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Online High School Art Classes

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Art Foundations

At The American Academy, we offer a variety of high school art classes. Taught online by passionate, state-licensed teachers, these courses enrich students’ understanding and experience with the artistic world. High school students can make up a course, get ahead by taking individual courses, supplement home-schooling curriculum, or take an art class as part of a full diploma program. Alternatively, adult learners can take accredited online high school art courses to work toward finishing their diplomas and expanding their job prospects.

Fully virtual, our online art classes for high school credit make it convenient to expand art knowledge anywhere, anytime. Pursue an interest in photography or music. Test-drive potential for a future college major. Check artistic requirements off your list. Offered as part of our full high school curriculum , online art courses make it possible to work at your pace, on your schedule, with fewer distractions and with more convenience. Learn more about the art courses we offer!

Student Programs

online art class for high school

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The best online art classes in 2023

Learn to paint and draw with the best online art classes and art schools around.

Best online art classes

Do you want to take one of the best online art classes? We've curated this list, which covers classes for all mediums, levels and budgets (including free) so you can dive into learning immediately. Here, you'll find high-quality lessons on pencil, paint and pixels, delivered by leading professionals and designed to take your art to the next level. 

Our top pick of classes right now is Drawing Essentials with Glenn Vilppu. We think it's great because it dives into the fundamentals to master before you can develop your skills, and it does so in a way that is clear to a beginner as well as an experienced artist. But keep reading down the list for more brilliant options, for both traditional and digital artists.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, be sure to check out our other quality how to draw tutorials, covering a variety of subjects or our specific oil painting techniques guide. Not sure what art classes to go for? Head to the end of the list for helpful tips and advice.

Best online art classes available now

01. drawing essentials with glenn vilppu.

One of the world’s most famous art teachers, Glenn Vilppu instructs professionals at animation, game and film studios worldwide, as well as universities, art schools and private art academies. And the one problem he constantly comes up against is that many students walk into the class without knowing the fundamentals, such as how to hold a pencil correctly. 

So this six-week course attempts to fill those knowledge gaps, and is aimed not just beginners but any artists, even professionals, who have never studied formally. 

At $800, it’s not cheap, but bear in mind you won’t just be passively watching video lectures. The aim is to replicate the experience of attending a real-life art class; so you get your work critiqued weekly, alongside group discussion and the opportunity to get answers directly from Vilppu. You’ll also be able to see critiques of the other students as well, as would happen in a regular live class.

Once you're done, Vilppu also offers some world-class figure drawing classes on his site. He strongly recommends you don't jump ahead, and take this class first, however knowledgeable you think you are.

02. Drawing and Sketching for Beginners by Robin Slee

Right at the start of your journey, and want to know what all this art stuff is really about? This introductory-level class on Udemy is a great place to begin, and at $29.99, it's far from a huge financial commitment.

Tutor Robin Slee, a self-taught freelance digital artist and illustrator, is keen to get you started on the right track, and covers fundamentals like how to hold a pencil correctly and how to make marks. That might sound basic, but these are not actually intuitive things (as we mentioned in the previous entry, even experienced artists get them wrong), so it's pretty useful to nail them at this early stage. And Slee's instruction is clear, simple, jargon-free and easy to follow.

The course consists of over three hours of video content, segmented into 25 modules, accompanied by practical exercises for you to download. There's also a dedicated Q&A section where you can post your questions, ask for feedback, or share your results from the course.

03. Joseph Patric Daniels

Udemy is packed full of brilliant classes from art professionals, and Joseph Patric Daniels has some of the best courses on the site. How to Draw from Beginner to Master, How to Paint from Beginner to Master – Acrylic Painting, How to Paint from Beginner to Master and Oil Painting from Beginner to Master are all brilliant places to start.

Featuring comprehensive step-by-step instruction, the courses range from two to 21 hours and are suitable for all levels. The course fees range from $84.99 to $119.99 but are currently on sale for as little as $16.99. Bargain.

04. SmART School

Founded by Rebecca Guay, SmART School offers live classes in figure drawing for small groups. These interactive online lessons are given by industry pro artists such as Donato Giancola and Scott Fischer, as well as editors, directors, agents and gallery owners, who use GoToMeeting to provide assignment critiques, mentorships, hands-on drawovers in Photoshop, and Q&As with every student.

SmART School's prices range rom $495 to $2765.

05. Ctrl+Paint

Many free online courses are of dubious quality. Not so these pre-recorded digital painting videos from founder Matt Kohr, which are organised like a school curriculum. Ctrl+Paint also offers premium video lessons from $10 that take you through basic foundation art skills.

06. Tucson Art Academy Online

Tucson Art Academy Online offers pre-recorded video lessons on pastel, oils, acrylic and watercolour from the likes of established traditional artists Laura Robb, Ken Auster and Sandy Scott, which you can access for 365 days. 

With Self-Study (which costs $395), that’s all you get; if you choose the Online Mentoring option (for $595), you can ask the tutor questions.

07. New Masters Academy

The New Masters Academy offers online courses for fine artists. Tutors include Steve Huston, Charles Hu and Kamille Corry. 

The Standard $36 per month subscription gives you over 5,500 hours of pre-recorded video lectures; the Premium $59 per month level allows you access to an online 3D reference library, live class DVRs and 50,000+ reference images. Then there's the upper tier, which adds in interactive live classes and two group coaching sessions per week for $149. These prices are billed annually, pay monthly at $49/$79/$149.

08. Ink Drawing Techniques by Yuko Shimizue

Yuko Shimizu is a Japanese illustrator based in New York City and a veteran instructor at the School of Visual Arts. In this online class, hosted on the Skillshare platform, she offers a detailed guide to essential inking and drawing techniques. 

Subjects covered include the differences between types of papers and inks; basic brush, nib, and ink techniques; Asian vs. watercolour brushes; and sketching and scanning essentials. In short, there’s a huge amount of ground covered in this 90 minute class, made up of 15 separate lessons, and everyone from the novice to the experienced inker will benefit.

