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Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet

Cloud computing is the delivery of different services through the Internet. These resources include tools and applications like data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software

cloud computing is the delivery of computing services including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale

three main service models of cloud computing – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS

A Systematic Literature Review on Cloud Computing Security: Threats and Mitigation Strategies free download Cloud computing has become a widely exploited research area in academia and industry. Cloud computing benefits both cloud services providers (CSPs) and consumers. The security challenges associated with cloud computing have been widely studied in the

A Load Balancing Algorithm for the Data Centres to Optimize Cloud Computing Applications free download Despite the many past research conducted in the Cloud Computing field, some challenges still exist related to workload balancing in cloudbased applications and specifically in the Infrastructure as service (IaaS) cloud model. Efficient allocation of tasks is a crucial process In the traditional cloudbased Internet of Vehicles (IoV) architecture, it is difficult to guarantee the low latency requirements of the current intelligent transportation system (ITS). As a supplement to cloud computing fog computing can effectively alleviate the bottlenecks of

Enhancing security of health information using modular encryption standard in mobile cloud computing free download Despite the numerous and noticeable inherited gains of Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) in healthcare, its growth is being hindered by privacy and security challenges. Such issues require the utmost urgent attention to realize its full scale and efficient usage. There is a

A Thing-Edge- Cloud Collaborative Computing Decision-Making Method for Personalized Customization Production free download With the development of Industry 4.0 and cloud computing technology, personalized customization as a new production mode is showing a trend of rapid development. Personalized customization has the characteristics of order-driven production, strict

Performance Evaluation of Containerization in Edge- Cloud Computing Stacks for Industrial Applications: A Client Perspective free download Today, the edge- cloud computing paradigm starts to gain increasing popularity, aiming to enable short latency, fast decision-making and intelligence at the network edge, especially for industrial applications. The container-based virtualization technology has been put onCloud deployment architectures have become a preferable computation model of Big Data (BD) operations. Their scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness motivated this trend. In a such deployment model, the data are no longer physically maintained under the users direct

Stability-Based Controller Design of Cloud Control System With Uncertainties free download ABSTRACT A cloud control system (CCS) is inherently uncertain due to the dynamic services and resources in cloud computing INDEX TERMS Cloud control system (CCS), cloud computing cloud controller, uncertainty analysis, linear matrix inequality (LMI)

A Surveillance Video Real-time Analysis System Based on Edge- cloud and FL-YOLO Cooperation in Coal Mine free download However, the currently intelligent video surveillance is difficult to respond in real-time due to the latency of cloud computing . In this paper, a cloudedge cooperation framework is proposed, which integrates cloud computing and edge computing in a coordinated manner

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Enabled Disease Diagnosis Model for Smart Healthcare Systems free download ABSTRACT The recent advancements in Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and Artificial Intel- ligence (AI) transformed the conventional healthcare system into smart healthcare. By incorporating key technologies such as IoT and AI, medical services can be improved Hybrid renewable energy (HRE) models are those that have two or more renewable sources connected together with some conventional sources to serve the demand load. The objective of this article is to present a cloudbased HRE model in which a Legendre wavelet

Mobility Aware Blockchain Enabled Offloading and Scheduling in Vehicular Fog Cloud Computing free download The development of vehicular Internet of Things (IoT) applications, such as E-Transport, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality are growing progressively. The mobility aware services and network-based security are fundamental requirements of these applications

An Energy-Aware Combinatorial Virtual Machine Allocation and Placement Model for Green Cloud Computing free download Resource allocation is an important problem for cloud environments. This paper introduces an energy-aware combinatorial auction-based model for the resource allocation problem in clouds. The proposed model allows users of a cloud to submit their virtual resource requests

Task Duplication-Based Scheduling Algorithm for Budget-Constrained Workflows in Cloud Computing free download Workflow scheduling is crucial to the efficient operation of cloud platforms, and has attracted a lot of attention. Up to now, many algorithms have been reported to schedule workflows with budget constraints, so as to optimize workflows makespan on cloud resources

Empirical Evaluation of a Method for Monitoring Cloud Services Based on Models at Runtime free download ABSTRACT Cloud computing is being adopted by commercial and governmental organizations driven by the need to reduce the operational cost of their information technology resources and search for a scalable and flexible way to provide and release their software services

