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How to Write a Project Proposal

When you want to pitch a project, whether to gain financial support or get the go-ahead to proceed, you’ll need to craft a winning project proposal. This is the vehicle that sells your project and gets key people on board with the endeavor.

What Is a Project Proposal?

A project proposal is your opportunity to sell your idea and get people on board. The goal of a project proposal is to share the pertinent details to demonstrate the merits of the project. Having done your due diligence, you will use a project proposal to outline the project and counter any obvious objections, presenting your case in a genuine and persuasive tone.

Key Features of a Project Proposal

An effective project proposal has several key features that will help you attain your goals.

A Winning Tone

The tone of your project proposal is a crucial element of the document. You want your readers to be able to relate to your message and get on board, so engagement will be the key. Establishing common ground can help you be more persuasive. Pay attention to your target audience too. Who are they? What’s important to them? How do they view themselves? Above all, you want to establish yourself as an expert with the experience necessary to launch and see the project through to fruition. Be careful not to come across as condescending though. Your proposal should persuade to answer your target audience’s question of why they need to participate.

Use a Project Proposal Sample

If you’re struggling with crafting your project proposal, you might peruse a few samples and templates to get some ideas for format and tone. Once you get ideas for overall organization, you can begin to fill in the sections with your introduction, history, problem identification and scope of the project.

What to Avoid

There are definitely a few things to avoid when writing your proposal:


research project vs research proposal

Know the Differences & Comparisons

Difference Between Research Proposal and Research Report

Last updated on September 26, 2020 by Surbhi S


On the other hand, a research report is the culmination of the research endeavour. It is a great way to explain the research work and its outcome to a group of people. It is the outcome of the study conducted at the time of the research process.

This article will help you understand the difference between research proposal and research report.

Content: Research Proposal Vs Research Report

Comparison chart, definition of research proposal.

Research Proposal can be defined as the document prepared by the researcher so as to give a description of the research program in detail. It is typically a request for research funding, for the subject under study. In other words, a research proposal is a summary of the research process, with which the reader can get quick information regarding the research project.

The research proposal seeks final approval, for which it is submitted to the relevant authority. After the research proposal is submitted, it is being evaluated, considering a number of factors like the cost involved, potential impact, soundness of the plan to undertake the project.

It aims at presenting and justifying the need and importance to carry out the study, as well as to present the practical ways, of conducting the research. And for this, persuasive evidence should be provided in the research proposal, to highlight the necessity of the research.

Further, it must discuss the main issues and questions, which the researcher will address in the study. Along with that, it must highlight the fundamental area of the research study.

A research proposal can be prepared in a number of formats, which differs on the basis of their length. It contains an introduction, problem hypothesis, objectives, assumptions, methodology, justification and implication of the research project.

Definition of Research Report

Research Report can be defined as the document in which the researched and analysed data is organized and presented by the researcher in a systematic manner. It is a publication, comprising of the purpose, scope, hypothesis, methodology, findings, limitations, recommendations and conclusion of the research project.

Simply put, a research report is the record of the research process. It is one of the most important segments of the research, as the research work is said to be incomplete if the report is not prepared.

A research report is a document containing collected and considered facts, taken to provide succinct and comprehensible information to people.

Once the research process is over, the entire work is produced in a written material, which is called a research report . It covers the description of the research activities, in an elaborated manner. It contains Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Discussion of Results and Findings, Bibliography and Appendices.

A research report acts as a method to record the research work and its outcome, for future reference.

Key Differences Between Research Proposal and Research Report

The difference between research proposal and research report is discussed as under:

Basically, a research proposal defines the planning stage of the research work, which is prepared in written format, to know its worth. On the other hand, the research report signifies the concluding stage of the research work.

Related Differences

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The Demarcation Line Between a Research And Project Proposal

Writing any academic paper often implies submitting a proposal. The form and content of this paper can differ depending on the type of your main paper - whether it's a research or project. The main difference is in the scope of work. The research paper proposal relates to a more serious academic field, whereas projects are mainly assigned in schools and don't have the scientific significance the research paper could have. First, however, we must mention that the project proposal must be written to get the necessary funding.

