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research paper finance department

  • 16 Feb 2023

ESG Activists Met the Moment at ExxonMobil, But Did They Succeed?

Engine No. 1, a small hedge fund on a mission to confront climate change, managed to do the impossible: Get dissident members on ExxonMobil's board. But lasting social impact has proved more elusive. Case studies by Mark Kramer, Shawn Cole, and Vikram Gandhi look at the complexities of shareholder activism.

research paper finance department

Supervisor of Sandwiches? More Companies Inflate Titles to Avoid Extra Pay

What does an assistant manager of bingo actually manage? Increasingly, companies are falsely classifying hourly workers as managers to avoid paying an estimated $4 billion a year in overtime, says research by Lauren Cohen.

research paper finance department

Can Insurance Technology Solve the Uninsured Driver Problem?

High fees prevent many drivers from buying auto insurance—often with catastrophic consequences. Raymond Kluender offers a novel way to make coverage affordable and roads safer: Let drivers pay for only the days they drive.

research paper finance department

After High-Profile Failures, Can Investors Still Trust Credit Ratings?

Rating agencies, such as Standard & Poor’s and Moody's, have been criticized for not warning investors of risks that led to major financial catastrophes. But an analysis of thousands of ratings by Anywhere Sikochi and colleagues suggests that agencies have learned from past mistakes.

research paper finance department

The Color of Private Equity: Quantifying the Bias Black Investors Face

Prejudice persists in private equity, despite efforts to expand racial diversity in finance. Research by Josh Lerner sizes up the fundraising challenges and performance double standards that Black and Hispanic investors confront while trying to support other ventures—often minority-owned businesses.

research paper finance department

Buy Now, Pay Later: How Retail's Hot Feature Hurts Low-Income Shoppers

More consumers may opt to "buy now, pay later" this holiday season, but what happens if they can't make that last payment? Research by Marco Di Maggio and Emily Williams highlights the risks of these financing services, especially for lower-income shoppers.

research paper finance department

Why a Failed Startup Might Be Good for Your Career After All

Go ahead and launch that venture. Even if it fails, the experience you gain will likely earn you a job that's more senior than those of your peers, says research by Paul Gompers.

research paper finance department

Larry Fink at BlackRock: Linking Purpose to Profit

In 2014, Larry Fink started writing letters to the leaders of some of the largest publicly listed companies, urging them to consider the importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Fink is the chairman and CEO of BlackRock, one of the largest asset management houses in the world. The firm’s success was rooted in its cost-effective, passive investment products that rely more on tracking indices and funds. But Fink wanted his firm to engage with the companies in which they invest and hold them accountable for their social and environmental impacts. What role should investors play in urging business leaders to take environmental, social, and governance issues more seriously and enforcing compliance? Harvard Business School professor George Serafeim discusses the merits of Fink’s approach, the importance of corporate investments in ESG themes, and how to lead a company driven by purpose and profit in his case, “BlackRock: Linking Purpose to Profit,” and his new book Purpose and Profit: How Business Can Lift Up The World.

research paper finance department

Curbing an Unlikely Culprit of Rising Drug Prices: Pharmaceutical Donations

Policymakers of every leaning have vowed to rein in prescription drug costs, with little success. But research by Leemore Dafny shows how closing a loophole on drugmaker donations could eliminate one driver of rising expenses.

research paper finance department

Is It Time to Consider Lifting Tariffs on Chinese Imports?

Many of the tariffs levied by the Trump administration on Chinese goods remain in place. James Heskett weighs whether the US should prioritize renegotiating trade agreements with China, and what it would take to move on from the trade war. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research paper finance department

It’s All in a Name: Reputable Investors Help Startups Shine

Attracting high-quality talent is a challenge for any young firm. Shai Bernstein says startups get a reputation boost and draw more job applicants when they're backed by well-known venture capital investors.

research paper finance department

Did Pandemic Stimulus Funds Spur the Rise of 'Meme Stocks'?

Remember the GameStop stock frenzy? Research by Robin Greenwood and colleagues shows how market speculation can flare up when you combine stimulus funds, trading platforms, and plain old boredom.

research paper finance department

After the 'Crypto Crash,' What's Next for Digital Currencies?

After soaring to dizzying levels, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have lost more than half of their value in recent months. Scott Duke Kominers discusses crypto's volatility, potential for regulation, and why these digital assets are likely here to stay.

research paper finance department

Scaling a Fintech Startup for the Greater Good

Esusu launched in 2018 with a rotational savings product and continued growing their fintech startup in late 2019 with Esusu Rent, a rent reporting tool that enables renters to improve their credit scores. In March 2020, co-founders Abbey Wemimo and Samir Goel were working to determine how best to scale Esusu to advance their mission of promoting financial inclusion in the US. Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Emily Williams discusses how the two co-founders decided how to allocate resources and scale their business in the case, “Esusu: Solving Homelessness Backwards.”

research paper finance department

Are Banks the ‘Bad Guys’? Overdraft Fees Are Crushing Low-Income Customers

Payday lenders have been accused of exploiting poor consumers, but traditional banks exact a similar toll through overdraft fees. Research by Marco Di Maggio and Emily Williams shows how seemingly innocuous checking accounts can become vehicles for financial distress.

research paper finance department

Being Your Own Boss Can Pay Off, but Not Always with Big Pay

Working for yourself might bring freedom and autonomy, but it increasingly comes with a major risk: low pay. Research by William Kerr explores the shifting sands of self-employment.

research paper finance department

Why Companies Raise Their Prices: Because They Can

Markups on household items started climbing years before the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have realized just how much consumers will pay for the brands they love, says research by Alexander MacKay. Closed for comment; 0 Comments.

research paper finance department

When Will the Hot Housing Market Finally Start to Cool?

