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Multimedia assignments.

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multimedia assignment topics

Multimedia assignments provide rich learning experiences for students in which students can combine different types of media such as text, images, audio, videos, maps, etc. to create a cohesive project. The format of multimedia assignments offers more flexibility and choices than a traditional research paper, which helps to meet the needs of diverse learners. Such an assignment provides multiple ways to engage students in the course activities and multiple avenues to demonstrate their learning.  

Emerging new media tools hold great potential for improving the quality of learning and teaching in higher education [1] if they are implemented effectively. The use of multimedia tools in course assignments can motivate students with creative options, and enable higher levels of engagement with academic content. It allows students to express themselves in new ways and to perform at highest Bloom’s taxonomy cognitive levels. A multimedia assignment does not only improve students’ technological skills but also gives students the chance to master and demonstrate various learning outcomes, including creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, inquiry and analysis, successful application and use of technology, communication, and presentation skills [2]. Educational research shows multimedia assignments are beneficial for student learning and for developing skills such as teamwork, time management,  and conflict resolution [3]. Some multimedia assignment ideas include,

Podcast or Audio Essay

Video Essay (including 360 video projects and documentary films)

Geographic or Narrative Map Project

Individual or team Website or Blog

Animated or digitally published text

Take a look at this gallery of multimedia assignments used in LSA classes and supported by the LTC consultants! 

multimedia assignment topics

Podcast Essay Project

In Professor Monica Dus’s course, Neuroepigenetics, students worked in pairs to create 15 to 20 minute podcasts about a topic in Neuroepigenetics , written for the public.

multimedia assignment topics

Audiovisual Essay

In Professor Matthew Solomon’s course, Art of Film, SAC 236, students made a video argument about one of the films screened for class, using any of the skills and rhetorical strategies they have learned in the course.

multimedia assignment topics

Story Maps Assignment

In Professor Shachar Pinsker’s course, Jews in the Modern World, students used Story Maps to create a visually rich story to present their own understanding of Jewish modernity.

multimedia assignment topics

Website and Blog Assignment

Students from Professor Lucy Hartley’s course, What is Empire?, are currently working in groups to create a website to exhibit their conclusions.

Crafting effective and engaging multimedia assignments to be incorporated into your course requires several considerations, including, 

Define clear and measurable learning outcomes for the assignment.

Determine the type of media to use based on the learning outcomes of the assignment and the required time to accomplish it. 

Determine the deliverables you will require from students. 

Provide a structure for your assignment that requires revisions: an outline, pitch, or proposal, a first draft, and a final version, with feedback to guide each stage.

Determine the assessments and rubrics and share them ahead of time with students. Assessment should evaluate the learning process, not just the final product. Rubrics can help keep students on task and apprised of what’s expected from them.

Determine the type of training, scaffolding, and technical support needed. 

Make sure that the workload for the assignment is comparable to more traditional projects. 

Determine how to grade them, e.g. single group grade versus multiple weighted grades, or group versus individual scores.

We offer student work spaces and equipment loans to suit many types of assignment. If you would like to consult on how to design a multimedia assignment that best aligns with your course learning objectives and what hardware and software tools are needed, contact the Learning and Teaching Technology Consultants at [email protected] .

[1] Adams Backer, S., et al (2017). NMC Horizon Report: 2017 Higher Education Edition. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium.

[2] Lieuw, T. (2014). How to Assign and Grade a Multimedia Project . Teaching Commons. Stanford University. 

[3] Reyna, J., Hanham, J., & Meier, P. (2017). A taxonomy of digital media types for Learner-Generated Digital Media assignments. E-Learning and Digital Media, 14(6), 309–322. https://doi.org/10.1177/2042753017752973

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There are three assignments during the course of the semester, and they are described here.

First Assignment

Put together a short personal presentation describing:

Please build your presentations as something that can be put online - html pages, Flash TM animations, and QuickTime® movies are all great.

Midterm Assignment

Put together a proposal outlining the art piece you would like to create for the final class exhibition and present your ideas to the class. As in the first assignment, the assignment should be presentable online.

Final Assignment

Create an art piece that can be shown at the final class exhibition at CAVS. You may work alone or in collaboration. Interactive pieces are strongly encouraged.

MIT Open Learning

Multimedia Assignment Ideas and Inspirations for Any Discipline

Date : Tuesday, March 29, 2022 Time : 1:00 pm–2:00 pm (EDT) Audience: Instructors , Instructors at Commonwealth Campuses

Presented by: Teaching and Learning with Technology

Multimedia assignments are a great method for engaging students in course content in new and exciting ways — but not everyone feels technically proficient enough to support these assignments. That’s where partnering with TLT’s Media Commons services comes in! Media Commons consultants partner with instructors to design custom multimedia assignments for courses from any discipline, then provide support and technology for students as they complete the assignments. Opportunities covered in this session will include video and podcasting assignments, dynamic presentations with the One Button Studio, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, design thinking, using Cricuts and sewing machines, 360° video, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more. Examples and case studies highlighting successful past partnerships will be shared and discussion is welcome!