An edge traffic flow detection scheme based on deep learning in an intelligent transportation system free download The traffic flow detection in an ITS usually adopts the cloud computing mode. The edge of the network will transmit all the captured video to the cloud computing center. However, the increasing traffic monitoring has brought

A Reliable Data Compression Scheme in Sensor- Cloud Systems Based on Edge Computing free download The rapid development of the IoT and cloud computing has spawned a new network structure sensor- cloud system (SCS) where sensors, sensor networks, and cloud computing are integrated to perform data sensing, collection, transmission, and decision

Recurrent Neural Networks Based Online Behavioural Malware Detection Techniques for Cloud Infrastructure free download These features have helped forging cloud computing into a standard for both private and public sectors. As such, many organizations are utilizing the cloud Section II, dis- cusses other related works regarding RNNs, malware detec- tion, and cloud computing

Vertically integrated computing labs using open-source hardware generators and cloudhosted FPGAs free download The design of computing systems has changed dramatically over the past decade, but most courses in advanced computer architecture remain unchanged. Computer architecture education lies at the intersection between computer science and electrical engineering, with With cloud services, data users can retrieve encrypted data while preserving data confidentiality. However, this new paradigm suffers from many security concerns. A major concern is how to avoid insider Keyword-Guessing Attacks (KGA), which implies that the

An Effective Multi-Agent Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for QoS-Aware Cloud Service Composition free download ABSTRACT Recently, service composition has gained increased attention as an auspicious paradigm to opti- mize the data accessibility, integrity, and interoperability of cloud computing Ser- vice composition for cloud computing was first applied in [15]Mobile cloud computing (MCC) as an emerging computing paradigm enables mobile devices to offload their computation tasks to nearby resource-rich cloudlets so as to augment computation capability and reduce energy consumption of mobile devices. However, due to With the development of big data and artificial intelligence, more and more colleges establish new courses about related domains. Innovation experiments and entrepreneurial practices for college students also require more computing and storage resources in

3D Analytical Modelling and Iterative Solution for High Performance Computing Clusters free download Mobile Cloud Computing enables the migration of services to the edge of Internet. Therefore, high performance computing clusters are widely deployed to improve computational capabilities of such environments. However, they are prone to failures and Low earth orbit (LEO) satellite networks can break through geographical restrictions and achieve global wireless coverage, which is an indispensable choice for future mobile communication systems. In this paper, we present a hybrid cloud and edge computing LEO Integrity Checking for Aggregate Queries. Abstract: With the advent of cloud computing and Internet of Things and delegation of data collection and aggregation to third parties, the results of the computations should be verified. In distributed models, there are multiple sources

Quantum PUF for Security and Trust in Quantum Computing free download In future, cloudbased quantum computing is expected to be offered by both trusted and less-trusted cloud vendors (that are located in less-trusted countries, for example). Performing reliable/trustworthy computing using these Index Terms Computation offloading, Cloud computing Cloudlet computing Dynamic mobile cloudlet, Cluster formation, Communication tasks. I. I The devices that are unable to complete computing tasks locally, offload their computing task to the cloud Fog computing is a simple cloud at the network edge that is used to process the jobs in a short period of time instead of sending them to cloud computing fa- cilities It pro- vides storage, computation, and networking services between IoV sensors and cloud computing However, due to the local computational resource limit, other resources such as cloud computing resources are needed to process these computing tasks. Generally, users initiate service requests to the IoT platform according to Cloud Computing Services Task Offloading

Joint power and QoE optimization scheme for multi-UAV assisted offloading in mobile computing free download user equipments (UEs) for their flexible mobility. UEs can offload computingintensive task to mobile cloud computing (MCC) or mobile edge computing (MEC) for fast processing. However, with multi-UAV and ground mobile The renewable power has been widely used in modern cloud data centers, which also produce large electricity bills and the negative impacts on environments. However, frequent fluctuation and intermittency of renewable power often cause the challenges in terms of the

Improving IoT services using a hybrid fog- cloud offloading free download load. INDEX TERMS Internet of Things, cloud computing fog computing task offloading, Q-learning. I 15]. From another side, cloud computing has gotten more atten- tion to perform high-complex jobs in different areas. There