Housing prices keep soaring as demand outstrips inventory, a trend that's likely to continue even as interest rates rise. Nori Gerardo Lietz argues that it's time to reconsider policies that stymie housing development. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research paper finance department

How to Make Venture Capital Accessible for Black Founders: An Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

In May of 2021, Kevin D. Johnson had just graduated from a rigorous Executive MBA program, and he needed to decide on his next career move. Johnson was the founder and CEO of a successful media company, but his career goals had shifted during business school. He wanted to use his talents to help other BIPOC entrepreneurs access capital and provide opportunities to create intergenerational wealth. Johnson evaluated his four options: work full-time at an online platform dedicated to connecting Black founders with funding, join a BIPOC-focused venture capital ("VC") firm, pursue a job at an established VC firm, or continue scaling his media company. Harvard Business School senior lecturer Jo Tango and Johnson discuss which option he should choose in the case, “Kevin D. Johnson: To Be a Venture Capitalist or an Operator.” Open for comment; 0 Comments.

research paper finance department

More Proof That Money Can Buy Happiness (or a Life with Less Stress)

It's not about the bigger home or the better vacation. Financial stability helps people escape the everyday hassles of life, says research by Jon Jachimowicz. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

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Wharton Finance

Changing the face of finance, for over 120 years, wharton’s finance department has remained at the forefront of finance education and research. today, wharton finance offers premier courses, publishes groundbreaking research, and holds seminars and conferences around the world., research innovation, do common factors really explain the cross-section of stock returns.

Alejandro Lopez-Lira and Nick Roussanov

Who hedges interest-rate risk? Implications for wealth inequality∗

Sylvain Catherine, Max Miller, and James D. Paron

The Perceived Value of Pension Funding: Evidence from Border House Prices∗

Darren Aiello, Asaf Bernstein, Mahyar Kargar, Ryan Lewis, and Michael Schwert

Bank Transparency and Deposit Flows*

Qi Chen, Itay Goldstein, Zeqiong Huang, and Rahul Vashishtha

Arms Sales in Financial Markets

Vincent Glode and Xingtan Zhang

Getting to the Core: Inflation Risks Within and Across Asset Classes

Xiang Fang, Yang Liu, and Nikolai Roussanov

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research paper finance department

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 2300 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall 3620 Locust Walk Philadelphia, PA 19104-6367 Phone: (215) 898-7622 | (215) 898-7623 Fax:   (215) 898-6200

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research paper finance department

Finance 2025: Digital transformation in finance has been saved

Finance 2025: Digital transformation in finance has been removed

An Article Titled Finance 2025: Digital transformation in finance already exists in Saved items


Finance 2025: Digital transformation in finance

Our eight predictions about digital technology for cfos.

We’re looking towards the future with eight predictions for the finance function of 2025. The technologies needed to reimagine finance are here and they will only get better. It’s crunch time.

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None of us knows for certain what the future will hold, but we all have a responsibility to be thinking about what’s likely to happen, and to prepare for it. In the finance function, that means working now to get the right people and technology in place to take advantage of the inevitable disruption ahead. That’s not likely to happen without a clear vision and strategy for finance in a digital world. Now is the time to step back and make sure your roadmap to that future is clear.

With that in mind, below are eight predictions for finance in 2025, based on what finance leaders are doing and the technology available today. Once you’ve taken a glance through the predictions, consider:

The methodology for generating our predictions is straightforward. We look carefully at what finance leaders are doing and at the technology that’s available, and then we ask these questions: What would be possible if we combined different technologies to reimagine the future? How would the work of finance get done and who would do it? How could finance contribute even more to the success of the company?

When Sumerian merchants first recorded livestock sales on clay tablets, finance technology was born. Five thousand years later, technology has evolved into a new class of digital tools reshaping every aspect of the business. No matter what future you see for your finance organization, one thing is clear: That future is now. If you’re going to compete in the digital world, your organization needs to forecast and manage more effectively and become more efficient.

The key? FinVENTA , an integrated technology platform that leverages a modern digital finance architecture and disruptive technologies to showcase the art of the possible across operational, business and specialized finance for deeper, more accurate insights that speed time to outcome.

Learn more about FinVENTA .

research paper finance department

Explore other reports and guides in our Finance in a Digital World TM “ Crunch time ” series, and read case studies about digital transformation  in the finance function. Whatever your interest, one thing is clear: From cloud computing and robotics to analytics, cognitive technologies, and blockchain, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming how the work of finance gets done.

research paper finance department

Need help developing a digital finance strategy and taking the next step on your journey towards a better, faster, and less expensive finance organization?  Scroll down to the “Get in touch” section and contact us directly.

Make the connection to relevant, timely content from two of the most trusted sources in the world: Dow Jones and Deloitte Insights. Go straight to smart.

Susan C. Hogan

Us finance transformation practice leader.