The difference in academic levels presupposes that the requirements for the research paper proposal are much stricter than those for the project. It's essential that the standard of research paper writing is higher, but we'll anyway mention it here. You can't just choose a topic and research it; writing a proposal where you should state a topic, its importance, and significance is a must. Besides it, a student must review the literature, and the previous research on a chosen topic, provide the evidence and get the approval of the professors' board. In conclusion, we can say that the purpose of both research and project proposals is to get permission to write a paper. The content, format, style, and length of these papers differ, but the purpose is the same.

Here we'll try to cover all the nuances of the project and academic research proposals so that you won't have any questions.

Tips And Hints For Academic Research Proposal Writing

Keep in mind the formatting. There's no point in sharing any tips on formatting your research proposal because we can't know what formatting style you'll be asked to use. It depends either on your professor's requirements or the ones of your department. Even if you think that this or that format isn't suitable for your research proposal, you must unquestioningly follow the rules; otherwise, your professors will reject the proposal.

Each section is entitled. Let's leave aside a title page and move to other sections of your research proposal, such as background, aims, significance, methods, reference page, etc. The information should be placed in proper sections, and each section must have a relevant subheading.

A concise title. A research paper proposal isn't a minor paper, as many students might think. So, every aspect of this paper requires special attention, and the title isn't an exception. You must do everything to make the title of your proposal a short abstract of your research paper. Put the most important words first, and make sure your title is short, concise, and meaningful. If you want to achieve this purpose, write it only after you finish writing all other sections.

Remember about justification. The rationale is a must for you if you want the paper to be accepted by the academic committee. Rationale or justification is your explanation of the reason why you write this paper, what your knowledge gaps it can fill, etc. Please, don't write about the goals you won't achieve just to seem smarter - be realistic. Add some drawbacks or limitations in this paragraph.

Literature overview. Writing a research paper is impossible without using the literature. Your task isn't just to mention what research papers and studies you used. You must explain why this or that paper is relevant, what drawbacks it has and how your research can add up to the existing ones.

Write a proper outline. If you think that outlining means just deciding what sections your research paper proposal should have and following them, you're deeply mistaken. It's a lot of work that should be done. The outline is more than just a description of the structure - it should include other important aspects, such as your needs (resources, budget), completion timeline, etc.

Mention the research question. If you want to submit a proposal that will be accepted, keep in mind the research question. Professors who will read it shouldn't forget about your research question even for a minute when reading the proposal. Do your best to let the committee understand that your idea is worth it.

Don't start with cons. Of course, any research paper proposal must have the cons but don't mention them in the very beginning. Instead, focus on pros and tell how your research will contribute to the topic. Write the way your readers can stay interested in your paper.

Top Project Proposal Writing Strategies

Follow the right structure. There are certain sections obligatory for project proposals. These are intro, purpose, motivation, summary, references, project details, etc. We hope you're aware of the title's importance, so you can make it clear and concise. Keep in mind that 45 characters in length can lead you to success.

Proposal introduction. This section is the first the reader sees, so your task is to interest them from the very first word. What's the purpose of your project? Why do you think it's important? How can you benefit the scientific community? Answer all these questions in your intro, and your proposal will be graded high.

Describing the Motivation. Students often don't understand what is required of them in this or that section, so we'll help you. The motivation section implies that you'll tell the committee why your paper is important, you'll describe the problem you try to cover, tell them about the solutions and findings that already exist, etc. Don't forget that your aim is to glorify why your paper/solution is better than the previous ones.

The summary of your project. This section isn't long enough - just tell the professors what your project's content will be.

Covering the details. Writing your project presupposes carrying out some experiments, making observations, etc. Cover it all here: mention the procedures that have been taken, the problems you face, the challenges you completed, and the amount of time that was spent.

Concluding your project proposal. Writing the final paragraph is nice and easy: just check what you've written in previous sections, select the key points and restate them here.

References. It's a place to cite all research papers, studies, books, and other information sources used in your project and project proposal.