Development of a Model and Algorithms for Servicing Traffic in a Cloud Computing System free download There is a serious variance in the requirements for the provided resource in cloud systems. Also its needed to quickly process incoming requests and maintain the proper level of quality of service. All these factors cause difficulties for cloud providers. The proposed

A survey on mobile augmented reality with 5G mobile edge computing : Architectures, applications and technical aspects free download Index Terms 5G, Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), Cloud Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR), Augmented Real- ity (AR), Network Architecture Therefore, it is preferable to offload rendering to powerful computing platforms such as the cloud Mobile devices need to directly interact with the cloud causing both parties bear huge computing and communication costs Meanwhile, the introduction of edge computing (EC) significantly reduces the communication consumption between the device and the cloud

Multi-Channel Blockchain Scheme for Internet of Vehicles free download It combines cloud computing edge com- puting and IoV to establish a fully connected transportation system with real-time efficient communication, monitoring and control . Current ITS applications utilize cloud computing technol- ogy and distributed communications among

CloudNative Network Slicing Using Software Defined Networking Based Multi-Access Edge Computing : A Survey free download Fifth-Generation (5G) mobile cellular networks provide a promising platform for new, innovative and diverse IoT applications, such as ultra-reliable and low latency communication, real-time and dynamic data processing, intensive computation, and massive

Bulk Electric Power System Risks From Coordinated Edge Devices free download Cloud computing resources are able to coordinate large amounts of behind-the-meter loads and resources. Inadvertent or malicious actions could potentially result in gigawatts of load, distributed across large regions, acting nearly simultaneously

Light-Edge: A Lightweight Authentication Protocol for IoT Devices in an Edge- Cloud Environment free download Authentication of the IoT devices plays a critical role in the success of the integration of IoT, edge, and cloud computing technologies To handle this, there should be enhanced technologies such as edge/ cloud computing to manage the storing and computation issues Mobile edge computing is a new computing paradigm that performs computing on the edge of a network. Services be unavailable or do not satisfy the needs of users due to changing edge environments. Quality of service (QoS) is commonly employed as a critical

Federated learning meets blockchain in edge computing : Opportunities and challenges free download Contracts Cloud computing server 1: The transaction process on blockchain with cloud computing : (1) A user sends a transaction to smart contracts to request data, (2) A new block is created to represent the verified transaction, (3) A mined block is appended to the blockchain

Collaborative Edge Computing for Smart Villages [Energy and Security] free download COLLABORATIVE EDGE COMPUTING While looking closely into the computing infra- structure, it can be observed that computations are done either in the core computing infrastruc- ture (ie, cloud computing ) or in the network edges (ie, edge computing )The computing continuum extends the high-performance cloud data centers with energy- efficient and low-latency devices close to the data sources located at the edge of the network. However, the heterogeneity of the computing continuum raises multiple challenges Network storage services have benefited countless users worldwide due to the notable features of convenience, economy and high availability. Since a single service provider is not always reliable enough, more complex multi- cloud storage systems are developed for Cloud computing can host workstations or supercomputers and provide large data storage. Therefore, the computation and storage of a huge volume of data can be done in cloud computing A communal tactic is to leverage edge and cloud computing Abstract In recent years, edge computing has emerged as an effective solution to extend cloud computing and satisfy the demand of applications for low latency The traditional cloud computing paradigm along with the limited Internet

ASML: Algorithm-Agnostic Architecture for Scalable Machine Learning free download Many of these frameworks are supported by tech industry leaders, such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, which usually provide deep learning Platforms as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) on their Cloud Computing infrastructures, specialized in executing

Cloudlet Computing : Recent Advances, Taxonomy, and Challenges free download INDEX TERMS Cloud computing edge computing cloudlets, Internet of Things, computation offloading, smart city, smart health. I. INTRODUCTION Cloud computing offers resource-rich, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions to users across the globe with a deep recurrent neural network (DRNN) and edge computing for 5G-enabled drone identifica- tion and flight mode detection. In the proposed framework, raw RF signals of different drones under several flight modes are remotely sensed and collected on a cloud server to Although these ABE constructions outsource the decryption to the cloud or the fog, all outsourcing decryptions adopt serial computing references K. Ren, C. Wang, and Q. Wang, Security Challenges for the Public Cloud IEEE Internet Computing vol. 1 no. 201 pp solution to the I-MEDA problem. Game theory has been widely used in the field of mobile cloud computing [15], [16], [17], [18]. It is a powerful tool for designing decentralized mecha- nisms [19]. I-MEDAGame eases the burden

