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Federal Government Jobs - Remote Work From Home & Flexible

Welcome to the Federal Government remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs page! The Federal Government is a massive employer with jobs available nationwide, as well as overseas. Federal Government jobs are available in many career fields and typically offer generous vacation and sick time, access to professional development... More

Welcome to the Federal Government remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs page! The Federal Government is a massive employer with jobs available nationwide, as well as overseas. Federal Government jobs are available in many career fields and typically offer generous vacation and sick time, access to professional development opportunities, job security and interesting and challenging work. In recent years, the federal government has begun to embrace work flexibility more than ever before; part-time, flexible schedule, temporary and remote Federal Government jobs are now commonly seen. If you are looking for flexible Federal Government jobs, you may be interested in job titles such as IRS Agent, Federal Court Employee, Federal Prison Guard, National Park Guard, Federal Airport Screener, Auditor, Census Worker, Human Resources Assistant, Program Analyst, Mail Carrier, Healthcare Professional, Pharmacist, Medical Technologist, Physician, Cemetery Caretaker or Information Technology Specialist. See below for the latest flexible and remote Federal Government jobs!

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An official website of the United States government

Help Center

What is a remote job?

A remote job in the federal government is one where you are not expected to report to an official agency worksite regularly. Instead, you will work from your home or other alternative worksite either within or outside of the commuting area of your agency’s official worksite.

How do I know a job is remote?

Under the Location header in the Overview section of the job announcement, we will list the remote job location as Anywhere in the U.S. (remote job) .

In your search results, the location information, including whether a job is remote or not, is listed under agency name.

Am I expected to come to an office?

As a remote worker, you may occasionally travel to an office for training or other reasons, but you will not regularly commute to an office for your day-to-day work.

How am I paid?

All federal workers’ salaries have a base rate and a locality adjustment for the area where you work. The locality adjustment of a remote job is based on the area where you regularly work—your home or alternative worksite.

Learn more about federal pay .

What if I want to work a hybrid position where I can work in an office and from home?

Many federal jobs offer the option to work from home and from an office location. We call this telework. The in-office work schedule and telework frequency depend on the agency and the job duties.

A telework-eligible job is not the same as a remote position, which is a position where you would regularly work from home or an approved alternative worksite.

Learn more about telework positions .

Will some jobs require me to work hours in a specific time zone?

Yes, some government jobs may require you to work hours in a time zone that is different from the one you live in. Review the job announcement to understand the job requirements before applying.

How to filter results by remote jobs

To search for remote jobs:

Your filter choice will display above your search results.

How to filter remote jobs using search filters

You can choose to only show remote jobs or exclude remote jobs from your search. Go to More filters to change the filter under Remote jobs .

To remove a remote filter, click on the x next to the filter you want to remove. Your search results will update every time you add or remove a filter.

How to filter results by location .

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online work from home government jobs


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Indian Railways

Urgent Openings for BPO Voice Process, Inbound Calls, Domestic Voice

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Based on your current profile, you do not match the job eligibility criteria. Please check the details below before applying.

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Working For The Government: remote and onsite jobs

online work from home government jobs

What is Government Job?

Civil service or government job is also known as public service. The work is about serving the nation’s general people at local, state, or federal levels. It is related to the work of an organization or an agency that is controlled by the government. It is funded by the money collected by the taxpayers and is known as the public sector.

Millions of people worldwide are currently doing public sector jobs. It ranges from schools, emergency services to research, and scientific posts. The best part is you can do offline and online jobs in this sector with the possibility of flexible jobs, telecommuting, and working remotely.

Remote government jobs: which government agencies offer remote positions? (In the US)

One of the important things every job seeker must do before browsing the internet is to go on governmental websites. According to your location, you may have all the information to start your journey as a successful remote worker, find an on-site job, or even work online from home for the government.

Most people want to work from home, especially in these uncertain times of COVID-19. A lot of people think that the last decade is the era when remote working got a boost, but that’s not completely right. Domesticity has remained the focus of work for centuries. Nowadays, multiple enterprises and even governmental institutions are offering to work from home.