You can’t actually buy the course separately; you’ll need a Skillshare subscription to unlock it. That will cost $32 a month (or $13.99 billed annually).

09. Draw and Paint Online: Beginner's Art by Peter Stanyer 

Internationally renowned artist, author and tutor Peter Stanyer has taught art for over 20 years at many different levels in further and higher education. Aimed both at complete beginners and more experienced artists who enjoy recreational drawing, his online art classes will teach you the techniques you need to draw with confidence.

All the fundamentals are covered here, including mark making, tone, colour, shape, composition, perspective and more. Requiring around 30 hours of study, this class involves a number of assignments made up of carefully structured, practical, drawing or painting projects. With personal tuition and feedback from Stanyer thrown in as well, this course offers excellent value at just £148 for parts A and B – or $75 for the individual parts.

10. How to Paint: Absolute Beginners Acrylics Course with Will Kemp

Are you someone who “dreams of becoming an artist but keeps putting it off until you have more time?” If that’s you, then this relatively short and snappy art class could be the kick up the backside you need. 

Over three-and-a-half hours, Will Kemp – an award-winning artist who’s studied in Italy, run his own art gallery and taught in museums and schools – explains the foundations of working with acrylics and why they're the simplest and most effective way for a beginner to learn to paint.

You learn about setup and materials, colour mixing, pigment choice, brush-handling and palette-knife techniques, as well as gels and mediums. Once that's out of the way, you're then encouraged to complete three paintings (a still-life, a landscape, and a seascape) using three different colour palettes. 

This class is split over seven video lessons, which can be either streamed or downloaded. Kemp suggest you take time off for a “painting week”', in which you take a different lesson every day; alternatively, you might prefer to study one every weekend. He also includes downloadable reference material and although you won't get feedback on your work, at just £53, it's still a bit of bargain.

11. Mastering colour with Richard Robinson  

Fine artist and teacher Richard Robinson asked his students to name the biggest stumbling block when it came to painting, and an astonishing 72 per cent said it was getting their colours right. So in this two-part art course, which can be both streamed and downloaded, he explains everything you need to know, from how the brain sees and analyse colours, to the key to colour relationships. It may have a narrow focus, but it's still a strong entry in our list of the best online art classes.

The Mastering Color course is split into two parts, Mastering Colour one and Mastering Color two. Currently you can buy them both for $100 (at time of writing), or the second part for $55. If you're still not convinced, you can ‘try before you buy’ by viewing the first chapter free on the website. 

12. Activate the canvas with Nancy Hillis

Fed up of making representational art, and want to walk on the wild side? This five-module, self-paced art class will guide you through your first steps in abstract painting. You'll discover how to experiment, loosen up as artist and unleash a brand new perspective on your art. 

In each module, Nancy Hillis, abstract artist and psychiatrist, walks you through a systematic process for reflecting on your inner landscape and mindset. Included are a written lesson and between three and seven video demonstrations that walk you through ways of 'activating the canvas'. 

The course costs $247 and there is a payment plan option. The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced artists; because it's not really about technique but unlocking your creativity. In return, “You'll learn exciting ways to create bold, raw, immediate and alive paintings by activating the canvas intuitively," says Hillis. This is a well deserved entry in the list of the best online art classes. 

13. Figure Drawing Fundamentals with Stan Proko 

Historically, art schools have always taught a systematic process for drawing people that can be applied to figures of any body type, set in any position. Running across 15 and a half hours of downloadable video, this class delivers exactly that. 

One of our favourite best online art classes, it's taught by Stan Prokopenko, an accomplished fine art painter who works for the Watts Atelier school in California and shares his knowledge with millions online through both free YouTube videos and more weighty, paid-for courses like this one. 

Aimed at both beginners and experienced artists looking for a refresher, this figure drawing class will teach you how to draw human figures by breaking down shapes into simple forms. You’ll learn about structure, gesture, balance, exaggeration, proportions, shading and more. And for just $109, you can't say fairer than that. 

14. Painting portraits with Mark Carder

Mark Carder is a highly regarded artist who has painted commissioned portraits of two US Presidents and a US Secretary of State, among others. His best online art class demonstrates and explains the process of painting portraits using a photo as your source material. 

Carder’s style is direct and to the point, with zero waffle and targeted advice throughout, covering how to photograph your subject, draw the face, blend fleshtones, work with a limited colour palette, match colours, and maintain a likeness throughout the process. 

Some of the specific techniques Carder outlines are a little unusual, and the class doesn't cover how to draw a portrait from life. But if that doesn't put you off, these eight hours of downloadable videos, aimed at intermediate and advanced artists, are top quality, well structured, and offer fascinating insights from an artist at the top of his profession; all of which isn't bad for $100.

15. Charcoal Drawing with Aaron Blaise

Aaron Blaise spent 21 years of his life as an animator on such films as Beauty and the Beast, Lion King and Brother Bear, which he co-directed. He’s now left the movie business, but Disney’s loss is the art world’s gain, as he’s turned his hand to teaching digital painting. And it turns out he’s very good at it.

In this art class, Blaise creates a charcoal drawing of a lioness, in real time, across five hours and 30 minutes. He draws from a photograph, and you can download a high resolution version of this image, print it out, and follow along at home.

Blaise’s commentary is insightful, informative and really helps you follow what he’s doing. He always strikes the right tone: always helpful, never patronising, making this a strong entry in the list of the best online art classes. 

You'll need some basic drawing skills to follow this class, so it’s not suitable for total beginners. But overall, this is a high-quality class for anyone wanting to get to grips with charcoal, wildlife drawing, or both. At time of writing there is a huge sale on this course, reduced from $45/£40 to just $5. 

16. Computer Graphics Master Academy

Another tried and true brand in this list of the best online art classes, Computer Graphics Master Academy is focused on getting its students work in the animation, games and VFX industries, and to this end offers over 100 courses, from drawing basics to environment design. There are oodles of new courses for this year including Animation Foundation 101, Intro to Blender for Concept Art and many more.