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Academic Technology Launchpad: Multimedia Projects

Projects and Assignments

Typical multimedia assignments our students may be working on:

Important multimedia considerations

Be creative, and have fun!  

question mark

Recording a PowerPoint with narration

Need to add narration to your PowerPoint presentation? This video from Microsoft can help you get started. Upon completion you can save your presentation as a PowerPoint file or export as a video file. Read directions from your instructor carefully to see if they have a file type preference.

Please note that you can't record narration in PowerPoint for the web. Use a desktop version of PowerPoint to record your narration.

Library Resources

Resources available to support students who are working on creating or editing multimedia projects for academic purposes, and collaborative multimedia workspaces. We're here to help!

More Research Guides

1701 Wright Street | Madison, Wisconsin 53704 | Libraries: 608.246.6640 | Student Achievement Centers: 608.246.6125 | College Info: 608.246.6100

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A multimedia assignment checklist

In 2012 a writing professor from CU Boulder and I co-hosted several teaching-with-multimedia workshops. Our audience was composed primarily of faculty from Colorado community colleges and our goal was to effectively walk attendees through the process of creating a working multimedia assignment. 

With any choices in how an assignment might be defined come cautions, opportunities, and considerations. To help our group see as many foreseeable variables as possible, we used a flowchart to give form to the process of creating a solid media-based assignment. Let's look at that presentation here, in checklist form.

The assignment

What, exactly, will you ask your students to do? A few considerations:

Service-learning or outreach; Having your class work for real clients can be a real pain... but worth the effort nonetheless. Knowing that their efforts will be both useful and durable can ignite students' motivation, whether they're working on short promotional videos or web-sites. The down-side, of course, is that the instructor can easily find him or herself in a project-manager role. And clients can easily forget that the primary aim of the project is learning; they can routinely overstep their boundaries and demand too much of the wrong things. Establish boundaries and expectations early on.

Student-designed poster promoting a non-profit theater

Figure1; A student-designed poster promoting a local non-profit cinema

Personal narrative; When students are asked to share a personal experience - an epiphany or a deeply disturbing  event, for instance - the results can be magical. Or predictable. The better projects I've seen were the result of a very challenging dialog between instructor and student.    

Call to action; Global warming, drunk driving, disappearing elephants - the world's a troubled place to be sure, but calling attention to a given cause can quickly fall into cliché. It's helpful to ask students " Who is your audience why would they care about this? " as they brainstorm their approaches. It's a fair question, and it should be at the forefront of every copy-writing, filming, editing, and delivery decision made.

A response to an artifact; Can you show us how  The Things They Carried  affected your views concerning the Viet Nam War? Can you make a three-minute video that emulates, in a scene from your everyday life, a film noir element as seen in Double Indemnity ? Assignments like these can be ideal ways of getting students to look more deeply into the rhetorical powers of film and literature. But the chance that they'll turn in a video chockfull of 60's photos overlaid with a Credence Clearwater Revival soundtrack are high... unless you give them a very specific target. 

A documentary; Collect evidence that supports your point and convince us or collect evidence and convince yourself that there is a point. Both approaches to documentary filmmaking can be useful as a learning process.

Parodies, riffs, mash-ups, deconstructions; What if you used a Mythbusters approach to debunk a common scientific misconception? What if Michelangelo had had a Facebook page? Can you re-edit a short existing video so that it makes another point entirely? These assignment approaches have all been used successfully at CU Boulder. Students generally love the infusion of comedy, irony, and flat-out propaganda in their work. The trick, of course, is to keep the learning goals front and center.

Media choices

Will you have your students work with video, in print, online, or with social networks? Each medium comes with its own unique affordances and potential difficulties.

Video; It's easier to grade than a ten-page paper! And often more fun for students as well. Some important considerations concerning video:

Audio; If you've found yourself transfixed by NPR's This I Believe audio essay series, you're not alone. A few things to remember about working with audio projects:

Print; As a means to efficiently and effectively inform and persuade, printed communications are still very much in the running. And it's surprising how often working professionals rely on print, whether it be in the form of academic posters, newsletters, ads and flyers, or reports. A few things to consider: 

Mixed Bag;  A good question for your class: "What do you think would be the most effective way to deliver your message to your audience? Video? Radio spots? Social media?" Let your students make the determination on how to move their message. In many cases, they're already the experts, and the innovation that this type of freedom can engender might surprise you. It could also inform future assignments.