[email protected]

+1 404 631 2166

Susan is the Global leader of Deloitte’s Finance & Performance Practice creating a seamless experience for our global clients. In addition, in the US she leads Deloitte’s US Finance Transformation pra... More

Finance Strategy & Transformation Leader

[email protected]

+1 213 553 1073

Anton is a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and leader of its Finance Strategy & Transformation practice. Anton has more than 15 years of consulting experience, working closely with CFOs and sen... More

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research paper finance department

Case studies on digital transformation in the finance function

Finance in a digital world

research paper finance department

Crunch time 9: Tax in a digital world

Digital tax transformation and the role of finance

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research paper finance department

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research paper finance department

Graphic Packaging: Project Cowboy (A)

In July 2019, Graphic Packaging CEO Michael Doss was proposing a $600 million investment in a new machine to produce coated recycled board (CRB), a type of paper packaging used for consumer products (cups, cereal boxes, beverage boxes, etc.) that utilized recycled paper as an input. Graphic Packaging was an integrated producer of paperboard packaging for consumer products and the market leader in CRB. What made this decision difficult was that for the past 30 years, plastic packaging had been replacing paper packaging because of cost and ease of manufacturing. Yet a growing interest in environmental sustainability among paperboard manufacturers, consumer goods companies (immediate customers), and consumers (end users) was creating the possibility of a transition from plastics back to paper-based products. If these trends actually materialized, there would be greater demand for CRB mills that could use recycled inputs and create recyclable products. Was this the right time for a capacity neutral investment (GPK planned to shut older plants when the new one came online) particularly when the sustainability trends were still unclear. By closing older, less efficient mills in favor of a newer, larger, and more efficient machine, GPK could save $100 million per year in costs. In short, this decision had a clear economic benefit as long as sustainability trends continued, competitors did not add new or more efficient capacity, and GPK actually removed existing capacity once the new machine was operational.

In July 2019, Graphic Packaging CEO Michael Doss was proposing a $600 million investment in a new machine to produce coated recycled board (CRB), a type of paper packaging used for consumer products (cups, cereal boxes, beverage boxes, etc.) that utilized recycled paper as an input. Graphic Packaging was an integrated producer of paperboard...

research paper finance department

Disruption and Credit Markets

We show that over the past half century innovative disruptions were central to understanding corporate defaults. In a given year, industries experiencing abnormally high VC or IPO activity subsequently see higher default rates, higher segment exits by conglomerates, and higher yields on bonds issued by the firms in these industries. Overall, we find that disruption is a broad phenomenon, negatively affecting incumbent firms across the spectrum of age, valuation, and levers, with the exception of very large and low-leverage firms, which confirms our central hypothesis.

We show that over the past half century innovative disruptions were central to understanding corporate defaults. In a given year, industries experiencing abnormally high VC or IPO activity subsequently see higher default rates, higher segment exits by conglomerates, and higher yields on bonds issued by the firms in these industries. Overall, we...

About the Unit

Our strategy is to assemble and nurture a faculty whose interests and skills complement each other, and who work well together:

a) to produce a broad range of finance-related research that is published in top-tier scientific and practitioner journals, and that addresses issues of present and future importance to managers (including regulators and policy makers);

b) to develop highly-relevant and intellectually rigorous MBA and executive education courses; and

c) to mentor future academics through the Business Economics doctoral program.

Our applied focus and access to business organizations are major advantages which are reinforced by our students and our case-based approach. We have a faculty with broad expertise, and we have resources, field contacts, and institutional support, all of which we can leverage to do richer work and be more productive than we could at other institutions.

Recent Publications

Graphic Packaging: Project Cowboy (A) Courseware

Graphic Packaging: Project Cowboy (C)

Graphic packaging: project cowboy (b).

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Who Is Entitled to Overtime? A New Supreme Court Decision Puts Employers on Notice

Why a Better Job Title Might Not Be Such a Good Thing

Hbs working knowledge.

ESG Activists Met the Moment at ExxonMobil, But Did They Succeed?

Supervisor of Sandwiches? More Companies Inflate Titles to Avoid Extra Pay

The Color of Private Equity: Quantifying the Bias Black Investors Face

Harvard business publishing, how to make finance work, hbr guide to buying a small business: think big, buy small, own your own company.

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Finance Unit Harvard Business School Baker Library | Bloomberg Center Soldiers Field Boston, MA 02163 [email protected]

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Financial Research Paper Topics - The Complete List to Choose From

A search for the right financial research paper topic is constant. Indeed, we can understand this because knowing the reasonable topics in finance puts us ahead of the game. Students majoring in business are obliged to make presentations and submit essays, projects, and research papers on banking and accounting at one point in their career.

The challenges of picking the best finance topics are, however, always within. For this reason, we’ve done extensive research and have composed a great list of financial research paper topics and divided them into groups for you to choose from.

If you’re in doubt about how to choose your topic, we’ve got that covered too. Read our easy guide on which steps to take to ensure your paper topic is appropriate, along with our vital tips on what to pay attention to when choosing them.

Financial Research Paper Topics

How to choose Financial Research topics?

To choose the proper topic and get prepared for the process of research paper writing , you should first explore something that nobody has explored so far. Other than that step of selecting a unique topic, here are some other helpful tips we recommend in selecting the best and most appropriate financial research topic:

List of finance topics to write about

We offer you a list of exciting finance topics you can write about divided into groups. This way, you can choose the best topic from your target group and make sure you can cover it to a T. Have fun researching.

Interesting finance topics

Perhaps you want to write an interesting business paper. You’ll need to choose among some of the most recurring finance paper topics and write a persuasive paper. Here’s our list of the ten options we find most engaging.

Research topics for finance students

Finance students have to write research papers throughout their years of study. Sometimes, it may be hard to find the most engaging financial topics to write about, which is why our list should help.

Finance research topics for MBA

The following list of research topics in finance would help you intrigue your professors and look at the discipline from a new perspective.

Public finance topics

Public finance topics are a type of finance research paper topics that covers taxation, government borrowing, and other aspects.

International research topics in Finance

Since business transactions are happening worldwide, and local trade is no longer the only option, we must study international business.