These are taught by over 90 pros, including Mélanie Delon, Patrick J Jones, Armand Serrano and Aaron Limonick, who provide live feedback and one-to-one mentoring in a virtual classroom.

With over 900 students worldwide, CGMA provides a vibrant network for discussion and career development through its virtual classroom community.

Classes cost from $499 to $998 per course.

17. Visual Arts Passage

Visual Arts Passage has gone up our list of the best online art classes as it is a mentorship programme for students pursuing a career in the art industry that boasts live, interactive classes. Online classes are taught by award-winning mentors such as Viviane Kosty, Dale Stephanos, Katherine Lam, Lake Hurwitz and more. They also feature some of the biggest names in the industry as guest speakers such as Karla Ortiz, Afua Richardson, Thomas Blackshear, Raymond Bonilla, and more. 

It offers a foundations course, and lessons in entertainment and game art, and illustration and aapplicants qualify for a one-on-one portfolio review.

Visual Arts Passage’s co-founder John English explains: "Students receive in-depth, one-on-one guidance from experienced artists in small classes. All lessons are delivered live and are fully interactive. Every student has a front row seat.

"Visual Arts Passage places art students on a track of challenging courses taught by working artists. This bridges the gap between the art student and the professional. We guide students from building foundational skills, all the way to crafting an industry-ready portfolio. It’s a map to the industry, paired with training by world-class professionals."

Classes cost between $499-$999.

18. CG Spectrum

CG Spectrum offers courses in animation, 3D modelling, concept art, visual effects, compositing and game design – it's one of the best online art classes that help students get the training they need for industry life. 

Live lessons take place as either small group classes or one-on-one mentoring, and the pro mentors – who include Craig Elliott and Jake Collinge – stay connected with students throughout each week of their course.

Classes cost from $2,895 for a group class to $3,795 or more for a one-to-one class.

19. The Oatley Academy

Founded by former Disney artist Chris Oatley (opens in new tab) , The Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling is one of our best online art classes because it specialises in real-time mentorships with a host of industry professionals that include Paul Scott Canavan, Brett Bean, Shaun Bryant and Jenn Ely. 

Many graduates have gone on to become animation artists or illustrators, working for the likes of Disney, Marvel Animation and Cartoon Network. 

Prices vary according to the guest mentor. Self-guided courses covering topics such as visual storytelling are also available – these cost $19/month or $209/year.

Gnomon is known as the MIT of visual effects, and its online courses provide the same academic rigour as its campus-based ones – making it a strong entry in our list of the best online art classes. Live classes by industry pros such as Ron Lemen and Dave Pasciuto take place once a week for 10 weeks and are available four terms per year. 

Note that online courses are only open to artists living in California or outside the US, and cost from $993 to $1,323.

21. Learn Squared

Covering topics like matte painting and creature design, Learn Squared offers something a little different: pre-recorded videos in which one top industry artist – Aaron Limonick or Maciej Kuciara, say – instructs another in a discipline they’re unfamiliar with.

Depending on the payment level (between $99 and $500 per course), you also get access to videos, project files and mentorship from tutors.

California-based artist Stan Prokopenko offers both free video lessons on YouTube and paid-for courses in anatomy, figure drawing, portrait drawing and caricature via his website. 

The latter consist of pre-recorded video lessons, assignment demos and examples, eBooks, critique videos and 3D models. He also offers personal critiques to premium members via email. Courses cost from $59 to $225 per course.

23. Watts Atelier of the Arts

Since 2013, the Watts Atelier college has made its art courses available online, at a basic level for $99 a month. This involves pre-recorded video lessons and PDF workbooks. 

For $299 per month you’ll also get a weekly critique by a Watts trained pro artist, and for $499 per month, two 30-minute live video-coaching sessions and a weekly critique by one of the Watts Atelier instructors, which include Erik M Gist and Lucas Graciano. This may be listed lower down on the list, but it's still definitely one of the best online art classes out there! 

The best online art classes: How to choose the right art class

When choosing the right art class for you, take into account your current skill level – beginner, intermediate or advanced – as not all classes will be relevant to your level. Also, check who's teaching the course, and what their credentials are. That said, just because they're university-level tutors may not mean their classes are amazing, or vice versa if they're not; so it's always worth checking out the reviews and testimonials on their site. (If they don't have a section for these, that should set off alarm bells).

And of course, different art classes require different media. So check what materials you'll need, as this could significantly affect the overall cost of taking the course. It's also worth seeing whether videos are downloadable, whether coursework is provided, and whether there's an option to get feedback on your work from the tutors (That's unlikely to be the case with the cheaper classes, but for more expensive ones it's probably something you should expect).

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online art class for high school

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online art class for high school

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Fluid painting.

Abstract art is all about movement and flow. Let’s create an abstract painting that is so unique that it’s super difficult to make two of the same pieces or art.

Gradient Pattern

Patterns are an important part of drawing and often underestimated because of their simplicity. Let's paint a fun and colorful pattern that catches the eye.

Tree In Hand

Nature is all around us every day. In this course we will admire nature by combining a tree with a random object of your choosing.

Dolphin Pattern

Dolphins give off a fun and energetic vibe. Let’s capture that energy in a drawing of a dolphin made out of patterns.

Who would’ve guessed that you could use tape to make cool art? This course will show you how you can use tape and paint to get creative!

Popping Vase

Combining colors in a cool way is a great way to exercise your creativity. This course will show you how to do that while drawing a vase.

1000+ Art Video Lessons

Arts education unbounded, unlimited, and unleashed. Get complete access to hundreds of courses with thousands of videos.

Watercolor Blue Jay

Blue Jays are my favorite bird. In this course you will learn how to apply watercolor techniques to paint one of the most beautiful birds.

Elephant Silhouette

Elephants are the largest land animals in the world! In this course we are going to fit this large beautiful animals on one canvas.

Dreamcatcher Owl

Do you remember the last dream you had? In this course we’ll paint a dreamcatcher owl that will help you remember all the dreams you have!

