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food web worksheet free

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food web worksheet free

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food web printable

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Ecology, Food Webs and Symbiosis Life Science Word Search Printable Freebie

Ecology, Food Webs and Symbiosis Life Science Word Search Printable Freebie

Science Dojo

Also included in:  Life Science Ecology and Ecosystems Complete Curriculum Bundle

Temperate Forest Food Web: Printable FREEBIE

Temperate Forest Food Web: Printable FREEBIE

Zen Science Education

Food Web in the Boreal Forest Printable

Caribou Corner of Junction North

Weather, Climate, & Atmosphere Printable Project | Earth Science Middle School

Science World of Fun

Also included in:  Weather and Climate Bundle| Earth Science Interactive Notebook | Middle School

Vocabulary Worksheet | Science Substitute Plan Printable | Free Science Resource

Vocabulary Worksheet | Science Substitute Plan Printable | Free Science Resource

The Teacher Time Saver

Also included in:  Scientific Investigation Bundle- Lab Safety, Measurement, Scientific Method

Science Interactive Notebook Journal Front Cover Printable Freebie

Science Interactive Notebook Journal Front Cover Printable Freebie

Back to School | Get to know Activity | Beginning of the Year Printable Freebie

Back to School | Get to know Activity | Beginning of the Year Printable Freebie

Also included in:  NGSS Earth Physical Life Science Curriculum - Printable Science Notebook Bundle

Bingo Printable Review Worksheet Handout

Bingo Printable Review Worksheet Handout

Ecosystems- Competition, Symbiosis, Food Chains & Webs Graphic Organizer

Ecosystems- Competition, Symbiosis, Food Chains & Webs Graphic Organizer

Ms Haslacker Teaches 5th

Law of Conservation of Energy Printable Free Project

Also included in:  Kinetic and Potential Energy Unit Bundle | Physical Science Notebook

Food Webs

Ecology Interactions Unit Printable Work Bundle

Science from Murf LLC

Science Christmas Ornament Craft Activity | Holiday STEAM Printable Activity

Christmas Science Activity Printable | Matter Unit Freebie

Christmas Science Activity Printable | Matter Unit Freebie

Also included in:  Physical Science Curriculum Year Bundle | Science Interactive Notebook

Ecosystem Food Web Activity Cards with Lesson plan

Ecosystem Food Web Activity Cards with Lesson plan

Raise Thinkers

Also included in:  Food chain and food web Bundle

Create a Food Web - Rubric

Create a Food Web - Rubric

Laney Lee

Also included in:  Ecosystems - FULL UNIT

Periodic Table of Elements Activity | Physical Science Printable Freebie

Periodic Table of Elements Activity | Physical Science Printable Freebie

Also included in:  States of Matter Atoms & Elements Physical Science Unit Bundle

Salmon Life Cycle and Food Web Resources

Salmon Life Cycle and Food Web Resources

All My Ducks in a Row

Evolution and Natural Selection Printable Biology Project

Also included in:  Natural Selection Unit Notebook Bundle | Middle School Biology Life Science

Biology Life Science Word Wall Printable Bulletin Board Classroom Posters

Biology Life Science Word Wall Printable Bulletin Board Classroom Posters

Also included in:  Biology Year Bundle | Printable Science Interactive Notebook Curriculum | Free B

New Year's 2023 Resolution- New Year's Activity- Google Slides & Printable

New Year's 2023 Resolution- New Year's Activity- Google Slides & Printable

Ocean Food Web Activity Cards

Ocean Food Web Activity Cards

Sarah Jane's Teaching Lane

Oceans Alive: Marine Food Web - BONUS WORKSHEETS

Rainbow Horizons Publishing

Earthquakes Earth Science Word Search Printable Freebie

Also included in:  Earthquakes Curriculum Bundle | Earth Science Interactive Notebook

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In addition to ecosystems and food chains, these printable worksheets also cover consumers and producers, as well as herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. 

Food Chain Worksheets

Food Chain Worksheets

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Food Chain Articles

Articles about different animal species

Printable plant life worksheets

This page has everything you'll need for teaching students about owls, and for an owl pellet dissection activity. Includes bone identification charts, reading comprehension passages, and a sequencing activity.