Healthcare finance research topics

Here are some of the most relevant topics for healthcare finance:

Corporate finance topics

Corporate finance deals with structuring capital, financing, and making decisions for each investment. The following list of research topics in finance covers ways to make minimal mistakes in this field.

Business finance topics

Each decision we make in business has some financial implications. Therefore, we must understand the fundamentals to write finance topics that require management, analysis, valuation, etc.

Personal finance topics

Personal finance is a susceptible area, as we all like to tend to our finances appropriately. Here are some of the most exciting burning issues in this field:

Yes, choosing among numerous financial research paper topics can sometimes be overwhelming. Still, we’ve laid out all the inspirational ideas for them in categories so that you can find your best pick fast and easily. If you feel like you can’t write that paper yourself, that’s okay too.

Contact our services at Study Clerk for some first-class research writing. On the other hand, if you feel like you are a professional in this field, we have you covered for that too. You can write research papers for money through our service and make extra cash from your writing skills.

If you have any additional questions about finance research topics, please contact our college paper help . Our team of experts will tend to all of your questions promptly.

Order your paper now!

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research paper finance department

Finance Research Paper Topics

80 finance research paper topics.

Get a writing assignment for a finance research paper? Still, weigh what topic to choose? The list of 80 top topics on finance will save you from an ongoing headache! Because you should no longer look for a stellar finance topic, you can choose it from the list below! A team of skilled writers has prepared it to help you with research paper writing!

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Finance Research Paper Topic?

Need help on how to choose an appropriate topic for a finance research paper? Professional tips from experts will assist you with that! If you should take just three essential points into account, you will increase your chances to get an A+ grade for your paper a few times! Continue reading and find out what they are!

Try to find an aspect that is very relevant to your study. It may be an ongoing issue or a topic that reflects the reasons for some processes, trends, etc. It is not the primary requirement that the topic can not cover historical aspects. It can do, but it should have a relation to the modern world. It is always a reasonable decision to choose some events that are milestones in the finance sphere. Don’t miss checking current trends and decide on this basis. So, the only demand, in this case, is the relevance of the topic.

Your finance research paper should not be fantasy. This point is not about that. It implies that your topic should be thrilling, fascinating, and always consist of understatement and even ambiguity on some scale. The person who sees the heading of your paper should feel interested in reading it but not missing it. Formulate the topic correctly. Make sure that you can convey the main message in your topic.

Your topic should be clear and concise. Avoid complex word combinations and sentences. Try to make it as simple as possible. It does not imply, however, that you should not use professional terminology. It is more about construction and how you formulate your topic. The maximum number of words in the topic should not exceed 15. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

List of Finance Research Paper Topics

20 Finance Related Topics for Research Paper

20 Corporate Finance Research Paper Topics

20 Great Finance Research Paper Ideas

Need Help w/ Research Paper Topics About Finance?

If finance is not your major or you do not feel confident about what appropriate topic for a finance research paper to choose, do not weigh anymore and apply to professional paper writers . Every expert has competence in a large number of fields. So, it will not be a problem for them to handle your finance research paper at a high level.

Leave your request on one of the trustworthy services and buy a top-quality research paper on finance in a few minutes. You should not choose a topic if you can not make a final decision. You can entrust all that to specialists with vast expertise. Don’t hesitate to place an order and get an A+ paper in advance of your deadline!

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Wharton’s 240+ professors are one of the largest, most published faculties at any business school. our standing and affiliated faculty members work within and collaborate across 10 academic departments . , research with real-world reach.

Wharton’s  research centers and initiatives are only the beginning. Our faculty publishes regularly and is frequently cited by the press. Wharton’s deep knowledge is disseminated worldwide through:

Faculty Directory

Click here to see our full list of faculty or search for faculty by department.

Faculty Publications

Explore the depth and breadth of our faculty’s most recent publications and ongoing research on their individual Faculty Profiles or within the Academic Departments below. You can find additional research via the Research Centers and Initiatives .

Accounting: Research Papers / Publications

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Legal Studies and Business Ethics: Research Papers / Publications

Management: Research Papers / Publications

Marketing: Research Papers / Publications

Operations, Information and Decisions: Research Papers / Publications

Real Estate: Research Papers / Publications

Statistics: Research Papers / Publications

Research Papers on Finance

Research papers on finance focus not merely on theory but also on various commerce and business activities that are directly affected by the financial activities. The same requires authentic research and reliable content. In this section of Researchomatic some of the most utile research papers on finance have been collected and compiled in order to help students.

Strategy Behind the Merger In Recent Years

Pepsi Vs Coca Cola

Understanding the concept of finance & financial management, fedex corporation, northern feather company, metlife inc., relevant information for decision making, real estate – business plan, predatory lending practices by subprime consumer lenders and their economic effects, ceos to face berkshire-loyalty, generate free bibliography in all citation styles.

Researchomatic helps you cite your academic research in multiple formats, such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago & Many more. Try it for Free!

research paper finance department

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Flagship Publications

Other publications, world economic outlook.

Global Housing Watch

IMF Researchers

IMF reports and publications by country

Regional offices.

For Journalists

Press Center

The IMF Press Center is a password-protected site for working journalists.

research paper finance department

Countering the Cost-of-Living Crisis

--> Read the report

research paper finance department

A Disrupted Global Recovery

Read the blog

research paper finance department

Staff Discussion Note

A proposal to end the covid-19 pandemic.

Read the report

research paper finance department

Economic research is a core activity at the IMF. A number of staff engaged in research have made their CVs available online including their fields of expertise, and their IMF and external publications.