Headlining Hard

Fishes are come in all type of colors. So, let’s color a beautiful fish in your own unique style.

Cartoon Panda

With only 2,000 pandas found in the wild, we are only going to learn how to draw one of them.

Cat at Night

Have you ever seen a cat running around outside at night? In this course we are going to paint a cat who went on an adventure and climbed a tree at night.

Drawing Bubbles

Whether you are drawing bubbles flying in the air, an underwater scene, or just a fizzy glass of soda, bubbles are a great thing to know how to draw.

Drawing a Cat

What is cute, furry and has 9 lives? You guessed it. A cat! In this course you will learn how to apply advanced techniques to draw a realistic cat.

Draw A Tree Frog

Tree frogs are cute little frogs that love hanging out in trees. Jump in this course to learn how to draw your very own tree frog.

Draw A Rose

Roses don't always have to be red. In this course, we are going to learn how to draw a rose that looks like an awesome tattoo.


A dark work of art needs a black sheet of paper. Spark your creativity and light up your World with a drawing of a bright candlelight in a dark room.

Morphing Paper

What if you could make an object look like it is bulging out of a sheet of paper? Let's learn how to use lines and tones to create cool 3D illusions.

Simple Burger

Start thinking about all of the things you like to put on your burger because this course shows you how to draw your favorite kind of burger!

Color An Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Let's learn how to draw an apple that looks so delicious you’ll want to pull it out of the paper and take a bite!

Drawing an egg is easy; but drawing a broken egg is a little more difficult. Let's draw a delicate and fragile egg breaking on a table. So let’s get cracking!

Cartoon Banana

What do you call two banana skins? A pair of slippers. Haha! Okay, that's enough jokes! Let’s learn how draw a banana peeling.

Draw A Strawberry

Strawberries, the only fruit that has seeds on the outside, are always a great snack. Let’s learn how to draw one.

Cartoon Ice Cream

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanilla, chocolate, cookie dough? Take your pick and let’s learn how to draw it together.

Manga Character

In this course, we'll be using ink, watercolor, and pencil to learn how to draw an awesome original Manga female character.

If you are just getting started in drawing Manga the you need to learn the basic elements that compose Manga eyes. Let me show you!

Manga Man Character

In this course we are going to use a pencil and paper to draw a Manga male character using human proportions as a reference.

Manga Beards

In this course we are going to learn about all the styles of beards you can add to your character to give him personality.

Manga Headphones

Would headphones look cool on your manga character? Let’s learn how to draw Manga style headphones for your musically inclined character.

Hair Textures

All of my friends have different hair textures. Every time I see them I wonder, “How do I draw that type of hair?”. Well, I’m going to show you how today!

Bonsai Tree

Wow! Take all the colors of the rainbow and blend them together in this awesome course. Grab your supplies and lets dive right in.

Painting A Fall Tree

Fall season is the most earthy and cozy time of year when crops are harvested and hot cocoa is sipped. Let's admire this season by painting a fall tree.

Island Sunset

Do you want to close your eye and let your imagination go on a vacation to relax? Well, let’s color a relaxing island sunset!

Eye Catching Emphasis

Has something ever caught your eye? Let's learn the concept of emphasis in art by also learning how to paint this beautiful landscape.

Birch Trees with Tape

Most of the time when we paint, we are adding marks. This time, we are preventing them from being made—while painting cool birch trees.

Palette Knife Flower

One of the biggest signs of spring are flowers. Today let's use a palette knife to to move paint around until it makes a beautiful flower painting.

Watercolor Lighthouse

At night, when it's tough to see, lighthouses are used by sailors to navigate to land from the sea. Let’s paint one to see what it looks like!

Mug Painting Still Life

Painting from real life is something a lot of artist struggle with. Let’s learn the concepts of painting from life by using a coffee mug as a reference.

Paint a Penguin

Take an imaginary trip to Antarctica, the continent on the bottom of the planet that gets super cold, to paint an awesome penguin.

Dog on a Lake

Dogs love to explore! This dog wandered near this lake. So, today we are going to learn how to paint a dog exploring nature near a lake.

Watercolor Globe

I love to travel, so take a quick trip with me. Oh, no! Wait. First, we have to pick a place. Before we travel the world we're going to paint a watercolor globe.

Japanese Dragon

In this course, Amy takes you on an exciting adventure learning the details of painting a beautiful and fierce Japanese dragon from scratch.

Fauvism Portrait

One of the most colorful art styles is Fauvism. Let's put interesting colors together to make a super cool portrait in this style.

Realism Portrait

The goal of realism is to accurately depict what you see in real life. In this course, we learn how to create a detailed Realism art portrait!

Pop Art Portrait

Pop art artists used bold lines and “popping” colors. In this course, we learn how to create a Pop art portrait that simply pops!

Cubism Portrait

What is you could draw one picture of a face from different angles? Well, in Cubism you can. Let’s learn a little about drawing a super cool portrait in this style.

Harlem Renaissance

In this course, we are going to learn how to create an expressive portrait that captures the energy of culture during the Harlem Renaissance.

Minimalism Portrait

This course will teach out about focusing on the least amount of work you have to draw to get your vision across—Minimalism.

Watercolor Techniques

In this course you will explore how to use a combination of dry and wet watercolor techniques for cool effects and textures.

Facial Proportions

Having trouble sketching a face? Here’s a good place to start. This course will teach you the basics of lining the facial features up perfectly!

Mixing with Oil Paint

Oil paints are one of the coolest mediums to make art with. Learn about the basics of painting with oil paints, and how to mix them to make fun, bright colors.

Three Point Perspective

This course is going to teach you the secret to drawing everything in the 3D world at the right angle using a technique called three point perspective.

Mixing Colored Pencils

Colors are all around us in everything we touch and see. Learn how to mix your colors better and realistically, to bring your drawings to life.

Drawing Textures

Even if two objects have the same surface it could have two different textures. This course shows you how to tweak your texture to match your surface.

