Business Analyst Job Description (With Examples)

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Business Analyst Job Description (With Examples)

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What does a business analyst do, how to write a business analyst job description, business analyst job description examples, frequently asked questions.

A business analyst commonly reviews and analyzes key business metrics to devise plans for improvement, then communicates these findings and plans to key stakeholders in the business. A business analyst is a large umbrella term with a lot of variability in the specifics, depending on the industry and the experience needed. Clear expectations are key for success, so it is important to craft a well-designed and focused job description so applicants know what you are looking for in a business analyst. Here is a well-written business analyst job description example along with some tips on how to draft your own job description to attract top candidates.

As the name implies, a business analyst analyzes businesses. However, there is a lot of nuance and detail in those two general words and the responsibilities extend beyond merely analyzing data. While the specific functions of a business analyst may vary depending on the size of the business and the industry, in general, a business analyst will review business operations, assess evolving business ideas, liaise between groups and departments and communicate recommendations for improving business operations.

No matter where you post your job , whether that’s your company website, Indeed , LinkedIn or even Facebook, you’ll want to have a carefully crafted job description to attract the most qualified candidates.

In addition to the prerequisites for a job description, including the equal employment opportunities statement and job benefits, a business analyst job description should include details regarding the job responsibilities, requirements and necessary skills. The full details regarding a business analyst job description are often prepared in a one-page document that can be used in the recruiting process to attract candidates, define the role and establish its level of responsibility within the business.

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Business Analyst Objectives

Regardless of the industry, the overall objectives of a business analyst are to review and analyze current and proposed business operations. Oftentimes, they will review financial statements, KPIs and other key metrics, and then consider options for improvement. Business analysts will assess the overall effectiveness of a business and its departments to devise solutions to problems.

Business Analyst Responsibilities

In your job description, you will want to clearly state the key responsibilities of the business analyst, along with any secondary responsibilities. Among the typical key responsibilities for a business analyst are:

Business Analyst Skills and Qualifications

Business analysts typically require an associate’s degree in a related field or a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Some of the key skills for a business analyst are:

Additional Information To Include in Your Job Description

You may also want to include salary information in your business analyst job description. If you have employees in Colorado or are filling a remote position that may have Colorado applicants, you may be required to include salary information. It is also helpful to include information about job benefits and some background information on your company. Finally, don’t forget to include the equal employment opportunity information as required by law.

To give you a better idea of the typical job descriptions for business analyst positions, we share the following examples from job postings on Indeed . The first example shows common responsibilities to include in a business analyst job description. The second example shows common skills and education for a business analyst. And the final example is a solid example of both responsibilities and qualifications. Each job description includes a salary estimate as well.

Example 1. Technical Business Analyst at DriveCentric

business plan job application

Example 2. Business Analyst at CBRE

business plan job application

Example 3. Business Operations Analyst at Security Guard Company

business plan job application

Is a business analyst an IT job?

A business analyst isn’t necessarily an IT job, and business analysts may work in a variety of industries. That said, many business analysts do perform some IT functions or have an IT background, as they assess evolving technology and how it can be used to improve the business.

What are the three main roles of a business analyst?

The three key roles of a business analyst are to (a) gather, review and analyze data regarding the business and its operations; (b) prepare models and process maps for improvements; and (c) communicate findings and suggestions to key stakeholders.

What is the average salary of a business analyst?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t currently list the average salary for this position, but Indeed estimates the average annual base salary for a business analyst as approximately $75,000. ​​As you can see in the examples shown above, annual salaries can range from about $50,000 to $150,000, depending on the industry and experience level.

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