Browse the list of IMF Researchers

research paper finance department

The Global Housing Watch is a web page that tracks developments in housing markets across the world on a quarterly basis.

Access the latest global housing data including house prices, credit growth, price-to-income, and price-to-rent ratio.

research paper finance department

  Questions?  [email protected]

Primary Commodity Prices

Data on primary commodity prices are updated monthly based on the imf's primary commodity price system. browse the data and access the interactive portal here..

research paper finance department

Research Events

The imf organizes several research conferences throughout the year. see the latest:.

research paper finance department

Home > Wharton > Faculty Research > Finance Papers

Finance Papers

Asset pricing techniques, widely used in corporations, banks, and stock and bond markets, have undergone radical changes over the last 20 years

Modern theories of portfolio choice and savings behavior have provided the basis for the innovation of these models, and Wharton’s Finance Department has remained at the forefront of these developments.

The Finance Department has four areas of specialization:

Articles from 2017 2017

Homeownership and Nontraditional and Subprime Mortgages , Arthur Acolin, Xudong An, Raphael W. Bostic, and Susan Wachter

Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Equity Premium , Efstathios Avdis and Jessica Wachter

Should Governments Invest More in Nudging? , Shlomo Benartzi, John Beshears, Katherine L. Milkman, Richard H. Thaler, Maya Shankar, Will Tucker-Ray, William J. Congdon, and Steven Galing

Matching Capital and Labor , Jonathan B. Berk, Jules H. van Binsbergen, and Binying Liu

The Role of Surge Pricing on a Service Platform with Self-Scheduling Capacity , Gerard. P. Cachon, Kaitlin M. Daniels, and Ruben Lobel

Corporate Control Activism , Adrian Aycan Corum and Doron Levit

Differences of Opinion and International Equity Markets , Bernard Dumas, Karen K. Lewis, and Emilio Osambela

Are Stock-Financed Takeovers Opportunistic? , B. Espen Eckbo, Tanakorn Makaew, and Karin S. Thorburn

The Innovation Premium , Amora Elsaify

Omnichannel Retail Operations with Buy-Online-and-Pick-up-in-Store , Fei Gao and Xuanming Su

Online and Offline Information for Omnichannel Retailing , Fei Gao and Xuanming Su

Asset Pricing Implications of Hiring Demographics , Mete Kilic

Is Operating Flexibility Harmful Under Debt? , Dan A. Lancu, Nikolaos Trichakis, and Gerry Tsoukalas

Advising Shareholders in Takeovers , Doron Levit

Soft Shareholder Activism , Doron Levit

When Words Speak Louder Without Actions , Doron Levit

Do Funds Make More When They Trade More? , Ľuboš Pástor, Robert F. Stambaugh, and Lucian A. Taylor

The Consequences of REIT Index Membership for Return Patterns , Tatiana I. Pavlova-Coleman, Eva Steiner, and Susan Wachter

Volatility and Venture Capital , Ryan Heath Peters

Intangible capital and the investment-q relation , Ryan Heath Peters and Lucian A. Taylor

Mind the Gap: Disentangling Credit and Liquidity in Risk Spreads , Krista Schwarz

Power Posing: P-Curving the Evidence , Joseph P. Simmons and Uri Simonsohn

Mispricing Factors , Robert F. Stambaugh and Yu Yuan

Pricing Theater Seats: The Value of Price Commitment and Monotone Discounting , Necati Tereyagoglu, Peter S. Fader, and Senthil K. Veeraraghavan

Trash-Talking: Competitive Incivility Motivates Rivalry, Performance, and Unethical Behavior , Jeremy A. Yip, Maurice E. Schweitzer, and Samir Nurmohamed

Articles from 2016 2016

Agency Selling or Reselling? Channel Structures in Electronic Retailing , Vibhanshu Abhishek, Kinshuk Jerath, and Z. JOHN ZHANG

Borrowing Constraints and Homeownership , Arthur Acolin, Jesse Bricker, Paul Calem, and Susan Wachter

A Renter or Homeowner Nation? , Arthur Acolin, Laurie S. Goodman, and Susan M. Wachter

Non-exclusive Dynamic Contracts, Competition, and the Limits of Insurance , Laurence Ales and Pricila Maziero

Identification Using Russell 1000/2000 Index Assignments: A Discussion of Methodologies , Ian R. Appel, Todd A. Gormley, and Donald B. Keim

Passive Investors, Not Passive Owners , Ian R. Appel, Todd A. Gormley, and Donald B. Keim

Quickest Online Selection of an Increasing Subsequence of Specified Size , Alessandro Arlotto, Elchanan Mossel, and J. Michael Steele

Partial Adjustment to Public Information in the Pricing of IPOs , Einar Bakke, Tore E. Leite, and Karin S. Thorburn

Socially Responsible Investing: Good Is Good, Bad is Bad , Ravi Bansal, Di Wu, and Amir Yaron

Journal of Financial Economics , Jonathan B. Berk and Jules H. van Binsbergen

Beyond Beta-Delta: The Emerging Economics of Personal Plans , John Beshears, Katherine L. Milkman, and Joshua Schwartzstein

The Impact of Demand Uncertainty on Consumer Subsidies for Green Technology Adoption , Maxime C. Cohen, Ruben Lobel, and Georgia Perakis

Blind Queues: The Impact of Consumer Beliefs on Revenues and Congestion , Shiliang Cui and Senthil K. Veeraraghavan

How Costly is Corporate Bankruptcy for the CEO? , B. Espen Eckbo and Karin S. Thorburn