The sky is the edge Toward mobile coverage from the sky free download National University, Busan, South Korea. His research interests include network optimization, mobile edge/ cloud computing and resource allocation for 5G wireless networks and beyond. Contact him at [email protected]

Research on Adaptive Relationship between Trust and Privacy in Cloud Service free download I. INTRODUCTION The convenience and economy of cloud computing services are very popular in the current network services Therefore, it is necessary to put forward a new approach to study the access control of cloud computing services under dynamic trust privacy

Delay-aware and energy-efficient computation offloading in mobile edge computing using deep reinforcement learning free download As a potential solution, mobile edge computing (MEC) deploys cloud resources in the proximity of IoT devices so that their requests can be better served locally Firstly, compared with cloud computing MEC is usually with less capacity

Machine Learning for Cloud Security: A Systematic Review free download ABSTRACT The popularity and usage of Cloud computing is increasing rapidly II. LITERATURE REVIEW A. CLOUD COMPUTING SECURITY In this section, we discuss the security and privacy issues that currently exist in Cloud computing 60 0890-8044/21/$25.00 IEEE AbstrAct Recently, edge computing has attracted sig- nificant interest due to its ability to extend cloud computing utilities and services to the network edge with low response times and communica- tion costs

BPT Scheme: Establishing Trusted Vehicular Fog Computing Service for Rural Area Based on Blockchain Approach free download computing services. Liu et al. present a method to extend cloud computing service by utilizing edge computing resources in several crowded areas, such as the railway stations, shopping malls, and airports. They encourage edge , . By offloading the tasks from the end devices to the edge servers, the users could receive edge services with better QoS (eg, lower latency and higher precision) than that in the cloud computing mode and meanwhile save the stringent resources at end devicesAbstract- In the information age with the rapid development of big data, cloud computing artificial intelligence and other technologies, various financial management information systems have been widely used. However, certain limitations are also exposed

IoT and Fog Computing based Predictive Maintenance Model for Effective Asset Management in Industry 4.0 using Machine Learning free download Fog computing as an expansion of cloud computing to the edge of system networking consists of cloud and edge resources that reduces the latency and network congestion Fog computing layer creates communication between edge devices and the cloud datacentre [15] Index Terms Space-air-ground integrated networks (SAGIN), Internet of vehicles (IoV), resource scheduling, edge computing cloud computing Therefore, it makes sense to consider collaboration between edge computing and cloud computing

Decentralized SDN Control Plane for a Distributed CloudEdge Infrastructure: A Survey free download The approach in which this survey is interested is called SDN-based cloud computing [28]. As such, SDN-based cloud computing has been applied to implement specific applications at a cloudscale, such as load balancing [29], [30] or pol- icy enforcement [31] functionalities Abstract Fog computing has set standards in networking and overcome complexities in cloud computing . However, despite its many benefits, the inherent distributed model of fog computing architecture introduces a new attack surface cyber-attacksIndex Terms Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), Security, Privacy, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Cloud Computing Future Networks I. INTRODUCTION 3 Cloud Computing Drawbacks Latency Jitter Locational Unawareness Insecure Data Outsourcing Cloud computing was proposed as a powerful technology to enable low latency requirements and optimized resource consumption by offering many advantages such as high availability, scalability and reduced costs . However, to meet the latency requirement in tasks

Performance Evaluation of an Internet of Healthcare Things for Medical Monitoring Using M/M/c/K Queuing Models free download Cloud platforms are examples of common comput- ing resources in this context , . Cloud computing be used to store and analyze health data, enabling automated decision making regarding interventions. HoweverIf there is no edge computing facility, this huge volume of data needs to be transmitted to the cloud for distributed computing The system has three main components: data collection, edge computing and core cloud computing

RT-TelSurg: Real Time Telesurgery Using SDN, Fog, and Cloud as Infrastructures free download Fog/edge computing is a new technology considered as a platform at the edge of the network, providing computing storage, and networking services between smart objects and traditional cloud computing data centers with salient charac- teristics of low delay, real time

Joint Resource Allocation Based on Traffic Flow Virtualization for Edge Computing free download INDEX TERMS Cloud computing edge computing fog computing heuristic algorithm, Internet of Things, network architecture, network management, software defined networking. I. INTRODUCTION Edge computing is a new


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A privacy protection approach in edge-computing based on maximized dnn partition strategy with energy saving

With the development of deep neural network (DNN) techniques, applications of DNNs show state-of-art performance. In the cloud edge collaborative mode, edge devices upload the raw data, such as texts, images, ...