We tried to make this guide as detailed as possible, and hope that now you understand the similarities and differences between project and research paper proposal, and this kind of writing will no longer be a problem for you.

No matter what type of proposal you're writing, there's one one-size-fits-all secret: show your confidence and readiness while writing. Use the Internet to find some tips on making your writing more confident; spend time on achieving it, but be sure the result will be outstanding.

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Home » Education » What is the Difference Between Research and Project

What is the Difference Between Research and Project

The main difference between research and project is that research is the systematic investigation and study of materials and sources to establish facts and reach new conclusions, while a project is a specific and finite activity that gives a measurable and observable result under preset requirements.

Both research and projects use a systematic approach. We also sometimes use the term research project to refer to research studies.

Key Areas Covered

1.  What is Research       – Definition, Features 2. What is a Project      – Definition, Features 3.  Difference Between Research and Project      – Comparison of Key Differences

Research, Project

Difference Between Research and Project - Comparison Summary

What is Research

Research is a careful study a researcher conducts using a systematic approach and scientific methods. A research study typically involves several components: abstract, introduction ,  literature review ,  research design, and method , results and analysis, conclusion, bibliography. Researchers usually begin a formal research study with a hypothesis; then, they test this hypothesis rigorously. They also explore and analyze the literature already available on their research subject. This allows them to study the research subject from multiple perspectives, acknowledging different problems that need to be solved.

 Research vs Project

There are different types of research, the main two categories being quantitative research and qualitative research. Depending on their research method and design, we can also categorize research as descriptive research, exploratory research, longitudinal research, cross-sectional research, etc.

Furthermore, research should always be objective or unbiased. Moreover, if the research involves participants, for example, in surveys or interviews, the researcher should always make sure to obtain their written consent first.

What is a Project

A project is a collaborative or individual enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. We can also describe it as a specific and finite activity that gives a measurable and observable result under preset requirements. This result can be tangible or intangible; for example, product, service, competitive advantage, etc. A project generally involves a series of connected tasks planned for execution over a fixed period of time and within certain limitations like quality and cost. The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines a project as a “temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end, and it must be used to create a unique product, service or result.”

 Compare Research and Project - What's the difference?

Difference Between Research and Project

Research is a careful study conducted using a systematic approach and scientific methods, whereas a project is a collaborative or individual enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.

Research studies are mainly carried out in academia, while projects can be seen in a variety of contexts, including businesses.

The main aim of the research is to seek or revise facts, theories, or principles, while the main aim of a project is to achieve a tangible or intangible result; for example, product, service, competitive advantage, etc.

The main difference between research and project is that research is the systematic investigation and study of materials and sources to establish facts and reach new conclusions, while the project is a specific and finite activity that gives a measurable and observable result under preset requirements.

1. “ What Is a Project? – Definition, Lifecycle and Key Characteristics .” Your Guide to Project Management Best Practices .

Image Courtesy:

1. “ Research ” by Nick Youngson (CC BY-SA 3.0) via The Blue Diamond Gallery 2. “ Project-group-team-feedback ” (CC0) via Pixabay

research project vs research proposal

About the Author: Hasa

Hasa has a BA degree in English, French and Translation studies. She is currently reading for a Masters degree in English. Her areas of interests include literature, language, linguistics and also food.

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How is writing a proposal different from writing a paper for class? (B. Zakarin 2011)

Contributor: B. Zakarin, Office of Fellowships, [email protected] Posted: 2011

A research proposal differs in important respects from other forms of writing with which students are more familiar, such as an academic essay or a research paper.  Instead of trying to reach a minimum length (e.g., 7 pages or 2000 words), you must achieve discrete goals within a specified space constraint (e.g., 2 pages or 750 words).  Many students find this shift challenging, but the process of writing a proposal is essential for  organizing  your exciting ideas and  prioritizing  your next steps.

Defining your questions

While an essay or a research paper requires an overall argument and provides evidence to support it, a research proposal is organized around questions to which the author does not yet have answers.  A good research proposal  does  make an argument of a particular sort: its purpose is to convince readers that the questions are worth trying to answer and that the author has a concrete plan for doing so.