Sample Worksheet Images

Food Chain Reading Comprehension

PDF with answer key:

PDF no answer key:

Little bins for little hands logo

Food Chain Activity (Free Printable)

All living plants and animals need energy to live on earth. Animals get energy by eating food, and green plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesis . Find out how to represent this flow of energy with a simple food chain. Plus, grab our printable food chain worksheets for you to use!


food web worksheet free


A food chain is an easy way to represent the links between organisms in an ecosystem. Basically, who eats who! It shows the one way flow of energy from producers to consumers to decomposers.

The producer in a food chain is a plant because it absorbs energy from the sun to make its own food through the process of photosynthesis. Examples of producers are trees, grass, vegetables etc.

Check out our photosynthesis worksheets for kids !

A consumer is a living thing that cannot make its own food. Consumers get their energy by eating food. All animals are consumers. We are consumers!

There are three types of consumers in a food chain. Animals that eat only plants are called herbivores and animals that eat only other animals are called carnivores . Examples of herbivores are cows, sheep and horses. Examples of carnivores are lions and polar bears .

food web worksheet free

Omnivores are animals that consume both plants and other animals for food. That’s most of us!

What animal is at the top of the food chain? Animals at the top of food chains are called predators . An animal is considered the top predator when it has no other animals that will eat it. Examples of top predators are eagles, lions, tigers, orcas, wolves.

A decomposer is a living thing that gets energy from breaking down dead plants and animals. Fungi and bacteria are the most common decomposers.

Decomposers, like mushrooms are very important for the food chain. Decomposers help put nutrients back into soil for plants to use.


A very simple food chain example would be grass —> rabbit —-> fox

The food chain starts with a producer (grass), which is eaten by a herbivore (rabbit) and the rabbit is eaten by a carnivore (fox).

Can you think of a simple food chain from the types of food you eat?

food web worksheet free


There are many food chains, and most plants and animals will be part of several food chains. All these food chains joined together are called a food web .

The difference between a food chain and a food web is that a food chain shows only one flow of energy from one level to another. While a food web shows multiple connections at every level. A food web more accurately represents the food relationships you would find in an ecosystem.

Just think of all the different foods we eat!


food web worksheet free


Looking for more lesson plans about nature? Here are a few suggestions for fun activities that would be perfect for preschoolers and elementary kids.

Create a biome lapbook and explore 4 main biomes in the world and the animals that live in them.

Use our photosynthesis worksheets to understand how plants make their own food.

Learn about osmosis when you try this fun potato osmosis experiment with the kids.

Learn about the apple life cycle with these fun printable activity sheets!

Use art and craft supplies you have on hand to create your own plant with all the different parts! Learn about the different parts of a plant and the function of each.

Use a few simple supplies you have on hand to grow these cute grass heads in a cup .

food web worksheet free

Grab some leaves and find out how plants breathe with this simple activity.

Learn about how water moves through the veins in a leaf.

Watching flowers grow is an amazing science lesson for kids of all ages. Find out what are easy flowers to grow!

See up close how a seed grows and what would actually be happening under the ground with a seed germination jar.


Click on the image below or on the link to check out tons more fun science activities for kids .

food web worksheet free

~ Projects to Try Now! ~

food web worksheet free


Reading & Math for K-5


Reading & Math Workbooks for K-5

Download & Print From Only $1.79

Food Chains And Webs

What's eating you.

Food webs represent the complicated relationships between living things in an ecosystem. These science worksheets examine food chains and food webs .

food web worksheet free

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food web worksheet free

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food web worksheet free

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Free Printables About Food Chains and Food Webs

By Jeannette Tuionetoa on September 25, 2020

The web of life was always meant to be interconnected; teach all about it with these free printables about food chains and food webs. Although life has always been interconnected, God’s creation was not meant to be what it is today.

Free Printables About Food Chains and Food Webs text with image collage of fresh produce grown

Before original sin.

Can you imagine the perfect cycle of life? No death? Us living in harmony with no exception. It is hard to even fathom with the divide we see in our world today.

Yet, that is exactly how God made this world to be. Before the original sin, God created everything to interconnect perfectly.

God created plants for both humans and animals to eat. Plants as our sole means of consumption meant no killing, no bloodshed. The world was made to thrive while walking with God, while living for Him perfectly and in peace.

After original sin.

Romans 8:19–23 says, “For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God. 20 For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of him who subjected it, in hope 21 that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption…”

Once sin was introduced to the world, a curse was put on the creation and changed everything to what we know today – a fallen world.

For the very first time, God made the very first atoning sacrifice. Many people have never thought of this. However, the very first shedding of blood was… from God Himself.