A big data study of language use and impact in radio broadcasting in China

Broadcasting more educating and language-reviving contents are ways radio stations can help revitalize the use of the English language in the Hunan province of China. The challenges faced in communicating in ...

Memory sharing for handling memory overload on physical machines in cloud data centers

Over-committing computing resources is a widely adopted strategy for increased cluster utilization in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud data centers. A potential consequence of over-committing computing...

OpenStackDP : a scalable network security framework for SDN-based OpenStack cloud infrastructure

Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS) and firewalls are the de facto solutions in the modern cloud to detect cyberattacks and minimize potential hazards for tenant networks. Most of the existing firewalls...

DU-Net-Cloud: a smart cloud-edge application with an attention mechanism and U-Net for remote sensing images and processing

In recent ages, the use of deep learning approaches to extract ground object information from remote sensing high-resolution images has attracted extensive attention in many fields. Nevertheless, due to the hi...

Improved wild horse optimization with levy flight algorithm for effective task scheduling in cloud computing

Cloud Computing, the efficiency of task scheduling is proportional to the effectiveness of users. The improved scheduling efficiency algorithm (also known as the improved Wild Horse Optimization, or IWHO) is p...

Model-based cloud service deployment optimisation method for minimisation of application service operational cost

Many currently existing cloud cost optimisation solutions are aimed at cloud infrastructure providers, and they often deal only with specific types of application services. Unlike infrastructure providers, the...

A bidirectional DNN partition mechanism for efficient pipeline parallel training in cloud

Recently, deep neural networks (DNNs) have shown great promise in many fields while their parameter sizes are rapidly expanding. To break through the computation and memory limitation of a single machine, pipe...

A new dynamic security defense system based on TCP_REPAIR and deep learning

Honeypot is an active defense mechanism, which attracts attackers to interact with virtual resources in the honeypot mainly by simulating real working scenarios and deploying decoy targets, so as to prevent re...

A microservice regression testing selection approach based on belief propagation

Regression testing is required to assure the quality of each iteration of microservice systems. Test case selection is one of main techniques to optimize regression testing. Existing techniques mainly involve ...

Privacy-preserving cloud-edge collaborative learning without trusted third-party coordinator

Cloud-edge collaborative learning has received considerable attention recently, which is an emerging distributed machine learning (ML) architecture for improving the performance of model training among cloud c...

Efficiency and optimization of government service resource allocation in a cloud computing environment

According to the connotation and structure of government service resources, data of government service resources in L city from 2019 to 2021 are used to calculate the efficiency of government service resource ...

QoS prediction in intelligent edge computing based on feature learning

With the development of 5G and 6G, more computing and network resources on edge nodes are deployed close to the terminal. Meanwhile, the number of smart devices and intelligent services has grown significantly...

Correction: Can cloudlet coordination support cloud computing infrastructure?

The original article was published in Journal of Cloud Computing 2018 7 :8

Task scheduling in cloud environment: optimization, security prioritization and processor selection schemes

Cloud computing is an extremely important infrastructure used to perform tasks over processing units. Despite its numerous benefits, a cloud platform has several challenges preventing it from carrying out an e...

Extremely boosted neural network for more accurate multi-stage Cyber attack prediction in cloud computing environment

There is an increase in cyberattacks directed at the network behind firewalls. An all-inclusive approach is proposed in this assessment to deal with the problem of identifying new, complicated threats and the ...

A hybrid attention and time series network for enterprise sales forecasting under digital management and edge computing

Enterprises have both new opportunities and new challenges as a result of the rapid advancements in information technology that have accompanied the age of economic globalization. With the growth of internet o...

Predicting the total Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) based on ML techniques and cloud-based update

Nowadays, smart health technologies are used in different life and environmental areas, such as smart life, healthcare, cognitive smart cities, and social systems. Intelligent, reliable, and ubiquitous healthc...