A good proposal and, by extension, a solid research agenda are organized around a central interpretive problem broken down into a series of smaller, more specific questions.  Even if you begin with a topic that just seems fascinating, you will find that you have lots of different kinds of questions about its historiography and history.  As you work toward a proposal, try to isolate and prioritize those questions:  Which questions do you most want to find the answers to?  Which questions can you realistically answer?  If they are not the same, how might you reconcile what you want  to find out with what you  can  find out through independent research?

As you work on a central question for your thesis, you also need to consider how you can explain to others why it is meaningful.  This is the universal “so what?”:  How will answers to your particular questions contribute to our collective knowledge?  How will your research help us better understand the subject?  While there are many ways of establishing the significance of a project, never assume that an uninitiated reader will find your topic inherently interesting.  You must hint at the broader implications of your research in order to win over a reader who does not necessarily know (or care) anything about your thesis topic.  The examples in “Learning from Model Proposals” exhibit various means of achieving this end.

Northwestern University

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Difference Between Research Proposal and Research Report if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[728,90],'difference_guru-box-3','ezslot_3',101,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-difference_guru-box-3-0');

The Research Proposal is the way a researcher presents the research problem and communicates the need for research. It is a crucial part of the application process. It provides a brief overview of the research questions the researcher is trying to answer. It also outlines the research methodology that the researcher will use.

Definition of a Research Proposal

A Research Proposal is a document that the researcher creates to describe the research program in detail. This is usually a request for funding for the subject being studied. A research proposal, in other words, is a summary or description of the research process that provides quick information about the research project.

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It must also discuss the major issues and questions that the researcher will address during the research. It must also highlight the main area of the research study.

Definition of Research Report

A research report is a collection of facts that have been carefully considered and are intended to be succinct, understandable information for people.

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How to Write a Research Proposal | Examples & Templates

Published on October 12, 2022 by Shona McCombes and Tegan George. Revised on January 3, 2023.

Structure of a research proposal

A research proposal describes what you will investigate, why it’s important, and how you will conduct your research.

The format of a research proposal varies between fields, but most proposals will contain at least these elements:


Literature review.

Reference list

While the sections may vary, the overall objective is always the same. A research proposal serves as a blueprint and guide for your research plan, helping you get organized and feel confident in the path forward you choose to take.

Table of contents

Research proposal purpose, research proposal examples, research design and methods, contribution to knowledge, research schedule, frequently asked questions about research proposals.

Academics often have to write research proposals to get funding for their projects. As a student, you might have to write a research proposal as part of a grad school application , or prior to starting your thesis or dissertation .

In addition to helping you figure out what your research can look like, a proposal can also serve to demonstrate why your project is worth pursuing to a funder, educational institution, or supervisor.

Research proposal length

The length of a research proposal can vary quite a bit. A bachelor’s or master’s thesis proposal can be just a few pages, while proposals for PhD dissertations or research funding are usually much longer and more detailed. Your supervisor can help you determine the best length for your work.

One trick to get started is to think of your proposal’s structure as a shorter version of your thesis or dissertation , only without the results , conclusion and discussion sections.

Download our research proposal template

Writing a research proposal can be quite challenging, but a good starting point could be to look at some examples. We’ve included a few for you below.

What can proofreading do for your paper?

Scribbr editors not only correct grammar and spelling mistakes, but also strengthen your writing by making sure your paper is free of vague language, redundant words, and awkward phrasing.

research project vs research proposal

See editing example

Like your dissertation or thesis, the proposal will usually have a title page that includes:

The first part of your proposal is the initial pitch for your project. Make sure it succinctly explains what you want to do and why.

Your introduction should:

To guide your introduction , include information about:

As you get started, it’s important to demonstrate that you’re familiar with the most important research on your topic. A strong literature review  shows your reader that your project has a solid foundation in existing knowledge or theory. It also shows that you’re not simply repeating what other people have already done or said, but rather using existing research as a jumping-off point for your own.