The federal government started offering work from home in the 1990s, and that laid the foundation of virtual federal jobs in the USA. Two prominent departments of the federal government, named General Services Administration (GSA) and Office of Personnel Management (OPM), began an extensive pilot program for federal workers.

USAJOBS: A Gateway to Fully Remote Jobs       

Visit USAJOBS ‘s official website to find remote jobs in your concerned department either in GSA, USPS, OPM, CIA, or any field of your desire and expertise. In the keyword labeled box, insert your’ job title, department, occupation, agency, or series’.

Once done, then you can add locations, but as we are looking for telework government jobs so won’t fill anything in it. Now they have tons of filters to optimize your results. So, if you are looking for government jobs open to the public, then check the ‘open to the public box.’

At the bottom of these filters, you can choose your desired department, let’s say GSA. It will open all the jobs offered by General Administration Services, and if you have inserted the keyword of your concerned job, then it will further concise the results for you. 

As we are looking for remote jobs, then click on the ‘More filters’ and check the ‘Offer Telework’ box, so it will show all jobs in this category that are available for teleworking.

USA jobs open to Public

USAJOBS is the special website launched by the United States government, which is the center of all government jobs. No matter either you are looking for home-based government jobs or office-based jobs, this website has everything for you. Before we start the discussion on telework government jobs, let’s first understand the website a little bit so we can apply comfortably.


Before you apply for any job, it is mandatory for everyone to sign in. if you have previously built your account, then you can directly sign in to find any federal telework jobs. In case you haven’t created your account, then create a new one by clicking here . It only needs your email id and preferred language. If you are a government employee, then simply inserting your employee ID or PIV/CAC will serve the purpose.

USAJOBS Resume Builder

This easy to work website show your account and resume to concerned recruiters, which increases your chances of getting a job. So, it’s mandatory to upload your resume with the latest information. In case you don’t have one, then you can build a new one instantly by clicking here .

Firstly make sure to sign in and then go to the document section. There you can build your resume by clicking on ‘build resume’. Name your resume and click ‘next.’

Once you have clicked next, then add your work experiences, education, and references. These all will make you stand out from your fellow applicants. You can add as many of them as you want, but for better results, don’t overstuff it with information. You can always create a new resume, later on, so be focused on one job only.

You can also add your additional skills, as these are extremely useful when you are applying for federal government jobs. Add other languages you know, your publications or any other information that you think will be required for any particular job. Simply press ‘finish’ and then review your resume.

It’s always a good gesture to update your profile whenever you are applying for a new job. But USAJOBS doesn’t automatically update your resume with the updated information, so you need to create a new resume for every job category. It’s a good practice to keep multiple resumes for varying jobs. Let’s search for some fully remote government jobs.

LinkedIn USA Jobs

In recent years, LinkedIn has appeared as one of the most efficient and reliable hubs for job seekers and even recruiters. Go to the job section of LinkedIn and search for the company or sector you want to join, or you can simply insert your job title, and all relevant searches will appear. Now tune the location filter to ‘United States’ and then click on the ‘Company’ filter where you can choose your concerned dream organization.

Lastly, click the ‘Remote’ to get all telework options available for you. Then, simply open that job and apply. You can also browse and choose to join one of the LinkedIn groups related to finding government jobs .

Work from home Government Jobs in various Federal Departments

Us department of interior.

For finding any online home based government job in any department, there are two options:

DOI employees people in more than 300 occupations. Simply visit their website’s career area and find your desired job. You can add keywords according to your choice and requirement. For example, if you are looking for a job ‘Cartographer,’ simply place it in the search bar. You can add filters according to your requirements of experience and the work nature you want to prefer.

Once you have got your desired job, click on it, and all the details relevant to the job will open up. For time being, we are only focusing on the job search via the official websites of federal departments, but in the end, we will suggest to you the most efficient ways to find your dream virtual federal jobs with very few clicks. 

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

If you are looking for work from home government jobs in VA’s department, then visit their career page on their official website . There are multiple options to choose from; either you can go for private jobs or apply for federal jobs.

Just click on your concerned field, but make sure to check for the sub-department of VA like Veteran Health Administration and many more like these.