Adam and Eve attempted to cover themselves with figs leaves once they felt guilt and shame from disobeying God. They tried to cover their sin with fig leaves yet the Lord had to cover those sins Himself.

God chose to cover Adam and Eve with animal skins. Genesis 3:21 explains, “And the Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them.”

The garments of skin were righteousness only. He could provide them for their rebellion. Of course, this was a reflection of how the ultimate shedding of blood in Christ was the only thing that could save us today.

The cycle of life.

We went from perfect harmony with God as He intended , to a different type of living where we shed blood to eat, and so did animals. This is precisely what we see when we speak of the food chain and the food web in our present day.

This world is no longer how it once was when God created it. When animals only needed plants to survive before the “fall,” now they are made to adapt to continue the cycle of life. God made the world to be linked one way, but now we are linked in another.

Food chains and food webs.

Humans (most of us) eat animals, bigger animals eat smaller animals, who eat insects, who eat worms, who need the soil to survive.

The food chain and food web make very important topics for us to explore with our children. The primary reason is that as part of the fall of mankind, next is to explain how everything links to dependence on another to survive on earth.

All plants and animals alike rely on food to provide them the energy to live.

By definition, a food web shows the many different ways plants and animals are connected; the food webs contain several food chains. A food chain , by comparison, only shows one path of how plants and animals are connected. 

These free resources will help you teach your kids all about food chains and food webs:

Food chain/Web FREE Worksheets/Activities/Lesson Plans | Teacher Planet

Simple and Useful Resource on Food Chains/Webs | Primary Homework Help

Bigger Food Chain Samples | Sheppard Software

Explain to Kids: Food Chains | LittleLives

Grab these free printables about food chains and food webs:

FREE Food Chains and Webs Coloring Pages for Preschool Children | Coloring Pages for Toddlers

Food Webs and Food Chains FREE Worksheet | Family 2 Family Learning Resources

30 Food Webs and Food Chains FREE Worksheet | Accounting Invoice

FREE Food Chains and Webs | GreatSchools.org

Ocean Food Web FREE Worksheets | Living Life and Learning

Elementary Ocean Food Web Worksheets

FREE Printable Antarctic Food Web | TrilliumMontessori.ORG

Food Webs FREE Printable Test | Help Teaching

Energy Through an Ecosystem – Food Webs FREE Test | Help Teaching

Food Chains

FREE Printable Food Chain Fact Cards

Free Printable Food Chain Fact Cards text with image examples of cards

Broken Food Chains FREE Download | Teaching Ideas

FREE Food Chain Worksheet | Cookie.com

Forest Food Chain Book and FREE Printable Food Chain Game | Brain Power Boy

Nesting African FREE Food Chain File | Homeschooling Kinetic Kids

FREE Food Chain Cards & Lesson Plan | Homeschooling and Homesteading

Food Chains FREE Unit Helper (Google Classroom Able) | Amy Lynn Teaches

FREE Printable Ocean Food Chain Workbook | Homeschool Hideout

Food Chain FREE Worksheet & Pack | Layton Adventures

Ocean Animals Food Chain FREE Printables | Living Life and Learning

Prairie Food Chain FREE CRAFTivity | Little Learning Lane

Food Chain Lesson and Food Chain FREE Coloring Book | The Homeschool Scientist

Forest Food Pyramid FREE Downloadable Project | Education.com

FREE Food Chain Card Game | STEM Mom

Polar Bear Food Chain Activity FREE Printables | Rainy Day Mum

Deciduous Forest Food Chain Lesson FREE Printables | NurtureStore

First Grade Food Chain FREE Worksheets | Turtle Diary

Primary Producers Consumer Decomposer Food Chain FREE Worksheet PNG | IMGBIN

Six Food Chains (FREE) | Clever Learner

Human Food Chain FREE Coloring Pages for Preschoolers | Craft Play Learn

Food chain and food web activities and games:

10 Enjoyable Food Chain Activities and Resources! | The Discovery Apple

Build a Food Web Game | Exploring Nature

Sharks! – A Shark Food Chain FREE Game | Look Were Learning

Step on it! A Life-Sized Food Web | The Science Penguin

I love the idea of food chains and webs in relation to how God created us to be. It will help us explain why we eat animals for food, why some people choose not to, and provide understanding for either choice. 

We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Use these free printables about food chains and food webs to go alongside lessons on His creation to point your kids toward the Creator.

After all, He takes care of the birds, so they never worry where their next meal will come from – so much so does He care for us.