Class configuration

Will you ask your students to work individually? In teams? Let's talk about your options.

One class, one project; Ask your students to be Mad Men (sans martinis, of course!) for a semester, and turn your class into an agency. Several years ago, our group helped a writing class produce a host of media products for a men's wheelchair rugby team. Among other things, they churned out promotional videos, blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and player profiles. The results were breathtaking. 

Video 1; Promotional video for The Denver Harlequins, produced by a CU Boulder writing class

In devoting the whole of your class's efforts to a single project, there are a few considerations:

Teams, either self-selecting or designated; Students can either love or loathe working in teams, and in helping classes at CU Boulder, I've seen both - deep bonds and raging animosities are not unusual. I think instructors can moderate the situation somewhat, with a little knowledge up front:

Individual work; Nothing new here, but there are a few thoughts to mull over:

Dealer's choice; Many instructors let their students choose how they'd prefer working. Beyond the grading issue, this can be a good solution to letting students create in ways in which they feel most comfortable.

Source material

Will you insist that every element in a student project be original? Will you tolerate, but discourage the use of "found" materials in your students' work? There are a ton of options here, with many hybrids in between.

Original material only; A way to push student inventiveness and creativity to the max. A few thoughts:

Found material; There's a world full of material to grab out there. Why not?

Student-produced poster showing Hitler and Lincoln in juxtaposition

Figure 2; Try this without  using found material - a stud ent-produced poster promoting CU Boulder's Special Collections Department

Machine-made material; I helped a class recently that was asked to produce infographics on various topics. One student, whose project was rated best-in-class, simply plugged her information into an online infographic production application that kicked out a final product within seconds. You wouldn't accept this with a writing assignment - why would it work here?

Hopefully, this little overview of assignment styles will help you understand and weigh some of the many variables you might encounter in putting together a multimedia assignment. It can be bewildering, I know.

One last thing, and I tell students this all the time: If this isn't fun, it's probably still in need of tweaking. I've yet to work with a faculty member on a successful media assignment who hadn't enjoyed the experience immensely.

So go have fun. 

Film language and storyboarding

Years ago, after seeing students struggle with video assignments, I put together a lecture on film language and storyboarding, which I've shared with classes at CU Boulder hundreds of times. Beginning videographers may find the presentation useful in both brainstorming approaches and in execution.

The Inverted Pyramid; a newswriting convention

Writing for a listening audience follows slightly different rules. If your students are producing podcasts, you may want to make them aware of a news-writer's convention; The Inverted Pyramid.

Multimedia - Assignment Example

Multimedia assignment

Extract of sample "Multimedia"

Multimedia Design & Development # A Adobe Photoshop is used to “enhance, retouch and manipulate photographs and other images”. Sometime there is a requirement to enhance edit previously exposed images; Adobe Photoshop CC is an industry standard to accomplish all such editing in a professional and user friendly manner.# BAdobe Premiere is video edit software. It provides a Non Linear Editing facility of video meaning thereby user can edit any part of the video without need to go through unnecessary details.

The latest version of the software is known to be Adobe Premiere Pro which is widely used by broadcasting agencies all over the globe. # CAdobe Soundbooth is audio editing software. The user can create and edit multiple tasks in the program to edit an audio track. The software was not very popular due to its complex interface and usability. The software releases were stopped in 2011 and Adobe Audition has replaced it.# DAdobe Flash is animation software. User can use this software to animate text, still images and graphics designed on other software programs.

Adobe Flash is commonly used in web advertisement, games etc. # EAutodesk Maya is platform to create animated 3D videos. It can also be used to create powerful animation, modeling and simulated videos. Companies are using Maya to create animated films, simulated videos for schools and other professional environment and games etc.# F I think Autodesk Maya is a powerful tool to make animated videos. It gives its user freedom of maneuvering images and creating 3D effects. Maya has brought revolution in 3D animated videos. # G1. Interactive and static multimedia objects have also revolutionized the Anatomy.

Tools discussed above are widely used to create effective educational demos and animated videos to show how there anatomy can be used and employed. (A.D.A.M)2. Animated genetic lab models of various species of animals can be very helpful in understanding the life and capacity of these species. (Froguts) Works CitedAdobe. “Adobe Photoshop”, adobe.com/: n. page. Web. 09 June, 2014.Froguts. “Recent News”,froguts.com/demo/: n. page. Web. 09 June, 2014.A.D.A.M. “Interactive Anatomy”, adameducation.com/: n. page. Web. 09 June, 2014.

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