Why Do Firms Issue Callable Bonds? , Amora Elsaify and Nikolai Roussanov

Risk Premia and Volatilities in a Nonlinear Term Structure Model , Peter Feldhütter, Christian Heyersahl-Larsen, and Philipp Karl Illeditsch

Firm Size and Corporate Investment , Vito Gala and Brandon Julio

Compensating Financial Experts , Vincent Glode and Richard Lowery

Asymmetric Information and Intermediation Chains , Vincent Glode and Christian C. Opp

Equilibrium Asset Pricing with Leverage and Default , Joao F. Gomes

Sticky Leverage , Joao F. Gomes, Urban J. Jermann, and Lukas Schmid

Service Competition and Product Quality in the U.S. Automobile Industry , Jose Guajardo, Morris A. Cohen, and Serguei Netessine

Residual Inflation Risk , Philipp Karl Illeditsch

Good and Bad Variance Premia and Expected Returns , Mete Kilic and Ivan Shaliastovich

The Labor Market for Directors and Externalities in Corporate Governance , Doron Levit and Nadya Malenko

Notes on Bonds: Illiquidity Feedback During the Financial Crisis , David K. Musto, Greg Nini, and Krista Schwarz

The Role of Network Embeddedness in Film Success , Grant Packard, Anocha Aribarg, Jehoshua Eliashberg, and Natasha Z. Foutz

Transparency in the Mortgage Market , Andrey Pavlov, Susan Wachter, and Albert Zevelev

Buses, Bullies, and Bijections , Vladimir Pozdnyakov and J. Michael Steele

Tax Psychology and the Timing of Charitable-Giving Deadlines , Alex Rees-jones and Dimitry Taubinsky

The Psychological Lives of the Poor , Frank Schilbach, Heather Schofield, and Sendhil Mullainathan

Signaling to Partially Informed Investors in the Newsvendor Model , William Schmidt, Vishal Gaur, Richard Lai, and Ananth Raman

Large-Scale Loan Portfolio Selection , Justin A. Srignano, Gerry Tsoukalas, and Kay Giesecke

Motivating Process Compliance Through Individual Electronic Monitoring: An Empirical Examination of Hand Hygiene in Healthcare , Bradley Staats, Hengchen Dai, David Hofmann, and Katherine L. Milkman

Optimal Issuance under Information Asymmetry and Accumulation of Cash Flows , Ilya A. Strebulaev, Haoxiang Zhu, and Pavel Zryumov

Rare booms and disasters in a multisector endowment economy , Jerry Tsai and Jessica Wachter

Good-Specific Habit Formation and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns , Jules van Binsbergen

Mad and Misleading: Incidental Anger Promotes Deception , Jeremy A. Yip and Maurice E. Schweitzer

The Time–Money Trade-Off for Entrepreneurs: When to Hire the First Employee? , Onesun Steve Yoo, Guillaume Roels, and Charles J. Corbett

Articles from 2015 2015

Aggregation Bias in Sponsored Search Data: The Curse and the Cure , Vibhanshu Abhishek, Kartik Hosanagar, and Peter S. Fader

Do Organic Results Help or Hurt Sponsored Search Performance , Alekh Agarwal, kartik Hosanagar, and Michael D. Smith

Do Consumers Choose the Right Credit Contracts? , Sumit Agarwal, Souphala Chomsisengphet, Chunlin Liu, and Nicholas S. Souleles

Optimal Online Selection of a Monotone Subsequence: A Central Limit Theorem , Alessandro Arlotto, Vinh V. Nguyen, and J. Michael Steele

What Drives Households to Buy Flood Insurance? Evidence from Georgia , Ajita Atreya, Susana Ferreira, and Erwann Michel-Kerjan

Why Does the Cognitive Reflection Test (Sometimes) Predict Utilitarian Moral Judgment (and Other Things)? , Jonathan Baron, Sydney Scott, Katrina Marie Fincher, and S. Emlen Metz

Waiting Patiently: An Empirical Study of Queue Abandonment in an Emergency Department , Robert Johnson Batt and Christian Terwiesch

Measuring Skill in the Mutual Fund Industry , Jonathan B. Berk and Jules H. van Binsbergen

The Effect of Providing Peer Information on Retirement Savings Decisions , John Beshears, James J. Choi, David Laibson, Brigitte C Madrian, and Katherine L. Milkman

The Impact of Time at Work and Time off from Work on Rule Compliance: The Case of Hand Hygiene in Healthcare , Hengchen Dai, Katherine L. Milkman, David Hofmann, and Bradley Staats

Algorithm Aversion: People Erroneously Avoid Algorithms after Seeing Them Err , Berkeley J Dietvorst, Joseph P. Simmons, and Cade Massey

Measuring Marginal q , Vito D. Gala

The Role of Discount Vouchers in Market with Customer Valuation Uncertainty , Fei Gao and Jian Chen

Ending “Too Big To Fail”: Government Promises Versus Investor Perceptions , Todd A. Gormley, Simon Johnson, and Changyong Rhee

A Structural Model of Employee Behavioral Dynamics in Enterprise Social Media , Yan Huang, Param Vir Singh, and Anindya Ghose

Euclidean Networks with a Backbone and a Limit Theorem for Minimum Spanning Caterpillars , Petar Jevtić and J. Michael Steele

The Cost of Capital for Alternative Investments , Jakub W. Jurek and Erik Stafford

Demand for fixed-price multi-year contracts: Experimental evidence from insurance decisions , Howard Kunreuther and Erwann Michel-Kerjan

Do I Follow My Friends or the Crowd? Information Cascades in Online Movie Ratings , Young-Jin Lee, Kartik Hosanagar, and Young Tan