So, depending upon your specialties, you can apply for the concerned jobs, but finding a special work from a home government job is a bit tough via their official website. Shortly, I will be explaining an easy way of doing it.      

General Services Administration (GSA)

GAS has recently ranked among the best places to work in the federal government. General Services Administration works for the construction, management, and preservation of governmental buildings. It also works for leasing and managing commercial real estate. They also collaborate with the private sector by providing them with professional services, supplies, and equipment.

If you are looking to apply for remote jobs, then the most appropriate way is to apply via USAJOBS.

Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

OPM serves as the major Human Resources Agency and also personnel policy manager for the federal government. It mainly provides support to federal agencies and also provides human resources management. In addition, the Office of Personnel Management manages healthcare and insurance programs, administers retirement benefits, and assists in civil services hiring.

OPM basically the central agency for all types of job-related works. USAJOBS’s website is managed by OPM. If you are looking for OPM remote work, then visit USAJOBS to start your career.  

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

CIA is the backbone of the American defense system. The premier intelligence agency of the world gathers and analyzes foreign intelligence and conducts covert actions. All the key decisions taken by the President of the United States and other policymakers are based on the information provided by Central Intelligence Agency.

You can find your desired career in FIA by visiting their official website ; for federal telework jobs in the CIA, USAJOBS is a much better place to find your jobs.

Pathway Programs- Remote Jobs

Pathway programs are three specialized civil services paid programs:

OPM is the main body that proposes regulations for these programs. Job postings are regularly updated as soon as a vacancy is available, but there isn’t a proper filter to search for remote jobs. OS, you need to search it manually from the ‘ available jobs ,’ or you can visit USAJOBS for more refined searches.

For alumni that considering a career with the federal government, the  Recent Graduates Program  can help you reach your goal in one or two years. After completing the training, you may be eligible for permanent employment in the civil service. 

United States Postal Services (USPS)

If you are looking to work for one of the top-notch postal services in the world in these extraordinary times, the United States Postal Services has opened its doors for you. Go to their career section to find your desired jobs.

Now we are going to discuss all in one USAJOBS platform run by the Office of Personnel Management, where you can find entry-level government jobs, full-time telework federal government jobs, remote government contract jobs, and a bunch of other options.

10 most common Government Jobs in the World

Following is a list of some famous public sector job posts common to have in any country around the world;

1) Police Officer – One who has the responsibility to keep the community safe.

2) School Teacher – A person who is responsible for shaping the future of the children.

3) Linguist – A person who can translate and interpret the message from one language to another. The job responsibility even includes transcribing text or audio.

4) Civil Engineer – A professional who can help the government to shape the infrastructure. It includes many responsibilities, like planning construction projects and roads.

5) Firefighter – The main job is to make people aware of fire safety and offer help in case of any emergency.

Different Government jobs: Firefighters, road construction, police

6) Economist – One who can help the government and the public manage and plan well to use and gain economy.

7) Database Admin – A technology expert who can manage and ensure the security of public and government data.

8) Treasurer – The post demands many different roles to manage funds and cash flows performed at different levels of government.

9) Healthcare personnel – It includes various duties essential to maintain the health of the public. It can be a doctor, nurse, or any other role.

10) Criminal investigator – A law enforcement officer who investigates illegal activity and crime.

What is the Average Salary of Government Workers?

You might be wondering if a public service might not help you earn much compared to doing the job in a private sector. Here is a bar chart presenting the data taken from the PayScale research report. It depicts a comparison of six countries based on the average yearly salary of their government employees (average yearly income of government workers);

Bar chart showing the average salary of Government employees in Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, UK, and the United States.

Now after getting an idea of how much people of such nations can earn, let us briefly look at the benefits that they get as perks!

What are the Benefits of Government Jobs? [Benefits as per Different Countries]

The list of facilities and support provided by the government of any nation is very similar. Still, you can go through the following points regarding each of them to get more insights. So let us check out them one by one;

Benefits of working for the government in the USA and Canada

Benefits associated with government jobs in the United Kingdom

Australian public services employee benefits

Government of Canada employee benefits

New Zealand public sector jobs benefits

Benefits of working for the government in Ireland

Similarly, not only above but doing public or civil service in any other country is to ease your life with less possibility of fiscal issues! Most of the civil services jobs require only graduation from the applicants as freshers. Also, for some posts, the experience of working with a private firm is accepted. So the possibilities are many to find different roles of public service on many popular online job portals.