He has covered our sins and made way for us to be reconciled to Him. Amen!

Matthew 6:26, “Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

Free Printables About Food Chains and Food Webs text with image collage of fresh produce grown

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food web worksheet free

Jeannette is a wife, mother and homeschooling mom. She has been mightily, saved by grace and is grateful for God’s sovereignty throughout her life’s journey. She has a Bachelor in English Education and her MBA. Jeannette is bi-lingual and currently lives in the Tongan Islands of the South Pacific. She posts daily freebies for homeschoolers!

food web worksheet free

Be sure to check out our open and go homeschool curriculum and resources over at www.dailyskillbuilding.com

food web worksheet free


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Food chain/web.

food web worksheet free

From plants and single cell organisms to humans, every organism on this planet needs a fuel source or energy to live. Plants use the sun and nutrients from the soil. Insects eat plants. Rodents eat insects. Reptiles eat rodents. You get the picture. The bigger animals eat the smaller animals. This is the essence of the food chain.

The food chain is an important concept for a young child to learn. It helps them see the world as a much larger and more unified place. Everything is linked and dependent on each other to survive. There are actually six levels or positions in the food chain. They include primary producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, tertiary consumers, and quaternary consumers. The food chain ends with the animals that have little or no natural enemies.

Teaching Your Young Students About the Food Chain

Teacher Planet offers lesson plans for teaching about the food chain and the food web. Resources include hands on activity plans, worksheets, clip art, printables and additional teaching resources to help you plan and organize your food chain unit.

Helping children understand their role in the food chain may make them more responsible citizens and increase their understanding of the environment and ecology.

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NGSS Life Science

Food web worksheets.

Food Web Ecology

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Energy Pyramid

Energy Pyramid Concepts

Lessons Organized by NGSS Standard

MATH Worksheets 4 Kids

Food Chain Worksheets

Kids are born with an innate curiosity and love for animals which leads them to question the food habits of animals. Spark the interest of students of grade 2 through grade 7 with these meticulously designed food chain worksheets to interpret terrestrial, aquatic and forest food chains, comprehend food webs and flow of energy in the energy pyramids, get acquainted with frequently used terms in the ecosystem vocabulary, learn to classify animals based on food, differentiate between autotrophs and heterotrophs and a lot more. Sample our free worksheets and get started.

Ecosystem Vocabulary Chart

Ecosystem Vocabulary Chart

Enrich your knowledge and vocabulary with key terms like ecosystem, heterotrophs, autotrophs, producers, consumers, herbivores, carnivores and their definitions with this printable ecosystem vocabulary chart for grade 4, grade 5, and grade 6.

Terrestrial and Marine Food Chain Chart

Terrestrial and Marine Food Chain Chart

Introduce the topic with this pdf food-chain chart. The kids learn "Who-eats-what" in both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. The visually appealing chart is sure to develop curiosity in kids.

Pond Food Chain Worksheet

Pond Food Chain Worksheet

This food chain chart specifically illustrates the pond food chain and is accompanied by a fill-in-the-blanks exercise to check comprehension. The kids decipher the food chain and plug in the appropriate words.

Food Web Chart

Food Web Chart

The food web chart illustrates the feeding relationships among species in a terrestrial community and assists kids in distinguishing a food chain from a food web. Learn about the transfer of energy as well.

Interpreting a Marine Food Web

Interpreting a Marine Food Web

This vividly laid-out marine-food-web diagram shows the interdependence of animals in an aquatic ecosystem. The children are expected to answer the questions by observing the food web.

Energy Pyramid Chart

Energy Pyramid Chart

The energy pyramid or trophic pyramid chart distinctly shows the transfer of energy from one trophic level to the other. Reiterate the key terms like producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers and more!

Energy Pyramid Worksheet

Energy Pyramid Worksheet

Comprehend the flow of energy in this ecological pyramid chart or the energy pyramid chart. Test comprehension with the set of questions that follow in this energy pyramid worksheet.

Ecosystem | Answer the following

Ecosystem | Answer the following

Get a clear picture of the conceptual knowledge of 5th grade and 6th grade students with this answer the following printable worksheet. Included here are questions like listing, distinguishing and explaining to reaffirm the concept.

Autotrophs vs Heterotrophs Worksheet

Autotrophs vs Heterotrophs Worksheet

Distinguish between autotrophs and heterotrophs with clearly stated examples, classify organisms as autotrophs or heterotrophs and identify them in a food chain in this autotrophs vs heterotrophs worksheet pdf for 3rd grade and 4th grade kids.

