strategy of blended teaching in network marketing in the era of big data.

Network Marketing is a practical professional compulsory course. With the advent of big data technology, a hybrid teaching model combining online and offline has emerged. Based on the analysis of the advantages of using a hybrid teaching model in Internet Marketing, this article comprehensively considers a variety of factors and put forward the innovative strategy of blended teaching in Network Marketing in the era of big data. This may provide new paths and methods for enhancing teaching effects, cultivating students’ independent learning, and improving core literacy.

Retraction Note: Artificial intelligence-based plant environment detection in coastal areas and B2C e-commerce network marketing

Business communication for enagic network marketing during the covid-19 pandemic business players.

Enagic Network marketing business actors in their business communication activities depend on the intensity of interaction with many people to build a business and achieve planned goals. But how is the productivity of business people in business communication? Network marketing is enagic during the Covid-19 pandemic. The use of information technology in the form of applications on Android smartphones such as the WhatsApp application, Facebook social media and communication media zoom cloud meetings are useful tools for Network Marketing businesses to remain productive

Network marketing in network society: humanistic and psychological aspects of the problem

The article carries out both theoretical and empirical analysis of some humanistic and psychological aspects of the functioning of network marketing in modern network society. In fact, the humanistic vector of research is represented in the importance of formulating and understanding of the problem of human search for a harmonious individual identity and ways of effective self-realization in a globalized and informatized society, in a massive environment of consumption and services; psychological and socio-psychological vectors consist of the study of individual characteristics of the Ukrainian population’s attitude to their own material status and some potential opportunities for its improvement. In particular, the analysis touches the phenomenon of «social psychology of poverty» as a lifestyle, which is often justified by the relevant philosophy of life and morality. The ambivalent components of the image of network marketing in modern society, as well as social and personal factors of attitude formation and personal involvement in this type of employment are revealed. According to the results of a pilot empirical study, it was stated that the dominant majority of online Ukrainian respondents (it was used the methods of «convenient sampling» and «snowball») has been self-identified as «average in their material status». At the same time, almost half consider wealth as mainly the result of their own persistence and activity. The dominant majority of respondents are at least partially informed about the network business, and a little over a third – «tried themselves» in this type of business. The most frequently identified associations with «network marketing» were «sale / sales» and «Internet», fit into his general denotative interpretations. However, about one in five respondents has some distrust of this method of earning, associated with «pyramidal» connotations and fear of «being deceived». And the same number of people trust network marketing instills concrete success and results of relevant activities.

Retraction Note: Artificial intelligence system–based oasis soil water quality measurement and network marketing behavior analysis

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Network Marketing: Exploitation of relationships - Myth or Reality?

Profile image of James  Manalel

The Network Marketing, first popularized by Amway, in 1950s in USA is gaining momentum in India. The total turnover of network marketing companies in India was estimated at Rs 301,044 crores in 2005 with an annual growth rate of 25% .The India Direct Selling Association (IDSA) has projected that the network marketing industry will be around Rs 8000 crores by 2010. Studies have shown that consumers often have negative perception of direct selling organisations and network marketing organisations in particular. The aggressive selling techniques, exaggerations of facts in recruiting, pyramiding scams and unethical way of exploiting relationships all together form a basis for this negative perception. The paper presents the exploitation of Relationships viz friends, relatives and colleagues and attitude of channel members in network marketing.

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‘Buzz marketing’1 is known as ‘Word of Mouth’ or ‘Viral’ marketing. Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)2 defined Word of Mouth as “Giving people a reason to talk about the products and services, and making it easier for the conversation to take place”. Buzz or Viral marketing strategy means spreading positive information about a company from one person to the other, often utilized by smaller firms. Almost all companies and marketers would like to optimise i.e. by minimise the costs and maximise the revenues. Such companies practices “Least selling expenses, No Advertisement expenses, No Celebrities, Minimum sales force, No overheads, and other related expenses”. Of late many traditional companies diversified into Direct Selling and Multilevel marketing by using Buzz marketing strategy. Buzz marketing is fast growing ‘Low-cost method’ of getting a message out as well as efficient to the producers and consumers. When a customer is satisfied, he/she will refer to known people by giving positive Word of Mouth3 for example Titanic movie, Good restaurant experienced, etc. Using ‘Feed back’ method of ascertaining feelings from existing customer whether they are satisfied or not? ‘Chain letters’, e-Word of Mouth like ‘Tell a friend button’, ‘forwarding e-mail messages’, interest groups in the ‘Chat rooms’, social networking websites like ‘Orkut’, etc. Network marketing companies like Amway India Enterprises and Hindustan Unilever Network adopts the same concept of Buzz marketing strategy. Many times the prospective customers, goes unnoticed, like Print and Electronic media bombarding with product promotions, buzz marketing proved is effective.

research papers on network marketing

WWW/Internet 2003, IADIS International Conference Proceedings

Bráulio Alturas

Direct selling is exhibiting substantial growth in sales revenues and number of salespeople involved. Also the acceptation of consumers is growing. During the last decade direct selling organizations (DSOs) are using the Internet more and more, either to communicate with the salespersons, either to promote the products and the business to the consumers.

International Res Jour Managt Socio Human

Direct selling industry in India is one of the fastest growing non-store retail formats. Various store and non-store retail formats have evolved to cater to this growing market and direct selling is one such non-store retail format. The growing Indian market has attracted a large number of Indian and foreign direct selling companies. By 2014-15 direct selling business in India would reach a size of Rs 10,843 crore on back of increased consumer spending. Multi-level marketing (MLM) also known as pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of the other sales people that they recruit. This paper attempts to focus on key aspects of MLM and also what further researcher can add on to the existing literature.

Shivayogi R Hirematha

Direct selling is the traditional form of marketing. MLM is a variant of direct selling. It is very important for multilevel marketing distributors to perceive things as they really are in order to make accurate and useful decisions. In MLM the distributor are compensated not just for their respective sales but for sales generated by people they recruit. It is very important for multilevel marketing distributors to perceive things as they really are in order to make accurate and useful decisions. Distributors may sometimes show the tendency to believe that they see the real truth before they actually collected ample facts. This paper describes the problems and sets out a research paradigm to investigate the influence of demographics on the perception level of multilevel marketing distributors. A right perception towards multilevel marketing is a prerequisite in building a wide network that eventually results in better performance in the field. Abstract

Khairuzi Warman

Although multi-level marketing (MLM) and direct sales companies have risen controversies and ethical concerns in recent years, MLM has rapidly expanded to developing and emerging markets in the last decades. Companies like Yanbal, Amway and Oriflame, are some of the multinationals that have internationalized in the Latin America and the Caribbean. Through a grounded theory approach, and using Colombia as a sample of a Latin American country, the internationalization of these companies was analyzed. A vast amount of the data collection for this study was gathered through an ethnographic immersion, and through participant observation, the activities and recruiting practices of these firms was analyzed to determine if they provided international income opportunities in the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) markets. The ethnographic research found that several multi-level and direct sales companies provide international income opportunities, but do not contribute to the increase of formal jobs creation. The results of this study contribute to the existing literature on multi-level marketing and direct retailing firms and the study provides insights about the internationalization of the MLM companies operating in countries with a predominant population at the BOP through personal networks.

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