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Spreadsheet Assignments

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By completing the spreadsheet assignments, students will demonstrate the ability to:

LOAD a spreadsheet program

LOAD a spreadsheet model

ENTER numeric data

EDIT entries

INSERT columns and rows

DELETE columns and rows

GENERATE formulae

APPLY formulae

REPLICATE formulae

AMEND formulae

CHANGE cell sizes

GENERATE ‘what … if?’ projections

SAVE a spreadsheet model

PRINT model with formulae

EXIT from a spreadsheet program

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North East Surrey College of Technology, UK

Harriet Harper ( Senior Lecturer in Business Computing )

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Assignment 3 Spreadsheet

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spreadsheet assignment pdf

Spreadsheet Basics Assignment

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spreadsheet assignment pdf

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Excel Sheet Assignment

User Generated


Draft a spreadsheet showing financial history and projected performance for the company you plan to use in this course's final project. The rows should include revenue, expenses, calculated profit, and calculated profit margin. The columns should represent years: two years of history, plus three years of your reasonable future projections. Include a few sentences of key assumptions and conclusions. The spreadsheet must have accurate calculations and look professional on screen and when printed (including a heading and meaningful number formatting). Note: Submit this assignment as an Excel spreadsheet file, not a PDF.

Please see an example of what I need see excel attachment.

Please also see the guidelines and rubrics.

I have decided to choose the Alteryx Company as the primary evaluation company.

Unformatted Attachment Preview

spreadsheet assignment pdf

Explanation & Answer

spreadsheet assignment pdf

Attached. Assumptions The predictions are made using the assumption that the company shall continue operating throughout the predicted period The predictions are made using the assumption that the value of the dollar will remain the same ALTERYX INC Financial Indicators 2015 Revenue ($000) 53821 Cost of revenue ($000) 10521 Gross profit($000) 43300 [Revenue-Cost of revenue] Total operating expense ($000) 64386 Operating profit ($000) [Gross profit- Total operation expenses] -21086 Calculated Profit margin ($000) -39.1...

spreadsheet assignment pdf

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spreadsheet assignment pdf

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spreadsheet assignment pdf

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Key Assignment Inventory Spreadsheet Template

Download key assignment inventory spreadsheet template, linked topics.

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