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online art class for high school

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online art class for high school

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online art class for high school

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online art class for high school

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online art class for high school

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School Scoop

Need an Arts Credit in High School? Try These Online Options

December 2, 2021

online art class for high school

Madeleine attended UC Berkeley and double-majored in English and Media Studies. She is now the Content Editor for the Empowerly team.

Do you need an arts credit in high school to fulfill your graduation requirements? Or, maybe you need one more class for college prerequisites? You’re not alone. Sometimes, the offerings of art electives at your school just aren’t your cup of tea. Then again, it can be hard to find a good class that also fits with all the other classes on your calendar. If either of these sounds like you, then try these online options to expand your curriculum!

Note: We’ve put together this list based on research conducted by our Empowerly Research Team on November 19th, 2021. Therefore, the options below are available for the Spring 2022 term. Some of these may be offered again in the future, but if you need more customized data, consider signing up for Empowerly college counseling for a full team of support!

Now, let’s get started!

The majority of these classes have a digital element, which makes everything on this list a useful addition for all the STEM students out there. Read through the following options to see what catches your eye.

Online Arts Credit Options for High School Students:

West valley mission.

Art – WVC 055

Introduction to Computer Arts

This course provides students with an opportunity to explore fundamental theories and methods of creating computer art and the impact of technology on 20th century art production. It introduces students to digital imaging, digital video/animation, and interactive authoring which utilizes hands-on contemporary art strategies.

Offered Spring 2022

Online Lecture or Lecture/Lab

Art – WVC 057A

Animation I

This course provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the production of computer generated art imagery. It covers fundamental modeling techniques, texture mapping, lighting, rendering, and basic animation concepts.

DeAnza College

Introduction to Graphic Design: Vector Illustration

This is a survey course for artists and designers, using digital software as a medium of artistic expression, and is an introduction of the fundamental concepts, practices, and theories of digital art and illustration production. Student projects will explore the creative and artistic potential of introductory software and experience how each one relates to today’s artistic and digital media environment. Topics will include the integration of traditional design, color, and compositional principles with contemporary digital tools. Introductory use of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Runs 2022-01-03 to 2022-03-25

Introduction to Graphic Design: Digital Imaging

This is an introductory course in the use of art and design software for the computer, with an emphasis on the digital imaging creative process and the computer as a tool used by artists and designers today. Software used are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Graphic Design: Digital Illustration Techniques

Introduction to industry standard software related to the creation and implementation of computer generated illustration. Emphasis is placed on verbal visual relationships and the integration of type and image in contemporary illustration. Topics will include: illustration software options, concept and problem solving, style and personal expression, packaging illustration, charts/diagrams/graphs, and 3D illustration dynamics. The primary software program presented is Adobe Illustrator CS. Adobe Photoshop CS will also be used. 

Prerequisites: ARTS 53

Apex Learning Virtual School

Art Appreciation UC

Our online Art Appreciation course is a survey of the history of Western visual arts, with a primary focus on painting. Students begin with an introduction to the basic principles of painting and learn how to critique and compare works of art. Students then explore prehistoric and early Greek and Roman art before they move on to the Middle Ages. Emphasis is placed on the Renaissance and the principles and masters that emerged in Italy and northern Europe. Students continued their art tour with the United States during the 20th century, a time of great innovation as abstract art took center stage. While Western art is the course’s primary focus, students will finish the course by studying artistic traditions from Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas.

Start anytime

National University Virtual High School

AP Art History A/B

AP Art History A/B is a full year art history course designed to help students develop critical thinking skills while developing an understanding and knowledge of diverse historical and cultural contexts of architecture, sculpture, painting and other art media. Students will analyze major forms of artistic expression from the past through present and from various cultures. While visual analysis is a fundamental tool of the art historian, art history emphasizes an understanding of how and why works of art function in historical context, taking into account patronage, gender, culture, religion, events, politics and more. A meaningful way to experience works of art is learning to frame an understanding that relates how and why works of art communicate visual meaning.

In this course, students will pay particular attention to five areas for class discussion: subject matter, function, artistic decision making, contextual analysis, and cultural impact. Contemplating these five factors will help students to see art as a meaningful part of their lives.

Enroll in your choice of Spring, Summer, or Fall semesters

Art Foundations A/B

Art Foundations A/B is a lively, inviting, comprehensive course written for beginning level artists. This course includes interactive activities and multicultural studio projects representing a wide variety of cultures, artistic styles and art media. This course is designed to enrich the lives of its participants through discovery and creative problem solving. It provides students with a broader perception of their environment and cultural perspectives. The course was designed around the following key concepts:

Meaningful, hands-on learning experiences that allow for personal growth and creative expression.

Integration of aesthetics, art criticism, art history, and studio production.

Sequentially planned experiences that build on concepts and provide learning opportunities that incorporate a variety of media, artistic styles and historical periods.

Visual Arts – Early College Program

National University Virtual High School has partnered with National University to offer eligible students the opportunity to take college-level general education classes at a discounted tuition rate. Earning college credit prior to high school graduation contributes to accessibility, readiness, and financial savings toward a degree or certification program in college.

Evergreen Valley College

Photoshop I  3.00 Units

This is a fully online class with no scheduled Zoom meetings. Students will use the college’s learning management system, Canvas, for all coursework. For additional class-specific requirements, please email the course instructor. After registering, find out how to log in to Canvas.

01/31/22— 03/24/22

Brigham Young University (BYU) Independent Study

Do you wonder what it would be like to create the next blockbuster animated movie, or do you want to make the next big video game? Do you have an eye for drawing, technology, and timing? If so, Animation is the course for you! You will learn how to use animation tools to conceptualize and bring your creations to life. You’ll learn the ins and outs of creating 2D and 3D animation, from start to finish. You’ll even begin working on your own design portfolio and get hands-on experience with creating your own animation projects. Learning about Animation could lead to a thriving career in the growing world of technology and animation.