Prosocial Lies: When Deception Breeds Trust , Emma E. Levine and Maurice E. Schweitzer

The Affective and Interpersonal Consequences of Obesity , Emma E. Levine and Maurice E. Schweitzer

Evaluating International Consumption Risk Sharing Gains: An Asset Return View, , Karen K. Lewis and Edith X Liu

The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis: Drivers of Prediction Accuracy in World Politics , Barbara Mellers, Eric Stone, Pavel Atanasov, Nick Rohrbaugh, S. Emlen Metz, Lyle Ungar, Michael M. Bishop, Michael C. Horowitz, Ed Merkle, and Philip E. Tetlock

A Positive Theory of Economic Growth and the Distribution of Income , Allan H. Meltzer and Scott F. Richard

Could Flood Insurance be Privatised in the United States? A Primer , Erwann Michel-Kerjan, Jeffrey Czajkowski, and Howard Kunreuther

Corporate Demand for Insurance: New Evidence From the U.S. Terrorism and Property Markets , Erwann Michel-Kerjan, Paul Raschky, and Howard Kunreuther

What Happens Before? A Field Experiment Exploring How Pay and Representation Differentially Shape Bias on the Pathway into Organizations , Katherine L. Milkman, Modupe Akinola, and Dolly Chugh

Pricing and Production Flexibility: An Empirical Analysis of the US Automotive Industry , Antonio Moreno and Christian Terwiesch

Intertemporal Information Acquisition and Investment Dynamics , Christian C. Opp

Scale and Skill in Active Management , Ľuboš Pástor, Robert F. Stambaugh, and Lucian A. Taylor

REIT Financing Choices: Preparation Matters , Andrey Pavlov, Eva Steiner, and Susan M. Wachter

Good and Bad Uncertainty: Macroeconomic and Financial Market Implications , Gill Segal, Ivan Shaliastovich, and Amir Yaron

Better P-curves: Making P-Curve Analysis More Robust to Errors, Fraud, and Ambitious P-Hacking, a Reply to Ulrich and Miller , Uri Simonsohn, Joseph P. Simmons, and Leif D. Nelson

Arbitrage Asymmetry and the Idiosyncratic Volatility Puzzle , Robert F. Stambaugh, Jianfeng Yu, and Yu Yuan

Explaining a Mysterious Maximal Inequality -- and a Path to the Law of Large Numbers , J. Michael Steele

Disaster Risk and Its Implications for Asset Pricing , Jerry Tsai and Jessica A. Wachter

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Top 140 Finance Research Paper Topics

finance topics

Why finance topics? The search for interesting finance topics is a constant one. Of course, this is understandable because knowledge of hot topics in finance puts you ahead of the game. Students or researchers who major in business will, at one point or the other in their careers, make presentations, and submit research papers, essays, or projects. With the headache of writing these papers aside, the challenge of picking finance topics always looms around. We have, therefore, carried out extensive research to present you with these 30 finance topics that will make your paper worth reading! When in doubt, this list of finance topics will surely come in handy to shed some light on that darkness!

Finding Excellent Topics in Finance

We offer you 30 researchable topics in finance. But why should we only catch fish for you if we can teach you how to fish too? The need to find unique topics in finance is on the increase. Here are some excellent tips that will help you choose appropriate finance topics:

Research Topics In Finance

In financial research, unique topics are pivotal to the overall success of the study. The reason for this is simple. Now put yourself in the shoes of professors who have read hundreds of theses and essays. They already know common topics that students like to write or work on. A hot research topic in finance will surely catch the attention of your professor and will likely earn you better grades. Writing finance research papers becomes much easier when you have superb finance research topics.

Here is a finance research topics list that will spark people’s interest in your research work and make your finance research paper worth reading! Ready for these research topics in finance? Read on!

Finance Research Topics For MBA

Here are some great finance research topics you can use toward your MBA. It’s sure to intrigue your professor and get you to look at finance from a different perspective.

Corporate Risk Management Topics

These are some key topics you can use relating to corporate risk management.

Healthcare Finance Research Topics

These are some key topics you can use relating to healthcare finance research.

Corporate Finance Topics

Corporate finance deals with processes such as financing, structuring of capital, and making investment decisions. It seeks to maximize shareholder value by implementing diverse strategies in long and short-term financial planning.

Corporate finance research topics broadly cover areas like tools for risk management, trend research in advanced finance, physical and electronic techniques in securities markets, research trends in advance finance, investment analysis, and management of government debt. The following corporate finance topics will surely minimize any risk of mistakes!

Business Finance Topics

Every decision made in a business has financial implications. It is, therefore, essential that business people have a fundamental understanding of finance. To show your knowledge, you must be able to write articles on finance topics in areas such as financial analysis, valuation, management, etc. Here are some juicy business finance topics!

International Finance Topics

As the world is now a global village, business transactions occur all around the world. No more are we limited to local trade, and this is why the study of international is essential and relevant. Here are some international finance topics that will suit your research purpose!

Finance Research Paper Ideas

Writing a research paper requires an independent investigation of a chosen subject and the analysis of the remarkable outcomes of that research. A finance researcher will, therefore, need to have enough finance research paper topics from which to choose at his fingertip. Carefully selecting a finance thesis topic out of the many finance research papers topics will require some skill. Here are some exciting finance paper topics!

Personal Finance Topics

Personal finance covers the aspects of managing your money, including saving and investing. It comprises aspects such as investments, retirement planning, budgeting, estate planning, mortgages, banking, tax, and insurance. Researching in this area will surely be of direct impact on the quality of living. Here are some great personal finance topics that are eager to have you work on them!