Where to find government jobs in different countries

Here is a list of websites where you can find more information about public services jobs according to the country.

If you don’t know the laws of your country, then you can’t build a long-term and successful business. We really suggest that you allocate some time to go on the government websites and learn what you need to create your business: how to file your taxes, health insurance, your company type, and more.

Federal Telework Policy

During these unpredictable times of COVID-19, most people are thinking of switching to teleworking instead of going to offices and interacting with other people. Federal telework policy basically allows employees of federal institutions such as the Office of Personnel Management, Postal Services, Central Intelligence Agency, and many more.

Visit OPM to read the Federal telework policy

That telework can be in multiple forms like working within regular hours, paid hours, or performing duty on an alternate worksite.  So, all agencies are required to develop their telework policies before allowing work from home. That’s why federal institutions are also looking at Telework Enactment Act to devise their policies appropriately. Let’s first discuss the key points of this act before proceeding further.

Telework Enactment Act

Teleworking is a viable option only if it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the agency or institution. There are some duties that can’t allow their workers to work from home, like police, while there are a few that can allow their workers for some time to telework.

Even a few can allow their employees to work completely from home, like software houses or call centers, but it all depends on how the organization works.

Enactment act passed under the watch of Obama’s administration in 2010 defines rules and regulations to allow remote jobs. Here are a few key aspects of this act for better understanding:

This act allows employees to establish a healthy work-life balance. It also facilitates agencies in the framework formation to leverage technological use to enhance the efficiency of telework.

Collaboration with OPM under Enactment Act

OPM or Office of Personnel Management plays a vital role in telework under the enactment act. Firstly, this act makes the Office of Personnel Management establish a website. The enactment act also makes it compulsory for executive agencies to collaborate with OPM to fulfill their reporting and data collection requirements.

Does Long-term telework in government the future?

By 2020 the world faces a new challenge: how to keep working while staying safe at home. The US government and many others had to take drastic measures to ensure that the economy does not collapse. They invest massively in new technology like videoconferencing software and have adopted new working habits. 

Telework is becoming the new normal for a vast number of US government workers. Now that elected officials begin to realize that working remotely has many benefits, federal agencies and states plan to perpetuate teleworking in some sectors.

If you get a government job, you will be eligible for long-term benefits, job satisfaction with stable work, a pension scheme, and much more. And most importantly, it guarantees job security to be prepared for any bad times like Corona. 

You can definitely try some government organizations’ job roles either at local, state, or federal levels. They are offering job positions based on flexible jobs, telecommuting, and working remotely.

So you can serve your locality, state, or nation by being a Manager, IT specialist, Garda, Administrator, Economist, Nurse, or Teacher. The list of job roles also includes work areas like Defense & law, Health, Policy, Education, Politics, and Conservation. 

The best part is the governance of different nations is making it easy for job seekers to apply for the desired position. Today all thanks to digital advancements, one can search for work and fill forms and do telecommuting or online jobs with ease.

The longer you work as a government employee, the more chances of career opportunities and promotions with a well-settled life. After all, we all want to do a less hectic job, wish for more holidays & facilities, and an added advantage is the respect of being in a position or a power.

As long as the public is there, the government also be there. Hence, there will be an endless possibility of jobs in the public sector. One or another industry in the public sector is always growing with funding!

The whole world is facing a pandemic situation due to the COVID-19 virus! It has left not only positive but negative impacts on our life. On one side, it helps us learn and care for our good health more than before and has proven beneficial for nature.

In a different scenario, it has completely changed our daily life and has significant impacts on jobs. We need to follow lockdown protocols to be safe in our homes as per the current situation. So, we need to prepare ourselves to start working from our homes, online jobs, or work remotely!

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    Apply for jobs in the federal government. You can only apply online with a complete USAJOBS profile. View profile · Create profile or Sign in.

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