3D Modeling

Are you interested in a career in technology? Are you curious about working in fields like virtual reality, video game design, marketing, television and motion pictures, or digital imaging? If so, this course in 3D Modeling is a great place to start as it is the foundation for all these career paths. Gain a deeper understanding of graphic design and illustration as you use 3D animation software to create virtual three-dimensional design projects. Hone in on your drawing, photography, and 3D construction techniques and develop the skills needed to navigate within a 3D digital modeling workspace. This course is an excellent introduction to careers in the fast-growing field of technology and design.

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Studio Art for Teens

online art classes for high school

Welcome to Our Homeschool Curriculum Art Class for Teens: Studio Art for Teens

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to study with the masters of the art world? Studio Art for Teens allows students to study with great artists, from Leonardo da Vinci to Winslow Homer, by examining and creating their own versions of famous pieces of art. Whether students are new to art or experienced artists, this text-based course provides the opportunity to explore the elements and techniques of art by studying masterpieces. Students may choose from a wide variety of topics, as well as complete a series of basic art lessons, to obtain high school credit. Come study with a master with Studio Art for Teens!

Getting Started with Studio Art for Teens, One of Our Online Art Classes for High School

This Studio Art for Teens class is one of our online art classes for high school students and is a text-based art class with art lessons based on master artists. Homeschool students will learn the basics of line, shape, texture, space, color, form, balance, and more.

Supplies Needed

Corresponding lessons on; basic art supplies to include pencils, paper, a set of oil pastels, basic paint set, Sculpey clay – 1 color package (Week 6), black paper (Week 12)

Download the lesson plans. Follow the instructions each day on the lesson plans and mark them off when completed.

Close Course Sample

Course Sample for Studio Art for Teens, One of Our Online Art Classes for High School

One of the first elements of art is line. Line defines shape. Line can show movement. Powerful and complete compositions can be created just using line. You can even shade just using lines.

online art class for high school

To begin your lion, make guidelines lightly in pencil for the eyes and nose. Draw two eyes and fill them in with black ink. Leave a little dot of white in the eye. Draw the nose and the mouth. Remember your lion will look different from these. You can do the mane any way you want.

online art class for high school

How many animals can you create only using lines?

online art class for high school

Gustave Doré was an artist who uses line in his pictures in a very interesting way. Notice his picture “The Creation of Light.” Do you see the way he uses line to show light?

online art class for high school

You can use line and create a similar composition. In art, lines coming out from the center are radial lines. The next picture is the famous A Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. He was a post-Impressionist and painted with heavy brushstrokes.

online art class for high school

Study his use of line carefully. You can duplicate this picture and learn a lot about movement in line in art.

One of my students used this style and created the picture below. Line is powerful and important, and the first element in art.

online art class for high school

Transcript Information for Studio Art for Teens, One of Our Online Art Classes for High School

In our studio art class for teens, a minimum of sixteen lessons completed, including the lessons that combine literature and art equals one credit hour of high school art.

After you have taken this art course, Visual Manna is offering a mentoring program with optional AP credit.  Sharon Jeffus will mentor your art and help you develop a digital portfolio.  Go to or email Sharon at [email protected] .

Close Course Outline

Course Outline for Studio Art for Teens, One of Our Online Art Classes for High School

Our online art class for high school students includes lessons which encourage step-by-step recognition of how to build art by imitating the masters.

Thematic Lessons

Close Additional Details

More About Studio Art for Teens, One of Our Online Art Classes for High School

The first fifteen lessons in the Studio Art for Teens, one of our online art classes for high school students should be followed consecutively if your student is new to the study of art, as they cover the basics of line, shape, texture, space, color, form, balance, etc. If your student has studied art previously, they can begin at any lesson, either reviewing the basics in the first fifteen art lessons and then moving on to other lessons, or starting with thematic lessons. Each thematic lesson is self-contained and can be studied in any order, as they incorporate the skills that were studied in lessons one through fifteen.

A minimum of sixteen lessons is required to earn one credit hour of high school art. If your student has studied art previously, the fifteen lessons can include a combination of any of the first fifteen lessons and the thematic lessons. If your homeschool student is new to the study of art, they will need to study the first fifteen lessons before moving on to a thematic lesson of your student’s choice.

This homeschool art class for teens includes lessons that teach the elements and principles of art step by step, look at masterworks of art that show the technique in media, and present projects that reinforce how to perform the different techniques and styles of the masters. Students study the different time periods in art by looking at different artists who painted in that period. For example, in the first element of art, which is the line, students study master artists Gustave Doré and Vincent Van Gogh. Next students complete projects that reinforce the power of the line in art.

There is also a Student Art Gallery for this course, and student art is incorporated into some of the lessons.

Or, go straight to the lesson plan or course lessons.

External links may be included within the course content; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by of any of the products, services, or opinions of the corporation, organization, or individual. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content.

Length: 53 lessons Content type: Text based Grades: 6-12


Sharon Jeffus

online art class for high school

Lesson Designer

Sharon Jeffus has a B.S.S.E. in Art Education from John Brown University. She studied painting at…

Quick Start

1.   Bookmark the course for easy access during instruction.

2. click “view lesson plan” as available and organize as desired (on computer desktop or in a printed format). lesson plans for all courses coming soon., 3.  gather necessary resources, found on page 2 of the lesson plan., 4.  click “go to class lessons” and get started., 5.  enjoy the course, 6.  utilize applecore or your own record keeping system throughout the course., 7.  print a certificate of completion..

Need help? Check out our tutorials or click the live chat box in the corner of your screen.

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Exploring the World of Art

online art class for high school

Inkscape Online Adventure

online art class for high school

Learning About Art

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Let's Do Art Outside

online art class for high school

Preschool Playground: Arts, Crafts, & Music

online art class for high school

High School Art Classes

Share with others, enjoy our classes.

online art class for high school

eAchieve logo

Art & Design Careers

Best high school classes for a career in the arts

How to choose online courses to prepare as an artist, musician, or designer.