In this section, share exactly how your project will contribute to ongoing conversations in the field by:

Following the literature review, restate your main  objectives . This brings the focus back to your own project. Next, your research design or methodology section will describe your overall approach, and the practical steps you will take to answer your research questions.

To finish your proposal on a strong note, explore the potential implications of your research for your field. Emphasize again what you aim to contribute and why it matters.

For example, your results might have implications for:

Last but not least, your research proposal must include correct citations for every source you have used, compiled in a reference list . To create citations quickly and easily, you can use our free APA citation generator .

Some institutions or funders require a detailed timeline of the project, asking you to forecast what you will do at each stage and how long it may take. While not always required, be sure to check the requirements of your project.

Here’s an example schedule to help you get started. You can also download a template at the button below.

Download our research schedule template

If you are applying for research funding, chances are you will have to include a detailed budget. This shows your estimates of how much each part of your project will cost.

Make sure to check what type of costs the funding body will agree to cover. For each item, include:

To determine your budget, think about:

Once you’ve decided on your research objectives , you need to explain them in your paper, at the end of your problem statement .

Keep your research objectives clear and concise, and use appropriate verbs to accurately convey the work that you will carry out for each one.

I will compare …

A research aim is a broad statement indicating the general purpose of your research project. It should appear in your introduction at the end of your problem statement , before your research objectives.

Research objectives are more specific than your research aim. They indicate the specific ways you’ll address the overarching aim.

A PhD, which is short for philosophiae doctor (doctor of philosophy in Latin), is the highest university degree that can be obtained. In a PhD, students spend 3–5 years writing a dissertation , which aims to make a significant, original contribution to current knowledge.

A PhD is intended to prepare students for a career as a researcher, whether that be in academia, the public sector, or the private sector.

A master’s is a 1- or 2-year graduate degree that can prepare you for a variety of careers.

All master’s involve graduate-level coursework. Some are research-intensive and intend to prepare students for further study in a PhD; these usually require their students to write a master’s thesis . Others focus on professional training for a specific career.

Critical thinking refers to the ability to evaluate information and to be aware of biases or assumptions, including your own.

Like information literacy , it involves evaluating arguments, identifying and solving problems in an objective and systematic way, and clearly communicating your ideas.

The best way to remember the difference between a research plan and a research proposal is that they have fundamentally different audiences. A research plan helps you, the researcher, organize your thoughts. On the other hand, a dissertation proposal or research proposal aims to convince others (e.g., a supervisor, a funding body, or a dissertation committee) that your research topic is relevant and worthy of being conducted.

Cite this Scribbr article

If you want to cite this source, you can copy and paste the citation or click the “Cite this Scribbr article” button to automatically add the citation to our free Citation Generator.

McCombes, S. & George, T. (2023, January 03). How to Write a Research Proposal | Examples & Templates. Scribbr. Retrieved March 4, 2023, from

Is this article helpful?

Shona McCombes

Shona McCombes

Other students also liked, how to write a problem statement | guide & examples, writing strong research questions | criteria & examples, how to write a literature review | guide, examples, & templates, what is your plagiarism score.

Grad Coach

What (Exactly) Is A Research Proposal?

A simple explainer with examples + free template.

By: Derek Jansen (MBA) | Expert Reviewed By: Dr Eunice Rautenbach | June 2020

If you’re nearing the end of your degree program and your dissertation or thesis is on the horizon, or you’re planning to apply for a PhD program, chances are you’re going to need to craft a convincing research proposal . If you’re on this page, you’re probably unsure exactly what the research proposal is all about. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Overview: Research Proposal Basics

What is a research proposal?

A research proposal is a simply a structured, formal document that explains  what  you plan to research (i.e. your research topic),  why  it’s worth researching (i.e. your justification), and  how  you plan to investigate it (i.e. your practical approach). 

The purpose of the research proposal (it’s job, so to speak) is to  convince  your research supervisor, committee or university that your research is  suitable  (for the requirements of the degree program) and  manageable  (given the time and resource constraints you will face). 