Finance Topics For Presentation

Sometimes, you may need to present a topic in a seminar. The idea is that you can whet the appetite of your audience with the highlights of your subject matter. Choosing these finance seminar topics requires a slightly different approach in that you must be thoroughly familiar with that topic before giving the presentation. Interesting and easy-to-grasp finance topics are, therefore, necessary for presentations. Here are some topic examples that fit perfectly into this category.

So here we are! Surely, with this essay on finance topics that you have read, you’ll need only a few minutes to decide your topic and plunge into proper research! If you need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact our economics thesis writers .

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    Finance Articles, Research Topics, & Case Studies - HBS Working Knowledge Finance New research on finance from Harvard Business School faculty on issues including corporate investment, governance, and accounting management. Page 1 of 567 Results → 16 Feb 2023 HBS Case ESG Activists Met the Moment at ExxonMobil, But Did They Succeed? by Lane Lambert

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    Research Papers / Publications Sergey Sarkisyan, Payment Platforms, Competition for Deposits, and Real Economy: Evidence from Instant Payment Systems. Andrew Kane, Sergey Sarkisyan, Tasaneeya Viratyosin, Are US Monetary Surprises Surprising? Evidence from Global Markets.

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    For over 120 years, Wharton's Finance Department has remained at the forefront of finance education and research. Today, Wharton Finance offers premier courses, publishes groundbreaking research, and holds seminars and conferences around the world.

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    US Finance Transformation Practice Leader [email protected] +1 404 631 2166 Susan is the Global leader of Deloitte's Finance & Performance Practice creating a seamless experience for our global clients. In addition, in the US she leads Deloitte's US Finance Transformation pra... More Anton Sher Finance Strategy & Transformation Leader

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    a) to produce a broad range of finance-related research that is published in top-tier scientific and practitioner journals, and that addresses issues of present and future importance to managers (including regulators and policy makers); b) to develop highly-relevant and intellectually rigorous MBA and executive education courses; and.

  7. The top list of financial research paper topics to choose from

    Public finance topics are a type of finance research paper topics that covers taxation, government borrowing, and other aspects. Accounting and government budgeting The austerity related to finance and government education The theory and practice of government taxation How does the government raise money through borrowing

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    I propose the following current research topic in the field of finance: Analysis of the effectiveness of the applied financial instruments of public aid for enterprises as part of anti-crisis...

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    20 Corporate Finance Research Paper Topics Corporate bonds as a source of financing for the global economy Analysis of the "hurdle" rate of return of the corporation Investing in fixed income securities in emerging capital markets Venture capital and venture capital financing in the global capital market Pricing models for underlying assets

  10. Research, Directory & Publications

    Research with Real-World Reach. Wharton's research centers and initiatives are only the beginning. Our faculty publishes regularly and is frequently cited by the press. Wharton's deep knowledge is disseminated worldwide through: 20 Research Centers and Initiatives. More than 1.8 million subscribers of [email protected]

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    Research Papers on Finance Research papers on finance focus not merely on theory but also on various commerce and business activities that are directly affected by the financial activities. The same requires authentic research and reliable content.

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    The primary function of the Research Department is to undertake research on issues of relevance to the Fund, to undertake surveillance of members' economies and policies, and to review the analysis and policy prescriptions developed in the work of other Fund departments. Key RES outputs, underpinned by a broad cross-country analytical perspective, include: •Preparation of the semi-annual ...

  13. Finance Papers

    Finance Papers. Asset pricing techniques, widely used in corporations, banks, and stock and bond markets, have undergone radical changes over the last 20 years. Modern theories of portfolio choice and savings behavior have provided the basis for the innovation of these models, and Wharton's Finance Department has remained at the forefront of ...

  14. Office of Financial Research (OFR)

    The Office of Financial Research (OFR) delivers high-quality financial data, standards, and analysis to promote financial stability. ... decentralized finance, and digital currencies ... OFFICE OF FINANCIAL RESEARCH U.S. Department of the Treasury 717 14th Street, NW Washington, DC 20220 Contact us; ...

  15. 140+ Best Finance Research Paper Topics For Students

    Corporate finance research topics broadly cover areas like tools for risk management, trend research in advanced finance, physical and electronic techniques in securities markets, research trends in advance finance, investment analysis, and management of government debt.

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    International Finance Discussion Papers February 2023 The US, Economic News, and the Global Financial Cycle Christoph E. Boehm and T. Niklas Kroner February 2023 Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises with Long Stagnations Joao Ayres, Gaston Navarro, Juan Pablo Nicolini, and Pedro Teles February 2023 The Inflationary Effects of Sectoral Reallocation

  17. Research Papers / Publications

    Research Papers / Publications. While the shareholder benefits of investor conferences are well-documented, evidence on whether these conferences facilitate managerial opportunism is scarce. In this paper, we examine whether managers opportunistically exploit heightened attention around the conference to "hype" the stock.

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    The Financing of Research and Development Bronwyn H. Hall I. Introduction It is a widely held view that research and development (R&D) activities are difficult to finance in a freely competitive market place. Support for this view in the form of economic-theoretic

  19. Research Papers / Publications

    Research Papers / Publications. James Li, Olivia S. Mitchell, Christina Zhu (Working), Household Investment in 529 College Savings Plans and Information Processing Frictions. Abstract Related.

  20. Accounting and Finance

    College/Institution: CBE. Department/School/Center: Department of Accounting and Finance. Program title: BA in Accounting and Finance. Program duration (in years): Three for regular, Four for extension and Four for Distance. Study Language: English.