The world is full of jobs for creative people. Artists, designers, musicians, actors, and writers can all share their creations with a career in the arts. These non-traditional careers offer a lot of personal freedom and can be highly lucrative in the right circumstances. If you want to be successful in the arts, you should start with online art classes from eAchieve Academy.

Our online charter school is FREE for Wisconsin students. We serve students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Sign up for online high school classes through eAchieve Academy to earn your high school diploma and plan out your post-graduate art career.

Preparing For Your Career

One of the most important things you can do as a student is start building your portfolio, recording a demo, or filming a reel. You’ll need as many records as possible to showcase your abilities if you apply for an art school. Whatever your plans after high school, use eAchieve Academy career-planning resources to create a path to graduating on time and getting into college.

eAchieve Academy has core classes, electives, and service-learning courses to meet Wisconsin graduation requirements. All our teachers are Wisconsin-certified teachers averaging 20 or more years of practical classroom experience.

Art School Admissions Process

Your path after high school will depend on how you want to work in the arts. If you’re an artist or designer, you’ll want to attend a traditional college with a known art program or apply directly to a specialty art and design school. Actors, dancers, and musicians may need to audition for a performing arts school.

Certain fine arts schools require bachelor degrees while others only need a high school diploma. eAchieve Academy graduates have been accepted into colleges and universities across the United States. Set up a career plan with our counselors to ensure you know what your dream school requires for admission.

Recommended Classes For Art & Design

Art courses.

Art classes from eAchieve are available at any grade in high school. You can learn fine art photography, digital painting techniques, or art history through our online offerings. These classes are a great opportunity to produce art for your portfolio. Art History is only taught at the AP level. It covers the historical and cultural impact of art around the world. We also have a drama class for actors who want to learn the basics. The class covers more than memorizing lines; you can learn set design, make-up, costuming, and prop management. At the end of the semester you’ll have the chance to put on a one-act play in front of an audience.

View Course List

Music Courses

Musicians, composers, and singers can both benefit from the music classes available from eAchieve Academy’s online curriculum. Master the guitar or study the effect of music in film. It’s up to you! Music Appreciation and Music Technology are semester-long classes which go deeper into the fundamentals of music. Our AP Music Theory class is one of the only AP classes available at any grade level. There are no prerequisites for this yearlong class. You’ll learn about basics of pitch, rhythm, and music composition.

Business Education Courses

If you are in the arts, you have to be your own boss, manager, and marketer all at once. Business Education classes teach the foundations of entrepreneurship, personal financial planning, and accounting. You’ll learn the value of your work and how to market yourself with these classes.

Family & Consumer Science Courses

Many professionals working in the arts benefit from the invaluable decision-making, problem-solving, management, and communication skills developed in high school life skills courses. Whether you work as an independent artist or for an employer, high school classes in fashion, interior design and the culinary arts will build a strong foundation for your career.

Types of Art & Design Careers

General art & design.

Video Game Designer

Makeup Artist

The Benefits of Working in Art & Design

Enjoyable job.

Work that doesn't seem like work. Art careers allow you to get paid while pursuing your passion for creativity. Enjoy working while doing what you love.

High Earnings

Art careers are unique in that there is potential for high earnings by working hard. Successful artists have the skills and the ability to market their art well.

Flexible Schedule

An art career is not your traditional job. Art, can be flexible, it normally can be done when you have a client request or when inspiration strikes.

Variety of Work

There are many different mediums to dive into. Many artists dabble in several areas of art mediums to maximize their skills and earnings.


Although there are art schools and art programs available, you can be self-taught in many skills without paying big bucks for every class.

Other Job Options

Other jobs related to the art field include positions at art museums and galleries as curators and historians and school art instructors.

Jodi Meinen

School Counseling

Meet Our School Councelors

Enrolling in online school can be a difficult transition for students transferring from traditional brick-and-mortar schools. Students are expected to be more independent and self-disciplined. Virtual education requires a broader skillset than traditional schools. eAchieve Academy gives every student access to counselors throughout their online academic career.

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Home » Art Degree » Pre-College Art Experience

Pre-College Art Experience

The Pre-College Art Experience (PCAE) at Academy of Art University is a tuition-FREE art and design education program for high school students.

It’s a great opportunity to jump-start your art and design education while earning money toward your college degree. You can take the pre-college program on our campus in San Francisco or online year-round.

Explore your future, gain confidence in your creative abilities, and have the time of your life as an art and design student at Academy of Art University.

Why Choose the Academy's Pre-College Program

Tuition Free Tuition is covered by the Academy and no application fee is required. (You will still need to buy your classroom supplies depending on your courses.)

Earn while you learn For every one class in which you receive a PASS, you’ll earn $1,000 toward your undergraduate studies at Academy of Art University. (Earn up to a maximum of $4,000.)

All year long Unlike other schools that just offer a summer program, the PCAE is available year-round. For Spring and Fall, all onsite classes are held on Saturdays.

On-campus or online You can choose to take courses on-campus in San Francisco or online. Join students from all across the world as they begin to hone their art and design skills

View Courses     Apply Now

Pre-College Summer Art Experience Summer 2023 Dates for Housing

How to get started.

Step 1: Submit an Application Have your parents join you for this part, which takes about 10-15 minutes. No application fee needed.

Step 2: Selecting Classes You can choose up to two classes in the Fall and Spring, and up to three classes in the Summer.

Step 3: Finalize Your Registration You and your parents will review your class choices with your admissions rep. Once this final check-in is complete, you will be officially registered for PCAE!

Request Info     Apply Now

“I learned how to use Photoshop, how to draw an automobile, and many more new skills. Although it takes a lot of concentration and dedication, this program is worth it all in the end. I am now sure that I want to spend my life doing this because of this experience.” —Yair

Available Programs

Transform yourself at Academy of Art University with our creative, hands-on courses that prepare you to excel in your future creative career. We teach the skills that prepare you to dive into fields like animation, cartooning, fashion, 3D design, architecture, acting, writing, film, and many more.

