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Change material for contract

Dear experts!

Now, I'm getting some issue about changing material for contract.

Really, I want to change material in contract is exist but the system don't change material. Can you help me to process the issue!

Thank you for your help!

Best regards, Huy

Contract Editing

These functions are used to edit contracts.


They are found in the Sales menu and are available to you on the Business Data screen during creation and modification of contracts. Some of these functions are also available in contract monitoring.


You have created contracts, entered orders and made all the relevant settings in Customizing.

The following functions for editing the current contract are available to you on the Business Data screen when you create or change contracts:

You can display change documents for the respective contract using the Extras ® Display changes function.

When creating contracts, you can create contracts using a template from the initial screen:

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How to Publish and Edit Contract Terms - SAP Ariba

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