The most important word here is “ convince ” – in other words, your research proposal needs to  sell  your research idea (to whoever is going to approve it). If it doesn’t convince them (of its suitability and manageability), you’ll need to revise and resubmit . This will cost you valuable time, which will either delay the start of your research or eat into its time allowance (which is bad news). 

A research proposal is a  formal document that explains what you plan to research , why it's worth researching and how you'll do it.

What goes into a research proposal?

As we mentioned earlier, a good dissertation or thesis proposal needs to cover the “what”, the “why” and the “how” of the research. Let’s look at each of these in a little more detail:

Your proposal needs to clearly articulate your research topic. This needs to be specific and unambiguous . Your research topic should make it clear exactly what you plan to research and in what context. Here’s an example:

Topic: An investigation into the factors which impact female Generation Y consumer’s likelihood to promote a specific makeup brand to their peers: a British context

As you can see, this topic is extremely clear. From this one line we can see exactly:

So, make sure that your research proposal provides a detailed explanation of your research topic. It should go without saying, but don’t start writing your proposal until you have a crystal-clear topic in mind, or you’ll end up waffling away a few thousand words. 

Need a helping hand?

research project vs research proposal

As we touched on earlier, it’s not good enough to simply propose a research topic – you need to justify why your topic is original . In other words, what makes it  unique ? What gap in the current literature does it fill? If it’s simply a rehash of the existing research, it’s probably not going to get approval – it needs to be fresh.

But,  originality  alone is not enough. Once you’ve ticked that box, you also need to justify why your proposed topic is  important . In other words, what value will it add to the world if you manage to find answers to your research questions ? 

For example, let’s look at the sample research topic we mentioned earlier (factors impacting brand advocacy). In this case, if the research could uncover relevant factors, these findings would be very useful to marketers in the cosmetics industry, and would, therefore, have commercial value . That is a clear justification for the research.

So, when you’re crafting your research proposal, remember that it’s not enough for a topic to simply be unique. It needs to be useful and value-creating – and you need to convey that value in your proposal. If you’re struggling to find a research topic that makes the cut, watch  our video covering how to find a research topic .

Webinar - How to write a research proposal for a dissertation or thesis

It’s all good and well to have a great topic that’s original and important, but you’re not going to convince anyone to approve it without discussing the practicalities – in other words:

While it’s generally not expected that you’ll have a fully fleshed out research strategy at the proposal stage, you will need to provide a high-level view of your research methodology and some key design decisions. Here are some important questions you’ll need to address in your proposal:

So, make sure you give some thought to the practicalities of your research and have at least a basic understanding of research methodologies before you start writing up your proposal. The video below provides a good introduction to methodology.

How long is a research proposal?

This varies tremendously, depending on the university, the field of study (e.g., social sciences vs natural sciences), and the level of the degree (e.g. undergraduate, Masters or PhD) – so it’s always best to check with your university what their specific requirements are before you start planning your proposal. 

As a rough guide, a formal research proposal at Masters-level often ranges between 2000-3000 words , while a PhD-level proposal can be far more detailed, ranging from 5000-8000 words . In some cases, a rough outline of the topic is all that’s needed, while in other cases, universities expect a very detailed proposal that essentially forms the first three chapters of the dissertation or thesis. 

The takeaway – be sure to check with your institution before you start writing.

The length of a proposal varies tremendously, depending on the university, the field of study, and the level of the degree.

How is a research proposal structured?

While the exact structure and format required for a dissertation or thesis research proposal differs from university to university, there are five “ essential ingredients ” that typically make up the structure of a research proposal:

For a detailed explanation of each of these, and step by step guidance covering how to write a research proposal,  have a look at this video post .   You might also consider using our free research proposal template here .

Final thoughts

As you write up your research proposal, remember the all-important core purpose:  to convince . Your research proposal needs to sell your research idea in terms of suitability and viability. So, focus on crafting a convincing narrative and you’ll have won half the battle.

research project vs research proposal

Psst… there’s more (for free)

This post is part of our research writing mini-course, which covers everything you need to get started with your dissertation, thesis or research project.

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