Wavelet transforms based ARIMA-XGBoost hybrid method for layer actions response time prediction of cloud GIS services

Layer actions response time is a critical indicator of cloud geographical information services (cloud GIS Services), which is of great significance to resource allocation and schedule optimization. However, si...

Deep learning approach to security enforcement in cloud workflow orchestration

Supporting security and data privacy in cloud workflows has attracted significant research attention. For example, private patients’ data managed by a workflow deployed on the cloud need to be protected, and c...

Cost optimization in cloud environment based on task deadline

The popularity of cloud and fog services has raised the number of users exponentially. Main advantage of Cloud/fog infrastructure and services are crucial specially for commercial users from diverse areas. The...

An enhanced ordinal optimization with lower scheduling overhead based novel approach for task scheduling in cloud computing environment

Efficient utilization of available computing resources in Cloud computing is one of the most challenging problems for cloud providers. This requires the design of an efficient and optimal task-scheduling strat...

Robust and accurate performance anomaly detection and prediction for cloud applications: a novel ensemble learning-based framework

Effectively detecting run-time performance anomalies is crucial for clouds to identify abnormal performance behavior and forestall future incidents. To be used for real-world applications, an effective anomaly...

Understanding the challenges and novel architectural models of multi-cloud native applications – a systematic literature review

The evolution of Cloud Computing into a service utility, along with the pervasive adoption of the IoT paradigm, has promoted a significant growth in the need of computational and storage services. The traditio...

MBi-GRUMCONV: A novel Multi Bi-GRU and Multi CNN-Based deep learning model for social media sentiment analysis

Today, internet and social media is used by many people, both for communication and for expressing opinions about various topics in many domains of life. Various artificial intelligence technologies-based appr...

Load balancing and service discovery using Docker Swarm for microservice based big data applications

Big Data applications require extensive resources and environments to store, process and analyze this colossal collection of data in a distributed manner. Containerization with cloud computing provides a perti...

Lightweight similarity checking for English literatures in mobile edge computing

With the advent of information age, mobile devices have become one of the major convenient equipment that aids people’s daily office activities such as academic research, one of whose major tasks is to check t...

Intermediate data fault-tolerant method of cloud computing accounting service platform supporting cost-benefit analysis

This study mainly aims at the intermediate data fault-tolerant method of cloud computing accounting service platform supporting cost-benefit analysis, which aims at providing cost-benefit analysis function for...

Low-power multi-cloud deployment of large distributed service applications with response-time constraints

Distributed service applications make heavy use of clouds and multi-clouds, and must (i) meet service quality goals (e.g. response time) while (ii) satisfying cloud resource constraints and (iii) conserving po...

Correction: Violence detection approach based on cloud data and Neutrosophic cognitive maps

The original article was published in Journal of Cloud Computing 2022 11 :85

Job scheduling problem in fog-cloud-based environment using reinforced social spider optimization

Fog computing is an emerging research domain to provide computational services such as data transmission, application processing and storage mechanism. Fog computing consists of a set of fog server machines us...

Improved Jellyfish Algorithm-based multi-aspect task scheduling model for IoT tasks over fog integrated cloud environment

Corporations and enterprises creating IoT-based systems frequently use fog computing integrated with cloud computing to harness the benefits offered by both. These computing paradigms use virtualization and a ...

A deep learning based steganography integration framework for ad-hoc cloud computing data security augmentation using the V-BOINC system

In the early days of digital transformation, the automation, scalability, and availability of cloud computing made a big difference for business. Nonetheless, significant concerns have been raised regarding th...

PMHE: a wearable medical sensor assisted framework for health care based on blockchain and privacy computing

Nowadays, smart medical cloud platforms have become a new direction in the industry. However, because the medical system involves personal physiological data, user privacy in data transmission and processing i...

A systematic review on effective energy utilization management strategies in cloud data centers

Data centers are becoming considerably more significant and energy-intensive due to the exponential growth of cloud computing. Cloud computing allows people to access computer resources on demand. It provides ...

Federated learning in cloud-edge collaborative architecture: key technologies, applications and challenges

In recent years, with the rapid growth of edge data, the novel cloud-edge collaborative architecture has been proposed to compensate for the lack of data processing power of traditional cloud computing. On the...