See Full Schedule

Pre-College Classes

Here are some courses that our students love. These are offered all year around. Get to know yourself better, become a better creative thinker, and have a much better idea of what YOU want in your life. Once you apply for the PCAE program, then you can go ahead and select your pre-college online or on-campus courses.

Character Design

Fashion Design

Introduction to Maya

Figure Drawing

Screenwriting (Basic)

Comic Book Illustration

Explore PCAE Courses

Departments Offering Pre-College Program:

Inspiration by Collaboration

You’ll work in a collaborative environment with faculty members who are practicing artists, designers, authors, and entrepreneurs themselves. You’ll also learn from other creative, highly motivated high school students from around the world who will challenge, inspire, and encourage you to push your limits and produce your best work.

Are You Eligible for the Pre-College Art Experience?

Students who are currently enrolled in High School and younger than 19 years old when attending

International High School students (Online program only)

PCAE Gallery

High School students participating in Academy of Art University’s PCAE program get the chance to showcase their completed works at the end of the course. The Academy is proud to present some of the best student art work to be produced under the most recent PCAE program in this online gallery.

Student Testimonials

“The Academy of Art University summer program was an amazing experience that inspired me to explore different things I have never explored before. I felt like I could be whoever I wanted to be and it helped me become less shy and more talkative. This program has also helped me distinguish between the careers that I feel really passionate about and the ones I don’t feel as passionate about.” —Jose-Sainz
“For me, it was a path-changer.” —Jarschire
“Before attending this program, I was unsure if being a photographer was a feasible career path. This experience has confirmed that my dreams are possible. I was introduced to various mentors, youth artists, and creative/ academic resources. I would encourage students interested in pursuing art as a possible career path to consider attending this program because it is committed to helping students succeed.” —Pharoah

Yes. You must re-apply every semester you take part in PCAE. If you are a returning participant, you should log in as a “returning user” on the application page.

No. Once you graduate from high school you are no longer eligible for the pre-college program. However, you are welcome to apply to one of the amazing art and design undergraduate programs at the Academy.

The scholarship will be disbursed across the first year following successful completion of the student’s first semester. It will be disbursed at up to $250 per class during Fall and Spring, with the remaining amount to be disbursed during the following term.

The Pre-College Art Experience is a scholarship program, where the application and tuition fees are covered. Cost of supplies, course fees, and housing will need to be paid by the student. To learn more about this opportunity complete your PCAE application online . Once this is processed, you will be contacted by a member of our Admissions Department to register for your classes. Or call 1.800.544.2787 and we’ll walk you through the process.

For every one pre-college class in which a student receives a PASS, the student will earn a $1,000 scholarship toward their undergraduate studies at Academy of Art University. A student may earn up to a maximum of $4,000 in scholarships.

Get a head start on your art and design education with our pre-college program.


Online High School Fine Arts Curriculum

Accredited Online High School Fine Arts Curriculum

The art courses at Sterling Academy are interactive with readings, videos, vocabulary, and journaling, to keep the students engaged and on task with their assignments.  An introduction to visual elements like space, texture, perspective, line, and color, are just a few of the notions that students will encounter on this journey of learning to appreciate art.  The course is presented in modules that provide an array of concepts and standards that have been utilized throughout the history of art.

Art Appreciation

This course encourages students to gain an understanding and appreciation of art in their everyday lives. Presented in an engaging format, this one-semester course begins with the exploration of the nature and cultural purposes of art. Next, students are introduced to different forms of two- and three demensional art. After this, there is a focus on art throughout the modern world. (0.5 creidt)

Art History

Introducing art within historical, social, geographical, political, and religious contexts for understanding art and architecture through the ages, this course offers high school students an in-depth overview of art throughout history, with lessons organized by chronological and historical order and world regions. Students enrolled in this one-semester course begin in ancient times and move chronologically up through the ages, ending in the 19th century. (20th century and present is covered in the Art Appreciation course.) (0.5 creidt)

Music Appreciation: The Enjoyment of Listening

This course not only will provide a historical perspective on music from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, but it will also teach you the essentials of how to listen and really hear (with a knowledgeable ear) the different music that's all around you. Learning how to truly appreciate sound and melody is the best way to ensure a continued love of this delightful art form. This one-semester course is provided by eDynamic Learning. (0.5 creidt)

Theater, Cinema, and Film Production

In this one-semester course from eDynamic Learning, you'll learn the basics of lighting, sound, wardrobe, and camerawork while examining the majic that happens behind all the drama. Delve into the glamorous history of film and theater, and examine the tremendous influence these industries have had on society and culture over the years. During this unit, you'll discuss and analyze three classic American films- Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, and The Wizard of Oz- to help you learn how to critique and appreciate some of the most famous dramas of all time. (0.5 creidt)

About Our Art Teacher

Kim Harris Canvas Picture

Kim D. Harris has a passion for education, technology, and the arts.  She is a certified art teacher (K-12) and is an active practicing artist in the south Florida area. She has a Bachelors degree in Sociology, an Ed.S. in Curriculum Instruction/Arts Integration, as well as a Masters in Guidance and Counseling.  Presently, she is a lifelong learner at Union Institute & University, where she is pursuing her doctorate in education.  Ms. Harris’s research focuses on the impact of the arts on social justice and human rights issues.  

In addition, she has facilitated programs for Arts for Learning/Miami, City of Lauderdale Lakes, Broward County School Board, and Broward County Libraries, by way of after school programs, outreach programs, summer camp, and early childhood education programs.

Her own artistic development allows her to expound on her creativity by planting seeds of creativity in the youths from all communities.  Together they will depict a dramatic harvest of artistic creativity to beautify the world.  As creative people, as artists we have to keep the innovative and imaginative torch burning. 

Free E-Book: Online Schooling - How It Works

Questions regarding fine arts courses?

Fine arts requirement.

One credit of Fine Arts is required for graduation.  Sterling Academy offers two one-semester courses to meet this requirement: Art Appreciation and Art History. Fine Arts courses from other schools may be transferred in and used in place of this course.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Schools - Academic - Colleges & Universities in Davie FL


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