Prey and Predator | Fill in the blanks

Prey and Predator | Fill in the blanks

This interesting prey and predator activity worksheet for grade 2 and grade 3 presents real-world scenarios involving preys and predators. The kids read the sentence and identify the prey and predator in each scenario.

Producer, Prey and Predator Worksheet

Producer, Prey and Predator Worksheet

Reinforce the concept of prey and predator with this printable activity. Arrange the pictures in the correct sequence of energy flow and spot the producer, prey and predator in this identify-the-prey-and-predator worksheet.

Producers, Consumers or Decomposers?

Producers, Consumers or Decomposers?

A set of organisms have been listed out and the children are expected to classify them based on their food habits as producers, consumers or decomposers and label them accordingly.

Classify as Producers or Consumers

Classify as Producers or Consumers

Study the food web and classify the ten organisms presented as producers or consumers and write them in the specific columns in this producer-consumer-classification worksheet PDF.

Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore?

Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore?

Ponder on what the animals eat and label the plant-eaters as herbivores, meat-eaters as carnivores and both plant and animal eaters as omnivores in this herbivore-carnivore-omnivore-labeling worksheet.

Herbivore, Carnivore and Omnivore

Herbivore, Carnivore and Omnivore

The word bank consists of a list of organisms, the children are expected to sort them and tabulate them in the correct column in this herbivore-carnivore-omnivore-classification worksheet.

Food Chain Diagram | Energy Flow

Food Chain Diagram | Energy Flow

Analyze each of the given food chain diagrams and check the ones that depict the correct sequence of energy flow in this printable spotting the correct food chain worksheet.

Forest Food Chain | Cut and paste

Forest Food Chain | Cut and paste

This 2nd grade forest food chain cut paste activity pdf worksheet presents a linear food chain. Snip the picture cards, sequence them in the order of energy flow and glue them in the correct boxes.

Desert Food chain | Cut and paste

Desert Food chain | Cut and paste

Learn about the desert biome with this desert-food-chain-cut-paste-activity worksheet. Cut the pictures and paste them according to their trophic levels to complete the activity.

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  1. What Is the Definition of a Food Web?

    A food web is a diagram showing which animals eat which other animals in a given ecological community. It also aims to show the transfer or flow of energy and materials, such as sunlight or carbon, that occurs between species via their feed...

  2. What Is the White Tiger’s Food Web?

    White tigers are at the top of their food chain and have no natural enemies. Their primary diet consists of large ungulates, including deer, water buffalo, wild cattle and wild pigs. As of 2014, most white tigers live in zoos but wild ones ...

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  4. Food Chains And Food Webs Worksheets Teaching Resources

    FREE. Google Slides™. This set of worksheets will help students understand the different players in the food chain, including producers

  5. Food Web Printable Teaching Resources

    This FREE worksheet includes 1 page from our Oceans Alive resource.This Food Web worksheet encourages students to complete a food web of

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    Food Chain Worksheets. Food Web Worksheet FREE ... Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers FREE.

  7. Food Chains, Food Webs, and Energy Pyramid worksheet

    Using your food chain above, construct an energy pyramid. Page 3. Food Webs and Food Chains Worksheet. 1 Look at this food chain.

  8. Food Chain Activity (Free Printable)

    Find out how to represent the flow of energy with a simple food chain. Plus, grab our printable food chain worksheets for you to use!

  9. Food Chains And Webs Worksheets

    Students examine food chains and food webs in an ecosystem. Free | Worksheets | Grade 3 | Printable.

  10. Free Printables About Food Chains and Food Webs

    Food chain/Web FREE Worksheets/Activities/Lesson Plans | Teacher Planet ... Food Webs and Food Chains FREE Worksheet | Family 2 Family

  11. Food Chain/Web Lessons, Worksheets and Activities

    Teacher Planet offers lesson plans for teaching about the food chain and the food web.

  12. Food Webs Worksheets: Energy Pyramid & Energy Flow

    Food web and food chain worksheets, energy pyramid worksheets &s; free energy flow lesson plans for high school biology & middle school life science.

  13. Food Chain Worksheets

    Food Chains - Little Worksheets · Food Chain Vocabulary Worksheet - cf.ltkcdn.net · Activity 3: Exploring Food Chains and Webs · Food Chains, Food Webs, and Energy

  14. Food Chain Worksheets

    Sample our free worksheets and get started. Select the Type