A novel privacy protection scheme for internet of things based on blockchain and privacy set intersection technique

In the era of big data, an ocean of data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be analyzed and processed by cloud computing. However, outsourcing of data can lead to leakage of user privacy to tho...

Efficient 3D object recognition in mobile edge environment

3D object recognition has great research and application value in the fields of automatic drive, virtual reality, and commercial manufacturing. Although various deep models have been exploited and achieved rem...

NIDD: an intelligent network intrusion detection model for nursing homes

In nursing homes using technologies such as IoT, big data, cloud computing, and machine learning, there is a constant risk of attacks such as Brute Force FTP, Brute Force SSH, Web Attack, Infiltration, and Bot...

Task offloading in hybrid-decision-based multi-cloud computing network: a cooperative multi-agent deep reinforcement learning

Multi-cloud computing is becoming a promising paradigm to provide abundant computation resources for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. For a multi-device multi-cloud network, the real-time computing requiremen...

Information-theoretic secure rational secret sharing in asynchronous networks for untrusted cloud environments

Today, cloud storage services increased the popular for data storage in the cloud and retrieve from any location without any time limitations. One of the most important demands required in cloud is secured dat...

A novel vehicular task deployment method in hybrid MEC

With the skyrocketing need for low-latency services on the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and elastic cross-layer resource provisioning, multi-access edge computing (MEC) is considered a high-potent solution, whic...

Improving cloud efficiency through optimized resource allocation technique for load balancing using LSTM machine learning algorithm

Allocating resources is crucial in large-scale distributed computing, as networks of computers tackle difficult optimization problems. Within the scope of this discussion, the objective of resource allocation ...

Task partitioning and offloading in IoT cloud-edge collaborative computing framework: a survey

Internet of Things (IoT) is made up with growing number of facilities, which are digitalized to have sensing, networking and computing capabilities. Traditionally, the large volume of data generated by the IoT...

Violence Detection Approach based on Cloud Data and Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps

Violence has remained a momentous problem since time immemorial. Various scientific studies are conducted in the recent past to identify the stimuli causing violent behavior among the masses and to achieve the...

The Correction to this article has been published in Journal of Cloud Computing 2022 11 :100

Software architecture for pervasive critical health monitoring system using fog computing

Because of the existence of Covid-19 and its variants, health monitoring systems have become mandatory, particularly for critical patients such as neonates. However, the massive volume of real-time data genera...

A multi-dimensional extensible cloud-native service stack for enterprises

With the widespread acceptance of the cloud-native concept and the emergence of a large number of dedicated cloud-native applications, the service stacks of cloud-native applications have received extensive at...

Cloud-based deep learning-assisted system for diagnosis of sports injuries

At both clinical and diagnostic levels, machine learning technologies could help facilitate medical decision-making. Prediction of sports injuries, for instance, is a key component of avoiding and minimizing i...

In-depth analysis and open challenges of Mist Computing

The advent and consolidation of the Massive Internet of Things (MIoT) comes with a need for new architectures to process the massive amount of generated information. A new approach, Mist Computing, entails a s...

A systematic review of the purposes of Blockchain and fog computing integration: classification and open issues

The fog computing concept was proposed to help cloud computing for the data processing of Internet of Things (IoT) applications. However, fog computing faces several challenges such as security, privacy, and s...

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    cloud computing IEEE PAPER 2022 · AN OVERVIEW OF CLOUD COMPUTING FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE E-LEARNING PROCESS · Security and Privacy Aspects of Cloud Computing :

  9. Cloud Computing

    1.3 Purpose statement and research question. 4. 1.4 Scope and limitations. 6. 1.5 Thesis organization. 6. 2 Literature review. 8. 2.1 Cloud computing.

  10. Lessons Learned from Federal Use of Cloud Computing To Support


  11. Identifying Challenges for Clients in Adopting Sustainable Public

    Sustainability 2022, 14, 9809. ... This section contains related public cloud computing research.

  12. Cloud Computing Security and Challenges: Issues, Threats, and

    This paper will focus on cloud computing security, challenges, issues, threats, and solutions. Published in: 2022 5th Conference on Cloud and Internet of

  13. Adoption of cloud computing as innovation in the organization

    Finally, we investigate the future research directions for cloud computing and expand this paper into further articles with

  14. Articles

    Supporting security and data privacy in cloud workflows has attracted significant research attention. For example, private patients' data managed by a workflow